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Shrimp live in the canopies of the Redwood Forests. They get there via literal seagull poop, and the lush coastal ecosystem forms little puddles on the branches in which they grow and live.


Been reading 45 minutes and this is the coolest fucking one


Some monarch butterflies migrate 4000km from Canada to Mexico, and back, every year, and they have paths and station that they use recurringly. When migrating over Lake Superior (Canada/US), they don't follow a straight line: when they fly over it they go south for a while, then at some point suddenly turn east. Some scientists think that they follow a route that goes around a mountain that existed in the past and has disappeared a long time ago... They've never unlearned the existence of the mountain, because they follow the same route every year! There doesn't seem to be a scientific consensus regarding where the "memory" is for that route or how they know where they are.


When bears hibernate they generate a mucous wax to cover their buttholes so that nothing can get in EDIT: Okay, as this blew up I decided to look for this information a little further, as it was just one of those fun facts I heard once on TV or something and never actually fact checked it. There's a name for this, it's a [Fecal Plug](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_plug), and it seems to be actually made from hardened feces, but it only has a light odor that is 𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝓊𝓃𝓅𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝒶𝓃𝓉.


Well there goes that fantasy.


Bear fucker, Do you need assistance?


If you hold a sheep's nose closed so that it can't breathe it forces the sheep to pee. Source: a friend of my Dad's used to be a vet for farm animals, this was a great way of getting a sample if a sheep was sick


Well that's one I never learned from James Herriot.


Stalin was shorter than Napoleon at 5'5" and his left arm was shorter with a deformed hand due to blood poisoning


Napoleon likely wasn't even short for the period, he was average height. It's a mix between English propoganda, the fact that the French measurement of the foot was longer in France (33cm) than it was in England (30.4cm) and that his personal guard were exceptionally tall.


In the state of Pennsylvania, there are the towns of Intercourse, Climax, Paradise, and Blue Ball (no joke... these are the actual names of those towns) and they are all with range of each other. But what makes it even more epic is that the locals use this humor for their tourism advertising. "To get to 'Paradise', you have to start at 'Intercourse' and drive through 'Climax'. But if you hit 'Blue Ball' you have gone too far." I only remember this because my Dad bought a t-shirt that had this written on the back.


The slime on a sharks skin is chemically identical to the natural lubricant produced by the human vagina


squalene! I know the name since it’s a super popular skincare ingredient (although plant based versions are made now)


This is more wtf to me than the shark thing


Pineapples contain enzymes that break down proteins, which is why your mouth goes tingley when you eat lots of it. Given this, theoretically you could dissolve a body in pineapple juice


> Given this, theoretically you could dissolve a body in pineapple juice Yes. I *do not* recommend trying to marinate meat in pineapple overnight. I would describe the result as a "meat slurry" and "severely depressing morning".


36Hz is the resonant frequency of the clitoris.


You can play that note/frequency on a 5 string electric bass. (Lowest string, 3rd fret) Coincidentally that note is a "D".


there is an entire “rainforest”-esque ecosystem in your belly button.


didn’t some guy find bacteria from japan in his belly button even though he had never been there before


Yeah it was only in certain Japanese soil


Cannibalism is only illegal in one state of the United States.


It's legal in a lot of countries I think. The idea is that punishing someone in a survival situation is a really shitty thing to do as they have suffered enough and coming out alive is more important, so because of this a lot of places are hesitant on making it illegal but they charge people with desecrating a corpse if say they dug someone up and ate them. It's a weird little loophole that protects people who have endured some of the worst situations imaginable


A co-worker told me one day “you’ll know when it’s truly the first day of spring because lake water will warm up and make any dead bodies in the lake float to the top surface due to bacteria” he continued with “except for in Lake Superior where the water temperature never gets warm enough to build bacteria in a dead body” and that’s one coworker I’ll never make mad right there


The dead bodies in lake superior will get 'cocooned' by a wax like substance made from their body fat, en will be closed off to fish or other carnivorous or omnivorous organisms. This will wet mummify the body.


