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I don't really bother with porn most of the time, but I feel like people work hard to make it and deserve to be paid for their work.


Some people have various kinks that aren't widely available on your pornhubs or your xhamsters


This. Some people have to start subreddits to get fetish material.


I had to click on your profile to see what subreddit you started.


And? You can't leave us lazy people hanging




> r/musclegirlart 64,000 subs. jesus. Also.... 64,001


Wow, that sub has grown with over 500 followers since this post…501..


Over 64400 now, just an hour later


I started scrolling this thread with the intent of posting about how specific kinks can sometimes only be scratched by paid for porn. Now I'm leaving with a new subreddit to subscribe to


You may also like r/fitdrawngirls


I feel the Venn diagram of those subreddits is basically a circle.


Thought this said music girl art and was very confused when I clicked on the subreddit


Holy shit. You have 3,000,000 post *and* comment karma. You’ve posted hundreds of those muscle art drawings in the last few days. May I ask… where do those come from? And how do you have the time? I’m so fascinated by your account.


As a fan of the muscle girl subreddit, I salute you good sir


So, muscle girls huh


If your kink isn't anal with your stepsister, pornhub is very, very inadequate, lol.


I’m so thankful I have a (mostly) vanilla sexuality. No offense to people who like things extra spicy. It’s just so much simpler. Can’t imagine what it’d be like if you could only bust on the 3rd Tuesday of the month , while Uranus is in retrograde (giggity) and your partner is dressed as Grimace and doing an impression of Marilyn Monroe singing to JFK, while you have a spark plug from a 1974 Buick Skylark up your ass.


>I’m so thankful I have a (mostly) vanilla sexuality. No offense to people who like things extra spicy. It’s just so much simpler. The worst thing is liking things a bit spicier but not to any extreme. And apparently porn only knows 0 and 200%. Like, you want some spanking where it's obvious that everyone has a good time and is enjoying themselves, maybe even some bratty/challenging remarks from the person getting spanked? Best I can do is either 3 slaps as "foreplay" or a dark dungeon where someone in restraints is getting caned until their skin tears . -Apparently every porn site ever. And that's not even some rare fetish. Why is there no nice inbetween. Edit: Wow waking up and seeing that this comment is not only my most upvoted but also triple awarded. Im also happy that so many of you apparently found a name for the kink you always had or found a new one.


I feel you. When girls lift their arms above their head in a sexy way, well, it’s sexy. Big turn on for me. That doesn’t mean I want videos of some dude licking and sniffing the shit out of some chick’s armpits. It’s so fucking disgusting to me lmao. Same with choking. My gf likes light choking, and I like lightly doing it. So I hate when I see videos of a dude choking a woman out until her face is purple and he’s spitting in her face. Why is there never a healthy medium lol Edit: I appreciate the links fellas, y’all are awesome but I should clarify that I don’t really have an armpit fetish. It’s more like, it’s just something that’s kinda sexy but I absolutely cannot specifically search out anything concerning it because it’s all extreme fetish stuff


>That doesn’t mean I want videos of some dude licking and sniffing the shit out of some chick’s armpits. Haha yeah ew that's so disgusting. I mean where would you even find something like that? One of those disgusting porn sites I bet. There's just so many of them though, which ones should I make sure to stay away from? Any particular search terms or keywords I should make sure not to accidentally use?


This is precisely what paying for your porn will find you. Not only that, but performers who own their own shit and do only what they are comfortable with, tend to be genuinely enjoying what they’re doing, and of course that comes across in a scene. Genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm is hot.


>Genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm is hot. It's the most important


> Genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm is hot. It's why I mostly watch amateur porn and I don't mean "amateur porn" produced by a studio, but just real people filming themselves while fucking. I don't care if the video is potato quality, or if it doesn't have 50 camera angles. Genuine enjoyment is so much hotter than 4k HDR directed by Steven Spielberg.


You got deeply specific for someone who couldn't imagine it lol


Thats their kink, the imagining.


That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always imagining


...go on...


