What do people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look like a douchebag?

What do people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look like a douchebag?


Being proud of not reading a book since high school


I haven't read a book since high school, but I'm not proud of that fact. I simply prefer other mediums to absorb content. I have nothing against books at all.


Predatory Flirting at the gym


Constantly telling people about the women they've slept with or were otherwise involved with. I knew a guy like this in college, he was one of the most obnoxious dudes I've known.


Guy in high-school tried to convince me he had slept with my 21 yo, Christian, married sister. Had to sit next to him in math class and all he talked about was how many girls he'd been with lmao


That's when you respond only with "those poor women..." and then tune him out.


Bragging how many people you've slept with. Bonus for referring to them as "bodycount"


Exactly like don’t compare you’re sex life to Jason’s murder life


Pretending to know... Or be something when actually having no Idea....


I quit a job because the new manager was like this. Didn't have a clue what half the forms we give patients to fill out were and REFUSED to learn. Just said wrong things like they were fact, which is especially unacceptable when your idiocy ends up with people getting bills in the multiple hundreds.


Man that's just so bad.. wrong to do when you know it actually is gonna affect people in some way not only to say their pockets.. but the tension... Hope you got a good job... are a manager somewhere :)


When I was younger, the only thing anyone ever noticed me for was my knowledge so naturally, I assumed that more knowledge = better person. Of course, I wanted to be a good person, so when I didn't have any more knowledge left, I started making up stuff to keep up my non-existent reputation - and damn, did I make up lots of BS. I'm trying not to do that anymore, though.


Pick fights.


I have a coworker who has the "gift of gab" and is very proud of his ability to give people false assurances while being extremely vague, essentially just bombarding them with words until they're satisfied. It's a useful trick, I suppose, but when you hear him do it in real time, you realize he's just a very good liar.


I have a friend who does this in a very patronizing way. I've learned to just nod and go 'oh ok' or 'for sure ' Because I don't care to argue semantics centered around bring right about some petty tiny thing loll He acts offended when I actually say things like, 'that's a nice opinion'


Being an asshole to other people to boost your own ego


It's just a prank bro, It's just a prank! - said by every douche about to get their ass kicked because they pushed too far.


Reminds me of that one kid who got shot and died because he did a “robbing people with a knife” prank


Yeah Jack the Ripper was just a prankster right?


Exactly. British police just didn’t get the joke


There was this dude who would chase people with a chainsaw as a "prank" one day, he got lit the fuck up and his friend ran over and yelled at the guy who shot him saying "it was just a prank bro! You fucking killed him!" He blamed the guy who was trying to save his own life.


Do you have a source or a news article I want to know more


https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/grandmother-mourns-soft-spoken-youtuber-killed-during-prank-robbery-in-old-hickory/ It was butcher knives




Yup. It's not like, after it's revealed that the person is ~just pranking bro~, the victim is going to be laughing too and find it oh so charming and hilarious. I personally would be afraid that it was someone completely unhinged who was about to murder me anyway.


And what, exactly is the “prank” supposed to be? Until the joke is revealed, one certainly couldn’t tell the difference, and well, if you believe someone is attacking you with deadly force, for example threatening you with a butcher knife, you can defend yourself with the same level of force.


I hate these "pranks". Not to sound old and crabby but pranks used to be something everyone could laugh at and were harmless, like a sticky note on the bottom of your computer mouse. If scaring strangers gives you joy, you're not a prankster, you need professional help. Edit: wow! That's a lot of responses!! So I have been trying to think of a good prank response for my stepdad. Some time ago he put giant googly eyes on the front of my car (didn't hurt the car). And I didn't notice for 3 DAYS!! Got me good and we both laughed our asses off when he told me it was him. I'd been going to the store, work, etc. Had no idea. I've been trying to think of something good and along those lines to get back at him. You guys might be the right crowd to ask. Any ideas? Something harmless obviously, but that he may not notice right away. Edit 2: thanks for my first gold!


