What is easier to do if you're a woman?

What is easier to do if you're a woman?


Have someone help you with mechanical/electrical/car work. So many people believe men just know how to do that stuff and will look down on guys who don’t. As a woman, people assume I don’t know what I’m doing with that kind of stuff. Sexist, but helps me, I guess


When I was babysitting once and me, the girl(7) and the boy(5) were playing in the street and a women came up and tried to take the kids away from me, asking all sorts of questions about who I was and if they were okay, she even asked if I was hurting them. She then tried to physically take them away from me. I imagine that wouldn’t happen if there was a women looking after them.


So she tried to kidnap the children in order to stop them from being kidnapped by the babysitter?


She grabbed one of their hands and started to walk away so I grabbed the kid and ran back to their house and had the police called on me. Which was fine beacause the police officer who arrived was really nice and understanding. Just some crazy Karen. But I did get some off looks from other people too, that won’t stop me from making the times without their parents more fun.


It's theorized that female serial killers are a lot more common than the statistics show. One, a female stranger is a lot less "noticed" than a male one, in that your attention is drawn to the male stranger, you are a lot more likely to be suspicious of them, and memory of the male stranger lingers. For female strangers, you automatically assume they live nearby (especially if doing an exercise activity), you're more likely to not suspect them, and you might not even remember them days or weeks afterwards. Two, female serial killers are theorized to be less egotistical, less wanting their deeds displayed all over the papers, care less to see the public scared or watch the police run in circles. They (in theory) are satisfied with the deed done and prefer their efforts are not noticed or at least not found connected to another victim.


Survive the NICU -- apparently girls do much better in the NICU than boys do and tend to have less health complications. We heard that time and time again as parents to a 29 weeker girl. quick source (but there are others): https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/04/150428151510.htm


I remember reading a while back that it is because girls have the equivalent of an extra week of development because they don't need to develop boy bits. I'm 25 week white/hispanic boy who survived the NICU in 1990. They were very very shocked edit: it's because they don't spend as much energy during dong week


Neonatal/Newborn intensive care unit (NICU) - for anyone a little lost. (This one deserves more upvotes.)


Compliment any complete stranger. As a dude, I have to very careful complimenting strangers. I will actually tell my wife, “check her hair out, it’s super cool. Will you tell her?” And she will, and it made that stranger’s day. Just wish I could do that more often without being seen as creepy. This especially applies to children. It’s a big no-no for a 41 year old guy to compliment a child saying they look super pretty. Woman - no issue.


Yeah whenever I want to complement a woman I make sure to dial up the gay in my voice to 11.


"no hetero but your hair is on point"


Hiding sexual arousal


You’ve never had to belt tuck your clitoris?


Not yet!


You probably just haven't met the right guy yet, be patient.


As a guy I've never tucked it upwards. I didn't even know that was a thing until a year ago I heard horror stories about guys tucking it upwards only for it to peek out and say hello. Edit: this is my most upvoted comment. Strange comment to get this many upvotes on but I guess that's just how it be sometimes.


LPT: Wearing a shirt circumvents that problem (and as a bonus helps to maintain normal social contacts in your everyday life)


In a world with so much ugliness and hate, the world needs to see my chest. Like a sexual rolling meadow on hills of muscles with a testosterone filled valley running through the middle. If you look closely, you can see groups of tiny magical men huddled around my nipples not being afraid to weep in the company of others.


A majestic sight to be sure.


Would be true, but my mating call keeps giving me away


Certainly one advantage of having an "inny." We don't have to hold a book in front of us, either.


Touch your friends I think


That depends on country and culture i think Here we hug when we greet and kissin on the cheek is pretty much normal for males and females and its not considered sexual when a man kisses a woman on the cheek when he hugs her as a greeting Sometimes relativea who you've not seen in a long time even force you into a hug and cheek kisses (which can be annoying tbh) But yeah, depends on country and culture/tradition i think


A couple of people have interpreted this as groping each other, but I feel like what I really notice in men is that they aren’t as comfortable with intimacy. Sitting right up next to each other thigh to thigh on the couch under a blanket to watch a movie, resting a head on the other persons shoulder, gently moving an eye lash off of someone’s face, holding hands are all practises I’ve experienced within my platonic relationships with women that I’ve never generally seen men be comfortable with. Like yeah smacking each other’s butts is whatever, but I think it’s kind/gentle physical touch that is lacking.


