What one invention makes you angry?

What one invention makes you angry?


Slap Chop. The blades are so dull and you can't actually fit anything in the slap chop without cutting it first, so you might as well keep using your knife instead of the stupid gadget. It doesn't inspire anyone to get better at cooking, just a piece of junk that ends up at yard sales and thrift stores.


There are other brands of the same concept that work quite well. My mom is elderly and can't use a knife very well anymore, she uses hers all the time.


What are said other brands?


Oxo and Zyliss both make decent ones


Oxo one works well.


I don't own that product specifically but Oxo is great. I broke my garlic press (totally my fault) and they sent me a new one no questions asked.


Yep. My mom hates the slap chop, but now she has a chopper that has a big bowl with a rotating blade that is just manually spun from the top. No idea what it’s called, but it’s cut her potato salad making time down significantly.


The crank chop?


I have the pampered chef version and use it for finely chopping stuff for chicken salad every time. Saves a lot of effort even if I have to cut up the chicken and veggies first to fit them in.


My dad uses ours all the time for cutting nuts (for granola) and he loves that thing.




You're gonna love my nuts!


lmao the slap chop GUY however was iconic


This. This right here.




The fake CRA scams are the worst. It always goes "There is a judgement against you, to avoid going to jail, press 1 to speak with a representative now" And then you press 1 and some guy with a heavy Indian accent asks you for you name and SIN number... like if you knew there was a judgement... wouldnt you already know that info? It is fun to screw with them though. "Whats your SIN?" "Um... I think its 3? No maybe its 4" or better yet "No no no, I live my life the way God intended, I have NO sins, sin number zero!"


I've been getting calls from the RCMP lately too threatening to take 'severe enforcement action' if I don't tell them my SIN. Look, it's great that 2 branches of the Federal government are giving me opportunities to talk about my many sins instead of paying for therapy, but there has to be a better way.


Im pretty sure there is no reason the police would ever ask for your SIN anyway... none that Ive ever heard of anyway. Maybe if you commit a crime that puts you in jail there might be somewhere along the process of being charged/tried in court that someone will need it, but I really dont know for sure.


And I'm pretty sure if for some reason they wanted it they could request that information through Service Canada instead of phoning, but seriously, *why*?! I think they just went for the most "intimidating" route. They're spoofing calls to come from local Courthouses now. Guess that's more authoritative than saying you're the security guard from the Wendy's down the street.


I play along and give them a fake information, then fake credit card info. I know I've won when they start cursing me in their mother tongue.


What the heck is a SIN? I'm American and my best guess is something like a SSN.


Yes I believe so, Social Insurance Number, and yours is Social Security Number if im not mistaken?


You are correct and I feel dumb for not knowing that a SIN is the same thing. Thanks for the info.


Not sure but its the same as the DNI "Documento Nacional de Identidad" translated national identity document i think, i'm from spain


Noise enhancing exhaust pipes


"Have you ever wanted to announce to the world you're a d**k, but don't know how? Well we have the product for you!"


"I woke up this morning and felt really insecure about my penis, so i thought a louder muffler was right for me"


Borla makes mufflers and exhaust systems that are acoustically engineered to amplify certain sound frequencies (and reduce others) so that your car is louder/ deeper sounding than having no muffler at all.


I hate them with every cell in my body


I had no idea those existed... Half of my neighborhood must have them.


Look up cherry bomb mufflers they were big in the 90's. So annoying!


Obligatory [whistle tips reference ](https://youtu.be/zUXow3d3-b0)


Hey, you know that strong, durable material that lasts forever? Let's make EVERYTHING we use it for single-use!


It’s fucking disgusting. People think it gets recycled but that only happens. if you live in a place that regulates what type of plastics can be used. Micro plastics have been found in the placentas of human beings. That shit is everywhere and oil companies first observed micro plastics in the 50s.


I read that the guy who invented it did so as an alternative to ivory, which at the time was used to make billiards balls. Kinda sad that what he invented in the name of conservation is now destroying the planet.


IIRC, he did it because Ivory was getting expensive, not as a conservation effort.


