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Those frozen packets of vegetable mixes with wimpy cauliflower, chunks of broccoli stem, and carrots that are both too soft and too hard. There's no good way to prepare them. Fuck that shit.


There's not much more that pisses me off in the packaged food world than getting a bag of frozen broccoli stems. All fucking stems.


You gotta make sure you buy the one that says broccoli florets and not florets and stems, cause I made the same mistake until my mom told me there was a difference


I literally bought a bag of "all stems" without realizing it and half of them felt like trying to chew through boiled tree branches. They were in a convenient steamer bag but would have needed to boil for like another 20 minutes to make some of the worst bits remotely edible. Never again.


Why would they even sell this? Honest question, is there a dish that calls for only broccoli stems that I don't know about?


Broccoli stems are good for things like pureeing into a sauce, yes. I frequently make broccoli or asparagus alfredo, puree some stems in, and garnish with the tips / florets. But I typically cook from fresh, have never bought a bag of frozen brocolli stems.


I have no clue honestly. A couple people mentioned mashing them or using them in a soup/stew and I guess that would make sense if they were better quality flesh. But some of the pieces I tried to power through were clearly cut from way too far down the stem, and I couldn't imagine those fibrous bits being able to soften up enough to not be tough and prone to getting jammed in your molars.


Mix with cheez wiz, cream of mushroom soup, milk and salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Bake at 350 for about an hour. Then toss in the trash because fuck all stems. (Actually, it's delicious and you should eat it, but I was just going with the theme here)


I tried this but I live in Europe so now I have a bowl full of carbon. Still better than broccoli stems.


> Sekoita cheez wiz, kermakastike, maito ja suola ja pippuri. Sekoita yhdistämään. Paista 180C asteessa noin tunti. Heitä sitten roskiin, koska vittu kaikki varret. Here, I made this for you. :)


i toss them in a wok with some spice, soy sauce and noodles, can definitely make them work


Boil then for 20 minutes and then mash them with butter!


For added butter, simply butter your butter.


TIL nobody likes the vegetables I like.


Lmao same, people apparently love the ones I hate.


Fibonacci broccoli. Fucker's trying to be smart 'n shit, growing in patterns like it's better than us.


"Hey what if we took vegetables and added math." Fuck outta here with that fractal nonsense.


It doesn’t even make you trip like you would hope. It’s just like normal broccoli but more misleading.


I have eaten this once in my life, I never felt more bourgeoisie then in that moment.


Romanesco 😂 I much prefer "Fibonacci Broccoli," though.


Wtf?! I thought this was a joke but I googled it just in case. Horrifying.


To all the people saying celery, you most likely have a gene that makes it taste like shit. Basically, phenylthiocarbamide in celery makes it taste either like nothing or very bitter depending on your genetic makeup. EDIT: so some people pointed out in the comments that I'm thinking of cilantro (aka the soap plant) with this particular chemical, my bad. However, there's still some genetic reasons why you might not like vegetables like celery or broccoli and think they're bitter or gross.


I think you're right. I have a high tolerance for vegetables but I can sense celery from a mile away. Same concept for the soap herb.


Stay away from "uncured" meats then. It's a pack of bullshit to sell to people who think that nitrates are horrible things rather than a salt that in small quantities prevents botulism. The FDA defines curing as a process involving sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite as an additive. Celery is naturally high in sodium nitrate so the producers just add a bunch of celery powder to the meat which doesn't meet the "cured" definition but is still adding those deadly nitrates to the food and preventing potential illness.


Not only that, but it tends to result in significantly higher amounts of nitrates making its way into the end product. In trying to avoid it, people actually are getting even more of it.


"... the soap herb" Cilantro for the Americans. Coriander for everyone else. Edit: yes, my bad. Latin America also uses the word cilantro.


Thank you! Had a mind fart and forgot the word 'coriander.' Not only does it taste like soap, the texture it leaves my mouth feeling is like when I accidentally use soap on my very allergic to soap skin - dry and gross. On that note, coriander can piss off too.


I feel for you, ground coriander seed is one of my favorite seasonings!


TIL that Cilantro isn’t “Cilantro” everywhere. Also, have that gene, tastes like soap.


ah, so I was born to hate you. it's in my blood, my genes, my DNA. fuck you celery


I was just reading about this, and celery is one of the few things I just cannot stand. Tastes like bitter grass, and feels bad on my teeth.


Wild! Celery is just like crunchy water to me. Lmao.




Isn't that Cilantro/Corriander you're thinking of?


There's also a gene that makes your piss stink when you eat asparagus. Apparently there are all kinds of genes that stop people, or encourage people to eat their veggies.




