What is one invention that we'd be better off without?

What is one invention that we'd be better off without?


Scam calls! We get them on our house phone all the time and it’s so annoying


24 hour news cycle that is funded by entertainment.


The problem is that the media is funded by ads. Ads are bad because it incentivizes the media to care about views above all. This leads to click bait titles and manipulation of the facts to make a typical situation seem exciting or controversial.


Fast fashion. I can’t imagine the amount of cheap, tacky clothes just mountains in landfills.


I saw an ad recently that issued a "rewear challenge", daring influencers to wash their clothes and wear them more than once. It's stupefying.


I guess fight fire with fire? Or stupid with stupid?


There are people who wear clothes only once? And these people make their money off of social media exposure?


And other people watch them and think it's a behavior that is worthy of imitation.


wash clothes? that's so wasteful. people need to DRINK water you can't go around using it to wash clothes. just buy more clothes every day


Apparently I've been doing this challenge for more than a decade


My family gives me shit for wearing shirts I got for free from a sports giveaway like 10 years ago on a regular basis. My fashion sense may be shit but damn I'm supporting my team and they fit so idgaf.


I mostly use cotton because I live in India and I'll die if I wear something any warmer, but fast fashion is practically all I own. Zara is a "fancy" brand here, H&M is good for middle class people. Sustainable clothing costs ₹2-5k for a single shirt and that's just not affordable for most people. I don't remember any shirt I've worn for less than four years unless it straight up tears or gets stained. I have a few fast fashion tshirts my sister got nearly 10 years ago that I still use to this day.The issue is the focus on trends and the need to keep up with them. If bell sleeves are only going to be "in" for six months, then a shirt with those sleeves will be worthless for people who try to keep up with trends. We need to collectively stop caring about what magazines and influencers tell us about trneds and just wear things to the end of their natural life span.


“Leave that hot, bright trash in the shopping malls” -Bright Eyes


Lootboxes and pay to win games.


Literally: let's get people addicted to gambling via gamification and then see how much money we can steal from them.


Let's get CHILDREN addicted to gambling. Hell world


Convenience fees on debit/credit card transactions.


Worse: "convenience" fees when you choose electronic bills/statements over letters. What the actual fuck are you on about? Electronic is cheaper for *you the company!*


This is why I like having a brokerage with online bill-pay. Play nice, and we're all good. If you don't, that autopayment I have set up with my bank will physically mail you a check every month; I don't even care.


I heard a story from another reddit user that he refuses to go online and pay the fee and still pays his rent with checks. The people kept telling him to next time sign up for online billing and he keeps saying he will when they don't charge him a convenience fee for no reason.


this is part of my problem with online things. I tried to pay some utility bills online and was going to be charged a "convenience fee." What? I'm being charged more to make it easier on both of us? fuck that shit.. I pay rent and utilities with checks still


VX gas. It's very, very horrible. It's one of those things we wish we could disinvent.


Cookie pop-ups. How come we still don't have a more efficient way to manage our browsing privacy.


They are also teaching users that clicking any OK popup is a normal thing, which just makes them more prone to get malware on some websites


Huge point. Thanks for adding this. Source: am retired user interaction designer.




Worst ones are those that when you accept cookies, cool! all done! super easy. But you want to decline? Oh, that's gonna take a few minutes, we gotta... upload the server... settings... or something. Yeah, bullshit, that's not how it works, you're literally just wasting my time because you're mad I didn't accept your dumb cookies.




A smaller but related issue is calling different businesses and hearing a robot on the end. To navigate through all their hoops, especially when it's a voice response system, and only find that you landed in the wrong section and have to do the whole thing over, is extremely frustrating.


For questions about your account, press 1. Oh your question was about billing, you should have pressed 2 for billing. Oh, your question about billing is why you were billed twice, you should have pressed 3 for dispute resolution. Oh your dispute was due to a processing error, you should have pressed 4 for bookkeeping. Oh bookkeeping only has access to your account for records and inquiries so we can tell you your payment history and the like, so if you want to know why you were billed twice... **you should have pressed 1 for questions about your account.**


Then once you finally get to a person they send you to someone else who then puts you on hold.


And then your call just magically loses connection.


I was already annoyed. Then I read this comment and am instantly furious.


"Thats not a valid response this call will be ended please call again" i waited so long.




Some of the newer systems hang up on you if you press 0 too many times. I've had it happen to me.


