What is one food that you will never like no matter how old you get?

What is one food that you will never like no matter how old you get?




This guy definitely not a zombie.


That’s what he wants you to think.


That's what a zombie would say


never had it. my mom and her family did tho. one of her brothers actually likes it a lot. lol


My wife loves it but I feel sick just by looking at cooked brains ... Yuck


Jellied Eel.


My dad gave me jellied eels when I was about 8, I proceeded to be violently sick in a bin and believe he ruined any oil fish for me for life.


Pan fried liver




Foie gras?


So cruel yet sooo delicious


I thought the same but then one of my chef friends made me liver and onions once and I wanted to cry because it was so good. I don’t know how he made it not taste like blood chalk.


The larger/older the animal, the more it has that offal like taste. Go for pig/veal liver instead of beef, and soak it in milk before you cook it. Should fix it right up.


Eat the babies, they taste better.


Especially liver and onions


What about with a nice Chianti?


Only if Fava Beans are included


Celery. If it’s in a soup and you don’t taste it, I will allow it for the crunch!


Celery tastes how hospitals smell.


He's out of line but he's right


I like celery, but that shit's accurate.


Finally someone put it into words


Ok I understand what you're saying about basic celery you'd get at a restaurant or whatever. But if you look at a stalk, the green pieces on the outside are the tasteless, stringy pieces. If you look at the pieces in the middle of the stalk, they're more white and the whiter they are the more flavour they have. Also not stringy and are just so good


Celery tastes to me what I imagine stainless steel tastes like. I can abide it dissolved into a stock (as it starts off finely chopped), but otherwise, I'd rather nibble nail clippings.


Celery salt is such an underrated seasoning


You just reminded me how much I love garlic salt on pizza.




So when I was dating my ex, he introduced me to the wonderful culinary world of Filipino food. We would go to a local mom and pop restaurant every week and every time I'd order something new. Well the day came when I ordered a dish made with bitter melon. Both he, and the sweet mom who cooked everything tried to dissuade me. "It's not for everyone" "I grew up eating this, it's very bitter" I wasn't having it. I'm a chef by trade and I pride myself on trying everything at least once. So I place my order along with way to many lumpia, and pancite. It comes out after only about 10 minutes, and it looks and smells amazing. Vibrate green with onions and peppers over a bed of rice. I take one bite while my boyfriend is watching me intently...I set down my chop sticks and say "Wow. That's really bitter." I ate 2 or 3 more bites before I just couldn't take it anymore. We finish the rest of our meal and my boyfriend took home the rest I didn't eat. Well when we retell this story to my roommates (really my family at that point in my life) my best friend thought it went a lot differently than me simply saying "Wow. That's really bitter." By his understanding my face turned inside out and I started yelling "ItS tOo BiTtEr!" While flailing my arms around like a lunatic. And every retelling of the story he would make me seem more and more insane. It became a running joke among the 4 of us, until one day I brought him home some of the dish for him to try. I didn't tell him what it was because I wanted to see his genuine reaction. We sit down to eat and take a big bite before scrunching up his face in disgust. He looks at me and immediately knows what I've done. After finishing the bite he laughs and says "Wow. That **is** really bitter." We laughed about it for a while and just thinking of the silly reactions every time he told the story still makes me smile. He sadly took his own life a year ago, but whenever I see or think about bitter melon I remember my best friend and his stupid retelling of my experience with the vegetable. Rest in peace Tom.


RIP. Thanks for sharing.


Chicken feet It just seems gross, considering that they constantly step in their own poop.


Ew, when you say it like that it's extra gross...


The restaurant I used to work at used them for chicken stock. Huge cases of only feet! They are loaded with collagen and flavor, and made amazing stock.


What kind of restaurant? I suspect that's the secret to thick and flavorful chicken bone stock for ramen. There's an amazing ramen place near me that does a 20 hour simmer for it's various broth types. They're all so good, and the chicken broth is far thicker than any chicken bone stock I've ever managed to make.