I dont dislike the way my pee smells, but judging from how fart smells work I'd bet that means someone who isnt me would find the smell horrendous. If I ever need to torture someone I'm pissing on them after a hearty meal of asparagus and a day of running through the desert with no water.


You are a stone cold monster


Not sure about the exact chemical compound named but the OP is definitely right about celery also having that effect in addition to cilantro. I also know a couple people who can’t eat cucumbers because they produce a horrible taste for them. My wife says cilantro tastes like soap and her father basically can’t eat something a cucumber has touched.


My brother had this issue. He didn't know until we were at a mexican resturant that made it's salsa in house, instead of getting it from a package. He complained the bowl he was given tasted like there was soap in it. They took it back and brought another. They swapped his bowl out 3 times, with people looking on, until a stranger at another table asked him if he ever eats anything with cilantro in it. My brother didn't even know what cilantro was. The guy explained the genetic thing to him, first time we'd even heard of it. My brother had been eatinf salsa all these years that had parsley instead of cilantro in it.


That's really weird it took that long to get something with cilantro. It's the traditional ingredient for any salsa, pico de gallo, etc.


My brother had shit taste in food growing up, and his wife thinks that mexican food equals taco bell. I'm surprised he would eat sushi.


I'm gonna be honest I use to hate celery because it was too bitter but after I got covid it tastes like nothing and I eat it now.


That explains so much. Also the texture of it makes me wanna claw my brain out.


Baby carrots, you gotta understand I grew up thinking carrots that were slow to develop and thus smaller when these big field of carrots were harvested were sold in bags of other carrots like it. Later in life I found out that they get regular sized carrots, shave them down, and tell them for a higher price, you are getting less carrot for a higher price! As some one who grew up struggling to have money for food this pisses me off to no end Fuck Baby carrots.


It's not just regular sized carrots. It's the regular sized rejects / ugly carrots, so they actually took what use to be food waste and turned it into something they could charge a premium for.


I mean, a premium? They’re like $0.89 a bag at Aldi.


Yea, but it’s like .5 lb bag, so $1.88/lb or you can get a 2lb bag of regular carrots for $1.99, so ~$1/lb.


Weird. Around here, it's hard to find them for over a dollar for a pound bag. Large carrots tend to be a bit more expensive, though I couldn't tell you by how much - even when I worked at a grocery store, there was no demand for them so I never rang them up as a cashier or restocked them in produce.


I guess it's good to not waste, but charging a premium for it? Can you ver the cost of shaving?, I've had to muc, goodnight fellow people.


Transformation usually means you can add value to a primary product. Fresh Pasta is just flour and water squeezed trough a hole and it much more expensive than flour.


In short: industry is a value additive process. Industry wouldn't make baby carrots if it didn't add value.


I think with the baby carrots it’s less about added value and more about the added cost involved in processing.


People prefer baby carrots and willingly pay more for them. They have more value to customers than regular carrots per pound. The cost to produce may be higher but that is different than value.


They aren't regular sized carrots, they are still much thinner than the big ones you find in the stores. You can tell by how much smaller the cores are than in normal carrots. In the ground they are really long and skinny.


Lol that's insane. I'm sure the baby carrots I've seen here in Australia have the roots and stuff on them so are definitely not shaved.


If they’re Dutch baby carrots then yes, they are naturally small carrots. The pre-packaged or frozen ones are usually the shaved second chance carrots.


Second chance carrots somehow give me hope Edit: u/noogai131 and u/Drinkingdoc 's comments make a poem lol


If carrots can get a second chance, so can you.


If they can make it, then why not me?


[Both are a thing.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_carrot)


Idk about Australian baby carrots but here in the states we get shaved carrots that look like orange thumbs.


In the U.K. they’re actually small carrots. You can buy them with the tops still on.


You know, carrot shavings are used all over in food products like stir fry mixes and salad mixes and frozen meals. Food companies don't just throw them out like that bugs bunny cartoon where they make a tooth pick from a whole tree. Just because you don't understand the process doesn't make them idiots.


I'm not sure if this is the correct English word for it, but: chicory [It's this shit](https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/raw-organic-belgian-or-french-endive-picture-id924694438?k=20&m=924694438&s=612x612&w=0&h=zeQMYH3wvm1XLWUMPL8MP55ylfBNAa_RwSe8iPOwBhw=) Absolutely terrible




>Endives Really? Translating that to dutch comes out at a completely different vegetable




According to over 800 voters in a poll I posted as a joke, olives. I feel I should note that I strongly disagree with those maniacs. Edit: I should probably clarify that all cultivated fruits are technically vegetables, being edible parts of plants cultivated for their edible parts.


