What do you have too much of?

What do you have too much of?


Dust and corners it can hide in.


Build a dome. Problem solved.


Still the corner where it meets the floor, I suggest some kind of sphere.


Not if you build like in the pharmaceutical industry. In clean areas there are no 90 angles allowed as they are hard to clean…


If you build it like the hypercube industry, there's dust in corners you can't even see yet


32" Televisions. As in about 50 of them still remaining... Hear me out.... it was a good deal, a whole recreation lodge was refurbishing, the auction was cheap, under $20 per. I wanted to build a tv wall, surely others could use em, etc. Now? They're party favors. You're the electrician who helped me get the new hot tub run finished? Cool, want a tv or two! Show up for a toga party? Don't forget your free tv! Your computer monitor broke? Here, it has a vga hookup, use the tv to hold ya over. Your dog died? My condolences, watch the memorial videos on this tv. Oh you might be in the hospital for a bit for an operation? Don't worry, i got you set, take this TV and watch all your shows. Edit: Thanks for the awards kind strangers! And yes that is after the ones set aside for the wall. Also current bid is apparently one picture of a cat for a tv. See, no resale market at all, i'm telling ya. Also for those asking for shipping, the cheapest shipping for tvs is 15-20$ for region 1, and shoots up from there. Bulk sucks. I recommend you checkout facebook marketplace/craigslist in your area, odds are you'll find some for about that much


Need to weigh down a body? Tie a couple of TVs to it


So I tied a TV to my belt, as was the style at the time... ^(Edit: I just realised that the whole granda simpsons rant was likely about the people-wearing-clocks phase in the 90s)


>As in about 50 of them still remaining... How many did you have to begin with?


The fact this hasn't been responded to yet shows much of a mark of shame this has been on OP


Dude you should totally still build a TV wall. (given that power requirements are possible)


Guinea pigs, I love them but 6 is a lot lol


Pets in general for me. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 cage birds, 1 opossum. This is the low end for us. We previously had 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 cage birds, 3 chickens. At another time we had about 14 pets including foster kittens.




Fucking emails


I just went from walls of emails (full of tasks) every day at my old job to maybe 2-3 a week at my new job. Bliss.


Favorite part of a new job is a fresh inbox. Guess its time to start looking again.


I work out of two inboxes: my individual inbox and a shared team inbox. Most of my day is spent in the latter so my personal inbox has started going to shit. But I'm leaving in two weeks so I've just embraced the chaos.


My gmail inbox currently has 99,491 unopened emails. I don't open them and don't delete them. It's been over 9 years. Get on my level.


Are you gonna have a celebration for 100K?


Yea i'm hyped


I have 500k 😳 Edit: i just checked and its 498,578 emails




I apparently missed my own celebration, then. Currently sitting at 119,712. I just leave them unopened if it’s an ad, and I have too many things where I’ve subscribed or ordered something and they keep sending offers…


Pet hair in my clothes


I've just accepted it as part of my wardrobe.


I mean, hey, people pay good money for real animal furr on their clothes, we get it for free


I dunno about you, but I've got a couple of dogs and cats, and "free" is the last word I'd use to describe them. Good thing they're cute.


Well, as much as we spend on our pets, it’s not *quite* free.


This is why I have a lint roller in both of my cars and my house.


Resting inertia. I need to get off my ass and start moving.


There's no time like tomorrow! But seriously, I started taking my fatass to the gym last October. I hated going to the gym. I'd get in there, get going really strong for like, a week. And then I'd be over it. But I just forced myself to go. Now I go 4x a week, and I hate the days I don't go to the gym. I don't have some crazy weight loss story or anything. I've always been 6 foot, 185 lbs. But now I'm a healthier 6 foot 194 lbs! But seriously, it'll suck to get started, then it'll feel rewarding, then it'll suck for a while, but then, once you break through the second suck, it'll become a habit. I can always message you cliché sayings if you think it'll help.