Buy a big tray of drumsticks. Like the 20 packs you can get in the grocery store that you can get for under 10 bucks. Lay them all out in a deep roasting pan, add your salt and whatever herbs and spices you prefer. I usually do pepper, generous onion and garlic powder, and a nice Herbs de Provence blend. Cover tightly with foil and roast on low heat for a long time. I don’t really have any precise procedure for this part, I just kinda do it for an hour, hour and a half or more until the meat is starting to fall off the bone. You’ll be left with a bunch of drumsticks you can pick the meat from and a good quantity of juices in the roasting pan. Pull the meat off the bones to prepare how you like (makes for good chx salad mix) , transfer juice and bones to a pot and add a few cups of water. Taste for flavor, but it usually doesn’t require much at this point. Cover and simmer for another unspecified while. Strain your broth and put it in the fridge. Next day scrape off the schmaltz and discard (or use it if you’re not worried about the amount of fat in your diet). You’ll have some delicious chicken jello. It’s kind of a long process but it’s pretty low effort. I usually do it over the course of a Sunday evening. But it’s very much worth it especially as we approach the colder months and you have some perfectly rich broth to use throughout the week. Can’t fall asleep? Have a cup of chicken tea. Works for me every time.


You just spilled every Jewish grandmother’s secret for making Matzah ball soup ;)


My brother's best friend's family own a very successful Vietnamese restaurant here. His mom (Mai) makes *the best* Pho/Bone Broth I've ever tasted. We don't have a Ramen place here, but we do have that. I wish she would teach me because she is such a good cook!


Ask her! Most people who have a passion for something also love to share that passion. Pho is amazing too. I'm fortunate to live in an area with a lot of different types of Asian cuisine. Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Nepalese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, they all make such wonderful food, especially if you're like me - lactose intolerant with a love of spicy food.


We did a variety of cuisines (small menu, changed seasonally), but we did always have a scratch-made ramen. Pork belly cured in-house, homemade noodles, etc. It is amazing.


My local grocery store sells them, labelled as "chicken paws"


I hope you don’t like sausage! ;)


You know what, the second time you try them… they’re just as bad. I’m not giving them a third.


Chicken feet soup with lotus root and peanuts is actually quite a popular dish here. The chicken feet usually just absorbs the flavour of the soup and you end up with a chicken jelly like thing that tastes pretty good.


Me too! It’s not meaty enough either :(


Chicken feet have an outer layer of hard skin that is removed when preparing them. The inside part, which is cooked, is completely clean. Sounds like you’ve never sliced a whole raw chicken before.


Not a food but black licorice


I legitimately like it but so many people I’ve met hate it, so it’s understandable


I like the flavor in specific situations. Sambuca liqueur and Djarum Blacks are super yummy.


How is black licorice not a food


Black licorice is actually used to refer to the licorice root itself, so it's also a flavor. Like black jellybeans or soda.


When you add the black qualifier it is talking about the candy. They don’t say black licorice root.


It's inedible stretchy plastic


It’s delicious m. More for me!






The only time I've ever liked liver, was when it was soaked in milk for a couple hours. It removes the metallic flavoring, and firms it up, so you can fry it without it being nauseating. Still, not one of my go-to meals.


Cook it long enough, the glycogen turns into sugar making it sweet. Also some diced onions or rings add to this. Then some chopped up tomatoes and you've got a feast! Never tried milk soaking though. Is this for pig or veal liver?


Regular ol' Beef liver. Any side goes with it, after soaking it in milk, tossing it with flour, and frying it up.


Oh never had that, it's not usually sold where I live because it supposedly doesn't taste good. Pig, veal and chicken are however.


That’s how I make it. Soak in milk mixed with spices overnight, toss in seasoned flour and fry in bacon fat. I always used to hate it until I did it that way.


Have you tried Braunschweiger? My father is German and I thought it was repulsive when he ate it for breakfast when I was a little kid. When I got older, I learned to love it. Braunschweiger and crackers for breakfast are great if you can get over the mental block. But get the real stuff.... not some American mass plastic packaged thing. It is essentially a smoked liver pate with all sorts of seasonings being accepted for the name Braunschweiger. Although my mother still disagrees with my father and me that it is a delicious breakfast delicacy.


Liverwurst is amazing.


Liverwurst on toast is fucking incredible.


Indeed. I had some fresh pumpernickel bread the other day, toasted and spread with liverwurst. So damn good. I'll go months without having it, then suddenly crave liverwurst like crazy.


