What’s the best response for a man if a woman yells “RAPE” right beside them for no reason?

What’s the best response for a man if a woman yells “RAPE” right beside them for no reason?


The sad fact is, that the majority of times, people don't respond to someone shouting "Rape". The police even came to my school to talk to us about it, so my year were taught to scream "FIRE" instead, as people are more likely to respond. Just a little sad fact. Can't help with the response to the woman shouting


bruh one time there was a huge fire in my backyard and i was screaming trying to get help from my family and everyone took so long bc they thought i was saying spider


Yell "where?"


idk I think I'd just be stunned really but maybe whip out the cam on your phone and instantly start recording in case anything happens, as well as confront her about why she's lying like that.




Go ahead and do it? I mean, people are already going to think you're guilty of it, might as well get what you're about to pay for...


For the most part, the court of public opinion is not as powerful as an actual court. If you go ahead and rape the girl falsely accusing you of rape, then you just confirmed her allegations. So why go ahead and rape and confirm what wasn’t true before? Why not take your chances in court as you’ll have a better chance if you actually didn’t rape her? Also rape is horrible and you shouldn’t do it because it’s evil and fucked up.


'Twas a joke, *relax*.


yes she is screaming her dominance help I'm being raped


Scream it right back


Nothing you can do will make you look like not a criminal, unless the woman looks like a crackhead.


I would start yelling it too. People would be too confused and not want to victim blame anyone so it kind of cancels each other's out.


I’ve wondered about this for so long- like seriously poor guy right? My best suggestion is to get alarmed quick and look for the supposed ‘attacker’ with her. It sucks that our society is tilted this way and I know theres a high chance this wouldn’t work but yeah… it sucks… who knows what you could do if you happen to be sitting next to her alone :/




Saying and doing nothing - maybe take a few steps back to distance yourself from her. Makes it more likely she will look like the crazy person instead of you being a rapist.


Just keep walking tbh. Probably record from then on too