Unfinished projects


I have thoughts about this. I'm in my 40s and for most of my life I had an unending series of unfinished projects that I felt guilty about. Today, I am able to finish some stuff, including some pretty large, hard projects. Better, I don't feel guilty about the stuff I don't finish. The trick for me is to be deliberate and mindful about *why* I'm embarking on a particular project. If it's because I want to feel good by: * Sharing something with others. * Accomplishing a difficult, challenging task. * Proving to myself that I can do something. * Getting the social cachet of being a creative, productive person. (Maybe this is shallow, but who doesn't like to feel impressive in the eyes of their peers?) Then the goal of the project is the *product* it and I focus my attention and discipline on it. I try to have as few of these as possible—like only one at a time—so that my willpower is not diluted. If it's because I want to feel good by: * Improving a skill. * Exploring an unfamiliar domain or learning something new. * Relaxing by tinkering on something I like. Then the goal of the project is the *process* and I don't feel bad about not finishing. The real treasure is all the stuff I learned and did along the way and there is no real destination. I can have as many of these as I want because there's no real failure mode here. They're all recreation. Once I got more honest and clear with myself about my goals for each project, I started to be able to finish the ones where that mattered and stopped feeling bad about the ones where it doesn't.


I was bad at procrastinating, but a TED talk (of all things), helped me a ton. It was called “inside the mind of a master procrastinator” by Tim Urban. It’s both funny and serious and gets in to how much procrastination can fuck people up. One thing he gets in to is open vs closed deadlines. Procrastinators tend to be able to get a project done by the deadline, even if it means cramming and rushing. But with open ended projects “I want to start that new business idea” or “I’ll build that shed one of these days”, procrastinators will put them off forever. So, for me, the trick was creating a deadline. If it’s a complex task, I will break it down and make deadlines for each step. Hope this helps someone and def check out the TED Talk.


I procrastinate by watching him talk about procrastination. I've watched that video over 10 times in the past ~5 years. Every time it sets me back on the path for a good week or so, and then I return to monke


Maybe you just need to watch the video every week


I'll watch it next week


I meant to watch this but I never got around to it.


My scale model shed sits at like 90% completion


Come and spread your suffering over at r/modelmakers !


I may have to do that


A subreddit showcasing unfinished projects sounds like a good idea ngl.


Video games I bought but refuse to play.


I’m like that but with books I bought but refuse to read. It’s just the serotonin of a new purchase I guess


I'm like that with both of those things. And DVDs I still insist on collecting. I need help


Stop looking at my Steam account.


The sales !!! It’s the sales !!! Lol my steam library is full of games that were like 75 percent off and me just saying “fuck it” purchase! Then I never play it.


Unused Items and gifts that I have that takes up space in my apartment. I just have too much shit.


Get rid of it. But what if the person finds out you got rid of it. Even though you’ll never use it and haven’t in the last 7 years *internal panic*


My mother in law comes over looking for gifts from years past. Most of the time I can’t even remember what she’s referencing. ‘Oh the insert for the crock pot I told you I’d given to my sister before she moved four years ago? I’m pretty sure it’s in the basement in a box. I’m sorry - what? You want it back if I’m not going to use it? Sure. Hang on. Sorry for the four or five years of dust and musty smells. But, here you go.’ Just get rid of that shit. If the person is going to be mad that you don’t have it anymore, they will be just as cranky if you tell them it’s sat, unused for four years. Edit to say - donate, sell, recycle. Not trash. But get it out of your space. Edit 2 - of course my top rated comment is about my mother in law, because of course it is.


I’ve definitely tossed things and used the “it broke when we moved” excuse lol


My wife just did a month of getting rid of stuff. July 1 it was 1 thing. July 2 was 2 things. You see the pattern. By July 31 we were both into it and trying to find 31 things to get rid of. Got rid of 496 things in July. August 1 we did a big drop of at a local thrift store. Now we have less stuff, and I don’t miss any of the things we got rid of.