Preach it. Forget it exists for a while and then wake up needing it in your life. I knew I wasn't the only one.


True, we germans kinda know how to treat liver, we also have "Leberspätzle" and i never met a guy who tried them and didnt at least acknowledge theyre good.


Blood sausage. I tend not to eat anything that has to coagulate before consumption.


Missing out on Jello, dog.


Jello dog. The wiggliest of bois.


The first time I got blood sausage I prayed to my tastebuds that I would like it. I knew how divisive it is and I wanted to be on the loving it side. I loved it. I feel so lucky.


A co-worker was overnighting with a European-immigrant friend, and told us how his host made oatmeal for breakfast. Then he came from behind and asked "Blood sausage?" as he lopped off a slice into his bowl. He said it started to bleed red on the warm cereal. Everyone put down their sandwiches and looked a bit sick. Which was the point of the story, I guess.


Raw tomatoes. I feel like a child asking for "no tomatoe" on my burger and an even bigger child when I pick them off.


My wife is like this. She's quite happy eating them cooked or in sauces but will not touch a raw one.


Same for me. It’s a texture thing: raw tomatoes feel like slimy little fruits.


I have to pipe up here to say that big slabs of beefsteak tomato do very little for any food. They were bred to be big, red, and round, and flavour doesn't seem to have been an issue. Go to the kind of store or market that sells "heritage" brown, yellow, purple, plaid, whatever tomatoes and you may find something quite different that actually has a taste to it.


I grew my own ones for the first time this year and was pleasantly surprised how they tasted. I don't think they were particularly brilliant, you just get used to the tasteless store stuff.


There was a King of the Hill episode in which Peggy had sliced up organic tomatoes from the school plot for the burgers. The dialogue went roughly like: Bobby: These tomatoes are really good! Hank: Don't be silly. Tomatoes don't have flavor. *What the...?* I delighted in somebody saying the truth about tasteless big, red, beefsteak tomatoes!


Interesting. I don't like sauce/ketchup much, or cooked tomatoes, but love raw tomatoes. Sometimes a bit of sugar on a slice makes a nice snack


I am 43 and still order burgers plain with extra cheese ONLY.


What about diced tomatoes on tacos? I hate tomatoes as an item, but in food with so much going on, it can only enhance the experience.


Kale, I just hate it


Pro tip: If you heat coconut oil in a cast iron pan before cooking kale in it, the coconut oil helps the kale slide easier into the garbage.


Too bitter for me, spinach is a good other option


Hell yeah. Spinach > Kale any day of the week


Coleslaw, I’ve hated it since I was like 4


I keep seeing coleslaw and wonder if they only tried the mayonnaise based one compared to a vinegar based one


there’s different kinds ?


Yeah they are different flavors mayo is creamy and vinegar based is pickled flavor


Agree. Whenever it's on my plate I always try to give it another chance but it honestly just tastes like wet mayonnaise every single time.


Sweet wet mayonnaise 🤢


Throw it on a pulled pork sandwich and it's a tangy contrast.


Vinegar cole slaw is good but I hate the kind with mayonnaise.


Does cilantro count as a food?


Is cilantro the same as coriander?


Yep... I had to translate coriander to some US friends (and rocket) re greens we dislike


There’s a gene associated with your preference for cilantro! At least, according to AncestryDNA


My genes and cilantro are clearly not on friendly terms.


Me either.


Haha, I read that earlier somewhere else, some people think it tastes like soap....or something like that.






Filter feeders, also you get way more heavy metals further up the food chain as they accrue


This. I’ll skip the overpriced salty snot, thanks.


Anise, fennel, and any other spice that is remotely sausagey or licorice-like. I can smell them a mile away and they smell *so good* they carve my stomach hollow, but I can NOT get over how they taste(and the weird pallete-smell change idk something changes once it gets in my mouth). Want to love foods like curry and pho, but those are such overwhelming flavors I can not deal. I've always disliked sausage, but I only recently in life learned what spices make it so gross.


