Buddy Holly was said to make “the devil’s music” by his own home church in Lubbock that he regularly tithed to still, even after making it big


Would anyone have really expected them to stop taking the “devil’s” money? Lol. Preach all day about “evils”, but always keep that hand out ready to accept cash from anyone.


“Hey it may be tainted with the Devil’s fingerprints… but that’ll buy me a nice new corvette. Oh and uh… maybe buff out the scratches on the pews. You know, upkeep and all.”


An elderly woman I know was doing her laundry in her apartment building's shared laundry room when two other women who also lived there called her "demonic" and said she "had to have Satan in her" because she was doing her laundry on a Sunday.




Don't you know? The only thing you're allowed to do on Sundays is read the bible and judge people not reading the bible.


Don't forget getting brunch right after church and treating the waitstaff like absolute shit


That's what they get for working on a Sunday


Well when pokemon first came out when I was a kid they were hating on it because evolution. Then it was Harry Potter because magic. Both equally idiotic


The Pope even said Pokemon was fine and didnt have any harmful moral effects. Yet people still claim its from the Devil.


I mean, a lot of these people would claim that the Pope is from the devil too


I too grew up in a cult that called the Catholic Church a cult.


A lot of evangelicals consider Catholics to be about as Christian as Jews.


Adorable dragons that my Christian brother in law painted and sold at convention, called it devil worship and were concerned for his well being. My sister just pointed them three vendors down and said "by the way, there's an actual witch you can go talk to, please leave."


Best response I've seen yet


Lord of the Rings


Ah yes, the book written by one of the most devoted catholic writters ever


Who wrote about how the least expected are those who are truly heroes... about the subversion of power by service...


Dora the explorer


Swiper is swiping souls


Swiper! NO swiping lost souls of the damned


Aw, maaaaaan!


>And Swiper turned and looked at Dora. And Dora remembered the saying of the Fox, how he had said to her, “Before the rooster crows today, you will deny me three times.” And he went out and said "awwww man!". Boots 22:61-62


My mom insisted Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a satanic show that would let demons in the house because it "glorified them" so I wasn't allowed to watch it. This wouldn't have been run-of-the-mill religious nonsense if The Witches of Eastwick wasn't one of her favorite movies. For those of you who haven't seen it, the plot of this movie is basically Jack Nicholson as the devil seducing some witches. We owned it on VHS and she's watch it every few months.


> because it "glorified them" How did she miss the part where demons are all evil and it's Buffy's job to kill them?


"But the makeup is scary looking tho" was basically the sum of her argument


> Buffy the Vampire Slayer And you were jealous of the other kids who watched it. And years later when people considered it a classic you wished you could watch the show when it was on the air, but nope: you couldn't.


More than two decades later and I'm still mad about the hypocracy. I was so happy when it first came to Netflix and I could finally watch it.


I knew a family who wouldn't let their kids watch Disney movies because they had magic in them, talking animals (witchcraft), etc.


Magic and talking animals...just like the Bible LMAO.


None of that nonsense for you kids! Here, watch this veggie tales.


As a full-flegded atheist: VeggieTales (old one) is the fucking bomb and no one can tell me otherwise.


Oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeeee ismyhairbrush?


Oh wheeeeerrrreee ismyhairbrush?


They don't want a more entertaining mythos to deal with.


The Bible literally has story about a talking donkey, hahaha.


Talking snake too


Similar story but the kids weren't allowed to read Harry Potter because it involved magic


Foosball and Vicki Vallencourt.


“Everything is the devil to you, Mama. Well, I like school, and I like football. And I’m gonna keep doin’ them both because they make me feel good.”


"And I like Vicki, and she likes me! And she showed me her boobies and I like them, too!"


Counting. They tried to tell me D&D was demonic because you gain levels. Do they also not use elevators?


