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Agreed. At this rate, ~~fewer~~ less people will be getting an education due to how expensive it is. Edit: From the 10+ people telling me it's "less", I fixed it. Thanks! ;)


I don't blame people. No one wants debt you can almost never escape and guarantees nothing. At least after paying off a house you have a house. Now a days, a degree doesn't guarantee much...


In Australia you don’t start paying off your student loan until you earn about $47000 per year, and even then it’s only 1% per year. If you never get to $47000 per year you never have to pay off your student loan and it dies when you die. It’s a good system as it means that people aren’t scared they will be stuck in debt for nothing (the degree either “works” and you pay off the loan, or it doesn’t and you never have to pay it).


God damn. I wish. I think I personally have paid 30k in interest alone, with the principle barely going down...


Pretty much the same in the UK (well, England for sure anyway). Repayment at the moment starts when you earn just over £27000 per year, repaid at 9% of what you earn above that (so if you earned £28000, you pay 9% of £1000). If you stop earning that amount, they stop taking loan payments from you too. Student loans also don't count against your credit rating and come out of your wages automatically like tax. I think our repayment write-off is at 30 years too.


What a degree (or just education) *does* do is create a stable, coherent society. As education becomes less practical, we can see our political situations destabilize and fail due to the stress out upon them by the uneducated. Education is often treated like a privilege. But the truth is that in the 21st century, and considering the type of world we live in, education isn’t a privilege, it isn’t a right, it’s a **duty**. Or at least should and would be, if it were accessible.


Well said! 100% agree. Access to a good education is (and should be) a human right. Those who want to treat education as a privilege tend to be those who want to deny others of that privilege.


Education is free. The issue is that the employment market is too lazy to assess competence without a fancy piece of paper saying you spent 100K getting it.


Totally agree. Although, to me it seems education is an intrinsic facet of liberty, because the uneducated or, in a sense, bound by the shackles of ignorance and, Therefore, not truly free.


At the same.time education doesn't have to mean college. I can easily make the argument that a skilled tradesman is more valuable to a prosperous society than most people with an MBA


They were wrong. It's not less 😬 Sorry to be that person, but this is one of my specific pet peeves... https://www.grammarly.com/blog/fewer-vs-less/


lmao, nah this is just me being a little shit. I've gotten like 10+ messages telling me it's fewer.


And the fact that we glamorize successful people that dropped out of school. When in reality they are the 1% in that regard.


I suppose the definition of “successful” needs some clarification as well. We talkin Oprah rich successful? Or upper middle class successful?


Think they mean Mark Zuckerberg successful or Bill Gates successful. That's the first ones that come to mind for me.


Fewer. Fewer people. That education is free. ;-)


I believe you can trace almost every problem back to a lack of quality education. That’s why I support policies that improve our education system and make it more accessible. If the average person was considered to be more educated we might actually be able to solve some world problems.


as living in france where education is free or almost i can tell you,it doesn't change much lol.


In normal countries it is free if you can’t afford it. In Italy I pay 156€/year of university, and didn’t have to pay anything before that even if I had a pretty good education. People who can’t afford even that 156€/year can super easily get scholarships since here the right to study is protected by law. It only costs more if you can afford it, and even then the maximum is around 4000€/year. (All of this for public universities, which are the majority and also almost always the best) And most countries in Europe work the same way.


Most public schools are free and a lot of people cant be bothered.


yup - you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.


Health care


Agreed including therapy.




You know what’s weird? We have health insurance but it doesn’t cover our dental or vision. What makes them so special?


Teeth are considered luxury bones.


Heh. Luxury bone.


That’s a high-end dildo/vibrator.


Came here to say luxury boner


It's because they want to always remind us that's its a privilege to see and have teeth.


I have terrible vision. It makes me so angry that I have to pay money to see.


So what you're saying is they're robbing you blind?


Ha! Bet he didn't see that coming


The magic of lobbyists.


As someone who is still $6k in dental debt after paying for 6 years, I agree.


