What do you think of the British people ?

What do you think of the British people ?


They can be a bit cheeky.


Cheeky cunts


We’re just a bunch of cheeky limey cunts




Studying at UK university - They really seem to exist on polar ends of the spectrum - they’re either really really lovely or absolute dickheads.


As a British person I agree completely, there's no in between


As another Brit, I concur. And there’s an obvious class divide. I live in Canada now and mingle among all classes. That doesn’t happen in u.k


> I live in Canada now and mingle among all classes To me this sentence marks the difference right there. The UK still has much more defined markers of class - and people at least partially choose their associations based on them - whereas in North America "class" isn't something people really think of beyond a *very* vague and ill-defined upper/middle/low scheme where most people self-identify as "middle" regardless of circumstance.


Yep, I am Canadian, grew up pretty poor, my parents were in debt, we had to downgrade our house, I thought we were lower middle class because at least we could live still somewhat comfortably. Meanwhile in my same school my best friend was very rich, lived in a mansion because his dad was a district attorney (or a similar job) and he considered himself middle class even though he was always on vacation and basically got anything he wanted.


Same here in norway. I basically every one go on the same scools. In my class there where people who were the kids of people living on social security and people owning shipping companies. We all played together.


Even this comment highlights the difference. You, as a North American, describe *class* here in terms of profession and income. That's not what it is in the UK.


What is it in the uk? Royalty vs the rest?


Class is fundamentally about culture. Even in the US people overestimate the amount it's determined by wealth (which is not to say wealth isn't a big factor). Consider a plumber who makes six figures and an adjunct professor at a university who makes less than $40k. Even if the plumber is objectively richer, they're still probably working class whereas the professor is almost certainly upper middle class. It comes from upbringing, education and background. At the core it's about your culture, your mannerisms, and so on. Being a part of a class is about being able to fit in with other people of that class.


That sounds British!


>As another Brit, I concur. "The thing with Brits," he softly spoke - "The thing with Brits, and British folk - The thing with Brits, the limey lot - We're either *cunts*... ... or else we're not."


If you didn’t read this in a British accent, something’s up


I read everything in a British accent - it comes with being British


What does a British accent sound like? Ps - I’m British


Really? You don't have classmates from other socioeconomic classes?


Schools are a minefield here, we have… State Schools (free) Grammar Schools and Acadamies (Free) and Public Schools (Private Fee paying) People buy houses to secure their kids into good free schools (they’re rated by an independent body called OFSTED) So schools here are usually populated by kids of parents in a similarly bracketed income. As areas with good schools are usually effected with rising house prices


I have to say ofsted are such shit. Their 'outstanding' rated schools can be rubbish compared to 'good' ones, I just disregard their ratings.


I believe that some "outstanding" schools are just good at red tape and ticking boxes to the detriment of real education.


I've moved to the UK two years ago and this is absolutely my sentiment. Either the loveliest or the rudest, barely any in-between.


Trying to cut the hedge between you and your neighbours property is a good way to gauge in my experience. Either they invite you over for tea or threaten you with a knife.


as a british person that’s 100% correct


I like when they say "Twat" or "Blimey" unironically.


And cunt or bloody hell


And Bollocks. That's up there with "todger"


What about wanker? Can we get some love for wanker?


And all creative derivatives. Wankshaft, wankflaps, wankpole, wankrag, titwank, etc.


Don't forget that old favourite - wankstain


One of my favourite ❤️


My wife once met a British guy at a college in my state that referred to the first year students there as 'buswankers' because they lived in dorms and had to take the bus to get anywhere. Excellent derivative if you ask me


From a show called Inbetweeners check it out


I’m a Brit and “bollocks” is my go-to word whenever I’m mildly inconvenienced or annoyed.


I'm Irish and there's nothing better than letting a big "Ah bollocks!!!" When you've fucked up.


>... whenever I’m mildly inconvenienced or annoyed. There is no one more aggressive - There is no one more irate - Than the ceaselessly repressive From the name proceeding "Great". There are few as prone to bubble To a simmering degree - Than the people facing trouble From the land of chips and tea. There is no one more malignant, More maliciously employed - More inaudibly indignant Than the British when annoyed.


