Fully vaccinated people of Reddit. Are you still wearing masks? Why or why not?

Fully vaccinated people of Reddit. Are you still wearing masks? Why or why not?


Yes, because people are fucking liars and fucking stupid. Especially in my area


I don't usually wear a mask but I do keep it with me just In case I'm going somewhere thats crowded.


It's still mandatory at work, at least when there someone else in the room with me. So, truthfully force of habit.


Yup. Work in a hospital. My state of Florida has done away with masks except for at hospitals, daycares, public transportation, and a few other places. People argue with me about it all day. You’re in a damn hospital, put a mask on.


I mean, even without covid, maybe we should all wear masks in hospitals and doctor's offices always? Who *wants* to get sick? It's just a mask.


Immunocompromised people everywhere and a lot more than Covid flying around. I dont think my hospital will ever ditch the mask. Our hospital spread infections are way down from years prior mostly because the heightened cleaning and masking protocols from Covid. I highly doubt we will just abandon them.


Doctor: Requests to continue vigerous cleaning schedule admin: looks at cost, "request denied"


Nurses Union enters the chat Admin: *surprised pikachu face*


Lol last time there was a chance for unionization at my hospital admin spent millions on "consultants" to ensure the vote went the way they wanted. Now we aren't getting retirement benefits for a year bc they needed to save money for a $750M building and the CEO needs his $5M a year. Fuck em.


« Who would have thought that the mesures against something as harsh as COVID would also help against a LOT of smaller things?! » Like a lot to f places have much smaller cases of colds, flu and gastro because of these measures.


Pre covid I usually get sick with colds and coughs 2-3 times every year. When I started wearing masks everyday at work since 2020, I got sick 0 times from colds/coughs. I assume this was due to the mask deterring me from constantly picking my nose and protecting me from dust. I actually like wearing masks now because of this.


My last cold was really bad and turned into walking pneumonia. I normally get 3-4 bad colds/sinus infections per year. I have to vehemently argue with doctors to give me proper medications because they think nasal spray will clear it up...until I'm back 10 days later hacking up my lungs. Haven't had a single one since January 2020.


You could be telling my story as well. This was the first year I’ve not been sick in — well I don’t know how long. And we were even more super careful because my illnesses all trend towards respiratory like you. I’m still going to be wearing a mask inside public bathrooms (restaurants), crowded places, medical offices anything like that, grocery stores, travelling; Idgaf what other people think at this point.


Same. I work in health care and they're still required. I really only pull mine down outside when I'm not near anyone especially because I don't know what people are bringing into a hospital.


Yes. Because I have cancer and chemo wrecks my immune system


Yes. Because my partner has chemo and it wrecks her immune system.


Same here. Masked up at the fireworks display last night when the green area starting filling in. Don't give a fuck what other people think, we're not risking it when one person in our fam is in chemo.


My wife has breast cancer and also going through chemo currently and we both still wear masks indoors. We have gotten some dirty looks especially in rural parts of Arizona.


Sucks that the pandemic was made political.


Yeah the winners in all this. As per usual we're the politicians, sucks so many people are blind to that, when they take a side in simple life choices like this


I always feel like everyone thinks I’m unvaccinated but I am fully, I just take medication that suppresses my immune system and I have two young children who can’t be vaccinated… :(


You're being respectful, that's all.


Oh I’d be guilt tripping the literal shit out of anyone who looked at me sideways if I was your wife. I’d play that cancer card… what assholes people are for no reason. It’s a mask, it’s not harming anyone smh.


My roommate has cancer and so I’m masking up as well. Why risk it?


My husband and best friend do the same.


Your roommate appreciates this. I had 2 roommates when I had chemo and no immune system and it made me feel a lot better that they were very careful with germs.


Hope you do well!


Stay well my friend. My son had cancer well before covid and we wore masks around him then. It's why I never understood the mask debate. They work.


Gentle, sanitary hugs. I hope you do well with your treatments


*Gentle, sanitary hugs* New band name, I called it!


I continue to mask because I am on immune suppressing medication. I have no way of knowing the vaccine was effective enough due to my medication. Additionally, my doctor stated that I need to avoid Covid due to people with Multiple Sclerosis (which is what I take My immunize suppressing medication for) showing new lesions on their brain/spine after contracting Covid. I don’t ask people around me to mask up, and when I’m outside I don’t wear one. Edit: spelling


Same. My drug is for rheumatoid arthritis


Same! RA meds plus my masks match my outfits now so why not. I also don’t miss getting every other cold I encounter!