I tried to book a dentist appointment like 5 years ago. When it got to the point of, "Whats your dental insurance policy number?" I informed the receptionist I did not have dental insurance. Magically, the dentist was suddenly fully booked up and they could not serve me. So I went out and bought dental insurance. Still havent booked an appointment yet.


The irony is that there are more and more dentists that are refusing to take insurance because it's more like a coupon and they don't reimburse for everything.


I'm gonna be the dick who encourages you to go to the dentist. It sucks and it's not cheap but I put it off for too long and had to get like 6 fillings. Nip that shit in the bud. From one Bostonian to another.


Dude. For 6k you could come to my country, fix all teeth, and live here for 3 months very comfortably. A tooth filling costs around 13 dollars. Or you could decide to pull out all your teeth, and put full new set of teeth with implants. You'd still have enough money left for a 2 week vacation in our main tourist spots. Edit: This is if you don't have insurance. If you have insurance its much cheaper.


$13 per tooth? WTF. Up here in the north of Canada with our socialized health care, a filling is still like 200-300 CAD depending on the dental office. Tell me this country and it would probably be cheaper to fly out there and fly back then go to my own office here lol (My insurance covers up to $1500 at a rate of 80% per visit but still, it would be cheaper for me to go there)


Macedonia. Flight from Canada and back costs maximum 2000usd. 32 fillings multiplied by 13USD is 416 USD. Add 100USD in case you need a few root canals. The local anesthesias used also cost 2 USD each. So lets call it an even 600 for the dental work assuming ALL of your teeth need work, includig a few root canals. A good 2 week vacation shouldn't cost more than 500 for a single person. So we've got 2000 + 600 + 500=3100 dollars. In reality, this would cost much less. If you wait, you can get a flight for close to 1000 USD, not 2000.


I can give you some websites of dentists here so you can see for yourself


From my local city, the flight is around 1100 so it would have definitely been worth it. Probably would have saved a few hundred dollars.


And, you know, gotten to visit Macedonia too while saving a few hundred.


Dental in Canada is some of the most expensive dental in the world with alberta being the highest. You can even drive down to Montana and get most dental treatments for half of the cost of alberta even with exchange


I paid $4k to REMOVE my front tooth a couple weeks ago. Not including the screw in there, or the fake tooth later on....I’m 22. I’m screwed


I spent a few grand on a crown.


I have a broken incisor and can't afford to get it fixed, even with dental insurance. I don't smile or else I have a mask on so that's a positive look at it.


I've recently come to terms that I need to seek professional help for my anxiety. Its not totally crippling and luckily I am not nor have I ever been suicidal, but some days I find it extremely hard to focus on work because I just worry about other things that are completely out of my control. I've reached out to every place that's covered under my insurance within 25 miles and so far no one has availability to take on new patients. I'm going to widen the search, but needless to say the struggle to simply get help certainly hasn't improved things.


I had to wait 4 months after a referral and my anxiety *is* crippling, and I was running out of meds. The 4 months was the rush list. I ended up convincing my PCP to prescribe my then current meds until I got an appointment.


I feel your struggle. ADHD here with consequential crippling anxiety and depression, and *real* bad EFD (think not eating when hungry because even microwaving something just seems too much to deal with levels of EFD). I can't find a doctor at all since I moved and I'm out of meds, making even *looking* for a new doc now feeling like an insurmountable obstacle. I don't even have a PCP anymore, my insurance seems to be designed to destroy neurodivergent attempts at getting care.


Yeah, I heard how insurance works in the US, still don't get it


Just don’t get sick What’s hard to understand? Only half of newly diagnosed cancer patients will go broke in two years. Only 45-60K will die because of inadequate insurance.


Oh you can't afford insulin? Get a job, poor /s


Oh, you could afford insulin if it was a realistic price? Too bad we jacked up the price to about 100x that. Supply and demand, you know?


Sad you had to add the /s, but there are apparently enough out there that want death dangling over people’s heads to motivate them to produce value for the machine.


This, so much this


And they will die as proud Americans, not communists.