Your name is ‘Queef Stroganoff’ I do not believe for one second that your sexual taste is vanilla, you pervert.


We used to call it Beef Strokemeoff


Hamburgler but otherwise spot on


Now. I. Am. Excited.


You had me until the Skylark. I’m a LeSabre guy.


Best can do is a LeBaron.


Same here 1969. My brother had a 72 skylark


*A new kink has been discovered*


i wanna see the full version of the video.


All about the plot line


Does he ever fix the sink? I have to know!


He does his own plumbing


he knows how to lay the pipe


take a look at this guy, we got a connoisseur here


I've been a big Peter North fan ever since I saw one of my first pornos that starred Peter North and Jenna Jameson from the 1995 movie Priceless. I didn't know who Peter North was at the time but I did know Jenna Jameson. In this brief scene that was not even 30 seconds long, Peter North bones Jenna doggy-style on the floor and then tit fucks her and cums all over her perfect silicone breasts that were probably in the best shape they were ever in back at that time. You might think that this was the scene that made my 15 year-old self fall madly in love with the talents of Ms. Jameson but you would be wrong to assume that because it was Peter North's talents that I was drawn to more. Amazingly, Peter was in another scene from the same film and I coincidentally downloaded both of these scenes off of Limewire and I didn't have a clue that they were from the same movie until years later. The second scene was Peter and Holly Body and it quickly became my favorite porn scene of all-time within a few weeks after discovering Peter's scene with Jenna from the same movie. Peter plays a private eye who bones a hooker (Holly) in his office and then blasts her large, perfect silicone tits with that otherworldly giant penis of his that shoots bigger ropes and sperm blasts than anyone has ever seen before on film and possibly since. After seeing both of those scenes from 1995 and what was surely his prime, I became one of the biggest Peter North fans around and I would consider myself a Peter North connoisseur and expert. Peter North's real name is Alden Brown and he grew up in Nova Scotia before relocating to California by the 80s. From what I've gathered, he had a bad cocaine habit and was borderline homeless at times and turned to porn to feed his habit and to settle drug debts that he had racked up. Now, North himself claims that he was "discovered" by a guy in the biz while North was modeling sportswear at some party where the guy was admiring his physique and later offered North work in porn. Others like mobster and adult film producer Kenny Gallo claim that North actually got his start in gay porn and that he has tried to hide his homosexual and secret life from everyone and Gallo's claims pass the scrutiny test because anyone with an internet connection can look up photos and videos from North's gay porn films that he starred in. Gallo claims that North became very angry and embarrassed whenever anyone so much as mentioned that he might have appeared in gay porn. North still will not admit that he was in gay porn even though there is undeniable proof of it in the internet and digital age, something which North didn't see cumming in the 80s when he shot these movies. Now let's get back to the straight porn that made me a major North fan... Peter North, simply put, is the greatest male porn star of all-time. He has a nearly 10 inch penis that -- according to some porn babes he has fucked, including Jenna Jameson -- is about as round as a can of Coke. He is able to shoot loads like few men can and rumor or myth has it that he likes to chomp on celery sticks before a big scene and that the celery is what is responsible for his massive cum blasts that are his absolute trademark. When I was just starting out as a young porn-addicted teen, I kept coming across so many scenes with the hottest porn babes that featured Peter North and so it seemed almost impossible for me to avoid the guy if I wanted to see the hottest girls go at it with a guy. He simply nailed about 95% of all of the hottest porn stars in their primes for three decades and so he is basically like porn's Iron Man and Cal Ripken, Jr. A few years ago I was feeling a bit down in the dumps because I had seen so many of his scenes and was having a bit of trouble finding some of his other material. At some point I found a vintage porn forum that had nearly every available scene of his and it was like hitting the mother load and an amazing find. For nearly a decade posters have been posting more and more of his scenes and only recently as little as a month ago did it seem to slow down and that there might not be any more of his scenes left to post. I have seen at least half of his scenes now