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That Dorothy Kilgallen didn't kill herself and the government was responsible for JFK's assassination. I don't know why the government would do something like that, but the evidence lines up. Reporters don't kill themselves when they're days away from publishing something that would "Crack the JFK case wide open,". Also witnesses saw FBI agents leaving her house with documents. Plus the only person she handed her draft to wound up dead 2 days later. The draft, of course, went missing and the "investigation" into her death was laughable.


I read a theory about the government killing JFK. The way it goes is that Lee Harvey Oswald fired at JFK, but missed. This caused a government agent in the car to try shooting at Oswald, but as the agent tried to shoot, the driver of the car slammed on the breaks, causing the agent to misfire and end up shooting JFK instead. Don’t know how accurate it is but it doesn’t sound like it could be too far off.


There's something very appealing about that theory. It's more believable that someone fucked up and a few people covered it up vs. a big conspiracy.


Not likely, since we have autopsy photos and documentation of the wound, which would make it obvious if the shooter was that close and that low.


Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when he was still in office and his advisers told him to write a letter to the American people to be released later after it got too bad to hide. When his condition went public in 1994, they released the letter and it was almost perfect handwriting, spelling, and grammar. Six months later he couldn't carry on a conversation. I'm convinced he didn't progress that fast in 1994 and that the entire thing was constructed over the years to look like he was mentally competent while he was president.


Alternatively, maybe someone else wrote the letter? But also that sounds reasonable


It’s really crazy that there was a modern president who we don’t have photographs of for the whole last four years of his life


Apple made the original AirPod memes and jokes to boost the sales on them after their sales sucked the first year.


I feel like Netflix does this with their movies. Bird Box being most notable but I’m starting to see it again with Squid Game or whatever.


the fast and furious family memes were 100% advertisements


Tom Cruise wants out of Scientology, but they have way too much on him and he's in too deep. That's why he does his own insane stunts and tries to outdo himself every MI movie; he doesn't care if he dies, it's his only way out.


That's a dark one.


I've actually never heard it anywhere, I just strongly believe it


That the FBI killed MLK due to him beginning to talk about wealth distribution, the critical falls in our economic system, and class consciousness. They were worried he could have actually sparked change and awareness in those areas.


The cardboard rolls that toilet paper are on have gotten wider in diameter over the years. This is one way to make the rolls look bigger. Because you know 6 mega rolls equals 32 normal sized rolls...


I was in Vietnam last spring and noticed their toilet paper rolls have no core at all. Edit: [photo ](http://imgur.com/a/sEdISFy)


But how do you hang it??


A few places outside of the states I’ve been use these but you pull from the middle. they’ll often be in a box with a similar feel to pulling tissues out of a box


I have coreless tp at home and it's got a small hole through the middle, the first box I ordered came with a holder that was much thinner than normal. The holder fits perfectly in the standard wall holders Edit: it's Georgia-Pacific compact coreless


God I hate toilet paper math


Honestly, I find the idea gold isn't at fort Knox anymore believable. In the same vein, I doubt they keep anything important at area 51 anymore. I bet they keep the sites up so we don't look anywhere else. Why or how? I don't care enough to think that deep. This is just something I heard that makes sense to me.


Area 51 is such a great idea. Even if the roswell crash has some some truth in it. What the US government has effectively done is to have millions of people focus on one area. Leaving them free to do other more important shit else where. I imagine in area 51 they create all this security hoo ha to keep the facade going. Whilst they, I dunno make wicker baskets or something? In the hangars.


I imagine if anything it could be used as a final testing area or testing much less valuable tech.


The real secrets are kept in closed cities, often underground.


For the record, serious answer. But, there’s this soup place at our local mall that’s been there for three years now. I’ve never seen anyone order anything from there, and I rarely see anyone at the register. When our mall was closed due to COVID lockdown/quarantine, several locally owned stores shut down, and a few places in the food court. Last time I was there was for my birthday in August, and the soup place is still there. My mom and I have an array of theories about what it could be, ranging from money laundering to a front for drugs, but I cannot believe that place is legitimate.


I knew a fried chicken place that was money laundering. They got caught because of a newbie in a money laundering business who tried to claim they made way too much money selling fried chicken. The calculation was had they been open 24/7 and with 10 workers non stop using all the fried they would have to sell at least 30 orders every SECOND. And there was photo and video evidence that the place was empty. Guy was a complete moron.


If you are going to clean money, you need a business where output isn’t tied to any inputs. Laundromat has electricity usage. Restaurant has ingredients. Car wash has water usage. Convenience store has inventory. In almost all cases, the output can be determined from the inputs, and that is what gets you caught. A golf driving range is perfect. Easily cash based, and there are no inputs; you just sell it, go pick it up and sell it again, so nobody knows how much you’ve sold, and variability is expected, due to weather and other factors.


I'm telling you laser tag is the way to go.


And if you've got nothing to launder that day you can call the gang and play some games


I need a friend with a front just so I get the call.


I came into this thread to see if there was a conspiracy theory that wasn't batshit insane, and I left with a clearer understanding of how to launder money. I guess that's a win.




There is no legitimate business that you can launder money through undetected in the US if people start looking. That’s why you wouldn’t keep businesses under your name, but through an array of LLC’s and trusts (cousins, siblings, parents, children, etc.), preferably not tied to your name at all so that you get to keep the capital invested if you go to jail for some other reason. Laundering works to keep from triggering routine red flags from banks, the irs, your state tax departments, etc. It keeps you safe from jealous neighbors and/or associates. But if the cops start digging into your life, they will absolutely find how you’re laundering money if the business is directly tied to you. It’s probably best to launder money through foreign businesses in smaller countries. You’ll pay a bigger premium, but local agencies will have their hands tied with regard to investigating your “legitimate” business.


