How do you feel about adults who like disney?

How do you feel about adults who like disney?


Doesn't bother me, and they seem happy. Leave 'em be.


They’re adults. As long as they aren’t trying to fuck kids or something who gives a shit what they do.


depends what Disney, if old Disney movies - I like em


I’m almost 25 and still love Disney. I feel like some days I’m definitely in the minority but it’s something my dad always did with us kids because as a kid his dad took him to Disney and it’s one of the few memories he has of his dad before he died.


Don't care as long as they don't want me to watch that crap with them.


Well Disney does own a lot of media, so many things are technically Disney products.


Disney isn't meant to be for children exclusively.


Disney wasn't meant to be gatekept to just kids; it's for the young and the young-at-heart. We all grew up with the cartoons and theme parks. Heck, my parents had their honeymoon at Disney World!


I love myself!


Disney as a company is pretty garbage, old disney stuff is pretty great though, back before they just remade stuff into live action.




Why? Why exactly is it a problem?




Lol. As if it’s a choice between getting a job and having posters… >Dear mr P, thank you for your application to this position. Your experience and attitude make you a perfect candidate. However, it has come to our attention that you have Disney posters in your house and for this reason we are unable to offer you the position at this time…


I don't think anything about them, other than we have differing tastes.


Doesn't matter, as long as they're nice people


if you have kids, I 100% get it. if you do not have kids, nope, I do not get it, especially if you're older than 25.