Yep, 100% this. It was at least 10 years ago but to this day my best friend still brings up the time she was going through a really depressed patch. She'd spend every weekend staying over at my place, and just lie on the sofa next to me, crying quietly or or completely zoned out. I'd put a Monroe or Hepburn boxset on for her, surround her with snacks and sit and stroke her hair for hours. I knew she didn't want to talk, she just wanted to not be alone and who doesn't like having their hair or head stroked? Anyway, she still tells me how much that meant to her, having that comfort, and I know there are some men who would do something similar for their friends but the majority would feel uncomfortable and it's a shame really.


I used to nap with my friends. It makes me sad that men probably don’t do this.


It was so fun, just sleeping in one bed with your girl friends. And after you wake up your friend says that you slapped her in the sleep.


My wife... It was dark and she would be coming into bed but she would underestimate where I was and would smack me in the face. Took her a while to adjust and I would keep my hands near my fast to protect myself. We now have a king bed and doesn't happen anymore


When I was in high-school I had a lot of female friends and friend groups that were fairly relaxed and chill with casual touch. Cuddling and napping together and such. Was really nice. I moved for university and there I found it impossible to form a similar friend group. The men were much more frat-like and the women were on guard and treated any attempt to be friendly as hitting on them or attempting to get laid. I had multiple "friends" just up and ghost me one day because they decided they either weren't interested in me or they got into a different relationship.


I went to an all boys school and we would have nap time in the court, one big napping mosh pit.


Carry anything on your hip


Anytime I carry something heavy and place it on my hip, it’s like a part of my instinct awakens


I now feel slightly less insane for having the same feeling. Like I heft a laundry basket up onto my hip and there's some immediate connection with my inner 60yo babushka ancestress carrying an 80lb bag of horse feed.


This, but stuff on my head.


Yep noticed myself carrying the giant bag of cat food on my hip as I left the store today. Of course, my hands were full of several bags & my purse so multi tasking yay! Since I am already a mom, I know the carrying child on hip feeling well.


If I'm holding something on my hip and talking to someone or otherwise distracted, I'll start swaying and bouncing to soothe the thing on my hip. It's like muscle memory.


I'm the same, I've successfully nurtured many an inanimate object on my hip haha, and in supermarket trolleys. Mum of 3, and a very close aunty, my nephew is lumped in with my lot so I've had a few years experience lugging little people around on my hip haha.


Can confirm. Use hips to carry bags, children, pets. It's a wonderful addition. Edit: Woah! Thanks for the award


Very true about the children. When my niece and nephew were born and I helped take care of them a lot, my mom and sister would always tell to rest them on my hips if my arms got tired of holding them. Like I don’t have wide hips it doesn’t work for me. They just keep sliding down my flat sides lol.


Honestly. I tried carrying a cousin on my hip because my aunt needed somebody to carry the kid. She and I were both baffled why it wasn't working. It only made sense after my first serious relationship when I realized, hey, women are actually shaped differently in ways that go beyond the obvious.


I remember carrying babies on my hips when I was 12. Basically, at that age you have to use both arms and throw your hip out into next week.


I use mine to support cases of beer when I'm at work. Edit: Thanks for the award!


Yep. When I closed for a fast food place I'd usually be the one to go and pick up traffic cones, signs, etc. We had signs directing traffic with these crazy heavy bases. I tried showing my male coworkers how I picked up the sign (reach around the base of the pole, lift with your legs, cradle the heavy base to your hip, pole out behind you). They just couldn't do it. They could lift it, yeah, but they just couldn't hold it the way I could. Most ended up just slinging it on their shoulder or dragging it on the floor. One guy hugged it to his chest until he got to the door. Got the job done ig, but man do I feel bad for them.


When i was a diver (diving board, not SCUBA), I learned that women have their center of gravity near the waist, which means they can throw twisting dives better. Men have their center of gravity a bit higher which means they can thrlw flipping somersault dives easier.


Can confirm, shoulder carry is a way I have to go for almost everything bigger than a bread box.


I worked in a banquet kitchen and was able to carry two bowls at a time. Dudes had to take two trips because they didn't have the hips. It is definitely handy.


I couldn't carry our son as long as my wife. It blew my mind because she has no upper body strength whereas I go to the gym and am the designated carrier and mover of objects. Then it clicked one day when I saw her holding him for awhile. He sits on her hip as she leans a bit. I tried it and he never sat on anything unless my arm was directly under his butt. She would always give me crap about me not wanting to hold him when really I just couldn't hold him as long.


