What really annoys you?

What really annoys you?


Misspelled wherds


hahaha YES! like There and Their


People that do 65 in the passing lane


You know that small crust of dried milk you get sometimes on the top where you pour it. That.


Thats sooo annoying!


Laws that only serve to generate revenue for the city or state.


Period poops. I get constipation, diarrhea all at once. And then some explosive farts that splatters shit all over in the toilet bowl. A moment of calm before it starts again. Add blood in the mixture, you got yourself an absolute winning shitfest. 3-4 times a day is a good run, I'd say.


More people should be aware of our suffering.


The ever increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor. Jeff Bezos just went to space for gods sake while millions of people are starving making barley any money at all.


Like, im saving for a new pair of shoes for 3 years now…


All I want is to be able to afford an apartment on what used to be a middle class wage.




These same questions being on r/AskReddit


Typescript. It has added a lot of time and boilerplate to every project I've used it in. Too much time is spent figuring out type errors or duplicating your signatures into an external type declaration file because sometimes in the real world you need circular structures. What's extra annoying is it's fine if you have them in the same file. Like if a class has child types that contain a reference to the parent type so the children can access each other. Works great if all types are defined inside 1 file, but you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get that working if you break the classes up into multiple files.


Bad grammar, repetitive noises, having to stay n bed fir two extra hours bc I refuse to disturb my dog, having dyslexia, the list is endless


Littering and graffiti


Any external stimuli. I'm an HSP.


Smug people


My sister complains to me for the most stupidest reason. Like when the time she was riding her bicycle and I decided to look at the plants we had planted and in on pot I saw a dozens of snails. I immediately remembered my mom always telling me to get rid of snails if it's in a pot if not it is going to kill the plant. I grab a hose and a shovel to start digging and washing the snails away. My sister start complaining about the floor is wet and if she still going to ride her bike she is going to fall. I said "well if you fall just get back up and try again" .Then she stared whining and crying and it annoys me for some reason


People who are not "people of their word". That stuff is so annoying. Just don't speak to me then.


That it takes twice as much of the half sized toilet paper to wipe my bung hole




How privileged people could get almost everything they want and need. Like, I’m tired of being poor, man.