What's a creepy fact you wish you never heard?

What's a creepy fact you wish you never heard?


Spiders' brains extend into their legs sometimes


Also their legs are powered by a blood hydraulic system, like 8 ambulatory penises.


People rarely are “killed instantly”. Read this on a thread featuring a paramedic talking about car accidents.


was that the one about the guy who quit the job after seeing a baby post-crash with the top of its head missing like a pez dispenser but still moving etc?


It was not! It was about a guy who found a man whose head had done a full 180 post collision with a tree!


Looking back, I think you were correct


That children are usually abducted and murdered by someone they know or someone in their own family.


Goes the same for murders and robbery


And molestation/rape Most of the pedophiles a child encounters are either someone they trust or their literal family member


Diprosopus, the rare genetic condition of developing more than one face. It's the stuff of nightmares.


Bonus fact: It's caused by a gene caused Sonic Hedgehog named after Sonic the Hedgehog and doctors hate telling this to parents of children born with this when they ask which gene was responsible.


There’s also a small molecule inhibitor gene for Sonic Hedgehog. It’s called Robotnikinin. Yes, really.


Didn't they change it to Eggmaninin?


I feel bad for laughing at this. Who's the madlad responsible for naming it that lol


Yeah, there's a petition to change it for that reason. Telling people "sorry your kid is going to be born without any limbs because of a problem with their sonic the hedgehog protein" can't be fun.


Spnic hedgehog is a whole celluar signaling pathway as well, responsible for the proper expression of many genes, includong those that ensure proper digit development. Mutations in sonic hedgehog can result in polydactyly.


[Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creutzfeldt%E2%80%93Jakob_disease) (human version of mad cow where your brain looks like a sponge) can happen spontaneously. That and there's and its damn near impossible to clean the specialized surgical implements (used in certain brain surgeries and typically rented) to the point where you can't transfer the prions into the next patients brain, potentially infecting them with it. ​ It happened in New Hampshire back in 2013, 15 people were exposed from one patient who was confirmed to have the spontaneous form after he died. ​ https://www.nbcnews.com/healthmain/fatal-rare-brain-disease-confirmed-n-h-patient-15-possibly-4b11220962


My grandfather died of cjd around 7 years ago. It was essentially like dementia but at an absolutely rapid pace. He went from completely normal, to forgetful, to losing motor functions, to dead in about a month and a half. He was a great dude. I miss him.


Me: *looks at dementia* I have one fear CJD: Me: Me: I have two fears-


A friend of my mothers friend got human mad cow disease and it killed her. This was 2-3 years ago. Well another thing to fear.


Dolphins can commit suicide


To add to this they commit suicide by just deciding to stop breathing, I vaguely remember a story of a sea world trainer having a dolphin do this while he practically held it in his arms


This dolphin did it after he was separated from his scientist companion.Peter the dolphin promptly sunk himself to the bottom and committed suicide. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/06/10/girl-talked-dolphins-masturbated-video_n_5478610.html


Interesting URL


And gang rape.


And solve Rubik’s cubes.


A dead body nicknamed [Green Boots]( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Boots) is used as a waypoint when climbing Mt. Everest, and mountaineers have to actually step over the body to continue the climb.


Yeah, that kinda messed me up too tbh lol... I only read about that a few months back. The fact people are basically told "yeah, you just need to take a left at the dead guy we just LEFT THERE. He was wearing green hiking boots when he died, so we just call him 'ol green boots!"


Im pretty sure there is/was multiple people-landmarks up there. After a certain height its just not feasible to carry the body down anymore.


They brought down Yasuko Namba, the Japanese lady who died on the South Col (\~26,000 feet) during the 96' disaster in 1997 (the Climbing Sherpas were well compensated by her husband according to Ed Viesturs). According to those involved, it was brutal work despite her weighing less than a hundred pounds. I want to say that she's it for retrievals above that altitude. Everyone else who's died up above that point, is either still there or has been swept off and sent down the face. They'll eventually pop out of the glacier at the foot of the icefall.


"Green Boots joined the ranks of roughly 200 corpses remaining on Everest by the early 21st century." From the wiki above


Carrying a body from that height essentially guarantees that multiple other people will die. Those bodies can't be moved at a certain height. They are heavy literal dead weight and especially at Green Boots heights, your body is quite literally in the slow process of dying because of a severe lack of oxygen and the extreme temptress. Humans can't survive that long up there and can barely carry themselves and equipment without running out of air. The sheer exertion of lifting and carrying a corpse would kill the rescuer long before they got down. If you see someone up there dying or struggling, there's not a ton you can do. Maybe offer some spare supplies if you have them. But then you have to move on or be another body and cause more problems for the next group.


