What is one fact every friend should know about you?

What is one fact every friend should know about you?


I should be avoided at all costs. If I *do* somehow let my emotional walls down around you, I'll end up unloading all over my negative emotions to the point where you'll be overwhelmed.


I feel like this too at times. Sometimes yes, that does happen but you can't go so far to say that you should be avoided at all costs. People are more tolerant than you think. Once you get out of that self deprecating bubble (yes it's hard, I've not gotten out of it completely) you'll start to appreciate people and their tolerace towards who you used to think as a plastic bag about to burst, you. Also some people (me atleast) feel privileged when someone unloads their bottled up feelings, because there is someone who is in need of your help and are benefitting off of you being able to comfort them. Stay strong homie <3


I really do care. I just can't express it like everyone else and I am generally really sad.


I hate cauliflower


If you're a close friend, you would know I don't do the handshake thing whenever I leave.


It’s nothing malicious but, I’m not going to let you in right away and will not hesitate to drop you in the beginning. I have a hard time trusting others and I hate being a burden so I’ll just pacify and distract you until I’m comfortable. I know it’s manipulative.