Who is someone alive today who will be remembered in 500 years?

Who is someone alive today who will be remembered in 500 years?


Clearly not me, the guy who asked this same question in this same subreddit 13 days ago.


I'll tell my grandkids about you. People will know the name Tedlassope


What a robbery. And you didn’t ask it once. You asked it twice. I will take my upvote back from this post and give it to you. The nerve.


Me. They won't forget me when I eat the monalisa


Did we just find bezos' Reddit account?


Common jeffery you can do it!


Pave the way put your back in to it


Tell us why, show us how


Look at where you came from, look at you now


Zuckerberg, Gates and Buffett


Amatures can fuckin suck it


Fuck their wives


Drink their blood


But imagine if 500 years ago there was an amazing piece of art that was destroyed. Since the art isn’t around now, it’s not as famous. So whoever destroyed it is not as famous either.


Sure if it got burned, or lost, maybe. But a guy ate it- thats a more memorable end to a painting.


We can frame the turd


Buzz Aldrin is still alive, so I’m going with Buzz! If only for hitting that moon landing denier in the face.


"Second comes right after first" -- Buzz Aldrin - The Simpsons "Deep Space Homer" That man is a class act all the way.


Michael Collins, the man who was the third astronaut with Armstrong and Aldrin and piloted them to the moon, said that Buzz Aldrin was always a little bitter about not being the first man on the moon. Paraphrasing here, but basically he was so focused on not being first that he didn't really appreciate the honor of being second.


On the other hand, since Armstrong and Collins died, Buzz does seem to enjoy being the guy to call every July for Apollo 11 stuff.


If you can't be the first one there, be the last one left.


I imagine this as a byline on a movie poster called "Buzz:kill"


500 years ago we didn’t have film. Surely because now we do, many more famous people will be remembered or revered for much longer than people of the past. Cult classics will have to live on, even if it’s just to study them. It’ll actually be amazing for people to study us and they’ll know so much more about how we lived through TV and movies. Life will be so different in 2500 that it will be fascinating for people to watch back.


On the flip side, there are also just a lot more people today than there was 500 years ago, so the playing field is just so crowded. How can anyone make as much of a mark anymore if the population keeps exploding and globalization asks an individual to keep track of happenings all around the world - all at a more frenetic NEXT BIG THING pace. Inventions too. With technology being invented so rapidly, what even makes a famous inventor? We don’t get a new ground breaking zeitgeist invention every decade anymore, but instead so many new inventions every year that invention is hardly even noteworthy. And is it really a person these days that is famous for inventing, or a corporation or investing group that takes the fame? And with the rise of super subjective entertainment markets, are there many universal artists or writers people can turn to in the same way people could turn to THE THING of 500 years ago? We don’t even watch the same tv shows as or neighbours, so what would have a higher chance universal fame for 500 years down the road more so than a classic show an entire nation watched like I Love Lucy? Our truly universal works are things like Avengers, which are essentially disposable entertainment meant to be forgotten and replaced on a 4 year cycle. Part of me wonders if the creation of new near-eternal historically ubiquitous figures might be coming to an end (minus the odd truly spectacular or disastrous event). We might get a Martian Neil Armstrong, but do we think Neil Armstrong will be famous in 500 years in the way Columbus is? Edit: and yes, Columbus probably should be forgotten as a household name or extremely re-examined. I just meant it as an example for the current day ubiquitously famous people. And even that reexamination might be a 500+ years from today point of interest


"The Thing" will have been remade 6 times by then, but they will never top Kurt Russell's version!


Film-wise, you're correct. But there's a short story written by Peter Watts from the perspective of the alien called ["The Things"](https://clarkesworldmagazine.com/watts_01_10/) which is excellent and terrifying. [Audio version here](https://clarkesworldmagazine.com/audio_01_10).


Queen Elizabeth, she’ll still be alive


Keith Richards for the same reason


They say every time you smoke a cigarette, got takes 5 minutes of your life and gives it to Keith Richards


Probably first person to set their foot on mars. This is a milestone from every perspective, and i am pretty sure this person is alive currently


I like the way you think.


I did the reverse and looked up who was around in 1521 that we might remember in 2021. One name that stuck out was Ferdinand Magellan. In March 1521 Magellan reached the Philippines after setting sail from Spain in 1519. So explorers certainly are ones who are remembered.