I noticed this with my husband and i. He holds most of our babies weight in his hand or on his forearm. While i put his butt straddling my hip and grab his forward thigh or just tuck a hand under his knee which keeps my arm straight along his back to keep him from doing any spontaneous movements. But let me tell you! I bought a TushBaby hip seat and we both LOVE IT!!! the best $60 i ever spent. I wear it all day just spin it to the back when I dont need to carry my baby. I can do everything without ever getting tired of holding him. He hated being in full carriers but loves his hip seat. And it can support up to like 50lbs. So I can still use it for my 4yo as well when he needs to be carried! Any other new parents reading this, get you a hip seat. Thank me later.


As a very curvy woman, it never occurred to me that men (or just other people in general) don’t do this, or aren’t able to. Whoa.


As a lean swimmer guy, trying to carry anything on my hip is a good way for me to find out how much it hurts to drop that thing on my feet.


Physical contact? If I feel like it if I need a hug, I can just cuddle with my girlfriends. I don't think its that easy for guys... Edit: Typo


straight facts, last time I had a hug was a few years ago


Damn now that i think about it i haven't had a hug in a few years too.


Gotta get yourself some hugging homies, me and my homies hug all the time


My guy friends hug as a greeting. Try it out.


Hug hello, hug goodbye, and likely one during the hang. Friend group of huggers is great.


Mine was 2 years ago. And that one was 3 years after the previous one haha.


Just specifically with girls though. I seem to make easier friends with guys and want to hug them but feel like it will get weird (as it has in the past). It makes me sad. Like, I love you, man and I want to hug you when I feel like it (not just when you’re super sad and it’s obviously a non-sexual hug).


Can confirm, need a hug almost constantly haven’t had one in months.


Apparently women fighter pilots handle g-forces better than men, mainly due to being shorter and their heart not having to work so hard to pump blood to their brains (short men also handle g-forces easier for the same reason).


Yep. As a tall guy (6'4"), g forces fuck with me big time. In fact, 2 weeks ago i passed out on an especially intense roller coaster. My wife, who was sitting next to me for the ride cackled with laughter when we saw the on ride picture and i was out like a light.


That's why you have to squeeze your butt cheeks when you're going down the roller coaster drop.


It's a technique called hooking that fighter pilots use. They tense up their muscles and grunt and push. Almost like trying to force out a super constipated shit. It forces blood to the brain. Edit: [Here's an article](https://www.gearpatrol.com/fitness/a393291/hook-maneuver-agsm-tutorial/) that explains why it's called that. It's an Anti-G Straining Maneuver. I'm not a pilot I just remembered reading it sometime. I don't recommend trying it at home, you'll probably just get a headache and you might possibly crap your pants.


I pass out when getting blood taken and the last time I had it done, the nurse told me to squeeze my cheeks real hard to prevent me from going under. I still lost consciousness but I will always remember that woman shouting “squeeze your cheeks, hun! Squeeze your butt cheeks!” as my world faded to darkness.


Funniest shit I’ve ever read


Work with children. As someone who works in early childhood education I've had the cops called on me three times when I took my kiddos to the park. Thankfully I know the beat cop quite well so it has never caused me any real issues, but the fact that people see "Adult man...interacting with children???" and assume I'm a violent predator honestly hurts a lot. My team is all big, burly, heavily tattooed men, but we are all insanely qualified to do our jobs, but that all means nothing to some random Karen who sees scary-looking me give piggyback rides or do a girl's braids. I had a bad childhood and just want to care of the little ones, kindly fuck off. Edit: I really didn't expect this post to get the response it did, so I feel like I should add some more information: I'd say about 95% of the families I work with are thrilled to have a man working with their kids, or just don't really care. So many children grow up without positive male role models in their life and are incredibly grateful for the work we do. Men, don't be discouraged thinking you can't work with kids, most people are going to be quite supportive. Boys need men to show them how to be men, step up and help our little guys! With the right certifications and degrees it can also be a pretty decent paying job with insane job security. To the Europeans saying "Found the American", this happened in a European country, stop acting like gender role related issues are an exclusively American problem, it only makes it harder to address these issues. What do the kids think of us? By and large we are their favorite teachers, and since they don't have a concept of why men like us are seen as intimidating, they just see us with a more objective view. They really like my tattoos, and sometimes draw on themselves or put on fake tattoos to look like us. One of my girls was furious with me one day and drew all over arms and face to look like my tattoos and beard and went around like "Hurr durr, I'm CaucasianDelegation, get off the table and get in line!" Never have I been so utterly wrecked, I was nearly in tears laughing!