Prohibiting single-use plastics won't mean jack shit if we can't regulate the massive companies that destroy the environment more than anybody else combined.


Plastic packaging for everything. Bilstein, the suspension company is pretty notorious for this. Say you have 4 nuts and 4 washers, every single one is put into its separate plastic baggy. I worked on one car where you replace the transmission bolts because they’re aluminum, 8 or 9 bolts all individually wrapped.


Plastic wrapping a pair of scissors is ridiculous.


Non-servicable joints on trucks. Whatever sick fuck came up with that shit needs to drop dead.


Non-greaseable ones are nice when you need them; racing, off raiding, truck pulls etc But the ones that are wholly unserviceable by the end user are fuckin trash


When you work in nothing but dust and mud all the time, not being able to service your joints translates to nothing more than constantly breaking parts. I have to change my carrier bearings almost every month and its infuriating!


Motion sensor garbage cans. We reached the pinnacle of trash technology with the foot-step open, anything beyond that is bullshit.


K-cups. Even the inventor said it was a mistake and regrets making them.


I love the convenience of making 1 cup at a time instead of a whole pot, but hated all the waste. I have the reusable pods now that I fill with whatever grinds I'm using. Best of both worlds.


I have a small coffee maker that makes one cup. Blooms the coffee to eliminate bitterness. Makes the coffee hot.


I guess when it comes down to it what’s more wasteful. Non-biodegradable plastic (long term) or un-drank coffee (money)


Hence the re-usable pods so that there's no waste (unless they break) and no un-drank coffee. The actual normal pods though are terrible


Exactally. I mentioned in another response the re-use pods are super convenient and not much of a hassle at all. I guess if we could switch to those it would actually make the benefit of banning plastic straws and bags worth while. You make a good point a_r_c_1990


The biggest consumer of coffee is the kitchen sink




They're the answer to, "How do I make coffee way more expensive to the consumers and the environment?"


These auto high beams. I'm a biker and apparently my lights are not enough for them to automatically lower the lights. Like are people really too lazy to flick there finger.


As someone with unusually good low-light vision, those white dwarf super nova headlights are the equivalent of someone's blaring maximum over-loud music out of their car window when you're trying to talk to someone in a parking lot. *Except I might suddenly die.*


I mean...there's a rash of folk who can't use their signal light, even...


Can't argue with that.


Slack is just glorified IRC, that people have been using for decades. I guess I'm just mad I didn't get the idea to give something a facelift and instantly have a $25b company


You say that, and on some level it's true, but many others had that idea and did not succeed


Any fake cure. People spend millions on ointments, pills and the like that doesn't work. And worse, it fosters belief in pseudo science and leads people down the road to not believe in the real thing.


And then there's MMS, AKA drinkin' bleach.


their was one fake cure for cancer along time ago where they would "pull the cancer out" it was just pig intestines and it gave so many people fake hope it was terrible


Can I interest you in some snake oil?


Sure! I’ve got some pretty rusty snakes here


>Any fake cure I don't think fake cures are technically inventions, but yeah, fuck snake oil sellers.


Goop I don't understand how Gywneth Paltrow manages to keep A-list status when she has misled so many people. Its a website dedicated to the spread of misinformation. She 100% deserves to have a scandal bring it all down.




The fuck you *and* the environment of coffee choices.




I think your determination of evil vs good is probably a larger question than this particular issue. But I'm going to go with - sure. You're evil. Now that you know, it takes a lot of pressure off and you can stop worrying about all that other stuff as much.


They're useful in offices where people might want different flavors of coffee at different times... or at least they're better than a crusty break room coffee pot full of Folger's that's been sitting on a hot plate for hours.


Not sure if it counts as an "invention" but social media video challenges.


Just social media in general


You're complaining about social media on social media.


Without social media, we couldn’t complain about social media.


You clearly underestimate my ability to summon my inner old man.


Leaf blowers. I understand their purpose, but the amount of obnoxious noise they generate completely drowns out anything within a 3 block radius.


