Your consciousness is sent back to when you were at age 15, and you maintain all of your current knowledge and experience. What do you do?

Your consciousness is sent back to when you were at age 15, and you maintain all of your current knowledge and experience. What do you do?


I do not install League of Legends


Save more money. Take better care of my teeth. Not eat as much junk. Not date people who were just a waste of time. Not worry as much. Appreciate the irreplaceable things more. Not say some mean/wrong things I said. Choose a different career path.


Well, knowing me, I don't make the stupid choices I made for the past 31 years. But also knowing me, I would make totally different stupid choices. Because I'm human. Just because I could now avoid the traps I had fallen into back then, this does not mean I would not fall into different traps. But hopefully the sum total would be a better life. I know there are career changes I would make. There are financial decisions I would do a better job with. For instance, on the day I graduated college Apple stock sold for 15 cents a share. If I had bought $5000 worth of Apple stock that day, I could sell that today for 4.6 million dollars. So there's that.


Best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. 2nd best time is today.


~~You'd have a hell of a lot more than 4.6 million. Apple stock has split several times in the last few years, with a 7 for 1 split in 2014 and a 4 for 1 split in 2020. I think you'd be well over 100 million if you held until now.~~ Edit: I'm wrong, see /u/margananagram's comment below.


>I know there are career changes I would make. There are financial decisions I would do a better job with. For instance, on the day I graduated college Apple stock sold for 15 cents a share. If I had bought $5000 worth of Apple stock that day, I could sell that today for 4.6 million dollars. So there's that. The 15 cents in historical data is accounting for those splits and giving the share price based on the current total of shares.


Ah, that makes sense. [Looking at historic data that doesn't account for the split](https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/AAPL/apple/stock-splits), it doesn't look like they ever got close to selling for $0.15 with some of the lowest I saw still being above $10.


Warn my grandma that she has cancer that will kill her in 9 years because they caught it too late.


I think about this and my mom’s cancer but then I wonder what would the other paths be... would she die sooner? Much later? More painfully? Without me having a chance to say goodbye?


I was thinking this. In the case of my grandpa he only got slightly sick with a bacteria in his leg for a few months and then died cuz of a heart attack that had nothing to do with his current condition...he just died cuz he was old( 90) . Would checking for the bacteria before hand change anything? Not really for him but yes for the rest of my family who had to make a few sacrifices(wich actually gave some closure I would say). I rather try to make more memories with him and take him to do the same monthly errands he loved to do and have him repeat his awesome histories time and time again tho I know them all already.


Focus on high school a bit better, try and keep in touch with my best friend at that time a bit better after she moved across town, talk with my dad more about family and stuff, apologize for being a little shit in middle school more. Figure out my major a lot faster.


I'd actually focus less - I was the kid that broke myself just for a small edge into college. I really could have been more well-rounded person, with less breakdown levels of stress.


I was that guy who coasted through HS with little effort to get high marks. When I got to college, I was quickly cut down by the amt of work required that I just didn't know how to do. I think I'd take school more seriously, just to develop the necessary work ethic.


Same here! High school was so easy. Took me 8 years to finish a 4 year degree because I would get kicked out for bad grades. But hey I finished eventually! Just had to take less classes than you usually do


Infact I'd take school teachers and administration less seriously. I obeyed every word of theirs just to look good in their eyes, which did me no good


Meanwhile 16 year old me skipping last period and rotating bathrooms to avoid security


I was in my freshman year of high-school, I'd go back and relive those years being completely and totally myself like I should have done way back when.


If I could go back to high school as a 15 year old while retaining the level of IDGAF that I have achieved now at 45, that would be magical. I would rule that school.


And ironically, you wouldn't really give a fuck about ruling it. Man, life really gets you coming and going, doesn't it?