Me too, and me too! I work with kids, and my immunosuppressants meant that I picked up *every* bug that came through the school system. Now? I teach remotely and haven't had so much as a head cold since last January -- and I'd *love* to continue the trend!


Same! It’s fantastic to not get sick every five minutes. But my husband has to wear the mask out which I feel bad for or he’d likely bring home more fun prizes.


I’m so glad to hear you’ve been able to stay safe and healthy!! I left my public school job a couple of years pre-covid, it was a treat even then to get away from the colds! The “hand to elbow nose wipe” kid walking straight towards you…. That’s rough every time.


That's my girlfriend, too. Methotrexate?




Yep, methotrexate, humira, plaquenil, and prednisone here.


I'm just starting plaquenil. Diagnosed officially a couple weeks ago. RA is a bitch :( No point here, just getting that off my chest to a random person that can appreciate it


Hey! I'm sorry you are struggling with RA pain. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and I suffered major depression from the pain. I never realized until years after managed my depression that RA was what triggered it. If you ever need any help, please tell someone you trust and you know loves you. I'm also here if you need someone to talk to!


What medication do they have u on for ra if u don't mind me asking. The doc told me I have it and put me on prednisone which I gained a lot of weight then took me off and put ke on meloxicam but it's not working. I go days where I can't use my hands.


Go see a different rheumatologist. Prednisone is for emergency use or a flare up. It’s not safe for long term, daily use. Meloxicam is just an NSAID…like ibuprofen. It won’t tamp down the cause of RA and will only slightly reduce swelling/pain. You need a DMARD (disease modifying anti rheumatic drug) to prevent further deterioration and to reduce swelling/pain. There are many types out there — get thee to a specialist ASAP!!


Yes I finally have an appointment on the 16th and after that I can get my treatment and then switch doctors all together. I've been working on getting treatment for something else for almost a year now and if i leave I will have to start all over. I'm already looking into other practices tho. Thank you for explaining that to me. It def makes sense.


Ask the doc to at least put you on a DMARD. Methotrexate is pretry much the gold standard still. Paired with a biologic, it can push RA into remission if you're lucky. The biologics are crazy expensive. However, they all have patient assistance programs to help you pay the copay or get it to you for free if you don't have insurance. One thing that I've learned in the past 20 years is that you have to be your own advocate. You're the only one that knows how you feel, don't be afraid to tell the doc everything you're experiencing. You're not seeing him to vent or complain about it. You're seeing him to help you feel better. Also, there are several subreddits, like r/rheumatoid, that you can visit for support and info. We all know how your feeling and for the most part, everyone is helpful.


Yeah, that's... not ideal. Enbrel works. It's a biologic. I've been on it for over a year. No side effects, reduced pain. Expensive as all hell, but it works.


I continue wearing it because I currently stay with my sister and she is in the same boat as you - on immune suppressing medication with no way of knowing how effective the vaccine is.


That sucks. My mom has MS and she still wears her mask for the same reason.


As someone who is also on immune suppressing medications (Crohn's Disease), I get frustrated when people who CAN safely be vaccinated, refuse to do so.


Same thing here. My wife is on immune suppressing medication. We mask up when we need to go in a public building. No indoor dining, although we will do a patio if it's not crowded. Also, I can't vaccinate my daughter yet, she's too young. So I mask up for them. I don't want to risk bringing anything home.


Also on immunosuppressants - it matters the exact drug we take. I looked into this a few weeks ago, from what I could find seemed like TNF inhibitors (like Humira) are actually fine, and we should have enough antibodies, while other meds had a way more pronounced effect. I would just ask your doctor. Either way, agreed on continuing to mask in grouped indoor settings


My grandparent is on an immunosuppressant, and they just got an antibody test stating that they don't have measurable antibodies against COVID. The family is still wearing masks everywhere. It sucks because my grandparent was just starting to go places again, but our state removed the mask mandate, and most people aren't wearing masks now, so they're back to being stuck at home all the time :/


1) law here still got us wearing masks or get fined, even tho police dont really enforce and very rarely do check ups anymore 2) i dont mind the mask, i work retail and last time i smelled a bad breath other than mine was loooong time ago which is a huge plus. Holy sheet just woke up(eu timers) and found this comment blown up! Thanks homies! There are so many questions i cant keep track but i will do my best!




