What annoys the fuck out of you?

What annoys the fuck out of you?


Recently, assholes who go to school board meetings and get in actual physical fights over wearing masks. Im just done with all of that shit, they made their choice and can just die - but keep the kids safe.


Stupid people.


Daughters Day. I feel it's happened twice this year. FB posts about it drive me crazy! I almost wish I had an option to block such posts. I am a guy that has no sister.


When adults try to act like kids and say stuff they think kids say nowadays


People that burp or fart whilst others are eating. I know it’s not that deep, but it fucking annoys me when I get a whiff of ass hair with a side of chicken.


Accidentally hitting the elbow or shin Wet sleeve during winter That one ray of light that hits my eye through the curtains That one opening in the blanket letting in cold air Wearing shoes and suddenly feeling something wet


Trumpanzees. I’m not big into joe Biden or anything, but goodness gracious the amount of undue credit that man gets from old white people is just unbelievable!! I was at a local Kroger and some of the shelves didn’t have exactly what some said old white people wanted and somehow it was due to the gas prices causing the barges not deliver canned good from across the ocean thanks to Biden. I asked if they really though that our food was delivered by ocean barge from other countries?


Love the new term Trumpanzees.


Ha ha, it is funny, but I heard it some years ago actually when it first started.


Literally the first time I ever heard it. Always loved Trumptards.


I preferr calling them trumpets, as they are acting like total instruments. I feel like trumpanzees is insulting to monkeys, who seem to have more forethought and morals


You are possibly correct. It may be insulting to all other primates in general. It goes even deeper for me in that I work for an organization that is supported by the Democratic Party and the people in charge worship the ground that trump walks on. I can’t get them to see the irony and of course they are boomers.


My in-laws are trumpets. I can't even comprehend it, apart from that they must be racist boomers


The only kind that are worse are the ones that state “now I ain’t racist, but...”. I’m white and make the cringe like I just ate a rotten lemon type face when I hear that. Like, you don’t start a statement like that.


Oh yeah that sounds familiar. " I get all of my information from a podcast, media is lying to us "


Nothing really...


People who don't like eggplants.


The emoji or the vegetable




The Dutch.


As a Dutch i can completely understand


There's only two things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.


they call themselves an idea


The term friendzone/d


I want you to take a guess




All of them


*gasps* even me!?😱🤣 /Jk


*Especially* you


*gasp* how very dare you🤣


so you annoy the fuck out of yourself? you must be stupid as all fuck! thus one of the people who annoy the hell out of me.


176k karma? This must be a 10th prestige super basement dwelling computer screen tanned redditor, the final boss redditor you have to defeat


I have no clue what karma here means or does. Why do you ? You seem far more vested in this idiotic site than i am!


You fool, you cannot insult the man who doesn’t value any words out of a redditor. You play ignorant to your pathetic amount of karma, yet how does it feel to be vastly inferior to a man with 5 total karma??


So you don't value yourself...again, you insult yourself, sweetie, i am just here as point counter and you are losing fucking big time. but them being stupid as fuck, that was expected.... ​ wanna try some more? I love slapping the shit out of stupid people!


Ah yes so you are a contestant and a judge of this legendary battle? Seems like with your biased contributions and 170k karma your tendency to seek validation from strangers is your weak point and will be your entire downfall. You were an easy defeat, but I respect your delusional arrogance giving you the false sense that you ever had a chance against a superior opponent like me.


You seem to keep focusing on Reddit shit like Karma, which i clearly stated i don't know or care about, but you sure seem to, thus proving yourself to be total liar and douchbag... ​ shit, this is fun! Say more stupid shit i can beat the shit out of you with!!!


Your arguments are feeble, see through, and poorly thought out. You repeatedly say you don’t know or care, yet your 170k karma says you know very much about reddit, and if you didn’t care your idiotic comments wouldn’t keep coming. You have been exposed as a fraud, and a big one at that. You were no match for me child, and you have been put in your place once and for all. Victory is mine!!


I have no arguments here. I am not arguing with you in any way, you stupid fuck. i am just using your own words to slap the ever living shit out of you intellectually as you keep proving how stupid you are here with your ow posts!


People that ask "are you having fun yet?" In an obvious boring, stupid, or repetitive situation. Mostely at work.


Karens, anti-vax activists, Activision (the company), EA.


Fucking costumes that kids have to wear for school, World Book Day, Children in Need, Halloween etc.....


People asking this question in r/AskReddit for karma when there's an entire r/PetPeeves sub to go read.




Bashing on current fads. Not talking about eating tide pods or the milk crate thing, but things people enjoy. Music, apps, video games, etc. So you don’t like it, good for fucking you. Just let people fucking enjoy shit.




When little seven year olds have there own iPhone especially if it is like an iPhone 12 or something


The roblox YouTuber parlo


When people complain about my brain being slow because I got a mental disorder. You gave me 0.5 seconds to answer a complicated question like "what's your favorite song?" Look, I don't have a favorite song, nor do I have a favorite genre, nor do I even know what the genres are of the songs I listen to.


The sound of people eating.