" "Youth is wasted on the young." -Smashing Pumpkins " - Someone else, probably


And "wisdom is wasted on the old..." or something in those lines




It's hard to live like yourself when you are still finding it. It takes those awkward years to fully grasp who you are and is an important step to self realization. You should be that unsure when you are that age.


thank you for this <3


Hell I didn’t begin to know who I was until sophomore year in college. I’m still pretty much figuring it out


I’m in my 40s and my sense of self is better than it’s ever been, but I’m still figuring some stuff out…


Take better care of my teeth. Edit: wow, thanks for the awards. Looking back, I wish it had been explained that cavities were growing holes in my teeth, and not something invasive, like a bacteria.


A million times yes! Knowing about acid erosion as well as tooth decay would save a lot of future pain and dentist bills.




Me too. I do now, but 15 year old me hated flossing.


25 year old me still hates flossing but every time one of these types of questions appears on Reddit I see the same dental care answers and it keeps me goin 😩


Oh absolutely, I have spent like 5-6 grand to get my mouth fixed. That's a good amount of money for me still.


Don’t date my first girlfriend. Try to maintain friendships while moving. Take college more seriously. Buy Bitcoin. Hug my grandparents more often.


I have a friend that has a weekly call to his grandparents and I’d do that


At one point, I had a 45-55 minute commute home from work (in the early morning, the commute in was only about 35 minutes). I got in the habit of calling my grandpa once a week during that time. We often didn’t talk long, but that didn’t matter. I recall at a birthday party for him that he introduced me to some friends as the grandson “who calls me.” I am not sure I had ever felt more proud from anything he had ever said than I did at that moment. He was one of my heroes growing up and still is even though he is no longer with us).


I have a huge extended family (around 150) and after my grandpa died I wrote to my grandma on a fairly regular basis. One day when I got to visit her, she told me that me and one other cousin were the ones that wrote to her the most, and said “you’ve always been one of my favorites”. That of course made me cry, but I thought She’s my sweet old grandma, she probably has said that to all of us. Sometime down the line I repeated both of those things to my sister and she said “yah, she told me the same thing….. that you’ve always been one of her favorites” 🥰 I miss her so much


Wow, I thought I was reading my own comment for minute there! I started calling my grandpa in college when I’d be walking between classes about once or twice a week and it continued for 10 years as I transitioned into being an adult with a commute. We became very close & he would often be the first one I’d confide in about things going on in my life like dating, work, etc, even before my mom (his daughter). He ended up passing away almost exactly a year ago and a number of family members & friends mentioned how our calls were his favorite part of the week at his memorial. I miss him so much & I’m glad we had the opportunity to really get to know each other before he passed. I’m sorry for your loss. It probably meant more to your grandfather than you know and I’m sure that wasn’t the first time it was mentioned to other people. You took the time to be there when you still had the time and that’s what matters 🤍


Hug my grandparents more often that hit hard


Whenever I read comments like this I'm always terrified to be the girl guys regret dating, like I have good intentions but I'm useless lol


Should be noted that many of those early relationships we shouldn’t have had don’t always have anything to do with the partner being crazy, etc, but with one or both being too young and immature for a relationship.


I got back in touch with, and started dating, someone I had a relationship with over 15 years ago. I definitely wasn't where I needed to be mentally at that time. Now that we are both older things are better than before to be sure. I'm absolutely planning on marrying her. Time ftw.


This exactly. I've had a couple of relationships with people who were troubled, and the regret you have about the partner you were too immature for at the time and the "crazy" partner are different kinds of regret. I think the difference is that when you regret a relationship with a troubled/"crazy" partner, you're regretting not picking up on all the red flags that seem obvious in retrospect, and when you regret a relationship you weren't yet emotionally ready for, it's more of an "Oh shit, I can't believe I got away with being such a little turd" kind of thing.


My last girlfriend (not including my wife) and my wife are actually pretty similar, and there was a relatively similar series of events. Started great, then we ended up living a couple hours away from each other. With the first, I ended up basically giving up and it fell apart. With the second, we put in the effort and made it work, and now we’re married. Getting in some personal growth is important. ​ Edit: Yes, technically you could call my wife my last girlfriend, but I assumed this would have been clear enough.


