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Eating shit


sometimes i wonder what the appeal of vomit fetishes are. maybe the intimacy of being close someone sick enough to hurl? or maybe theyre just attracted to how gross it can be...


I recently vomited for the first time in a decade due to norovirus. The fact people find those symptoms alluring is incomprehensible to me. I was not looking my best at the time I assure you.


Agree, I don’t even want to be around me when I throw up.


Genital mutilation. Like naw


Having a woman stomp on your balls or ball torture in general.


Reading this hurt my balls


Can't this like, defertilize you?




I can hear the truck reversing alerts of everyone backing up out of here.


I won't look at the links, but I *love* all the Why Did Click That people regretting their life choices in the comments.


There's probably someone with a degradation kink looking through these.


So what you’re saying is *their kink is to be kink shamed.*


the fetish of that one man on deviantart who kept commissioning people to draw wealthy women buying copious amounts of overpriced wonderbread


He actually did an interview and explained it


What was his explanation?


Wonderbread reminded him of the texture of his ex-girlfriend’s breasts.


This really isn't the full answer. The woman in his commissions who buys the bread is called Asami (yes LoK fans....) who is a rich white woman who only eats wonderbread with mayo because its the "whitest" food and forms part of her white supremacist identity. Asami also likes deforestation. It goes deeper than that, but apparently the main crux of the fetish has to due with media not commonly showing comically evil female characters like it does with male characters, so he has created his own characters with their own story that he jerks off to. Truly a billion iq societal observer.


IIRC the guy once asked for a commission so heinous, Shadman rejected it.


I don’t it was heinous, rather Shadman thought it was a troll because he didn’t think someone could actually get off from wonderbread.


Is Shadman known for drawing weird and wacky stuff? Edit: The replies filled me in. I’m not asking about artists again.


Just keep believing that. Don’t go any further. Ever.


I think about this man like once a week. His kink wasnt just women buying overpriced bread, it was white blonde haired women destroying the world through capitalism and deforestation. Absolutely nuts.


What the fuck


I can *almost* see it from like a sort of 'avant-garde capatalism blonde bimbo fantasy' point of view, but then apparently shadman, of all people, turned down a commission, and allegedly it had *nothing* to do with the wonderbread shit. Makes you kind of wonder what kind of nasty it has to be for that guy to say no.


It shadman turns down a commission, you should really rethink how you're living your life I think


So, this is gonna sound made up but it’s real: Bug catchers. No, not the net. No, not the people who go out and catch insects. I’m talking about people who literally want nothing more than to catch an illness. When I was going through chemo, I stumbled upon a site where people were literally trying to buy infected blood- as in, infected with cancer/disease!- to inject within themselves and get the illness. … let me just say that I really saw humanity differently.


I remember reading an article over a decade ago about HIV bug catchers. Edit:I meant to say bug chasers


r/ Smegmalovers. I just can't understand it


This is not real it can't be real Edit: IT'S REAL AND GOT LIKE 5K MEMBERS AW HELLL


Check it out at your own risk


I didn’t know what it was so I checked it out and yuuuuuck! That’s just nasty! I’d legit vomit if I saw that irl


Yo why wouldn't you put in a description of that so I didn't have to go look at it It a subreddit for people who have a very dirty or smelly penis


Thank you for sparing me.


I actually want to *die* why did I look this up WHY. WHY. WHY. NO.


No way!!!! I was just asking my friends casually the other day “do y’all think anyones into dick cheese?” And they were kind of curious but we didn’t want to go and start searching. There’s my answer I guess


The fetish of shaving, then eating, the hair off of a pussy or peen pube area. I was so turned off.


What the fuck


If I ever have an unwanted erection. I'll just read this comment.




In my Master's program for Counseling Psychology, one of our professors was doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a patient who had a kink involving fire ants. Brochacho had to insert his dip stick into a mound of angry ants to achieve lift off. Needless to say he was seeking modification for that behavior because hospitals are expensive. *Edited to write out CBT since it was an oversight on my part that yall would read it as Cock and ball torture*


Man i know that CBT means some kind of therapy but seing it on a post about kinks always seems funny.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy... Also Cock and Ball Torture... I understand neither.


I only realised they meant cognitive behavioural therapy once I read your comment. The other meaning makes almost as much sense in this context.


