What's something that newer generations will never understand?

What's something that newer generations will never understand?


Making plans to meet friends and having to commit because you didn't have mobile phones to ask where they were, how far, and if they were still coming.


And then having to figure out how to find them if something went wrong! I remember once planning to meet a friend at a festival, but I couldn't find her at first. So I made a new friend, someone who'd had the same thing happen to her. I finally found my original friend and by that time she'd made a new random-stranger friend as well. We all ended up having a great time, first at the festival, and then at a nearby club afterwards. Good times. Now if I lose sight of my husband at the grocery store, I have to text him or we'll never find each other again because we got confused by the tomatoes or the pancake mix. Finding people is a lost art.


This is also how people made friends! We don’t do this anymore. *that lost person is looking at me in a sketchy(desperate) manor* —-AVOID!—- I miss making friends, sigh.


“Let’s all meet back here at 6:00. (Looks at watch). I’ve got 4:35. What time do you have?


Synchronizing watches? Why don't they just grab it off the satellites? For real though, you never felt more badass than collectively synchronizing watches. It was a staple line in every pre-2000s movie


Meeting up with a friend at the movies and having no way to communicate once you’ve left the house—your friend doesn’t show: is he coming? Should I continue to wait, standing at the precise spot we agreed on? Has he died? Did he forget? I’ll call home using a pay phone and hope my mom is there to tell me whether he left a message on the answering machine.


So much anxiety. But I feel like people kept plans more then. They weren’t checking their phone to bail for a “better” option. In general people met at the agreed upon time and place.


They also bothered to actually make plans and had to stick to them instead of flaking out or faffing about with "I'll just call you".


I remember the first time someone stood me up because we hadn't texted same-day to confirm we were actually doing the thing. I was baffled. Now I would never plan something a week out and just expect the other person to remember and show up.


I hate that this is a thing we have to do now. Worst still is when it happens and somehow you're at fault because you didn't text them to say your plans was still happening. Bitch, I showed up. Why didn't *you* text to make sure if you questioned it?


People that behave like this cannot be relied on. It kills any sort of close relationship that you can have with them since you can't depend on them. They soon end up in the category of it's great if they show up, but I'm not ever putting myself in a situation to rely on their attendance to have a good time.


Because it’s a lie.


Forced to be more reliable.


Yep, people had more telegraphic relationships so dependability and punctuality were more important.


I have 1 friend, and 1 friend only whom I can make a plan with on Monday, and not talk/communicate all week until our agreed upon meet on Friday. He will show up, each and every time, without question. ‘ This is something that is sadly lost nowadays.


I'll agree to a time and date about a week prior, check again the day before and "oh I didn't hear more from you about it so I made other plans". Organise a morning beach trip for 8 people with a week's notice, wake up early on the morning of the trip and 7 of them have messaged overnight saying they aren't coming. Thank god I enjoy doing all my hobbies by myself, the rare occasions I try to socialise and include people they are wildly unreliable and difficult to organise.


sounds like you're due for a friends upgrade 😕


Like 70% of Seinfeld episode plots wouldn't happen with mobile phones.


At least 1 episode had an early mobile phone as a central plot device though (the car phone when Jerry's car gets stolen)


As an aside, that phone conversation with the car thief is one of my absolute favorite bits on the show “Why’d you steal my car?!?” “Well, I didn’t know it was your car.”


Damn, this hit me right in the gut.


Taking pictures, then waiting for them to be developed to see if they turned out okay.


Then finding the while roll of film is someone's thumb, cause they didn't know how to hold the camera


It was my brother's nose! He looked to see if it was ready to go, I guess.


And you took one or two pictures, not a dozen. Film was expensive, man.


It was a HUGE DEAL about twice a year to take a roll of film in to be processed, then wait. And wait. And wait. Until FINALLY! Oh god I look horrible. And no do-overs! God, the advent of the cell phone camera has CHANGED MY LIFE like no other invention, obviously I am old enough to remember 110 film (shudders) but medical advances aside, what a game-changer.


I saw someone at Universal Studios taking pictures with a disposable camera a few days ago. I was actually jealous.


