What are your must-have qualities in a best friend?

What are your must-have qualities in a best friend?


What a lovely question! Humour, generosity, a lack of vindictiveness, humility, proximity


Trust. Loyalty. Humility.


Trust, friendliness, generosity, and not be to egotistical


Not dead


A healthy dynamic like you might see in a tv show or film. Scully and Mulder from the X-Files. Simon Pegg's and Nick Frost's characters from the Cornetto Trilogy etc.




The traits that others have said are must have for me: honesty, humor, humility. But one thing that I cherish about two of my closest friends is our friendly rivalries. It’s not aggressive or hostile, it’s just a desire to improve ourselves. I see that one of my closest friends can perform a certain task that I am hesitant about and it gives me hope that I can actually do it. Not because I am better than my friend, but because we are so similar in nature and if he can do then I should be able to. Obviously there are going to be things that my friends are trained to do that I am not, but I am mostly just talking about simple things, like learning rules to a new game or attempting a new physical activity.


They love Jesus, that is all.


In a friend, be able to have a good time with me, help if you can when a friend is having difficulty. However, with my best friend, we both have felt similar. If a friend calls on you, unless you are completely put off by it (No asking me to go to NY to pick you up a soda if I am living in F\*\*\*ing Ohio!) then do what you can. If your friend's life is in danger, you'd protect it to the best of your ability. If your friend dies or goes to prison to protect his family, you are the last line of defense. Last but not least, if you are in the area, give a call and spend time together. Even if you haven't talked for several years, if you're in the area, give a call and let's get some food or something! One might say my qualities are too high, but I've picked up a gun in defense of my best friend's family, he has done everything in his power to help me through hell and I have always been ready to help him whenever he struggles, and if I need a gun at my back, it's as simple as saying "I need to do this, someone might be foolish, I need someone to watch my back." and he is there. Oh, another commenter reminded me, they CANNOT be Christian. I literally have never been able to trust a Christian at their word.