> This is a milestone from every perspective Not just a milestone in human history, but in the history of life itself. Like, on par with whatever fish flopped up onto land and took the first breath of air.


Good point but nobody remembers that dude’s name.


Oh, please. Science knows it was totally a lady fish.


And her name was Susan.


Susan is a really great fishname, though.


Fishy McLadyfish I believe it was


Are we really that close to going to Mars? I’m not informed on the topic, just curious. Like do you mean some baby that’s alive right now will be able to go to Mars in the next 40 years or do you foresee Mars as an in ~5 years thing


We are really only about 30 seconds to Mars if you ask Jared Leto.


I think it’d be Gates. He’ll be associated with computers just like Gutenberg’s press. Did he invent computers? No. But I think he’ll be remembered for it.


He will be remembered for computers in the same kind of way Henry Ford is for cars


Apt analogy.


Will Ford be remembered in another 400 years? Edit: will cars be remembered in 500 years?


I think so. Not a household name maybe but he will be associated with the production line concept. We will likely still have some form of automotive transport.


This. He will likely be remembered as a titan of the industrial age.


Dalai Lama. This one is the last one.


Wait what?


Short version, there is a Dalai Lama and a Panchen Lama. When the Dalai Lama dies, he is reincarnated into a new body. The Panchen is the person who can identify the reincarnated Dalai. China kidnapped the Panchen Lama back in the 90s, and he's been missing ever since. Once the Dalai Lama dies, China will appoint their own Dalai Lama with their kidnapped Panchen (or a replacement, if the original Panchen won't cooperate. No one has seen the Panchen in 20+ years, so... ) So Dalai basically said "I'm just not going to reincarnate this time," so China can't appoint a political stooge as Dalai Lama.


Holy shit he was six years old and had only been the Panchen Lama for three days. So messed up, had never heard about that. I hope he is alive.


Wouldn't there eventually have to be a new Panchen Lama? How does that person get chosen???


There is a stalemate happening. If the Dalai Lama finds the new Panchen Lama, China could trot someone out that they claim is the Panchen Lama and cause issues because nobody would be certain which one is the real one. That is why the Dalai Lama said he won't reincarnate - this way anyone claiming to be the Panchen Lama won't be able to appoint a new Dalai Lama.


The Dalai Lama finds the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama iirc. They take turns finding each other's reincarnation


It's a metaphysical game of leap frog 🐸


Yeah, but the Chinese fucked it up because they don't want Tibet to exist. So they "may" have just straight up murdered the panchen lama, and then attempted to present their own very legit replacement. CCP Brainwashing had been happening for decades, since at least 1951, since the Dalai Llama had to be snuck out of Tibet in a US Army Uniform.


Well shit. What an apt way to destroy a 1000 year old tradition. What stopprd the Lama from choosing a new panchen? Other than the fact that they may be keeping him alive?


exactly that. If the DL chooses a new Panchen, there's a risk that China shows up with the original and now the DL is a fraud.


do people know what the panchen lama looks like as an adult? all i can see online is pictures of him as a kid. Even if China rolls up and says "look! here's the panchen! Dalai lama is lying!" , the Dalai Lama could pull an uno reverse and just be like "uh yeah nobody believes you cause nobody's seen this motherfucker in 30 years."


The problem is that there will always be dispute on who is "lying", and the Chinese government has an entire propaganda machine to make their side the "correct" side. The Chinese government can outlive anyone and will always have the last word. The only way to conclusively win is to take the ball and go home.


What if the Lama pulled the ol' Borat "...NOT." when they brought him back?


You know, I think you're on to something.


The ol' Lama switcheroo. Classic.


That would require somehow *knowing* that the original Panchen lama died and was reincarnated. The Panchen was kidnapped at 6 years old in 1995. He'd be around 30 right now, and has certainly been subjected to 25 years of brainwashing. The exact result depends on whether or not you buy into the whole religion and reincarnation. From a purely secular point of view, if the Dalai tries to appoint a new Panchen, the CCP can just trot out the original one and basically disprove the whole reincarnation deal, or at very least disprove the abilities of the Dalai Lama Of course, if you **do** buy into the religion, then the Dalai won't find a reincarnated Panchen because the original Panchen is still alive and in custody. Neither is a great outcome for the Dalai Lama.