Or when you're on the other side of the country on a road trip with a friend, having taken some of the coolest pics ever. And then...the counter on the camera goes one number higher than the film should. To your horror you learn there was no film in the damn camera and the pics you've taken over the last week of your road trip don't exist.


Taking another picture “just in case” the first one didn’t turn out right or someone blinked or something. But you’d only take 2 because there were like 24 shots worth of film.


Having a 3 ring binder of CD’s for road trips.


The binder was for the ok music... The real good stuff was in a holder on your sun visor.


One major tragedy I remember was when I took a sudden hard right turn and all my favorite CDs on the sun visor flew out my open window


A similar thing happened to me except instead of the cds flying out of the window my steering wheel fell off and whiffed out of the window while I driving. I was toast


Oof, bro that sounds so helpless, like what do you do in that case?


They haven't replied yet, so apparently, they died.


Can we get some Fs in the chat for our fallen soldier u/smacks23




I once found a HUGE album full of cds on the side of the road. Maybe a couple of pages were smashed and the rest were mint. An amazing array of different tunes, I was probably 12. It seriously broadened my horizons as far as music so much! I’m 36 now. Thanks to the fellow who accidentally dropped it or who’s girlfriend threw it out of the window in a rage 👍🏼😅


My bf used to throw scratched cd's out the window. If he was listening to a song and it started skipping, he would eject it then throw it out. It made me so mad bc they can be fixed.


I remember my husband and I once bought a car and it had an unlabeled burned CD in the visor that we probably listened to 4 or 5 times on our first road trip in that car. Years later, we remembered and were able to look up some lyrics and found it was the album "The Con" by Tegan and Sara in it's entirety. Still think of that road trip and that old civic any time I hear Tegan and Sara.


"Insert Disk #3 and press Return to continue..."


Heh, I remember downloading Doom on release day from some #warez channel on IRC with a 2800bd modem. It was 6 1.44mb floppies worth of files and it took almost 2 days running constantly to fully download. It was worth it.


Having to rewind the tape before returning it to the video store or incur a fee


Be kind. Rewind.


2 for 1 on Wednesdays. Large adult entertainment section at the back.


I remember always sneaking curious glances to the back section of the shop, wondering what mysteries it held, and then accidentally making eye contact with some guy shuffling out of there looking slightly ashamed.


Having to buy the entire album to get one song you liked or wait for it to come on the radio and record it. Missing any part of the song was unacceptable and you had to wait until it was played again.


Or hearing a cool song for 10 seconds in a movie and not knowing its name and buying the soundtrack so you can have the whole song and it’s not even on there.


Than the DJ would talk at the end of the song and ruined it


*Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ...* The Smiths knew what was up.


That’s one of my favorite Black Mirror episodes!


This is why pirating took off so hard. People were pissed off they had to pay $20 for a CD with just ONE song they wanted that they went straight to Napster. iTunes allowing you to just buy that ONE song for 99c was a damn revolution that made everyone get the program immediately.


Buying an album and every song but one sucking!


Parents not knowing where their kids are and trusting them not to get into trouble.


My kids watched Stranger Things with me and they thought it was unrealistic how the kids would just go ride their bikes wherever late at night. I told them we used to do that all the time. One time I broke my collar bone in a pick up football game and had to ride my bike home. I was like 10 miles away. (That sucked.) Come to think about it, it seems rare to have enough kids playing outside to have a pickup football game nowadays.


I kind of wonder if there are places still like that where kids know the neighbor kids well and pretty much freely roam the neighborhood or if it’s one of those things that disappeared in a generation.


The kids on our street roam around outside and play all the time. They regularly ring the doorbell to see if my fiance's son is at our house. They spend all day outside and just come inside to eat lunch.


That's how it is on our street too! We just moved a few months ago and my daughter has 3 friends at one next door neighbor's house and 2 friends at the other. So the group of them now run around outside between our three houses whenever they're not in school. It wasn't like this in our old neighborhood though, so I think it really depends where you live. Honestly I'm just grateful she's not wanting to spend all day playing Roblox anymore lol.