I saw a video of one of those corpses that "lives" in a shipwreck. People dive down to him all the time and while it should have been the creepiest thing ever, it ended up feeling kind of wholesome. He's just chilling out down there.


Well now I'm curious


SS Kamloops - they call him Old Whitey


The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down Of the big lake they call Gitchie Gumie The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead When the skies of November turn gloomy Edit this got some votes so I just wanted to make sure to credit Gordon Lightfoot and his legendary song [the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuzTkGyxkYI), which is based upon the [sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Edmund_Fitzgerald) on nov 10 1975.


Here’s one I read on Reddit: the distance a squirrel would need to fall in order to die is 4,800 miles. This is because squirrels cannot die from a terminal velocity fall; they would have to fall far enough to die from starvation.


Oh good. I once saw a squirrel fall from the top of a tree and it made a very loud thump when it landed. It laid there for a few seconds, then ran off. I always worried the poor thing ran off and died soon after. Now I know he didn’t die from the fall at least .


50% of sloth deaths happen while they are pooping. Most sloths climb down from trees to poop and tend to die to predators at this time.


Why must they descend? Birds can do it mid-flight!


It’s believed that they decent from trees to be more visible to mates. They also only poop once a week and lose up to 1/3 of their body weight!


In order to snap someone's neck like in movies or video games you need to be strong enough to apply roughly 100-115% of the victims bodyweight in rotational force. Much more difficult than Hollywood would make you believe.


Probably not the best thing to admit in a publicly-available setting, but I’ve always wondered if/how one would practice snapping someone’s neck? You always see it in films etc., but I just assumed that - like with gun and knife target practice, martial arts training, and all the other necessary skills required for a spy/soldier/mercenary - they would have to do some preparation for it before being unleashed on a real person? Unless it’s just a case of “go on, Agent X, now’s your chance!”, followed by an “Ow, that hurt!”, then scuffling noises, *then* a loud cracking sound, then “Well done son, took me four goes for my first time!”. I think I may be overthinking this.


Maybe a dummy with a realistic force threshold to its vertebrae that can be "broken" repeatedly?


If you sneeze when coming from a dark room into sunlight, it is because of a specific gene which is named ACHOO. I know because I have it. "Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) Syndrome is characterized by uncontrollable sneezing in response to the sudden exposure to bright light, typically intense sunlight"


God dang it I always wondered what this was. I always thought it was something to do with the sun or very mild hayfever




When Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile, they cut off his penis and gave it to the local parish priest. The priest later sold it to raise money for his Parish and it's been sold and resold down through the centuries and to this day there are three people who claim to own Napoleon's penis. No one knows why this happened, and it's not the important part of the story. The important part is, who the hell do those other two penises belong to?


I mean, if people are buying dicks from famous people with no proof of authenticity, if anything, it's surprising only 3 showed up.


Maybe they each have 1/3rd of the real thing and the reason it was sold in the first place was the impressive size.


*Dude walks into Vegas Pawn Shop to sell the penis Rick: "I really want to be sure that this is Napoleon's penis, let me call an expert in penises" *Your mom shows up


Captain Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch and he captains a ship called the Guppy


Isnt he technically an admiral if you follow us naval rank insignias? *appears he is a commander and is actually lower than a captain. But if you go off having your own ship i guess he can go by captain.


The kiwi is a bird closely related to the emu and the ostrich, despite having the size of a chicken. Nature made it small but forgot about the egg, which is about the size of an emu egg.


It's also the only bird with eggs that are green on the inside!


cocaine was such an influence on fleetwood mac’s rumors that they wanted to credit their dealer.


There's a bunch of these cocaine stories from 70s bands. Black Sabbath spent $75,000 on cocaine during 1972 while recording Vol. 4 The Grateful Dead visited Aerosmith while they were recording and Jerry Garcia said He's never seen someone do so many drugs in his life. Probably talking about Steven Tyler or Joe Perry Apparently in 1975 the Rolling Stones had access to pharmaceutical grade cocaine from Merck and it's claimed that they had it hidden around on stage so they could just do a line when needed. There's a ton of stories about Keith Richards and his shenanigans. Bowie was known to take ungodly amounts of cocaine you can see in some pictures from that time how thin and gaunt he looks. He even had Mick Jagger worried.