I love this idea!!


Join a buy nothing group in your area and gift those items. It’ll bring joy to someone and bring second use to those items!


Yeah. And my family insists on giving me more shit on my birthday and at Christmas. Apparently the fact that I live in a small apartment means nothing to them.


Suggest consumable gifts, like coffee, chocolate, olive oil. Most people can use these and they won’t add to clutter.


This is my goto when asked for gifts. Give me something consumable that seems interesting or cool. I work a good enough job I can buy things I need, but honestly I own everything I need already. Food can always be used.


Or experience gifts! Museum passes, park pass, airline voucher, etc.


I think 95% of the items my mom gave us for Christmas went directly to the donation bin. I can’t get her to understand that I don’t need more stuff, but I don’t have to fill my house with things I don’t need and won’t use.


3 years ago I donated 90% of the stuff my inlaws gave us for Christmas. As we opened things j set aside the junk still in its package. Inlaws weren’t there so this was easy. We would go naked before we wore matching mama bear and papa bear pajamas. My husband is never going to wear a neon tie dyed Jerry garcia tie. I’m not wearing make up that comes in packaging shaped like a pineapple. Just, wtf? And all the other crap she bulk buys on Black Friday at kohl’s because it’s $4. All gone.


I have a wildcard box in my house. Anything that doesn’t belong, or just clutter in general get tossed in it. Then at least it’s all in one place instead of all over. Once in a while I go through it and if there’s nothing I want to keep the box goes to goodwill.


> […] a wildcard __box__ We have an entire _room_ for this stuff. Do they take rooms at goodwill?




Dammit, same. :(


I have too much lack of money.




A year ago I said the same, and in May, we paid off 100% of our debt and started saving. For the first time in my adult life, I have a positive net worth. I cannot express how good that feels! Edit: Just to clarify, we made the last payment on our debt in May. We didn't just pay it all in one lump sum. Edit 2: Wow! My first award! Thank you!! Edit 3: More awards?!?! You all are so kind!


I hope it didn't take you until the age of 55, as it did me.


Mosquito bites🤬


I went camping along the Mississippi River last weekend. I stupidly didn't put bug spray on just because we hadn't really needed to during any of our other camping trips this summer so I thought I'd be fine, and then didn't have it with me when they started biting. I got almost 100 mosquito bites just on my legs and ankles. I asked my husband (who also didn't use bug spray) how many he got. "I thought I saw one yesterday but I can't find it now, so I guess 0." Anyway, I feel your pain/itchiness. I hope yours feel better soon! Edit: typo


This is me as well. I get so many bites that I can be used as mosquito repellent for those around me. They all just bee-line (mosquito-line?) for me and leave everyone else alone. No idea why.


Yeah, I'm the one, too. Take me on holiday, I am more efficient than any fancy-schamncy UV light bug zapper. If I'm there you won't get touched. Maybe we could start a business, charge rich people big money to take us on trips with them.


Hoodies. They’re my favorite article of clothing and I own 25-30ish


You'll never top the person who has 164 sweaters.


Just when I thought I was special




Me too kid, me too. (sigh)


I read that as "me, too. Kids" which made it really funny


Me?, two kids.


When I was 14 my friend's older sister told me never to have regrets because whatever decision you made (at the time) was for a reason. I fucking live by that. The choice I make is done with a limited number of options and resources. Good or bad I accept them and the consequences. Except for whatever bs drunk me did - that bitch can kick rocks. I accept no responsibility for whatever she did. Luckily I pumped the brakes on drinking and kicked drunk me to the curb. Anyway fuck regrets (unless you're a murder or something crazy).


I used to say the same thing. Then one day my dad called me out of the blue. I was busy, and didn't really feel like talking, so I just let the call go. He died later that week, and not a day goes by that I don't sincerely regret not taking that call. Now if family calls, I answer unless I literally can't.