I fucking hated my helicopter parents through my entire childhood. I swear to god I just wanted to see my friend not go buy drugs in town


All you wanted was a Pepsi.


Just one Pepsi, but she wouldn't give it to me, just a Pepsi


You're not on drugs. All you wanted was a pepsi


I'm not crazy




No, normal people don't act like this, you're on drugs!


I went to YOUR schools, YOUR institutions and I'm the one who's crazy?!


My mom threw out every girl's number I had written down ever. I swear to God I hid one inside a CD case and she found it and threw it out. I don't know how she found it! My memory isn't that good and there were no cell phones. I need that slip of paper! I'm 38 and I don't understand why she would have done this.


What my parents did - actively destroy your social life so you stay with them longer because they didn’t think you could make it alone.


And trusting other adults in the community to assist, snitch, etc.


How we got around without GPS navigation


Our family used to go to Bangor,ME for vacations. Basically to see Stephen King’s house. To get there we had to go to AAA and they highlighted the route on street maps and road atlases. This was in the mid 90’s.


I work at AAA now and people still come in for trip tiks! Mind you it’s mostly those that are 60+ years old but we do at least a dozen a week.


I shit you not. I heard a client of mine say these words to his wife last week- “honey, don’t worry about it. I printed out the mapquest directions. It’s only an hour away. It’ll be fine” Edit- elderly client.


I still print out Google map directions and I have an old Rand McNally road atlas in the trunk. I won’t need them because of my phone but I have them in case cell reception is bad, phone dies, or whatever. I feel like plotting a route and following it by looking at road signs is a lost art these days. Took a trip a couple years ago and I took a turn. My passenger was like “wait, was that the turn? How’d you know?” “Uh…89n to us7 south to 22a and into NY…. Just look for the signs.”


A few years ago I navigated a 30000km road trip across 5 provinces and 20 states by road maps, backroad map books, and road signs....except for when I had to find the nearest gas station, grocery store, or oil change. Those were the moments when Google maps became my best friend.


Oh for sure, long distance? Know your route. Keep an atlas. An hour up the road? Damn Siri was born for that. Lost in an hour? Gas station directions baby, now it’s an adventure


I went on a course once with a selection of senior managers from various companies. The final day of the course was a car treasure hunt: it became obvious, pretty much immediately, I was the only person in the room who could read a map. I spent a slow, jerky and bumpy day in the passenger seat of a BMW 7 series, with the cretinous VSM beside me demonstrating not only that he didn't know left from right, but could barely drive to start with. (His chauffeur had brought him to the course). So.if you are wondering how some people find their way out of bed in the morning without satellite navigation ..... trust me, it's not a new phenomenon.


Slamming down the receiver on a landline telephone. Pushing the red button is not nearly as satisfying.


Is you slam hard enough you’d get that little ding to let everyone know shit went down


#"Get me pictures of Spiderman!"


I don't think kids now a days even understand why we say "hang up " the phone.


Being able to be an idiot in your formative years and not worry about it being filmed and/or put on the internet forever


This is why I feel terrible for anyone born into a family vlog channel. So many are going to grow up and realize that every emotional breakdown they had has been archived and viewed by millions of people, because their parents saw them crying and thought "jackpot".


my eldest son and his wife have two kids age 2 and 8 weeks. Nothing has ever been posted about them online, and never will be until they can make their own decisions. My own opinion is that posting stuff about your kids is a breach of confidentiality - it's revealing the private and personal details of someone who can't consent to the disclosure, and I can't see how it could be argued that such publication was sufficiently (or at all) in their best interests to warrant such a disclosure. So there. Now I'll have a hot milky drink and try to calm down....


I don’t think any of us could possibly understand what a pass this is for so many of us….I was such a melodramatic weirdo, my god


Turning the dial on the TV to change the channel (that alone is one thing) to Channel 3 so the VCR and your original Atari would work.