My favorite is switching all the furniture in multiple rooms of the house. My second favorite is putting a rubber band around the trigger of the old school sink sprayer hose trigger so that the next person who turns on the water gets hosed. Occasionally I forget and then I get hosed. But my favorite prank of all time was a family friend who was narcoleptic and would fall asleep randomly when he got excited or stressed or after someone told an especially good joke. Anyway, John loved to hide and jump out and scare his wife and would randomly hide behind a door and wait for the right moment. BUT, his wife Carol had figured this game out and had the perfect weapon to use against him. She would walk in place, calling, “John… Johnnnnn…. Wheeeeere arrrrrre yooooooou….?” And he would get so cranked up with anticipation that he would PASS THE FUCK OUT RIGHT WHERE HE WAS HIDING!! Carol would then walk around the house and find him in a limp pile behind a door or in the bathtub, snoring away. I miss them.


>My favorite is switching all the furniture in multiple rooms of the house. People did it to me once and somehow still trusted me enought to give me their key because someone had to water their plants while they were one a vacation. I rearranged their furniture in alphabetical order with some help from my friends.


By... type? function? material? color? brand?


I'm guessing like chair, couch, ottoman, table, tv. So, type?


Yes type. Not just furniture but also other stuff like kitchen appliances and decorations


In college, my friends and I would do the rubber band around the sink sprayer prank and sit there in the living room which was one of those open concept things and basically part of the kitchen. There was one roommate who would never remember to look for this prank, despite it being done on a weekly basis. So he would walk in to fill up his water bottle and there would be three people sitting on the couch, all obviously turning to watch him go into the kitchen. He's look over and say "hey guys, what's up?" as he turned on the sink and was sprayed in the chest... again. Even his girlfriend who lived with us and was tired of how forgetful he was was like "Dude.... you've fallen for that dozens of times, if you can't remember to look for a bright pink rubber band on the sprayer, getting wet is on you." Disturbingly enough, the dude is a scientist now. He's pretty much the perfect example of a really smart person who would constantly do really dumb things. It's like his mind was so full of facts and information that it had no room for "If there is a bright pink rubber band on the sink sprayer, don't turn on the sink."


I’ve had dates who were dismissive / slightly rude to servers and it was a huge turn off.


A friend of mine once brought another friend that I had never before met to our weekly trivia night. The girl was a huge bitch to the server that we see almost every single week, to the point that she wrote her a snotty note on the receipt when she paid. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with the service, she was just being rude as a standard action. That was an instant "You are never invited back here" moment.


I work in the service industry and when I go out I’ve had friends bring other friends who act like this. I have straight up scalded and called them out in front of the server and made them apologize. Why are you trying to ruin someone else’s day? Like go fuck yourself. I’m a very patient person but I have zero patience for ass holes - I’ll make you leave if you’re rude to a server I don’t give a fuck.


Picking on someone in a group and trying to get everyone else to laugh at them. Not in a *hey! everyone’s joking around* kind of way- in a *being a nasty piece of work and embarrassing the person* kind of way. People like this suck.


Oh yea...i know people like this...they think doing so will help them make friends..by grouping against a particular person ..pathetic


I had this happen to one of my friends once. He's disabled, so douchebags always tried to pick on him in middle school. He was in a group of popular people in class, and one of the popular guys said "Hey, by a show of hands, who's the guy you hate the most in this group ?", hoping that everyone would vote against my friend. Then they all proceeded to vote against the same guy who called the vote. It was the funniest shit


Beautiful ending.


I love democracy.


The senate will decide your fate!




Same thing happened to me, this nasty girl hated me for no reason so she went around asking ppl, " isnt ____ so weird and do you like ____?" Referring to me. Got blown in her face when every one said thry thought i was fine. Bet shes a mlm hustler now


MLM hustler LOL. I am sorry that happened to you. I went to a "christian" school and one day at lunch a good "christian" classmate had her Bible open and was calling people over to read a passage all while looking and pointing directly at me. I asked one of the kids she had called over why Beth was pointing at me. He said "Oh she's reading from Revelation that she insists proves you are the Anti-Christ". I just replied "Well now my secret's out" and kept eating. Let's just say I didn't fit in and really didn't want to.


I'd have reminded her that the AntiChrist is the one who tries to convince everyone to follow them and the real Christ won't even have to try.