🇺🇸 True freedom is an ambulance ride that costs $3500


As an American I also don't get it. So like, I pay for insurance monthly, and then whenever I do go to the doctor - even for just a routine exam - I have to pay a copay? Like... So even with insurance I'm still asking myself if I need to go to a doctor if nothing feels wrong because I'm still spending money! I know, "preventative care," but like... It's so terrible... And even if you do decide to go to a doctor, you'd better hope you've done some basic research on them. Make sure they'll actually be attentive and won't dismiss your concerns. It's a mess...


This is what I don’t get. With national healthcare, we’d have to pay taxes for it every month, but actual hospital visits would be almost free. But people argue that they want the right to choose their healthcare, so they force everyone to pay both times. It’s nuts.


Not to mention that that “choice” everyone hollers about is a false choice. Unless you want to pay 100% off the costs, you are limited to choosing providers in your insurance company’s network and that insurance company is chosen by your employer, not you.


If you're lucky enough to have a job that provides health insurance, many "essential" jobs don't.


It’s one of the dumbest things about American healthcare; if you don’t have a job that provides insurance, you’re SOL.


> and that insurance company is chosen by your employer, not you. There are few things in life more pointlessly frustrating than when some dipshit in HR changes insurance providers.


Plenty of developed countries do not have national healthcare, but multipayer systems with insurance mandates.


I actually want to move from the U.S. for this very reason, it just makes little sense


Neither do we. It's hopelessly confusing and complicated. Worst system ever.


Ok so how it works ELI5: theres a lot of components so im breaking it down outside in on why its so expensive and about the worst system imaginable. First, medical companies sell drugs to many countries. But countries where their government pays for the medical bills try to keep things simple. So they only buy from one drug company at a time for big discounts. This gives the company a monopoly and consistant stream of revenue in exchange for a loss in profit. Those companies then turn to places like the US and make the profit up there where they dont have that exclusive deal so they can charge more. The US government has a branch called the FDA which does a really really good job at making sure our medicine is safe and effective. But to be so good at that, drugs take a lot more time and money than they normally would. Insurance companies are a service where you pay them money, then they will pay parts of your medical bills for you. Very similar to the raise in taxes the socialized counties take to cover medical costs. But thats not all the insurance companies do. They also barter with the hospital for lower prices. The hospital knows there will be haggling and so they arbitarially raise their prices so that they can haggle down without issue. (This is why you see pictures of saline, which is basically a bag of water, cost hundreds of dollars. No one actually pays that.) Also you can barter with the hospital yourself. If you even just ask for an itemized receipt. Some places will more than half your bill first. But thats super annoying. Hospitals expect people to not pay their bills. Poor people need healthcare too and they cant legally turn away a hurt person. The hospital eats these costs and pushes it off onto other peoples prices they know can more easily pay. The end user, ends up with a system where they see ridiculous prices that they dont have to pay which is confusing. 2 companies (hospitals and insurance) supporting each other by convincing you you need the other or die. Governments inadvertantly raising prices of products that should be fractions of what they are. And a web of confusion for people to complain about but not know what is actually the problem. Its all the problem. Theres even more not covered here but thats the shorter version.


Some countries use competitive tendering for generics (NZ for one), but generics are generally low cost. The FDA is no more effective than EMEA, MHRA, Health Canada, or any other regulatory agency in the developed world


Thats the point. Make it confusing so people can't make enough sense of it to call for a change.


Hey that's an increase in price for me


*America has left the chat*


2 dollar bills




Really? I’m out of the loop




Housing. People can lose their jobs, but still have a roof over their head, which sadly in the real world doesn't always happen. Also the amount of homeless people sleeping on the streets is a worldwide pandemic just like covid. Having them housed would not only help them improve their own lives but also would reduce the spread of covid because they aren't sleeping on the streets. Suicide rates would go down too, and more people would be inclined to seek help for any addictions they may have.


It's hard to get a job without an address or phone number. Homelessness due to poverty almost always guarantees continued homelessness and poverty.


This, if you end up homeless from poverty, in the US and UK at least, it’s very unlikely you will ever get a house again without family members helping you


I don't know why I had to scroll so far to find this. Glad education is so high up, but as an educator, I can tell you that having housing security for all students would be the real game changer.