Now _that_ is an asshole design.


That's what happens with the IRS. I had to Google how to get a person and it was 10 steps including freaking *ignoring* a prompt TWICE.




Pop up ads. Not only are they so annoying but can either scam or install malware on the devices of unsuspecting people


The dude that made them apologized


Would'ave happened anyway even without that dude. Now the equivalent is interstitial ads, same idea, just within page with a greyed out background. Things haven't gotten much better


The dude that made the algorithm for tailored ads also apologized. It was originally made so he could sort his emails by importance.


Any product that you pay for, and then have to pay a subscription to use.


Subscriptions for any service that absolutely does not need to be a subscription. And by that I mean Microsoft Office EDIT: I've literally gotten 85 replies overnight about LibreOffice, stop


Or any software you install and run at your home or buisness. Shit that time bombs because, fuck you give us more money. Dealing with that now. Working to tell those groups, “fuck you” not paying, as soon as I can.


Welcome to my humble Adobe.


hello Adobe or Peloton


Adobe is fully subscription. You don't pay an initial fee for the software. That said, fuck Adobe and subscription models.


YouTube "endscreens" (or "endcards") that often block content at the end of the video you're watching.


Yea I fucking hate that shit. If it allowed me to turn them off, I’d be fine, but unfortunately I have to miss the end of my video because of those fuckfaces


Beauty pageants for children.


I honestly do not understand why people are fans of these shows and enjoy going. I feel bad for the children who are forced to participate because a lot of the times, the mothers make them wear innapropriate clothing, or sometimes force them to change their body even tho a lot of the times, the kids are like 4 years old. There was once an episode of Toddlers in Tiaras where a mom forced her kids to bleach their hair and teeth at only 2 and 5 years old. I was shocked at how these kids had to do this to their bodies at such a young age since they are still growing.


Like why would you want your child to participate in a show that that makes entertainment and profit out of little girls being exploited, bullied, and sexualized? Pushing children to be in the entertainment industry in general is all vile to me. No kid can ever consent to the ramifications that shit bring.


I went to one in the early 2000s with a friend. I wasn’t really interested, but her niece, I think, was a competitor. I figured it’d be some cutesy kid garbage, which I was not into, but whatever, I was there to support a friend. I’ll never forget how floorjawed I was when these prepubescent girls started strutting around on stage to “my legs, my back, my p**** and my crack” and _everyone around me was acting as though this were perfectly normal._ I’d hoped it was just some weird one-off thing, but then that show came out a few years later. Still blows my mind that any parent is okay with sexualizing their kids like that.


Devices meant to break after a short period of time, and devices that purposely have parts you can't replace. Edit: Guys, I'm aware it's called planned obsolescence (especially now lol...)


Ugh we have a telescope that's thousands of dollars and the place that makes it refuses REFUSES to have any replacement parts and won't let anyone else make them. Edit: I clarified with my husband and he said: if you're the first owner apparently they will provide parts, but if you're not then they won't allow you to buy parts from them and nobody else can/does make parts. Given a lot of people buy astrophotography stuff second-hand, it's really a disservice to the community.


Who is that? I'd like to know so I don't buy from them.


Orion telescopes




Me: *looks at telescope on my dresser* “Fuck”


>Me: *looks at telescope on my* ***dresser*** Been watching the neighbors again have you?


Leaded gasoline.


The guy who invented it "proved" to the media that it was totally safe by ingesting lead and having them do a urine test on him. Since lead stays in your body forever and isn't cleared through excretions, of course his urine test was totally clear. He also invented CFCs for use in refrigeration, and thus contributed mightily to the depletion of the ozone layer. But in the end, he developed polio and died horribly - strangled to death by a bed he invented to help get in and out of bed due to the disease.


Oh shit I was going to say this dude. Everything he tried to do, he kind of succeeded but at great cost to the earth


> strangled to death by a bed he invented to help get in and out of bed due to the disease. This is something out of Futurama


How would his urine not having lead supposedly be a good thing? If it was in his urine, his body's getting rid of it. If not, it's gotta be sticking around somewhere.


Obviously his body transmuted it to gold


Fun fact: the guy (Thomas Midgely) who thought to put lead in gasoline later went on to develop freon, which is used in aerosols. He is the single biggest negative contributor to ~~global warming~~ the environment of any single living thing ever!


And he died by another of his own inventions. Poetic justice in a weird, morbid way.