I strongly disagree as well. Olives are fruit. ETA - Thanks for the award! :)


Apparently no one appreciates olives here :(


I love kalamata olives!!! They’re basically salt-candy.


Kalamata and black olives mmmm


As a massive vegetable lover, you have all made me angry for good reason.


Cunts who sit in the fast lane going slow


I've never eaten one of those, so I can't tell, but fuck them!


It's okay. The hardest part about eating those vegetables is the wheelchair.


This is so many layers of fucked up, but not as fucked up as Billy's legs.


Oh man I needed a laugh today and you did not disappoint


They're good if you deep fry them and dip em in ranch.


Bitter Gourd. Literally the worst vegetable ever to exist, it should rlly die out at one point


Swede, Turnip, Parsnip, all of those horrible root vegetables that my mother thought she could hide in mashed potato. No mum, I can see the lumps of piss-coloured sadness mixed in there, all you've done is ruin perfectly good mashed potato.


As a swede, I feel quite offended.


Didn't knew vegetables had feelings.


You probably should.


> ...lumps of piss-coloured sadness... You are a poet. I, too, remember the sting of my parents sneaking disgusting-but-healthy veg into food. Once they discovered I liked campbells tomato soup as a kid, the once-red goop got progressively paler and paler, until one day I swear I was just eating carrot and turnip mush for lunch.


I'll give them this, campbells tomato soup will do a damn sight better job of hiding the repulsive flavour than potato.


Parsnips are best treated like roast potatoes. Get the nice girthy ones so they don’t shrivel up and burn.


While I agree with this to an extent, as the only way you'll get me to eat parsnip is to roast it, I prefer them shrivelled up and burned. My mother was a terrible cook, but she had a way of burning the crap out of roast veg that made the crispy, burned bits the best part somehow.


> made the crispy, burned bits the best part somehow. [Caramelization?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caramelization)


>caramelans, caramelens, and caramelins I have to say I don't envy chemists for dealing with this stuff


Reminds me of when Constantine the Great (son of Constantius Chlorus) was succeeded as Roman Emperor by co-emperors Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans.


Ew, those veggies don't belong in mashed potatoes But they're pretty nice for flavouring your soup


Parsnips are sweet and yummy! I like to roast them alongside carrots with some good seasoning like allspice


Parsnip cut in half lengthwise and roasted with some spices is amazing. Swede/rutabaga can be good in stews and mashes, but one has to be aware that they're sweeter than regular potatoes are. "Rotmos med fläsk" (root mash with pork) is a classic Swedish dish, with the mash made from rutabaga, potato, carrot and sometimes parsnip.


Swede is one of the main ingredients in traditional Cornish pasties, which are one of the best types of food created. Parsnips are essential for a proper roast dinner. Turnip has only been here a few minutes, and is confused about what is going on.


Fucking eggplants. Decide if you're soft or hard or gooey you daft dick-looking purple-ass slop pockets. Stop coming in so many damn sizes and tasting exactly the fucking same - and stop appearing in online recipes as a substitute for shit that actually tastes good. Get fucked eggplants, get fuuuuuucked.


This reply was amazing, even though I like eggplant. Your hatred shines through admirably! That second sentence is a reddit masterpiece.


Yeah, I don't really even mind them, but they're just like so violently mediocre


“Violently mediocre” is my new favorite insult.


My coworker was raving about these eggplant snitzels she make. I made them for an hour and they still where this gooey, tasteless piece of carton that made me hungry again after 10 minutes


The only real nutritional value of eggplant is fiber. Do not know why people are crazy about them.


They taste like a burning tire smells


Yes, my most despised vegetable. They smell funny/bad when you peel them and it takes a flipping act of Congress to make them merely tolerable to eat.


Eggplant is brinjal right? I've no idea why but my gums hurt everytime I've eaten them. I'd rather stay hungry then ever eat brinjal again


Sounds like you could be allergic to them. Do you have reactions to any other nightshades (tomatoes, capsicum, chillis, potatoes) or mushrooms, onion, or garlic?


Yes! Thank you.


Came out of this thread with the realization that, if prepared properly, I love almost all vegetables. Notable exceptions that I saw in this thread: Okra, Capers and, most of the time, green beans.


bitter gourd


I eat it, but to be honest, it’s the stuff you cook it with that makes it edible.


I don't care how healthy, you taste bad!


Egg plants. They be making me feel like a product from wish.


Kale. It's like lettuce, but weird




You're doing it wrong. Fart wherever you are. Stare at your co-workers while doing it. Assert dominance. Get that big promotion you always wanted.