I'm guessing this is why I see a lot of these people wear their work ID on the their neck when with children.


Yeah, but as a dad I don't have an ID card. So, when my kids were little, taking them in public without their mother either brought disapproving and accusatory looks or the ol' "*Are you babysitting?*" bullshit. No, you fuckwit mongrel, I'm parenting. Just like their mother does. I'm not less qualified or justified in spending time with my kids just because I have a cock. And when I got the "babysitting" line, I *always* told the stranger (*because it was always some stranger making that remark*) that their mother had died and i was a single parent. It always stopped them in their tracks as they try to recover from feeling like the asshole they were. She's not dead. Alive and well. I just liked doing that to people because they fucking deserve feeling like that.


>And when I got the "babysitting" line, I *always* told the stranger (*because it was always some stranger making that remark*) that their mother had died and i was a single parent Omg I thought I was the only one to use that line! First time I used it was when some lady said "it must be your weekend." Threw that line at her and she stuttered an apology and walked away.


ugh, I remember in college people thinking I was a pedo just because I volunteered teaching art at an inner city pre k over winter break. haven't really felt comfortable interacting with kids ever since


I got the cops called on me in high school cause I went to the mall with a female friend who was significantly shorter than me. They thought I had kidnapped a little kid… the woman who followed us till the police showed up was shocked when she found out the girl was older than I was.


Wow just wow. My ex bf is black/mixed but his little half siblings are much more white-passing. Some lady started harassing them in public once because she thought he kidnapped them or something. She even tried to grab one of the kids. The kids asserting to her that he was their brother got her to back off without cops getting called, but my ex was livid and the kids were pretty distressed over it. When she realized she fucked up she just took off.


Sounds like a situation my ex wife went through. She's Dominican, "looks half black", her daughter looks very white "fathers white italian". She was stopped by 2 old white ladies who asked her daughter "is that your mother?", she said yes, but they looked at each other and quipped, "that can't be, she has to be the maid" .


Ew that's so fucked up


It happens to my mom friends that are women of color with white husbands a LOT. People think they’re the nanny. It’s pretty fucked up


When I was a kid I wanted to do babysitting classes and was ridiculed by teachers and that kinda hurt too. I have a kid of my own now, but it was literally just a life goal from that point so I could interact with kids and not be ridiculed. But now I get comments like "you never see men interact with kids as much as you do" man fuck off, this is all I want, I don't want to be condescended every time I play with my kid


I had a friend in early highschool(middle school in the states I think?) who wanted to be a babysitter as well. Poor kid went to the nightclasses the school offered, and by the time he finished 'graduating' he never received a single offer from anyone, and that's including relatives. He basically gave up a few months' worth of weekends and $20+ for nothing. I still feel bad for the guy to this day.


This just gave me flashbacks to babysitting class I totally forgot about, the whole class was like 18 girls and 2 guys and when teaching about wiping butts the teacher said I should never do that, I have two little sisters, that's kind of why I was in the class, lady.


As a 30 something single man, whenever I'm at a park and see an open swing set, I go for a swing because I don't care how old you are, swinging is fun. But the minute a kid comes over and starts swinging, I leave because then I'm "the creepy guy hanging around kids at the park." The fucked up thing is that you're with a woman you're "the cute couple." I wish parks would have adult only playgrounds lol.


I love swings as much as you do. The difference is I am a blind woman. So people are less likely to say anything because I am female, and they probably think I’m also a bit special because of the blindness and the fact that I’m a 35-year-old woman hanging out on the swing regularly. I mean, it’s not a great way for people to look at me, but I don’t care. I like swings.


You know why this is fucked up? One of the most revered and trusted people on earth, was a man who loved spending time with children. Do you think Fred Rogers would have the police called on him today as well? (Probably)


If I saw someone call the police on Fred Rogers, I would want to kick their ass. But I wouldn't because Mr. Rogers wouldn't want me to. But afterwards I'd probably need to talk about my anger with Mr Rodgers, and it would be really hard not to say fuck. But I would try really hard.


this sorta reminds me of the big biker dudes with their tiny dogs and it’s adorable edit: what the fuck tysm for the gold


get a babysitting job


Changing babies in public. Many men's rooms do not have baby changing stations. Edit: In the United States


Contrary to popular belief females are also not allowed to change their babies if they don’t like them. I’m afraid you’re stuck with the one you got.


This took me way too long to get.


Help a child without suspicion or judgement.