I like this answer


Honestly just the knowledge that lots of the shit 15-year old me was agonizing over and worrying about ultimately didn’t bring about the end of the world would help. I’d know which things to stress about and which ones I could let go of.


Just know that eventually everyone's face is a blurred memory.


It's so weird being just 10 years out of hs and realizing people I saw every single day for my whole life till graduation ceased to exist immediately. Not "oh i just don't worry about that dude any more, we weren't that close." You literally forget they *ever* existed until you look at your yearbook or something




I apparently visited the grand canyon as a preteen on a family trip through the area. No memory whatsoever. I get it, it's fucking weird because that's something I would remember forever now, I love travel.


My husband and I took our kids on some really amazing trips as they were growing. I have been very proud of helping my kids to be worldly and to see things I dreamt of seeing as a young adult in a small town. They’re 30 now. We’re packing to move, and had the kids over to get them to pick which of the billions of photos we took over the years they want to keep. We got to one of my son swinging on vines on Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific. I’ve had a blow up of that photo in my office for years, as a reminder when I start thinking I was a bad mom that my kids have memories of amazing childhood experiences. I said to my son “remember this?” He said “No. was that at the bottom of the hill our house was on?”


My parents took us on a lot of expensive trips when I was young. We lived the rest of the year frugally as a trade-off. Though I don't remember many details, I feel like the trips did help mold me into the person I am today. Just as importantly, I knew these were places my parents loved, and that helped me understand them more as people later on.


Glitch in the matrix. I went to my 30 year reunion and there were two guys and a woman there that I have absolutely no memory of. And my graduating class was pretty small ..less than 100. I swear I knew everyone. It's very strange.


You did, they just snuck in and got some free food.


I'm 37 and occasionally like to go through my yearbook and play the "Oh shit I forgot that person existed" game.


My coworker is the mother of one of my high school bullies (which of course I won't say since it's been so long), and at least once a week she'll ask, "Do you remember Whatsisnuts? He married Whatserface. They graduated with you." Nah, man, that was eighteen years ago. I kinda remember where my locker was, that I hated the gym teacher, your daughter was a bitch, aaaaand that's it.


But you hold that information in your back pocket for the rainy day that she is a right cunt, and then you drop her with the truth bomb that her child is a piece of shit.


I'd say it'll be part of my inevitable departure, but honestly her daughter got it from her. So she might be flattered!


I’m 41, and Facebook constantly recommends that I send friend requests to people with names I vaguely recognize. About half the time, I have to look at mutual friends to figure out where I might know this person from, and I’d say a quarter of the time, I’d completely forgotten they existed.


It's more fun with the girls who got married. Bunch of last names I don't recognize.


There was a girl I met in highschool that I'm so head over heel in love with. Literally fill 80% of my brain everytime I waking up for 3 years of highschool. I can't even remember her face now 7 years later.


The first part of my brain would be 'time to be the popular guy who makes it with the ladies', shortly followed by 'oh god i still don't know how to be a flirt of any kind', followed by 'Oh wait, these are all fifteen year old kids. This is now super weird.' Then i don't know, just find a way to buy stocks in google.


I was wondering if someone was going to point out how weird it would be to have an adult mind stuck in a child's body... Who would WANT to do anything with children??? Just listening to their conversations day in and day out would be torture!


My friend went back to secondary school at age 24 in order to get qualifications for Uni setup (she was ill as a teenager and had to drop out). The amount of empty teenage drama she came across was painful to witness. 'Lifelong Friends' breaking up one day and reconciling the next. Cliques in constant flux for the dumbest of reasons. Intense but stupid romances. Seeing bullies for the pathetic creatures they were and not being held back by any kind of school perspective that gave them power. Apparently it was sad yet liberating to see, and she spent her remaining time there trying to stay as uninvolved as possible.


I felt similar going back for my second degree around the same age. My school fortunately had a program that brought in some older students like myself but we were mixed in with general undergrad students and it was a weird feeling to be free of all social constraints while watching my classmates be heavily invested in each other’s drama. Most of the older students just flocked together without much difficulty thankfully.