Yup Lived out of my car for 2 whole semesters, showered at the school gym. Grades fell because of it.




Yup, u/maddadambomb a secure life as a child lowers the probability of all kinds bad situations later in life.


Not to mention people who have more secure lives will not let themselves be exploited as much. If your job isn’t paying you enough for the work you do you don’t have to keep working there for fear of becoming homeless. Or if the company you work for is operating in a way you find unethical you can report them or simply quit and know you are still secure at least in the basics. And that’s just the beginning, a basic floor for people to stand on where their needs were met would be immensely transformative.


Rent around the developed world has been rising for years. Covid made it so much worse. Im currently staying at my dad's and looking for both a job and a place to rent. Both markets are giving me such a fuckin headache.


I mean, the cure for homelessness is basically the reciprocal of the word itself. American housing infrastructure especially is hella broke. Also, a lot of times to actually get a job to pay your dues you need a mailing address, and it's even more important to have one if you have limited or no access to the internet, as you need some form of payment, communication, and identity verification.


Not to mention the cost of rent is supposed to be a third of the month's budget. All that (considerable) sum of money would be very useful if it were free to go somewhere else.


Fifty years ago we were taught that housing should cost no more than 25% of our income.


The problem is the lack of housing in places people want to live.


There is that. If you don't mind but fuck nowhere I've seen 5 bedroom houses for around 150,000.


Southern Missouri has lots of 5 bedroom houses for $150k You can get a new build for under 200k


Yeah, but then you’re in Missouri. “Like they say in Missouri, I ain’t going back to Missouri.”


My grandpa bought a 4 bed, 2.5 bath house on 3.5 acres of land for $197,000 a few years back, in Southern Ohio. Not to mentions it's about three minutes drive away from a state park, not a great one to be fair but still. Also on a back road shaded by forests on both sides. Fucking awesome days spent riding a bike down the road to go swimming.




I think you'll find that most foods are already under or around one dollar. I will have...one...food. Please.


Per kilo bro per kilo


I will have 1 kilo of lobster and 1 kilo of filet mignon plz. Here is $2


Oh I love filled minions


It's like a jalapeno popper but yellow and with goggles and screaming for mercy


I snorted. Take your upvote and think about what you did.


I'll take a kilo of that wagyu steak I'm always seeing videos about. Here is $1


>Rice is a great meal when you feel like you want to eat 1000 of something - Mitch Heidelberg


It's one banana, how much could it cost? Ten dollars?




Expanding on this.. WHO has a list of 100 necessary medications, the ones that sustain life. I think all should be mandated at reasonable prices


>WHO has a list of 100 necessary medications, the ones that sustain life Shaft...?


You’re DAAAMN right


Agreed, so many needless deaths. It doesn’t even cost that much to produce


Yeah and I think about how it’s not covered by some peoples insurance


Basically everything needed to have a less stressed, healthy life. Healthcare and medicine, education, housing, food and basic necessities. People are always stressed trying to afford just to live. Easing this burden would greatly help.


Imagine having all these expenses covered so you can presue your passion in life. Which, in turn, will push the human experience to the next level via innovation sourced from honest passion and not exploitation.


Isn’t that the theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Starting with immediate safety as the base layer, working up through food and shelter, and the peak (IIRC) was self actualization. We can’t be our best selves if we are always working on getting the basics met.


*push the human experience to the next level via innovation sourced from honest passion and not exploitation.* THIS. 100%


I’ll never understand the people that gripe about this concept. People just want to live and not be stressed the fuck out by the simple act of living. Don’t hate poor people, hate the system that enables generational poverty and strife.


ITT: Americans that wish healthcare didn't cost their entire life savings


> entire life savings *Cry-laughs in seven figures of medical debt*


Have you seriously considered declaring bankruptcy?


If I ever had medical debt this bad I would file bankruptcy in a heartbeat. I can deal with 7 years of bad credit, but I will not spend the rest of my life as a slave to the health care system.


“Slave to the health care system” is such a sad and frightening phrase for someone like me who doesn’t live in the states to hear. You guys okay bro?