Being around a child in general. I’ve been questioned when I was out with my son before.


Once, I [30M] was on break at my last job which was near a lake, lots of families and people walking, hanging out etc. I was sitting in the grass on my phone relaxing, minding my own business when this adorable little girl walks up to me (she's maybe like 6?) and says "um, would you like to run with us?" gesturing to her friends nearby. I said "no thanks! I'm tired from working but I'll watch you!" but she wouldn't take no for an answer and they all started running around me. I was stuck in this sticky situation, it melted my heart that she wanted to be my friend but obviously a grown man playing with strange kids in a park doesn't really fly, but I couldn't explain that to her. I sat there kind of awkwardly not knowing what to do, when her mom finally walked up. Luckily her mom was really cool and jokingly asked if they were bothering me. I left shortly after and said goodbye. Just glad her dad didn't run over and throw me into the lake for harassing his kid lol


I walked out of a grocery one day and a little girl ran up, wrapped her arms around my legs and hollered Daddy! loudly. Mom was absolutely horrified and completely embarrassed as the little girl realized I was NOT who she was expecting 🤣 So apologetic and I just laughed and chatted with the girl a moment, apparently Dad wasn’t far behind me and she was shy over having made the mistake. Completely innocent and cute but that mother looked so scared and mortified like I was going to be angry or something that I can’t forget it. Kids are kids, they make noise, they play, they ask questions and make mistakes. Can’t get bent out of shape over stuff like that 🤷🏼‍♂️


I have a vivid memory of being that little girl. I wrapped my arms around my dad's denim jeans, looked up at.. NOT DADDY. Lots of men wear jeans. Who knew.


I have a vivid memory of picking out my video at the video store, placing it on the counter, and then standing on my father’s foot while hugging his leg. A voice I didn’t recognize gently said, “Now I don’t want to scare you. . . but I’m not your father.” I looked up, and sure enough, I was hugging a strange man’s leg. His jeans and shoes looked just like Dad’s. Naturally, I screamed in terror.


This is so fucking weird to me. I see single/lone dads with their children in public all the time and it never once hit me as questionable. What the actual fuck is wrong with people


I only interact with kids in public when I'm with my wife. Bill Burr does a funny bit about this "GET THAT FUCKIN THING AWAY FROM ME! LOOK! HANDS UP, THEY CAME TO ME. GET THE DEMON AWAY FROM ME".


or just smiling at a child


Consoling a lost child in public (more to the perception of male threat, no matter how unfounded)


My sister and I have different dads; Hers is white and mine is part Hispanic; I’ve been looking after my nephew when she’s at work and stuff and the amount of dirty looks I get is honestly disgusting


My mom had the same issue with me when I was a small child. We’re mixed, but I looked very white. Most people assumed she was the nanny and treated her accordingly.


Yo forreal tho. Had a wacko flip her shit on me when I saw a kid tumble into the aisle at the store. Helped the kid up to see if they were ok and see if they needed any help. Fucking wackodoodle comes running up asking why I’m touching her kid and if that’s how I get off. I just stood there dumbfounded. Luckily another customer came to my defense so it didn’t escalate but lady was still screaming about how I was going to abduct her kid and I was making it cry. Now I just let the kids be unless of course the kids in some immediate danger. I hate people.


> Luckily another customer came to my defense so it didn’t escalate but lady was still screaming about how I was going to abduct her kid sidenote: at this point it's clear it wasn't even about the issue (anymore). because if she had only been legitimately worried, that would likely have been the point at which she had calmed down (and maybe even apologized and/or thanked you).


She just wasn’t listening to logic or reason. She was adamant I was up to something and was planning on stealing her child. The second I had someone to corroborate my story I just left after thanking the other customer. Karen’s gonna Karen especially if you’re a large brown male. Shit I’ve had the cops called on me for being at a public park waiting for friends cause I was “obviously waiting to deal drugs”


Ah, yes. Obviously. Any time I see a brown man at a public park, I think, "drug dealer." I mean, what else would you be doing there, u/Soylenthotdog? Enjoying fresh air and nature? Everyone knows only white people like those things. /s


On the worse end of that: being a pedophile. Women are perceived WAY less as sex offenders


And on the occasion that they ARE, the whole thing is treated as less severe. 10 is 10 straight to jail.