This is the way I feel it should be, and then I go to work for the last 10 years and the intra-office drama seems just as ridiculous. Stayed out of it as much as possible through high school and college/university, then tried to stay out of as much of it as possible in my career field. Turns out a lot of us don’t grow up. Ugh.


That's the only way to do it! I don't know your friend but I'm proud of her for working towards a better future, and enduring what must've been a very lonely and frustrating time.


15 year old me is in 2015. The only thing to buy is bitcoin.


90s. I have to wait on stocks and really wait on Bitcoin and try and remember who won major sporting events when...


The cubs win the series. I don't remember what year, so bet everything on the cubs every year.


The year after BTTF2 says they do. I think. Edit: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/back-future-screenwriter-bob-gale-happy-cubs-but-bummed-a-good-joke-is-spoiled-944076/


Nah, you know about the 2000 dotcom crash, so you can just buy the market and sell in late 99/early 2000, then if you're really interested in pushing it as a magical time traveling investor, short basically every tech company.


Transfer everything into AMZN, sit back and chill.


My tens of dollars i had back then could have grown to hundreds.


1. Good dental hygiene - floss, brush twice a day always 2. Make exercise a part of the day, it is harder to get this into routine as you get older. Plus the fitter you are when you’re younger, the more it will tide you through when older 3. Continue pursuing things that I find interesting, even if I’m not (and will never get) good at them. It is wonderful to have things to enjoy for the sake of it 4. Be nicer to my parents, especially my mum. It is a lot of responsibility, and they did their best 5. Take feedback and criticism in stride, and not let every negative thing make me question everything Edit: this is my most upvoted comment eeeeeeeeee! And I have genuinely enjoyed every reply here. I feel very happy and connected to so many people! What a nice day.


I go straight to the cops and report my father for abuse.


I made the exact same comment. My father murdered the rest of my family that year. I could have stopped it if I had reported the violence.


Ok if I get the opportunity to send my mind back in time, I'll give it to you.


Holy crap, I am so sorry


I hope you are not harboring guilt :( The actions of that man were his and his alone. There is no way to know if reporting would have prevented this tragedy- a tragedy that I am so so so so so sorry you had to live through.


Survivor's guilt can be a helluva thing.   I know a guy who was hanging out with friends and they asked him to stay overnight. He declined because he had work the next day and went home. During the night, there was a house fire and his friends died. He's convinced, even fifteen years later, he could have saved them if he'd stayed. OP is in a different position altogether because that wasn't an accident, but it *was* someone else's choice and OP bears no responsibility for being a child who doesn't stop their parent from doing something horrible. And, for anyone who's reading this and recognizes this feeling in themselves, it's something you can work through with a good therapist. You don't have to live in the shadow of your own misplaced guilt because it never was your fault.


After my old flatmate died in a motorbike accident I had thoughts along the lines of "if I'd called him five minutes before he left work he wouldn't have hit that car". This is of course non-sensical. I had no way of knowing that he was going to be involved in an accident but, you don't always think rationally about these things.


fucking hell


That's not necessarily true. My father was reported several times. It took 10 years for law enforcement to do their fucking jobs. Don't blame yourself.


The piece of shit that abused me as a child didn't have any charges stick until I was 13. 10 years he continued to abuse children. But I went to prison for 5 pain pills and a friend of mine did 2 years for 5lbs of pot and a handful of plants. Justice system my ass.


I am so incredibly sorry for your loss and I hope you’re doing ok.


I am so Sorry that happened to you


Me too. I wish I would have known that I could do that. I was so conditioned to believe that no one would help me.


Yeah, first I'd find my future mentor, then I'd ask for her help in reporting my mom and dad and getting all the kids to be taken in by my aunt instead of my sister that would try to step in. I'd get her reported too if she tries taking the kids.


I am hugging my grandfather for a solid 5 minutes.


