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Underaged people. Teen tiktoks, children's beauty sites, teen artists.


Ice cream adverts, particularly Magnum🍦


A lot of adverts... ice cream, shower gels, clothes...


Oops; I dropped my monster popsicle stick from my MAGNUM BAR!


Massages. I have a couple of female massage therapists friends and they are really fed up with the whole happy ending thing.


My happy ending would be leaving with a back that doesn’t hurt.


My happy ending would be that, coupled with an extra hour to take a nap alone in the room. I am always so relaxed after that I have a feeling I would sleep very hard. Also, I am so relaxed that the thought of sex is the furthest thing from my mind.


I’ve been to at least one place that wrote into the waiver “if you mention or allude to any sexual contact your appointment will be immediately terminated and you will not be allowed to return”


Yeah they will drop and blacklist any client who even mentions one


I used to work the front desk at a spa. On at least 2 occasions I answered the phone to schedule an appointment and the guy on the phone tried asking if any of the therapists do “other things” for extra money. I would immediately hang up and put them on our “do not book” list.


The massage lady I go to like pulls my panties down and spreads my cheeks before giving me a hell of a glute massage. I dunno if it's sexual for her. But it's a damn good massage and I'm not complaining.




Girls' clothing. I have a newborn daughter and I can't find any clothing for girls that are simply different colors to boys' clothes. Just about every pair of shorts, pants, and shirts are designed to be shorter or tighter than my son's equivalent age items. Why tf does an infant need short-shorts or leggings? Just let her have some knee-length pink shorts, ffs


I only buy dark colored boys pants for my daughter. The fit is way better and they are actually thicker and better quality than any of the 'girl' pants. The grandparents always buy light colored girl pants and they end up with holes and horrible stains almost instantly. Ultra Skinny jeans for kids in diapers have been the weirdest/ funniest girl pants we've gotten though.


I couldn't imagine trying to peel a baby out of ultra skinny jeans after a poop tsunami.


> Just about every pair of shorts, pants, and shirts are designed to be shorter or tighter than my son's equivalent age items. What was really amazing to me was that my son's pants came with pockets (at 6-9 months) and my daughter's pants come with pseudo-pockets. The pocket bullshit starts that early. Also, what 9 month old has a use for pockets? If there was ever a case for pseudo-pockets, surely it's in infants of both genders?


My 1 yr old has flare jeans with functional pockets. We sneak little surprises in there all the time. Surprise a rock! Surprise a flower! Surprise a bunny cracker! Now when she finds stuff she goes “Whoooooaaaa”




My 4yo is finally understanding that pockets are for snacks, and it's hilarious. Anytime we go anywhere, he wants snacks to put in his pockets.


Primary.com is colorful, not designated by gender clothing! All the colors, same cuts for all children and great quality. Pricey though, but they have pretty regular sales.


Phone game ads for kids


The worst are those ads go as far as even using stolen 3D animation clips from actual NSFW artists... It's crazy, Youtube and twitch creators can't swear without the risk of being banned, but these ads (who are usually just a ploy to spread malware) pass right through the checks and balances?


Youtube only cares when it hurts the bottom line, same with other large companies.


This is the craziest thing to me. I always see adverts before YouTube videos and it’s something like a girl in a bathroom and her bf is clearly in the shower with another woman and the options be like: A) Storm out B) SUCK HIS COCK


The YouTuber Saberspark posted a really good [video](https://youtu.be/KsKlfN9phAs) about this just a couple days ago. Wild how out of control YouTube ads have gotten.


And this is YOUTUBE. They’re owned by Google - they don’t need to be doing this. They could stop this and also take us all out for lunch and they’d be just fine


What the hell are you watching on YouTube? Because I get advertisements for Diablo 2 and cleaning products. Edit: thanks for the insane amount of upvotes. Had no idea this would be so popular.


The man in the shower says "stay a while and listen". He also will identify your item if you know what I mean.


*wipes brow* all this talk is really getting my…deckard.


While they're is some variation based on what you watch. I can attest watching stuff in general for a young person will cause for overly sexualized ads.