and there are over a thousand of them that he has shot. In North's last days and years, he was a shadow of his former self. It is obvious to anyone who has seen those scenes of his that his body has been ravished by steroid and cocaine use that has gone on for no less than two decades and that his most valuable and important body part -- his penis -- is past its best. Rumor has it that North actually went to some place like Thailand to have his own skin grafted onto his shriveling and washed-up penis to keep it barely functioning and it is obvious that the look of his peen changed no later than 2010 when he was still going at 57 years-old. His dick looked enlarged and like a chode and his cumshots were nowhere near as powerful or as big, all while he donned dark black wigs (he refuses to admit that he is bald) and gross, leathery skin that has decayed from abusing his body for decades. Peter North never struck anyone as a smart man. If you watch the few interviews that he has out there, he struggles to string sentences together and he seems to be a bit slow. North has been little more in his perverted, sad, deranged, degenerate life than a drug addict, a creep, a borderline criminal, and a male prostitute who will never come out of the closet. He is now apparently married to a fellow adult film star and together they have a young son. I can't imagine the life that this kid is in for when he finds out that both his mother and father have innumerable photos and videos of them engaging in sex acts for all the world to see on the internet. North has his own social media accounts that seem to be populated by bottom feeders like himself. In North's case, he is/was a literal bottom feeder and you can find evidence of this on the internet. It would be amazing if someone made a movie about the guy's life since he is the most well-known and accomplished male porn star of all-time. Sure, it might look a lot like Boogie Nights but North's life seems too interesting and morbidly fascinating for even Hollywood to pass up. He is basically like some terrible anti-hero who for most of his time in porn thought of himself as a legitimate star, despite the fact that his greatest talent is ejaculating on the faces and bodies of mostly-troubled young girls whom he and others had a habit of taking advantage of (One girl recounted the time when she was supposed to shoot two anal scenes in a day with North being one of her partners. She was so sore from the first scene that she couldn't shoot with North so North had a cab drop her off at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere with a few bucks and North then turned his phone off, leaving her stranded.) Despite all of that, North is pretty much the one porn star whom I have paid way too much attention to and that includes the girls. My addiction has been so bad through the years that I even have some of his lines memorized and I can still hear some of the porn music in my head randomly some days and can match it to certain scenes or movies that he has been in. Some people (like myself) can recite lines from classics like Goodfellas or American Psycho verbatim and know the movies front to back and other people (like myself and few others) can recite lines from North movies verbatim and go to great lengths to fill terabytes of external hard drives up with as much of North's porn catalog as humanly or technologically possible. Peter North led me to doing something that I told myself I would never do: pay for porn. This past year I paid for a month-long subscription to Peter North's website (called "The North Pole" which is named after his penis) and used a four year-old Target gift card to pay anonymously. I should have known better because it was a big masturbate-and-switch. Peter North sold his website to some other adult media company that aggregates porn scenes from innumerable other porn stars and video companies. I thought that I was paying for a month-long subscription to the mother load with nearly all of his scenes available but it turned out to only be a measly fraction of his body of work with uninteresting, low-quality scenes of other fornicators thrown in. I felt as screwed over as the hundreds of women North has nailed in his life. Sadly, it doesn't appear that Peter North will be enjoying a happy ending in life. I say this because he was arrested at his home in Newport Beach, California for assault and battery against his wife two years ago. Apparently, this was the second incident like this. I checked the Orange County court records and his wife filed for divorce the very next day. They have custody issues to sort out but that should be a formality. Basketball has Air Jordan; hockey has The Great One; baseball has The Sultan of Swat; and porn has The North Pole.