Blimey! :o


You cheeky cunt mate


Cheeky bastard


Bloody L


My British buddy told me he lost 50 pounds. He was upset when I congratulated him.


As long as ‘twat’ is pronounced correctly (i.e.: to rhyme with ‘cat’). For some reason it seems to be pronounced to rhyme with ‘hot’ in some US films I’ve seen. Drives me mad!


I actually didn’t realise they were saying twat until recently. I thought it was a completely different insult, but I was watching something with the subtitles on and was surprised to find out they just pronounce the word differently in the US


Same with how they say Craig, always thought they were saying Greg.


Kreg? sounds like a bloody star trek character or somethin doesn't it


He's the Bond actor, Daniel Creg.


Or Gram instead of Graham.


What do YOU think of them, OP?


Seems kinda british to me


oy mate why is this tagged as nsfw?


I feel like everything on AskReddit nowadays is tagged NSFW.


Not safe for world




Idk maybe the poster wants to know how the British are in bed












Fucking throbbed


That’ll be all of our dogging, I suppose.


Pretty sure dogging is a UK phenomenon entirely. We're the only people kinky enough to want to wank in the cold, pitch dark over someone shagging his other half.


Especially when all concerned are generally complete munters...


Fucking hell I’ve not heard munters for years 🤣


Chesham Dogging Society Loyal checking in. Paging Stan Collymore and Steve McFadden...miss their faces drooling over the rear window like dehydrated Alsatians.


For me Britain used to be my Japan like Japan is for weebs


the term is 'teaboo'


Haha I remember them being called “anglophiles” but I like teaboo better


My mate Bob is from new York. Has a house here and new York. He's a massive anglophile. Really enamoured with everything british.


Its funny seeing people fantasize about this country because you're used to living there. I really wanna live in Sweden, but I imagine most Swedes would wonder why.


Same. Was obsessed with studying at a boarding school due to harry potter.


I don't know all of them but the ones I've met seem pretty nice.


Just stop talking to any new ones now to preserve your 100% record


My experience Is kind of limited, but I’ve been to the U.K. several times and have plenty of British colleagues. For some reason I seem to get along better with the working class Brits that I’ve met. They seem to be decent straightforward people. If they’re wankers, you can kind of tell right away. The further you move up in class, the stranger the behavior seems to get, and the more difficult the people are to read. That surface politeness can hide anything from a very decent if somewhat stiff person to a complete fucking psychopath.


That's what I found working for the NY office of a UK company. It could also be that I grew up in a working class, blue collar family myself, so that's where my comfort zone is.


As a Brit, I'm surprised by the general positivity in here. Cheers to that


Me too. I was expecting some serious hate. It's been quite refreshing.


I'm in the U.S. and work with our British (and Ireland) office daily. We tease each other over our stereotypes a lot and it's all in good fun. I believe it was 2010 when England played the U.S. during the World Cup ~~series~~. I bought a bunch of U.S. jerseys and shipped them to their office without telling them for some inter-office trash talking. In return, they shipped me a huge box that contained an England Jersey, A beach towel with their emblem on it, a bunch of biscuits and tea, salt and pepper shakers in the shape of phone boxes, and a toy double decker bus without telling me. All and all, I love those guys and gals over there. A fun bunch of peeps. Edit to Add: Yea, I'm used to saying World Series (Baseball). My bad.


You should have sent then a video of you pouring the tea in a river.


Have you learned nothing from history? That’s how wars start!


We attacked the Capitol before it was cool


I'm from Mallorca. 10 minute drive from Magaluf. I think I don't need to say anything else.


In Sweden we call Magaluf ”Raggamuff” because it means ”Get Bitches” and that’s exactly what Magaluf is known for


UK actually calls it Shagaluf, same reasons.


Ah yes, I've had a lot of fun in Shialabeouf.


Lol sometimes gets called “Shagaluf” in the U.K.


