What is a story you love to tell, but hardly ever get a chance to?

What is a story you love to tell, but hardly ever get a chance to?


I once showered with 3 different girls in one day (all consensual). I feel like it's a great achievement but you can never really bring it up anywhere.


You could at one of their weddings


Man’s is deep in the friend zone.


My journey fighting cancer (leukaemia). I’ve learnt many things from it, it changed me in a positive way, and even if it might sound odd, I am glad I got cancer. Otherwise I would still be not wise about many things that are surrounding us.


I hope I speak for all Redditors but good luck on your journey.


Thank you.


The kid and the poka dot armor


Good god this story is a rollercoaster, but it's one of my favorites to tell and I've told it enough times on Reddit I can just copy paste it from last time, so here we go; In the last two weeks of my senior year, some fucking wild shit happened. Mrs. S, as I will be calling her, was the single most hated teacher in my high school. She taught almost exclusively seniors, and she was the rudest, most disrespectful, strictest teacher in the school. She sent kids to the office for no reason. She insulted kids for getting wrong answers in front of the class a lot. She called parents on speaker phone. Overall, Mrs. S just sucked and everyone hated her. Well, everyone but a handful of boys on the soccer team, which Mrs. S coached. Those boy always got special treatment, and were the only ones Mrs. S was nice to. We kind of all assumed it was because the boys were on the team she coached, and just ignored it. As it turns out, it wasn't because Mrs. S was their coach. It was because Mrs. S was sleeping with one of the kids and had to be nice to the kid's friends to maintain the "relationship." She had been sexually abusing this boy for 4 years, and the boy was convinced Mrs. S was in love with him. (Mrs. S was married, btw, to a fairly wealthy doctor.) And we found this out because one day, the boy who had recently moved away for mysterious reasons (We assume because of this whole ordeal) leaked a bunch of the text messages between him and the teacher in a group chat, then removed himself from the group chat and no one heard from him again. He aired out all the dirty laundry in a group chat of kids in Mrs. S's class. The chat basically only existed to copy homework for Mrs. S's class, so we all had it. All the kids in Mrs. S's class saw these texts... all the kids who hated Mrs. S the most saw it. So the first kid to reply in the chat says, and I quote, "Wanna start a riot?" So we did. We all started talking in the chat, and some kids wanted to call the police or do something to that effect, but that idea was quickly shot down because everyone else wanted to start a fucking riot, myself included. We agreed not to report Mrs. S for the time being. We knew if we did, she'd get fired, and to be perfectly honest, we all wanted a little taste of karma for ourselves. Kids started spreading word to their friends, and soon most of the senior class knew what Mrs. S had done, but no one snitched. It was like everyone just silently agreed to stfu and let it all unfold. I remember talking in hushed whispers in my AP art class with other seniors about it and changing the topic when the art teacher was in earshot so she wouldn't find out. Then one of the other seniors I was talking to said, "Hey, I got an idea. you wanna ruin her day?" And I was like, “Fuck yeah,” so we spent that entire class period working together to design an art piece. Just me and three other AP art kids. We debated and argued over color and style choices all period, but finally settled on a New York style graffiti piece in the school colors that read "PEDOPHILE" in all caps. Then the next day my buddy Ian, who suggested the whole thing, came to school with a bag full of spray paint, and at lunch we snuck out of school and put our design on Mrs. S's car. Here's the kicker though... Before we were even done, three more kids showed up saying they came to key her car and steal her tires. They agreed our plan was cooler, and ended up playing lookout for us, but we got to talking and found out we definitely weren't the only kids giving karma a little helping hand. Over the final week of my senior year; A kid found out where Mrs. S lived, threw a brick through her window, and left printed out copies of the leaked texts in her mailbox for her husband to find. Mrs. S liked to walk around her classroom with her heels off so one kid cracked eggs in both her heels, then her purse, and jacket pockets. Her 1st period class pretended to do the assignment but just wrote "Mrs. S is a pedophile" for every answer. I actually got to see kids plan that one in the group chat, but I wasn't in that period, so I wasn't a part of it. Mrs. S gave everyone A's for that assignment in what I think was meant to be a bribe for silence, because at this point she 100% knew that we knew. It did not work. Her classroom got stink bombed twice. I remember seeing kids complain about this one in the group chat because it was really inconsiderate to all the kids who had to be in her classroom that day. One of the digital media arts kids stole the family photo from her desk and replaced it with a photoshopped version of her school ID. (which he got off the school website) He made it look like a mugshot. He was in my AP art class too, and he showed me the finished project before putting it in her room. I found it so fucking funny how we were sitting there critiquing his work like it was a serious project he was considering submitting to the college board. I fucking loved my AP art class, those kids were so much fun, and basically feral. I miss them. Keep in mind, all this is only the shit I heard about or witnessed. There was a lot more I can't even begin to name, and to this day I'm still hearing new stories about shit kids pulled. She was fired two days later when some kids finally told someone what was happening after they got caught trying to break into Mrs. S's classroom during lunch. I mean, Mrs. S wasn't going to tell anyone... she knew what we knew, and she knew what would happen if she told on us. She was keeping her mouth shut and praying her boss didn't find out. It felt a lot like the entire senior class just decided they were collectively going to prank this teacher as much as they could before she was fired, and there wasn't a single damn "Senior Prank" other than this shit. Not one. At least not one I heard of. It was like everyone decided to exclusively prank Mrs. S all at once, and it was fucking glorious. We also made it a trend to scribble out her photo in our yearbooks. Mrs. S is in jail now, and her husband divorced her. I'm only sad I don't know what happened to the boy. He moved away right before any of this happened, probably because of Mrs. S, and I really hope he's doing well. I never got caught for spray painting her car though. I really wish I took a photo of the finished result, but we agreed it would be a stupid idea to have evidence of the crime on our phones, you know?