GAINING LEVELS?! straight to hell


Writing with your left hand. I naturally started writing with my left hand as a young child and my mom made me fix it. Whenever she saw me writing, she would put the pencil in my right hand until I could no longer use the left one. It wasn't until I was older that I realized she was doing it because she thought left-handedness was associated with the devil. Now I have shitty handwriting :)


My dad was forced to write with his right when he went to Catholic school. He actually wrote backwards because of it, and was almost placed into a special education class. Now he's able to sign his name backwards and upside down, which confuses the hell out of people.


Honestly, I think that is a pretty cool talent!


**gets forced to write with the right hand** **learns how to write backwards** **???** **your child tells people on Reddit about your cool talent** **profit**


The Latin word for left is sinistra. It’s the basis for the word sinister. The hex on left handedness goes way back, before the Christian Era.


I'm ambidextrous, which means I can slap stupid religious people with 2 hands at once.


Batman: Gotham by Gaslight had a left handed character that didn't like nuns because they'd beat him into right handedness.


My grandmother, more than once, smacked me many times for holding a spoon with the wrong hand. I dont remember which hand it was. All I know is she was probably less concerned with the hands themselves than she was with having an excuse to beat a child that wasn't technically related to her by blood but her son took in anyways. She was an all-around cunt to my brothers and sisters who weren't her sons biological children. I may be left handed myself and after having been abused out of it developed generally poor manual dexterity. Or maybe I'm just clumsy lol


Teletubbies. Harry Potter. Like literally any scary movie. Monster Energy drinks. Starbucks. I have heard a lot!


They might have a point about the teletubbies, those things are creepy.


The baby in the sun always got me.


Donating plasma, use to donate plasma in college for extra money and some of my friends did it as well but then two of them stopped because their mom said it was being used for satanic rituals


Ah yes, vile satanic rituals like life-saving medical procedures. If God wanted them to live they wouldn't have been shot! /s


Bar codes. These people are just unbelievable.


The best part is that some of them made full length movies about how barcodes signaled the end times and that humans would be forced to have them tattooed on their foreheads to pay for things.




Went to a private school in the 90's and there were people there who were convinced that the Bar Code system was what the Mark of the Beast would be built on.


W H A T ?


The initial double bar on a bar code represents a 6 in the code. This double bar is at the beginning, in the Middle and at the end. They are three longest bars…hence 666. Yeah…stupid…I know. But, that’s why they are conspiracy theories.


"THE MARK OF THE BEAST!" My grandma used to shriek.


I named one of my sims characters DeMarco DeBeast because I remember by grandma shrieking about that as well and I always thought it was funny.


Just… wow, people are just so dense and trying to get mad at anything


My hair color. I'm a natural redhead. She started screaming at me that it's the sign of Satan and I'm a demon. Police had to be called because she straight up freaked out and started to get violent.


Yes! Lol I’ve been told cuz we gingers steal souls! 😂


Exactly, and those souls become freckles.


So what you're saying is... I should start stealing souls to get freckles?


My ex's family called deviled eggs "angeled eggs" because you aren't allowed to say the word devil


My nephew called them “Double Eggs” when he was little and we thought it was so cute we all started saying it. He also called birds “Devils” which we thought was cute too, but it didn’t stick.


Oh man, I can't believe you let such a winner go like that. /s


My favorite was that swearing was a HUGE NO NO (damn, can't say OMG) but they would regularly watch movies with shit, fuck, asshole, dick , etc. Because all the good movies have swearing, and they can't be expected to watch bad movies for the rest of their lives


My little sisters stutter


Myself 1998/99...Paraded in front of 200 congregants, declared a disciple of Satan, and warned as a bad influence to all their kids...I couldn't date, had no friends...that sucked so hard


So there was a guy in a religious high school that got basically that treatment. It was during the 90s. He would wear a trench coat, black boots and a black t-shit. Well, one day as the entire school was convoked in the auditorium to discuss the new dress code, the principal projected a drawing of basically this dude as forbidden, Satanic and utterly banned. The guy just stood up silently and looked at the principal in the eye. The auditorium erupted in laughter. Later there was enough protest from the parents that the dress code was withdrawn, thankfully.


I gotta hear the justification if you're comfortable sharing. I'm sorry you had to deal with this.