I bet his ego got a critical hit


Happened to me in school. I was the shy kid and a mean bully always liked to pick on me and she was so fkn strong that I knew better not to mess with her. One day we were playing a game and she got mad at me, punched me, and announced that we're playing and selecting teams again and the team leaders would be herself and me (said in a condescending tone). Everyone at that instant said that they would like to be in my team and came to me and literally crowded me. While she was 6 feet away, all alone. Felt like a complete boss that day.


A bully picked on this kid Justin non stop in middle school. One day in the hallway the bully walked by him and slapped the kids pokemon cards out of his hand. The nerdy kid was pretty big and was able to put the bully in a front headlock and beat the shit out of him with the black receiver part of the payphone they were next to. Nobody stepped in to help the bully...even the teachers.


Didn't see it myself, but heard the stories. Early 90's and this fairly effeminate guy was always the target of this bully and his friends. Had classes rogether, so the guy could never get a break. Went on all through middle school, and in 8th grade, the target finally had enough. All I know is that one day in science class, it was the last straw. You know those big ass stone tabletops? Slammed the bullies face into it a couple of times. Teacher only stopped it when the kid started bleeding. Lucky for him, he only got suspended and not expelled.


Years ago I went to school with a kid who had seizures so bad that she had to wear a special helmet, among other problems. She was the target of relentless bullying by one boy in particular. He kept getting away with it because he was discreet and the victim had difficulty speaking up for herself. Well, one day she finally snaps. I didn't see it personally but the way I heard it, she basically head butted the guy with her helmet until his nose exploded. Bully had to go to the hospital. His shitty parents showed up looking for vengeance, but quickly ran out of stream because of two problems: 1, none of the teachers, students, or staff "saw anything", despite the incident occuring in a crowded hall, and 2, the victim was a disabled girl. The bully ended up getting arrested for pulling a knife on a cop a few years after we all graduated... He was never going to amount to much in life...


We had a bully in our high school who thought he was hot shit. Apparently he was a meh baseball player, but thought he was the next Pete Rose. He started talking trash about the football team and surprise, surprise, he came out after school to find his car flipped upside down and put back in the parking spot. Funny enough nobody saw anything.


Don't talk shit about of a bunch of very muscular people


I have "friends" like this and I'm so glad I've put distance between myself and them over the years. A couple years ago we were all in Disney and were just sitting around eating and one of them turns to look at my phone and loudly goes "ARE YOU PLAYING POKEMON GO???" To which I replied, yeah? And they all proceeded to shame me for playing. Since then any time I've been with them and look at my phone they ask if I'm playing Pokemon Go in a mocking tone. My current group of friends will see me play and not say a thing other than maybe ask a question. Big improvement over the last group.


The ones who don't know how to get attention so they start gossiping about everyone. And I'm like I know your life is not interesting but please have some respect for others and for yourself.


And the ones who speak as fucking loud as they can just to ensure the attention never leaves. Edit: Ah! I really feel like I should explain myself better. While writing this down I had some very specific people in mind who were known to be loud even other than the tonality of their voices. Basically people who cross boundaries and try to establish themselves as the prime member of a group they're engaging with. More of a personality thing than about physical aspects. I have had friends who are pretty loud-voiced too. Even I tend to raise my voice in excitement sometimes and have to be told to tone down. I'm sorry if this came off the wrong way, I didn't intend to xD


Endlessly talking and bragging about their "private lives". Example I had a real dick of a boss who once said "man it wasn't yesterday i got laid with that woman" after a customer left, which made me and my colleagues somewhat uncomfortable, he also talked about how his wife better show those "TTs" for everything he does. I'm not interested and I think it is super trashy to talk like that. Edit: he isn't my boss anymore.


Is your boss a 6th grader? Honestly how do these people wind up in charge


Lower middle management. It's full of lifelong dipshits who have stayed in the same job long enough to merit an automatic promotion but their general dipshittery prevents them from going any higher so they just float there like an unflushable turd


The succinct phrase that I like is that someone “rose to their level of incompetence.”