Holy shit the fact that he was only 6 makes it so much worse what the actual fuck


Thats the CCP for you. FUCK THE CCP


The Dalai Lama finds the Panchen Lama in the same way the Panchen finds him. The Dalai Lama identified a young boy as the next Panchen but he was promptly kidnapped by the Chinese government, who claim the boy and his family are living a quiet peaceful life. The Dalai either can't or won't identity another Panchen, so now the only other option is reincarnate and have a Chinese controlled Panchen pick a fake Dalai that favors the Chinese government or not reincarnate at all. He has picked the latter.


Was anyone going to tell me that this is the last Dalai Lama, or was I just supposed to find out in a reddit post?


Also the Panchen Lama was 6 years old when he was kidnapped by the Chinese. Don’t forget that tidbit.


He has threatened to not reincarnate because of the shit China has pulled If he does choose to reincarnate there may be two rival dalai lamas because China is angling to try and choose their own.


To be fair, China will choose their own DL regardless. The current DL will just be the final one that isn't a puppet of China.


True, but if he says "Im not coming back, I'm done with this shit" and then China pulls a new lama out of their arse, what we have there is a categorically fake lama.


“Da lie lama” is what he’ll be called in the hood.


But on the reverse, if he says "I'm not coming back" but then has a change of heart, nobody will believe it's him


That's a movie right there


Yes… the Panchen Lama recently just happened to be reincarnated as the son of a high ranking Chinese Politician….


Maybe theyre playing the long game, trying to fight the system from within... Or maybe China is just pulling some shit. Has a non-chinese panchen lama shown up yet?


There already was one, China took him and his family into custody decades ago and they haven't been seen since. The "CCP-approved" Panchen Lama is the second one.


Wow there has to be a movie in that right? We follow both Panchen Lama's one that's arrested one brought up to pretend to be the Panchen Lama. Only to become more disillusioned and then tries to free the real Panchen Lama. In the end it's revealed the so called fake Panchen Lama is really the future reincarnation of the real one. ^(Then they fuck or something I don't know I'm not a writer...)


>Wow there has to be a movie in that right? Makes China look bad so it would never get made.


[The institution of the Dalai Lama] is up to the Tibetan people. If they feel it is not relevant, then it will cease and there will be no 15th Dalai Lama. But if I die today I think they will want another Dalai Lama. The purpose of reincarnation is to fulfil the previous [incarnation's] life task. -Wikipedia quote attributed to the 14th Dalai Lama That's some Meta stuff right there son


There's a lot of questions about this, so here's the wiki link to the controversy. Panchen Lama identifies the Dalai Lama's new incarnation. China kidnapped the Panchen Lama and want to be able to identify the next Dalai Lama so their puppet can dissolve the claim on Tibet's autonomy. Dalai Lama says he won't reincarnate then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11th_Panchen_Lama_controversy


Peter Higgs The ideation and identification of the Higgs boson as an elementary particle.


This is what I was thinking. Maybe the last guy for a long time to have (ed: successfully) theorized a new elementary particle.


Whoever turns out to be right about dark matter is going to be very, very famous.


Accomplished Mathematicians, Physicists, Chemists, Computer Scientists, Doctors, Architects, Writers, Monarchs, and War Heroes, all of whose names you don't know today.


Yep, this is the answer. People who do amazing things which are unappreciated in their time, but who build the foundations and allow for bigger things in the future. An example would be Nikola Tesla. He died penniless and largely unknown outside of scientific circles. But he's much more widely known and appreciated today, almost 80 years later. His work is credited with providing the foundations for much of today's technology.


The interesting part about Tesla is, after basically inventing multiphase-AC current (which 2 other guy arguably did at the same time, independent from him, still a huge archivement) and all the needed accessories .. starting from 1900 he basically only did pseudo-scientific "crap". It still worked somewhat, and he had the useful thing here and there (tesla turbine/valce) since he was still quite competent and intelligent, but often it was stuff which would fit more into better science-fiction novels than the real world. I sometimes think it was that fire in his lab in 1895, which destroyed all his equipment, prototypes and records at the time, which kinda broke him. I wonder what we have gotten from him without that tragedy.


Isaac Newton had a similar trajectory. An explosively productive and brilliant 20s followed by mediocre work and episodes of lunacy.