Surprised no on mentioned foreign businesses. Best to spread your schemes over multiple jurisdictions especially if those jurisdictions are at political odds with each other, to minimise the chance of a co-operative investigation.


What about a gentlemans club as well


They are a very common front for laundering. The Wire is fiction, but very realistic fiction often loosely based on real events in Baltimore. The strip club Orlando's is a front for the Barksdale gang. The owner, Orlando, is one of their few associates with a clean criminal record, so he can get the liquor license. Like the driving range where who's to say how many times the ball was hit, who's to say how many dollars a stripper had thrown at her during a dance or how much she was tipped during a dance? The major problem with using a strip club is that it's so common a front for laundering that the police will already be suspicious, whereas driving ranges don't immediately make somebody think "sketchy drug front."


Usually they work the other way, generating money that doesn’t get declared.






In the town I grew up in (south-east England) on one road there suddenly seemed to be lots of pizza places. All run by Turkish/eastern european guys and there were just loads of these places on this one road. One day, huge police raid on every single pizza place on that road. Turns out, these guys would get people to pay them to smuggle them out of a country on the guise that there would be work for them in the UK. But it would cost thousands of pounds so the smugglers would make them work for free to pay off this debt. Not only that debt, but then also for the rent for where they lived (which would be a tiny room with a dozen people squeezed in). So esentially, these people would work for free forever, and the smugglers take all the profits and get rich. It was digusting. I'm glad they didn't get away with it. What a horrible, horrible way to treat humans.


There is also something called debt bondage. A lot of girls are trafficked from third world countries with the promise of a better life, but they are forced into prostitution.


If there’s a job for it, there’s a slave job for it. Fishing, house cleaning, nannying, cooking.


Now I'm imagining theoretical astrophysicists and archeologists as slaves.


Plausible explanation? You go to most other places and you're waiting in line at least a couple minutes. Soup though? Ladle from big hot pot to a bowl, pay, done. What they really ought to do though is just build pipes straight to people's houses.




Same with this one local place, it has been open for years... Never seem to have any customers. I joked with my husband for years that they have to be selling drugs out the place, he claimed it was just a normal restaurant. We finally after years of debate went and tried the place. So when you go in the employees are rude as fuck and act like they don't want you there, they are way over priced and food is nasty as fuck. I still think it is running drugs, hell last year when I was running Grubhub the restaurant signed up, I got quite a few orders from the place going to the sketchiest part of town, no contact orders with very large tips... At this point I'm pretty fucking sure this restaurant was using Grubhub to run drugs during lockdown. My husband is pretty damned convinced now too.


Serious question; if they were delivering drugs in the bags/food from grubhub and you got pulled over, would you get in legal trouble


Here's one to go with yours. In every major city I've ever lived in for more than say six months, I'll inevitably find what I've come to call "the phantom convenience store". Almost always have construction fences up, like they're having their tanks replaced. So, consequently, no gas pumps. The business is hard to get into because all of the construction, so no inside sales either. It will be like this for years. But there are always different cars around it, and there seems to be *some kind* of people traffic going in and out. But you never know what's going on, because you pass it in a few seconds. Money laundering, false CIA front, who knows. The phantom convenience store.


I feel like this should have its own subreddit, of people submitting pictures of the phantom convenience stores they've found.




Anyone old enough to remember going to that tree on neopets that gave you free stuff? Never got jack from that thing


Bic doesn't fill their lighters with as much fluid as they used to.










Now this i can get behind


I feel like the container has gotten slightly thicker, and thus holding less liquid inside.


Rob Dyrdek has gotta have some serious dirt on someone at MTV to have Ridiculousness on as much as possible, and constantly filming new episodes.


That show is *still* airing? How many shows has he had now? I can’t believe he’s even still on TV


*That* is ridiculousness.


This is obviously just a personal thought from my experience but my dad (in his 50s) and grandma (in her 70s) LOVE this show. And so do most of their friends. To the point they watch it almost every day since it’s constantly playing. Like will consistently watch all the reruns and new airings. I think it just doesn’t fit what most people think of as the core MTV demographic, because how many people 15-30 spend time watching clips on tv that they saw 50 times now on the internet? No one, but older people LOVE that shit. So if enough older generations are watching it, then maybe they’re onto something


It's dogs wearing party hats, with a wide angle lens. It's America's funniest home videos. Tik tok, youtube complilations


That the DOT bought way too many traffic cones but had nowhere to store them so they just move them from road to road.


West Nile virus came to the US east coast from Plum Island. This island officially has an animal disease reasearch lab. Unofficially it's suspected as being a bioweapons research facility. Anthrax being the most know suspect. However several diseases have suddenly appeared over the years in the area with no history. West Nile and dutch duck disease being two big ones. There is a book " lab 257" that goes into greater detail.


A good chunk of AskReddit threads are from Buzzfeed employees looking for their next article. Edit: I’ve been on five of these articles and I know you’ll see this, pay me motherfuckers or start writing your own shit


Not just BuzzFeed, but also plenty of YouTubers and podcasters out there farming Reddit for content. Hell, I heard someone on my local radio station go through AskReddit comments before.


A lot of r/casualuk ends up on mainstream UK news media a week or two later.


This is true I’ve actually seen it happen


All the work gets done for these authors. They don’t have to do much other than pose a thought-provoking question.. it’s a good method for sure.


Most are really good articles, you won’t believe #7!


See, the only problem I have with this is that I feel like people are seriously overestimating Buzzfeed’s creativity and being able to make frequent AskReddit posts that make to hot. I doubt they’re from buzzfeed employees, but I do believe that buzzfeed is straight up stealing other peoples questions for their own articles.


