What should people know about fighting? [Serious]

What should people know about fighting? [Serious]


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Take pretty much everything you've seen in movies and throw it out the window. Don't expect the other guy/gal to act logically or stop hitting you once you're down. There's no bell to save you and your friends might run away. It takes one punch, push, or fall to really ruin your life.


>Don't expect the other guy/gal to act logically or stop hitting you once you're down. A lot of people on reddit don't get that when they see those street fight videos. There's no honor in a legit fight. If you're on the losing side, you better pray that someone breaks it up or the other person is a decent human being and let's you off.


I've been a cop for over a decade and this is one thing I wish more people understood. Real life isn't MMA or boxing. There's no referee and no rules. If a fight doesn't end because someone breaks it up, there's a real good chance it's not going to end until someone (potentially everyone) involved is seriously hurt or killed. I've been in countless altercations with people resisting arrest and the only reason I've gotten through it without any of them or me being seriously hurt is the fact that I have handcuffs available as a safe "win condition." That's not something that's normally present in a street fight.


Even if you win, it also takes one punch/push/fall to kill the other person (accidentally or not), and to ruin your life forever.


My friend got into a fight at a metal show in 2009 and the guy he fought ended up losing his eye after it got infected. My friend still has legal and financial issues because of the fight that happened more than a decade ago.


If there's a large disparity in size then the smaller person can get the benefit of the doubt whatever the outcome.


And getting punched hurts, even if you think you're tough. For some reason people seem to not know that.


Punching people hurts a lot too. You can easily break your hand hitting someone, and teeth will mess you up. I often see people punching way harder then they should.


Even if you win, being punched in the face still hurts.


Even if you win punching someone in the face fucking hurts


I didn’t hear no bell


There is nothing to gain but everything to lose, its like gambling with the best outcome being you get nothing. Avoid, Evade and Escape. If Inevitable, minimize the scale,make sure you walk away in the clear.


The best outcome is not hurting your hand, even if you've won


This is what I came here for. A fight avoided is a fight won.


I got in more fights than I should have growing up. You may start off winning until their friends show up, they pull a knife, grab a brick, etc. Running away when the other kid pulled a knife was the best decision of both our lives. Just don't get in fights.


I mean there is something to gain depending on how the person takes a loss but there will always be tensions no matter what the outcome is. It’s super unlikely that a fight will resolve every issue and complication between two or more people fighting. Even then it’s super unlikely you go away from a fight unscathed. So yeah it’s best to stay away from fights to settle beef lol


If you’re untrained the bigger guy wins period I don’t care how “angry” you get. Too many fuckers think they can go super Saiyan and beat up a 6’5” 300 pound man cause they get real mad


Over the years I've heard numerous people talk about their ability to get really angry, and thus through sheer willpower, be able to dominate in a fight. That rarely ever works if at all. I suspect most of them have never actually been in a fight, or we're in very lopsided ones at that


Yes, the “getting really angry” is usually just adrenaline which in a real fight will be flowing to all participants


I feel like managing adrenaline is far more strenuous than actual fighting. I've had flight or fight responses that were downright dangerous. I've been frozen in place screaming in my head to run away but my body wouldn't let me. I feel like half of the battle is learning to manage your adrenaline and the way you react to it.


I’m a pretty big dude and I’ve never hit anyone in anger, but lots of people tried to beat me up on high school and it just...didn’t work? I’m not trying to brag, I’m a terrible fighter and I’ve sparred with guys my size and with with smaller guys that were trained boxers and they absolutely kicked my ass. But if you’re untrained you really aren’t going to be able to beat up a guy with 100 lbs on you—big dudes build up more inertia knocking their head on a cabinet than you can with your fist.


I’m about 6’2 285 lbs and wider than the normal human. I’m pretty broad. I’m standing outside a bar trying to get a hot dog after closing time when this 5’5 guy, maybe 150, starts trying to pick a fight with me. The only thing I could think is he was insane. His friends were trying to calm him down but he insisted that I was going to eat all the hot dogs,obviously drunk. At one point he came at me and I didn’t punch him but I just wrapped him up until he got exhausted and stopped squirming. It was like... why would you pick a fight with someone that much bigger than you?