Tell me more about this temptress.


That Microsoft filed a patent to use your data to create a chat bot of you after you die. Anybody will be able to find out almost everything about you


Ala Black Mirror episode.


I assume you mean "filed a patent"


I’m such a dumbass


*this comment has been saved by microsoft for the eventual u/Pill_Cosby19Bot


I’m sure they already have my high school gpa on file


Do you have more information on this? What exactly is the information being collected?




There was a Black Mirror episode along those lines.


Didn't Hayley Atwell bang a clone in that episode that grew a mole for her at will?


I'm just disappointed that I'll never be around to talk to my chatbot self.


Interesting. Is this something they're actually doing or is it just something they came up with and potentially could sue someone for if they try to use it.


The guy who got stuck in a cave and died upside down, and generally everything to do with dying on Mt Everest


That was pretty crazy shit...


There's a podcast called surviving the odds that's just done the 2008 K2 disaster. It's worth a listen if it's not too much for you!


FBI profilers suspect that there are over 2,000 serial killers at large right now. Many will never be caught.


It's suspected that there is a group of truck drivers working together and are performing these murders all over the country. It's easy for them to hide as they're on the move a lot, and if they work together they can cover each other's tracks. Now, I'm not sure how a group of truck drivers decided to start killing with each other, and it's more believable they're working independently instead of cooperating with each other, but the idea is still scary.


Not suprised at all, my brother has been a trucker for 5 years and his rig has been searched once. He is a tramping driver all around Europe so you'd guess you'd be searched at ports but no they got soo many to go through.


I always wondered if the CIA has a serial killer training department


Male octopus rip off their penis and throw it at the female to mate. Ouch.


"Here, go fuck yourself."


Dude idk why but this is one of the funniest comments I’ve ever seen lol


could be worse, could be a [male angler fish](https://theoatmeal.com/comics/angler), he exists only to be "merged" (melted really) into the body female angle fish. Only leaving behind a set of testicles... ​ That's it, he can't eat and has an irresistible/insatiable drive to find a female to become one with.


Rabbits have sex with dead rabbits


There were prisoners in Auschwitz given the specific full-time job of doing nothing but burning photo albums and children's toys, because the death camp collected so many and considered them worthless.


Out of everything I've read, this stabbed me in the heart. All those lives erased. I've studied the holocaust but never had the image of family albums been burnt, lost for ever. Of course it's obvious but just a perspective that had never crossed my brain before. Just horrifying.


Yeah. This one has haunted me for years ever since I read it, I debated not sharing it to spare people, but we owe it to those people to listen.


Read a book by an Aussie vet whose job was to stoke the fires. One day his Polish partner was too weak and slow for the Nazis' liking. The Nazis grabbed the Pole. They all knew what the Nazis were going to do. The Pole looked at the Aussie and said, "Ossie?" (his nickname for him), clearly hoping that the Aussie would intervene. The Aussie looked down and kept stoking the fire, even as the Nazis threw the Pole in. It haunted him for the rest of his life. I fucking hate Nazi apologists. "They were just doing their jobs so that their families weren't killed!" Bullshit. You can't tell me they burned that man alive and made his friend too scared to intervene because they were anything but sadists. The [myth of the Clean Wehrmacht](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_clean_Wehrmacht) has much to answer for.


In places where the death sentence is legal, the pen used would be broken at the nib. This is common for a judge to do this, as they refused to use the same pen that condemned a person in other cases.


*modern judge writing reasons for death sentence on his Apple iMac 27" with 5K retina display* :*(


I’ve never heard of this. Thank you for this new information.


The insect that fertilizes a fig stays in the fig. That’s right. Figs have a bug in them guaranteed.


Before people get too far carried away with worrying about crunching into a wasp the next time you eat a fig, while it is true that fig trees are pollinated by trapping wasps... 1) They are not the wasps you are thinking of. Fig Wasps are tiny, about 1 to 2 mm in length, and are a very different species from the yellow stinging guys. 2) The figs produce an enzyme called Ficin that breaks down the wasp and the plant absorbs all the nutrients, so there is no left over wasp body to bite into. 3) Most commercial varieties of figs have been developed to ripen without pollination, either on their own or by spraying hormones on the plant. The figs you buy probably didn't have any wasps pollinating them.