Here in Denmark. A famous comedian shared a wholesome photo of himself and his baby daugther in a bathtub with bubbles and rubber duckies. And people had the nerve to call him a pedo. So for me it would be for fathers to bathe their damn children... i mean come on people... Edit: Thanks for the awards guys! Never gotten those before


There was a similar photo a few years ago where the kid had a fever so the dad was sitting in a shower or bath with him. People were also calling him a pedo. Ive even had people give me weird looks when I take the kids to the park by myself. Shit sucks


I’m 20 and my dad is 40, people have on occasion accused him of grooming me or they give him nasty looks. Been happening since I was probably 14 and never stopped.


I hate this!!!! Makes me so uncomfortable as the daughter.


It makes me so mad! People look at us like we’re weird, and I want to just scream, “YOU’RE the weirdo!!!”


Do it, maybe don’t scream, just say, “yo you’re like really fuckin weird dawg”


Seriously, call them out. "We're not weird, we're a normal family unit. You're the weird one for sexualizing a father-daughter family relationship. Stop being a pervert."


This is so ridiculous. People complain about fathers not being involved enough with their kids and when they are involved, they act like there is something wrong with them.


Yep. I’m a female and I was raised by a single dad. Not only did a school I went to pull me aside to ask if I’m “okay at home with him” they also asked me if he bathed me.. how he bathed me and if he had ever touched my privates. Reason for asking? NONE. They simply couldn’t accept that I had a loving father who was perfectly capable of raising a daughter. I never understood what was going on until I got a little older and it disgusts me.. I always felt like he was targeted. God forbid a man hug and kiss his daughter in public. I think this is what triggered the questioning..


Good Lord, as a single custodial Father of a school aged boy and girl I hope this isn’t a common assumption.


How else is a dad going to make his son's hair look good? Grooming is an extremely important skill. I remember my dad teaching me how to shave and edge a proper beard.


That does sound cool but I’m a girl and my dad is almost bald


Nothing stops a dad knowing how to part, updo and braid his little girl's locks. It can be a point of pride to be able to do a do better than her mother can.


I can braid my daughters hair better than my wife. When my daughter asked for her hair to be braided she only asks me. Gives her wavy hair in the morning. It’s funny because my wife taught me now I’m better than her…. I can French braid she can’t.


it was Torben Chris. The photo is innocent, its literally just a father bathing his infant daughter and playing with her. You have to be absolutely mentally ill to sexualize a situration like this. If you look at this and think its wrong, then you are making the world a worse place. ​ [Here is the picture](https://cdn-free-legacy.tv2i.dk/2015/12/17/torben%20chris.JPG.jpeg?rect=0%2C0%2C748%2C420&w=624&h=351&fit=crop&auto=format)


savner hans “giver det mening?”






> the kid is way behind educationally and socially. In a family of instagram models. I am shocked.




Had to re-read it a few times because I read "Yoda". Never been that confused in the morning.


Aroused strangely, you are.


Confused, you were, sensed it I did.




I first read this as "dick ass" and i was confused how sexual body parts could be overly sexualized. It took me 20 seconds to realize you just meant the eggplant and peach emojis. I don't associate those emojis with their actual meaning anymore lol


They really need to introduce actual dick, ass and pussy emoji to solve this. Shall I write to the Unicode consortium?


Heck yeah, but in the meantime: #𓂸𓂸𓂸


This one is better: #𓂺


You might benefit from some kegels with that stream!


Who are you, so wise in the ways of science?


Honestly, as an old guy, I think it's pretty neat that the younger generation invented that code.


Eating a banana or [popsicle](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjAfSpQPmuM).


I work at a juvenile detention/treatment facility. One day a kid that was being released in the up coming week said. “You know what I’m most excited about when I get out?” The group of us said what’s that? He was like “I can finally eat a banana the normal way without someone making a sick joke”.


what the fuck is wrong with people?, ITS A FRUIT LET PEOPLE EAT IT


My cousins friend doesn't eat bananas bc his dad told him he looked like he was sucking a dick when he was 4 years old. Smh.


That's awful. What a shitty parent.


I once had a banana with my lunch at work, and got all sorts of complaints about my sexuality from other members of staff. Anyway to cut a long story short, it turns out they're supposed to be consumed orally.