I know your feeling. The night before my brother killed himself 2 months ago I was moody from a rough day. My brother was talking on the phone and kept pacing back and forth in front of the TV. I became visibly upset and just gave him a cold look every time he passed by. The next morning at work I got the news that he had hanged myself. My brother was calling people to say goodbye in his own way. And my last interaction with him was me being upset that he was interfering with my TV time. It fucking kills me every day.


I feel you. My dad popped by my bedroom to say goodnight (which he NEVER did), and I blew a raspberry at him. I guess because I was too cool to say anything kind back. I woke up the next morning to my mom screaming that my dad wasn’t moving. He had a heart attack in his sleep. That was my goodbye to him. So much regret. I think we have to focus on the sum of our good interactions. I hope my dad knew how much I loved him.


He knew that raspberry was the equivalent of an “I love you.”


I just found out this morning that my former girlfriend of almost 3 years, who I last spoke to a couple months back just OD'd on her pills several days ago. Today has been one of the worst days of my life. I've never been so close to anyone, and to lose them like that. I just want to turn the clock back and save her. If only I knew how bad things had gotten. It hurts so much.


My mom was terminally ill at a time when I was working 3 jobs and in deep denial. On the night she died I was going to stay over but my aunt suggested I go home and rest. I was exhausted and agreed. My mom's close friend was there by her side when she passed. I think about that moment constantly. I don't quite regret it because she knew I loved her dearly. But it's a moment, a decision that I think about.


Sometimes loved ones won't pass when their close family is there....they hang on for us. Sometimes we need to go so they can also. Peace friend.


Thank you. You just gave me chills. That's probably quite true for my mother. She worried more for her kids than herself throughout her illness.


No ragrets


Not one? Not like one letter?


Not a single one. Know what I'm sayin?


Things to do


same. too little time.


Can I have some?


Sclerosis. I have multiple. Thx for awards. Unrelated: Hmu if you have a nervous system that you want to trade for some awards.


Have you thought about exchanging them for a single large sclerosis?


My father always said, it's better to whole ass one sclerosis than to half ass multiple sclerosis


Saw your post couple weeks ago. Hope you're doing okay. My stepmother was diagnosed around 27. I know it isn't easy. Take care!


As a person who also has too many sclerosis this made me cackle


please screenshot your post and post it on r/multiplesclerosis for the rest of the gang to laugh with :)


That made me laugh. I'm sorry though...


I'm sorry. But also, this warranted a laugh.


Kudos to you for the little laugh. Best of luck with everything!


Hot sauce. About 120 bottles…I have no food in my fridge, send help






I used to hate myself. Then I was diagnosed with cancer at 26. I decided that there’s at least as much hatred as I deserve directed at me from the universe, so I stopped participating in it.


This is simultaneously kinda funny and really sad hope you are ok M8 and i hope you’ve learned to love your self alot more


It is ironic, in the traditional definition. I've been depressed for years. Then I had a sudden blackout Monday morning from a skipped heartbeat (I only remember up to finishing our morning meeting). Next month my uncle has a skipped heartbeat blackout but dies. Turns out we had the same condition. I was like *wth God so you were just gonna kill my character off right there? I didn't even get to do anything cool yet tf* Still depressed but now I don't wanna die anymore. Microprogress.


I'm sorry




I have too many thoughts, therefore i am too much


They always ask if Descartes **is** But never **how** Descartes is


Intrusive thoughts


*Hey you could totally smear shit on that wall over there if you wanted to* Thanks Brain, real hot tip.






Like trying to shit through a screen door


I hate that I understand this.


Like trying to clean peanut butter out of a shag carpet


OK that's enough reddit for me tonight...


And the adjoining tri-perianal area. What's that expression . . . like wiping peanut butter out of shag carpet?


Just pinch when you wipe and rip out a few hairs each wipe.


This guy asshairs




Rip and Tear, until it is done


My dude. Invest in a bidet. Even an inexpensive one ($50-$60) on Amazon. Cuts through the muddy underbrush with a fierce but gentle water sword. It's life changing.