My grandmother passed away today. I didn’t spend enough time with her. I feel like I don’t really know her. I don’t know how to deal with this feeling.


You'll be up and down for a while. Grief comes in waves. There is guilt and numbness and despair and regret and aching but all interspersed with moments of normality or even laughter. Its weird and thats okay. Don't try to deal with the feeling, let it come, acknowledge it, then let it roll over you and back out to sea. Be kind to yourself. Have a day in bed if you can, it sounds dumb but it really does help. Random internet stranger hugs xx


My condolences. Nobody knows how to deal with it. I for myself like to be around the people i love which gives me comfort, others like to be alone. Do what you need to do to feel better. All the best, stay strong brother.


Try to convince my dad to short airline stocks in about a year. Gamble a lot on sports.


I’m going to guess it’s generational, but I like how for some the answer is ‘buy Bitcoin’ and others, like this, are ‘gamble on sports’ - and I think the difference is whether you’ve seen Back to the Future or not.


Haha you might be onto something there.


To be clear, I’d be taking the Almanac approach also.


I'll biff you and take all the profit and marry your Mom. Gottem


I personally don't know enough about sports to make money by betting. Don't know the teams, don't know who won, etc.


Can always bet on who will be the next president/prime minister super early in preceedings. Trump would've netted you a lot of money.


Not with every country. Haven't had a president change since I was 8. _depressed grimace_


Do svidaniya, comrade


I take my little brother to the hospital because he has a tumor that no one knows about. I tell my Dad that he shouldn’t sell his company because we end up homeless. I buy bitcoin. I live with my family and appreciate them. I go to an IHOP many years later and find the waitress, I ask her on a date, hopefully I can keep both my families this time.


> find the waitress, I ask her on a date ah, the Charlie gambit.


The fact that they're married in real life makes it so much more funnier


Sorry to hear about your life, hope it's all going better for you now. Saying that, the way you typed this made me read it in Dr Manhattan's voice from Watchmen.


“sorry to hear about your life” lmao


I'm sorry for everything that happened to you but I find it hilarious you just put " I buy Bitcoin " in the middle of deep and meaningful shit


Yeah, having a couple million dollars worth of bitcoin would be great though right


Damn, a tragic hero, I would read your tales


Be single and lonely for a while. Holy shit do I not want anything to do with most high schoolers.


Yeah a lot of people have remarked on the creep-factor of being an adult in a kids body dating kids and that’s 100% true. But even aside from that I just can’t imagine remotely wanting to even be with somebody who looks or acts 15 (or even 18 after waiting a few years into the hypothetical). Edit: of course my most upvoted comment would be about time travel creeps. I’m just glad it’s anti!


I live in a college town and the students look like actual children to me now at 31


Yeah, I remember thinking I and my friends were totally and obviously adults at 18. A while ago (I'm now in my 30s) I went to a university open day and found myself looking at all the 18-year-olds there like "who let all these children into this university?"


It is the completely opposite for me. When I was 18, I was thinking “wait, I am still just a kid. These 22 year olds look like adults” then I turned 22 and looked at 25 year olds and thought of them as adults. Now i am 29 and I still Don’t feel like an adult. Maybe its just because I dont behave that way. But I am also kind of happy about it


I am 40 now, with two kids, and I just realized my adulthood when I couldn't decide if I was more excited to get my Roborock S7 or my Ryobi Electric mower w/ bagging to trim around my gardens in an effort to stop my husband and kid from getting lawn clippings on my mulched areas. They're both coming the same day and my excitement is beyond words.


I kinda feel that. I'm 29 and I got a tiny bit excited buying shallots at the super market.


An underrated ingredient, totally worth getting excited over.


I'm around your age, lawn care became a SERIOUS thing within the past few years. I didn't even notice really until one day I stood there doing hands on the hip proud pose and my brain said "yep, those are some nice lines." Second puberty is weird.


I'm 32, and I am now noticing the same thing. Anyone under 20 looks like 12-14 year old. What's frightening is, if we already see it like this, how young does a 60 year old see a 20 year old as? It makes those types of relationships seem WAY worse.