I think you’re ready for plantains now.


Anytime I eat a banana, I instinctively break it into pieces. I hated the remarks I’d get at school 15 years ago and completely changed how I ate them. Edit. Well this blew up. I should mention while it’s become habitual because of me actively changing how I ate as a kid, I don’t think about it anymore.


I made the mistake of eating a banana in my car while dressed as a cat for Halloween. Many gross dudes yelling at me. I was just a teenager and didn’t think about it.


Username checks out. But seriously, that's terrible. That's why I only bite popsicles now, no sucking.


Vegetables (cucumbers eggplants etc)


the sexualization of Larry the Cucumber needs to be put to a stop


Oh god they used to play that show all the time in elementary school


Teens in movies . Looking at you netflix.


They only get away with it by casting supermodels in their mid to late twenties as these “teenagers” Edit: Yes I get it, they somehow got away with making Cuties. Yes I agree, that’s absolutely repulsive.


I always thought that was pretty funny with the original American Pie. I was about to use Chris Klein as an example of someone who was obviously about a decade out of high school when that movie was shot, but I looked it up and he was 19 a the time. Eddie Kaye Thomas (who plays Paul Finch) was 17. Guess I just forgot what my friends looked like in high school.


Alyson Hannigan was 24 and Shannon Elizabeth turned 25 during filming, Tara Reid was 23. The only teenagers in the principal female cast were Mena Suvari (19) and Natasha Lyonne (19). By comparison, the principal male cast members were all 17-19 years old, with the exception of Seann William Scott who was the old man in the group at 22. As you pointed out, Eddie Kaye Thomas was 17, as was Chris Owen (played Sherman), and Thomas Ian Nicholas turned 18 a few days before filming started. There was definitely a bias toward older, more sexually developed female cast members. And I agree, Chris Klein looked like he was about 30 in that movie and every movie. He's clearly an immortal who does not age and is probably older than everyone alive except Keanu Reeves.


Funny you mention that as Chris Klein is the Great Value Keanu Reeves.


Children is a huge one and it’s disgusting.




The worrying thing is that the only reason they are littering the shops is because they are bought by adults for their kid...


Usually grandparents, "oh so cute! Look it says only dating daddy!" Dad: Wtf?


*visible shudder*


I once saw a baby girls shirt that said “future hooters girl”


The only appropriate place for that shirt is on a chihuahua


What the FUCK


Young girls. From parents entering their daughters in beauty pageants (which are a pedophile’s wet dream) to men cat-calling 12 and 13 year old girls, it’s frightening and disgusting.


The cat calling is horrible. I have a friend I went to school with and she's had people commenting on her appearance and staring at her chest every since she hit puberty. They whistle at her, and stuff like that... when she was 11. ​ Edit: Are you kidding me? This is what almost doubled my Karma? I'm thankful, but also kinda upset, because it took me 3 years to get to the point I was previously at, just posting my art and stuff, and now I make one comment about my friend being cat called and you just double it within one day...




“Women of reddit, have you had sex? How was it? What was it like? Did it take long?”


My favourite was the one that went "Women of reddit, what does an obese neckbeard have to do to make you fall in love immediately". I bet that thread was a godsend for 99% of reddit. Edit: I found it, it's not exactly what i wrote but it's the way i remembered it: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/eskc2n/ladies_of_reddit_what_is_the_most_sexiest_thing/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


He needs to tell me what a nice guy he is over and over until I get it, obvi.




And can I have some? Will I ever have some? Will it stop the crippling loneliness?


I dare say r/TIFU is in much, much worse shape.


Literally just an erotic fiction sub at this point.


It's TIF, Today I Fucked


TIFU by literally having steamy passionate sex with my drop dead gorgeous girlfriend


TIFU by giving my real girlfriend the best sex that she has ever had, such great sex that her mom heard and called all her friends and now I’m known around town as the guy who just deep dicks chicks 24/7 and then I farted or whatever.