Same, it feels like I’m in the easy difficulty game mode living in the UK, and these Americans are playing hardcore


I DECLARE bankruptcy.


That's like saying you only have one Uno card left, only with money. And instead of +4 it's -29.95 service charge. Heheh heh... heh... *sobs*


several lifetimes it is then


Man it must *suck* to be a broke immortal vampire in America


If I know I’m immortal then why am I going to go to the doctor? I’ll live.


Suffering for eternity doesn't sound great


You'll get used to it


Edit: I shit you not my doctor called me a few minutes ago and said they made a mistake when I applied for free treatment and that I could get the biopsy taken care of by the government. This happened three months ago. My doctors said I might have skin cancer and then I asked how much it would cost to diagnose and what it would cost if I did have it. He looked so confused when I told him I would take my chances. I'm not going to live though cancer to pay off medical dept the rest of my life. Edit: just to clarify for the empathetic souls that this is upsetting. If and when I have the money. I will get it diagnosed.


Skin cancer is usually caught early and, if so, is remedied by removal of the problem spots. I know that US healthcare is ridiculously expensive, but skin cancer is one where it's so much cheaper when caught early.


I make $10 an hour. A three hundred dollar charge. Would make me need to barrow to pay rent. Much less the few grand worth of diagnoses fees. The doctor didn't even know for sure if I had skin cancer. So I wasn't willing to put that weight on myself or family.


Are you sure you can't qualify for Medicaid based on low income?


I think for Medicaid in my state (Arizona) you gotta make less than $19,000/yr to qualify


Most hospitals are non profits which means they have to provide assistance for low income patients. Look for sliding scale adjustments on your hospitals website. Based on your income 80-100% of the procedure could be covered by the hospital. You can try calling the hospital and asking to speak to the patient advocate or patient representative and they could talk you through how the system works and how to get care and qualify for the reduced cost


Look up Tom Searle from the band Architects. Get the damn mole removed. Now.


That's really sad. Do you think he regretted his life? I like their music.


I don't think he regretted it. I'm sure he wished that things had been different, but by all accounts he was very philosophical about it. He wrote many of the band's lyrics, I'd look at some of the content on Holy Hell, some of which came from Tom's own writing before he passed; the rest was written by his twin brother. The important thing is that for the sake of a few hundred dollars you might be able to avoid the pain and grief he and his family lived through. I fully appreciate the finding the funds might be hard, but this will cost much less now than it would if this were melanoma, and that did spread. A friend of mine went through a couple of years of treatment - in the UK, fortunately for him - but it was a slow process, trying every avenue and every trail he could, that ultimately didn't work. But if he'd addressed it sooner, his husband may not have been a widower three years after they married.


I don't know if it was the powers that be or something. But I got a call from my doctor a few minutes ago and apparently, they messed up my paperwork for my application to get the biopsy for free. I was denied three months ago. The government is going to pay for it. Idk what made it happen today but my mind is blown.


That's fantastic news! I'm really pleased to hear this - and such great timing! Maybe Tom pulled some strings with the powers that be, eh? ;) I'll cross my fingers for a good result, for you. Let us know what happens!


Bruh maybe. The man's getting put in the favorites either way.


Joke's on you, most Americans don't have any savings.


Sanitary products. Toilet paper, tampons, menstrual pads, etc.


Regarding sanitary products for those on a budget: a Diva cup is around $35 but can last 1-10 years depending how well it’s cared for. I first got one in 2014 when I was trying to cut costs everywhere possible.. there’s a learning curve but it saves a significant amount of money. If you use it for 3 years, the cost of the product is only $0.97 per monthly cycle.


Not everyone's anatomy is compatible, sadly.


True. There are free tampons but they’re cardboard and satanic


Ugh no…..you’ve just unlocked some core memories that I’ve repressed for so long.


Or period undies or reusable pads. I agree with you, I don’t like the idea of shoving something up me (I don’t like tampons btw).