11th grade rehearsal for my role as an abusive king. I had to get angry at my ,,wife" 10th grader girl, pick her up from the dinner table and get guards to take her to the dungeon, where she'd spend few days without food. So i was strong enough to actually pick up this girl, by holding her by the shoulders, but i forgot the lines. She's flapping her feet trying to reach the floor (I've always been taller than everyone in school), looking at me scared, and i was standing there for few moments, before i was reminded of my lines, ,,For standing against your beloved king with your unholy opinions, you'll spend some time in cold cell", i then put her down and yell ,,Guards!! Take her away from my sight!". Too bad our production crew changed schools and we never made it happen.


It's not a story I can tell amongst polite company because of the gore, but it was funny to me and everyone came out fine in the end. So I worked as a seasonal officer in Ocean City, Maryland. One day I'm driving around and get dispatched to assist EMS with an "unknown medical issue" at a fairly popular pizza place. I get out at the location before EMS and try to locate the patient. I find his friends still seated at the table and they tell me he's in the bathroom. He had just gotten up and walked away telling them to call an ambulance. So I walk over to the bathroom, knock on the door and enter. Let me tell you, it looked like a scene out of a saw movie. There were drops of blood all over the floor surrounding a dinner plate sized pool of blood. A pair of underwear soaked through with blood and shorts ditched off to the side. I took all this in in a second and the first thought was "someone is dead" but I call out anyway "Ocean City Police. Are you in here?" Almost immediately a sheepish voice replies from in the stall. "Yes, hello. I'm here. Is the ambulance here?" I had him wait there and guided the medics to him. Apparently this poor soul had just gotten minor surgery to fix an anal fistula. For those of you that don't know that's when a sore opens up a wound between your intestine and your butt crack, skipping the actual hole. Yes, that's as gross as it sounds. Either way he had gotten some stitches to close it a few days earlier. I guess he didn't want to cancel his beach trip and still came out. Halfway through his pizza he realized his underwear was soaked. Suddenly he realized he must've popped his stitches. EMS wrapped him in a diaper made from sterile hospital sheets and transported him to the ER where they closed his reopened wound and advised him that he really shouldn't be moving around all that much.