Was Skylanders any good? Why or why not?

Was Skylanders any good? Why or why not?


Bro I played the first 2 Skylanders when they first came out on the Wii. I'd say the games were good but definitely a P2W experience ngl.


i remember it as being good bit now that im older i see that it was a complete bullshit money vaccum


Its alright it's very much p2w but Skylanders Giants had some interesting mechanics and decent enough graphics. Id not recommend the normal version as a lot of the game is locked by pay wall but if you can get s cracked version with all heros its actually very fun.


no, it was a silly fad


I played with my cousin's copy of skylanders and it was meh. Of course, I was already a huge ps1 spyro fan at the time, so I'd say that I had a bias against skylanders.


I mean, it started a fad for several years regarding Toys to Life (of which only one company is still using to this day) and may have served in providing the funding for Spyro Reignited. I'd say the latter's a pretty big plus.


I loved it. Played with my sister forever ago, still have most of my old ones. Favorite was chop chop.


That argument is dumb af. The comparison basically acknowledges the fact that Spyro was a guest appearance in Skylanders. Fine, no issue there. The problem is that it was literally sold as a Spyro game. A Spyro game where he has practically nothing to do with the plot. They used Spyro to launch a different series and then stopped making actual Spyro games until RT. And this followed TLoS, which already angered a lot of old fans by completely changing the character. So they follow up by changing the character again, and then not even making him relevant to what was ostensibly his own game. He's a side character at best. You don't see why that would rub some people the wrong way?