More than once during the pandemic I've smelled someone's perfume/cologne that was too overpowering even through the mask. Can't even imagine what it would have been like without one.


One if my coworkers has breath that would kill the devil and it was great when we were all wearing masks. I literally gag if he speaks too close to me. It's horrifying.


This is literally one or my biggest fears. That I'm the bad breath guy.


Then you probably don't have bad breath. This guy's breath smells like rotting flesh mixed with booze.


That "decaying" smell is periodontal disease (aka gum disease). Source: Dentist I can sometimes have a pretty good idea of the diagnosis just from the smell when I talk to a patient


Tonsil stones


This is what I thought. I have great gun and tooth health but sometimes I get one of those and it’s basically gross as fuck


I had tonsil stones for years. Eventually I started getting chronically sick from all the impacted bacteria/food matter getting stuck in the crypts. I begged the doc to remove my tonsils, and he reluctantly agreed because he said they "weren't that inflamed" but I seemed miserable. After the surgery, he said they were worse than he thought, and the infection had "tunnelled" back into my neck rather than visibly swelling forward. Recovery was rough - I was basically high as a kite on opioids playing Skyrim for an entire month - but I haven't had a sore throat or tonsil stones in almost a decade. 100% worth not having that nasty devil's smegma leaping for freedom in the middle of the night and waking me up gagging at 3am.


>I was basically high as a kite on opioids paying Skyrim for an entire month Under different circumstances this would be heaven


In a way it was! It was very painful to be off the pain meds, but once I figured out the drug dosage I was basically pain-free, but too impaired to do much besides putter around the house. Strangely enough, I never played Skyrim again the second I was sober. It was riveting under the influence of drugs, but found the game too boring without them. It was great to pass the time during a physically painful episode in my life, though. I still listen to the Whiterun theme in my regular music rotation.


i got my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones as well. Haven't had a sore throat since as well. They are not as harmless as most doctors think they are. Just thinking about not having them anymore brings me joy


>I have great gun and tooth health Ahh, the American health care system at work.


Either that or infected impacted wisdom teeth.


Lick your wrist and sniff it. If your breath stinks, you'll be able to tell.




I run my index finger over my gum line (bottom usually) to check. I drink too much coffee, which can make for some not great breath.


After you lick yourself you are supposed to wait for it to dry before smelling it.


I’m with you on your second point. I am going to keep wearing masks on planes when I travel. I feel like I’m always put next to someone with either terrible hygiene or trying to hack up their last meal.


The same ol hairball Henry trying to hack something up and for some reason he looks right at you while he’s doing it.


If a business asks me to I do so. Seems only polite


This is my policy. I'm in Florida which has been looking for an excuse to not mask up. Now that the policy is "no mask if vaccinated" suddenly everyone is "vaccinated". There's maybe 2-3 people in any given place with masks on. If somewhere asks we wear a mask, I gladly put it on. But if it's optional, I'm torn. Wearing a mask is asking for snarky comments here from both the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine sides. If you wear it, it's a "sign" that you're not vaccinated (I got the first dose the day after my demo could get it) and will get comments about how you should get the vaccine. Also if you wear it, it's a "sign" that "you don't need that anymore, why are you wearing it?" from the opposite side. I don't want to deal with either of those, so if most people have one on I wear mine. If not, I don't. But if a place has "masks required" I make sure it's on no matter what everyone else is doing. Edit for those late to the party who might question whether Florida actually has the situations I'm describing: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/05/06/conflicts-over-face-mask-use-continue-in-south-florida/. And that article is based in a fairly liberal area.


I've taken a page from a lot of Asian countries and will likely wear a mask in public anytime i feel sick in the future to protect others from catching whatever I have, even if its a cold I dont see the point in spreading it when I can easily mitigate the spread.


I used to work with a woman that wore a mask during cold/flu season or when there was an illness breaking out in the office. Most of us used to think it was weird but now I plan on doing the same thing.


I used to think it was weird too, now I think it’s incredibly considerate and appreciate those people extra much.


In Japan, it was customary to wear when you were also under the weather to reduce spreading it. I would personally wear to avoid catching a cold on planes.


I definitely plan on wearing one whenever I travel on planes from now on.