And here my nerdy ass was thinking "closed beta testing"


Well they found the bugs pretty quickly


Ironic given CBT also means cock and ball torture


I only now realize my error in abbreviating on this particular thread.


The worst ones are guys putting worms in their urethra, and women putting maggots inside themselves. Fucking revolting man I am so sorry you had to read this...


I could've lived my entire life without knowing about this fetish and I would've been better off for it EDIT: r/eyebleach since this thread is so cursed


Okay, that’s enough internet for me today….


I came here expecting some weird kink I'm into to be listed. But now I think I'm more normal than I thought I was. Thanks Reddit


Or that kink is so weird that most people aren't aware of it 🤔


"Girl on top" Oh my!


A true freak


Dick and ball crushing. Like bro you know you gotta use it again later, right? Also, cannibalism. There's a dude who ate another dude's penis and then killed and ate the rest of him *because the guy asked him to*. Like, how do you have a being murdered fetish? That shit should've weened itself out of the gene pool around the same time multicellular life evolved


arousal over the idea/action of being killed is called [autassassinophilia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autassassinophilia)


im sorry what? i feel like that can't be real cause who could get off to anything if ur dead


A girl I knew for a short amount of time back in about 2017 ish once told me a story…lol…she told me she was really bad into drugs at a certain point and she was broke because of it. She ended up putting an ad out on Craigslist,or something like that, advertising herself as “a lady of the night” if you know what I mean …lol. Well some guy in NYC hires her and long story short he paid her $1,000 to take laxatives,squat over him and shit diarrhea on his chest, squirt ketchup all over it, then proceed to wear oven mits and rub it all over him while saying “you like mommy’s meatloaf…don’t you?” Over and over again. She did it for a few minutes and then he said “ok the money is on the table you can leave” so she cleaned up and walked out and left with the money. She said he was laying in the same spot and position in the bed the entire time she got herself together and as she walked out the door he was still laying there…covered in her shit and ketchup… ……yeah I don’t get it ….


I’d like to think of it as a really dedicated troll


There's such a thing as being TOO dedicated of a troll. After a certain point you end up just trolling yourself


That dude was probably a CEO or big shot wall street guy. It's no secret men in powerful positions like to be degraded and humiliated in private.


Wow, there really is something for everyone isn’t there


Like my mother always said … you never know what kind of freaks you’ve got living next door… lol




not gonna. nope. no google. no typing. never. didn't even wanna know. wipe mind. forget now!


where's the erase button for my brain


Blowflygirl PTSD Disclaimer: not for those with a weak disposition for absolute and total depravity. Story or truth, it WILL fuck with your mind unless you are absolutely solid with the very worst of the human condition.




Thank you stranger. I have curious moron disease and I was gonna Google it until I saw this


This is the best description I’ve ever heard as to why I always look this shit up. Curious moron disease. Amazing.


I mean you've summarised it very well but you're missing the part where it psychologically tortures you that someone could be *that* depraved.


Curiosity normally gets the best of me and I'll Google anything. But this time? Hard no.


You’re really missing out on some interesting character development


+5 regret -2 intelligence +1 wisdom


Human minds can ponder much - Always seeking facts and such - Seeking truths they're loath to miss. Do not. *Do not google this.*


If there's a sprog life pro tip, this is it


I bleached my eyes when i saw a women inserting a live snake and even a octopus in her pussy or ass hole


Poor snakes and octopuses.


nope nope nope nope nope nope nope i'm done im FUCKING D O N E


Speaking as a dwarf, people into me. Or rather I don’t understand how people can *only* either find me completely unattractive (fair), or really turn them on on a purely physical, fetish level, but I can’t find anyone who can just be into me in a ‘conventional’ way. Edit: My inbox is now filled with guys sharing their one night stand stories with women with dwarfism. This doesn’t really help me at all, but thanks I guess?


I’ve seen some conventionally attractive dwarves. Edit: WOW! I never would have thought my most upvoted post would be a 6 word sentence affirming that all body types can be attractive in a kink thread!


I wouldn’t be surprised if people are able to see me as conventionally attractive, but to openly/explicitly express it in public is a whole other story. There’s definitely still a stigma about it.


Huh. Peter Dinklage and Warwick Davis always did it for me and I never shied away from declarations of that fact. I had the hugest crush on “Willow” when I was young and Dinklage as Tyrion? Duh.