I'm British and I'm guilty of trying to avoid those types of Brits on holiday. I have no idea why they're like that. And why are they always so sunburnt?!


They’re not responsible about anything (drinking, not causing a scene etc) why do you think they’d be responsible enough to wear sunscreen?


I was once one of those Brits. Combination of too much alcohol, and copious amounts of not giving a fuck about other people. I have got older and started to give more of a fuck about other people.


Thank you. Sincerely, Literally Everyone.




As a Portuguese that usually goes to Algarve for vacations i understand you. The expats are pretty chill but the tourists like to fight cops for some reason.


They do that at home too.


On behalf of all good british people I sincerely apologise we aren’t all like that I swear lol


They always complain about the weather, no matter what it is like outside - you’ll hear most of them complain


All I know you don't want to become between English or Scottish person and his/her drunken night kebab...


Such colorful vocabulary. Wanker, twat, bollocks. The list goes on.


I hate all of them apart from me


Spoken like a true Brit.


Exactly. Now mow your lawn.


Those bastards can drink.


It's actually a really big cultural problem hahaha ha :(


We drink because we're unhappy haha


I'm so fucking depressed haha nearly Friday though!!


Only 5 more days


Binge drinking is in part why we're among the fattest Europeans.


Our diets are fucked in general


2000 calories of drink followed by a 2000 calorie kebab in a matter of hours. Can't forget about the hungover Sunday takeaway either! I'm Irish but I feel like our drinking culture and diets are very similar from my time spent in the UK.


Our beer cans are double the size of USA ones, and we tend to only buy boxes of them lol


Our pints are also bigger. Like the literal unit of measure in the UK is bigger. It's about 5 US pints for every 3 UK pints


They didn't serve pints! ONLY BUCKETS!


There was only one bar *awwwww* IT WAS A MILE LONG *ayyyyyy*


There was only one barmaid FOR EVERY MAN!!


She was wearing glasses… ahh… …AND NOTHING ELSE! wheyyyyy


Got off the train into London from Edinburgh around the time everyone was getting off of work. It was mid-week and I just sauntered around watching the swarm of people in work clothes going immediately to the pubs or take-away shops to grab some drinks. Decided to join in and grabbed a sandwich and two beers, then proceeded to a park where I watched two women in work clothes down a bottle of wine — the last sips of which were poured sloppily and jovially as they laughed when one spilled a little on her purse before they got up and went on their way. It was quite a lovely and specific afternoon. The evenings though! Everyone wanders the streets already drunk it seems, no pub in particular is too crowded and the entire place is just a somewhat rowdy (at least in the eyes of this American woman) happy mess of a time. It was really interesting to see.


I like British culture, it is interesting. though I think virtually every culture is. I have seen a lot if anti UK comments here referencing their colonial history and I want to push back on this a bit. Virtually every country throughout history (worldwide) was imperialistic and committed atrocities, up until modern times. The idea that the UK was unique in anything they did is just being historical illiterate. The world we know today with all its freedoms and advancements and its progress towards equality for all people is really a result of british and other European societies almost entirely. It is good to recognize the past injustices of these lands and attempt to fix them where we can. But demonizing these countries as net negatives in the world is super idiotic, in my view. It you remove the uk and other western European countries from history it is exceptionally likely that we would all still be living in a world where virtually every plot of land is ruled over by some sort of king or emporer and where, like throughout most of history, 99% of people lived as powerless poor people that died in the droves due to hunger, poverty, war, sickness etc. Lots of people complain about the injustice in the modern world and there is a lot of political and social divide currently. However relative to history, virtually everyone alive now is privileged beyond belief. Really, I think most people don't realize just how terrible most of our lives would still be had it not been for the European empires and the social and technological advancements that came out of them. Life before modern times for the common person in history was, relative to today, exceptionally terrible and hard, unless you were rich or royalty, but even then it was still pretty shit.


Lived there as a kid, so hearing an English (especially Yorkshire) accent where I live now is always nostalgic. Just as arrogant as most western Europeans but also more self-deprecating so it's not as annoying. One of the few cultures that can reliably form a proper line.