Same. My husband was diabetic, asthmatic, and prone to respiratory problems. Whenever he was on a plane or in a crowded room if anyone else there had a cold, he would catch it and then cough for months. It happened every winter. I am fully vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask in public indoor spaces, sanitize my hands regularly, and keep some extra space between me and strangers. It's been nice not getting a cold for almost two years now.


Last year was the first in recent memory I didn’t get sick. Even with the flu shot, I used to get ill every winter, and only get full lung capacity back after about 2 months. Not dealing with that bullshit for the first time was magical.


Same. It's honestly something people in western countries should've been doing before the pandemic.


It only took a global pandemic to alter western culture when it comes to wearing a mask in public while you're sick. I'm 1000% wearing a mask anytime I feel sick in the future, and I hope this becomes the norm for years to come. After all, we have handfuls of masks leftover post pandemic, so we might as well put them to use.


To be fair, the Japanese culture of wearing a mask originated from the 1918 flu pandemic. So sometimes it takes a massive event to shift cultural customs.


I live in Florida and this is so true. I don't make remarks to anyone who chooses to still use masks, but what really confuses me is when people wear them by choice yet wear it so that it doesn't cover their nose. Like, if they feel the need to wear a mask at this point, why are they half-assing it?


I live in PA and sometimes shop in NY and see the same thing, I don’t get it either. What’s that all about? I saw a woman with the mask on her chin in the store.


Hi fellow (vaccinated) Floridian! You nailed it, wearing a mask is asking to get called out by either side. Sooo many people seem angry and waiting to explode on a random stranger. That said, I wear it when asked/required(Dr Office, Airport).


I'm autistic and have anxiety, I find wearing a mask makes me feel safer and more comfortable. I don't have to worry about performing facial expressions properly, and it just makes me feel more safe in general.


Performing facial expressions sounds exhausting. I loved the way you phrased that because I really got a sense of the work it is.


It totally is. Like if you don't other people start talking about you. And that sucks so every single god-damned day you go out and you do the proper reactions to things. The best way I can describe it is like playing ddr and never getting the 'feel' of where the arrows are. So you have to constantly look down and do the correct one in a short time. This is easy to do for a short period, but after a few hours it just becomes exhausting. I worked retail for ten years and it FINALLY got to a passable sense of ease. Like it became so rote that I could do it passably well and got compliments on being personable. Which made me feel like shit because of how fake it feels to do it.


In psychology we literally call the performing that is done to appear Neurotypical “masking.”


And not just performing _any_ facial expression, it _has to be_ proper too!


It's exhausting going through the mental check list of "what facial expression should I be wearing right now" all the goddamn time.


Its hell


Not autistic here but forcing a smile is not at all comfortable for me. I just don’t wear my emotions on my face a lot of the time. It’s pretty damn annoying to get asked what’s wrong when I’m having a fantastic day.


Tell them you’re not wasting your collagen on strangers


I love this reasoning. Also, I really enjoy masks because I don't need to hide my facial expressions when people around me do or say stupid things.


Is that how it works? No wonder I found myself taking collagen supplements when I was in customer service!


This. People don't understand it when I tell them I have a social battery that depletes rapidly.


I compare living with chronic pain with being given "life tokens" at the beginning of the week or month. Sure I "can" run 100 yds. Will I use a week of life tokens in 40 seconds? Yes.


I am with someone on the spectrum. Romantically I mean. They can't understand any facial expression. A stranger smiling Vs a stranger angry look the same. Partner has to use context to constantly "read" people and that is super exhaustive and can't be around people for more than a few hours at a time. It's super interesting to me, I had always taken that "sense" of being able to feel people and mood as secondary nature.


How have the two of you figured this out? I take for granted being able to read my partner and having him read me. Do you both have to be much more verbal and direct about what you are feeling? I can see how that might be helpful to a relationship, and how it might be hard. I’d love to hear how you two navigate it, if it’s not too intrusive.


Interacting with people is so much less tiring when you only have to mirror tone of voice.


Also autistic and I find myself overcompensating with super strange or intense eye only expressions and I can only imagine it's super weird to look at but I spent so long learning that now I HAVE to do some kind of expression. Also, I've started using my mouth to stim because nobody can see and that is going to be weird when the masks come off.