Browser tabs 😑


i just can’t bear to close them because i know i’m gonna look it up again soon


And then after you hit ":D" for the number of tabs (100+ in Chrome), you know that what you want is already in there, but it's easier to just open it again in a new tab


100+ tabs, and in Chrome no less? Your poor, poor CPU


If you havent used a tab since the last time Chrome was restarted, it seems to use much less resources


I feel this in the depths of my soul. Just click that X, man. Let your mind be free from the stress of saved tabs.




Recently got out of being so anxious that I could barely leave the house. It’s a journey


My 13-year-old got there towards the end of Covid. I’m slowly re-introducing her to society


Best of luck to you and to her.




exactly, it's so nice to see parents and family who are supportive and are not just like "be normal it's not that hard, just talk to people"


Man, this shit is jus too much sometimes. Never really thought I had it at all. The last 2 years I started smoking weed and progressively more and more each day. Was going through a 1g cartridge every other week while also taking 10-20mg of edibles per day. The only time I wasn’t high was during working hours. August 10th I decided it was enough. My anxiety the last week has been almost debilitating. It fucking sucks, but I’d rather get my short term memory, my diet, and my drive to do things back. Been thinking about talking with a doctor for medication. Anyone have any insights on those? Kinda terrified of changing my personality, or ruining my creativity, or sex drive, etc. I should probably just speak with a doctor as well (I will eventually). But hey random internet strangers give me some insight.


Same :(


Anger. The deeper suppressed kind. Not the "road rage at strangers while cutting them off in my lifted pickup" kind.


I feel this. Ironically, it shows when I drive though. I usually have to have someone else drive me because I physically cannot handle how angry I get over small things people do...and I’m not really mad at them, it’s just an outlet for the anger of other things that happened in my past


I had issues lashing out when I was much younger but it didn't take me long to realize I was lashing out at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. And I didn't want to be that "lashing out" person, because that person is being an asshole and they're doing it despite having the knowledge and ability to stop being that person at any time they want.


Have you found something that helps you? I hate yelling and screaming at people when I drive, and no one likes to be with me when I do it. I hate feeling so angry and I feel helpless sometimes because I don’t know know what would help me calm down or just be less angry inside. I know why I’m angry (sexual assault and no justice) and talking to people hasn’t helped yet. Unfortunately, I’m just angry inside everyday and I feel kind of like Hulk LOL


I went to therapy for anger problems. We discussed road rage a lot. I had a couple of incidents where I almost screamed myself hoarse banging on my steering wheel knowing damn well it wasn't doing anything productive and the other person had no idea. My biggest problem has always been that the rational part understands this is an unacceptable response - but once you've lost it you've lost it. That's why they call it seeing red. The person I saw is a cognitive behavioral therapist and I highly recommend it to other people. The reason why I chose that specific type is because I needed practical solutions. I didn't need to talk it out, I didn't need to understand it more. I needed to know how do I hard and fast calm myself down when I am flipping my shit. What has helped me more than anything is basically pavlovian training yourself. She had me pick something that I do mindlessly that isn't negative and can be done anywhere. Some people whistle to themselves while walking around for example. In my case, I catch myself conducting music or just generally being bored at work walking around and keeping time with my hands. The idea is that at the beginning you train yourself to associate that action with positive emotions. So when you're extremely happy, or feeling good or calm for whatever reason you should make it a point to do that action. Eventually you can use that to calm yourself down when you're actually freaking out. tl;dr if you're looking for practical solutions to calm down from anger other than introspective ones, look into cognitive behavioral therapy. Edit: this is a more fun one and in my case works better for depression, but come up with an absolutely ridiculous phrase that you cannot hear or utter without being amused. Mine was cunt-copter or heli-cockters.




I had a dream of someone I hadn’t seen and haven’t heard from in years. It was someone I really missed and I wanted to talk to them but they got in their car and started driving away. Even in my dream I couldn’t reach them.