Appreciate the glory of our ability to form a line. It's genuinely one of the few things I love about British culture. It's quite frankly fucking amazing how people will spontaneously form a queue for LITERALLY ANYTHING and people will respect the rules of the queue. It's a joy to behold and truly speaks to the best of our civilized nature. Christ I love it. The lowest piece of crap scum to the most hoity toity upper class wank ALL respect the queue. I'm getting emotional, sorry.


We really should have a queue on the flag


That's why the union flag has stripes at different angles. It's symbolic of our ability to queue any which way.


I went to the UK with some friends from the US back in high school. We were in line somewhere when this little English girl asked my friend "pardon me but are you in Queue?" He was like "what?" She repeated herself. He stares at her for like 30 seconds, and then he turned to us and was like "who the fuck is N.Q.?" We just died laughing, and the poor little girl just got in front of us. He was so absolutely clueless, but she was charming. He'd just never heard it called a queue before. When we explained it later he thought we were making up words to mess with him (which we often did). "Q-U-E-U-E? that's not a fucking word!"


Yorkshire! Yorkshire!


God's own county


Yorkshire Lad checking in


I like British humor a lot. You guys drink hard - very hard. I haven’t known any British people as an adult but the ones I’ve met have varied from fine to great people.


When I watch the Great British Bake-off and see grown men hold back tears when Paul gives them the handshake, I think I need to move there. Holy cow thanks for the awards! I want to move to northern Wales some day.


Paul Hollywood is simultaneously a scouse sleeze and a national treasure all at once. Love that man!


Is he the one who looks like a rock star? I have no idea who he is.


He's the one that looks like guy fieri's more normal cousin


Holy shit.


Or the missing link between Guy Fieri and Paul Newman.


"Welcome to Flavourtown. But please be respectful towards Flavourtown locals; keep noise to a minimum, don't litter and always ask permission before taking pictures inside the Flavourtown parish churches."


Paul is the judge. the Rockstar looking guy is probably Noel, I forget his last name.


Paul looks like if Guy Fieri dressed like a normal person


I like to think of him as the guy fieri of bread


We're going to focaccia town!


Rye Fieri


Noel Fielding


AKA Old Gregg.


Aka Richmond *Felicity* Avenal the Goth from IT croud


That's probably Noel Fielding you're thinking of


THAT dude is a national treasure


He absolutely is. I loved when he was on The Mighty Boosh. That show is a national treasure.


You’re probably imagining Noel Fielding, who’s a presenter on the show. Paul Hollywood is the male judge.


If you like watching British men cry you should hop on over to The Great Pottery Throw Down


Keith must be protected at all costs. What a lovely guy


Also Great British Sewing Bee.


person: *makes a pot* Keith: *give me that hanky now*


Well only lived in England for sometime, so my opinion is based mostly on English people and obviously not all are same. But based on what I've experienced they are just absolutely great , I love their humour and the way they are just what they are, not pretending and saying what ever they like and cursing, but also being polite and warm. It is hard to explain but I felt right at home over there, would move back anytime. oi oi savaloy!


As a British person, I can confidently say some of us are dicks, some of us are alright, and the government are massive shits.




> the government are little shits I think you will find that they are massive shits.


Living here since I was 9 years old and now I’m 24, you are some of the loveliest cunts around. You’re best of the worst and the worst of the best ❤️.


Frenchy living in the UK for quite some time myself and can say that, as hard as it is for a Frenchman to admit, the British have the best sense of humour I’ve ever encountered


We live in a country where it's cold and wet for 10 months of the year. You'll find it's quite necessary to develop a good sense of humour when that is your reality.


And don't forget that we've built everything around those 10 months, so the 2 sunny ones are ruined by boiling in our own houses and risking drowning in our sleep.