Me too! Not autistic but anxiety. Wearing a mask felt slightly hindering at first like it distracted me from my other senses but now I’m used to it, it feels like a safety blanket going into public buildings. I can talk to myself, mouth along to songs, make all the weird facial expressions I feel the need to make without worrying about censoring them because I’m in public. They’re not required outside here but I’ll definitely keep wearing them in shops/public transport once the mandate lifts this month.


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Hey me too! :D Social anxiety also. I feel more confident when hiding behind a mask.


That's it, spot on. For the first year in my life, I was not scared/anxious about going to stores. I'll be wearing one for as long as they are accepted.


I hope they stick around for this reason too. Also I didn’t get a cold or so much as a clogged nose all winter.


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Same I enjoy not having to get ready in the morning to just get a coffee


Yes because I don’t trust other people are vaccinated and I don’t wanna get other people sick as a carrier. Also for me to not catch some weird variant that’s vaccine resistant


Depends on the setting. Somewhere public where everyone is spread out/outdoors? No, i probably won’t wear a mask. Indoors/crowded area like a grocery store or shopping center? Yes.


Turns out most people don't recognize me with a mask on and I love it. No more small talk at stores.


I want this to be the case so badly for myself but people still recognize me even with a mask, damn it


To be frank, right now I'm feeling an urge to follow the crowd, so to speak. If I go in some business and everyone else has a mask on, I feel weird being the only one who doesn't. But if most people don't, I feel fine without. It's not the most sensible or logical way to feel, I know, but it's what I've been doing.


Totally fair. I'm in new england and our vaccine rate is pretty high, so people have mostly stopped wearing masks in most places, but I have no issue wearing one if it's what the crowd is doing. My goal is just to make people comfortable, and if wearing a mask does that, it's not a big deal for me.


I was doing this for a couple of weeks. My rule was if the employees were masked, I masked. As a former retail worker, most of the mask policies have struck me as customer centric at best, employee hostile at worst. I am less concerned with infecting other unmasked customers in the store as they generally have every ability to limit their own risk. My whole family is healthy and vaccinated so bringing it home is not ideal but also not a dire concern. My prime motivation is (a) limiting risk for employees and (b) promoting a mask-positive environment to ensure people who actually need to be wearing them are more likely to do so. That being said, I am now back to full mask indoors. My area is likely to return to a mask mandate soon. I've noticed employees in most of my normal shops back to full mask policies too. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone on this thread, but the unvaccinated by choice people obviously cannot be trusted. Edit: Thank you for all the awards! Regarding my statement about unvaccinated by choice people, I am specifically referring to those who are anti-maskers. This combination of behaviors helps COVID continue to spread and mutate into new increasingly vaccine-resistant variants.


This is my exact personal policy (I too work in retail)


I’m doing the exact same. I work in healthcare so I wear a mask most of the day. Doesn’t bother me anymore. So if the employees in a store are wearing one, I’ll put mine on. I basically always have one ready when I go out just in case. It’s really not an inconvenience anymore. Phone, wallet, keys, mask


Seems like human psychology 101 tbh


Texas here, yes I still wear my mask. My dad is in his third round of kicking cancer's butt. I wear mine for him and his safety.


Yeah, a few reasons. 1. I work at a hospital, it helps keep things healthy and sanitary. Also, just because I'm at a lower risk, covid+ people have passed by me and their germs might stilp be on me somewhere. Maybe I cant be 100% safe but the mask helps. 2. Wearing one helps contribute to the public perception that people should keep wearing them and until the CDC/WHO/related organizations come out and says we're in the clear, I'm gonna keep at it. 3. Vaccinated is not immune. Just last week several people came in covid+ that had been vaccinated a few months prior. They were less sick than they could have been, judging by appearances, but still. So you can still spread it.


>Vaccinated is not immune. I can't believe how many people STILL don't understand that very simple concept... I'm actually surprised your comment doesn't have people asking "Then what good is the vaccine?!"


Personally I just don't find a mask that annoying to wear... I often don't even notice I'm wearing one after driving home from the store. Plus only around 60% of the people around here are fully vaccinated and maybe 1/10 people at the grocery store are wearing masks since the regulations have been lifted. The math doesn't check out.


I work in an hospital (in fact, I took care of COVID pt during the fiasco of this past year). I told every patients about why ppl still need vaccine: Vaccine is like Bulletproof vest, just because you have it doesn't mean you want to get shot, the vest (vaccine) make it(COVID) hurt "less". Or I told some ppl: the COVID vaccine is the difference between you getting sick for a week, or you are dead within a week, your call.