I was literally just talking to my parents last night about how I always hated sausage, and how it turns out I just hate fennel in Italian sausage and thought I hated all sausage. I'm nearly 30 and found out within the last 3ish years that it was just the certain seasonings. I also hated anise with a passion as well!


finally someone who understands! i hate fennel, coriander, and anise. they are such overpowering flavors that they just wreck everything they are in if they’re in any type of large quantity. there have been a few times where i haven’t hated them. my favorite indian place uses star anise in their spiced rice and that’s acceptable because i’m not going to eat the seed pod. ugh the cilantro just has to be picked right off though.


Lima beans.


probably horse radish


It was recommended to me to try horse radish on roast beef. I was skeptical, but I love it! Also, what passes as "Wasabi" for sushi is apparently actually mostly normal horseradish. If so, the I'm fine fine with it.


I'll see your roast beef and raise you venison backstrap. That with some spicy horseradish may be my favorite thing to eat.


The only thing better than horseradish on prime rib, is horseradish mixed with sour cream on prime rib.


Olives. Hate them. The smell, taste...... Cannot stand it


I love them, but I hate it when they show up in something unexpectedly. It’s hardly ever a good idea to throw some olives in something just to “change it up a little”.


I don't like olives, but I like olive oil. Go figure.




Agreed. I hated olives as a kid and still hate them now. I grew to like a lot of things I once hated. Mushrooms, tomatoes, mayo, jalapeños, onions, mustard, etc. olives though? I dont think I will ever like them. Same with pickles. Those are two of the only foods from childhood I still vehemently hate.


Head Cheese. Just disgusting and foul.


Frog legs, pig feet, gizzards, and alligator. The thought of those make me squeamish.


raw tomatoes


I have this too, I honestly wonder if its some weird taste thing like what some people have with cilantro. The taste is literally repulsive and will make me gag.


I was the same way until a few years ago. A vine-ripened heirloom straight from the garden changed my mind.


Most tomatoes from the super market are picked before their most ripe where as smaller tomatoes are picked later and aren't crushed in transport. So grape/cherry tomatoes are good/fresher year round and are better for salads and sauces.


I hear you, everyone else in my family thinks I am crazy for not liking them.


Same. They literally ruin the taste of any food they're in too if they're raw, like burgers or burritos


But cooked intact are fine?


if they’re cooked i’m totally ok with them, ik im weird


Not weird. Totally same.


What’s the difference then?


I hate the texture of raw tomatoes and by themselves are bitter. Usually cooked with other food taste way better.


Have you had homegrown tomatoes or is this mostly from store bought? I can't stand raw store-bought but I really like the ones I grow at home raw with a little salt Cooking tomatoes forms glutamates which increases their umami


The difference is incredible. Also never ever refrigerate tomatoes. That’s what causes that mealy texture.


This just gave me ‘Nam flashbacks to last September, where I went to a farm dinner with my mom and sister. One of the dishes served was tomatoes, and when I pushed them to the side one of the other people at our table asked “oh, you don’t like tomatoes?” “Nah, not really,” I replied, which was an understatement. I fucking hate them. But lo and behold, the table next to us was occupied by the very farmer who grew those tomatoes. The absolute rage behind this man’s rant about store-bought tomatoes being shit, and home grown tomatoes are God’s gift to humanity and I’m a bastard heathen for refusing to even TRY his tomatoes (slightly exaggerated). I tried one tomato, and it tasted exactly the same as every other tomato I’ve ever eaten. However, the farmer looked like he would shoot me the instant anything negative came out of my mouth. I told him it was good, just so he’d get off my ass, but the dude literally watched me eat every other course/dish after that, as if he was just WAITING for me to dislike something again. Moral of the story, I have an even deeper, unyielding hatred for tomatoes and all who like them, and your comment has just made my fire burn that much hotter


Liver. My grandmother grew up during the depression, and liked making liver& onions. 🤮I’m 51 now, and still 🤮




I love a good haggis, haven’t had one in 10 years.


Pears. Can't stand them. Who the hell wants to eat a wood pulpy, overly sweetened, and sandy apple. And by Sandy I'm referring to that strange grittiness that they have on the bottom of their peels. To make matters worse after Doctor who's surgeon popularity I couldn't mention my distaste for apples without someone either rolling their eyes and making a comment on the lines of, "let me guess you're a big doctor who fan" or somehow even worse "haha just like Doctor who" As a result I hate both pairs and interdimensional police call boxes.


