What's an old trend you wish would come back?

What's an old trend you wish would come back?


Loom bracelets. Great pastime for kids (or anyone honestly) that is creative, takes skill, and keeps you off of screens


I do loom bracelets in my summer program still. The kids love them!


Snap bracelets were sweeeeet in my day


Phones being sold with screen protectors already on them. Try as I might, I can never put a screen protector on correctly. It is always skew with dust particles stuck under it no matter how well I cleaned the phone's screen beforehand.


Are you using something like clear packaging tape to press against the screen and pull off all the dust. Some screen protectors come with adhesive labels where the point is to use them to pull dust and fibers off. Once you do that, you'll get rid of that problem and the second problem is solved by using tons of water on the device when you lay it down so you can reposition it as you like. Once you get that done, you push out from the middle of the screen to clear the fluid and it won't realign the protector and make it skewed.


Transparent-colored plastic electronics. They were popular in the 00's but mostly died off after the iPod standardized minimalism.


Do you mean like the purple Gameboy color? That thing is dope in fact, I still have it.


I've collected way too many Dreamcast and N64 controllers like this. I love them.


The prison industry would like to speak with you. Every electronic available in prison is trans parent


They indeed are oddly appealing, just getting to look at what makes those devices tick, while also being protected! I especially like the look of those transparent prison CRT tube TVs


Is that like when your mum becomes your dad?


If you did that with modern electronics it would be 90% battery and display, with a tiny PCB jammed in somewhere.




50s style dresses. My grandmother wore them from age 12-54 and she loved them. She was distraught when they went out of fashion but still continued to wear them. I wish they would come back in fashion as I like the style of them too.






I seem like the paranoid one every time someone notices my privacy screen protector on my phone. Screw you, I believe this my right. I like to keep to myself is all. I don't want nosy shoulder peekers getting a full view of what I'm doing. They probably think I'm watching NSFW stuff or doing "bad" stuff, hypocrites. Honestly what's the worst I can do? Why does it bother you? Perhaps it makes you realize how exposed you truly are and makes you feel uncomfortable. Edit: the replies to this comment only further the stance of people being irrationally invested in a stranger on the internet having a privacy screen protector. Lol.


You bought a privacy screen for your phone and aren’t watching porn on it? What a waste of money


I used to work selling cellphones and in the defense of all the people assuming you’re up to something.. a lot of people were usually being deceptive to their partners. Obviously I don’t have real world statistics on this but there was a really good chance that the guy would hit on one of my female coworkers while I was installing it or the woman would be really clingy during the install like I was going to find the secret to immortality on their phone.


People hate getting caught nearly as much as the love fucking around.




You mean outdoor blankets


Lmao they got those in Lesotho as a cultural dress


I have a cloak that I bought at a ren fair, it's great for when it's raining a little bit or intermittently, so you don't want to fuck with an umbrella but still don't want to get wet. It's not really suited for cars though, it's a pain in the ass to get a seatbelt on while wearing it as the cloak will cover the buckle. EDIT: Oh and mine is like a wool-acryllic blend so it can get warm. I imagine that's great where it's cool but here in Texas it's not exactly a warm-weather garment.


cheap rent


How everything was over the top and colorful in the 2000s. I loathe this minimizing phase. I mean have you seen what taco bells used to look like inside? Tgat was cool


I think the Taco Bell decor in the 2000’s was leftover from the 90’s


The same income to college prices boomers had.


Just think how high starting salaries would be if that was the case. College is way to expensive for the returns it brings these days. Doing trades and starting your own business seems to be where you would make the most money from my experience doing tax returns for the last 8 years. Don’t get me wrong their are a lot of college educated people making really good money but the one aren’t are doing as well as the boomers had it.


Finding jobs that don't involve CVs and cover letters. Also not based on advance skills and years experience.


or just a job that list the proper requirements, they are asking for PhD level computer science skills for an entry level front end developer


I've seen job offers requiring masters degree in electronics for a fucking sales person...