This guy just wrote a full research paper on Peter North.


I was going to reply "Peter North went to my high school and I think that's pretty funny"... but then he just kept going and going and going. Kind of like Peter North.


I love your response. Just one word is enough


TLDR, Today I got north poled.


That exact word came to mind while I was scrolling down this essay of a comment


> didn't see cumming > it was like hitting the mother load > it was a big masturbate-and-switch > a happy ending in life Did I miss any?


Innumerable, expertly used.


Felt as screwed over as all the women North nailed in his life.




I scrolled thinking it was just a pasta I didn't know about, blows my fuckin mind this was written sincerely.


I was waiting for the undertaker to slam mankind the whole read.


This was a work of passion, it couldn't have ended in a joke.


Very interesting definitely read


> …the celery is what is responsible for his massive cum blasts… Noted, time to change diets


I never read posts this long or this odd, but tonight I chose yours to dive into. All I can say is what the fuck, and bravo sir. I learned more about someone that will have extremely little impact on my life more than I care to say. But your passion was so strong it drew me to you. Thanks for making this. The effort and passion was great. Reddit is terrible for a lot of reasons, but it's amazing to see that a random obsession can be shown here. No where else can I find this. No matter how odd it is, Reddit is accepting at times. Thanks lol.




Fucking amateur hour over here Use Bing's video search with the safe search filter off. It's GOATed full video pops up immediately


Except lately not so much. Microsoft is fucking with it again and making a lot of searches come up with random non porn videos


Bing used to be my go-to, but I haven't touched it in months because of how bad it's gotten. I still haven't found a suitable replacement. Hell, I think I just flat out stopped watching porn after that.


Microsoft had to go and fuck up the one reason why anyone would voluntarily use Bing.


There's no replacement. You can make them work using different combinations of explicit "keywords". Yandex is good sometimes if you don't touch any of their products.


they want to see nudes from specific person


Like joe?


Yeah like Joe.


I prefer Candice


Who's Candice


Candice mama


Candice!! Moms on lsd again!


God Phineas, let mom experience ego death in peace!


I had a friend who was a camgirl and I was genuinely curious what was so special about the premium content when they could just go watch her for free on the base website so I asked her the same question. She showed me conversations with the people who would pay and it mainly boiled down to two things: . 1: Specific and hard to find kinks. The one that sticks out in my head was this guy who was into incest, and not the "help me step bro I'm stuck" walmart brand generic kind mind you, but the full blown Alabama inbred garden variety. What was morbidly interesting about it with this guy was that he was apparently molested by his family as a kid and giving commands to two related lovers gave him some sort of cathartic agency over the trauma. Incest porn exists out there I'm sure but the ability to tell her what to do was something that he was completely willing to pay for since he accepted that he'd never get that experience in real life. . 2: Personal connections. Definitely a lot more of this than I was expecting, but so many people just wanted to have a more personal experience since they could never find something similar in real life. The camgirl I'm talking about had a really fun personality so a big part of their fantasy was just being able to vibe with a chick they were getting off with. A lot of the guys she talked to intimately like that were weird like you'd expect, but 9 times out of 10 you'd find out that they were autistic, abused, or just damaged in a way that developing real connections with women was so hard for them that they figured this was their best option. Reading some of the conversations showed me how much it genuinely all meant to them. . It's never as simple as just being hornier than sin I suppose, being friends with this chick showed that if somebody has risky tastes it usually comes from a risky place as unfortunate as that is


Wow.....this gave me a really different perspective.


As an ex sex worker, this. This exactly. Edit: I'm not talking low functioning autistic. I'm talking "normal" but with a hard time talking to/attracting women.


Knowing her definitely gave me so much more respect for the profession and sympathy for the people she worked with. Some of the shit she had to put up with was *actually* insane


Dam bro "but 9 out of 10 you'd find out that they were autistic, abused, or just damaged in a way." thats just sad.


I don’t want to make it sound like it’s ALL this way, but I want to add to the conversation. My uncle is devastated that his son with Aspergers is putting himself in a financial hole with cam girls and catfishers. It’s such a nuanced concept to explain to him. He has a real life girl friend and has had other girlfriends as well. It’s just that the internet can be addictive. Someone on social security and a fixed income, and only having the ability to work part time in order to qualify for those benefits (such as the group home of adults with autism he lives in) can not afford to be pouring money into this kind of thing at all. But it’s so hard to explain to him meaningfully.


