A fairy offers you ten million US collars tax free and 100 additional years in perfect health, but nobody you know will remember you and those relationships can never be rekindled, though new relationships with new people will be possible, would you accept it, why or why not?

A fairy offers you ten million US collars tax free and 100 additional years in perfect health, but nobody you know will remember you and those relationships can never be rekindled, though new relationships with new people will be possible, would you accept it, why or why not?

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Nah- What am I going to do with all those collars?


Sell them for 10 dollars each. You now have 100 million dollars. Dollar or collar though, I wouldn't accept. Would never exchange my family after all.


Mildly tempting but no. I like the people in my life and would not want to give them up. Also, what I would I do with 10 million *collars*?


In a fucking heartbeat. Nobody calls anyway and it's 10nmillion. I'm sure people wouldn't be mad.


Plus 100 years...I'd do alot.


Global warming will make it a lot less fun.


Eh..if you can't manage to have some joy with 10 million that's pretty sad




I don't think we are calling it "global warming" anymore. The data didn't fit the science for that. So, now we just call it climate change so we can blame everything on "climate change" It's less binary like that too.


I sense your doubt and I choose to ignore it and belittle it from afar.


global warming isnt really that big of a future threat it will take centuries for it to be a threat to humanity and as technology increases the solutions to global warming do to


Glad we got that sorted.


We already have the technology to combat climate change. Unless the technology comes up with a way to address the lack of action then it won't mean anything.




plenty is being done right now but its not really economically or physically possible to do anything about global warming right now because china is the biggest problem


Yeah nothing we do matters because developing countries are acting like it's 1899.


No. Its a damn fae and I don't trust that. That fucker will make me loose my cat. It's already trying to get us to mix up a mundane object for currency.(It says COLLARS not dollars).


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I already have plenty of collars on my shirts, and I'm not good at sewing, so I would never be able to make a shirt to go along with any of the new collars I was gifted. Also, I would absolutely hate to lose all of the people in my life and think an additional 100 years of not knowing them would be miserable....ESPECIALLY while looking at all of those boxes of useless collars piled up in my house.


no i couldnt live without my freinds and family what good is there in haveing money when i cant give it to the people i love?


Find some new people to love


i couldnt just replace them and even if i met new people they only would have known me as being rich i wouldnt have anybody who knew me before money i wouldnt have anybody who i could truly say likes me for reasons other then money also i wouldnt have anybody in my life to set me straight and call me out if i have changed alot because of money also i wouldnt stop thinking about all the freinds i had lost


Is the fairy a vampire?


Counter offer, give 1 million to the 10 people I pick out and kill me.


is it a one time only deal, or can i take it later. if i can take it later, i'll take it at the last possible second, i it's one time only, not gonna take it


Nah. I've got enough collars.


I'll pass on the collars


accept on your deathbed then you get 100 free years


This must have been written by someone in their 20's wait till your 40 the 2 people you know won't miss you lol


Ok, but like, are these collars sized for small dogs, large dogs, or livestock? Do they come with a distribution network? Sure, collars can be worth anywhere from $5-50 in general, but they're not usually accepted as currency. Does the fairy also provide contracts, or do I have to go door-to-door to pet shops convincing them to buy my stock? What kind of quality are the collars? Just to be clear, are they animal collars at all, or is this like a BDSM thing? No judgement, I just need to plan accordingly. Might this flood the market? There are hundreds of millions of pets and livestock in the US but I can't imagine they all need collars at once. Do I get a warehouse, or do I have to find space for these collars? Do they at the very least appear off to the side, or am I immediately crushed to death? Do they come pre-labeled, or do I have to hire an army of engravers? This deal is sounding worse and worse the more I think on it.


That's a hell of a lot of collars to get rid of, it's a no from me.


I accept it. 100 years is plenty of time to find another fairy.


No, friends and family are worth way more than 100 million




yes. without a debt would do it and work behind the scenes to make life better for others.


Nah. My friends are my power!