They’re neither bright nor smart enough to actually start these questions. I once saw an article that reused a thread from five years ago. There’s enough material on this subreddit for decades of listicles. It’s so fucking lazy.


That Charles Lindbergh was responsible for his son’s death.


More on this?


Lindbergh was a known supporter of eugenics and his son was born with “abnormalities” . The theory is he was responsible in some way for the kidnapping and death of his son due to the fact that he couldn’t have the world know his perfect genes were tainted.


That’s really interesting. I knew he was a big supporter of Eugenics (and Fascism too) but had never heard this


He also staged a kidnapping “prank” a week or so before the actual kidnapping. But the kid was found fairly quickly. When the baby was discovered missing the second time, the nanny reportedly yelled “Mr. Lindbergh, you’re not hiding the baby again, are you?!” The prevailing theories in mystery subreddits are either that he was playing a prank again but accidentally killed his son and staged the kidnapping to cover it up. Or because of the abnormalities, arranged for the child to be sent away (as was common back then) or adopted without anyone else knowing and then staged the kidnapping.




That seems super obvious. I'm always surprised at how many old timey "mysteries" have obvious solutions/leads that people ignored at the time for fear of impropriety. Roanoke also comes to mind, for example. Edit: for the curious, u/nwcray gave a [good summary on Roanoke here.](https://reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/q4c1r0/serious_what_is_a_conspiracy_theory_you_actually/hfypats)


There is a PBS doc. about the Lindbergh case. The guy they captured did have lots of evidence on him (the wood the ladder was made from was the same as the wood in his attic for example) however there are also odd circumstances related to the case as well, such as the maid in the house committed suicide when she learned she would be questioned by the police


Committed suicide or it was staged? Genuinely asking


She committed suicide before being questioned for a 4th time because she had mistakenly offered contradicting information in part of her alibi. Her alibi was later confirmed and the police were criticized for being too heavy handed.


There are people out there hired by companies to make dozens of fake accounts that retweet, reblog, etc and act like real people just to advertise products.


It’s not a secret. Buy Crest










It's no secret lol. And it's extremely easy to get jobs like this. You buy fake accounts, grow them, use them to make reviews, get paid, then sell the account when you no longer need it


Most construction companies in America today are run by the talentless kids of the people who actually knew construction.


That's just a fact. Nepotism is huge problem in many industries


For sure. My current boss is the husband of my boss when I first started. She’s now senior VP and he’s a boss under her. How the fuck this is allowed is beyond me. Conflict of interest big time in a major corporation that I work for.


I read that it's basically the only industry that has become less efficient with time


Everyone’s going heavy with theirs but I have one that’s less serious. Baby wipe containers are purposely made so that you always pull 2-3 wipes out at a time and therefore need to buy more often. It’s definitely something I can see Big Wipe engaging in to get just a few more containers out of us each year!


Similarly, I'm pretty convinced acne washes/cleansers contain materials that cause the acne to flare up when you stop using them, so you keep buying it. Realistically, maybe it's just your skin adjusting to producing its own oils again and it'll even out after a bit, but who knows?


I'm an aesthetician and this is actually true. Standard over the counter acne treatments are often too harsh and too drying and can cause more acne.


do you have any affordable recommendations for someone with sensitive skin please? :)


I wouldn't feel too comfortable recommending over the internet for someone with sensitive skin, but I can give you a tool that will help you when choosing products for yourself. It's skincarisma.com The cosmetic analyzer on the site will really help you identify if there are irritants in a product you are looking at. Give it a shot and good luck to you!






The conspiracy that created the term "conspiracy theory". Think back to the 30s, 40s, 50s. There were stories of the black cars showing up and making people that start finding out too much "disappear". Enter the 60s and 70s. Mass media starts growing at a massive rate. A rate at which the government realizes that they cannot ever fully control. Their genius solution is to open the floodgates of crazy. Push a bunch of conspiracy theories into the populace that makes real conspiracy reports be ignored as just "tinfoil hat crazy". Label ALL reports as conspiracy theory. This over time creates a societal misunderstanding in the form of the term "conspiracy theory" becoming equated with "crazy". An example of this is I believe that there really aren't many people that truly believe the earth is flat. There are just some entities planted that push it as a "theory". This then becomes one of the main examples of "all conspiracy theorists are not to be taken seriously".


“Deflate Gate” was a distraction from brain damage and domestic abuse scandals in the NFL. And I say this as someone who hates Tom Brady. It should have just been a small fine and forgotten quickly. But this is the type of scandal the NFL can tolerate whereas brain injuries and domestic abuse can hurt the league’s reputation. And it worked! Distraction and new cycle dominated by this for an entire off-season rather than more serious issues.


Similarly, I believe that the emphasis on responding to concussions and the concussion protocol is designed to make people think that the NFL is taking CTE & associated brain injuries seriously, and that the league is also taking appropriate actions to limit brain injury. It is meant to distract from the fact that CTE's most significant root cause is repeated sub-concussive impacts, which the NFL is unable to prevent.


Yep. The significant damage doesn’t come from the big hits they’re trying to eliminate with the targeting rules, it comes from the routine collisions that happen every single play when the lineman slam into each other. And there’s absolutely no way you can prevent those kinds of contact from football without completely altering the game at a fundamental level. They 100% know this and will do whatever it takes to stop people pushing for change.


Yep, wrote a paper about concussions in college. The majority of head collisions happen right on the line of scrimmage and there really isn't anything they can do about it. Sure helmet technology has come a long way, but its not enough.


Repeated concussion experiencer here. Did your research find any info on the disparity between rugby vs. USA football TBI rates? Just curious.


