What is your opinion on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin?

What is your opinion on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin?


It’s a shroud and it’s in Turin, past that: it’s a shroud and it’s in Turin.


its a cloth nothing more nothing less


I guess it doesn't matter in my opinion. It's a neat relic of one of history's most influencial religious philosophers, but I don't have either the stakes nor qualifications to concern myself with it's authenticity. There sure is a lot of money to be made defrauding religious people though, so there's clearly a motive for having forged it.


Big ol' nope.


I mean it was probably used to wrap "a" corpse. Whether or not it was Jesus and if Jesus existed is a different story.


Well Jesus most definitely existed. No serious scholar doubts that.


Fine "whether he was actually a child of god" happy?


Look up Richard Carrier.


I said serious scholar. He is not an actual academic historian.


A common theme in the Bible is the condemnation of idolatry and worshiping of items. Most of the objects thought of as idols are made by people to represent something, a deity or an event. This particular item would have been created by God when Jesus was resurrected. Knowing full well of religious people's bent toward worshipping "sacred artifacts", it seems illogical that God would have allowed the creation, let alone the preservation, of an item that would be eventually worshipped, especially if authentic. I personally believe that this fact alone means that all the holy relics are frauds and not the authentic relics as they are claimed to be including the shroud.


Big ol fake