Nope, this church member wanted my Mum to bring my sister (5yo) to a special church meeting so they could pray for her


Has she gotten speech therapy?


She grew out of it mostly, she did go to a speech therapist. It still pops through here and there now, she is 35 now


Nah I bet it was being confronted about it by nosy adults that fixed it


Pokemon. When I was a kid, the local church order to the parents to bring everything pokemon related, so they can burn it. It was awful, they take away toys, cards, posters and gameboys of almost every single kid of my school, and then they were forced to go to the church that sunday to see how everything was burned in front of all, meanwhile the adults were singing gospels, all because some old woman says that pokemon was satanic and Pikachu means "demon over god"


Sounds like what happened in the church I went to as a kid. Not quite as dramatic, but the same idea. I had a stack of pokemon cards in my backpack, I had no idea how to play, I just somehow collected all the cute ones. My mom took them and threw them all away. It was deemed at church as "pocket demons doing your bidding" 🙄 All of us that are now adults still laugh at the absurdity of the pokemon time.


Had this same thing as a child. They said that because pokemon evolve that it was indoctrinating kids with evolution. They also claimed they had links to demonic content on the official website


I remember one old lady that said Mew was the devil : Because there's 3 letters in Mew. But what's 3 × 2 ? 6. And if we put three 6s together (because, again, there's 3 letters in Mew)? That gives 666, the number of the devil. Thus Mew is the devil.


Anything with three letters is of the devil.


Well, god is three letters...


Oh shit. This goes higher than we thought.


Moral panics are nothing new. Rock music, hippies, disco, DnD, the *Harry Potter* books, Pokemon... Problem is, now it's moved to the internet, and now it's vaccines, anything liberals want, chemtrails, 5G, and so on.


Ahh man I miss the old days where it was DnD and David Bowie that would lead you to hell, not the rampant child abuse, alcoholism and drug taking our parents were doing instead. Oh and definately can't forget the day a Catholic priest told me I was dammed to eternal he'll because my parents had taken me to a Baptist church, because God apparently can forgive anything but worshipping in a different church.


I was raised in a Baptist church, and I've heard Baptists say similar things about Catholics.


I suspect if there is a supreme creator out there watching us they arnt going to be terribly concerned about what church we attended.


Nahh.. Their too busy laughing their asses off at us..


"Wait, wait... \[hahahaha\]. You thought that meant THIS. \[hahaha\] And over here, this verse, you translated as THAT. Oh my Self, what's WRONG with you people? I look away for a few millennia and look what happens!"


God saying "Oh my Self" is hilarious.


They had a movie in the 80s called “Rock Its Your Decision” about a kid who likes rock and roll but his mom who is heavily religious hates it. The movie is about how this guy loses all of his friends, his girlfriend as he’s indoctrinated into this far right cult.


The internet, but not for the obvious reasons. www apparently really means 666 or something like that.


Ah yes, W the sixth letter of alphabet


Dungeons and dragons even after explaining that I can role play as a Christian paladin or cleric.






I'd lived through the satanic panic, I remember papers being passed around of all these different religious symbols showing about how they were evil. Was a wild time.


LOL! (Lucifer Our Lord) Im going to SMFH (Satan, Master From Hell) at these pearl clutching NOOBS (Nightly Orgies Organized By Steve (Satan Takes Every Vital Essence))


KISS Knights In Satan's Services


My mom was so scared of D&D when I was younger. The people who introduced me to it were from my church in college, and now I DM for some friends from Catholic middle school, lol. What's also funny is that our warlock's pastor is an exorcist, so he's super paranoid about demons and such, and he made some funny noises when he was reading through the pact of the fiend. He made a point to take the pact of the celestial instead.


It's like, they're so close to realizing it's all just made up monster stories but then go "NO! My stories about devil's are true so these stories about devil's must also be kinda true! Ban them!"