I live in an area with tons of apartment and condo complexes and those things are on 8 hours a day every day of the week. So annoyingly loud. Once one building is done they move to the next so it never ends. Noisy gardening and landscaping gear can eat my shorts. Moving to a house soon and looking forward to the peace and quiet


The old man across the street from me has a battery powered one. he literally sits in his front window all day and every time a couple leaves fall onto his immaculate driveway he is out there immediately blowing each one of them out into the road. All. Day. Long.


The push for electric is a bit silly since they're just as freaking loud(slightly quieter).


eh....I think its quite a bit quieter.


The electric hammer


I think that the "everything's okay alarm" would be a close second though.




Water-powered hammer existed before it


But that's my favorite toy!


Printer ink. Fuck the messages that say ink is low at 50%, fuck companies that disable your printer if you refuse their ink service, fuck printers that refuse third party ink cartridges. Go to hell HP. I hope you go bankrupt once every business realizes that you're a parasite profiting on ignorance.


Scalping bots. It's made scalping too effective. Hopefully this will become illegal soon.


I read that as being the 'Native American war band' kind of scalping at first.


I read that band as in ‘rock band’ and was doubly confused.


It has to exist! There's a niche metal band for *everything*.




Especially considering that... one review.


The one on the plane?


The one in the airport. He never made it to the plane.


I think there's a different plane story not involving gummy bears but involving a great amount of embarrassment.


Sorry if I’m being rude, but what does that have to do with sugar free gummy bears, if there aren’t sugar free gummy bears?


Lawns. People put so much effort into maintaining them and they're completely fuckin useless. In a lot of places it's actually illegal to turn your front yard into a functional garden that yields actual crops...but you gotta instead waste energy and thousands of gallons of water per year to maintain a fucking lawn.


I remember a couple of years ago reading about how some people got in trouble for not watering and maintaining their lawn while the state was going through a severe drought. I think it was somewhere in California, but I'm not sure.


Bees are vital to our survival, and bees ain’t too fond of lawns. Let’s keep the bees happy


It started as a status symbol, "look we are so rich we don't have to grow our own crops, we can just buy them!" Now it's just a symbol of American suburbanism and conformism.


I live in a place where we have *literally* been under drought conditions for half my life. Like, "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" was an ad campaign everywhere to conserve water as a kid. I live in a neighborhood were zeroscaping is not allowed, because we are requires to have a certain amount of lawn in our front yards. We are also fined if the lawn is dead or underwatered. I have such a difficult time reconciling these two realities


Again it's a weird status symbol, in this case for a community rather than a Duke. "Look at us, we can afford to waste water on worthless patches of grass." Like the Peacock's tail, it only hinders the animal's survival, but is retained because it's a symbol of sexual virility.


My lawn has an inflatable pool in it right now so thats nice.


great point!


Those licky envelopes. My god. They hurt your tongue, taste horrible, and don’t even stick that well. I’ve always said they should make flavoured ones.


They used to make mint flavored envelopes! I remember my parents buying them all the time.


Never knew that. Interesting


Yeah I'd say that was probably about 30 years ago. The glue was thicker and minty and the flavor stayed on your tongue for a while.


I, uh, like the taste of them. And the old lickable stamps.


I always use tap water and my finger, but I'm a bit weird on germs.


Glue stick ftw!


Professional envelop lickers use a sponge and a dish of water.


Huh, after the first time I tried that I always just licked my finger and ran that across it instead.


Did it work?


Yeah, you need more saliva than you'd think though.


You could use a sponge... lol, like keep one of those sponge pads with a little water at your desk for sealing. You shouldn’t cut yourself for blood for a rubber stamp either, they make these other sponges full of ink for that.


spam bots




Cryptocurrency. It has done nothing but give us another speculative market and consume a ton of energy. Plus all the hardware shortages atm.






Apps that employers use to track employees.


Standardized testing, as it is anything but.


A friend of mine is studying to get his masters in school psychology and he says he is basically learning about all the ways the standardized school system fucks over students and teachers.


The Angry-inator™!!!