> Bowie was known to take ungodly amounts of cocaine Bowie was hitting the coke so hard in the mid 70's,he had no memories at all of recording his "Station to Station" album.


As a former heavy drug user, I can say that this is completely true. I literally have no memory of the 15 years I spent on heroin and crack. There are occasional flashes of what seems like a memory, but nothing cohesive. It's really unsettling.


Dolphins can fall deeply in love and develop relationships just like humans can. It has been recorded multiple times that when a human and dolphin - who have formed a strong relationship between them over a long period of time are separated: the dolphin becomes so depressed that they willfully commit suicide by sinking to the bottom of their pool/lagoon and refuse to come up for air until they drown to death.


Also, there was that women that lived with a dolphin and would jack him off.


From what I remember reading, both of these facts are from the same story.


There are multiple times that a dolphin has committed suicide after being separated from their loved one


This is true! The dolphin was named Peter and his human carer was named Margaret. Margaret was part of an experiment where she was trying to train dolphins to speak and understand english, and she was paired with Peter, who was the youngest and the only boy of the three dolphins. It is true that she (the human) would do things to Peter to give him sexual release, but it was not for her own gratification. She only did it because during the training, Peter was separated from the other two girl dolphins, and had no way to get sexual release. Because of that, he would get unruly and be very hard to train, and to take Peter all the way back to the girl dolphins would take a lot of time and supplies, so Margaret would just give him a dolphin handy. Peter ended up committing suicide after the two of them were separated due to lack of funding for the experiment; he was taken to a holding facility and swam to the bottom of his tank, never coming up for air, and he passed. Many believed he was in love with Margaret.


from the recordings i have heard of his training it sounds like he genuinely knew how to speak numbers 1 - 5 and her name, but it was difficult to understand because he did not have the vocal anatomy (lips, vocal chords, etc.) to physically formulate most of our human sounds. He was so smart and dedicated that he actually learned how to say her name by making an "Aahh" then rolling on his side to gargle water, then finishing with "eh". apparently she would catch him secretly practicing his vowels in front of a mirror, and he would get really upset


What a wholesome and cute wntry compared to the most of the rest of dolphin iceberg


You left out the part where they gave both the human and the dolphin LSD. The 60’s were a weird time.


The cheetah is the only cat without retractable claws.


Cheetah meow like a house cat.


And chirp


Dragonflys are the most effective hunter on the planet catching 95% of the prey they go after.


Their species is also older than the Appalachian mountains. EDIT: some have mentioned this isn't fully accurate and I would defer to them. This is something I read in a textbook back in the mid-90's so I am probably generalizing, etc, but it was something that always stuck in my head.




It was an annual tradition for the pharaoh of Egypt to masturbate into the Nile with an audiance.


Sounds like a standard fertility ritual to me. Don't you want rich harvests?


"Oh look, he seeded the water! Our bounties will be great!"


Except that one year when nobody came


That's one hell of a flex


"It's uhhh... cold today"


I was in the pool! I was in the pool!


"I was in da Nile"


The faces I make when I'm masturbating are not for public consumption.


Then you should cover your webcam.


Two-thirds of U.S. civil war deaths were caused by disease.


Doesn't similar things apply to basically every war prior, that lasted longer than a few weeks, to .. 19xx ? A lot armies relied on ressources they collected on the way (which was also a reason why the USSR started burning down own land before retreating. Scorched earth..) which nearly always left the people behind to starve.


For all species of the cat family, mating is painful. It's not the biting that hurts the female, it's the male's penis, which is barbed with 100 tiny hooks.




Elephants have prehensile penises, i.e. they can move them like a tail.


A bull elephant is also capable of accidentally kicking or stepping on his own dick, an experience he will not enjoy.


Prehensile means it can grab stuff which most tails can't. So it's cooler than a standard tail.