You're probably just doing it wrong. You have to cook it using coconut oil. The coconut oil makes it so much easier to slide the kale out of the pan and into the bin.


Had me in the first half not gunna lie.


Testify!! Fuck kale.


“Kale is a super food and its superpower is tasting bad” - Jim Gaffigan


Yeah, fuck kale. When I worked as a fishmonger we used to use it to colour our fish display. Someone told me you can eat it. I gave it a try, cooked it as instructed, taste like shit!! Kale is only good for displays in my book


Probably ten years ago or more I read someone on the internet describe kale as tasting of "dirt and sadness." Exactly.


Kale and sausage soup with potatoes and tomatoes is so good though. Raw kale though is disgusting


you have to boil it and then mix it with mashed potatoes, add a nice sausage and you have a good plate of winter food


I still remember distinctly the day my parents switched to using just kale in our colcannon instead of cabbage as part of a general move to eat healthier. As if the cabbage was the primary issue, and not the boulder of butter we melted on to it.


My friends mom is Dutch and makes that. I think she calls it boricolt mcwerst or at least that I remember it sounding. Ive made it a couple of times myself. Only time I ever bought kale.


Boerenkool met worst, actually (am Dutch and love this dish!)


But let's call it boricolt mcwerst from now on.


Ehrmagerd! Boricolt Mcwerst!


That just sounds like you like mashed potatoes and sausage, not kale lol


yes, a fine masking agent for the kale


Okra!!!!! Why is it so weird? You'd think it would be juicy inside but it's just kind of... hollow with odd seeds and geometric holes. Its relatives are cotton and hibiscus! Those aren't even vegetables! I'm not sure why but it unsettles me and also tastes weird




You just have to cut them in a cone shape at the top without exposing the seeds and then let them sit in the sun in a pan with a mixture of water and vinegar. This is how we do them in Greece and if done correctly they can be delicious


This feels like too much work for a vegetable.


On mobile and I don’t know how to do the quoting thing but - what the fuck? Its relatives are hibiscus and _cotton_?


I mean many fruits are relatives to Roses


Yeah, and okra/cotton/hibiscus are related on the "family" level (which also includes cacao, kola nut and durian, by the way). Meanwhile, the *Solanaceae* (nightshade) family of plants: - Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplans, chili peppers, bell peppers, tomatillos, cape gooseberries, goji berries, and other foods. - Petunias and other ornamental plants. - Datura, Mandragora/mandrake, belladonna (deadly nightshade) and other poisonous and psychoactive plants. - Tobacco. - Multiple other plants used in medicine and such.


Asparagus. Taste is fine, but the rancid smell that comes out of your pee is vile.


I had some last night and I haven’t had any for a while. I peed and thought WTF? Then I remembered what I’d eaten!


Did that with beets. Though I was gonna have a bad time when my urine came out red-tinted.


Wait until you discover what beets do to your poop. Proctologists love them!


Always makes me think I somehow have a weird, horrible UTI until I remember that I ate asparagus. I do like the way it tastes but only with butter and salt.


hoping there is someone else out there who enjoys the smell of asparagus pee.....I feel slightly ashamed for admitting this


Courgette. Wasteman vegetable.




Like bunches of frozen hair


and all the strings get stuck in your teeth too :(


God that's the most accurate description but ugh, so vile.


and tastes like hand sanitizer


i wonder if this is a genetic thing, like cilantro? bc i most certainly don't think celery tastes like hand sanitizer/soap. the words fresh and clean do come to mind, but not in a soap way, like a fresh grass right after it rains sort of way. i don't like it, and i don't understand why you have to put it in every single soup/stock base (miripoix), but not bc of the taste


I don't even want to touch celery. The smell lingers on my hands. Disgusting. I will eat pretty much anything, but I cannot stand celery.


Agent Smith is that you?


I hate the smell of celery! My husband works in produce and I can smell celery on him when he walk in the door. Nope go shower and wash your hands like a billion times.


I only eat the root. Amazing in soups. Only recently I learned there is a green part of celery that people eat lol. Tried it, didn’t like it.


Celery root is the entire reason for the existence of the lingering frozen hair part. Best veggie out there, known and unknown! Preach bout it!


Fucking celery! Why does it even exist


I know right it just pisses is me off. I just walk around my house and yell “fucking celery!” why does it exist.


The nastiest tasting vegetable out there.


Kale. I don't care how healthy it is, it tastes terrible, and people who like it never shut up about how great it is.


ITT: People saying, "you're preparing it wrong" and then listing a deep fry method that resolves any flavor to resembling a breaded potato chip.