I just read an article that said women are better at aerobic energy production


This kinda checks out with the scuba oxygen story lol


Since the majority of posts here are sexual, I'll bite: sales. Seriously females salespeople are on average much more successful than their male counterparts. In my industry (industrial sales), it's an open understanding that our typical sales contact (older middle-aged male) is much more interested in talking to females than males. Huge sales buff if you are young AND at least a little attractive. If you are a hard working, quick witted and social young female looking for a high paying job without education requirements, I would strongly encourage you to look into B2B sales. All of the technical knowledge you can learn on the job.


In my experience in sales it's a double edged sword. Older men are more likely to respond to a young female, but they are much less likely to respect them or take them seriously. Females tend to be great at generating leads but find it harder to close deals.


Most drugs are prescribed to you because a hot girl with a rolling suitcase gave your doctor a free pen. —Peter Griffin


Can confirm, I work at med device company (in manufacturing like a troll) and our sales people are gorgeous...


Sit down on a chair without accidentally sitting on yourself.


too close to home


Home being your left nut


My long hair would like to disagree with you.


Getting their hand into a Pringle can.


Fuck ya. I do the tilt + 2 finger grab to get my pringles fix.


Pour the Pringles into my mouth


i try that, but by then crumbs have acumulated at the bottom, and when i try it goes all spillin on my faaaaacceee


Look at all these upvotes done by hands that can’t fit inside of a Pringle can


If you feel me put your hands up! If you feel me put your hands up!


I wanna have a daughter.


So I can finally have someone around the house that can fit their hand inside a Pringle can. Yes, I’m still on the Pringle can thing, I’ll move on.


But that is priority numero uno


Joke's on you, I'm a man with teeny tiny hands. They aren't very masculine, but I can get this pringles easily eheh


I'm not afraid of getting accidentally hit in my private parts. It can hurt, but not nearly as much as mens i believe. Edit: Yes, i've been hurt down there pretty badly before(a chair or a table) but i don't think it's the same because nothing is... ya now.. hanging down there. Plus i always thought like... What if i was a dude and suddenly someone pulled it so hard that it came out completely with all blood and nerves and skin and all that glorious stuff...


It’s also kinda tricky for someone to punch/kick you in the coochie at the angle needed for it to really hurt. Like I’d almost be impressed.


Tell that to my daughter, who ran and head-butted me directly on the pubic bone this morning. Thought I was going to puke. Edit: She tried to hug me after and I told her (from the floor) that I needed space. Now she’s been telling me all day that she “needs some space.”


Oof. That’s rough. Toddlers’ heads are made of steel, I swear. They have a talent for ramming their head into things full-blast and just carrying on like it’s nothing.


It's the worst. I was once riding my bike and my foot fell off a pedal and I hit my balls on the seat. It feels like a shockwave going through the body and it takes a few minutes for it to go away.


Did ya see the lights


I had flashbacks of the lights just from reading his post.


Getting tattooed. May be anecdotal but I have spent hundreds of hours in tattoo shops and women seem to sit better from what I have observed.


I had a virus in my eyes. My doc said I could do drops 3x a day for two weeks or get this iodine eye wash. I said, duh of course I'll take the eye wash. He said it burns really badly and that only ladies accept it, the guys take the drops. It was excruciating but my eyes were better by the next day and I'd do it again, goddamnit!


Knowing for certain that the baby is yours


As the Spanish saying goes: "Los hijos de mis hijas, nietos míos son. Los de mis hijos, no lo sé yo" -> "My daughters' children are my grandchildren. Those of my sons, I don't know."


Lol, my father in law said that to me, and I was like.... you assume she's your daughter though...


Man I’m so glad 3 years of Spanish in high school let me understand at least a 3rd of those words lmao.


Actually, about eight years ago my cousin (white with blonde hair) had a baby with his then girlfriend (light-skinned Hispanic), and **she** accused **him** of cheating on her because their baby looked too white and couldn't possibly be hers. She was not the brightest.


Was she cheating and projecting onto him?


How come for am I pregnate?




I've never understood why monarchies have generally become patrilineal. It's just logistically tricky to be sure which man fathered which child. Whereas it's generally easier to determine which child emerged out of which woman. The Chinese language even has throwback to some prehistoric matrilineal society. The word for "surname" is 姓, which has a very clear "female" component 女 on the left. This implies that at some point in early Chinese writing, people took their surname from their mothers. The paperwork was probably easier that way.


Forgive my dangerous half-knowledge, but isn't that the reason why you can only be Jewish through a Jewish mother, but not through a Jewish father (and non-Jewish mother, I mean)?