Nobody ever wins in a knife fight.


The loser of a knife fight dies in the streets. The winner dies in the ambulance


Came here to say exactly that. Don't get into a knife fight people. Its going to be a bad time, every time




First rule of a knife fight. Don't get into a knife fight. Second rule was accept you're getting cut. Actual advice I got from an actual professional.


That's why i always walk around in chain mail.


Ok swaggersouls


I teach self defence and martial arts, the first thing you drum into people is this. I'm training you to get cut somewhere non lethal, because you are getting cut, so you have a chance of surviving to get medical care….people act all shocked but that’s why anyone with a brain runs like hell. The best knife defence training is high intensity sprint training….


> Don't get into a knife fight. "The winner is the one who bleeds to death last" The quote was for sword fights, but I think it applies.


I heard the same advice in Krav Maga when were taught knife self-defense. The number one rule was not to avoid a knife fight, run if you can, and, if all else fails, you will probably get cut when defending yourself. We were then regaled with the story of a high level black belt that died from his cuts after defending himself.


I practice medieval martial arts, and my specialism is fighting with the long knife (Langes Messer). A famous quote from one of the swordmasters of the 16th century: "Here they fight with (long) knives, may God help them"


Growing up in the UK I used to love visiting castles and seeing all the displays of arms on the walls. Somehow I didn't think how horrific their actual use would be, I just thought they were cool. Why does fighting with long knives require god's help? Seems like terrible wounds could be inflicted with any medieval weapon whether it's a knife or a sword or a halberd. Maybe they meant it's especially bad when it's just two men fighting, rather than in a war?


Knife fights are just extra brutal. Duelling with a longsword tends to leave more distance, more control, and smaller hits. The techniques with long knives are basically judo but with very long knives (the blades are 60/70cm). It's easier to get hurt that way. Apparently. :D


Other weapons you can actually win a fight with. If you fight a sword or spear with a knife you’re fucked, if you fight another knife, theres a pretty good chance you both lose.


Even if nobody likes to be defeated, just make like Michael Jackson and beat it.


Grab your crotch and make thrusting motions towards your mugger while making heehee and ow sounds?


and also say "go shamone yourself" and ~~walk away~~ moonwalk away lol EDIT: Thanks /u/kavokonkav for the suggestion.


*moonwalk away


You can be knocked out with a single punch and potentially die. It’s not a safe thing whatsoever.


Two best buddies were drunk, one asked the other to punch him after wrestling a bit. Dude was knocked out, hit head on stone and died. ME couldn't place the death on the punch or the stone. Either way, the surviving best buddy was understandably wrecked mentally. Justice system took some pity on the survivor due to the situation and witness testimony but still. Shit situation all the way around.


How much pity did they take?


This happened in the Air Force, the survivor got some jail time, months if memory serves, and came back missing a stripe or two. I believe he got a code from the trial results that made reenlisting a no-go so he ended up separating. Very different than if he'd been convicted of murder or something similar.


It’s better to run than to fight unless there is absolutely no other option.


The best way to win a fight? Avoid it


Respectfully, I admire the version in the Sting song Englishman in New York — “A gentleman will walk but never run” (the context of the song makes the line about fights).


This happened to a high-school friend. Drunk underage, picked a fight with a fellow in a line for a bar, never even got one punch off before he was dropped by the other guy, he was dead before he hit the ground.


Unless you're very trained and experienced, adrenaline & instincts will kick in and every plan you might've had goes to the trash. Also, your vision narrows and all your movements get slightly stunted or warped.


I think it's Mike Tyson that said : Everybody has a plan until they get punched.


And that's a paraphrase of Prussian/German Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke, > No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength In modern military parlance, it's shortened to > No plan survives first contact with the enemy and is taught in service schools throughout western forces, being famously promoted by Churchill and Eisenhower. Both use it as a reason to emphasize that plans must be adaptable, and the planning process and being able to re-plan are the important parts, not the plan in the first place.


*Everybuddy have a plan till dey get punch in da mouf.*






I’m glad someone else experienced this. My experience was everything going fast and slow at the same time. Worst case for me was I “whited out” I honestly don’t remember much except my vision kinda going white and then coming to and the fight was over. Was terrifying.


