What’s the worst trade you ever made as a kid?

What’s the worst trade you ever made as a kid?


Troy Aikmen rookie card for my brothers left over French fries


A bag of marbles for some Bazooka Bubble Gum


Traded an original Pokémon Yellow Gameboy Color game but for Pokémon cards. Also at one point I sold my original translucent purple Gameboy Color for maybe $25 or $30, but that was when the first DS came out


Traded a chicken and mayo sandwich for some Pokemon cards. They were fakes but I only realised once he actually gave them to me. Kid ate the sandwich like instantly and said no trade backs. I kicked him in the gut and he spewed up the the sandwich and other stuff and I said no trade backs. Got a detention for lunch the next few days but so worth and my dad had me tell all his work mates one afternoon when he picked me up.


I traded a Larry Bird basket card for a David Boston football card. I wasn't into basketball at the time so Larry Bird was Joe Schmo to me. I vividly remember my dad haranguing me over that. "You better trade that card back. I don't care how cool that David Boston card looks, 20 of them aren't worth a dime." edit: I also traded NFL Street 2 on GameCube for Mario Golf on GameCube. I really liked Mario golf but I miss NFL Street 2 [more than words.](https://youtu.be/mQ_l9gvCY-s)


An antique harmonica for a cheap butterfly knife


100 bucks for 50 bucks and some change


Charizard for Alakazam