When people talk like that it’s two things: A) once in the blue moon they got lucky and found someone who would do the deed and now they have to brag about it so everyone thinks they had a very active sex life and that was just an example of many incounters. B) he is just lying to make himself appear as a player. I know plenty of guys who have great success with women and have no problems finding a new one each week. Not one of them is bragging about it like this. Even if someone specifically how hot a girl he has hooked up is.


Or commonly C) They are a player but everything else about their lives sucks so much you kinda feel bad for em


This, people hate to admit it, but yeah that guy who brags about having sex all the time? He actually might have sex all the time. But that doesn't make him doing that (the bragging) any less pathetic, or uncomfortable. I dislike when people resort to the "lying to compensate" conclusion because all that does is inadvertently say that if it's not a lie then that makes the behavior ok. Truth or lie, it's still gross to openly brag about your sex life to people who aren't encouraging you to, or to share personal details about someone else without their consent.


Vandalizing rocks, trees, etc. in parks and nature preserves. It takes you out of the experience when you’re scanning a gorgeous landscape and your eyes land on ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ in bright colors


> ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ Who says romance is dead


This is very specific, but I once knew a bloke who thoughy he was cool for not liking Game of Thrones, which is fine, but would then post spoilers of it on social media along the lines of "I don't watch or care about Game of Thrones, but X died in the most recent episode, unlucky if you saw this". I fell victim of it once and I literally thought my blood was boiling. I was so angry. The lesson here is probably to stay off social media before you've seen the most recent episode of a show you love.... But still.... Fuck that guy.




I remember assholes posting Endgame spoilers in every subreddit possible, in every post possible. I have a habit of skimming/speed-reading, so I managed to scan a paragraph-long spoiler some fuckhead commented before realizing what it was. Spoiled the entire fucking ending for me and who knows how many other people.


I want to say that was happening with Infinity War too? One of those two, especially sucked as a mod because it was unavoidable to see the spoilers in the reported comments


Gets off on forcing spoilers. Real tool move..


That’s rude as hell. I’ve never seen GoT, but what exactly is the point of ruining it for everyone else? What joy does someone get out of that?


It's about bringing people down to your own level of joy - which is none existent. If everybody else has no joy in life, you don't stand out ass the odd depressed shitbag you are.


Sharing their trash taste in music out loud on public transportation.


Even if it was good… Everybody in the bus is getting out of work or school they are tired and don’t want to listen to your music + the sound of people speaking + the sound of road exc exc it’s just too much when your tired


Being mean to serving staff


True. It's doesn't make you look aSsertiVe, it makes you look like an asshole.


Uggh, now I'm reminded of that trend where people would leave the tip money on the table before being served, and then take some away whenever they were unhappy with the service.


Oh god no, was this really a thing? When was it?


There was a twitter thread about it a few years ago with a photo. The poster was proudly explaining the way it worked as if he was a genius in his quest to get good service, but aside from being a really trashy thing to do, he started with five singles on the table in what was clearly a typical dine-out restaurant, not a greasy spoon or a truck stop diner or anything. A lot of comments were in the vein that said "if 5 is the maximum you will tip in the first place then no wonder you think this is a good idea". It got pretty heavily savaged, and rightly so.


I saw this happen once, it was this older guy with either his daughter or date (I couldn’t really tell). He was being really difficult about the meal and sent everything back, more than once in some cases, and was just a huge jerk to the waiter. The girl purposely left her bag in their seat so she could come back in and tip the poor kid who had to deal with them for over an hour.


Good on her for fixing the damage.


Yeah, my dad's buddy would do shit like this. He'd rip a $50 bill in half and tell them they could get the other half if the service was good.


So he just...robbed himself of 50 dollars? Shit, i'd publicly eat the other half and give him the worst service possible.


Picking on weird kids


I feel really guilty about this one. I was bullied and picked on from a early age, I felt completely disconnected from my peers around me, but when the new kid came around and they gave me an opportunity to feel accepted I took it. The kid was a complete dick which was why I excused picking on him at the time, but looking back it was just really cruel and the reason he was a dick was probably a defense mechanism.


Did this to a kid in middle school. He actually became one of my lifelong best friends the year later, and was a groomsman at my wedding 25 years after that. I thought it would make me cooler. Sometimes I still cringe about it.