I’ve started the phase of life where NFL rookies look like children to me. Just a couple of years ago, I would have assumed any NFL player was a fully mature man. It’s weird because now my instinct is to be protective of them and to be like “you know playing this game is going to turn your brain to mush and it’s not worth the money you are going to make”.


Yeah, it is so weird but when watching old games players from my childhood look like proper adults but players coming into the league now look like middle schoolers even though they are the same age.


I feel like this is so true for old college players like in basketball. I will look at a 90’s roster and think they look so much older compared to modern NCAA basketball teams


Stop my brother from killing himself Edit: I put this comment with no thought and fell asleep almost immediately afterward. Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support ❤ I still miss him so much more than I ever knew was possible, but it helps to think that he's no longer suffering the same kind of agony he was. . . And to the person that asked "why" and deleted their comment, burn in hell Edit2: I read through all the comments, and I can't muster the strength to reply to them all, but I love you all and I hope that one day we can all find true peace, and that if there is an afterlife and a God, or God's, I hope they're helping our loved ones see us through this until we can see them again ❤❤❤


I am so sorry 💖 hugs to you


I am so sorry for your loss.. hope you are doing/ coping better.




Buy up domain names and sell them after internet gets more mainstream


I remember reading that fbdotcom sold to Facebook for about seven million dollars. Not bad!


And bitcoin. I would get all the bitcoin


Buy Amazon stock. A lot of it. And then start a long term friend zone relationship with MacKenzie Scott only to bide my time. In 2021, that’s when I make my move to finally kick our relationship to the next level.


you and me both. I call sony.com




They would just come up with other names, right?




That's every pub




Most likely. No startup is going to pay a million for a domain when they can just choose another name. Buying domain names would be a very difficult way to get rich. You'd have to buy domain names of companies that already exist, won't simply change their name if they can't get their domain name, and don't have a web presence yet. That's an extremely narrow window to operate in, unless you do it in the very early 90s. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that at that point in time, you couldn't just buy a domain name like you can today, and it was definitely a lot more expensive.


ProfileBook, MineSpace, NetMovies, YourTube and HornyHub just don't roll off the tongue that well. ... ok maybe that last one does.


I never pick up a cigarette.


On my third week with no cigarettes. Not got any easier but its what needs to be done!


Uhh... watch my dad die all over again I guess, since by my 15th birthday it was already too late to treat his cancer. Miss my kids, knowing they'll never exist. Buy some bitcoin, I guess, and overdose on cocaine on the yacht that I keep in the pool of my other yacht.


Having kids turns this kind of question from a fun thought experiment to a horrifying one.


I would be in mourning for years. There's no way to ensure those two girls are there again. I'd probably be sent to the loony bin agonizing over people that nobody knows existed. I could maybe still get with my wife, maybe we hit it off. But fuck, if we had kids at different times than we did and they aren't our girls, how the hell does any of this make it worth it?


Check out the movie About Time. It plays on this premise.




> I would be 25 in mind and she'd be 15 Gah holy hell I hadn't considered that


now, think about all the crazy-popular 'romantic' vamp fiction that has 300+ yo dudes hanging around in schools. And try not to vomit


Nevermind that somehow, a 300 y/o can manage to hang around schools with nobody noticing that something ain't right. You'd think there would be questions after the first few years of that.


While I don't know how vampires work in twilight biologically, I think someone with a teenager's biology, a still growing body, with 25 years of experience would probably still have a lot of teenage tendencies. Your knowledge may be more advanced, but your actual brain chemistry would still be the same, as would your hormones, as a 15 year old. That or maybe severe mental problems from trying to store 25 years of knowledge into a 15 year old mind, but that's going to a weird ' unexpected consequences of sci-fi concepts' thing.


The children of Neverland never grow up (in some versions of the tale). ​ ....So how does the accumulation of memory work?


There's a girl in Dr. Who who becomes immortal, but since she has a human brain, she doesn't have an endless amount of memory. So, she writes everything in diaries and keeps them in a library to read when she needs to.