My grandmother was raising my then teenaged uncle back in the late mid to late 80s. So naturally as a nerdy teenager in that time period he and several friends who lived in his neighborhood got in to it, with sessions hosted at my uncle's place. At one point the other parents in the area got wind of this and asked my grandmother/his mother to put a stop to it, which she originally planned to do. But her husband/my uncle's stepdad, who was notably a devout Lutheran basically told all the neighborhood moms that if their sons were there playing DnD he would keep an eye on things, and you could be 100% sure they weren't out drinking, doing drugs, or otherwise getting in trouble. He later confessed that he was very worried about it because of the whole Satanic Panic thing, but after observing a couple sessions he felt it was probably safer than whatever else 80s teens liked to do


I was repeatedly told I was going to hell when people in my school found out I played D&D. It usually devolved into me fruitlessly trying to explain atheism and why threatening me with hell wasn't very productive.


Because of that "scare", I had to read Dragonlance novels under the covers at night because they were apparently evil and not allowed in the house.


Oof.... where do I start. Back in the 90's, we had those little Smurf figures. I loved them and I was starting a collection, but my catholic mother made me throw them away because her moronic friends convinced her that Smurf stuff were made by Satan and they would come to life at night and kill me... yeah. Don't ask me where did those people get all that but I've met a shit ton of them later and they actually believed this no sense. Years later my mother finally left all that insanity behind and asked me to firgive her. My brother's MIL, who is an evangelist pastor, made her grandaughter throw away all her Hello Kitty toys because the character has no mouth, just like some demon from the Bible... I guess? Can't remember the name and found no reference except for one in the sumerian culture. The thing is that the stupid cat has no mouth so it had to be a demon. I guess.. This is by far the most fucking stupid of all, especially because it's pretty recent, it's the one around a stupid pop band that used to sing a song called "Aserejé". The song said this "_aserejé-ja-dejé, de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva majavi an de bugui an de güididípi_" which means LITERALLY NOTHING. It's just the song Rapper's Delight by The sugarhill Gang, but sang by phonetics (I said-a hip, hop, the hippie = _aserejé-ja-dejé_). So, why is it satanic? Because it says Aserejé, that sound remotely similar to "hereje", which means heretic in spanish... Yeap. These people vote.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ketchup_Song_(Aserej%C3%A9) People are so stupid.


The word “lucky”. Had a super self-righteous teacher in middle school who said “lucky” was an evil word because both it and “Lucifer” start with the same three letters… Completely ignoring that Lucifer was the name given to him by God when he was the most beautiful angel in Heaven, BEFORE he betrayed God.


A friend of mine who had INCREDIBLY conservative Christian parents wasn't allowed to say/write "lol". Apparently it's stands for "Lucifer our lord". She instead said "lml", for "laughing my loudest". Cuz apparently "Lucifer MY Lord" doesnt work.


I grew up in the 80s, so a LOT. Let’s see - aside from the usual heavy metal and D&D, He-Man, the Mr. Ed theme song and Rush’s 2112 album were some of the dumbest.


Just about anything and everything that they disliked. I cannot speak for all religious people, but the ones I grew up with could not separate their personal beliefs with what they would religiously damn and glorify, they perfectly demonstrated how each person has their own personal religion that falls loosely within the prescribed boundaries of that religions specific framework of dogma.


Deviled eggs. An old lady at our church didn't want deviled eggs brought to a church social. SMDH. 👹🥚


Oh I have so many!! From the same person (my husband) all the sudden everything is. fortune cookie from any place…my depression…anxiety…birthday parties… Christmas party…SANTA all the sudden he doesn’t want our toddlers to get gifts from Santa …. Idk I might be over reacting!! You tell me! AND SO MUCH MORE!! Oh tattoos but he’s literally covered….


Run away from all that, what the fuck. You are underreacting.


That sounds like a lot of bs to deal with. Are you ok? ;-;


You know, people can develop mental illness seemingly out of the blue at any point in life. They don't have to be born with it.


Anything Phosphorus toothpaste, dishwashing gel (my mom washes the dishes with dry mustard), microwave (invented by Hitler), 5G, yeast bread (also invented by Hitler to kill humanity), TV, bar codes.


