People who got tested for ADHD, what did you think were symptoms? Were they symptoms? What were the test results?

People who got tested for ADHD, what did you think were symptoms? Were they symptoms? What were the test results?


What was the question?


... dude


I got tested for ADH….oh cool there is a squirrel outside….i need something to drink…huh


I tried to be tested, but the doctors I went to all said "Have you finished a degree at university without medication? You probably don't have adhd" I have severe attention issues periods of hyperfocus and I can't do one thing without simultaneously doing like 6 other things or my mind just goes to all kinds of places. But for some reason I couldn't get a referral to sus it out with a psychologist because doctors decided finishing university was proof of no mental condition..


I got tested for adhd because I kept forgetting things. I would do my homework and forget to turn it it, I would be talking to someone and completely space out. I would forget what I was talking about while I was talking about it. I would hyper focus on stupid little things but forget big events. And after I got diagnosed and put on medication, my stutter stopped. So apparently my brain moved faster then my mouth could


The only reason I got tested for ADHD was because my teachers noticed Me not focusing, turning in my work late and noticed I doodled during class EVEN THOUGH IT HELPED ME FOCUS. I had no idea I had it.


I always lost my attention very easy on everything that I'm doing, driving is not the case because having the hands free is the worst, I need to occupy my hand with something and normally I divide my attention to what is front of me and what is in my hand 🤣. Saying that I discovered after I had 2 college diplomas but was struggling hard on my 3rd course, while not being able to recover from a break up help me to lose complete focus on studies, specially because I hate to study and concentrate in something that I don't like is harder. Today I have a medication and before quarantine the medication for this, accomplish with medication to sleep, which I struggle in my life since I had 2 years, not having this problem when I had a relationship, helped me to organize my life and to produce