Tifu by finding a hot single mom in my area


"obligatory this happened 26 years ago"


_TIFU by accidentally blowing my boyfriend's friend. I then went on Reddit and told everyone about it while also letting everyone know my boyf has a small d**k. But it was an accident guyssss..._ - an actual TIFU I read yesterday Edit: link to the post in question has been provided in the comments below :) Edit 2: ok all, [here's the sauce](https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/prqzhw/tifu_by_trying_to_surprise_my_sleeping_boyfriend/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Giving accidental head is the absolute worst.


Mate, this one time, I was on the phone to my ISP, as I’d had some connectivity issues for a few days. I was going through the usual Level 1 troubleshooting nonsense that one is subjected to when you call a help desk. They were just getting to the point of doing a line test (this was in the days of ADSL), and the next thing I know, I’ve just given my best mate a blowie, and he’s angry that he can’t get on Facebook. I mean, I was shocked!


28 awards and 8k upvotes for the most bullshit story you’ll ever read. People will believe anything or the entire sub is 12.


TIFU 5+ years ago: It's my 3rd day and I accidentally hit the stop switch on the mixing vat, costing the company tens of thousands of dollars. TIFU now: Today, I sexed my sexy sex and oops I sexed a sexy sex that was not supposed to be sexy sexed


Tifu by inserting my penis into my wife's vagina and doing the secks Reddit today I fucked up by putting my penis in my wife's vagina and moving it back and forth. It made me feel really good but then I came and got baby gravy all over my sexy wife's tits that are DD and totally NOT fake. She said "Its okay" and we went back to having amazing, mind numbing secks for several hours Tldr I just had sex, and it felt so good. A woman let me put my penis inside of her. I just had sex, and I'll never go back to the not having sex ways of the past.


Let me get this straight… you inserted your male genitalia into your female partners genitalia and proceeded to go IN… AND Out, resulting in orgasm?? You messed up big time.


Huge red flag.


Hey, Reddit, how much sexy sex have you sexed while sexing sex sex sex?




The music industry.


*Some* sexual music is good and fine especially when it’s tasteful but there is just. Too. Much. And most of it isn’t all that good


Shoulders in school


I mean, it's really your own fault for bringing them with you.


Did you bring enough for everybody?


Never understood this... Its literally just where your arms connect... Don't forget about the skirt length thing (that the cheerleader uniforms the school bought and paid for always violated)


Cheerleader uniforms? Don't worry the cross country men's team is here to save the day with their 1in inseam, and that is why wear your sports uniform day was taken off of homecoming week.


>with their 1in inseam That’s how you get the best lunge


Media targeted towards 10-16 year olds, basically those for whom puberty is either current or recent. Music, fashion, celebs, social media, etc.


For real. It's disgustingly exploitative to target kids in physically and socially developmental stages and tell them that they need to be unrealistically attractive/fit/adored in order to have value.


the newest trend on instatok is young women getting nose jobs, botox and implants and "taking us along their journey"... showing how easy it is.. and Doctor Smith was sooo nice... i had a *blast*. sis.. your audience are 15 year old girls... ಠ_ಠ


Is that where they're getting this? Spent a long weekend up north with family including my 15 year old neice who brought her 15 year old friend along. They were legitimately talking about getting nose jobs and botox and shit. I'm like excuse the fuck out of me but you're 15!! This explains a lot as they were both on tik tok like the whole time. Big sad.


Displays of affection between fathers and their children. Remember a phase way back where everytime a celebrity kissed their child people would lose their minds. I'll admit it I'm a grown man and if my 2 year old son wants a kiss, he gets one, and the fact that anyone would see something other than paternal love between father and his child makes me sick and want to attack them tbh. Edit: appreciate the awards peeps. Edit2: I don't know about the Tom Brady thing. 3.I don't think you should tongue kiss your child. I didn't think I'd have to say that . 4. Saw the Tom Brady thing, I don't think he's tongue kissing his son, I think it was a little long though. I personally teach my son not to linger because it is weird. Unfortunately it does cause one to speculate but the video I saw at least I can't really say one way or the other.