The job I got after graduating I was explicitly told the only reason they had given it to me was because I got a 1st in my accounting degree. The job was a billing clerk and consisted of nothing more than putting bills in envelopes and copying & pasting invoice numbers all day, that was literally it. It wasn't a role that required a £20k education (I know £20k is nothing compared to tuition fees now, I was lucky and was in the last group of people to go to uni before the cost tripled).


I dont mind those, my pet peeve is the rampart nepostism running around.connections matter much more than skills where i come from.


I hate when people say "it doesn't matter what you know, it matters who you know" like it's a good thing.


What it is is a reminder of what you are getting paid for. It isn't peak performance, it's for reliable, conventional, mindless, conformity. Your peak performance is just how your boss makes his purse money.


I remember a joke, "Boomers tell you to go shake hands to get a job because when they grew up you could meet a drunk on the back of a bus and he'd make you manager of a bank if he liked the color of your shirt,"


I wish years of experience actually counted more than a degree, I have tons of experience, but in my job field a degree is more important (IDK what demonstrates your ability to do a job more, the fact that you've been literally DOING the job for 20 years, or a piece of paper?). I just think in general the thing that would help people get jobs the most is if HR stopped using friggin software and metrics to decide who to interview for jobs and actually had a human being look at resumes. You apply for a job now and if your application and resume doesn't hit exactly the key words they want to find your application doesn't even get seen by a human being. Its absurd.


General courtesy when in public.


There was a video posted on a YouTube channel called Voices of the Past of a Japanese embassy to the US in 1871, describing multiple things they found fascinating about the country and one of the topics was how Americans interacted with each other at the time. https://youtu.be/kfpeq4kak3g Most likely just describing high society rather than the common folk but I found it very interesting


Gonna be honest, don't think that was ever much more of a trend than it is now.


Being able to buy a house, a car, and send 3 kids to college on one 9-5 salary. Monarch butterflies and bees raiding the garden every spring. Lemonade stands where Karens don’t call the police for a 7 year old not having a food handler’s license.


People actually call the cops on kids? What the hell


Yeah, there was this video where a Karen actually dialed 911 on a kid for selling water. Forgot exactly when and where this happened


That's fucked


Hats and coats. Like we’re back in the 19th century where you weren’t cool or famous for wearing “Louis Vuitton” for example


I want capes and medieval-esque dresses to be cool too. I want to have a magnificent robe and look like a badass witch.


I want to dress like a Jedi and not look like a dork. The closest thing I have is a pink cape, but it just makes me feel attention-seeking.


Join a traditional Catholic monastery and you can dress up like a Jedi. Might not enjoy the celibacy but I hear the beer is great.


I want to dress up like a cute pikachu and not be seen as a hooker….


Working for burningman is like this, people can wear anything they want, long as the job gets done. PPE still required for certain jobs, so you'll see things like someone in lingerie and steel toe boots helping build an airport. It's an unusual.


Capea and cloaks! Being them back!


I’d be here for this. Hats are underrated, honestly.


The biggest reason to reverse global warming is so that coats can be worn more often.


Using glass or reusable containers instead of everything in fn plastic


I don't get plastic. I travel lots for work, so I make "individual" meals (cottage pies, lasagna, etc) in oven safe glass containers. Glass containers are the ultimate convenience, and last forever (you don't drop them too many times).


Playing outside as kids.


Playing outside when it rains


“YoU wIlL gEt SiCk In ThE rAiN!” Says every parent ever.


You are more likely to get sick in a party than when cold


Lots of people horsing around, drinking too much. But playing in the rain will only get you wet.


It's not *that* exciting.


One of the reasons that I love the Summer is that it feels like my friends and I are kids playing outside, even though I’m 26... We play with water pistols, kick a ball around, swim and build sandcastles. Every day we see acquaintances/neighborhood people of like minds also out and about. Everyone seems so happy and not miserable in the Summer when we get to horse around outside.


You're living the dream dude. Hold on to that as long as you can.


Man reading this comment really reminds me just how good I have it damn I hope everyone reading this holds onto doing shit outside with their friends.