He was also extensively interested in Alchemy.


Sal Vulcano


You mean Tonka Jahari?


I would never order a whole pizza just for myself


I will NEVER forgive you.


Cranjis McBasketball?


Whats up Mustache?




Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico


Mother Coconuts


I'm Sal, I can do this job. I wont fail like all my previous jobs, I am not a bartender anymore. I'm Sal.


Let’s get sexy!


You mean Prince Herb?


Nah. JaCrispy.


Crangis McBasketball.


Whose phone is ringing?


Mine mine


500? Try 1000 years


you mean Mother Coconuts?


Damn I was just watching IJ and this popped up. Prince Herb will deffo be remembered.


I’m watching it right now. Prince Herb is being punished right now. :) the Reddit curse. Mention it and there it is.


Better be. That man has made me laugh more times than I can count. This thread has a lot of royal people but none of them top The Prince!


Possibly the Queen of England. Longest living/reigning monarch to date. Even though her impact on the world is somewhat minimal, most of the Monarchs are remembered.


In the UK. She still has just under 3 years to surpass Louis XIV. I think she’ll do it, just to piss off the French.


The true hundred years war


From the long bow to the long game.


And of course it is a British duty (and a passion) to piss off the French.


The Anglo-French rivalry is the classic one, but for a few centuries there was a similar Anglo-Spanish one. Spanish admiral Blas de Lezo is famous for his admonition that “Todo buen español debería mear siempre en dirección a Inglaterra” — “Every good Spaniard should always piss in the direction of England.”


12:01 a.m. day after her birthday: "Alright I'm out" *Eyes become hazy white and immediately drops dead*


She’s going to pull a Jedi and her clothes will just drop empty.


“With my last breath, I curse Charles”


Queen Elizabeth, playing the long con.


She won't need to be remembered, she'll still be alive


I can see that


That's a very real possibility


What about 600 years?


She's immortal


Everytime someone sings “God Save the Queen”, it takes a minute off their life and gives it to her.


If someone lives to about 80 and sings "God Save the Queen" everyday after learning the lyrics (estimated age 5) then they will give the Queen 19 days, roughly. It takes 20 very patriotic people to give her a year of life. However, large numbers are on her side. Assuming that everyone in England sings "God Save the Queen" once a year, the Queen lives an additional 108 years.


When kids in class complain and say "Why do we need to learn this? What use is it in the real world?", every mathematics teacher should whip out this comment.


Football matches and other big sporting events matey, that's how she does it - Wembley packed out with folks singing "God Save the Queen" ;)


She's effectively immortal at this point. Even if we assume that she only lives a second longer each time someone sings God Save the Queen, she's, at a minimum, gained 122 years merely assuming that a number of people equivalent to the population of England alone sings the anthem once a year since the beginning of her reign. In 122 years of the same, she'd gain another 216 years, so yeah, immortal.


We remember remember monarchs all the way back to William I in 1066 so probably


You give Alfred some respeck! He was Great!


William, William, Henry, Stephen, Henry, Richard, John, whey! Henry, Ed, Ed, Ed, Rich 2 then three more Henrys join our song. Edward, Edward, Rich the third, Henry, Henry, Ed again. Mary 1, good Queen Bess, Jimmy, Charles, and Charles and then. Jim, Will, Mary, Anna Gloria, George, George, George, George, Will, Victoria, Edward, George, Edward, George 6 and Queen Liz 2 completes the mix….


Why do they all have the same fucking names?


Because that way you don't have to put up new signs. Just stick the number at the end and you are set.


To create a stronger image of stability and continuity, linking your kid's eventual reign either to your own for your own pride or to a well respected ancestor/predecessor so people might be slightly less inclined to revolt against them. Though a few of the more modern ones did change their names on their ascension to the throne, like how popes do, in which case the naming there is even more intentional.


That's European royalty for you. Looking at you France, with 16 Louiss.


I think there was a 17th actually


This was my first thought as well. I'm hoping she hangs in there to beat Louis XIV. She has fewer than three years to go. Hopefully she lives at least as long as her mother.


She clearly made Charles a horcrux. That way she’s guaranteed to outlive him and pass the throne directly to William.


She will have to do that to be remembered 500 years from now. Except in Thailand, I doubt most will remember Bhumibhol The Great.