Exactly that (although within Progressive Judaism you're recognised as Jewish if either parent is Jewish, but traditionally it's purely matrilineal)


Yeah but have you noticed how you never meet anyone who is a 100% jew? They are all jew-ish. /ill see myself out


I wonder if it was intentional. If the monarch’s infertile it’s much easier to make a fake heir if necessary


Also, a much darker thought, if royalty is taken prisoner, you don't want the enemy to be able to force an heir


Royal children generally have to be legitimate in order to be in the line of succession though.


Then you convert to a religion where bastards have rights, max out your intrigue skills and kill everyone else in the line of succession. Noob.


I was waiting for a CK reference!


CK? What's that? I only know a game called Incest Kings where you conquer the world while maximizing your eugenics program


Small thing but telling what a lotion/deodorant/body wash/shampoo smells like by the label. Women’s is just labeled like vanilla or lavender but men’s get dumb ass names like wolf hawk or champion.






You joke with the bourbon scent, but we got a bourbon snob friend a bottle of bourbon cologne once as a joke. If you ever want to smell like a drunk from 20ft away, that's probably the cheapest way to do it.






All these fake adverts are giving me LIFE.


I loved old spice's wolfthorn scent. I wish they would bring it back, I used both the deodorant and the body wash. Also, my husband is technically a bear? So yes, I shall embrace him


I feel like we are getting a little better at this. A lot of old spice scents actually say things like pine and cedar on the labels. IMO I'm more likely to buy a deodorant if it smells of something familiar and recognizable, so I usually go with one of those or something that has mint, eucalyptus or aloe. Hopefully the marketing people are picking up on this and make men's products easier to buy.


if men's products were actually named correctly, it would be: cool water knock-off jovan musk variant yet another eternity wood polish and pine it's as if popular smells from the 80s 90s became public domain and now every shitty product smells like old calogne


Men's products need to stop being all-in-one shit so much too. It's all like: - Shampoo - Conditioner - Toothpaste - Body Wash - Spackle - Sandwich Spread - Sunscreen


Introducing our new cologne scent, only for the manliest men, introducing GUN


I wear [BEARGLOVE](https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/GUEST_e6af0103-5245-40d1-8702-9298013725e9?wid=488&hei=488&fmt=pjpeg) Not sure of Bearg Love or Bear Glove


I honestly prefer the flowery, fruity pleasant smells of my wifes shower gels and shampoos and often use them because all the products branded and marketed towards men smell weird bullshit to me in comparison


Distinguish between colors. I can't find the reference now, but I once read an article where some fraudsters were sneaking into a conference with fake badges. The fake badges had a slightly different shade of color. Women could spot the difference, but men couldn't.


Also woman can have the gene and not be colorblind, but if they have male kids it’s highly probable and sometimes literally impossible for them not to be colorblind. 1 in 12 males are colorblind vs 1 in 200 females.


1 in 12?!


Yeah, colorblindness comes in a few varieties, though. Most people who are “colorblind” can actually see color, they just can’t distinguish certain colors very well (most commonly, red & green).


Having a baby. Super hard as a guy


*Seahorses have entered the chat*


Tons of martial arts throws. Female center of mass is lower down in the body than male center of mass, even before accounting for height differences, and it's absolutely crucial to certain martial arts throws. Like, you know that one throw you see all the time in movies where someone grabs a person from behind, and that person just leans forward and rolls them over their shoulder? Yeah that's almost impossible for most men to do unless the stunt person grabbing them is helping with it. But for your typical woman it's literally as easy as leaning forward, it takes basically no strength, it's all leverage. I'm a man who practices mixed martial arts and four times out of five when I'm sparring a woman and I lose against her, it's because she threw me.


"Hey babe can I yeet you onto the bed, I wanna try something I saw on Reddit"


RIP ceiling fan


Can confirm. In my country there is a specific type of wrestling where it's all about "throwing" the other person, not mat work like in the US. Anyways, I'm the first girl in a generation in my family and had a dozen male cousins that loved to torture me. One day they got the fresh idea to teach me how to wrestle and I quickly grasped it and started throwing them left and right. They didn't want to play anymore after that. Sad! \*I practice Muay Thai and clinching is absolutely my favorite part. Thanks cousins!


Wear another gender's clothing.


I once got a bunch of mislabeled lab coats. Some how the service switched mine out. I was thoroughly confused as to why I felt like I was a 5 year old trying to figure out how to tie his shoes. I literally could not work the buttons. And that's how I found out women's buttons are on the opposite side of men's.


It's bizarre and makes no sense. It trips you up more than you think it would.