I hate summer because of the heat and the power cuts. Glad you can enjoy it.


Covid kinda brought this back. I'm a nanny and all of the kids in the cul-de-sac where I work are outside the second they finish their homework and chores.


I still play outside and it is better then video games me and the boys are always riding around town on our bike doing wheelies and stuff


Same I have my license but I still prefer to ride around town on a mountain bike and jump curbs and do tricks and stuff it’s so much h more fun and half as dangerous as driving around in a small town full of texting soccer moms and alcoholics


Crying witchcraft on your neighbors and claiming their forfeited land to increase your own holdings. Oh, and those little glittery butterfly clips for your hair.


The old Youtube. You know, when you could see how many videos you or your friends watched in total, or related videos that were actually related to the content you were watching. Or even the bad things, like most videos seemingly being recorded from a potato because the resolution was so bad, or those videos that had the default music on them that became sort of a meme Nostalgia


Or just not an ad every 37 seconds. I just want to listen to Burden In My Hand stop playing ads for Adventist Health!


Affordable cars In 2003 I bought a fully loaded 4x4 truck off the lot, brand new. Cost 22k. Wages are pretty much the same, cost of living is much higher. A truck with the same features would go for 65k+ today. Where this money is coming from to afford these things I don't understand what magic people are performing to drive these things. Like is it coming out of your 401k? Did you refinance your house, what? $1000 payments for 5+ years and people complain housing is expensive. How this is the new normal is not ok.


That's not even close to a fair assessment of the cost of cars. [Here](https://howmuch.net/articles/price-changes-in-usa-in-past-20-years) is a graph of the cost of a bunch of common goods in the US vs inflation over time. Cars are pretty much dead on with inflation despite the fact that they come with way more features, are way safer, faster, and higher quality than the generation of cars built before them. If you see the cost for a car today, trust that it's a steal compared to what that same car would have cost 20 years ago.


Some people put on a show, but really their situation is sketch. The wild thing rn is people want 10k+ for their late 90s Toyota Tacoma with many miles


ISIS keeps buying all the damn Toyotas...


People are leasing Nissan Altima for 72 or 84 months. That blows my fucking mind. You are driving a car that you will be upside down on until the 6th or 7th year you’re done making payments on. Absolute shocking.


I have a 6 year loan on a Subaru Forester. I think it will last that long fine but still, it’s a long loan.


Tbh, a majority of those people are "car poor". As in, that is literally their only asset. Or they are in extreme and unnecessarily stressful debt. Don't feel bad.


Those sweet light-up yoyos (Fireball anyone!?)


Split screen racing games


Local multiplayer just in general. Televisions are so much bigger and higher quality now that it’s just a shame we don’t take advantage of that because they want to incentivize paying the monthly online fee.


even more, wider computer monitors are becoming the choice, 21:9 in a split mode gives you a pretty good view for 2 players, or a 32:9 gives you straight up 2 full screens ​ or go even better, allow multimonitor mode (if your gpu can handle it)


Split screen shooters! Split screen GTA games!


Yes, it really sucks not seeing much split screen games these days. One for rainbow six would’ve made me buy the game because fuck online subscriptions


Woodgrain television sets


I don’t miss the days of polishing the TV.


Component stereo systems


Getting into a fist fight without it leading to gun violence


I miss flip phones


They still exist. Actually I just got a new one.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is alright


They’re still a thing, it’s just that a lot of times they’re more expensive to use than smartphones.


Yoga pants that aren’t freaking leggings! I want loose yoga pants on my legs. It’s so nice.


Maybe try pajamas?


Screw those! I had nice pants like that back in 2009 and haven’t seen them since.


Hmmm, how bout onesie pajamas?


Way ahead of you. In my pikachu onesie right now.


Parachute pants. Hammer time


Big hats


Sunday dinners and stopping by for coffee and talking.


Grabbing a pocket full of quarters and going down to the local arcade to play Pac-Man or such for a few hours


being nice to people


I miss when cell phones had variety. Did you have a Chocolate, an Envy, a Razr, or something else? Most of them didnt have fancy names, just a brand and a model number, but they ALL had personality.