And wasps fertilize figs. I hate everything.


*Fig Newtons, no*


If that creeps you out.... If we knew the level of bugs we eat daily in ALL of our food it would make you stop eating.


Not the kind of figs you eat though. There’s a vast variety of figs.


Fatal familial insomnia is a very rare disorder in which you develop insomnia and it quickly becomes worse and worse until you literally cannot sleep and then you die. Later in the illness, you enter a permanent state of hypnagogia, which is the state between sleep and wakefulness. It has a 100% death rate. The life expectancy after it develops is 7 months to 6 years. It’s passed down genetically and typically is developed when the person is middle-aged, so you can watch your parents die from it and then start to develop symptoms.


It's all those damn misfolded proteins fault!


That reminds me of the novel 'Nod'.


The terrifying effects of rabies. I stay away from any and every animal that can carry rabies, especially bats.


That's one of the great things about opossums. Their body temperature is to low for rabies so they don't get it.


The virus is just just playing possum


dang, it's like they developed an opossum force against it...


Are there other great things about opossums?


They eat ticks. Lots and lots of ticks.


And don't get Lyme disease from them!




They have 13 nipples but can have up to 40 babies. Only the ones that get latched on survive. It's a real life hunger games


Or real life musical chair


Musical chair 2: die hard


Musical Chair 3: Revenge of the Sibling


I think only, like, two people have ever survived it, and that was by their bodies being literally chilled while in a drug-induced coma. The method usually doesn't work but it's about the only chance you have if you didn't get the vaccine before symptoms appeared.


A lot of people don't know that a bat scratch as well as a bite can do it. If a bat touches you, you should go to the doctor and describe the situation. You're probably getting the series of shots.




You should not try to catch the bat. You should just get prophylactic treatment.


*sad dingo noises*


For those who don't know, according to 'medical news today', "it can cause a range of debilitating symptoms — including states of anxiety and confusion, partial paralysis, agitation, hallucinations, and, in its final phases, a symptom called “hydrophobia,” or a fear of water..."


Also, rabies has a 99% mortality rate after symptoms appear.


Even less than that, quick search shows 14 people have survived after showing infections. Rabies kills 56k people a year. (both numbers as of 2016, so mightve changed a bit)


And the majority of survivors either died within the next year or ended up with at least moderate disability.


Tumour can grow teeth and hair


For real?


Yep, but only [this](https://www.healthline.com/health/teratoma#:~:text=A%20teratoma%20is%20a%20rare,occur%20elsewhere%20in%20the%20body.) kind.


Can confirm this I had a teratoma removed when I was 12. Lost my ovary to boot. Hair, teeth, and fingernails inside.


I misread this the first time and thought there was a boot in it!


That the askreddit bot will snatch these comments up to make a askreddit video. Text to speech


Dead whales eventually explode due to built up gasses inside them, and the force is enough to seriously injure a person standing too close. So if you ever see a dead whale on the beach, get away.


Or if your from Oregon, give it some dynamite to speed up the process! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/11/13/oregon-whale-explosion-anniversary/%3foutputType=amp


Wow. "This massive corpse is already a ticking time bomb, so why not fill it with dynamite? What could possibly go wrong?!"


Around 6 nuclear weapons have gone missing and never found


And that’s just the US the Soviet Union never reported losses


1 panic attack at a time please lol


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List\_of\_military\_nuclear\_accidents](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_military_nuclear_accidents) worse than that


It can take up to 3 minutes or longer to die a broken neck because the connection to the rest of the body is severed. Meaning you actually die from a heart attack, stroke, suffocation, basically everything related to depriving essentials like blood and oxygen to the brain. And your paralyzed from the neck down meaning all you can do is lay there in deathly pain knowing your going to die. You can also smile AFTER getting your head cut off because it takes around 3 seconds for the brain to shut down after decapitation. There’s a story about that but I forgot who it was about.


I remember reading about someone who was decapitated and when for several minutes afterwards when his name was shouted he'd open his eyes. Can't remember where I read it so who knows if it's true, but it's pretty interesting. edit: [Here's](https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6044102/beheading-experiments-guillotine-severed-heads-remain-alive/) *an* example of what I was talking about, though the source is... questionable....