I cannot tell you how life changing these period panties were for me 4period High Absorbency for Heavy Flow Period Panties; Leakproof, for Teens and Women https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LG03Y1O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_H5Z2W1J40ZAFCVGMFQZ0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Cant really understand how a small silicone cup is THAT expensive. I understand that it is very likely not the same polymer used for cooking tools, but even this makes the price look completely insane. I mean you can buy a (somewhat) working phone under 50 bucks


I’m not sure about the cost breakdown, but it’s made of medical grade silicone. There are both cheaper and more expensive cups out there, but regardless, it’s less expensive than using disposable products.


yeah- my period cup was only $6 and works amazing and has sustained itself a long time


On this comment thread - men talking about how individual tampons and shit are less than $1 Get out now till you buy a box or more per month, and get charged a “luxury tax” on those items. Fuck off


Either insulin or epi-pens. Gouging sick people is some evil shit.


If you have an expired epi-pen check the fluid in the window of the pen. If it is clear the pen is still good, if it has turned yellowish, it’s actually bad. An expired epi pen that we were required to get rid of at a summer camp saved my dads life


Yep, every doc I've had prescribe me one has said the same thing. They last a couple of years, even though the "expiration" is one year.


Scary! Glad your dad made it through.


And inhalers!


Clean water in Indigenous communities ..😐


Prescription medication EDIT: Forgot that everywhere else in the world has universal healthcare. I live in the States EDIT 2: Wow, never had a comment with over 1k likes. Thank You all


Universal healthcare and universal pharmacare are not the same thing. For instance, here in Canada where we have universal healthcare, I still need to pay for prescriptions, though it is generally far cheaper than the US.


One time I needed to grab some medication and they told me that since it wasn't being covered by the government insurance and wasn't being covered by work benefits, that I would have to pay the full price. I sighed and said ok, she handed me the machine and it read "$7.00" Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked.


In germany all, or almost all, prescription meds are always 5€. At least for all I've ever needed.


In England they're (iirc) £9. But you can get an exemption for some long term medical problems. (Touch all the wood though. Who knows how long that will last with Brexit and Tories)


You can also prepay for £10 a month which covers everything except birth control prescriptions (which are free for all)


But not asthma and that has always annoyed me. I need the inhaler to live.


*laughs in Scottish*




Solar panels


Drugs for chronic conditions




Condoms (NOT 1 CONDOM), female sanitary products, insulin pens… Edit: since almost every single one of you says “condoms are already under a dollar” Blabla. Obviously I don’t mean 1 condom. Just condoms in general, duh. Another edit: bloody hell people, if all you do is correct me please don’t bother replying.


You are the only person I've seen mention condoms. I'll raise you one and change it to all contraception.


I’m in England so one of the exceptions to paying for prescriptions is that all birth control is free including vasectomies


In the states, technically you can go to just about any free testing clinic for free condoms. They're not great and only come in mediums but they're free.


Good one!


I'd raise one for you too, but I don't have any condoms. Too expensive.


wait what condom cost more than $1?


$1 for a condom might be raising the price lol


I was gonna say, a three pack of condoms is like $4, which fair enough is more than a dollar each, but who's responsible and logical enough to buy condoms but also cheap enough to throw all of that away over 30 cents lmao. Also tons of places (in the US at least) will handout or send you condoms for free.


My college hands me condoms everyday as I walk to class. I havnt bought one in a few years


After college I ended up with a shipping box of those free condoms. I had so many that some eventually expired.


You can get boxes of condoms on Amazon for 50 cents a piece. Doubling the price wouldn't help.




you will get the rent when you fix this DAMN DOOR!


Prescription medication and doctor visits


Justice. If everyone regardless of race or class had access to a competent legal defense it would vastly change society.


RTX 30 series GPU


I just wish they existed for MSRP!


this guy fucks


this guy seckses




Blow jobs


there are plenty of places to get $1 BJs but you probably wouldn't want one from them.


Just get a homie




Doomsday Devices


They work great for fixing time jumps due to displaced cronotons.




As much education as you want! Want to learn something!? How to do something!? Your in luck! We’ve got qualified teachers on every subject for the low low price of $1.00!!!!! That’s right I said, $1.00!!!