I didn't cover rugby in my paper, looking back I wish I would have. I too am curious. Another poster said rugby has lower rates because the players protect themselves more since they can't rely on equipment to protect them.


MKULTRA was often talked about for the kooky lsd and psychic programs, but when I got my hands on the actual documents I found stuff wayyyy darker than I was prepared for. Stuff that was like experiments done in concentration camps (we poached Nazi scientists who did some of these and employed them in intelligence, so not surprising). I know I'm going to trigger incredulity so I'll link sources at the end. The most terrifying discovery was probably reading documents from the 1950s when they were trying to create a manchurian candidate. Basically brainwashing someone to the point they could shoot someone and forget all knowledge they even did it, or pass a top secret message and have no knowledge of it. The perfect spy, perfect assassin, perfect vault who wouldn't and couldn't break under torture. I was surprised to discover documents that explicitly detailed inducing multiple personality disorder (through various forms of abuse, often of young children) and combining it with sessions that involved cocktails of powerful drugs, hypnosis, and torture. The goal and what they eventually achieved was fracturing someone's ego into multiple personalities, like inducing dissociative identity disorder. So the person's own primary personality would not be aware of what the alternate personality did, and would just be used to and normalise having gaps of time missing. Their own mind would reason it away to maintain the wall between the alters. So they accomplished this, and the documents mention getting subject's with a fear of firearms to fire what they thought to be a loaded gun at the scientist. Then they'd firmly deny all knowledge of that and be terrified of the gun again. They had sex with the scientists and included it in the reports, even mentioning married women having sex against their will. So they achieved something hypnosis alone couldn't do. But the second problem was how do you control and summon the alternate personalities. Again under hypnosis and drugs, they implanted code words, signals, phrases etc so they could trigger an alternate personality to come out with "simple methods that could be delivered over the phone or in writing." One of the MKULTRA scientists actually appeared on TV and there's a video on YouTube of him showing a woman with a fear of snakes suddenly being able to handle them, and a trick where they seemingly melt a penny in a vat of what they think is corrosive acid. She calmly puts her hand in when instructed. There's no doubt you can get people to harm themselves or others and forget. The revelation in the documents was they could control this, using a horrific recipe to induce multiple personality disorder that could be controlled. An actual manchurian candidate. I have 10,000 MKULTRA documents on my hard drive and it's gonna take me a few minutes to find the relevant ones, but I promise I will add an edit as soon as I do. Now there was a conspiracy and rumors that the technique was still being used, that different murderers were programmed, cults used it, etc. But I never found any firm, undeniable proof that I could demonstrate with mainstream sources. Until I stumbled upon a very interesting case regarding a homeless woman who traveled across the country and assassinated a CIA asset who had become a loose end. No apparent reason. Still not proof. Here's an article about it. Highly suggest reading the whole story but here's the important bit: https://www.salon.com/2012/12/02/better_than_bourne_who_really_killed_nick_deak/ If all the evidence wasn't enough to convince you she was programmed, that's fine. Because the important thing is that it listed a few doctors who worked on MKULTRA brainwashing and coincidentally treated her. One of those doctors is **Donald Dudley**. Here's where we get the proof. After treating the killer bag lady he continued to use truth serum, sensory deprivation, powerful narcotics, hypnotism, erasing memories from his patients in private practice. While training them to shoot weapons. He was also caught sexually assaulting patients and doing various unethical things, being disciplined for it, and blaming it on having bipolar disorder. Eventually had his licence revoked. But one family sued and it made the news, which is where we get proof of exactly what the claim was: that they were still programming people. https://products.kitsapsun.com/archive/2001/01-14/0034_autism__family_wins_suit_against_.html >A Pierce County jury has awarded $2.1 million to the family of an autistic man who sued his discredited neuropsychiatrist over treatment, saying the doctor tried to erase part of their son's brain and turn him into a trained killer. >The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Stephen Drummond, 30, of Spokane. He was not present when the verdict was announced Friday, but his mother, Jeanie Drummond, called the award "very fair and reasonable." >"There's no amount of money that can make up for his losses," she said. >The attorney representing the estate of Gig Harbor neuropsychiatrist Donald Dudley, who died in October, declined comment. >Dudley's license to practice medicine was suspended in 1993 after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In one episode cited in the suspension, Bellevue police found Dudley with an arsenal of guns in a hotel room where he was treating a suicidal 15-year-old boy. The boy reportedly threatened a hotel clerk with a .44-caliber pistol. >Friday's award is among the largest ever awarded by a jury for psychotherapy negligence. >Drummond's parents filed the lawsuit in 1998, contending Dudley used drugs and hypnotic suggestion in an effort to recruit and train killers from among the ranks of his patients. The complaint sought damages for Stephen Drummond, contending he will never be able to work or live on his own because of Dudley's negligence. >Defense attorneys said Drummond's decline was a normal part of his autism - a condition that results in an internal focus with little awareness of external reality - and had nothing to do with Dudley. >Jurors deliberated almost two days after the four-week trial. >"We agreed that some of what (Dudley) did was harmful," said juror Joan Lane of Tacoma. "But we also agreed it was something (Stephen Drummond) was born with." >The family attorneys said the drugs Dudley prescribed made Drummond psychotic and delusional, symptoms not usually associated with autism. >In October 1990, **Dudley injected Drummond with sodium amytal, a powerful sedative, the attorneys say. Dudley's files said he intended to erase part of Drummond's brain and implant new behavioral characteristics.** >By February 1992, Drummond sat in his room all day, talking to himself, and required constant care, his attorneys say. >When Jeanie Drummond confronted Dudley about her son's treatment in November 1992, **he told her he was going to take over hospitals, police forces and schools, and that she was fortunate he wanted her son to be one of his trained soldiers**, attorneys said. >That was the end of Drummond's treatment by Dudley. >**"Dr. Dudley told her he was working for the CIA, and if she told anybody about this, he'd kill her,"** family attorney Lisa Marchese said in her opening statement. Multiple autistic kids were getting the same drugs, same torture and erasure of memories, same weapons training (he claimed the arsenal of guns in the hotel room was because shooting was therapeutic) he was doing to victims of the CIA brainwashing experiments, and what he likely did to the "killer bag lady" in the Salon article. On top of that, some of the MKULTRA scientists wound up in a very interesting place: on the board of The False Memory Syndrome Foundation. No secret, they were listed as board members or scientific advisers on the organisation's website. False Memory Syndrome was a term they coined and wanted to catch on. With good reason. It was started by two parents attempting to discredit their daughters accusations of rape by her father. He almost certainly did it. They started the foundation right after she accused them, along with a guy named Ralph Underwager. Underwager had to step down after he openly supported pedophilia in a magazine interview. Here's his Wikipedia blurb: >Ralph Charles Underwager (28 July 1929 – 29 November 2003) was an American minister and psychologist who rose to prominence as a defense witness for adults accused of child sexual abuse in the 1980s and 1990s. Until his death in 2003, he was the director of the Institute for Psychological Therapies, which he founded in 1974. He was also a founder of Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL), a lobby group which represented the interests of parents whose children had been removed from their care by social services following abuse allegations. >Underwager first appeared in court as a defense witness for two of the accused in the 1984 Jordan, Minnesota case, one of the earliest attempts to prosecute alleged organized child sexual abuse in the United States. On the stand, Underwager argued that the **children's testimony of abuse was the result of brainwashing by social workers using Communist thought-reform techniques**.[1] The accused couple were acquitted, and they joined with Underwager to form VOCAL, a lobby group for people who had been accused of child abuse by social services Then in an interview says pedophilia is a responsible choice, shouldn't be ashamed, and it's part of God's will. 3 MKULTRA scientists on their board and their goal was to conflate all accusations with discredited memory recovery therapy used by quacks. Have to link this shitty site to get the images of the original CIA docs. Just click the original documents, I've verified them with the FOIA dump before https://www.wanttoknow.info/mind_control/cia_mind_control_experiments_sex_abuse Edit: full circle, Loftus of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is trotted out to defend Ghislaine Maxwell: https://globalnews.ca/news/8393602/ghislaine-maxw