I also have a huge crush on Peter Dinklage. I was coincidentally just telling my dad that the other day when we were talking about GOT. He's just hot, plain and simple. But obviously as a celebrity he's probably had a lot of help to look hot.


He has a very attractive voice.


Nah. Straight male here. Bumped into him a few years back on the street. He’s a naturally handsome man. EDIT: Figuratively, not literally.


Amputee fetish. Called Acrotomophilia.


I'm an amputee. So you're telling me people will pay me for nub pictures?!? Edit: lotta people telling me I could get lots of money, yet no one is trying to get nub pictures.




Yes they will.


I'll keep this in mind if I lose a limb.


My old roommate had his hand amputated below the wrist. Couldnt tell you how many times hed go home with a chick from the bar and theyd ask him to “wrist” them. Poor guy would have to buy two different sized condoms. Regular size for his junk and magnums for his wrist.


*drops magnum condom* Person: "I that for your magnum dong?" This guy: "No, it's for my fucking arm."


Fucking arm or fucking arm?


Yes. Now go make bank you champ!


I listen to a lot of podcasts and among the most fucked up ones I’ve ever heard were dudes pretending to be doctors in Mexico that would try to con women, mostly, into getting their legs cut off. And they got away with it! I think, and my memory is a little fuzzy on this, they were on Behind the Bastards. Maybe Sawbones did a few on them too. Edit: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-john-ronald-brown-the-55594943/ I think it was this one


*American Horror Story: Freak Show* had a female character who ended up the victim of one of the "amputation porn" videos you mentioned, but she was German, as opposed to Mexican. Her flashbacks show her being kidnapped, and filmed having her legs cut off while drugged.


Feeding someone until they can't move. Other people have mentioned the other ones like poop, inflation, etc.


I hate inflation. My salary increases barely any (if at all) while the price of everything increases significantly more. I can hardly afford to survive as it is!


Continuous decrease in the value of local currency gets me so hot.




One time this girl said "scoobi-doo-wap" and I literally jizzed my pants.


*jazzed in your pants


Shit. Anything with shit. The minute defecation or shit enters the game I immediately leave the lobby.




I wonder how many people had their day ruined by googling "sounding" after reading this comment.




Shoving things up the penis through the penis hole. It is also done in the medical industry with little tubes that have cameras on (I think) to check for any problems in the penis.


Urology nurse here - it’s a scope called a Cystoscope. It has a camera on it so we can check for any abnormalities with the urethra and bladder. If the opening or somewhere along the urethra is too narrow, we use sounds aka dilators to see if we can open the pathway.


That is not fun, I had a major surgery 2 years ago and had to get a catheter trust me, it is not fun


just the idea makes me feel psychological pain.


A doctor shoved a swab down my dick hole to test for an infection once. I immediately passed out from pain and had to be woken up with smelling salts. Why anyone would do that for pleasure is beyond me.


Poop goes in the toilet


I was in a thread once that devolved into people posting subs and you had to guess whether they were made up or not. Once was about poop eating, and it turned out to be real. The first 10 posts or so were what you’d expect, videos of people eating poop. Post number 11 was a text post, and my curiosity got the better of me… Dude basically posted “I’m considering buying a bag of poop from Ashley69 on poopeaters.com, does anyone have any experience with? What followed, was a dozen detailed and passionate reviews like “Ashley is the best!! She includes a menu of what she ate to make the poop, a video of her taking the poop, and a certificate from her doctor declaring her parasite free! Delicious, would definitely buy again”. Take whatever your most passionate about, that has the most nerdy/obsessed sub, and just know that that also exists, or eating shit.


>“Ashley is the best!! She includes a menu of what she ate to make the poop, a video of her taking the poop, and a certificate from her doctor declaring her parasite free! Delicious, would definitely buy again”. Who is making these reviews? Dung beetles?


I'm going to be sick ​ Edit: the comments... gross sods you are lol


You could probably bag that and sell it.


I'm considering buying a bag of puke from BombeBon, any reviews? Not a fan of sweetcorn or carrots. I don't like surprises.


Great flavour. A bit on the bitter side but the texture was nice and thick, not thin and watery like the others.


That's good. Nobody likes a watery stew


Why am I still reading this thread


What a bad day to have eyes


I don't think hearing my computer read this out to me would be any better


Poop eating enthusiasts exist and now I know that, and I'm not really sure how to feel about it.


