What natural disaster did you witness and was it traumatic?

What natural disaster did you witness and was it traumatic?


Last year Iowa got hit with a Derecho and I got caught in the middle of it. It was not traumatic for me but really fucking insane that I didn’t die thinking back on it. If you don’t know what a Derecho is, it is literally a land hurricane. Destroyed a good portion of Iowa last year. Billions of dollars in damage, and barely anybody ever talks about it. I had to be at work for 3pm a couple towns over, it was only a 30 minute drive, but I wanted to get some lunch so I left my house at about 1pm. I remember stepping outside and thinking I must’ve read my clock wrong, because at 1pm the sky was pitch black. I didn’t bother thinking too much about it and I drove to the are where I had to work. By the time I got there, the wind and rain was so crazy that people were hiding in the subways and McDonald’s around the area. Cops were outside telling people to find shelter immediately. I went to the subway across the street, ordered a sandwich and then proceeded to run to my car. I was doing security in the hospital across the street so I thought I could make it. Nope. The moment I got into my car a gust of wind came that literally lifted the front of my car a bit and slid it to the side. I instantly started shitting bricks. All the businesses in the area suddenly went pitch black, and I was sure I was going to die. Thankfully, a bunch of people trapped in their cars within the parking lot all formed a circle with their Vehicles so that none of us got zipped away. I was in my car for about an hour waiting for the storm to pass, literally believing I was dead the whole time. Once it calmed down I drove over to the hospital and made it in time for my shift. The aftermath of Derecho was ridiculous. My entire town lost power for 2 weeks. trees and other debris was being cleaned months after the storm hit. And so many people lost literally EVERYTHING. It sounds ultra dramatic but I really have no idea how I survived that one.


I went to a Detroit Lions game yes very


Both the Lions and the city of Detroit are manmade disasters, not natural disasters.


Vulcanic eruption. I was lucky we were at a safe distance and was a tourist so I could pack my bags and leave instead of losing my house.


Volcanic? The Vulcanic spelling would be Spock the Vulcan from Star Trek. =)


Haha, I guess you're right :) thanks.