I don't know what the hell it does, but it's making me angry!


I remember that one; it came right after the Blow-itself-up-inator™!


plastic banana hangers to keep bananas up off the counter... fuck you... just fuck you


I didn't even know this existed. I just throw them in my designated fruit basket.


like god intended


I've seen these and thought the idea was interesting and might even have merit, but what do you do when you only have one banana left?


You just exposed yourself to the banana rabbit hole. The hanger was created by Dole fruits yo ensure you never have one banana remaining.


Why? I have a fruit basket with a tall handle that acts nicely as a banana hanger. It keeps the bananas from getting bruised. I just cut the bananas off of the stem to avoid dislodging the rest.


i guess its a little less obnoxious if its part of something else... but mostly because its useless plastic garbage solving a problem that doesn't exist just to generate profit


[Neoliberalism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism), and pretty much any economic concept from Milton Friedman. (Though in all fairness he helped eliminate the draft because it didn't conform with his free market philosophies, so at least one good thing came out of him.)


Tik Tok


Vine 2.0


it's just a simple platform for young people to do silly dances to quirky music and probably doesn't effect you directly in any way at all


Well, it makes him angry, so I guess you're wrong. Damn. He just told you that. It's like you're not even paying attention at all. Come on man, try a little harder.


It isn’t the platform itself it is people watching it in public or without headphones


I consider the “challenges” worse.




Gas-powered leaf blowers. They're noisy, they have massive emissions, and usually they just blow stuff to where it's someone else's problem.


I refuse to buy one for getting lawn clippings off my driveway and sidewalk. My broom works just fine.


Yes! It infuriates me when people intentionally set up a mental block on learning something for themselves, when they're fully capable of doing so. I work in consumer electronics, and I can't stand people who claim to be illiterate when in truth they're being stubborn and ignorant. End rant.


We experience similar things with IT, i worked in the military and the amount of high ranking officers with degrees (sometimes to masters level) i've had to show how do basic it tasks or show them how to do, only to be called back to do that same process for them every time is frustrating.


Waterless urinals. As a janitor, they are the bane of my fucking existence and they are nasty and I hate them.


Suicide nets. One of the most depressing things probably ever created.


My Pillow. They suck. Dude just chopped up a bunch of little pieces of foam, shoved it in a sack, and calls it a pillow. They're lumpy and just awful. The commercials are just as annoying.


My dad got one of these because he listens to those right wing talk show guys that shilled this thing to high heaven. He’s one of those people who believes everything they say and they can do no wrong in his eyes. Even he had to admit it’s an extremely sucky pillow.


And the jackass who sells them is nothing buy a God fearin' 'Murican Q-bag


Oh man remember when that jerkbag showed up at the Whitehouse apparently uninvited with his own list of cabinet replacement recommendations for the T-rump?


Bottled water for everyday use. How did big corporation convince us this was a necessity is incredible.


To be fair there are a decent amount of areas with shit tap water. Not that it excuses anything, but still.


Pretty handy in deserty areas that don't have running water. Camp Arifjan, Kuwait is one of those places.


Yup whenever I’m visiting India we pretty much exclusively drink a specific brand of bottled water because we don’t trust the tap water.


I don't know I hear that Nestle is a pretty sweet company.


Let me have the joy of being the one to introduce you to r/fucknestle


They no longer own/are in the process of selling Poland Spring, FWIW. I think they still own a couple other brands of bottled water though I only know this because Poland Spring orders are almost half of my employers business lol


\*Singing\* For the best night sleep in the whole wide world visit \*company name here\* dot com The product's a joke and it's creator is a radical who contributed to the January 6th Conspiracy Riot in the US by fueling election-fraud conspiracies.


My pillow?


Paper weights, its literally just ANY ITEM OF SIGNIFICANT MASS!!!!!


Those dense motherfuckers!


Non–biodegradeable plastics. Because they were so good but so, so bad. Edit: any plastic which lives long enough to fuck up living beings really


Printers. I don’t think I have ever printed something out without having some type of problem.