How does one wash dishes with dry mustard?


Why are there not more people asking this?!!!


If anything, *that's* demonic. Okay, maybe not, but it is a war crime. I'm gonna start doing my laundry with ketchup.


Especially if the dirty dish in question has dried mustard on it.


That's obviously a clean dish.


Yeast....bread? The thing so old the Torah references it?


My mom thinks yeast kill human's body. It was invented by Hitler to kill all russian people if war was defeated.


So she isn’t aware of the fact that yeast leavened bread has existed for thousands of years? Or that yeast naturally exists in the air around us? Or how yeast works? It must be exhausting to be you.


At the risk of being THAT guy, I think you meant fluoride toothpaste. I agree. We have a town near us that still won't put fluoride in the water. Back in the 50s people thought it was a commie plot to induce mind control...


A plot to corrupt our precious bodily fluids.


Mandrake, have you never wondered why I drink only distilled water, or rainwater, and only pure-grain alcohol?


Some very religious catholic lady in my previous neighborhood screamed at kids for dressing in costumes as bugs, witches, power rangers and Pokémon characters. She basically saying we’re “praising the devil and demons.” Meanwhile I was handing out extra candies to make up for the woman screaming at the kids. We nick named her “The halloween nut.”




Women wearing pants. Bob Jones University. 2001


Pretty sure there are plenty of churches today that will give women shit for wearing pants during service


Some Pentecostal churches still teach that women are not to wear pants, or dresses that do not come below the ankle, or even makeup. Based on misquotes of scripture.


Catfish. I worked at a Christian bookstore, and one of our regular customers was one of those tent revival type preachers. He’d come in and lecture me about which demons lived in which animals. Evidentially the spirit in charge of lung cancer lives in catfish. 🤷‍♀️


It's because they have those weird "bad guy in a 50s cartoon" mustaches, isn't it?


Ok, I'm gonna say I believe that one.


Ads for Venom Let There Be carnage. I mean, he wasn’t ENTIRELY wrong, but the guy was being kind of dramatic about how “evil” and “demon inviting” it is. Bro chill, it’s a movie based on a goofy 90’s comic book villain


I was performing a magic show at a church and, afterwards, this woman came up to me and said her son wanted to be a magician but she was unhappy about it because magic is "demonic". That's ridiculous. You can do like 95% of magic tricks without the help of demons.


zeus and thor. they told me pagan gods are actually demons.


Heavy Metal music


Not just heavy metal, rock period. I knew this kid who said the *only* acceptable form of music was hymnals. Anything with a beat was subliminally a satanic ritual to summon demons. Meanwhile I was blasting Impending Doom, Demon Hunter, Underoath ect.


Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness


I could see a therapist for mine, finally. ...by therapist, it was meant "these random pastor dudes from different churches," one of whom ignored all of everything I had to say and just recommended I talk to Jesus. Wasted an hour to ride out to that place and I felt super let down about it. Extra points to the pastor of the church we went to once asking me why I found my temper again after losing it. It seemed so weirdly deep at the time, but left me unsatisfied. One of the ways we react to pain is anger, and as a deeply depressed kid, I had a lot of pain and a lot of anger. Not that the non-religious side of my family was any better, not understanding what any of these things actually are, complaining about the time I had to go see a therapist because I expressed my self-harm to a teacher (mandated reporter) in high school. Didn't start addressing my mental illnesses myself until 27. Amazing primary doc, amazing psych (although I haven't been back to see her for a bit because I can't afford it). It is never too late to start, but I do wonder sometimes if I could be in a much better place if better care was given when I was young.


I'll never forget when my religion teacher said having depression was a choice and a mortal sin. One of my classmates dropped his head on his desk and said loudly enough for everyone, "who would choose this?"