The quickest way to the heart actually IS through the stomach. According to archeological evidence, the Aztecs basically discovered through their years of sacrificing people that it’s way quicker to cut open the stomach and then go up and under the rib cage to cut the heart out, rather than trying to break open the ribs to get through them. They could apparently get someone’s heart out this way in only a few seconds, and there are accounts of sacrifices where multiple thousands of people had their hearts cut out in a single day, which would take forever if they didn’t know the quickest method.


So Ice Nine Kills lied to me when they told me that The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage? Damn, back to square one


The first Pong machine was dropped off at a local tavern owned by friends of one of the developers for a test run. After a few days, the game started to malfunction. The tavern owner called one of the Devs, Allan Alcorn, to come fix it, and when Alcorn got there it was discovered that it was malfunctioning because it was too full of quarters.


I’m surprised that wasn’t in the documentary Game Over on Netflix


For some reason when you said local tavern my mind pictured this going down in like the 1800’s.


The world's first commercially produced oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Col. Drake stuck oil at 69.5 feet and this ushered in the oil boom of the late 1860s. He died penniless because he never patented his method of drilling. EDIT: There is an oil well just south of the Drake well called "McClintock #1". Its the world's *oldest* continuously producing oil well. It produces about a barrel a year, but I was told it mostly pumps up brine water.


Figs are not a fruit but actually an 'inverted flower'. They get pollinated by Fig Wasps, that crawl inside, losing their wings and antennae in the process and dying there. The fig then produces some enzymes that end up 'digesting' the wasp. After it's pollinated, some small fruits grow inside, some little seed-like crunchy things.


> They get pollinated by Fig Wasps not always true, we have the 'brown turkey' fig tree in our garden which is entirely self-pollenating, as are all other 'common fig' varieties


So, I'm technically eating recycled wasps? Cool.


The US is one of the few countries that allows "strike anywhere" matches to be sold. Do NOT bring them on a plane. For example, you're going on a camping trip and put them in your checked luggage. You'll be fined several thousand dollars. There's no exemption from the fine. But the FAA will work out a payment plan with you.


Speaking of flying and fun shipping facts: So when checking luggage on a commercial flight in the US, the locks have to be TSA certified, which means that they possess a master key and can open up your luggage for inspection. If you don't use an TSA certified lock, they can and will cut your locks for inspection. Unfortunately, inspectors and others behind the scenes have been known to have sticky fingers, and it's not uncommon for things to go missing during inspections or other times where it is out of direct control. The exception to this rule is if you are flying with a checked firearm. You are specifically *not* allowed to use TSA locks, you have to declare it at the counter, they inspect it in your presence if necessary, and add special tags and tracking to make sure (for the most part) that it remains under direct control. It's not foolproof, but it's taken much more seriously than general luggage (no one wants the headache and paperwork of a gun going missing, because you *know* they are going to investigate that). Well, a while back some people (mostly professional photographers and people flying with very expensive checked gear) noticed that the regulation also applied to starter pistols, even though most places didn't consider them actual firearms. So they started including a starter pistol with their gear and declaring it so they could use the special handling channel, all without having to deal with actually carrying a real gun to places where that might not be kosher.


As a non-American I never understood cartoons where people light matches on their pants.


Afaik it works with corduroy.


It works with denim. Used to do it to light a cigarette back in the 90s. It was easiest on the back of the leg with tge denim tight.


The Star Trek movie that eventually became Wrath of Khan began as a story about the crew of the *Enterprise* going back in time to save the future by ***guaranteeing John F. Kennedy's assassination.*** It was rejected because... fucking obviously, dude.


If people were otherwise immortal and nobody had anymore children, and you shot someone every second, it would take around 230 years to kill off the human race.


The first known vending machine was created in the 1st century AD and it was located in Egypt. The machine dispensed holy water and it also took coins like ours do today.