No thank you


Yes please


Definitely not. My family and few friends are all I have in this world. There's no way I would give that up for any amount of money.


No way, no amount of money is worth giving up what I have now!


No, wouldn’t want to live with the loss of the people I love


I'm Canadian


Assuming you meant *dollars* I already have my bags packed


nsfw: >!i would then start a furry porb company and then get rich off of it!<


Nah, I found some very very good friends and have been living a decent life with them and little money for about 10 years now. Having lots of money would be great but if it were that important to me I could also just start doing my job seriously and easily double what I currently have lol


Idk bud... 10 million Collars... What am I gonna do with all of them?


Absolutely...I hate people in my life rn and 10 million dollars and 100 years of perfect health is a deal


Wait.. 100 years.. so is this like perfect health relative to your age? Or perfect health like an Olympic athlete in their 20s for the duration of life. Cause i don't wanna be limping around at 130 years but organs are healthy. Regardless of the answer ill take my normal life with my wife and child. Nothing can equate to that in my eyes. Ask 5 years ago and my answer would be yes.


I barely have any friends and am the least favorite child anyways. The benefits of giving that money to a good cause by far outweigh the negatives of being forgotten. I’d maybe keep enough money to go to school and have a place to live and use the rest on something I believe in


There is no amount of money it would take, to make me walk away from my son. Period.


Yes. It would give me a chance to start a newer life rather then the one I'm stuck in now.


I'm more or less alone in life so yes, I'd take this deal 100%.


No, I have little , ain't worth it


WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU !!!... im in poland so us dolars wont do much ?


I'm not sure anyone will remember me as is...so sure.


I would accept in a heartbeat. Why? Because I wouldn't be losing anything.


10 million over a hundred years. Wouldn't last.


As a member of the No-Tribe, the people who have no one, I would jump at that chance. I am now a distant memory to everyone I have ever loved, in a new place starting over again for the seventh time, making new friends. I'm ok. Just at the very extreme range of loneliness, per the UCLA Loneliness Gauge.


No one remembers me now so yes!


Can I keep my infant children?


Yes... Reasons


Fuck yaaaaaaaa bro ion fw with many peeps


I wouldn't give up my best friend for that or 100x that. If I can get one exception then yep I'll take it.


Collars? Tf am i gonna do with collars? Sell them to kinky people and dogs? Dogs can’t negotiate a price and kinky people can be dangerous. I’m good


I'd take it in a heartbeat


Of course


If this were to happen now, no. If this were to happen after my parents are gone, then I would take the ten mil and not the +100 years.


No i will miss my friends and my siblings




I'd take it then kill myself tbh. Family ties are what's stopped me this long.


Yeah. Besides my family I don’t really have a lot of people in my life worth staying for. Really just my one friend who lives in another state


I'm not close with anyone and I would honestly wish to restart my life, however I feel like everything will get better and that there's a purpose for everything. So, no, I wouldn't take them up on the offer.


After quite a bit of thinking, I'm going to have to say no. Who knows - even with 10 mil and perfect health, some accident like a lethal car crash could happen. I also love my family and the relationships I have, I couldn't give them up. Ever.


Who has a closet that big???


If I didn't have a kid yeah I would accept but there's no way I could pretty much give up my son and then have to live so long without him. No fucking way.


Honestly if it wasn’t for my child and dogs I would but I can never forget them


Ok, here me out. You tell the fairy you will except it a week later. During that time, you murder people you knew and hated and no one will ever find out.


I guess it'd be pretty fun to sell all those collars and upset the collar economy, but I don't know if it is worth losing all the people I love.


Yes, I'll have an even higher chance at getting with my crush


This might sound dumb but no, I have trouble talking with people as is so if everyone just forgot about me I would go into an even worse spiral of depression than I already am in


I would but since I live in the UJk, I’d have no home but could buy one. Yeah; I’d accept.


Would not accept because I'm married to the love of my life and would not ever forsake them.


Tempting, but loosing my three year old boy forever would be a dealbreaker.