Posted on this before, but worth repeating: When my son was younger he and several of his friends got into playing role playing games (D&D, Blood Bowl, and a couple of others). I helped him build a gaming table and area in our basement and he and his friends would spend hours down there playing. One guy who went to our church pulled me aside one Sunday and informed me that I was endangering my son’s soul because I was allowing such Satanic behavior. I looked him and I said, “ Ken, I know where my son is, who he is with, and what he is doing. Can you say the same about your son?”. He gave me a funny look, walked off, and never mentioned it to me again. By the way my son grew to be a man any father would be proud of (a nuclear research engineer at a national laboratory) and have provided my wife and I with two wonderful grandchildren and a truly awesome daughter-in-law.


Fuck, ya! Excellent parenting and an even better response!


Barack Obama. I am fine with not agreeing with 100% of his policies and decisions, but good grief.


One time I went to a friend's Sunday service and we were taking communion. There were pieces of bread that were being passed around that you could break/rip a piece off. I thought it was a little weird but it was a small church (maybe 20 people). I ended up having a sore throat and felt sick a day or two after. Told my buddy and his family... What was his mother's response? "You will need to pray more. That means that the devil is working in you". Hmmm, maybe everyone shouldnt be touching the bread.


sans the skeleton.


Yes, because a game about silly monsters that discourages killing is totally evil.


Considering the Pope got a copy, I'm guessing these weren't catholics. If so, somebody needs to tell them the Pope has a copy of Undertale. I'd love to see how they'd react.


The pope has one, but has he ever played it? He does'nt seem like a gamer and might be too busy.


Imagine playing some FPS and you hear the Pope smack talk you after destroying you.


You beat the Pope and you hear him say “you’re going to hell for that”


Olaf from Frozen ( " cause he likes *warm* hugs so he must be from hell")


Oh, please, just admit you’re sick of Frozen like the rest of us, preacher man.




The other day I saw one of picket wielding crazies say “Jesus came to bring us salvation from the Jews”. I guess the Moron didn’t know Jesus was a Jew


Grade 5 teacher called "Fantasia" the micky mouse movie witchcraft and the work of the devil. That as well as Harry Potter... The Fantasia one cracked me up the most though.


My uncle denied my 6yo cousin to watch Pocoyo because he thinks that he is "impure". That was about 1 year ago, but I think that if he keeps doing this, she'll grow up to be a Christian rock fan or smth.


Harry Potter and Pokémon


Lol I still remember my parents forbidding me from reading Harry Potter books because "it's about witchcraft" and I, an 8 year old, had to be the one to tell them, "but witches aren't real...it's just a story."


The problem is that religious people can't comprehend the idea that magic isn't real


Chronicles of Narnia. CS Lewis was an extremely devout Christian and Aslan dying and coming back in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was meant to be a direct allegory for Christ’s death and resurrection. It’s not even a little bit subtle, but since it’s a fantasy story it’s automatically considered “demonic” by some evangelical crazies


Hello Kitty, vaccines and a Eurovision song


Yoga and meditation


Yes!! Because of its origin in Eastern culture. I knew a woman who did ‘Christian yoga’ so that she could practice yoga without offending her Christian sensibilities. “I love your Christ but not your Christians” has become my religious ethos.


My aunt was supposed to do yoga as part of her therapy. Trouble was, her delusions tend to be religious in nature, so some of the spiritual parts of yoga set her off.


Easter, they said it was celebrating the new bunny god. Also they didn’t allow Harry Potter. Edit: apparently my most liked comment is about religious people not celebrating Easter. They also didn’t celebrate Halloween, because it is a holiday for satin. Which was sad because I was friends with 2 of there 12 kids, no joke, and I loved Halloween.


Eostre is the goddess of spring and fertility.