Agreeing to disagree.


This really depends on what you're talking about. Whether a movie was good? Absolutely. Whether certain people should have human rights? No.


I don't think this has ever been the case. Societies just used to be more homogeneous in the past so there were less internal disagreement within.


I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree then.




I think we all found it wasn’t always about the pogs, but more about the friends we made along the way.


I thought it was about the slammers!


So I didn’t make them up?! Apparently we were a niche group, because people think I’m crazy


Taking the car out just for the hell of it. “Where are we going?” “Ahdunno!”


Gas prices ruined this.


My friends dad wanted us out of the house for the afternoon. He gave us $5 for gas which got us a gallon and a half at the time. Like dude, if you want us out of the house so you can bang your side chick you gotta throw down more then $5 for gas money.


In most places that's not even a movie ticket, unless you're seeing something that came out like a year ago in the dollar theater. $5 isn't even *lunch* for 1 at fast food places.


Me and my friends do this, it baffles my parents and me to a lesser extent because we always take the truck that has the worst gas mileage of any of our cars instead of the fuel efficient one


Pickle barrels in small grocery stores and delis where you could pick your own pickle with a pair of tongs.


huh, you're right, and I never even noticed them go away...


Live lobster tanks quietly went away too.


I was just reminded that those huge Brach's candy displays are also gone.


Seems hella unsanitary.


according to google: Studies confirming vinegar's antibacterial properties: Household natural sanitizers like lemon juice and vinegar reduced the number of pathogens to undetectable levels. Vinegar can inhibit growth of and kill some food-borne pathogenic bacteria.


> Vinegar can inhibit growth of and kill some food-borne pathogenic bacteria. You've just discovered the concept of pickling, something that's been around for thousands of years. Vinegar and salt are fantastic preservatives to keep food edible for long periods of time.


See the Blue Bell lickers for an example why we can’t have stuff like this or the Branch’s Pik-a-mix.


Trench coats and top hats, bout to finish the sir look with that


Everyone having their own weird corner of the internet.




Going outside to play




There was a beautiful time when we all had Hello Kitty charms we attached to our Nokia phones that would light up when you got a call. I want those again.


Somehow this seems to mesh so well with your username


Live life like it's a Lisa Frank print advertisement




Only getting a trophy if you win.


Let me say, getting a “5th place trophy” isn’t really meaningful. If anything, it’s mocking me 🙃


My first (and only) horse show had a small class of four people. I got the fourth place ribbon. I honestly would have preferred to leave empty handed.


I came 2nd in a running race as a kid. There were only two of us in the race. On the upside as a prize I got a blank 90 minute cassette tape


I don’t think any kid really likes getting participation trophies. It’s the older generations that decided to give them, probably mostly for the parents.


I guarantee that the 9 year old wasn't pitching a fit to the coach for not getting a trophy, it was their over-invested parents.


In WW2, everyone who served in the armed forces got a medal just for showing up. If you visited a war area: another medal. Participation awards are nothing new.


"Participation trophies" have become such a buzzword lately. Sure, they're kind of dumb, but why have we become so obsessed with kids' baseball trophies? Do we *really* think that giving a kid a plastic trophy at the end of the year is causing lasting psychological damage?


This is a big one. Did it seriously suck as a kid to never get called up to the end of year ceremonies? Sure did. But it taught me a lot about life. This new "everyone is a winner" motto is seriously setting these kids up for heavy disappointment/failure in the real world, imo.


I used to play in a basketball league that did participation trophies for the younger girls and tournament trophies for the older girls. It was so exciting when the trophy was on the line. We got insanely competitive. My team didn’t win because a one girl broke her wrist during a previous game and another girl got sick the day of our last game. But those of us that were left fought hard and gave it our all. It was a really exciting time.


Everyone wins just as much as the guy who won


Oh how I wish it worked that way in life...


Walking canes. Easily beat anyone who gives you trouble


And you look fucking cool


How fucking cool is a cane with multi functions whipping out a whole sword or kicking a button and it’s a stool?