But why would I pick on cool kids, those are the people I want to impress.


LPT: if you pick on a cool kid successfully and people learn of it, you assume their position as the cool kid


It's the circle of strife


Doing something nice for someone and video taping it for clout.


Somewhat related, but I can’t stand the patronizing “wholesome” posts about people who have disabilities. There are so many Facebook pages that share “inspirational” stories of people, and the stories exploit the person for their disability. It’s not supportive to share those articles; it’s a weird, feel-good moral high ground that preys on people who are just trying to live their lives.


There's a whole-ass movie genre of that shit. It's called "inspiration porn" and it's disgusting and dehumanizing.


Gatekeeping a music artist like they discovered them and are the whole reason for their success. Don’t get me wrong support the artist but don’t be that asshole that determines “who is worthy” of a common trend. Edit: thank you all for the upvotes and awards, fuck gate keepers!


The Strokes were getting that a month or two back. One of the songs from the album they released last year blew up on tiktok and people were attempting to gatekeep the band as if they hadn’t been together for 23 years, won 4 brits and 1 Grammy before the song got big on tiktok


It's part of a larger trend where someone's identity comes from their consumption (rather than what they create) such as the music they listen to or the surgery they elect to have. EDIT Now that this post has a ton of upvotes, am I supposed to give a stupid WOW THANK YOU speech or something? Also, the irony of getting reddit awards for a post criticizing meaningless identity consumption


This has always been true with music and I would argue was even more true before, when you had to buy physical copies of things and they would be on display in your house. It was quite a commitment back then. It was also much harder to find out about cool music, you almost had to know the right people or immerse yourself in a subculture. This made people with "good taste" very useful. Now its just so easy to have fleeting fancies with this genre or that.


Not only that, I think OP makes a good point about Identity and consumption, but my less cynical take is that identity is formed through your emotional & physical responses to your experiences. Having a deeply emotional response to certain art is uniquely human, and I think it's completely valid for that to shine through as a facet of your identity, even though you didn't create it. But I agree with everyone here, that gatekeeping that art is really fucking annoying.


The reverse as well. “You like ____? What’s wrong with you.” — Signed, a sad U2 fan who gets made fun of too much (and totally will in this thread).


Failing school does not inherently make you a douchebag, but bragging about it as if it's something that is cool isn't the best presentation of character either.


"I've never read a book in my life!" And they're *proud*.


>“Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books.” Kanye West The quote is *so* stupid and childish, I had to check to make sure it was real. It is.


"I would never want a book's autograph" Did he mean to say "I would never want an author's autograph"?


That's the consequence of not reading


> so self-absorbed > Starts the next three sentences with the word *I*


Have a friend like this. He asked me if he could tell his school that when I went to the hospital for suicidal thoughts and ideation, and spent a week in the BSU, was traumatic for him and he had to come home a lot because of it (he didn’t come home a lot to my knowledge. Wanted to use my suicidal depression as a get out of jail free card and grab a couple extra gpa points. I’m kinda fucked up about it.


My friend asked me if she could use my suicide attempt as an excuse to get an extension on a college essay. I said she could, but it was kind fucked up. She didn’t even visit me at the hospital.


How do you even get yourself to ask someone if that's ok?? I can understand having the thought, we all have all sorts of fucked up thoughts, but then our brains tell us that's totally a bad idea and we don't do it. You could have died, she didn't support you after the fact, and then asked to exploit you after the fact. For someone with no moral compass why not just write the essay without asking you for permission? It's not like you'd ever read it.


I don’t think they were wanting to write the essay about their friend’s attempted suicide, just getting an extension as a result. You raise a good point, though. Unless the professor needed to hear from the suicide attempter, which I seriously doubt, why not just go ahead and ask for the extension without running it by the friend?


Teachers who are proud of many of their students not passing, if I ever get a teacher like that maybe I should ask why they are proud for being a bad teacher.


I had a professor like what you described and I switched majors cause she taught quite a few classes in my major. First day of class she tells everyone that you'll be lucky to get a C on your own. First couple tests I studied my ass off and got like a 12 percent grade after the first month. I looked at the classes I had to take and she taught 3 or 4 more of them so I changed my major cause I knew I wouldn't be able to get past her.