(With needle nose pliers)


Checking the pay phone change return for any forgotten coins


Back before normal people could afford cell phones, but I had a pager, I used lots of pay phones. I knew where all the local ones I could use from my car. One day I pulled up to use one of my normal ones and I couldn't get a coin in because it was jammed. So I dug out my pocket knife and fiddled with it and when they all released, I ended up with around $30 in quarters! Felt like I hit the jackpot.


Paper clip to make free phone calls.


When I was in like 9th grade and in track and cross country, I had to use a pay phone to call my mom to let her know to come pick me up. I found that the phone I used would make the call but give the coin back, if I used a Canadian quarter. But it would consume/keep a US quarter. Eventually they fixed it, but I carried around that same Canadian quarter for most of my 9th grade life, making free calls.


The trick was to make a collect call from them and for your name you would say, momimreadypleasepickmeup and then they could deny the charges and come get you.




This one’s gotta be getting obscure at this point. Fuckin classic tho. Who was that honey? Bob. They had the baby. It’s a boy.


I remember as a kid doing that by the new parking meters in NYC


The beauty of being unreachable.


I was in high school when cell phones started to be more accessible and my best friend was one of the first kids to get one. She was PISSED her parents gave her one and she called it an electronic leash. She hated it.


How to properly time getting a drink and snack before the ad break finished. I still sweat thinking about it


Good thing that nowadays ad breaks are almost as long as the TV show parts


I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I watched something live on TV so I wouldn’t know haha


The magic of flipping through the booklet of a highly anticipated new cd during your first listen. Just reading lyrics, checking out the illustrations, and getting really into the band. No social media so you had to invent the artist's personality solely based on lyrics and their music videos.


Party lines


Man I remember party lines. We had one when I was a kid and one of the neighbors had a bad habit of not hanging the phone up properly and thus tying up the line. My dad had an overpowered CB radio setup and found out that at a certain power level his transmissions could be heard through every TV in the neighborhood, so I'd be over there watching TV with a friend and suddenly hear my dad's voice blasting through the TV, 'HANG UP THE PHONE DIANE!'


i really enjoyed this story. thank you.


Not only will newer generations never experience this, but they probably think "Party Lines" is referring to a Conga Line


To be honest I think of something much less innocent when I hear “party lines”


The frustration of cassettes getting tape mangled.


And winding it back with a pencil


I see you're from the manual-rewind generation


Cutting out the ruined tape and scotch taping it back together creating a bad edit.


Not being able binge a show unless you literally recorded a bunch of episodes from TV on to a bunch of VHS tapes


This is why mom recorded cartoon network marathons on a 6 hour vhs tape!


How to use the card catalog in the library. Like the ones with the cards in the drawers.


But Dewey really need card catalogs anymore?


The difficulty of not being able to instantly find the answer to questions.


Lol if you didn’t know a thing you had to ask someone else or find a book on it, or just live your life never knowing


OMG yes! I remember calling parents and friends, then going to a library or bookstore for an answer. Sometimes even that didn't help. My entire career would've been different if I'd had google in the '80s.


Remember when we use to just be like “huh, I wonder how many soldiers were in Napoleon’s army” and then forget about it forever because the library is 7 miles away? Yeah. That’s not a thing anymore.


Getting the encyclopaedia out


I was watching a movie from the early 90s (I think) and a character had to find the number to a lawyer. She was scrambling and I'm like, "Why doesn't she just Google it. ..oh." 😅 (I'm 30 btw.)


Not being able to watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. We actually had to look up the shows schedule in a TV guide and be available when it came on




The fast runs to the fridge or bathroom during the commercials. “It’s STARTING AGAIN!”


honestly miss this.


And race home to be there at 8:00pm when the show started.


And have to choose when competing networks put cool shows on at the same time.


You could record something! On a blank tape or a tape you made blank with the vcr that you programmed to do it. Hope nobody changes the channel or nothing dumb happens to pre emotional the show…


And not being able to record, pause or fast forward so if you missed a part you just had to wait until it was hopefully shown again.


Listening to the radio with a blank tape it your boom box, waiting for your favorite song to come on so you can hit record the second you hear the first note, then the DJ starts talking over it and ruins the whole thing.