> The earliest known reference to a vending machine is in the work of Hero of Alexandria, an engineer and mathematician in first-century Roman Egypt. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed holy water. When the coin was deposited, it fell upon a pan attached to a lever. The lever opened a valve which let some water flow out. The pan continued to tilt with the weight of the coin until it fell off, at which point a counterweight snapped the lever up and turned off the valve. Huh, neat


it would be really easy to exploit though


Cheating a holy vending machine sounds like a cheap one way ticket to heck


Heck is where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh


I wonder if I have some thieving Egyptian ancestor to thank for why all my snacks get stuck in the vending machines.


Thank you for this. I am including vending machines in all my fantasy adventures from now on.


"You rolled a 6, sorry, the vending machine says that your gold coin is crinkled"


That's just cool.


If a person is skinned alive, they will die of hypothermia before blood loss


There's a type of slug that has penises on its head.


I want to look this up but don’t wanna be traumatized


According to Mattel, Barbie's real name is Barbara Milicent Roberts. And Ken's last name is Carson. Edit: Jesus, this blew up.




That would probably be worth some money now, if she'd kept the original paperwork and the name change paperwork too.




Adolph is still a relatively common Cuban name, oddly enough.


Argentinian too, I imagine


The "Barbie's Life in the Dreamhouse" cartoon routinely refers to Barbie as "Ms. Roberts." I think that's pretty neat.


World record for maximum faps in a day was like 83 times and he died after that.


RIP Pierce


so the limit is 82 faps


No brother, that's the goal


The foreskin of circumcised babies are typically reused as lip grafts. I learned this after I had to get my lip replaced. It was interesting to learn some likely religious family practicing a basic tenant inadvertently helped give me my new lip.


What’s up dicklips?


Woody's name is Woody Pride Mr. Clean is Veritably Clean Cookie Monster is Sid yes, those are their real names


Penguins feet don't freeze because their arteries and veins wrap around their feet internally in counter currents to heat the blood and prevent tissue from freezing.


In Massachusetts it’s illegal to consume more than 3 sandwiches at a funeral. The most random law I’ve ever heard about


I would love to find out the reason that law was written


Damn uncle bill hogging all the food…you know it’s the only reason he shows up to these things


You jest but I’m pretty sure that’s why, was to keep random “distant” relatives that were probably vagabonds from dropping in for free food.


It's also illegal to own a "space gun"


So if aliens ever show up in Massachusetts they'll be escorted straight to jail?


You're more likely to be sexually assaulted by a dolphin than eaten by a shark


I came here to share a different, but related fact. A dolphin can ejaculate with the power of a 12 gauge shotgun.


'Everybody get down! This is a robbery!'


A modern smart phone can fit up the human rectum. - I am a Corrections Officer ​ \- edit - Since this got a lot more feedback than I expected, this happened a couple of years ago, 2019, or maybe late 2018. I don't remember the exact model we recovered, but it had a bigger than 5" screen, and wrapped in saran wrap & electrical tape.


In India, according to the law, if you commit suicide, and do not die, you are liable to go to prison for upto a year. Basically, if you wanna die, make sure you are dead. (Indian Penal Code Section 309 for reference)


The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.


See, morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with, long as she does it quiet like.


I know the full name of Dom Pedro I, first emperor of Brazil, since I was a child: Pedro de Alcântara Francisco Antônio João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim de Bragança e Bourbon.


Why the fuck do you know that!?


Brazilians are presented with this fact when we're a child and some teachers make us memorize it. Some of us just memorize because we want to.


Gonorrhea was named as it is by Greeks because they thought the disease made men more virile. So, root-word wise, Gono=“seed” -rrhea=“the flow of” So we have: “The flow of seed” Weird name for an uncomfortable STD, right? Well, turns out the pus discharging from other men’s infected genitalia (which was apparent as little clothing was worn at the time) registered as ejaculate to onlookers. Add a sex-crazed population of people, and it became obvious that this did not mean something was wrong, but that these men were so virile, they were actively leaking jizz. Because of this, Ancient Grecians would competitively marry their daughters off to these infected men. And it’s still named that.