Turmeric… I have a container full and every recipe only ever calls for a 1/4 tsp. 😢


Hate for people that don't use turn signals while driving.


How about when they drive like 3 miles with their left blinker on, then suddenly change lanes to the right?


Preferred IMO. At least you know they’re a road hazard. Unlike the jerkoffs who just suddenly help themselves to the space two feet in front of you.


My driving hate is for people who have the right of way but insist that you go anyway. That is not helpful! Predictability is the safest and most efficient way to drive. Just GO if it's your turn!


Scotch. I have a deep love of the stuff, but I am not an Avid drinker by any means. I maybe have 2 or 3 drinks a week. People keep gifting me bottles, which is great, but leaves me with too much. I just went and counted. I have 6 open bottles that I have sampled, and 39 unique, sealed bottles of scotch that I haven't gotten into yet. I also have several duplicates. 53 bottles in total.


I know a guy who can help


I came as soon as I heard. Also I'm here.


Caffeine. My blood is coffee


I've been off caffeine for 2 years. I do not regret quitting. I was having a pot of coffee before work and energy drinks at work. I was always wired and exhausted at the same time.


Oh yeah, it doesn't make me more awake anymore. Just increases my heart rate while I'm dead tired


Fat Edit: Holy shitsnacks, I left this comment thinking, "eh, it's funny/sad cuz it's true", not expecting much. But apparently I struck a chord. My weight is something I've always struggled with, and making light of it is how I keep it from consuming me (the puns are not entirely intentional). Anyway, thank you, fellow Redditors, for all the love, suggestions (helpful and otherwise), and awards.


I 2nd and 3rd this.


Seconds and thirds are how some of us got into this mess.


Did someone say fourths?


my dad woke up from a dead sleep and asked from the other room "we got pie?" because he heard someone say "shut your pie hole."


Fatty fifths for me


I know four fat people and I am three of them


Just keep your chins up!


Old bay seasoning I thought I bough 4 normal sized seasoning packets but I bought 4 of the 7.5 lbs jugs 🙈




I don’t have any. Please share


Just make sure you're not getting unwanted fetishes




Dreams. I cant do then all so I dont do any of them


Make a list. Determine which is the most achievable. Start with that one. Forget the rest until you succeed at this one. Don't forget that failing is both valuable and important. Most of the success you set your gaze on is preceded by valuable failures.


Debt and temporary passions




Books, but can you ever have too many?


Butthair. Where does it keep coming from?! My chest looks like a dolphin yet my ass looks like an Armenian man motorboating a stripper.


Cats. I blame my dad. They are all rescues from the road or a field, or a few that just showed up at the house one day (we’re rural). Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally the right thing to do. But we got a lot of cats now. We got 14 cats.


TOYS. I have 4 kids and toys are taking over my house. Most of them are pieces of random toy sets that are useless on their own, too.


I feel this. I have only three but it's still pretty bad. I try my hardest to keep all the sets together but it never works.


I almost feel like having so many toys makes them not want to play with any of them. The trick is to store about 50% of them, and rotate 10% out at a time, so that old toys seem new again haha. The PROBLEM with this is that they sometimes remember what toys they have and ask for specific toys. Then you have to pretend you found it without revealing your stash...


Pens that don’t work.




Grocery bags.


Time on my hands. It's ticking away with my sanity.


It's hard to believe such a calamity.


This may be the first Styx reference I've seen on Reddit that isn't Mr. Roboto


May I have some please?


Body fat






Art supplies


Money. I have literally over a million pennies in my bank account.


lucky. I only have 200,000 nickels in mine edit: canadians have abolished the penny


Little plastic characters in my basement. Thousands of them.




CD copies of WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Me and my friend coincidentally named Billie have a joke and ever since then she gives me a copy of the album every year on my birthday, on Valentines, on Christmas, and as a 'first treat' on Halloween. She once hid one on Easter. I have a pile of them in my closet.