What I tell people is that it's like a seatbelt, just because you are wearing it doesn't mean that you won't die if you get into a really bad crash or that it won't hurt but you will be glad that you were wearing it if you do get into an accident.


yep. i like the anonymity. i haven't been sick in forever. all this variant stuff going around. some of that sounds not good. my kid has asthma so he doesn't really need any more lung scarring and i can still carry it apparently. there's 4 reasons. hoping a vaccine that's safe for kids comes out soon. they're removing mask requirements for all the places my kid goes. it bothers me a bit. zero kids can even *be* vaccinated. jumping the gun on that one imo. kids still need distancing/hygiene protection because that's all they've got.


There’s been an uptick in other viruses in my area- RSV, stomach bugs, viral sinus infections. Especially in day cares. My coworker’s kids have all been sick recently and I’m not trying to pick up any of those germs.


> There’s been an uptick in other viruses in my area I would be very surprised if this wasn't related to relaxing covid restrictions (which are equally effective against everything else).


> hoping a vaccine that's safe for kids comes out soon. It's likely that the existing vaccines are perfectly safe for children with an adjusted dose. They're just being understandably cautious when it comes to clinical trials for them, since people tend to get a little uppity about child testing...


They are doing trials in New York for kids as young as 2 years old. My guess is there will be something in the next few months.


No, for the most part, I am not. I don't know anyone who is unvaccinated, I don't have children, so if the rules of the place say no mask, I don't wear it. I do carry it just in case and if asked to wear it I would not make a fuss or anything (I did have to wear it at the dentist office, for example, which is totally fine).


Fully vaccinated for a few months, in Boston area. I wear a mask on the T (required) and in grocery stores or pharmacies. Basically, anywhere where I may run into a kid or an immunocompromised person, and that person has to go there. Not in bars, restaurants or retail establishments, unless requested by the establishment. Here's the thing: I'm fairly certain that if I caught COVID I'd be fine, but I don't want to pass it to a kid or a person for whom the vaccine isn't as effective. I don't give a fuck about the antivaxxers. I hope they come around, but if they don't, that's too bad. These are people who spent the last year and a half spreading COVID around, so my sympathy with them is negative.


Yes because if this pandemic taught me anything it's that other people are filthy savages, can't be trusted to practice basic hygiene and I'd generally rather avoid breathing in whatever they're breathing out even if it isn't a deadly virus


Fuck, this entire pandemic has given me so many trust issues its not even funny.


It's destroyed any social skills I once had. Completely blow any handshake/fist bump at this point.


Ugh I've been trying to build up my social tolerance again to no avail. I want to be able to go and hang out with people again but I REALLY gotta build my tolerance up cause a few hours knocks me out socially for a few weeks. Plus the fact suddenly everyone is maskless tho my city is under 60% fully vaccinated. Can I honestly trust my friends to say they are vaccinated? I know a ton of people who aren't vaccinated and are not wearing masks. If masklessness reflected vaccination level in my community, then everyine is vaccinated


Oh you've just reminded me of the early days of the pandemic last year. All the men who came out of the woodworks on twitter to complain about having to wash their hands or making a big deal of washing their hands properly for the first time in their lives like WTF were they doing before the pandemic!? I remember the washer vs walker adverts of the 90s, why the hell didn't they?




Going to school for PT the very first practical we had was hand washing. 6 people in my class failed.


My ex complimented me on the fact I always washed my hands after a bathroom visit back when we started dating. It only seemed normal to me, but then I started paying more attention to other people. I noticed that most men in the bathroom at work or in public bathrooms just do their business and walk out without even looking at the sink. It's disgusting.


When the masks started coming off in my area, I noticed how much people touch their mouths and faces in the grocery store. They pick food out of their teeth or chew some cuticle off, then touch the food they may not even be buying. Yuck.


Other people are absolutely filthy savages


phew! Good thing we're not other people!


These past 5 years have been a case study that any nice, or even just decent, thing can get ruined with a big enough group of people.


Humans are definitely disgusting creatures over all.


I still wear I mask because since I started wearing one I am yet to get sick and I would like to keep that going


And my allergies haven’t kicked my ass nearly as much


I wear a mask for yard work now when I will be dealing with things that I am allergic too! Side benny of the pandemic, I learned that masks are good for reducing allergens in me.