It is a leftover from the Edwardian and Victorian eras when women were habitually dressed by maids/ handmaiden. Therefore the buttons were back to front to allow them to be easily fastened in the normal way by another person but then women began to do/ undo their own buttons whilst they were back to front and it became a habit to do it that way so no one ever changed it.


Yep, this is one that has always been weird to me - most people don't bat an eye if women wear looser pants, longer shorts, etc... but if a guy was to wear a skirt, tube top or any 'women's clothing', people WILL notice. Only thing that women can't wear, that guys can, is board shorts (and no shirt). I mean you CAN go topless, but most countries are not okay with that in public...


Yeah and it's not "cool" or "civilised" for a man to walk around in a Greco-Roman tunic anymore. Damn shame if you ask me.


Have multiple orgasms


But I think it’s generally easier for men to have AN orgasm at all…


I'm genuinely envious of that ability, tbh.


I'm a woman, and same. Some of us get only get one at a time.


Some of us get none.


That is also true. I only do by myself, never with a partner. Even then it took until my 30s to not have it take, literally up to an hour+, to achieve. I do hope you find a solution.


The splits. (Unless you are Jean-Claude Van Damme)


Is it actually easier for women or are there just more women who train flexibility like that?


Women's femurs insert into the pelvis at a wider angle while men's are more vertical. It's also part of why it's generally easier for men to squat weight than for women.


Here’s a fun one! Women are generally better at conserving air while scuba diving. I teach scuba and 95% of the time my female students could stay down twice as long on their first dive than their male counterparts. It’s a big pick me up for so many tiny women who think all the heavy gear is going to set them back from the big muscular guys. Update: So surprised to see this response! Glad you guys think it’s as interesting as I do! Looks like some studies have been done on this (there’s a Telegraph article behind a paywall that links to the studies) but for more casual reading, check this out: https://www.scubaexperts.com/are-women-better-scuba-divers-than-men In my opinion, I think the major piece of the equation does have to do with oxygen use being more efficient in women due to sheer muscle mass, but I do see there is a psychological aspect to it too. I see a majority of men take heaving breaths rather than normal relaxed breaths. Because of this, sometimes these guys’ll be overweighted to counteract the positive lift created by their lungs. This means they’re dragging around more weight and thus exerting more energy. Along with that, I tend to see a lot of women relax in the water a lot faster than men do so they become accustomed to what breathing regularly underwater is like. For those of you who have asked how to become more conservative divers here are a few tips. 1. Practice buoyancy!! The closer to neutral buoyancy you get, the less drag you’ll have. As you get accustomed, you’ll find you can shed lead from your gear which continues to make you more efficient. 2. Spend some time focusing on your breathe. For the first few months of diving my primary concern was my breath and making sure to always keep breathing. You have to counteract the desire to take deep gulps of air and instead try to find a rate at which you are relaxed. Skip breathing isn’t the goal either. That will just make you want to suck down more air later as you get exerted by hold your breath. As you get used to this rate, you can play with changing your breathes to change your buoyancy. 3. Relax! Taking it slow and using efficient movements is going to allow you to conserve air throughout your whole dive. As a bonus, if you take things slowly you are more aware of your surroundings and tend to see more life.


Can confirm. My dad was a PADI instructor for over 20 years and this was a thing. He himself was able to conserve air with much training and experience almost to the same degree as a woman. It also helped he was a small person at 5'1".


Haha your Dad scuba’d like a girl!


You WISH you could scuba like a girl!


When I took HAZMAT with the us Army, we used SCBA fire hawk masks for training in full hazmat suits. I was the only woman going through training. We were told one per group would be going through the full Decon process. The one going through would be the one who used the most air. They didn’t even both to check my tank gauge because the instructors knew I wouldn’t be using anywhere near as much air as the guys would.


Did firefighter training with a few women. One in particular stretched a 30 min bottle nearly an hour when we did a breathe down.


I could stay under water a lot longer than my father and brother when diving, but I never realized this could be because I am a woman.


Serving tables at a restaurant. While the overall sales between the men and women servers are about the same, the women get tipped much higher. People seem to have a better time at restaurants if their server is a woman.


I'm a male server and I can confirm. The other women who serve at my job make double or sometimes triple my tips. Those ladies get single 100 dollar tips regularly, which I've never gotten. That said, it's not always greener on the other side of the fence. They still have to deal with alot of harassment and unwanted attention from creepy guys. And don't forget those mean old ladies...they are especially rude to the younger women working there.