The most fucked up part is that MK Ultra is proven true. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's an actual proven conspiracy.


Yeah the problem is that almost all of the attention was diverted to kooky lsd experiments and testing psychic powers (Men Who Stare at Goats etc) while ignoring systematic rape, torture, radiation dosing, testing the limits of the human mind and interrogation techniques. It was horrific reading through the documents. Literally some of the same experiments done in concentration camps. A lot of people still think the undetectable heart attack gun is a conspiracy. Invented in the 1950s it fires a toxin derived from shellfish that can't be detected by toxicology, and the "dart" is tiny and melts away leaving no obvious puncture wound or anything. It was held up and handled by congressmen in the Church Committee hearings. Here's a clip: https://youtu.be/4m6dldvNECI With Iran contra the full hearings reveal worse things than unsavory weapons deals. Gary Webb proved, and Oliver Norths notes show they funded themselves by flooding "black and low income" neighborhoods with raw cocaine paste. Effectively creating the crack epidemic and targeting communities "nobody cares about." What's more troubling than all of that is the revelations about Oliver Norths work with FEMA on continuity of government plans (COG), emergency martial law scenarios. They created a program in which the US Constitution can be completely suspended, and this is on video in his testimony as well. The scenarios they imagined in their plans included having to round up 500,000 "negroes" in camps, or having to round the up leftist dissidents who were opposed to a foreign war in Latin America. https://youtu.be/tXJKNIQ51Xw They also continued to use low income and black communities as guinea pigs for testing chemicals and radiation. One example that comes to mind is the spraying of cancer causing chemicals on the Pruit Igoe housing projects. Sprayed by van and from rooftops over playgrounds and the housing projects. The researcher who uncovered this wrote a paper that revealed it extended beyond Pruit Igoe and included several states, with the cancerous chemicals being sprayed by planes over texas. And no I'm not a chem trail believer but in this one incident they sometimes used planes. Pruit Igoe residents continue to suffer from cancer and birth defects. https://youtu.be/XciXCRnqiPw What's amazing is that there are so many shocking conspiracies and atrocities that you can find with only Wikipedia or only the NY Times story on it. See video of the congressional hearings. But what keeps it suppressed is it *sounds* fantastical so people dismiss it instead of taking 5 seconds to check. Incredulity is the primary suppressor of real conspiracies, and the second biggest is ironically conspiracy theorists themselves. They muddy the waters, distort and bastardise the truth either intentionally or unintentionally, and then people automatically assume its all bullshit. They make it harder for people to separate fact from fiction, and people just filter out anything about the CIA or MKULTRA cuz they associate it with "those people." I could go on and on. Operation Gladio armed fascist sleeper cells all over Europe that carried out acts of terrorism to be blamed on communists. The US government has always been the biggest player in the illegal drug trade (see The Politics of Heroin and Southeast Asia by Alfred W McCoy). Sexual blackmail often involving children is a recurring theme. Epstein was just the most recent and blatant, and he was working with the CIA and managed the finances of Adnan Khashoggi. If you've any doubt Epstein was part of the existing Web of rogue intelligence agents controlling politicians, I've got a post for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/lnu1vm/_/go4fdig If you Google one name or take anything away from this post, look up Adnan Khashoggi. He's the biggest loose end, tied to so many scandals that you can no longer deny there's a web of rogue intelligence agents, organised crime, and politicians with enormous influence over the globe.