Dude, when you bite an apple and it turns out sandy and not crunchy, worst feeling ever.


I mean I can see your rationale, even if I disagree with you.


Have you tried asian pears tho? Juicy, crisp and sweet! I hate western pears too. It’s like chewing sweetened soggy cardboard


Yo same. It's like chewing wet sand! It's invisible to me no matter how hungry I am.


"I've never had a pear. Pears weird me out dude!"


I eat stickers all the time, dude!


Unfortunately I've got a few. Cow heart, liver, kidney, or giblets.




I would eat most of the things listed here, but a hard no to okra


Even fried okra?


Never had it, but have a deep discomfort with slimey food. Fried may not be slimey, but my ingrained prejudice runs deep.


Totally awesome fried. Not slimy at all. But use a cornmeal breading, or ask a Southerner. 🤠




Baba ganoush and eggplant Parm are delicious though.


You've crossed the line this time old sport.


Potato salad. I like potatoes and mayo. But cold potatoes slathered in mayo is just horrid on every level for me.


I had a grandfather that made me eat potato salad when I was like 5. He insisted that his potato salad was better than any I had tried. I literally eat anything but potato salad is a line I can't cross. Thanks Grandpa...


My dad loves German food, and whenever we travelled we'd have potato or spaghetti salad with a cold frikadellen for our "car picnic". I hated it then, and now I hate it even more because I associate it with car sickness.


Try a German potato salad without mayonnaise.


My mom makes a vinegar based potato salad. I have yet to find the exact recipe online. Basically boiled potato's sliced, not cubed, scallion onions, olive oil, dill, white vinegar, and a couple other options. It is fucking amazing.


Pickled pigs feet


Liver, why eat a filter? Ironically I have no issue with liverwurst, but beef liver? No bloody way!


Cottage cheese


I'll eat a tub of it with nothing else. Just gimme a spoon. No idea what I love so much about it, either.


I really like it with a pineapple slice, but I've heard that the fruit one should pair it with is super divisive.


Everyone knows it's cottage cheese and pepper. Come on.


I haven't heard of cottage cheese and pineapples. I like cottage cheese but my wife eats it with peaches I'm gonna suggest your way to get because she loves pineapples.




Black olives


Eggplant. The taste and texture are both abominable.


Coleslaw. Fuck that shit.


This thread looks like my grocery list. I found one think I think I would not like but I'm not sure. Lindbergh cheese. I really don't like lamb or veal though. It has a strong association with that wet dog smell for me. I just can't.


I don’t do veal. I grew up thinking my Mom just really sucked at making chicken parm + didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her how much I didn’t like it. Turns out it was veal + she just told me it was chicken because she knew I didn’t like veal.


I cant stand lamb


Red beets. Father slipped some into a plum cake on me once as a joke. I hindsight, it was amusing. At the time, it was horrifying. Didn’t much like beets before then - afterwards, Just nope nope nope.


Chocolate malt balls. YUCK!!!!!


Raw oysters. Can't do it.




They’re the only common food I don’t like at all. My issue is specifically with cooked mushrooms though.


It’s the texture for me


For me it’s liver. That texture just weirds me out.


Especially with fava beans. I'll keep the nice chianti though.


Ffftttttt fffffttt ffffttttt




If you grow them yourself and don't can them, (store them like you would potatoes), they usually taste similar to potatoes


That’s a helpful tip. Thank you.


Thank you - beets are fucking gross


Liver Chittlins Hog balls- yuck!


As someone who grew up in the north-east, sauerkraut is vile


If you need me, I'll be by the fridge eating sauerkraut straight out of the container




Sardines. I once watched my mom eat one’s eyeball with a toothpick. I don’t think I’ll ever eat one.








Broccoli <3


Greek yoghurt. Makes me gag.












Alright, but I think you need to be a little more specific here. I agree that bread and butter is sheer blasphamy to the mouths of humans alike and an utter disgrace to the pickling process of cucumbers period. Buuuuuuuut, them dill pickled cucs are one hell of a divine treat if you ask me.