It's horrible that a major crossroads in your life was determined by a shit teacher.


Professors like this are why the class mantra in my major was: "C's get degrees".


One asshole giving me a B because he just couldn't stand my having a 4.0. It was a relief, really, I quit busting my ass unnecessarily. 30 years later, nobody IRL has asked me what my GPA was. If I needed to get into grad school, they only care about the quality of my portfolio, grades are meaningless in creative fields.


I mean, that’s incredibly shitty for the students that need to maintain a certain GPA to keep their financial aid and scholarships though.


I had an instructor like that in the Navy. Ultimately she was stopped and punished, but not before she torpedoed a lot of careers, including mine. She was an awful person.


Had a Senior Chief kick me out of IC A school after 18 weeks (a 22 week school) because I had a bad attitude. My bad attitude was pointing out that he had put me two weeks back instead of a week when I went home for a funeral.


Nice navy pun




I had a history teacher in college that would give a multiple choice test and have questions where all of the answers were correct but you had to pick the "most correct" one.


I’m imagining something like “What color is this?” Blue Dark blue Navy blue Royal Navy blue


More or less. It was awful, you would have to reread the answers looking for that little nugget of info that made one more correct than the others.


I had this gem: What is the primary purpose of a corporation: a) Making a profit b) Providing services to the community His right answer was not A.


Handing a homeless guy a ten dollar bill and posting it on Youtube


Or people that make a video like “hey look this person/animal is in danger, I am going to rescue them, here we go!” dude if it’s an emergency—STOP FUCKING AROUND!! YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WHIP OUT THE CAMERA AND DO A NARRATION!! EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!!! SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT!!


And for some reason this is expected! My friend and I came across a baby racoon one night who'd gotten their little head stuck in a peanut butter jar, so we helped the little guy out. I was telling my other friends about it later and the first thing they asked was if we'd taken pictures. No, we were busy HELPING A BABY ANIMAL. Also, people, please wash your recycling out.


The line between joking and bullying can be a thin one, and a lot of douchebags either dont see it or they just dont care.


Also important to note that the line moves depending on who you're with and your relationship with them. It can be tough to walk the line, but my general rule is if everyone isn't laughing, including the person the joke is aimed at, might need to pull back a bit.


2 rules I stick to: don’t make fun of someone’s physical appearance (clothing or a funny haircut are fair game) such as weight, balding, physical insecurities or traits. And 2: don’t make fun of anyone’s family or significant others. I generally play fast and loose with these rules with my good friends and it’s all in good fun, but outside of our friend group, the real world, I try to play it safe.


The line is respecting boundaries. If someone gets offended by what is meant as friendly banter, a bully will minimize and blame you for not taking a joke or being too sensitive. A non bully apologizes and avoids going there again.


A lot of them know exactly where it is and hide behind it. RIP my inbox


"I was just joking!"/"You can't take a joke" And of course the enabler friends "you just have to know him! He has a good heart"


People say "he is a great guy once you know him" but what they actually mean is "he is an asshole but you get used to it"


The way i see it is that "he is an asshole but if you are on his good side he won't be as big of an asshole to you"


"He grows on you! ...Kinda like a fungus."


Second cousin to Schrodinger's Asshole. Instead of walking his statements back when he realizes he's gone too far, he just shifts the blame to the other party.


Those are always the ones who are super sensitive, and can not handle being the butt of a joke themselves.




Had a guy i thought i was closer with and we joked around a lot, one day he got triggered and told me to fuck off etc. I friend of ours came later to me and told me he didnt mean it and stuff, we talked for a whole while and while a lot was taken as a joke i went to far sometimes while still thinking its all fun and mutual, made me realise that there is a thin line and you should be carefull nonetheless. Felt realy bad because i didnt intend to be an ass.


There’s also the douche bags who can dish it out, but not take it.


People who tease guys for drinking “girly drinks”. If a guy wants to drink a Strawberry Daiquiri let him drink it in peace. You know what is manly? Drinking whatever the fuck you want without giving a shit what people think. Edit: thanks for the awards people! Tons of manly energy in this thread.