That questions like this are market research, and this question in particular is likely to be used for some pretty fucking nefarious purposes. Edit: a lot of you seem to think only Buzzfeed is interested in this data. You do you.


Probly just a buzz feed article, to be honest. But the data will probly be mined off to help some troll farm mission analysis.








That the same person posts this question a few times a month




That someone from the inside knew that the Boeing 737-max was absolutely trash and shorted the stock




I have a friend whose dad works in aviation and he said something really similar. Basically that there were very specific things that the pilots of those planes needed to be trained on, and someone (idk if it was Boeing or what - it was a while ago when we talked about this) basically cheaped out and didn’t make that training happen.




It's a bit more specific than that, Boing had a deal with Southwest that if the MAX required additional training Boing had to pay 1 million or something for each plane. So management just said do whatever to make sure that doesn't happen. Here is a good documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXMO0bhPhCw


In of itself the Max-8 is perfectly fine. The problem is the 737 design has been changed enough that it doesn't fly exactly like every other 737, so pilots would need separate training to fly it. Enter MCAS, Boeing's software solution to force the plane to fly like a 737, because airlines aren't going to buy your plane if they have to retrain their pilots on it.


>The problem is the 737 design has been changed enough that it doesn't fly exactly like every other 737 It's one of my favourite "they should have fixed this a long time ago" senarios. The 737 was first built in the days of walking out onto the tarmac to board the plane. Because of this, they slung it low to the ground so there would be less stairs to climb. A full sixty years later, it still had this low slung profile when Airbus announced the A320 NEO which was basically a 737 with much better fuel economy. Scrambling, Boeing quickly announced the 737-Max to counter it. I'll skip over a lot of stuff here but the upshot is that one of the ways to make the 737 more fuel efficient is to make the engine's intake bigger. And that's where the problem starts. Instead of the engine being entirely under the wing, the top now sits slightly above it due to the low ground clearance. [Here's a side by side of the A320 and 737 for comparison.](https://i.stack.imgur.com/lc3kU.jpg) Problem is, that makes the plane fly different and, as you pointed out, airlines would rather not pay pilots to be retained so they invent MCAS. All because in the last 60 years no one ever thought to re-engineer the plane for slightly more ground clearance.


that no one here is mentioning facebook going down after 8 YEARS just in time , one day before whistlblower was scheduled to talk.


This might not be a groundbreaking hot take, but i think that applying for disability status/benefits is intentionally made to be a convoluted mess of bureaucratic jargon and endless hoops to jump through SOLELY so that disabled people don’t take advantage of them, either because they give up trying to navigate an intentionally confusing system, or because they make a mistake along the way, and the process gets fucked up. I’m really lucky I had my mom helping me with a lot of the paperwork because otherwise I would never be able to get the supports I need in post secondary. It’s like someone purposefully designed the process to be as unobtainable, messy, and overwhelmingly complex for a disabled person as they possibly could.


To add to this, at least in the UK, I'm pretty sure they deliberately decline anyone they think they can get away with doing it to, even if they know the person is eligible. A suspiciously high percentage of benefit claims get granted on appeal iirc, like 60% or something. They just hope people don't to through the process of appeal because its complicated and a hassle. The system is designed to be cruel, inefficient and prevent pay outs as much as possible.


My friend has MS, in order to get benefits she had to have an interview with a benefits officer at home. This person is the one who decides how sick she really is. Not the doctor who ordered her to lay off work and driving due to possible sudden seizures, no, some absolute gimp with a clipboard and some highly leading questions gets to decide that. The doctor told her to 'act more sick' and avoid makeup because those people are basically trained to decline your benefits for any half baked reason at all.


Yeah since they've privatised the process everyone gets declined on first application. The process takes so long people are dying before their appeals go through. We eventually got through it all with my partner, they rearranged her interview 4 times eventually setting 6am on a Sunday which just seems like they were being difficult on purpose. And this is all after she's been made redundant by the same fucking government for not being fit to work...


I've also heard that there are also often extra benefits you may be entitled to, depending on your specific situation, but the benifits office don't tell you, and you have to do your own research to find out about it.


This happens in the Netherlands too (I don’t know about the appeal statistics here but everyone gets rejected initially and there was an investigation that found the majority of rejections should have been accepted instead).


They are also designed (the benefits Medicaid ect) to keep those that help to never be able to crawl out of the debt/position that made them need those benefits. I can’t remember the name of the book but it showed how a one dollar raise to someone’s pay check would make them lose almost all the medical benefits from Medicaid. 40 extra dollars a week would make thousands of Medicaid coverage disappear making a family choose between digging them selves out of poverty or staying where they are to get the health care their love one needed.


This is exactly where we are right now.


The term you’re looking for is “benefit cliff.”


That the government creates or at least promotes crazy conspiracy theories to make the true ones seem crazy by association.


Most CIA plots sound like conspiracy theories until you realize these are coming from actual official documents that will lay out in detail all the crazy shit they did or planned to do.


Like trying to poison Fidel Castro's cigars to make him lose all his hair, and from that, support of the Cuban people. ... really, CIA? Did someone replace the top brass with Dick Dastardly when that one got approved?


[The CIA did a lot of shit to try and kill Castro.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_attempts_on_Fidel_Castro) I think my favorite one is that they hired a woman to seduce and poison him. Castro found out about the plot and gave the woman a gun, telling her to shoot him. Her nerves failed and they had passionate sex instead. Also Frank Wisner, one of the founders of the CIA, had American condom companies mark their large size condoms as small and begin selling them to the USSR so that the Russians would think Americans had bigger dicks.