Ashilder had so much potential and we got a taste of it but they just didn't pay it off.


I wouldn't be too afraid to report my father to the authorities. I wouldn't live life in fear of his hands. I would fight back like I never did.


Same. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments like this. My dad was abusive towards my sister, mother and me, leaving us with severe trauma. He died when I was in the Army back in ‘98, so I never had a “sit down” with him. He ruined our lives then died. Not fair. At 15 I would stand up to him, call the cops, or kick him out of our lives for good. Something…anything instead of continued abuse that left me messed up.


I’d want to tweak a few things. Hit the pricks who messed with me. Kiss the girl when I should’ve. Spent more time with my old man. Little things


I’d live in existential dread that somehow, somewhere I’d mess something up in the chain of events that led to me meeting my wife and the subsequent birth of my children. Life without my children would destroy me. Utterly.


I'd never thought of it before but you'd have to remember exactly when you slung it up your wife, down to the millisecond, otherwise a different swimmer is up in there and it's a different kid at the end.


It would be near impossible, because surely what you eat, when and how much, will also affect the amount and quality of sperm you produce. There are so many tiny factors, there's no way you'd end up with the same kids.


Also when exactly did you "clean your pipe" before you did that. Might change the composition of the dive team and thus you get a different baby.


You'd have to blow your load the exact amount of times your past you did, dont think it would be possible


This whole "making a baby" thing is a lot more aquatic than I realized.


Those 'little things' are the only truly big things


Get some bitcoin, put a lot of effort into regularly working out, learn professional cooking skills so I can whip up fancy food for myself


Got it! I'll be sure to take up cooking


Stop caring about what anyone thinks


Be sad that my daughter will never be born. I'm currently divorcing her mother after a 15 year abusive marriage.


Recognise that my "boyfriend" is trying to groom me and break up with him before it's too late


I think the truth is, if this were to happen, the results would turn out to be bittersweet. It's easy to solve past problems in our minds, and maybe those solutions would actually work in a time travel scenario. But life adapts and new, unexpected situations always show up. So I'd probably end up running into another problem further down the line and regretting a different decision. There's a lot of comments in this thread about taking advantage of financial decisions. Maybe I'd become a Bitcoin billionaire. But who's to say that I wouldn't suffer the same fate as lottery winners... taxes, bankruptcy, fake friends, etc...


This is really it. This question can be asked for any age to go back to any specific age and we would get the same answers. I would tell my self to chill maybe but TBH I love my gf and my friends where I am right now (34) . I could be healthier or happier or vice versa. Just live in the now and be kind to people. It aint hard.


Everyone saying what they’d do better while I’d be having a total mental breakdown. Can you imagine going back to living with your parents? Waking up at 6am to get a bus to be in class at 8am? Taking exams again? Having to study all over again? I have nightmares about this. Please no, no, I’d rather stay an adult please.


You'd probably be a complete weirdo too, everyone else is 15 while you're much older mentally and you know what's gonna happen and you treat people you shouldn't know weird because you actually do know them.


Most of the popular people in my high school that I remember were just kids who were a bit more developed then everyone alse. So there's that.


Yeah, the popular kids in my high school were the brainy ones. 80% of the 'cool' people were in the top class or were prefects. They were all more mature/self aware than everyone else, even the clowns.


Same. I only had the energy to get through the education system once, I can't do it again.


Lose fat, start lifting weights and running, play less video games, sleep more.


Nah but for real can you imagine how much more progress we would have if we started our fitness journey years earlier. I know its bad to dwell on these things but I can't help but imagine what if. 15 year old me definitely needed to hear what a calorie deficit was.


the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago my friend, I learned that or maybe I'm still learning that the hard way


Second best time is today!


Save up my allowance. Buy bitcoin


Same top answer every time it gets asked. You love to see it.


School better, experience more risky stuffs, try to attain my driver's license earlier. Live a better life.