How did he die?


He was bedridden for some reason and made some ropes and pulleys to move himself around. He ended up strangling himself in the ropes.


He got polio and invented this bed with some sort of pulley system which malfunctioned and ended up strangling him to death. Quite morbid actually.


Forgive me for being scant on details, it's a while since I read about it, but basically he was strangled to death by a rope-and-pulley contraption he'd designed to help him while bed-ridden with some malady. The Wikipedia page is probably more informative. Bill Bryson's fantastic book "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" is where I first learned about Thomas Midgley and his contributions to humanity. He mentions it in that.


Great book! Second only to a walk in the woods. He had a few other books of note, but those were his bangers.


Seafloor trawling... It destroys the habitant of fish just so we can squeeze every bit of a fish from an area...


I wish more people knew how bad the sea environment is getting because of us


That seems counter productive.


dem short term gains, shareholders will be pleased


Sometimes fisherman will just toss bad nets into the ocean. If they’re in an area with a strong current they’ll move on their own and become whirling nets of death. They’ll catch anything they come into contact with and kill it. Divers have reported seeing these nets with the skeletons of thousands of sea life still stuck.


Commercial fishing nets make up 50% of ocean plastics. And yet the industry got everyone focused on drinking straws instead...


I’m pretty sure it’s all because of that video with a straw stuck up the turtles nose. There are a thousand better things to cut back on but straws it is!


Every Reddit post about how little of the sea is explored makes me think about how sterile it'll be before we get there because we already rotivated it to the point of destruction.


They mentioned an adjacent problem in Blue Planet 2 in some of the additional materials with a deep-sea episode. Due to how little explored it was, they got some footage and studies of an area that had never been explored before. They had to cut footage around a bunch of trash that was found to try to give people an idea of what the ocean floor was supposed to look like, and in the last episode they point out quite a few points where it was almost impossible to get enough footage without *any* human garbage.


The Polygraph machine. Super innaccurate and I believe even the inventor curses its existance.


It’s basically just a prop for interrogations— the person believing it works is what makes it work. Otherwise it’s pointless and to say someone “failed a polygraph” is completely meaningless.


I go thru them regularly and I believe they're just intimidation/interrogation tools. Unless you have a major physical tic that gives you away when you lie lol.


You don't even have to talk to police without a lawyer and the use of a polygraph machine is extremely unlikely unless you agree to talk to a police officer without a lawyer. The point is: never talk to police unless you are the victim to a crime.


I read that it's used during the hiring process for either the FBI or the CIA, can't remember which. And that it's basically a prop to intimidate the applicant - if they start to get real nervous the interviewer knows to press them hard to find out what they're nervous about.


Fun fact, the polygraph was invented by one of the guys who created Wonder Woman. Hence her truth-telling whip. [William Marston.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Moulton_Marston) edit: it's a lasso not a whip!




He also lived for years with his wife and girlfriend in one house. Super interesting guy.




So the inventor of the Polygraph was polyamorous?


It's poly all the way down


YES! There is no device that can "detect lies". Having a device monitor your pulse and heart rate is not a lie detector test, it is a device that monitors your pulse and heart rate


Or a printer. [One of my favorite scenes in The Wire.](https://youtu.be/AJ5aIvjNgao?t=93)


I legit watched this episode earlier today, all time classic scene. Had me dying


Some of the writers of The Wire were former police detectives. That scene is based on a true story.


But the American Polygraph Association (henceforth referred to as "a bunch of people whose careers and livelihood depend on polygraphs being effective") say it's effective! And they're unbiased, right? They're the experts!


Once I had to take a polygraph because some things had come up missing at work. Anyway the polygraph guy starts off the session asking me what I thought about his profession? I said I think it's pseudoscience. He immediately copped a shitty attitude and was quite rude the whole session. Ended up losing that job because he called my manager and complained that I was an asshole. I didn't even fail the test lol.


He shouldn’t have asked if he didn’t want an honest answer. I’d have done the same with this pseudo-science rubbish. But I can’t help it, being a Scorpio…


The horrible thing is that it's well-documented that it doesn't work. But it's still used in many cases by the government and police.


I got dinged on the polygraph for a job interview. I didn't lie (or at least not on the question I was dinged for) so that was pretty damn annoying.


I’m interested. What was the job?


Drug commercials. Fuck me, your average joe, making drug recommendations TO MY DOCTOR - who spent 10+ years studying and working to be in the position.