To be fair they already had a relationship before so it was especially hard on her emotions


The fact that we know about those should speak volumes. They want us to think they just kill people with looney toons traps when in reality they have guns that shoot balls of ice coated in pufferfish venom


Honestly this has always been my take as well. A lot of intelligence agencies want you to think their baddest motherfucker in the room. The CIA always seemed content to me to let you see the goofy ass psy-ops bullshit just so you didn't notice they also had guys killing people with near magical heart attack guns and other nefarious shit.


Don’t forget about the CIA wanting to bomb and terrorize American citizens and blame it on Cuba for reason to invade


Or when they spent millions on a program to put a microphone into a cat and have that cat spy on people and then when they released it the cat immediately got run over by a taxi.


If you liked that one, you’ll love the one about the Osama Bin Laden action figures that were placed in backpacks for the kids of Afghanistan for aid relief. These action figures were designed to, after a few days, melt away the textured face of Bin Laden into an evil looking scary face. In their defense, they called this operation off (thank God), but the intention was to use children and shock value in areas where his regime was supported to leverage support away from him. This isn’t conspiracy, this is documented…. The action figures were all disposed of, and there is only like 1 or 2 that exist today. CIA, I’m so glad you didn’t do this!


*goes straight to eBay "evil bin Laden action figure"


MKUltra is more insane than any fictional conspiracy theory I have ever heard


See also: [Operation Midnight Climax](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Midnight_Climax?wprov=sfti1) and [Operation Northwoods](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods?wprov=sfti1). Operation Northwoods is insane. It was proposed by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and made it all the way to JFK’s desk where it was thankfully denied. It involved a false flag attack where they were going to perpetrate murderous acts of terrorism on Americans and blame it on Castro so they could justify invading Cuba.


Yes and it’s shit like this that gives even a shred of plausibility to 911 conspiracies. Because the first reaction for most people is that the government would never do that, and yet not long ago they nearly did. Stopped by one man who not long after was assassinated.


When I found out Taliban was antivax, I just thought they wanted to disregard all western influences. Apparently the CIA hosted fake vaccination clinics in ~~Afghanistan~~ Pakistan, which didn't vaccinate you but instead took your blood so they could search for traces of Bin Laden's DNA, causing an entire country to not trust vaccinations. You can't make this shit up


Dollar slice pizza places. This may not make sense to people who don't live in New York City. We have these great places that sell a plain slice of pizza (cheese only) for $1.00. I can't believe they make rent and payroll on volume with $1.00/slice and the going rent rates. This has to be some sort of money laundering scam, but one where no one cares because you get a slice of pizza for a dollar. Might not be the best pizza, but damn, a dollar slice. I'll always stop in if I'm passing one on the street. This just can't be economically feasible and something else is going on.


I passed a typewriter repair shop on my way to class everyday on 38th street and always wondered how the hell they paid rent in NYC fixing typewriters. All the hipsters were in Brooklyn!


When you are highly specialised, customers come to you. There's a medieval armourer close to where I live, people drive for hours to get to him from all over the country.


Oh yeah. Even simple stuff like clock repair is really expensive, since its a field nobody really goes into anymore.


Is there a fast travel point not too far but annoyingly far enough from the armourer’s shop?




If you notice, the grain is always very fine because they use the cheapest flour possible, and the sauce is very thin. Cheese is light. That pizza probably costs them 1$ and they make 8$. Every 5 minutes. For 12 hours a day. That’s $1008 a day, minus full pizza takeouts and toppings.


I wanna say I either watched a mini documentary that mentioned this, but it may have been an article I read. But it was exactly that. They make a killing off of it because the ingredients are cheap, and selling it for $1 gets plenty of customers. If I'm not mistaken, I think someone became a millionaire doing it. Then again, that could be fit into the conspiracy theory narrative lol.


That the international establishment are not cracking down on the slave trade because too many of them benefit from slaves, wage slaves, debt slaves, indentured servants, passport hostage victims, magdalene laundresses, unpaid internships, etc. themselves.


Fkin Nestle saying how they would like to end slave labor but they just can’t right now. They’ve been saying their gonna phase it out for over 10 years. Edit: it’s they’re OH GOD


The NBA rigged the 1985 Draft Lottery for the New York Knicks to get Patrick Ewing


"New Coke" was just a distraction so we didn't notice the change to high fructose corn syrup. It was never supposed to work.


I only buy the coke made with cane sugar. Thankfully they still make it in the caribbean.


They actually make it in a ton of places. Just depends on whether corn syrup or sugar is cheaper. Its all been sugar based in Asia, from what I've seen. Interestingly it's actually hfcs in Mexico now despite having the reputation for using sugar. The imported bottles are still sugar though from what I understand.


It's even types of sugar - in Australia it's cane sugar, in the UK it's sugar beet sugar. Different climates, different agricultural crops for local sugar production.


Tommy wiseau is actually DB Cooper.


Certain ultra wealthy rich have slowly politicised the news over the past decades in the way of brainwashing the population into believing their agenda. Along with possibly having multiple news channels eg left or right leaning channels to attract more viewers so if they don’t like one they may go into the other one which they agree more with. Additionally increasing the entertainment part of the news and decreasing the ‘news’ and educational parts of the news.


I hate to break it too you but that one is true


The government watch us, but not on a individual level, like they don't read every email and text you send is more like they and algorithm that filters of the metadata of the people and use that determine the possible dangers to a zone


I’m pretty sure this is verifiably true


Yeah it's not too far fetched the government does work with multiple social media companies to flag key words like bomb and attack, at least from things I've seen and read over time.