"Just give me something with lots of fruit and little umbrellas" I order in my best Clint Eastwood voice.


Someone should create a fru fru drink and name it The Clint Eastwood just to watch a bunch of conflicted manly type manly men fret over whether they should order/drink it or not.


The “Dirty Harry”


One appletini please, easy on the tini!


First thing that came to my mind as well. Everyone needs some Scrubs in their life.


Blasting music in public transportation without headphones.


God I wanna scream at everyone who does this on NYC subways but 100% they're looking for someone to start some shit with them


There was a guy in the grocery store the other day with a fucking **SPEAKER BACKPACK**, blasting it in the checkout line, looking around for someone to say something.


I swear these people might as well be walking around with a "FIGHT ME" Sign on instead.


I'd prefer that to bothering everyone else around them.


I've recently noticed parents allowing their kids to play on their phone/iPad at full volume in public places. It's equally as annoying imo.


Even better.... blasting music without headphones while hiking. Yes.... I came out into nature to listen to your shitty music. Thank you!


I was hiking with my family in Montana last week. We were the only people on the trail for the entire day, but as we were leaving we could hear music coming closer. Two hikers came into view. As we came into view for them, they turned the music off until well after we passed each other. In the area we were in, it is recommended to hike in groups and make noise to scare off any bears. I wondered, since it was only two hikers, if they played the music to scare off bears. Either way, I was okay with it as they respectfully turned off the music as soon as the saw us.


It's nice to know there are still considerate people around


That's likely exactly why they played music. I make sure to play music if I can, and make occasional caveman bellows if I don't have music. Also keeps deer bucks away during rutting season.


> occasional caveman bellows if I don't have music Yeah, I do this too, but only in the NYC subways. Get the entire seat to myself.


The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is great to walk to. Obviously all the other walkers think I'm (an) epic (loser).


Acting like virginity is a bad thing, or conversely that having had sex makes you a better person. Neither are true.


Gatekeeping a fandom or hobby. “You aren’t a real fan of XYZ band if you started listening to them after this album”, “You’re not a real beer drinker if you don’t like IPAs”


Excuse me are you gatekeeping gatekeeping? How dare you


Hey, gatekeeping is my gatekeep!


Like Abraham Lincoln once said, *"... the only thing we have to gatekeep is... gatekeep itself..."*


You're not allowed to quote Lincoln unless you fought in the civil war. Fucking bandwagoners.


You aren’t a real Weezer fan unless you hate their existence


[*Hardcore Weezer Fan Hates Everything Band Has Released Since Forming*](https://www.theonion.com/hardcore-weezer-fan-hates-everything-band-has-released-1837740027)


Supporting a celebrity that doesn't give a sh\*t about your existence online to the extent of bullying and name calling people who don't worship that celebrity


Also: corporations


The people who wait for Xbox/PlayStation to tweet or post something on Facebook then immediately reply that the other company is better are the biggest losers known to man


So in many schools due to covid we can't leave the classroom during the break and my classmates FUCKING LOVE TO MAKE/WATCH TIKTOKS ON FULL FUCKING BLAST they have been doing it for the last fucking year


A coworker did that on break a lot. I swear to god if I hear that fucking “oh no” song one more fucking time


Declaring themselves to a an 'Alpha-male', 'High Value Women' or anything like that it. It screams immaturity and lack of self awareness.


On LinkedIn, declaring yourself as "entrepreneur, thought leader" of nothing


"Agent of change" is my favorite. "Thought leader" is a close second


In my mind: *Agent of Change* = Tollbooth worker.


If you have to say you’re an “alpha” you aren’t. Plain and simple.


If you have to say you're anything, you probably arent.


When people film themselves giving money or food to the homeless. ultimate douchebag or they just wanna brag about it and don't care.


Posing as being brutally honest. Constantly invalidating others is not cool and speaks of your inability to feel validated by anything other than people.


Putting an insanely loud exhaust on a shit car and then accelerating to rev max on a 200 meter stretch of road before having to brake because otherwise you crash into the car in front of you, while listening to some shit hardcore or hardstyle music at a volume otherwise only experienced at festivals.