Oh how right you are! I have asthma, and before the pandemic, a construction site opened up on my route to work (I walk). I can't believe now how stupid I was to just not wear a mask when that dust was blowing across my path. Instead, I would go to great lengths to walk around, or just suffer the consequences. Also, I was able to go completely off my asthma meds in 2020 because when I went out, I had a mask and pulled it up if I was near exhaust, mowing, dust, or what have you. I've learned my lesson. I won't always have the mask on, but I'll always have it on me!


My high school math teacher died from legionaries disease from breathing in dust from potting soil about 3 weeks after she retired. Since then I’ve always tried to remember a bandanna but now I’ve got lots of masks that are much better for yard work and my allergies. (And also stupid wildfire smoke. Please no smoke this year.)


Holy shit. I didn't know that was a thing


I thought legionnaires was usually in water with bacteria growing in it.


This was published the month before my teacher died: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm4934a1.htm Google is really failing me. I remember it was on the local news in Seattle and on our local show Evening Magazine because her daughter wanted to spread the word. But news media archives from 2000 are hard to find online so far!


Well now I have a new irrational fear! Wearing a mask when I repot my plants from now on. Sorry about your teacher, that's very sad.


Just make sure the soil is damp and doesn’t kick up dust! One thing they noted was that she was an avid gardener so some of her partially used soil bags had dried and likely kicked up more dust.


I'm horribly allergic to grass and mow my lawn with a respirator mask. I don't care that my neighbors might think I'm trying to cosplay a broke ass bane. I prefer not spending several hours being congested and sneezing with watery ass eyes.


> cosplay a broke ass bane "Nobody noticed me until I started wearing the mask. Except for when I used the leaf blower at 6:00 AM. Then everyone noticed me."


I need to do that when I weedeat one section of the yard. I feel like I'm dying after. Wheezing and shit. Of course I never remember until I'm basically already finished with that area


Wait I didn't have allergy this year. Omg.


Regardless of what the new normal is. I’m seriously considering maintaining the mask during pollen season. It really does make a huge difference


This is what they do for their brutal allergy season in Japan. It would be great if it became the new normal for people to be able to wear masks when it is objectively helpful without being ridiculed, but I'm not hopeful..


If someone says something to me I’ll just say I have a cold and I don’t want to spread my germs. I was also thinking of wearing a button that says allergy sufferer or low immune system or something. Not that we really need to explain to everyone.


I was just talking about how my allergies have been so much less.....did not connect it with mask wearing. It seems so obvious now!


Working retail means I touch a lot of things throughout the day that so many other people have touched and probably sneezed on. Wearing a masks stops me from touching my face and nose before I get the chance to wash my hands on break. I use to always get colds and a lot of zits but now I think it’s because I had such a habit of touching my face with dirty hands.


As soon as I cut down on wearing a mask, I caught the worst cold of my life. Knocked me on my ass for almost a week. Not doing that again. Also this winter was the first winter of my life that I didn't get sick at all. No strep, no colds, no flu, no norovirus, no nothing. And I work in a school.




We switched from a daycare centre to a registered daycare home (limit 6 kids) due to COVID plus a move. The switch from some really bad sicknesses to just the occasional runny nose has been great.


Dude, I went out this yestersat without a mask and a guy sneezed in front of me. Now I have a sore throat. Goddamn it.


There’s a pretty gnarly cold going around. I almost forgot how much they suck after 18 months disease-free.


I work in a pharmacy. This girl walks up asking for sudafed. She starts telling me how she's a camp counselor & she's had a cough for a month and a sore throat for a week... and no mask in sight. I just want to scream, have we learned nothing?!!


It used to be polite to cover our coughs and sneezes with our hands. Or hand someone a tissue if they are sneezing. I wonder if we can just start handing people masks if they are sneezing or coughing now.


Just to throw this out there. If you are sick and need to go out, please wear a mask. It'll help stop the spread. Getting sick sucks. It doesn't need to be fatal before we think about protecting ourselves.


Asian countries been doing this forever now. I always liked the idea for this reason, but aside from people giving you weird looks, in some places wearing a mask in public was actually illegal. Here in Virginia there have already been talks as to when they’ll make it illegal again, which is absurd. Because everyone knows, making it illegal will stop criminals from doing it.