A pregnant woman can legally shit on a footpath in Melbourne Australia.


dolphins masturbate with dead, de-headed fish, and then leave them for other fish to eat


the ocean's fleshlights


I've been waiting for my time to shine. You have erectile tissue in your nose. Orcas are the biggest natural predators of moose. There is a psychological disorder in which people believe they are a cow and it's called boanthropy. A wood frog can hold it's pee for up to eight months. If you keep a goldfish in the dark, it will lose it's colour and become white. You can actually "dig to China" from Argentina. The Mona Lisa doesn't have eyebrows. There is a kind of psychologist called a "wealth psychologist" that specializes in helping wealthy people deal with immense guilt or not being emotionally able to cope with being rich. A single spaghetti noodle is called a spaghetto. A Polish doctor faked a typhus outbreak in order to prevent nazis. The youngest Pope was only 11 years old. A man once filmed 7 episodes of a soap opera in IKEA without getting caught. ([the opera](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DscIhisUgn0)). Pigs will eat the entire human body except for the teeth. When cremating a body, if you don't remove the teeth, they will pop like popcorn. Thank you.


My time to shine. The Mona Lisa did in fact have eyebrows and lashes. Ultra detailed digital scans were taken but they had been presumed to have faded over time or due to years of restoration work. :)


The longest word you can make using the top row of a keyboard is typewriter


Don't use household candles for wax play. Ordinary paraffin wax melts at 70 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to cause serious burns. If you really want to try it out, you need to buy specialty low temperature candles that only melt at 45 degrees Celsius. There's other things too, about how to properly prepare someone's skin to protect the downy hair all over the body, or how to vary the intensity and interval of the heat, but most people stop me before I even get that far.


Soy candles are best as they have a low melting point.


Rats cannot burp, which means if you lay out a mix of sugar water and baking soda (which they are attracted to) it will eventually kill them as they cannot burp. Kinda fucked up torture method tbh


The annual migration of birds was only discovered in 1822 when a stork turned up in Germany with a 30-inch African spear through its neck. Before that, we seriously thought migratory birds slept at the bottom of ponds or *flew to the moon* for the winter. Google: Pfeilstorch


Another theory was that they had summer and winter forms, a bit like stoats, but more extreme.


>> a bit more extreme The German Wikipedia article says it was debated if they turned into mice


So instead of just deciding that they flew away, which everyone has seen a bird do, the leading theory was something no one has ever witnessed?


They hadn't witnessed them transform per se, but there are a ton of animal behaviours that we have never witnessed, but could be reasonably inferred. What they likely experienced was a notable decrease in bird sightings during, coupled with a very large increase in rodent infestations as the winter weather set, and they scurried indoors for protection from the elements. In their heads they were putting two and two together and coming up with the simplest cause for less birds and more mice around the same time, obviously the mice *are* the birds.


That's also around the same time dinosaur fossils were discovered. Science!


The longest poop ever recorded was over 8 feet






Asking all the right questions


You can’t own more than 6 dildos in Texas


The Velociraptors in Jurassic park are not to scale. They are about knee to thigh height. Their size was based off their relatives thr Deinonychus.


A botfly egg can land on your skin and implant within a fraction of a second. If one hits you in the eye, it is possible that it can implant the egg under your eyelid so your eye incubates and subsequently feeds the growing larva. I know this because I have removed one from the underside of an eyelid before from a patient with a recalcitrant “eyelid infection”. Edit: may have extra vectors


On second thought I'll stay up here in Canada where I am protected by the sheer cold.


It was Flavor Aid at Jonestown, not Cool-Aid


The main legal consideration between grave robbery and archeology is age and if the deceased has any living relatives. Where I live (ymmv), if the deceased has been dead over a century and has no living descendants, it's not considered grave robbery and you can claim any valuables found (jewellery, coins, artifacts, etc).


If you call it "forensics" you can do both.


Reminds me of the famous Adam Savage quote. "Remeber kids the only difference between screwing around and doing science, is recording your results."


It's better to slit someone's throat on the side then in front. There are more arteries there. Edit: my suicidal friend told me this with much enthousiasm


It's much more efficient to stab the knife in the side of the neck and then punch it forward (assuming you're behind them). It's much messier but way more efficient.


