Redditors, what celebrity have you met and who was the nicest/rudest?

Redditors, what celebrity have you met and who was the nicest/rudest?


Stone cold Steve Austin. It was around 1999 and I was in high school flying back from Vegas with my friend and his mother who worked for the airline. It was 2 am from Vegas to Houston and we got upgraded to first class. I sit down before takeoff, unaware of who I was sitting near and a few minutes later my chair is shaking violently. I turn around and it’s stone Cold. He said “when the plane gets high, I get crazy”. The best part was later in the flight I was almost asleep and learning towards the isle. I open my eyes to see a massive figure in front of me. I look up and stone cold is inches from me staring down at me. He then breaks out laughing and says “I’m just fucking with you kid”. He talk to me a while on the flight after that. It was cool that he was the one to initiate conversation and even more so at 3 am.




Wait Mariska?! As an avid SVU watcher, I’m heart broken. Would you be willing to share more about why she’s like this?


Post Malone. He was super laid back and a really nice guy. Smelled good too, despite the rumors


Sean Avery was really one of the nicest people when I met him. He also seems like the rudest human being on the planet.


The hockey player? He seemed like a huge dick on and off the ice.


by all accounts except mine, he is, but he was extremely polite and kind when i met him.


I met Jeff goldblum at comic con nice guy, I also sow Jake Paul at vid con but he is kinda a douche bag


Bruce Campbell did a book signing and spend a whole minute with each fan, you sat down said hi. He asked "who do I sign it to", I said Maul, its my nickname from High School I used to backyard wrestle and the name stuck. He said "there are worse nicknames to have stick, I could be writing dickface in this book instead". I can't really say worse, mayyyyyybe Owen Hart but I am not gonna actually entertain that. He seemed grumpy but he was full on heel at the time and people were calling him nugget (the nickname DX had given him at the time) and he might not have been breaking Kayfabe or had a legit shitty day, cause everything else I heard about him is he was a great guy


Gerald McRaney Walking down the garden path in BFE Somolia, and he stumbled out of the thorn bushes LLMF. Introduced himself with a big ass grin. Recieves, blank states from me and my squadmate. He explains he the star of hit tv show Major Dad, more blank stares. It's a tv show about marines he says. Squadmate points at shoulder patch, we are in the army dude. He becomes visibly annoyed and asks how you get back to the Marine AO. We point, he starts to walk away, squadmate yells, hey you're that guy thats married to Delta Burke right. He gives us an eat shit and die look. Then I remember who he is, that's the guy from Simon & Simon. squadmate is like, oh yeah, I liked that show.


Casper van Dien was the absolute nicest guy, shook hands, 1000 watt movie star smile, acknowledged everyone, fantastic dude


Funny whenever I see Madison cawthorn that’s who I think of. Guess I’m wrong! Long life Casper. Madison can go suck ass.


I once met Randy Johnson, a Hall of Fame baseball pitcher. It was when I was little (I think he was still playing at the time) at a bookstore. My dad recognized his head over one of the bookshelves because Randy is tall as fuck. My dad didn't want to bother him, so he just casually walked by and said "Hey, Randy." I still remember that he rolled his eyes. He didn't even look up from his magazine and said "Hey" in a lazy voice.


William H Macy - Super Nice Shawn White - Super Douche


Tobias Forge, the lead singer for Ghost. Super nice guy. Gave me a hug.


I've met Sam Neill and he is a really awesome bloke.


Dolly Parton That guy who doesn’t deserve to be mentioned


Her husband?! Lol






If I’d wanted to name them, I would have.


You're not being clever or witty or mysterious by just saying "he who shall NOT be named!" instead of just giving a name.


Thank you for your unsolicited feedback


Ok. I’m just gonna assume you’re talking about lord Voldemort. 🤷‍♂️☺️😜


Tammy Micheals, very nice and super energetic.


Eva Longoria- super sweet


I met Tim Roth once. I was a server in a restaurant he came in with his family. He seemed really stressed and shirty and demanded to be sat in a separate room. So first impression wasn’t great but once he was settled he was actually quite nice.


Did he call you garçon?


Garçon means boy


Nicest: Michael Bolton. Rudesr: I actually have not met one that was rude. Even the ones having a bad day, were still polite.


I interviewed Gary Sinise once. I asked him if I ever got a shrimp boat if he would be my first mate, and he said yes! He was really nice about the whole exchange. Gracious would be the word I think. I’m saving up my money Gary! Also interviewed JJ Watt in Afghanistan. Super nice dude.


Minnie Beets from Gold Rush. She thinks she's the queen of all she surveys. She'd come into my work and start bossing people around like she owned the place, which she doesn't.


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