When I was a teen and visiting with my grand parents (the whole family was there for Thanksgiving or something) home. The adults were sitting around chatting and I was asked to do something and to take my cousin (younger but similar in age) to help. When I stood I realized I had to pee, so I nudge my cousin to wait a second while I let nature take it's course. My grandma overheard my comment and took my hand saying with all seriousness and concern, "Mijo that's the devil trying to stop you from doing what you need to do, he delays you and wants to keep you lazy." Needles to say I was blown away by this, statement that the devil is working his fiendish powers to make me want to pee when I ought to be doing whatever task I had been assigned by me elders. I looked up and around for some help at my family in what to do in this situation, what to say. Nothing. So I put in my most pleasant smile and said, "Ok grandma, but I'll be just a second" She nearly demanded that the task be done without delay. Long story short, I still believing in an all mighty god in heaven began to think all this is a bit nonsense. I deduced that because I was in a sitting position that the "trigger" for having to pee was somehow suppressed and when I stood that "trigger" was announced and told my brain nature calls. From them on I began to pull apart these silly and needless sayings and ideas and eventually stopped believing. I will say this wasn't the key to the loss of my religion but it allowed me to see the absurdity to which my family and others can sometimes be lead to believe.


Pokemon is an obvious one. Nothing screams demonic like an electric, yellow mouse apparently


I'm convinced pikachu is based on the pika. Look it up; they're adorable.


Seems like the Jack T. Chick publications ( sequentical art - - comics ) were a gold mine in this regard. IIRC Dungeons & Dragons, and the Islamic faith were among the targets.


I remember those! The church we went to when I was a kid was full of them!


Making decisions because it interferes with what God has already decided for your life. You’re essentially playing God.


Anything that brings joy to only yourself. Like a hobby.


Meningitis. Parents contacted a priest and ghost hunting team for an exorcism to get rid of the “satanic curse” and not one of them thought of seeking medical help. Yes the baby died.




The peace sign. They said it was because it looks like a broken cross.




How can it be when I have the power of God AND anime on my side?


Bobby Boucher…little girls are the devil! 😂


ben franklin is the devil always makes me laugh for no good reason


Foosball is the devil too, mama says.


Mama said alligators is ornery cause they got all them teeth and no toothbrush


Being born in the early 90s, Harry Potter was HUGE. Some kids weren't allowed to take part in the craze / read a single book. Witchcraft lmao.


Back in the day, a Teen Burger combo worked out to a price of $6.66. Had a A&W employee flip out and re-enter my order because of it. Also - my old home phone number started with 666. I had people freak out over my phone number. Like, I specifically requested that number for personal reasons?


Eating shrimp. Lady told me it was ungodly, that shrimp are the cockroaches of the sea, and eating them was “as nasty as swallowing a man’s ejaculation.” I was pregnant with extreme and all day long morning sickness, shrimp was one of the few things my body would accept.


Metal music.


I've heard a **Catholic** person call Harry Potter a work of Satan because it **involved witchcraft**. In Catholicism, **believing in witchcraft is a sin**.


My mum asked her pastor for help when I started having issues with my energy levels, trouble sleeping and lethargy in my mid teens. He gave her this pamphlet about identifying and removing sources of “demonic energy”. My brother and I got home from school one day to find she went through our rooms and had gathered the following in our living room: All of my Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl books My box set of the extended version of Lord of the Rings All my brother‘s World of Warcraft stuff My Wicked (the stage musical) poster Sheet music for Camille Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre that I was learning for my school orchestra Any CDs she that had what she thought might be “demonic imagery” in the cover art including Korn, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Pink and My Chemical Romance My brother’s Naruto DVDs Our Pokemon cards (but for some reason not the Pokemon games) ​ We had a pretty major argument where she tried to convince us to throw out all of the above because it could be inviting demonic energy into our home and we got very upset with her for having gone through our stuff without asking. Luckily she ended up seeing reason (although she still goes to the same church to this day) and didn’t make us throw anything away. And it turns out my low energy was caused by my having mono.


Rock Music, Dungeons & Dragons, yoga, Pokemon, Harry Potter, dinosaurs, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, the wrong kind of evangelical Christianity, Hinduism, paganism, atheism, video games, MTV, makeup on men, makeup on women, homosexuality, transgender, vegan food, Climate science, science in general, ...


Found the fellow genX-er who grew up during the "Satanic Panic!"


My mother has bizarre, pseudo-Christian religious beliefs, but once insisted I was listening to blasphemous music because she heard the lyrics "have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?" The metaphor was obviously a little complicated, but for those who don't know, it's from One by U2.