Lived in London for a year They’re particularly reserved, they relatively mind their own business, and really don’t wanna involve themselves in your business unless they absolutely have to Overall, they’re good people, and they know how to have a good time but also be cordial and have good values I’ll always have love for the British


Londoners are much more reserved than northern England and Scottish people. If you go drinking in Glasgow on a Friday night you’ll probably end up speaking to people you’ve never met before!


Great musicians, great comedians, shitty politicians. Overall more positive than negative.


I wonder if there's a country with good politicians


North Korea... Everyone seems to love the leader


Not everyone. I'm in North Korea and I don't think he's doing a ve


Please excuse Comrade VoteRevan4emperor while he attends his re-education camp.


As a Canadian who grew up in the North East of England I have never met a kinder 'give ones shirt off their back' group of people. You can see someone everyday for years, never know their name, what they do, but I feel closer to them than I do co-workers now. An exemplary group of people that I see as my people. Also the drinking, I learnt how to drink there and now I cannot afford to have a night out in Canada. The British liver is just built differently.


“Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”


They got a pretty iconic flag


I believe that, if the Union Jack didn't have such a great design, Australia and New Zealand would have changed their flags long ago.


Even Hawaii kept it, and its a US state


They were nothing like what I was inclined to think from reading the internet. They are highly politically diverse. Their humor isn't just dry. Their food isn't just brand. I found them funny, and warm, and interesting and interested. I could spend a night in a pub learning Cricket and teaching American football. I could walk around on the 4th of July with an American Flag t-shirt and laugh over lunch about how the war of 1812 wasn't a separate war but a continuation of the revolution and they didn't lose but burned down the capitol and left. I sit on the tube and have one of them help me collect the list of slang terms I'd learned (my GOD they have a lot of slang). The hilarity of sitting around with people from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and a proper Englishmen is amazing. That cultural orb of the UK is fascinating. Back when cabbies were a thing listening to a cabbie talk was an amazing experience. They're brutally honest too and they curse a lot. Good people all around. 8/10 would recommend.


I was in London a few years back. They'd ask if I was American. When I said Canadian they'd give me a big smile and treat me like extended family. It was awesome. I don't think I had a bad interaction with anyone my entire time there. A+ 10 out of 10. Would London again.


I think the majority of British people really like Canadians. And I as a British person can corroborate this


There seems to be a general easiness among commonwealth states. Kiwis, Canadians, Aussies and Brits all seem to just get each other a bit easier.


Please tell me the plot twist is that you are in fact a dishonest American?


My brother was in East Asia in about 2004 - said there were no Americans, but you couldn’t go anywhere where without bumping into Canadians with American accents…




We're cunts


Bunch of wankers I love that word


We are all bus wankers




Some are briefcase wankers


Full kit wankers


Good people. They can take the piss with the best of them, love to drink, have no time for bullshit and will call people out on it. A dry sense of humor is my preferred humor. Source: Canadian


We don't all speak like those 'British people be like' memes say we do, those are regional accents. It's like saying all Americans have New York accents.


Noo Joyzee




Get on the piss with more vigour than any other country I’ve seen


Went to the pub for breakfast at 10:30 on the day of the euros final and staff were already bringing down trays of jäger bombs. Me and my friends were sat there with five pints each in front of us at one point


Why is this NSFW?


Probably because it has the word cunt every other comment




I like every Brit that I have met. (edit: I have actually met a few.)


I don’t. But then again I am a Brit who lives in Britain.


That's valid. I'm an American, and I like fewer other Americans than I care to admit! 😂


>I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.


I know Germans and Brits are supposed to hate each other's guts but as a German, I love the British. Met a guy named Jim in India twenty years ago; he called me a German cunt, I called him an english bastard. We travelled together for over a month and it was one of the best things I did in my life. Jim Wiley if you're reading this, I'd sure love to have a pint with you again, you bloody english bastard.


That they have a serious time travel and alien problem.


Only if you're in Cardiff and London.


I had a good time living there. The people I worked with are lovely, very sociable. Their government is dysfunctional af though, and I'm completely baffled by whatever the fuck brexit was supposed to be.


As a Brit, we’re all completely baffled by whatever the fuck Brexit was supposed to be.