I'm aspi and had girlfriends. I was always loyal for years and they always cheated on me. I pay for VRporn (or paid, I now work for a porn site from home). Cams never interested me. Except one girl once I only knew because of the job, was one that never went nude or even did sexual stuff. I really liked talking to her. Sadly, complaints from users got her removed. It wasn't about the porn, it was about connecting with a girl. I live alone in my own (owned) house and get help at home from cleaning, medication to social and mental coaching. What I want to say is that, it is not a typical 'asperger' thing. The guy you are talking about probably is missing something in his real life. ​ Sidenote, it is still easier to say to people you're Asperger than Autism spectrum disorder. I don't feel in any way insulted by it.


For the plot


Gotta know what happened with those lemon stealing whores.


I NEED to find out what happened to that lady's salad. Did she have to sit down and have a conversation with it afterwards? Did seeing 2 hot dudes going at it awaken something inside of it?


I bought VR porn Its fun


Watching vr porn is the only time I thought watching porn was cheating.


I feel like being caught watching VR porn would be the most embarrassing thing for a spouse/SO/roommate to walk in on. And you might not even realize you were caught due to the helmet.


Yeah, I was super nervous. Kept taking it off and checking, eventually I took out the headphones so I could hear anyone coming home.


*Burglar walks in silently* *sees OP* *walks back out silently*


“Not sure what’s going on in here but the house next door looked good too.”


This reminds me of that video with the guy who just recorded himself sitting silently and smiling at the camera for like six hours, and a burglar came in, saw him, and immediately left EDIT: this describes it: https://youtu.be/ElLyTLW3x4Y


The burglar looked inside, there’s absolute nothing he can steal inside the place, dead empty; except for a random weirdo sitting in a yoga pose smiling at his camera? If I was the burglar I’d leave too tbh. Nothing to see here. The guy sleeps on hard wood with no furniture.


Ryokan, a Zen master, lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of a mountain. One evening a thief visited the hut only to discover there was nothing to steal. Ryokan returned and caught him. “You have come a long way to visit me,” he told the prowler, “and you should not return empty-handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.” The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes and slunk away. Ryoken sat naked, watching the moon. “Poor fellow,” he mused, “I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon.”


If I'm not wrong, in one of his many sit and stare recordings, he actually pissed his pants partway through and yet still continues the video with the patch of shame spreading around him. EDIT: Hunted it down; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ5UHyYYoQY. Piss emerges from 2:47:00


Yeah, I distinctly remember this guy doing that as well.




Some things just stick with you.




The burglar isn't even the creepy part.


Was he related to that guy who "just happened" to be filming himself watching tv, as a murder alibi.


To be fair, a burglar would probably back out if anyone was home for any reason doing anything at all.


Yeah that door didnt open enough for the burglar to know what was happening. Just saw someone inside and noped out.




[Like this?](https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/bpr2iy/tifu_i_have_officially_branded_myself_as_the/)


I just see a thing from an ex wife saying he ducked up, but can’t find the story.


I wanna read what the dude posted first :(




Its further down in the comments. It's a WILD ride.




I second this, wow


During exams when they help you with answers?


Just wait for the usb vagina upgrade.


Where you have to try 3 times to put it in?


So, just like real life?


It’s something. I was curious and tried it and honestly, it got too real. I was like how immersive could it be. I was IMMERSED.


So you had automatic vibrator sleeve on too??


In college I walked into my tiny dorm room and looked around to find 6 shirtless guys (1 was my roommate) passing around a vr headset, I asked them what they were doing and apparently they were watching VR porn as a group. They asked me if I wanted to try it out so I started studying at the library from then on


Wow, how you gonna turn your back on the homies like that. Next time politely accept their offer with a smile and a gentle cupping of their balls.


Eh it’s easier to just get Skyrim VR and read the lusty argonian maid


Theres nudity mods there too, loverslab. I'm so ashamed that I know this stuff I added schlongs of skyrim to feel less weird about the naked women Take that as you will


There's a reason those mods have millions of downloads. You're not alone friend.


VR porn has got to be the most depressing thing I've ever done in my life. One minute you are balls deep in 2 super hot babes with your 9 inch dong. And within 2 minutes you're alone, naked in the dark, at 2 am, still living with your parents at 23, with your average sized 5.5 inch sad boi penis.