Also you can tap it on the floor when you approve of something!


Vine i get tiktok but Vine was the best platform aside youtube.


and the Harlem shake


The two primary difference between Vine and TikTok that makes the difference to me is not the community—there *were* juvenile and toxic Viners. Rather, it’s the way TikTokers use the medium, and the personal touch. Vines were pretty much always appropriate to the general medium of what a Vine was, and if something didn’t work as a Vine, they didn’t make a Vine for it. Contrarily, TikTokers use TikTok for whatever they want regardless of how appropriate it is for or how well it works with the medium, and *that* really pisses me off. My girlfriend constantly sends me like twenty seconds TikToks that shouldn’t even be fucking videos; if it was, like, a three panel meme it might actually be funny instead of just fucking obnoxious. You *know* the TikToks I’m talking about: the ones that use robot voices and have absurdly long pauses between whatever it’s saying. That leads into the second thing that I don’t like about TikTok: the lack of personal touch. Most of them are just entirely text or someone pointing their camera at the ceiling with a robot voice over it. It just doesn’t feel genuine. Imagine if Thomas Sanders had done that, or ProZD. No-one would’ve ever watch them because no matter what the content is it feels like talking to one of the automated phone machines listing office hours and your options. TikTok feels like most of the people make TikToks but want nothing to do with them; they don’t want to be connected to their video in any way. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


That hair Isaac Newton wore.


Personal responsibility


Everything not being offensive




Vacations around the campfire or, playing cards, zero cell phone reception (intentional). Now we need to power them off and leave them in a lockbox to detox and get back in touch with friends, family, people, the earth.


VSCO girls on tiktok, I can’t stand these alts anymore


Fuck I’m old, I don’t know what most of these words mean.


Capes, canes, and gloves as fashionable items for men's formal wear.


Decency and respect.


Mother fucking **rock** and mother fucking **roll** y'all


RSVP to parties and social events. It helps determine how much food to make or have.


Bell Bottoms


NOT littering or shaming people that LITTER


What I’m confused by this comment.


No, people who intentionally litters deserves to be shamed. Considering how bad it is for the environment




Random acts of kindness and pay it forward


It does happen, albeit a blue moon, I once had a train of 25-30 people in my drive-thru pay for the person behind them. It was really nice to see how people were grateful when I told them the random person in front of them paid for their meal. I try to keep the kindness going once and a while, if people end up being a dollar short because their gift card was under or whatever, I'll tell them I took care of it and not to worry about it. It's not much but that mother with three kids and one $10 gift card could mean the difference between those kids eating or not.


coral reefs


People saying thank you when you hold the door open for them.


People don’t do that where you’re at? In my part of Canada you get/give a thank you for each door you hold open for someone. And a you’re welcome to boot.


hair with straight bangs


m'lady *tips hat*


Genuine Dates.




Tie dye


Tie dye is actually pretty much in trend at the moment.


Politics being something not discussed super openly, on social media or at family events etc. I feel like it used to be rude almost and now it’s everywhere and so defining


I commented this before I saw yours but totally agree. I arrived at the US a couple years earlier and was shocked when this lady asked me and others who I was voting for. And it was pretty obvious she was making judgements on the matter as well. Like, this is one of the main reasons why we avoided this, you nosy bitch


Getting married before having children


Changing your opinions based on new available information


You and I remember the past very differently.


I don't care what anyone says planking was fucking hilarious. Bro just out here in the remotest of locations that no human eye has ever seen before, fuck it imma pretend to be a plank




Cocaine, machine guns, home schooling, modesty, Altoid sours, silver as currency, and viking funerals.


Tic tacking in skateboarding


Do people not do that? I was told it’s a way to pump, turn, avoid disaster on crap sidewalks, and build up to manuals Then again, lotta’ people on boards who arguably would be better served on bikes


Rayman games


Banana clips.


the dougie


Lisa Frank dolls and merch are quite nice imo




People minding their own damn business.


Victorian dresses. They‘re perfect for women with large hips.


Capes, Cloaks, anything like that really