Spork. When you mix a spoon, fork, and knife together, all you get is a defective piece of junk that does not work.


>spoon, fork, and knife together That isn't a spork. Google tells me that it's a spayd or splade, or a sporf.


UnTuckIt shirts - a solution in search of a problem. Every shirt can be worn untucked, and I don't have to pay twice as much to do it


> Every shirt can be worn untucked r/malefashionadvice would like a word


They'll be the wrong words though. I don't know of a shirt that needs to be tucked to be worn. Shirts aren't held up by your shorts nor pants so tend to be easily worn without either.


Car alarms. They accomplish nothing but annoying the shit out of everyone in earshot


Bras. I really wish everyone just had saggy boobs and we were all okay with it. They’re hot in the summer, uncomfortable, difficult to get off when drunk, they catch crumbs when you’re eating and you gotta fish em out, need to readjust the boobs all the time, the latches dig into my back when I’m resting against a chair.. it never ends.


I exercise sometimes and would never do something like running without a bra. It's really uncomfortable having half of your chest bouncing up and down like *a-WHOMP-a-WHOMP* when you're just tryna enjoy your run


I have been wearing bras for 12 years and I never had these problems. Maybe you're wearing the wrong bras/sizes? I love wearing bras because I dont like my nipples protruding through my shirts etc. and I actually find mine really comfortable (sometimes forget to take them off before bed).


People also have sensory needs/sensitivities that no amount of wearing the right size is going to fix. Or the cause pain.


Just stop wearing them, societal norms be dammed. I did two years ago and the freedom is exhilarating. I just thought deeply about it one morning. Why TF am I making myself so uncomfortable on a daily basis?


I wish they weren’t an unspoken requirement to look professional. Bras fucking suck. They hurt my shoulders and a sensory nightmare. I just stopped wearing them unless I am exercising but I also find job bras not as uncomfortable.


DRM is the biggest anti-consumer scam to become normal. If your ancestors learned that you paid money to rent something at the same cost as owning it, they'd beat you silly with their sticks.


That stupid snowball maker. It's literally a hand-held thing with half sphere on the top and bottom. You put snow in it and close it and voila! A snowball! Because hands aren't good enough anymore, I suppose. What the fuck?!


Fish bowls,they are Veeeeeeery harmful towards all types of fish.


Hands free soap/hand gel dispensers. Not a big deal but if your product works as advertised it won't matter if the soap pump is germy... Just means more batteries needed for a stupid thing.


Adverts appearing in middle of YouTube videos.


Selfie stick.... Selfies are already annoying as they are let alone with an accessory


ah, the Wand of Narcissus


Nuclear weapons


On my list. But Napalm popped into my head. Nasty stuff created to make combatants and civilians suffer. I know it was created for other reasons but the end result is unimaginable pain and death for its victims.




Let’s not argue about which war invention is worse and just say war is terrible.


It's funny how far down in this thread any kind of weapon is. Nuclear bombs can easily turn this planet into a hazard waste zone where virtually nothing lives for thousands of years, and they can do it right this instant. The systems are in place to launch enough bombs that by the end of the day, the majority of the world is dead or dying. That seems like an invention that should make more people angry.


TBF I'm way less angry at invention that can just kill everyone quickly than at the inventions that are slowly making the world inhospitable to humans via pollution. Specially because the people with money in power care to avoid one of those two types of things actually doing the harm it can do, but encourage the other type. ​ But yeah, still should be above a bunch of minor inconveniences.


Somebody has to say it? Organized religion as a method to control people? Like - let's tell them everything they are as a being is wrong, they should feel bad about it, ashamed of themselves, and never question us -- but hey - if they do *everything* we say... we promise *after* they're dead, we'll give them nice things. Like... Yeah. That shit makes me angry, even today.


Tax the mega churches.


Don't forget forking over 10% of your income is necessary as well. You should definitely be ashamed if you aren't doing that.




The invention of Blue Lives Matter.


surveillance capitalism




I dislike undisclosed sponsorships and ads. That's the second-worst type of propaganda, right behind the actually destructive and hateful kind.


Porn industry