I'm pretty confident about how I feel about it.


I was going to say I never understood the whole foot thing, but when the first comment is about poop, I'm all of a sudden fine with feet. Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!


Hot girl tells me to suck her toes, I'm not into that but as long as they are clean sure why not. Hot girl tells me she wants to shit on me, or me shit on her, nah I'm out.


Reading this was a mistake


Anything to do with poop, piss, or puke




Making people puke while sucking dick is a pretty huge category on every porn site.


There's a kink for everything


I was talking to a guy online our conversations went from political to him trying to tell me about his kinks.....day 1 he mentioned he jerks his dog off. Instant block, I didn't even respond....I hoped he was joking, but then I heard about the documentary Zoo, where a guy got his asshole blown out by letting a horse screw him. WTF.


That might have been Mr. Hands. His friend filmed it.


IIRC Mr. Hands got his colon ruptured when he gave the stallion its head. But due to his high profile job, he didn't want to go to the hospital when he realized something was wrong. He died due to sepsis from the stallion literally rearranging his guts.




Babobeh-bopbopahdop-babababa Babedi-babobeh-babopbedop-bababapi Babedi-babobeh-popbopbedop-babobeh Bopbopbedop-babobeh-popbopbedop-bababababehdi




I'M A SCAT MAN! Edit: thanks for the award, keep vibing!


> As a matter of fact, don’t let nothin’ hold you back - if the Scatman can do it, so can you.




"financial domination" Like, you get off giving all your money to someone? Or are you being robbed?


I don't get horny by this but if someone just gives me cash for no reason. I wouldn't have a problem.


The cars fucking dragons thing. Oh yes ...it's a thing.


I refuse to believe that's anything but a running joke


Most fetishes can be divided into one of a handful of categories, either some form of fixation on a physical part of a persons body (such as feet, body hair, stomachs etc), some element of power play (BDSM, military uniforms, etc), some attachment to an external stimulus (the feel of latex, the sound of balloons popping, fur etc), or bodily fluids and functions. Dragons fucking cars is weird because it's a subset of furies known as scallies (specifically being into lizards rather than mammalian anthropomorphic animals), but then you throw in the "fucking cars" part, and it adds an extra layer of oddness.


r/carsfuckingdragons Or is it r/dragonsfuckingcars Edit: Officially my most upvoted comment of all time (I think). I never thought it would be for sharing two childish, degenerate furry art subs, but hey… Thanks!


I went into those subs looking for something funny but instead I only found horrible things and now I'm sad.


It's not even that bad, It just seems like some running joke that got out of control and other random people got in on it


Inflation What’s enjoyable or sexy about someone being inflated like a balloon


Ah yes watching avocados increase from $1.99 to $2.19 in the span of a few months really gets me going.


$2.19 for an avocado!?? Even $1.99 is insane


Holy guacamole!


A guy I used to work with used a bicycle tire pump. His inspiration came from Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she turned into a blueberry. All I can think of is bursting your innards with too much air..




I avoided asking questions, but yeah he actually did it. He sent me a picture of what his stomach looked like when he was inflated once.


Had this fetish as a kid, like every freak it came from stuff I watched back then (Totally Spies, Willy Wonka, etc) AMA? lol


Totally Spies is a fetishist's wet dream. [They actually made a list of the fetishes present in totally spies.](https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoBestFriendsPlay/comments/7xnwul/to_properly_explain_that_totally_spies_being_a_pg/)


Financial domination


See, I thought I'd be into this (ya girl is broke af), but my creepy boss started offering to buy me lunch... And then shoes... And then he wanted to know if he gave me his entire mortgage payment, would I step on his balls.... Anyway, I got a new job, ghosted him, and now he's a born again Christian.


That man need more than Jésus


Miniaturization. Being smaller than your counterpart and being stepped in, flushed down the toilet, put in a pocket. I've got a very active kink life, and I don't get this one at all.


Power exchange is one of the main reasons. You're small and helpless and can't stop the things that are happening to you from happening.


Most of what people consider wild fetishes are just extreme expressions of power exchange


I found two people who were into....snot. Full mucus. ​ ...uuuugggggggh. ​ (Edit: And one of the two is so defensive about it, if you dont submit to his opinion of it and say anything else, he literally throws a smashing tantrum, because apparently people without that fetish dont exist to him) (Edit 2: Please fucking stop replying to this comment with snot-related replies. You're all making me sick!)