Those ads are banned in Canada so whenever I watched an American channel it was just such a culture shock that they were allowed to advertise those things like that. A roommate of mine watches a lot of Court TV and the ads on that are just aimed at seniors trying to scam them constantly it's insane.


Pretty sure prescription drug ads are banned everywhere but the US.


New Zealand allows them too, last I heard


Anyone ever seen that “as seen on TV” ad of the golf club you piss in? I feel like that’d be a good contender for this


I use it everyday, no, I do not play golf


LED advertising They're too fucking bright and now they're putting mini screens on trucks that drive around town and it pisses me off. There's already enough distraction on the road. I miss the billboards that had the rotating panels. Those were cool


fun fact. in my country rotating panel billboards are banned. led screens arent.




pretty much what you'd expect: rotating panels are "too distracting to be put on the side of the road".


But LEDs aren't..? That's so confusing....


Technology advances at a pace far more quickly than regulations and restrictions regarding the use of said technology.


Landmines. I'll tell you why: * They render large tracts of land completely unusable * They are expensive and difficult to remove safely because there is seldom documentation of where they are placed * They are cheap, plentiful, easy to place, and deadly * They kill/maim livestock and wild animals * They kill/maim innocent people decades after conflicts have ended. Many times the victims are children because they can't read or don't understand warning signs


YES. Landmines on some Denmark Territory have only recently been all cleaned away. It took so many decades to remove them and make it safe for tourists to traverse the dunes again.


Dumb question, but how do they know when all if the landmines are gone? Like, is there documentation on the total that were placed or did they just stop finding any?


I’d guess that they had an area where they knew nearly all of them should be in and then went through and combed every inch inside until there wasn’t any more land to check


Could they drive a remote vehicle around the area? Maybe something like a road roller that works like a roomba and just sweeps back and forth over a dangerous area.


We actually use something a lot bigger. Mine sweeping trucks use spinning flails to beat the ground in front of them. If they hit a mine they can tank the explosion and keep rolling. They'll drive back and forth over the area like a lawn mower, clearing entire fields this way. Its slow, and not perfectly safe, but better than anything that involves humans walking the field or using disposable drones until they set off a mine.


>Mine sweeping trucks I became curious. Pretty awesome vehicles. https://youtu.be/Z8wNQHOkE0A


I would want one of those to remove the snow in during the winter.


I remember seeing some kind of (heavily) fortified vehicle that has a rolling pin with heavy chains attached in the front, they whip the ground and detonate mines. e: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Char_de_d%C3%A9minage#/media/Fichier:M4a4_flail_cfb_borden_1.JPG


As I understand it they use minesweepers to ensure this.


I was terrible at that game.


For those interested there is a movie about it called [Under sandet](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3841424/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0)


Check out the Herorats at https://www.apopo.org/en . They are trained rats that sniff out land mines in Cambodia and Mozambique. Too light to set a mine off and a nose as good as a dogs. They need money all the time.


One of the rats recently retired too, they're great!


“My” adopted rat Magawa. Even got a gold medal https://www.apopo.org/en/latest/2021/06/PDSA-Gold-Medalist-Magawa-Retiring


>*”To date he has found 71 landmines and 38 items of unexploded ordnance, making him APOPO’s most successful HeroRAT.”* >*“Over the past five years he has helped clear over 225,000 square metres of land, allowing local communities to live, work, play and be educated; without fear of losing life or limb.”* Wow. A fucking rat has saved potentially hundreds of life’s and made it so a fuck load of people could move back to their home and work. The rat have literally saved communities. It’s fucking mindblowing to me. Just think about the butterfly effect this single rat has caused. These communities will evolve into literal cities in the future, and it’s all thanks to this rats actions. They should give this rat a saint statue like yesterday.


That’s fucking badass


Bad. Ass.


This is a great answer. They really are truly horrible, and hurt people long after whatever stupid war has gone down.


I was going to say Twitter but I have to admit this is worse.


The assymetry in placement vs removal is a huge problem.


It's a feature not a bug. Mines are useful for exactly that. You can easily close an area and it takes more efforts to re open it. Thus it's useful when you lack ressources to defend your ground.


Some forces just put down 1 mine or dud mines and put up all the warning signs to make an area appear hostile and difficult to pass. No one wants to deal with mines, they are just totally shit but incredibly effective.