There was a thread in another advice sub a while back where a lady was asking about how she could get her husband to be more involved with their newborn. Fair enough question. The details provided were somewhere along the lines of the man refused to help with anything that involved changing or bathing the newborn, potentially other things I don’t remember the ins and outs. There was nothing else suggestive, insinuating or damning in the statement from the lady, only that the husband didn’t do these things and she wanted him to be more involved with their baby, fair enough in my books. So, I remember reading through the comments in this, hundreds and hundreds of them, every single one, implying the husband is hiding something, shouldn’t be trusted near the newborn, must have evil thoughts, isn’t a good man, probably has other secrets, must be this, that or the other. I’m sitting there looking at this on my phone, utterly confused about the mental gymnastics that went into arriving at this conclusion without any basis for it in the description. And I’m wondering where on Earth do these pieces of shit keep coming from.


People doing that is probably exactly why he doesn't do it. I dreaded having a little girl because I was so scared I wouldn't be able to clean her properly because of our gender difference. Like if it was a bad poop and it got everywhere I am afraid of cleaning anything but the bare minimum.


As a new father let me tell you that when you're changing about a dozen diapers a day, and especially when you're changing them at night, you are so tired that you can only have enough mental energy to do the task required to the exclusion of everything else. After two weeks it becomes muscular memory.


This is 100% it. You become a mechanical poop changing machine. Even the smell seems to be nothing eventually. Edit: just don’t breathe out your nose


Looking forward to that. Mine’s just starting solids and the smell is rough.


You never get rid of it, cause once they get out of nappies, they learn how funny it is to fart around you. Then they turn into teenagers and just smell all the time.




I became friends with a woman from work once who's husband was in the Navy. He would frequently deploy out on subs so we would hangout a lot, often with my wife. And when he was in town we'd all go out and do things togeather. I became real acquainted with what a Jody was. It was funny, till it wasn't.


I worked with a female coworker and we were really friendly, both have kids etc and id bring my kid round to play with her kid while we have a cup of tea. Other coworkers started saying whats going on (to her, not me) like we were banging out a quickie on the bed. We're both married and while she is an attractive woman she is not my type and I love her to bits, as a friend. People assume because you have an affection for someone, you want to stick your dick in them. I'm sure it does happen but it doesn't always happen


That is so horrible, to have such nefarious intentions attached to a truly selfless deed. I'm sorry you went through that.


There was a thing a while back. A kid was sick (I think he puked as well?) and his dad went with him under the shower sitting on a chair with the kid on his lap. Mom made a photo to show how loving the father was. I don't know the details, but something like that.And people on the internet found it disgusting and pornographic and I don't know what.What twisted mind would see something like that and think anything sexual about it? It says a \*lot\* more about the people complaining than the mother and father. Edit: Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-36322279


I've often had my son sitting in my lap in the shower because he is afraid to get under the shower by himself. I don't see how comforting your child could be seen as such a sick twisted thing.


im so sick of people automatically assuming a man must be a pedophile if he shows any sort of affection to a child, especially his own


Yep, had to watch my niece last year for a week. It was especially awkward for me to be honest. I shrugged off the dirty looks but it seemed like every other person assumed I was a pedophile kidnapping a child. It really didn't help that she's half Korean and I'm white.


I'd just randomly snatch her up and start running just to see how they react.


I had a uncle that would do stuff like this (not sexual, but "shocking"). He did exactly this and it was hilarious. Also one of his favorite "performances" was to go into the mannequin display, put his shoes on the floor, then sit on his knees in the shoes so it looked like he was missing his legs and waved at people walking the mall. The reactions that guy got for his shenanigans was hilarious, people either saw the harmless joke it was and laughed or lost their shit. Equally funny. Favorite uncle by far. My mom wasn't particularly impressed by his influence though.


>The reactions that guy got for his shenanigans was hilarious, people either saw the harmless joke it was and laughed or lost their shit. Your uncle was a trailblazer for what ended up happening on every social media platform in the world. Good on him for sticking up for humor.


My two boys get kisses from me to an annoying degree, and the whole world can kiss my arse if they have a problem with it. I love those little monsters, and I will damn well express it in a way that adequately embarrasses them in front of their mates.


You do you dad! Fuck every last bit of society if they got a Problem with it!


