We’re always talking abut red flags, but what is a yellow flag from people that we should know about?

We’re always talking abut red flags, but what is a yellow flag from people that we should know about?


Interrupting you. That can happen once a conversation out of excitement.


Putting chocolate in milk, it shows they are not satisfied with things the way they are.


Anything that is concerning, but might have an explanation or a temporary cause. I'm reminded of a couple I know who met through an online dating site, and agreed to get together to meet; the woman was going to a theme park with family for a few days, and said she'd contact the man when she got back. Months went by. This is normally "I'm being let down easy" or "Guess she didn't want to meet." But she did reach out; apparently, she'd had a health emergency that happened there, and she wondered if he still wanted to meet, but no worries if not. He did...and they still hit it off. And she got better. One thing I think is worth stressing, especially here: If someone doesn't respond, it may be better to blame the technology rather than the person, until you know more. I've seen people complaining of being ghosted out of the blue, when it turned out there was a power or network outage. We get so used to constant contact, we forget that people sleep, go to the toilet, bathe, have work, and so on. Just because someone doesn't respond immediately to you doesn't mean they are being mean to you. They might be. Yellow flag. But you have to wait to learn more. There was a post in r/niceguys I saw where a woman's coworker though the woman's cousin was cute. Woman told her cousin this woman at work was interested, and was he? He was, so the woman told him she'd tell the coworker, with the cousin's contact information. But the cousin couldn't wait. Nice guy. He looked up his cousin's Facebook friends, figure out who worked where she worked, and guessed at the woman based on profile pictures. Then he started texting her through Facebook messenger, getting increasingly irate as she didn't respond. (They aren't allowed to be on their phones or Facebook at work.) It ended with him calling her a stuck-up bitch, or words to that effect, and she hadn't even had a chance to read his messages, let alone respond to any of them. Obviously, the cousin is a red flag. But someone not responding to you right away might just be a yellow flag.


The person is passive in the relationship and in your activities, in the sense that the phrase "you choose" or "everything is fine with me" is repeated daily. Often it is a sign of disinterest or lack of involvement,


velour hand cuffs, and the chocolate in milk thing u/PabstyLoudmouth mentioned...


A yellow flag is when someone has only 1 red flag. Lol




Brazil’s flag


telling me to stop doing something I genuinely feel is not a problem. (like really small things)