I believe that current US policy is that they no longer use mines that do not self detonate outside of the Korean DMZ. There is an exception carved out for special operations forces, but those guys aren't dropping mine fields like anybody here is thinking. The US has had a policy of documenting the locations of each mine they lay and recovering them since at least the 80's. The *only* exception to that rule are mines that self detonate. Source: I've filled out target folders for minefields. We even had them in Desert Storm if needed. Playing in mine fields and blowing stuff up were the two highlights of my job.


2 ads on YouTube instead of 1


now its 3 ads.


3???????? I use adblock and refuse to watch youtube on my phone, so what the helll...


Adblock detectors. Your site forces me to disable adblock? Ill just go to another site.


bless those websites that at least allow you to click on a 'Continue without supporting' button to have ad blocker and see the site at the same time


Or the blockers that have anti-Adblock-blockers as well. uBlock origin devs are very good and active at giving that shit the boot.


ublock is so good that combined with firefox it can bypass crunchyroll adverts mid-episode


Auto play videos, especially in non video streaming websites. NOBODY asked for them, yet so much work is getting put into making it a web standard. Just fucking stop. Edit: Thanks for the responses, yes I’m aware that there’s ways to block it. And I guess, thank god there’s a standard... because it can make it easier to block. The key point is that NOBODY asked for videos to play in the background of news sites, so why does it exist? Edit 2: Wow, this blew up. Please don’t spend any money on fake Reddit metal - go ahead and donate it to a worthwhile charity instead.


I'm seeing these on recipe sites more and more. No Donna, I don't need to see you making sloppy joes. I just came to see your measurements for a roux.


This seems to be the approach for a typical news site. I'm interested in reading maybe 1-2K of text. The page takes forever to load because in addition to the dozen or so images that have nothing to do with the news story, it also autoplays a freaking video that is also unrelated. And it follows me down a I'm trying to scroll. So I click the video to pause it and then have to find the teeny x to close it so I can read it on mobile. Scroll down a bit more to read and a full page covering ad pops up asking me to subscribe the the podunk gazette for $2 a week. I just came here to read that one news story. Jesus! And you wonder why no one reads the links here?


I realize that it's more a "me" problem for expecting what's not on offer, but I really hate it when I'm looking for some info and I get a news video or podcast episode with no transcript. It's less of a problem on TV news sites (though still a bit) lately, which is nice. I've run into it more on Reddit discussions, with people linking to a podcast or radio show episode that talks about the subject... somewhere in it.


Unskippable Ads


U Block origin, my friend. seriously life without adblock is hell.


SponsorBlock too. Apparently it's saved me 4 hours and 40 minutes since installing it a few months ago.


Shark fin soup - Tens of millions of sharks are killed every year for their fins that offer little nutritional value and serve no purpose outside of being a status symbol


Not to mention that the “traditional” method of harvesting the fins is to catch the shark, cut its fins off, and throw it back in the ocean to suffocate and slowly die.


Asbestos in popcorn ceiling. Wow, thanks for the upvotes and awards, y'all! And for sharing your stories. This stuff has caused a lot of pain and sickness and I am sorry. Plus it's tacky as hell.


As a kid I slept on a bunk bed about a foot under a popcorn ceiling, the stuff would fall on me all the time, and my sheets were covered with it. I'm probably dead.


I did the same thing, and I would wake up with scratches and cuts all over my knuckles from turning in my sleep


As a kid, I used to tinker with electronics, and my dad got me an asbestos tile to use as a workmat for soldering. I'd set it on the table where it would endure abuse from a soldering iron along with other scrapes and scratches from wires, tools, and equipment. Then I'd take it back to my room and toss it behind the door until the next time. That thing had beat up fraying corners and edges, but it dutifully prevented me from burning my mom's kitchen table. That was 40-something years ago, and between that and holding leaded solder in my mouth while I held wires on one hand and a soldering iron in the other, I feel fortunate to be alive.


The thing about asbestos is not inherently a problem. It only becomes a problem when it becomes aerosolized. That’s why op specifically mentioned popcorn ceilings because it would super difficult to safely remove. Just being around and touching it is fine as long as you aren’t inhaling it. There was a TIFU about a guy removing tile in his house, that ended up being asbestos tile. He didn’t realize it till after he had grounded a bunch down into a fine powder that he dispersed all through his house. The tile itself is fine, it is the powdered form being all over that sucks.