I sometimes wonder if it was on purpose, to sToP mUsiC PiRaCy


It was. They were specifically instructed to do that, because people taping songs off the radio for free was going to kill the music industry. By my count, it's "died" about five times now. First radio, then records, then recording songs off the radio, then Limewire/KaZaa/Napster/etc., then iPods and iTunes, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting or just don't know about.


Texting without looking at your phone because -> abc def ghi jkl mno pqrs tuv wxyz


I used to be a wizard at that. When the first iPhones and iPads were coming out, I was in highschool, and having the latest and greatest tech was a talking point. I still opted for a really old Nokia, (Not the 3310 iirc, it was a different one. One where you could swap out the front and back case, with 4 side bumpers that would light up. EDIT: found it! A Nokia 3220!) I opted for that phone, because I could touch type under my desk like a demon, and my friends loved it. They couldn't understand how I was so good and it, while not looking. I discovered you could make it faster by pressing the "Right" key too, to prematurely end the wait time on the letter you were typing. I miss those days.


"Stay off the fuckin' phone, I'm on the internet!"


Or the godawful screeching in your ear when you go to use the phone not knowing someone’s on the internet.


This. I still remember the anger when reading that.


Having a limited amount of music with you when traveling. Even with MP3 players if you didn’t have the song on it you weren’t going to listen to it until you could connect to a computer. It’s wild having gone from CDs to MP3 players to Streaming. Zune was best 1v1 me on rust about it.


I loved my Zune!


I'm just old enough to remember Limewire.


Using limewire to download limewire pro... I'm not paying $21.95


Ah the old days of feeling like a rogue because you knew Limewire wasn't strictly legal. Then getting karma instantly because you were a dumb kid who didn't know what an exe file was.


_Start downloading one song_ _Go to sleep_ _Wake up_ _95% of a 125MB album. Bloody hell..._


Napster was interrupted by so many phone calls in those days.


I hated when I’d been waiting for 30 mins for a song to download and someone would call.


97%. Someone calls. Start over. Always looking for someone with a T1 speed, only to find out that they're lying about their connection, and it's going to take ALL NIGHT to get Tubthumpin'.


mIRC DCC send/requests. My first 300 songs over dialup in college.


Making mix tapes for road trips!


A thing called encyclopedias


hows about not knowing who was calling...... was it your crush? your grandma? a telemarketer??????? its like a game show every time the phone rings


Nowadays I just don't answer the phone at all because 99% of the time it's a robot trying to scam me


No one I want to talk to would call me, they'd text.


“Can so-and-so come out to play?”


You were outside ALL DAY and were inside when the streetlight outside your house came on.


Oh man, I got in trouble as a kid because I was an early riser. I remember a day that I showed up to my friend's house at 7:00 am. Her family was NOT amused. Adult me wants to smack kid me upside the head.


I remember my father telling my my friend could come round after lunch. Clever me decided eating lunch at 8 am was a foolproof plan.


My best friend was like this. I was not. My parents just started leaving the door unlocked and yelling at her for knocking and waking the dog/them up. Now roles are reversed (22 years later) and I thoroughly enjoy randomly waking her up early on the weekends.


Cranking the rear window in a car by hand


Or the little no-draft window. But you didnt crack these. You just unlatched them and pushed them open.


I remain grateful for the invention of these. Mom and dad chain smoked on road trips. I would get nicotine sick before the vented car was bought when it rained.


I swear six year old me was up to a pack a day with the chain smoking going on in cars. I would try to roll the window down and get yelled at about it being too noisy. Meanwhile, turning green in the back seat. Oh well, at least they didn’t do anything traumatic like tell us how that celebrity’s son got kidnapped and his head was found on a beach right before they left us in the car for an hour while they grocery shopped.


Lol my current car still has manual windows, and the car before that.


Why we say "hang up" the phone


Also, dial.


Ah yes, good point


Maybe not universal. But how to entertain yourself with your mind and nothing else. I've noticed something about my friends/people i know in parenting culture where it's now a crime for a child to be bored. When I was a kid my parents laughed and told me to go away when I said I was bored.