That's like a phobia to me. If I see children with snot out of their noses I gag. Once my friend took a large booger from his son's nose and just sort of threw it away and I vomited a bit and had to swallow.


Well, looks like I need to just throw this out there…. https://www.humansexmap.com/ I can’t tell if it’s NSFW or not… it is literally just a cartography map, but it maps the spectrum of human sexuality and kink. Your Google search history will never be the same.


I'm dying to know what "figging," and "monkey rocker" is but I know better than to Google it. Some mysteries aren't meant to be solved I guess


I’m tired of people not shutting up about how kinky and crazy they are, shaming other people for being “too vanilla” even when nobody’s talking about the topic. Then you finally see what their deal is all about and it’s just that they like wearing leather. Really!? That’s it?


"You're so vanilla, not like me" "Alright what's your kink" "I called my BF daddy once"


I’m still reeling over the time a friend went on and on about how kinky and weird he was, and he was too ashamed to tell us about what he was into. We pressed him for it and turns out he has… A breeding kink? As in, having sex for the sake of procreation? Quite possibly the most vanilla way to ever have sex? Goddamn.


Congratulations, your friend is religiously vanilla


That’s because all the people who are into really weird shit know better than to mention it.


roasting: being treated as food, then getting seasoned and having olive oil pored onto you etc


Smelling farts. A lot of people ask this from me.


Yep there was a guy in high school who used to message every single guy on Facebook who went to our high school and literally begged them to smell their farts my one good friend he was harassed by this guy he made multiple Facebook accounts he begged him he said he would give him a PS4 he said he would give him hundreds and hundreds of dollars like it was fucking hilarious like he was actually begging to smell farts Edit: for everyone who is mad at my lack of punctuation, I was using voice to text which doesn’t allow me to add any.. sorry if that bothered you.


Tell him to hook me up with a ps5 and he can smell all the farts he likes


Just tell the dude to work at a car dealership these dudes are nasty and rip ass all over the place. There’s more farts in the air than oxygen.


Vore, just...why.


What is vore?


Attraction to the thought of being swallowed, consumed or bitten.


Incest porn. Gagging. Anything with poop or pee.


The whole dressing up and acting like an infant thing. I literally can not comprehend.


I knew someone who did "adult daycare" as part of her escort work. She made way more money doing that than the vanilla stuff.


WHAT. You’re telling me that rather than take care of kids all day I can make more money putting binkies in adult mouths??


I have an occupation which has required me to view the worst of the internet (legal and otherwise), I literally don’t know where to start with this list…


How long does the average worker last in this occupation?


Couldn’t give you a figure, it would be interesting to know. Some can make a whole career of it, others change paths after a few months. Some organisations have better mechanisms to rotate people through different things, so that they’re not exposed to it all the time.


Reddit mod?


Kids, dead people, torture, or anything of that kind


Anything with poo, piss, puke. And the animal thing, eh couldn’t care less but please for fuck sake I do not wanna see people take their partners out for a walk.


I will never understand why there's so much porn about step-sisters and step-moms, I don't find it attractive, just weirdly specific.


It's a really cheap and easy way to make "taboo" porn. If yo uthink about it, it's just regular porn but instead of "roommates" they're "step siblings".




I read on a different sub that it's just a quick way to establish a relationship between the two/more people. You don't have to invent a plot and waste screen time, you say they're related, it's forbidden fruit, risqué and "more fun" to watch.


I think thats a big part of it. Not too long ago it was always "little sissies bestie" or "my brothers well hung friend" and a scenario the two would find themselves alone. "I need you to fix my xbox" became "im stuck, please dont use me like a sex toy".


I find this weird too.. I think it's popular because it's taboo, wrong, but not to the point of actual incest wrong. Also due to the 'step' thing resulting in close proximity, it's slightly plausible; I know of something like this happening irl believe it or not.


I think I'd likely draw the line at scat and blood. Piss, cum, BDSM, feet, etc. That's all fine with me. I'm not really into feet or piss, but I'd dally into others no problem.


This is probably the most spot on with me. I think there’s too much that I’m okay with and understand but those two just seem so uncomfortable to me I can’t support that, at least right now.