*Opens page. Sees it's from the Sun. Closes page.*


It was an experiment by a researcher and his friend in the medieval ages, he told his friend to cut his head off with an axe and count for how long will the researcher keep blinking his eyes after the decapitation. Can’t remember what happened after.


IIRC he continued blinking straight for 20 seconds but stopped for a few then continued on for a minute after. Can't remember source and at work so will come back in an hour and edit. Edit: so after doing a little research I could not find anything backing my claim and instead found many claims that animal testing has lead to the general consensus of 3-4 seconds of possible consciousness after death with any longer being highly unlikely


i remember a story about a woman who was executed via guillotine. the executor picked up her severed head and slapped it in front of the crowd to show disrespect, and she reacted to the slap with a gasp


Would it be a gasp without vocal cords or lungs?


Surgery used to be done on babies without anæsthesia as it was believed babies didn't feel pain. However, this procedure stopped.... SOME TIME AROUND 1986 > surveys of medical professionals indicate that as recently as 1986 infants as old as 15 months were receiving no anesthesia during surgery at most American hospitals. https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/1987/12/17/opinion/l-why-infant-surgery-without-anesthesia-went-unchallenged-832387.html


Um…. Did the screams not clue them in??


Evolutionary responses to extreme fear and pain in very young babies is to go super still and quiet. Thought to be a behavior to avoid calling a predator's attention. So a pin prick or a pinch will make them cry, but a scalpel will make them freeze. Atleast thats how it was explained to me and it did nothing but make my stomach churn more... But if true it's at least understandable how the mistake was made.. You know.. if the doctor had never actually been around babies before and only learned about them from text books as was the norm for men 100 years ago.


It amazes me how people can me smart enough to do surgery on a baby but dumb enough to think they feel no pain


I have a lot of trouble believing that they didn’t know babies could feel pain. They had to know, they maybe just said that to save face as to why they were operating on babies without anesthesia. I have a feeling they didn’t use it because they couldn’t get the proper dose correct for a baby at that time or it was somehow too risky. I guess they figured the babies would just forget.


They knew they felt pain, but they figured that administering the anaesthetic wouldn't be worth the risk with such a little body. At least, that's to my understanding. So they're just like, eh, slice em open, they won't remember.


Anesthesia can be very risky for babies. Hell, it can be risky for adults without an anesthesiologist who has an MD from most of a decade studying just that. Even today some surgeries are performed on babies without anesthesia, because the risks of anesthesia are too high and there many not be many benefits with that child/surgery.


Anesthesia is much more dangerous than most people think. The difference between "anesthetized" and "dead" is quite small. "Putting someone under" is always a big deal.


There was at one point people smart enough to figure out whether or not you had diabetes but didn't know that washing your hands with soap was a smart thing to do. Human knowledge develops unevenly sometimes.


Yeah, I read that about how doctors used to spread a lot of disease by going from autopsies to giving someone a checkup without washing their hands! It's actually still a problem in the medical field that many doctors just don't wash their hands as often as they should. I think people have too much faith that medicine is based on science when in reality science based medicine is still kind of a young thing and medicine is rife with weird old traditional procedures and thinking that have no support from empirical study.


I work in a prison. I'm just a dumb fucking guard. I had to tell a DOCTOR that she should wash her hands after touching the bottom of an inmate shoe while testing a leg injury with her bare hands and then touching the skin of a different inmate, and she argued with me. Then did it again. I would turn her ass in if I at all had faith in my administration to do something about it. I have to remind myself that my policy of treating the inmates like people is helping, and that if I make waves and get fired, that ends. But dammit, these medical professionals really suck sometimes.


I was in nursing school in the mid aughts and watched a doctor do a lumbar puncture on a one week old baby with no lidocaine "because the numbing medicine hurts worse than the procedure". Having had one LP and four epidurals, NO IT FUCKING DOES NOT, especially when it takes you almost 30 minutes to actually get the sample.


Delaware's age of consent used to be *seven years old.* Also, the youngest mother on record is (well, probably *was*) a five-year-old Peruvian girl, due to precocious puberty and one seriously sick motherfucker.


If the sun exploded right now, you wouldn't know about it for another eight minutes.


That whales will eventually lose the ability to surface so at one point the just drown because they can’t get more air.


Also that a third of all grey and humpback whale calves are eaten by Orca. They will keep bonking the calf deeper and deeper into the depths not allowing it to surface for air. The calf eventually drowns and is eaten. The mother can do nothing.


Every old sea monster story could probably be attributed to a whales penis.