Celery. The smell, the stringy bits, the lack of flavour but too much at the same time, the punch in your face grassiness.. let’s not get started about adding heat to it. I’d rather regurgitate and eat my own vomit.


Crunchy dirt water... It can fuck off and so can the fuckers who waste perfectly good peanut butter on it too.


Avocado's. I love them. So I buy one. It's gone bad, or worse. It has not gone soft yet... Fuck you avocado, fuck you. Oh and the spots, even a good one can have just, brown spots.


Plus they just taste like green. I don’t get the appeal.


Water chestnut, fucking consistency of an apple with no flavour, the last fucking thing I want in my stir fry is something with an apple like crunch that adds nothing to the dish other than a texture that shouldn’t be there. At any rate I’d rather an actual apple because at least then there’d be a fucking flavour to be tasted.


I love water chestnuts BECAUSE of the crunch / no taste. I get mad when I buy a bag of mixed veggies that state there are water chestnuts but there are only like two in the bag!


Beets. Never know whether to consider these a vegetable or an abomination, but in any case, beets are the worst. They are a weird semisoft dirt candy that overpowers nearly everything. And to top of all off, they turn your piss pink. Eat shit, beets.


First rule in roadside beet sales, put the most attractive beets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go, "Wow. I need this beet right now." Those are the money beets.


They taste like dirt. Not figuratively, but like you actually took a handful of dirt and put it in your mouth. Maybe some people like feeling like they are tasting the earth?


Beetroot, sweet potato and couscous/lentils in a salad with feta cheese is an amazing salad. I'll fight you over that!


I hate the way beets stain everything purple!




Lady’s Fingers (Okra) - what a disgusting vegetable, it literally feels like eating a vegetable that was slathered with saliva. Suprised that people actually like this crap.


You gotta deep fry them shits and then dip them in ranch. THAT'S the stuff.


Yep fried okra from a BBQ place is the bees knees


How to remove all nutritional value from a vegetable 101 haha


Totally worth it.


Actually my favorite veggie! Usually leaving the pod whole eliminates the “slimy” texture or a vinegar bath before cooking. My favorite way to eat okra is whole rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper and just grill it. A nice char and mmmmm so delish and no SLIME! 😃 Edit: *whole


During the panic where everyone is trying to grow their own food, somebody gave us a packet of okra seeds and I seriously just thought oh great we will just die.


As Executive Director of the Wisconsin Eggplant, Brussels Sprout and Okra Promotion Board, I am naturally disappointed by your disparaging remarks for one of our favorite vegetables. Yes, okra does have some interesting properties - our slogan is "It's Mucilaginous!". That internal liquid that some people mistakenly call 'slime', makes it so okra can be used to thicken soups and gumbos. Another popular way to prepare okra is to sliced it, then coat with either a light batter or corn meal, and then fry it. The important part is to select okra at the right stage of maturity. The most common variety, the Clemson Spineless should be no bigger than your thumb for the best taste and texture. There are non-ridged varieties that can be good slightly longer than that, along with red varieties that add color to any popular dish. A bit of okra trivia: Okra is high in dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, thiamin, folate, and magnesium. It's beautiful yellow flower belies the fact it is related to both the hibiscus and cotton. So I hope you will reconsider your stance on Okra, and give it another try. Remember, it's not slimy, It's Mucilaginous!


This is by far, the funniest Reddit thread I’ve ever read.


Okra. Tastes like saliva.




Can’t think of anything worse than fucking water chestnuts


Have you tried eating them instead?


That’s probably worse


Capers…what in the actual fuck are capers and why the damn hell do anyone think it’s ok to put those slimy fish shits on my perfectly perfect pasta 👺👺👺👺


They’re actually little flower buds! I didn’t know what they were either but your comment made me look it up, so cool. I actually really like them, specially in a puttanesca


I honestly had no clue what capers were. I knew kippers were little fish thanks to Nigel Thornberry but that's about all I know about those.


Kippers are whole smoked Herring. They’re really tasty but the smell means it’s best to eat them at a cafe.


Cauliflower. Fuck that bitch ass ghost broccoli.


There are definitely a haldful of ways to prepare cauliflower well but they all involve making sure you taste the cauliflower itself as little as possible.


* Fried cauliflower * Riced cauliflower * Blended into a soup to provide creaminess


Buffalo Cauliflower is the best way around this. ^(also cauliflower is my favorite veggie....)


Water chestnuts. (Not a nut, an ‘aquatic vegetable’ root. Looked it up.) Absolutely the most disgusting texture/sound when eaten.


Ugh I hate them, my husband loves them but to me they’re just flavorless with an awful texture


Noo why. I loove it!


Hard disagree. They're fantastic


Eggplants. I fucking hate them