Asbestos in general too many people (including myself) have lost grand parents or parents to mesothelioma Edit: im getting lots if mention to this, im mainly talking about general use items provided to the public


Fun fact (actually not fun at all fact): you are more likely to get other lung cancers than mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma just is a slam dunk for lawyers since you basically can only get it from asbestos exposure.


Technically, mesothelioma isn’t a lung cancer, although it typically develops in the tissue that holds the lungs in place. But you’re not wrong, it’s almost guaranteed that the cause was asbestos exposure, and there’s a good chance that exposure was due to or precipitated by some degree of corporate negligence or dishonesty. Sadly, due to the various types of asbestos that were predominantly used, and the diverse range of exposure sources, a lot of mesothelioma restitution ends up with corporations fighting it out over how much each of them should be liable…and often, after confirmed diagnosis, the plaintiff has at most a very gross and painful year or two left and in my experience seldom lives to see a decision made in their favour. The problem is, the corporations aren’t necessarily wrong to dispute their varying degrees of culpability, and often it’s like they’re saying ‘yeah ok we were all beating on this guy but you were the one who got all crazy and brought out the lead pipe, and I think that’s when you killed him’. And when you factor in splitting hairs over which cancer is the main boss-cancer, it gets even hairier. Mesothelioma tort law was the saddest thing I’ve worked with I think, and it’s why I abandoned pursuing a career in law.


Spent a couple years working in meso tort as well, it was so hard. You build relationships with these clients and then they just die. I still think of many of them often. Your post was all spot on.


Real talk, I never thought about the lawyer/client relationship with meso cases. My family was involved with the case for my father. He basically got it started and we ended up getting a decision two years after his death. Long story short, thanks for thinking about the ones people lost. Even though the chances you were on my father's case is slim to none thanks for remembering the lost.


I've seen so many "if you or a loved one" ads that I forgot about mesothelioma being a real disease for a split second


Same here, i think my brain started to tune them out after awhile


How about popcorn ceiling in general. Shit is hideous no matter what material they use for it.


I have to say they definitely have an effect of acoustics, period. It wasnt until I scraped all mine that I realized the impact they had.


[Billboard trucks.](https://www.ownyourbillboard.com/billboard-trucks.html) Rolling Advertisements on modified cargo trucks. Seriously, fuck these guys.


Ads on streaming services that I FUCKING pay for. You don’t need revenue, Hulu, that’s what my subscription is!


Cable has historically been more expensive than any single streaming service, yet they threw ads at us as frequently as network television for years and got away with it!


The selling point of cable was originally to get rid of ads but they slowly crept in. The same will happen to streaming.


Will happen? It already has happened.


Will happen, happening, happened.


The moment Netflix or Amazon show me an ad.. High seas


Amazon has a skippable ad every time... skippable for now


Even my 'ad free' subscriptions have ads - they seem to think it's not an ad if it's promoting one of their own shows. It's still an ad!


My nearly $2000 smart tv has ads...


I'm terrified to upgrade TVs because it's gonna be so hard to find one that doesn't have ads baked in.


People are fully "jailbreaking" their smart TVs now, because that's where we're at in terms of expensive things we buy being actively hostile and exploitative toward us.


Keurig single use pods


Even the guy who invented them hates them


Ads with sounds that play when your phones sound is off


For Profit Prisons.




i miss the days on ps 2 where you buy the game once its enough.


Reality TV. I swear it glamorized the worst kind of behavior, and we ate it up.


"Smart" devices. No LG, i don't want to download an app to use my fucking washing machine, i want to wash my clothes ffs


cheap, single-use, and wasteful products


Disposable vapes really got me here


24-hour news.


Reality shows and the celebs that came with


Junk mail is just a waist of everyone’s time


I didn't know my time had a waist but that's cool to know


Planned obsolescence. I remember when things were built to last and I’m only in my 20’s. edit: lots of great insight and points to consider— I’m sure there’s a lot of different factors that go into making a product. Though, I would be surprised if it didn’t get considered when trying to maximize profitability. Think about it, why make something built to last when you can incentivize the customer to move on to your newest product? For example, there was the whole debacle with Apple slowing down older phones even though they were perfectly capable of running newer software.


My grandmother used to have a TV repairman. Now, you own a television for 5 years and throw it in the trash. What a waste.


These days, if you hire a repairman for any electric device, they will just pretend to test it for 30 minutes and then tell you to buy a new one.