I wish I'd never found about the Columbine killers. At all. They led me down a true crime rabbit hole that I regret ever being a part of. Because I learned about them, I ended up sexualizing violence and it was disgusting. It makes me sick. P.S. : Getting better now, learning to unlearn that violence = sex, but it's hard some days. Really wish I'd never known these kinds of people existed.


Coffin births are a thing.


Trauma can induce birth as well. One of Prince Philip's sister's was pregnant when her airplane went down, and the dead infant was found with her corpse. There's some suspicion that she may have gone into labor on the plane and the pilot tried to land early, leading to the crash.


This is why they tell women not to fly when they are far along into their pregnancy.


Excuse me?


Care to explain that?


Pregnant person dies, expels fetus after death due to pressure from gasses built up within the corpse.


Rats will crawl all over you while you’re asleep. Apparently they aren’t scared of humans while we’re asleep. Heard a rat squeak at night at my previous residence and had the brilliant idea of googling if I would be safe in my bed. Kept me awake for several nights until we finally managed to trap it. Still creeps me out.


When I was really little, like preschool age, rats had chewed through to my closet and then set up shop in my mattress and had babies in it. It was weeks or months of me telling my mom and dad that I heard stuff moving in my closet and under my bed for them to finally stop calling me a crybaby that needs to learn to sleep in her own room and check it out and find all the pups living in there. I was weirdly relieved to find out it was rats because I thought my toys were coming to life at night and plotting against me. I'd be just so scared every night. Now I wonder how many just crawled all over me every night for however long that lasted


This made me laugh and cry. You were a sweet child, I hope their neglect didn't hurt you too bad.


Read a story about a woman accused of child abuse when her infant was found dead with what they thought were nail marks all over face. They were actually rat bites. Baby bled to death.


Why did I read this


Spent some time abroad. Very poor living conditions. Awake one night to feel something warm sitting on my chest. I laid there for a few seconds before sitting up in bed only to see a small rat dart away. Luckily, I had no signs of being bitten or chewed on. Nonetheless, a pretty disgusting experience.


Slept over at a friend's house who had pet rats. The little guys would crawl on me and I think at one point one of em took a nap on me. It was cute. Like tiny puppies


Oh, yeah. My first apartment in NYC was a "garden apt," ie underground. When the road work started, the rats poured out of the sewers and into our place. The landlord just gave us a couple of glue pads when we told her rats were banging around in our oven at night and crawling over us. We would pull the sheets over our head at night. Took a while to save up for the first month, last month, and month and a half security deposit required around here.


Within three days of death, the enzymes from your digestive system begin to digest your body.


They're already digesting your body. Its just that after you die the linings are no longer being replenished.




And sometimes, the enzymes and hydrochloric acid actually break through the lining (somehow related to a bacterial infection) and you end up with an ulcer.


That seems like uh... a big design flaw right there. Hope they patch that out soon.




Almost everyone (85% of the population by age 60) will eventually get eyelash mites. They are terrifying to look at under a microscope but (supposedly) harmless.


I call them my friends. I just assume they're there. They seem friendly.


That you can have a brain aneurysm at any moment and die


Don't always die. I have 2 aneurysms 1 hemorrhaged 4 years ago and I'm still here with no lasting effects.


The chosen one


So, please answer me this: We hear things partially through bone conduction. Did you hear anything when they happened? Aside from I'm sure a really nasty headache, did you feel the tear/rupture?


My grandpa had an aneurysm, and heard a pop, I believe. He called his doc and drove himself to his appointment days later. And they took their time reading his mri results.


If you die in your own house your pets will wait a couple days after that they will eat your dead body.


Dogs will wait a little bit. Cats won't hesitate if they have no food in their bowl.


From what I've recently read, while dogs won't set out to eat you right away, they still might end up kinda mutilating your corpse because they're trying to wake you up. (It's discussed in the aptly titled *Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?* by Caitlin Doughty.)


That is so sad.


Kind of comforting to me. If there's no one to find my body, that means there isn't any one to feed my pet. If they can use my body to sustain them until someone can rescue them then do it. I don't need that flesh anymore I'M DEAD


Side note, Doughty is a GEM.


My friend's father was a police chief in a tiny ass town. One day a guy called from work out of town because his wife wouldn't answer the phone. She had died from a ruptured brain aneurysm in her sleep. Their puppy proceeded to pull pieces off her face and drop them in his food bowl.