That method is taught to the US Military. It’s quick and silent. The enemy can’t scream.


Methane poisoning is probably the most painless way to die


Technically it’s asphyxiation, and any inert gas is just as painless e.g. nitrogen, helium, argon etc. as the human body doesn’t detect a lack of oxygen, rather a high carbon dioxide level. So if you carry on breathing out CO2 while not inhaling oxygen (as you would if inhaling inert gas) you just feel tired then black out. If you are not moved to fresh air quickly, you’ll die. No pain, just sudden drowsiness and nothingness. Source: many lab heath and safety courses, specifically ones about using liquid nitrogen.


Koala's are the most alien of all mammals on the planet. They have two thumbs on each hand, three vaginas, spend most of their lives asleep, and evolved to only eat one plant that has no nutritional value. They also eat their mothers poop. (Edit: a commenter told me that they do not get high off of eucalyptus and it turned out to be true. But this still means the animal is dumb enough to eat it.).


and the babies eat mom's eucalyptus poo so that they will be able to process the toxins on their own one day!


A great majority of them have chlamydia, (pretty sure they can pass it to people) and feed their baby's their poop (pap) cause the baby's cannot digest the food on their own. This is all I can think about when I see my grandmothers koala collection. It was once a full room of them.


The average vaginal depth is between 4 and 5 inches.


You mean my pee pee is big enough!? Don't do that. Don't give me hope


Yeah, men brag a lot about sizes, but most of us don't want to take anything huge. If it's comfortable, it feels nice


During a large scientific study, little over 18 percent of females said they can reach orgasm from penetration alone. For the other 80 percent, the key orgasmic ingredient is the clitoris.


I feel for the two percent...


The woman who voiced Muriel on Courage the Cowardly Dog was married to the guy who played drums on the Beatles song “Love Me Do”. He died a few years ago and she died a few months ago. Thea and Andy White.


Kuru is a neurodegenerative disease that causes loss of muscular control and and other symptoms that may appear as insanity, and is caused by eating human brains.


The US lost 65 nuclear weapons during the Cold War and had specific names for the situations, e.g an ‘empty quiver’ was a weapon that had been lost or stolen. The US too intentionally released radiation into the local environment from the Hanford nuclear site in the ‘Green Run’ in 1949, which lent Call of Duty the name for the map and location for Tranzit in Black Ops II


Your eyes can't track horizontally smoothly. Unless you are tracking a moving object. Then it looks smooth. They move to different points and your brain adds a "motion blur" to reduce the effect. You can see this by trying to smoothly look from side to side on a wall. You should see little skips. You can see this in other people easier. Also your eyes roll in your head and stay upright/ stay level to a certain point when you tilt your head. You can actually go look in a mirror and sorta see the effect.


Leap year is every four years but we skip it every century unless that century happens to be a multiple of 400 which is why we did not skip it in 2000 but we will skip it in 2100.


In the U.S. small marshmallows are considered “food,” so they’re exempt from sales tax. Large marshmallows are taxed as candy.


That stuff varies by state. In my state food is taxed at the same rate as candy


Most ‘sea monster’ sightings are actually a whale sticking its penis out of the water.


The Cock Ness Monster… 🤔


If humans wanted to have the same eye sight as an owl we would have to have eyes the size of a grapefruit


Cows moo with accents depending on their regions.


fuckin' moo mate


Frogs have orgies and the males change colors to tell the other males "no homo"




There was a Mormon king on Beaver Island, an island in an archipelago in Lake Michigan. He was assassinated in the 1850s, the federal government pretty much endorsed it happening, and a bunch of the Mormons who were left behind were driven from their homes.


My grandma used to live on Beaver Island, I thought my fact was impressive that she had a mansion there because of a drug lord getting caught was impressive (got nabbed halfway through building, she bought and finished it for next to nothing).


The Romans used to paint the insides of their rooms black because the lamps they used for lighting would stain the walls.