I kiss the fuck outta my kids, both my son and daughter. My father never did that with my brothers and I, but eff that. I’m not like him, and I make sure my kids know I love em to death


5 year old girls.(Pageant girls)


Add the whole youth competitive dance crap too.


A girl I used to date was telling me about her 5 year old daughter who was in one of those dance groups, she proudly showed me a video of her dancing in front of the mirror like a fucking stripper.


Yup. My niece loves dance and that in & of itself isn’t bad…but these competitions are another story. I was horrified the first time I got to go to one of her events (she was about 10yo at the time) and saw how my sister was behaving behind the scenes with the other dance moms while putting heavy makeup on the little kids & pulling their hair into tight hairdos, barf. I love supporting my niece in her interests but I hate the competitive youth dance scene. I’m glad as she’s gotten older my niece has toned it down a bit by her own choice. Parents living vicariously through their kids, especially if it sexualizes them or overtakes their kid’s own self interest, often running them ragged with too high expectations or power trips or overbooked schedules is just disgusting.


Child pageants are vile


Annie, she’s pretty young


This answer is streets ahead.


my father would hold grudges, I'll always hate him for that.


Don't eat the crab dip, YA YA!


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5 MeowMeowBeenz for you


We try not to sexualize her.


Sorting /r/alisonbrie by Top does not seem to follow this Community guideline...


I also feel like the show itself doesn’t follow this guideline


Boopy doopy doop boop, Sex


Is this a bit?


Yeah, you kinda hit diminishing returns on the sexiness there.


What’s a diminiwinisbleuaah?








Yeah, over here.


What's funny is Allison Brie is the same age as Gillian Jacobs


I don’t know if it was the makeup or the costuming or if it’s just her acting ability but I always thought it was crazy how differently aged she seems between Mad Men and Community when they were pretty much shot at the same time.


Teens on tiktok


And that shit has spread to YouTube shorts too. I guess Shorts has different recommendation queue than regular YT. My shorts are filled with all kind of tits, ass and thot challenges and my regular YT is just planes, games and cooking. Annoying as fuck.


> My shorts are filled with ass Checks out


cheeks out


Weird. My YouTube shorts are all like 30 second or less videogame clips or memes.


Children’s beauty pageants. Damn things are disgusting.


i will never understand why those exist. Its certainly not for the kids sake thats for sure


Disturbed mothers living vicariously.


Just write a song about how you're not gonna diddle little kids and it'll be all good.


There is no quicker way to make people think you diddle kids than by writing a song about it


And little girls Halloween costumes.


My mom on Reddit


Sorry man, we just can't stop making yo mama jokes


It's not completely a joke when it's true


Sonic characters. Like why? It’s just a hedgehog that runs fast EDIT: holy shit I’ve never been upvoted this much before. The award was the icing on the cake. Thanks everyone, this was super awesome! (Besides the whole overly sexualized stuff that’s a real thing)


Well you see, the thing about hedgehogs is... well nothing I guess. But the thing about ECHIDNAS... >!They have four heads on their dick!<


Better than the other way around.


Sonic in general just has one of the strangest fandoms around. I used to love the Sonic games on the megadrive, and even some of the comics and later games, but never really saw what the modern fandom was like until a few years ago. It is just so bizarre now.


Me. Ladies back off please, I can only give so much


The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Edit: thanks for the awards and the correction. My futurama trivia is lacking. Lol.


> The spirit is willing, but the flesh is ~~weak~~ spongy and bruised FTFY


Maybe one day the day will come when I can read FTFY as "Fixed that for you" and not as "Fuck that and fuck you".. but not today


Teens and High Schoolers. Especially in movies, series etc.


I see way to many porn videos where they try to make the female actors look like teenagers and even children.


My little Pony.. it’s a freakin kids show come on people.


I'm frankly shocked that there are people here who find this surprising. 5 or 6 years ago it was so insanely mainstream, and some of the stuff made for it was extremely outlandish. I don't think anything I've seen on the internet has yet trumped the bronies in terms of sheer shock factor.


The word "Daddy"


But why not “baby”?


Bruh I didn't even think of that


Right? It's been so normalized for such a long time that it hasn't occurred to me until now that it's basically the same thing...


School Girls or Step Moms....good God to both