I gave my cats advance permission to eat me if I croak. I figure they gotta eat while waiting for someone to come check on me.


Cats likely won't wait that long and will start on your lips.


My cats dont even wait for me to die. Sometimes they just want fingers.


Why the Lips?


Kissy kissy


It’s the easiest


what the inside of a penguin mouth looks like.


That most serial killers have had head injuries, troubling childhoods, and are born in November. Guest who has all of this. Me! I don’t have any bodies!


The fact that you never know what happens behind closed doors


Worked abroad in Dubai for a couple years. During the day, Muslim country, very strict rules on what you can and can't do with very harsh punishments and judgements if arrested. Once the sun goes down, Dubai is Las Vegas on steroids...but everything is behind closed doors. Source: walked into my hotel's lobby bar at around 11pm, which had been converted into a gambling den/brothel, only to be a normal service bar once the sun came back up. In general, Dubai has a LOT of sex trafficking/prostitution. I've been yelled at by an Emirati for openly drinking a pint on a bar's patio on the beach. A couple hours later I walked to a neighboring bar and saw the same guy with a glass of scotch. We made eye contact, I just laughed and made sure he saw me shaking my head in disappointment. Shit goes down in Dubai, it's just always behind closed doors.


*NSA has entered the chat.*


That platypus venom is immune to morphine.


Platypus *venom?*


Was once shown a picture of a toddler's skull with all the baby/adult teeth. Picture haunts me to this day.


~~That people are still aware after they are decapitated. Or at least, can still react to stimuli like having their name called out.~~ Sorry people, I looked around and realised this isn't as true as I thought it was. The studies done on this sort of thing were done so long ago that a lot of misinformation and unreliable word of mouth reports may have tampered with the original findings of these studies. What was seen as heads seemingly reacting to stimuli after being decapitated were most likely simply the muscles contracting due to you know, the whole death thing. (Sorry if I don't explain this very well, my brain is not working right now but I felt like I should correct this piece of misinformation) there's a few people beneath this that explain it better than I can).


That's really interesting! Have you got a link that i can read about this?


It has estimated that between 2.3 percent and 5 percent of all U.S. prisoners are innocent. With the number of incarcerated Americans being approximately 2.4 million, by that estimate as many as 120,000 people may be incarcerated as a result of wrongful conviction. ​ also a lot of people back then used to take photos with dead people as like a last goodbye or memory, but thanks to cameras not being the best it would take about an hour to capture the photo meaning YOU. WOULD. HAVE. TO. POSE. WITH. A. DEAD. LOVED. ONE. FOR. AN. HOUR


This is why we had to wait until 1989 for Weekend at Bernies


I'm no statistician but I would argue the number is even higher than that. I got a misdemeanor in my youth for something I was 100% innocent for. My lawyer told me to take a plea deal. After arguing with him on why the fuck I would take a plea when I am innocent, he says "If the charge goes to trial, and a jury (who do not want to do their jury duty) decide to expedite their time and deem me guilty, my punishment will be tenfold." I took the plea and misdemeanor on my record out of fear, uncertainty, blind faith in my lawyer, and the circus show that is the US justice system. For fuck's sake if anyone is summoned for jury duty, please please do participate diligently. I get that you're not getting paid and it's boring and easy to make assumptions about the defendant. But your vote can and will ruin someone's life if you're wrong. And it happens all. the. time.


Sea otters will kidnap, rape, and torture baby seals


Also seals rape penguins because they think they are female seals and then those seals end up eating the penguin (also I'm not sure if it was seals or walruses or something else)


Parrots have enough beak power to crack a coconut, and are skulls are as thick as a coconut. So in theory a parrot could crack your skull.


That our skeletons are wet. I hate that it's true. Feels weird to think about


There are over 200 corpses on Mount Everest as of 2015, and climbers use them as waypoints. Source: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20151008-the-graveyard-in-the-clouds-everests-200-dead-bodies


Bot flies. Do not look up Bot flies.


That ducks are such prolific gang rapists that female ducks have adapted multiple vaginas and can choose which duck gets them pregnant.


The human anus can extend up to seven inches, Raccoons can fit into holes as small as four inches... You do the math


This fact is kind of a stretch.


So you can almost fit 2 racoons up your ass? Incredible


Your cell phone is more disgusting than a public toilet 🚽


New research suggests that we know we are dead when we die because our brains keep working to make us aware of what's happening around us.


How many fears can someone unlock in one day?


You asked