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the dream man photo.


same bro


Smile.jpg creepypasta pic. I can handle anything horror-like but just not that one.


same! it has the creepiest aura. sort of like a fever dream


The meme of the white cat with tiny human hands.


you know that black sabbath album with the weird witch like lady in front of a house? the pic looks really blurry but it feels like it should be calm, even though something seems off. k kinda like in the game until dawn when that shrink shows you a photo of a farmhouse and asks you to identify where something might hide i.e. barn, cornfields; the photo doesn't imply anything but because someone suggests that something's hiding you start to think about it.


The interpretation of what a person having a stroke sees


Fake liminal spaces


This is a picture of Australia’s right wing leaders celebrating after repealing our Carbon Tax, which briefly reduced C02 emissions with no downside. It’s creepy because everyone in the picture has children. https://static.ffx.io/images/$width_750%2C$height_422/t_crop_fill/q_62%2Cf_auto/53c378de6da28409bc49da2cc2fe8c30702af266


The picture of that man and his kid next to that red car. Its a picture taken in northern ireland and it looked so peaceful. After the picture was taken the man and his kid blew up causing the cameraman and some other peoples death. The man and his kid survived tho