That's too late, mistakes have already been made :(


Well as a currently 15 year old, its really intersesting to read threads like these, since I can try avoiding the mistakes yall made Edit: reading tru all your advice was do helpfull and it made my realize how important some things are I never thought about (teeth, shoes, posture...), so thx guys yall are really helpfull :)


For the love of all that is holy watch what you post online. Anyone 30+ on here has had their teen years blissfully scrubbed away from in the internet. That’s not really an option for you so


A million times this. There’s a permanent record of everything you say and post on the internet, and it can be traced back to you, the irl person. Edit - Depending on where you are. If you’re on Facebook or IG or whatever, don’t say or do dumb shit. If you’re on Reddit, don’t dox yourself.


Very solid advice. Make sure that there isn't anything on Reddit that can be used to trace your posts back to you. If you think you can be doxxed nuke the account from orbit and start again.


This is solid advice right here.


Lesson 1) brush your mf teeth and get an electric toothbrush Lesson 2) remember that things are only awkward if people make them awkward. What that means is that awkward is a reaction not an outcome


Teeth. Look after them. Back muscles. Keep them toned, take care of them. Good pair of shoes. They'll save your life. Don't buy a cheap bed. Get an expensive bed. A soft mattress will make your night. SAVE MONEY. Don't spend it all on stuff you don't need. Get a credit card, but don't go crazy with it. Use it for things you have cash for right then and there. Build your credit. Your gonna need it. Worry about freidndships before a romantic partner. 9 times out of 10 your friends will stick around. Keep your stress levels and your anxiety in check. Be kind and loving to everyone you can, you never know what someone is going through. Here's just some helpful tips on someone who's been through the ringer. These are some things I DEFINITELY wish I'd been told as a kid :)




This. My dentist had said my wisdom teeth were fully developed at like 12 but they wouldn't take them out. They ended up causing a lot of jaw pain and I have permanent TMJ now. I had to push to get them removed at like 18.


I wouldn't go to University, possibly travel more and spend a bit more time deciding the direction I want to go with my life.


Prosecute my ex boyfriend for raping me. Call CPS on my mom and actually give information this time. Everything else can stay the same, mistakes and all. But if I could do it again, I'd do those two things differently.


I wish that you could. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I’m so sorry.


That's okay! It's been a long time and I'm fine despite everything, but if I could go back those would the two things I'd change.


Fuck I’d be rich. Still in the music industry, the shit I know now would have been insane then


Take a different course in college. IT perhaps? Stay off the internet. Be more open and social. Work on my interpersonal skills. Build connections. Build a better relationship with my family.


All the fun of these hypotheticals vanished the moment my daughter was born. I know that realistically I'd never be able to recreate the exact circumstances to have the same child, but I'd have to put everything I have into trying... doing otherwise is unimaginable. It would be years and years of stress and planning and dread knowing that I'm essentially doomed to fail at the only thing that matters, the one thing I'm trying desperately to achieve. Along with the constant feeling that I'm being an idiot to pour myself into something that will never work, and the guilt of even contemplating giving up. And there's basically no good ending, eventually I either have a child who's clearly not her and try desperately not to burden them with my grief, or I have a child who might be her and I spend the rest of my life struggling to deal with thoughts of "Is it really her?" without my preoccupation messing her up, or I give up and live feeling like I abandoned my daughter and erased her from existence. And god, my poor wife in all of this. Basically, "What if you got to re-do your life?" used to be a fun thought experiment. Then I met the love of my life and adopted a couple cats and it got more emotionally complicated. Then I had a perfect baby girl and imagining this scenario became like imagining hell.


That’s actually a major plot point in the movie “About Time”. The main Character has to stop time traveling past a certain point because it could affect the birth of his child


Came here to say this. Whilst looking back at myself and my life, I could have done things very differently and it would prevent a lot of heartache, depressions, etc. However, I wouldn’t want to change anything because it leads to having my son. Besides that, through it all I became a person I truly feel proud of. And that has made it all worth it. We live and we learn aye.