What’s something you didn’t want to like but ultimately you did?

What’s something you didn’t want to like but ultimately you did?


My friend and his wife were nuts about the show Leverage. I was at their place once and they asked if I wanted to watch it. I was not interested in the slightest and went into it thinking I was going to probably actively dislike it. By the end of the first episode, I was hooked. I watched the entire first run of the show on dvd.


Probably anime? I had friends who were top-tier Cringe Lords when it came to anime. Turns out, it's fucking great. I just avoid the community.. Not for me.


Jumanji 2


Die Antword.


K pop. Just avoid the fandoms though they are too intense for my taste


I had a similar experience with LOST. I was so late to the party because I watched it like 8 years after it finished. I always thought it was overrated but couldn’t be more wrong


Mac and cheese


Never had it 🥲


Tik Tok. I really said a ton of shit about it when it started getting popular. After downloading it I was hooked


The competitive Fortnite scene. I didn't play like in any big tourneys, nor did I do well in the few I did participate in. But I enjoyed the game more when I knew what to expect. Made the crap show that was Chapter 2 a little more bearable. Although I quit once it dawned on me that they truly never cared about the player base and had gone too far down the cash/skin rabbit hole. And before you berate me for playing Fortnite that late, it had genuinely made me excited and happy in a time in my life where I really wasn't. It helped me into my next step of life, and I'll always remember it fondly for it.


Kansas City


I can’t like it due to its confusing location.


It's Kansas with a healthy serving of Misery.