Hey man I started my latest relationship at 25, living with my dad, with a 3.5 inch penis so don't count yourself out yet


Ur dad has a 3.5 inch penis?


Hey man, that shit made me laugh out loud, so definitely added some positivity to this world.


So I’m other words, his pain brings you happiness?




It brings you... **HA** penis


Sounds like you've got it good bro, ur still young and have a nice 5.5 inch dick. Living at home at 23 is not bad at all. Many have it way worse


He has money to buy VR porn. Nicee




Everyone lies on Reddit. He is actually 33 and he has a 3.5-inch dick.


Nah he just transposed the numbers, he's 5.5 years old with a 23 inch dick


> average sized 5.5 inch sad boi penis hey fuck you




Nah still just 23 and at home. I don't mind it tbh, just adds to the comedy when you're still in your childhood room lol.


None of the good VR porn is free. I have about 2 tbs worth.


So like 2 videos?


I’ve never lived alone so I don’t think I’d ever be able to watch VR porn without being terrified of someone coming home early or whatever


I'm not really into solo strip tease porn. But in VR? Oh yes. Think the one I paid for was StripzVR then downloaded everything I wanted in that month. Lauren Brock is 10/10.


You might be interested to hear I’ve more scenes of Lauren Brock that’ll be released shortly :)


VR Porn is worth at least paying for a month of a pay service. Holy shit…


I prefer mine organic, farm-raised


Ass to mouth to table


Hopefully not corn-fed


Gotta know what goes into the sausage.


Should I buy porn with something else?


With skipped ads


Because sometimes your homie doesn't make enough from playing chess.


It's my kink. It turns me on that I'm being financially responsible for titties and ass Edit: I actually meant financially **irresponsible** but I got over a thousand upvotes with a typo. Let's go!


I want to support my cousin.




People who buy porn with fruit loops, please DM how.


Toucan Sam will do quite a lot for some fruit loops


He follows his nose up all of the holes


I got to support my local artists.


respect that


Also my username requires particular finesse which is rare on free websites.


Did you get that from one man one jar?


he IS one man one jar


he IS the jar


Best response I’ve heard


It’s kinda like video games. When you’re in college you can’t afford that shit so pirating it is fine. But when you have the money, maybe throw some their way for their hard work?


its good to support a friends biz


Yup, and obviously the family business, no question about that


Cause I’m an adult with expendable income and have very specific tastes


Somebody's got to do it so we all can keep seeing our favorites in new scenes, and I've got more disposable income than I know what to do with. Plus, Kimmy Granger vids are great, but a custom KG vid that she uses my name in? Best porno on the planet.


I pay for every other consumer good (movies, books, etc.), porn is no different from that.


People nowadays act like it's some kind of horribly disgusting perverted thing to pay a few bucks for porn. For most of human history that was the norm. Playboys, strip clubs, peep shows, etc. Up until internet you HAD to pay for porn. I dont see why it's so unthinkable that some people might chip in a few bucks for porn they want


There is no free forest porn anymore, but there used to be.


People deserve to be paid for their work and when I buy it from the creators I know it's ethical.


More ethical . The worker makes more money, it's easier to confirm everything was consensual, everyone is definitely of-age, etc. Pornhub for example is notorious for having videos up even after someone IN them asks for it to be removed.


Damn, this is actually a pretty good point.


Pornhub even left a video of a minor’s rape up after she begged them to remove it.


Holy shit that’s so fucked up. Did it eventually get removed? That poor child.


It’s not just one case. [this has been an ongoing issue at the site. ](https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/12/04/opinion/sunday/pornhub-rape-trafficking.amp.html)


They recently made a big to-do about changing their policy to address this huge issue. Obviously too little too late


Only because payment processors said they wouldn't do business with them. It wasn't any moral reason, it was literally they couldn't survive if they didn't.


That was because MasterCard basically shut them out due to pedophilia claims they ignored... PornHub didnt change a single thing out of the goodness of their hearts, it was for the goodness of their wallets...