That whole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude online where people just hate everyone and be super edgy, it doesn’t make you look cool, just makes you look like a dick.


I think people look at “not giving a fuck” the wrong way. Personally, I really don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks of me, but I also try to not give people reasons to dislike or hate me, and if I happen to do or say something that hurts someone else unintentionally, I have the capability of accepting responsibility and apologizing. It’s possible to not give a fuck and also not be a jackass. It’s really not hard to do.


I don’t really think you can look cool online unless you’re like super knowledgeable about something in a specific forum


And then people attack you for only being 95% right, even though you already made it clear that you were not an expert.


Judging another person for their interests even if the other person’s interests don’t affect or hurt anyone else. The other day I had an acquaintance tell me how a friend of mine who likes to collect Funko Pops must be such a virgin even though the guy is literally married with a kid on the way.


Also Brandon Moreno, the new UFC Flyweight Champion, is one of the biggest badasses in the sport and collects Funko Pops extensively


Having a phone conversation on speakerphone with the volume turned all the way up. Hate those people


People who are dicks to other people for no reason


Driving around residential areas too fast in cars with really loud engines and those exhausts that go BANG BANG BANG all the time. They look like nothing other than inconsiderate arseholes.


Don't forget the subwoofer system that rattles every window in the house from blocks away! It amazes me that they can even see where they're going with all that vibration...


I never understand these people that rip through neighborhoods. Going 40 or more. Like, you have people getting into cars, walking dogs, cats, kids, squirrels. Just so selfish


I live in a pretty small residential area where literally every house has small children or grandchildren that play outside daily. Anyway a guy bought a garage w doors down from me and hosts regular meets. Obviously we all expected this same behavior but turns out that they're all actually really cool. No speeding or excessive noise. It's kinda funny watching them drive down the street in 1st or 2nd gear trying to be respectful. Best part is all the kids love to see the cars drive by get excited when someone revs the engine for them. It's not often you see such a diverse group of people get along so well.


I bet that guy's group dislikes the originally mentioned people even more than we do. Makes the whole hobby look bad.


I used to go to car meets all the time. The real regulars hate having people like that show up, because it's the guys that speed and rev up their engines and shit that cause police and property owners to shut us down and tell us we can't come out anymore.


Reminds me of the car club I was a part of in college. A new guy found out one of his classmates had an AMG 63 (expensive, fast Mercedes) and invited him to come out. We had permission to be in the lot. This dude I guess wanted to make an entrance and comes careening into the lot at 100+mph, promptly loses control, and slams into a curb hard enough to destroy his front wheels, bumper, radiator, and god knows what else. Then, of course, blue lights come on. The guy gets a reckless driving ticket and the club is no longer allowed in the lot. The guy tried to play it off soooo cool too like he didn’t care at all, it was so pathetic. Maybe he actually didn’t care though because we found out later that his dad in Dubai bought him a brand new one 3 weeks later... some people... Edit: I will add that the crash was pretty spectacular. The curb was a part of one of those islands in the middle of a parking lot where they plant trees and stuff. He didn’t hit a tree but he definitely went airborne and left a little pieces of his car all over the island and about 5 feet past it. It was like seeing an action movie in real life.


Undermining a person everytime they try to talk. My ex did this to me and the amount of confidence I've lost is terrible. Still recovering after 3 years. Teasing someone when they gather guts to talk in a group and then laughing is useless. Cannot explain how badly it hurts Edit: thank you all for the lovely comments. I appreciate each one of you


Don't let anyone else determine when you're allowed to speak. Unless you're in the movie theater, then shut your mouth. :) I joke, but for reals your voice is just as valid as anyone else's. Have a good day and believe in yourself my friend.


Confidence killers are the worst. The most toxic kind of people. The most insidious assholes. Stay away from people like that.


People who say anything they want: insults, racist slurs, pure meanness, and then when they get called on it, say “It was just a joke.”


Or they just say “that’s just who I am. People Need to accept it” as if the fact that they are an insensitive jerk is someone else’s fault


Anyone who puts you down for your job or level of education. The worst humans