My parents didn't tell us to go away. They gave us awful boring jobs until we figured it out. I cleaned many mini blinds and baseboards.


Dad asked' "Why are there random dirt patches in the back yard, son?" Me "Those are all the different kingdoms of our back yard, dad." Yeah those were the days


I may sound like a boomer, but I still remember the excitement I felt when I found an empty cardboard box in the garage as a kid. When I was in grade school, a cardboard box was the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket: You could do pretty much anything with one of those bad boys.


I remember how excited I was when we bought a new fridge and it came in a huge box! I played in that box for at least a week!


Not finding things out instantly. I used to carry around a question all day until being able to look up an answer.


The street lamps means it’s time to go home




The angry feelings that came when the news or the president interrupted your favorite show. You knew you might never see that episode again, too.


My stomach used to sink when you’d hear that teletype and the screen would go to “THIS IS AN ABC SPECIAL REPORT”. You know something really bad just happened


The damn oj Simpson chase interrupted the Simpsons! I hadn't missed an episode for a long time at that point and I'm still mad at the asshole for it.


Sometimes we don't need to know all the answers, and that's OK.


Having to say brb to all your friends on MSN because your mum wanted to make a call, and having to disconnect from the internet, and dial back up when she was done... Plus, the sound of connecting to the internet!


missing an episode of a show meant MISSING IT FOREVER. There's still an episode of "Battlestar Galactica" I never saw. I could go back and watch it now, but 10 year old me hurt like a gunshot wound for a long time after missing that thing.


Having to wait until Monday at school to tell your friends about the crazy shit that went down at the party over the weekend. I used to love that. There was nothing like saying “bro, guess what happened”!? Now everyone just instantly sees in it happening in real time on social media.


There was a time when we felt the world was getting better, not worse. Edit: grammar


Out of all the posts (many of which are very nostalgic), this one resonated most with me. Talk about “the future” used to be so positive, now it’s so negative. Seems like regardless of political views, people are just so negative about the future. Which is understandable.




This is the biggest answer to me. Kids growing up now will have no concept of the degree to which you could just do stuff and nobody would know about it if they weren't there.


Absolutely. I have done so many stupid things as a kid. Setting off home made bombs and rockets, stealing fruits, teasing the local cop and many more. But we learned from it. Would have been arrested as terrorists nowadays.


And I hate that. People now have to learn from a young age that anything your say or do could be made public, and it’s only getting worse as tech progresses. Privacy is dead.


The perfect balance between playing outside and watching TV.


Regularly greeting and meeting random strangers outside because the internet did not exist. Also, getting called by a "friend" on ur house phone with another "friend" secretly on the line. Classic setup. Also having to remember multiple phone numbers by heart.


I still remember most of my friends' numbers from high school. That was 1988. I don't know my mom's cell number still, although I know her landline because they (Dad's dead) got it before cell phones were ubiquitous.


My dad still reminisces about party lines in the 50s


When we would have someone listening on the other line we would remove the mouthpiece. It was safer to do that then to keep the mouthpiece covered.




The inability to have private conversations. In my parents’ house, there were two phones: one in the kitchen and one in their bedroom (which we weren’t allowed to use). So all phone conversations had to take place in the busiest room in the house. And we were on a party line.


Waking up early to watch your favourite cartoon.


Scrambled tv porn. “It’s either a boob or a bald guy’s head” The struggle was real, fellas


Management being afraid of the union.


When free minutes started at 9pm and text messages cost 10¢ each way. So even if you didn’t text your friends back your parents would get mad b/c they still had to pay for it


As a kid I read my favorite books more than a hundred times.


Having to wait more than 2 days for a package to arrive


And when it was $15 for shipping and it’d take over a week to get it


Not being able to make a phone call cuz someone was using the internet. One time I was told I couldn’t go to my grandma’s because I hadn’t done the dishes. I always walked to my grandma’s and she was expecting me, so I said okay, I’ll call her and let her know. My mom was already logged in to Everquest and didn’t want to log out so I could use the phone— so she told me to just go to grandma’s 😂