I don't know how old you are, but For Fuck Sakes... When I was a teenager; I never had to worry about party photos being posted online the same night. I never had to worry about my drunken mistakes being publicly available in about 2 minutes... It can ruin anyones life.


I like porn, we all know the porn industry is fucked up and exploitative, I'd rather jerk off with a clean conscience and support workers directly


This. The porn industry destroys people, if I can deny them any modicum of ad money and instead pay creators that I like directly I'll do it. For instance, I used to love Ava Taylor until I saw her in an interview stating that every time she closed her eyes in a scene she wished she wasn't there. It ruined regular porn for me, there's a real impact to those choices.


Yeah there's a documentary on Netflix about the lives of porn stars. I believe they are all interviewed after leaving the adult film industry


Never watched Ava Taylor but that does hit I occasionally check out things every now and again but now that I’m old it just doesn’t have the same appeal that it did in my teens and single 20s


A few days ago I had the epiphany that regular porn is wrong. It really messed up my psyche and my views of sexual relations. I just don't feel comfortable typing the letter P into an incognito tab anymore. I'm also in to the really kinky shit like cuddles and handholding, so that's another reason.


> I'm also in to the really kinky shit like cuddles and handholding, so that's another reason. They just let any kind of pervert onto this website don't they.




Don't know why I clicked but I did. Of course it's NSFW. Reddit never disappoints, don't know what I thought I was expecting.


In case you didn't go any deeper, the joke of that sub is that everything posted is SFW, but tagged as NSFW. Because those damn degenerates and their perverted handholding...


since we are getting personal a lot of the mainstream stuff is a huge turnoff for me because it is so damn fake or blatant


I have some friends in the kink and burlesque community who also have OF accounts, etc. I've subscribed to a lot of them simply to help support them. It's the same as buying my friends' music from Bandcamp, really. I've also purchased some professional porn, though. The thing is, when you're REALLY into certain fetishes, there's only so much free stuff that's available out there for it. My main fetishes simply aren't available on Pornhub or anything like that. Why not spend a little bit of money to get studio quality HD porn of stuff that simply isn't available any other way?


The free porn industry drives sex trafficking and exploitation, it’s just very hard to spot. I pay a reputable company in order to know I’m not supporting anything dark. **Edit:** there’s a graveyard of comments below my post. Trigger warning for anyone who has worked in sex work or has been abused. For folks accusing me of falling for a marketing ploy: That is an absolutely fair callout, but I previously worked in online child sexual abuse and sex trafficking detection so I am familiar with problematic platforms (spoiler: all free porn providers are problematic). No, I will never be able to 100% guarantee that the service I pay for is free from exploitation. But the same can be said for literally any digital material curated by a third party. **The difference is trying your best to make the right choice.** People are going to watch porn, that’s not going to change. Waving off responsible consumption as impossible (especially while still continuing to consume) is not an impressive alternative.


Sometimes it’s really not that hard to tell… sadly. I saw a video about a month ago where the chicks eyes were just screaming that she wanted to be anywhere else in the world at that moment, that she hated every bit of what was happening and was not there by her own volition was quite obvious. Whether she needed the money due to other bad situations or was being forced in a more direct way to take that route was more unclear. I’ve kinda felt weird ever since. I’m sure I’ll be back to normal sooner or later but I had to turn it off. It was just awful and jarring and I never want to see something like that again.


Yeah I've spoken to guys who have used brothels... they get a bit messed up when the girl has started crying in the room. I blame the brothels. They're usually pushing the girls to work when they're not up to it (at least, where I live, this is a real problem). They're told if they don't work a certain shift, they can't have anymore shifts... so they feel pressured to come into work to avoid sudden unemployment. Edit: Its legal where I live (Australia) but the industry still has its problems.


Friends supporting friends


because i like when sexworkers get to eat food and pay their bills.


To support the people who make it. I view it as a product and people who create a product should be compensated for their work.


I'm mainly into JAVs and one site has an all I can download subscription. I use to mainly pay for one month and download so much. And I'm not too sure which JAV sites are safe for streaming


Supporting family is important