Thankfully not James Corden.


I don't know anything about him other than he is annoying. Why do people hate him so much


He has a reputation for being a GIGANTIC asshole to anyone who is not famous. Every time he's brought up, there are a TON of stories of him and how he treated the story-teller terribly.






Those hip thrusts will disappear into the void of time. I hope someday they will disappear from my memory as well.


Mikhail Gorbachev, for being the last leader of one of the world's strongest empires. And before you ask, Mikhail Gorbachev is still alive. He is currently 90.


TIL Gorbachev is still alive


And so is Henry Kissenger and Bob Dole.


alright im on it


Fun fact Gorbachev was the only general secretary of the USSR to be actually born in the USSR.


For those confused by this, this doesn’t mean they were born abroad, merely before the Russian revolution


Nice. I remeber reading that Khruzchev's official occupation when he joined the CCCP was 'Peasant'. Amazing how quickly time was moving.


Yeah, I agree with this one. The fall of the USSR will be an important event in 500 years time, and if the fall of the USSR is well known, then so will Gorbachev.


Bezos will bury everyone else from history much like the romans did. Jeffreeeeeey, Jeffrey Beeezooooooss




Ceo, entrepeneur born in 1964


Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos


Come on Jeffery you can do it


Pave the way. Put your back into it.


Tell us why, show us how,


Look at where you came from, look at you now


Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffet


Amateurs, can fuckin suck it


Fuck their wives, drink their blood


People felt that way about Rockefeller, and I feel like he is barely remembered at this point. People know Rockefeller, but I feel like I’m a hundred years the architecture and the person will be totally separate ideas.


I knew about Rockefeller Plaza years before I knew a person named Rockefeller existed. I was born in 2001 so I don't know how much that says about anything. First time I learned there was an actual person named Rockefeller was when I heard about one of his heart transplants but it didn't register in my head that he was of any importance whatsoever, I figured he was only famous for undergoing yet another transplant. Then after he died I was like "oh so he was rich and famous?" and to this day I have absolutely no clue what he is famous for or even what he did apart from get heart transplants every ten minutes and name a plaza after himself. If we're going off of how well people remember Rockefeller to determine whether Bezos will be remembered in 500 years, I think it's safe to say he won't make it past 250 from now and even that's a stretch if I'm honest.


Maybe Buzz Aldrin?


Nah everyone knows it was whalers on the moon first. Not whoever those guys were.


We're whalers on the moon


We carry a harpoon!


But there aint no whales, so we tell tall tales


and sing a whaling tune.


Damn you. Every time I'm reminded of this it gets stuck in my head for a week.


Everyone knows Buzz was supposed to be the first person to walk on the moon, but Neil jumped out first while Buzz was taking a sip of Tang.


I heard it was cuz Buzz also wanted to be the first guy to jerk off on the moon. "You can't have both," said Neil


What, you never wondered why Neil's arm was strong?


Buzz Aldrin: second person to walk on the moon. Neil before him!


Well if you asked a lil earlier stan lee and stephen hawking


Reddit will always remember the man that killed Stephen Hawking.


Damn you Lou Gehrig


Do you wanna hear the biggest coincidence of all time? Lou Gehrig died of *Lou Gehrig's* disease!


holy shit he *Epstein-ed* himself


Will Keanu remember us?


Now *this* is a creative, ____ is immortal joke.


Rick Astely His image will be Rick rolling people for generations


This is the only good future, if this doesn't happen then we better disappear soon and leave the land to better creatures.


When Trump won in 2016, I took it as confirmation that we're on The Meme Timeline. Worry not. Rick-Rolling will return as a fad again and again for generations.


Are you saying he's never gonna give us up, never gonna sayyy goodbyye?


Yes. He's also saying he's never gonna tell a lie, and hurt us.


I'm really happy that this is the first thing I saw in this thread - expected some horrible politician, got positively surprised


Can you imagine the day he dies? Even the news pages will be Rick rolling us


What if he went missing.


His kidnappers certainly won’t give him up.


David Attenborough


#Sir David Attenborough


This has to be the smartest answer. People in 500 years will watch those documentaries in school learning about how nature used to be. And then how we fucked it all up.


Even though he repeatedly warned us


Hopefully Dolly Parton