Easier than that. [Room 641A](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_641A#:~:text=3%20Gallery-,Description,AT%26T%20before%20SBC%20purchased%20AT%26T.) NSA is directly tapped into the fiber optic internet backbone and has access to all traffic passing through it. It is not the only such room to exist, but it's the one known about. Another is likely in Ashburn, Virginia where 70% of all internet traffic flows through.


That my phone listens to conversations. Far too many situations where I’d talk about something random and see adverts about it on FB and Instagram without me ever searching for it


The real creepy thing about this is that the data your cell phone does pull is so good and analyzed so well that listening to your voice would be a waste of resources. They don't need your voice when they have technology that's close to magic.


This. It creates a network of people by linking your device (and all data you've agreed to provide) with those of your friends, family, coworkers, etc. It can be freaky when you meet someone for the first time in a while and start getting ads for cat toys after they tell you about their new kitten, but in truth it's just their device (and recent searches for cat toys) being linked to yours. Even if you don't need any, *you* might buy *them* a fake mouse, and that's just as much the intent of all this data stuff.


Dude this is the first explanation I've seen for this phenomenon that makes sense. However, if voice isn't used I definitely imagine txts are.


its not just one or another, but a combination of many of these things… they use to create a comprehensive “map” of you…and everyone around you.


Apps track your location, even if you have the permission turned off.


Bro, apps don't need to do that, as long as you have service you are being tracked bucko, that ain't even a conspiracy, it just a fact


Yeah, when I check my phone after getting back home, it often asks me if I want to rate the restaurant, park, whatever I was just at and I’m like “I know you track where I go, but could you not be so obvious about it?”


Women's clothing doesn't have adequate pockets because the purse and handbag industry wants to ensure women continue to buy bags to carry their things.


I always saw it as more of a cyclical feedback loop. The clothes designers say "we don't need to add pockets, they have a bag anyways" and the bag makers say "women need bags because they have no pockets."


That Facebook’s outage the day before the whistleblower went in front of the Senate was no accident.


I’ll bite. What’s the purpose of doing that?


Just a guess, but to make people miss them. Couldn’t share the bad news about Facebook on Facebook right when it broke - then everyone was just relieved when they were back. Didn’t even have time to be mad since the inconvenience was over


Not to mention all the whistle blower stuff goes out early that morning around the same time Facebook And everything it on stays off-line for 7-8 hours, now when you search facebook under news on a search engine the outage clogs the news feed and the whistleblower stuff gets buried or shuffled into the mix.


So basically since everyone's asking why Facebook is offline, instead of directing to the actual news the engine decided everyone is obviously more interested in why it's offline. That's actually a very ingenious way of basically censoring information.


Feral humans living in state forests. Edit: typo


Elaborate please.


It’s kinda like the theory about the cave systems and disappearances being linked but more general. There are still some very remote and hard to reach places like the headless valley that have harsh terrain and unreachable caves that may or may not house ferrel humans that decapitate people who trespass. There is a cool video about it on YouTube from Mr. Ballen. It is so good and creepy I recommend listening to this for better a reference than I’m able to give here. He has other stories about places you are not suppose to go because of the danger and it is sometimes proposed that so many people die in these places from wild people. American Horror Stories has a great episode about the ferrels as well. Again all this is just theory and I have zero evidence, but it is the most believable conspiracy I’ve heard lately. Human in my opinion can be the absolute scariest monsters imagined or otherwise.


There are somewhat confirmed people like this. Vice reached out to the “most remote man in the world” in like northern Canada in a nature reserve and hung out with him for a while it was pretty awesome. Apparently the preserve came up after he moved there so even though they don’t allow people to live there, he predates the preserve so he is grandfathered in. But the world is awful big and there’s lots of room in the wilderness. There’s also a Russian family that was like this that was confirmed. Almost like an “uncontacted tribe” of sorts. I think some doctors went out to check on them in helicopters in the 80s or something There’s probably others I’m forgetting but I’ll keep editing and adding if I think of any


Isnt there that island that kills intruders? Including animals people have sent over.


North Sentinel Island is what you are thinking of. There are also some uncontacted people on the Brazilian rainforest that are protected by the government


>Isnt there that island that kills intruders? Long Island?


The secret service is also the group in charge of keeping all retired / passed government officials quiet. It’s crazy to think that all of these powerful people don’t spill their knowledge at some point before they die. Once they get a certain clearance then a detailed profile is built of who their family and friends are and somehow passed to them as a “keep your mouth shut or things will happen to these people”. Whenever a popular congressman voluntarily retires in the middle of their term I think that they keep learning shit that they wished they hadn’t and that it’s time to just get out.


A few years ago, some former agent *allegedly* confessed to assassinating Marilyn Monroe to his nurse but before he was interviewed he was taken away somewhere iirc


My husband's uncle was high up in the military and got dementia. When he was on his deathbed in the hospital, armed men guarded his door until he died. The family all suspect he knew some serious shit that the government didn't want him to spill.


Same with my grandfather. He had mild dementia and was just generally very old and about to die. They moved him into hospice at my grandparents home and there were men in the vicinity of him at all times. I knew he did some cool shit, and the things he has told me in confidence over the years was cool enough, being stuck on the east side of Berlin and having to escape capture because the East had dossiers on him, testing for weapons (never told which ones specifically) that haven’t even came out yet to the public to this day, etc. In his moments of cognition he didn’t mind the men there at least, they were surprisingly very nice and were there for my Grandma when no other family was there visiting. It also turns out he himself had been in their position before.


The “Fine Art” market is a scam used/run by the ultra wealthy to hide and preserve their wealth.