We actually cover this in trauma counselling. Your brain activity speeds up with adrenalin, so it seems like time slows because you're processing fast. But your limbs still can only move so fast, so everything feels sluggish. It's why people who've witnessed horrific things often think they should have been able to do something, but weren't fast enough. Their brains were on overdrive but their bodies were still limited by reality.


Exactly this. Then the adrenaline leaving your body afterwards is an awful feeling. You shake and get nausea


If running away is an option, take it.


Honestly, the legal consequences of being in a fight aren't worth it for anyone who has work in the morning. *-Yeah, hi, Sam, I am not gonna be in the office tomorrow.* *-Why? What happened?* *-I got arrested for a bar fight.* *-Oh for fucks sake. How am I gonna explain this? We have a meeting with the board first thing in the morning. Who is driving your kids to school? Does your wife know where you are?*


I actually de escalated a fight a few years back with something like this. I said to the dude "doesnt matter which one of us wins, both of us are getting arrested and I bet we both have shit we need to be doing in the morning." Dude mulled it over, called me a cunt and walked off.


The state and lawyers win. If you get arrested you going to need a lawyer. If we fight, someone is gonna win and its not going to be either of us


The key is to hit fast, hit hard, and then be somewhere else quickly. Meaning, you GTFO when you're done, and be done quick.


This also works for sex, but it won’t make you popular.


Horny singles hate this one quick trick.


My dad said when he was younger, sometimes people would want to fight him for whatever reason. He took a similar approach with a bit of a joke, and he would say "no matter who wins, we're both going to be sore as hell in the morning".


I've used so many variants of it that its my go to "ok, so you go to jail and I go to hospital and now neither of us are taking the girl home"


It's why drunk unemployeds are the most likely to engage in a fight, they have nothing to lose from spending the night in a cell and they know it.


Yup. Its the same logic my dad taught me about driving. Dont watch out for the guy driving the Mercedes, fear the man in the car with lots of dents in it, he has nothing to lose from getting another.


The real fight happens for months/years in court.




Don't let yourself to just be attacked if you can help it either, we're squishy man, we die stupidly easy. It's as simple as a punch to the face knocking your head on just the wrong direction to hit a pillar, a corner of a table, a protruding something on a wall, or straight up to the floor, for one to die. That ain't worth it either


This. De-escalate immediately. If they still pursue get away if you can. Youre not a pussy, the other person is being insane and irrational now and committing felonies. IF you have no option but to fight, fight as hard and "dirty" as possible. There are no rules. Groin, eyes, instep, shins, everything goes. Even a gun if you are lawfully carrying and have done everything to avoid a fight.


“The bond’s Name... James Name.”


Names Jond's having a stronk, call a bondulance.


The joestar secret technique


Everyone I've met who is an expert on fighting or martial arts has always told me that it's always better to just run if you find yourself in a situation where someone is coming at you or trying to hurt you. Its only when you don't have the option to run that all the other stuff comes into play.


I know a guy who use to teach hand-to-hand combat in the military. He's built like a boxer, he's like 6'2, runs five miles every morning. His advice about getting mugged is "Give them your wallet. Tell them to take it and go."


This is too accurate, I had a BJJ instructor he was 11-0 in mma, he actually almost appeared on the reality show TUF but his weight class was cut last minute. His advice when anyone is mugging you regardless if they have a knife or gun, say yes sir no sir, give them you’re wallet. It’s just not worth getting stabbed or shot, especially when most techniques will never work. I shot a lot of guns, something people who don’t shot guns don’t get is how fast it is to shoot a bullet.


I do bjj which is the most effective martial art in terms of controlling someone and I would try and get out of a fight every time. It’s just not worth dealing with the hundred variables that could make it go very badly.


I trained in boxing and MMA for a while; I was decent at it but not great. I always heard this advice from my coaches and other more experienced fighters. I did find myself in a situation where I had to defend myself, and there was no option to run. Instead of "fighting", I stomped on his foot and hit him in the throat with a jab as hard as I could, then took off running. Even if you think you know what you're doing, it's best to do as little as possible to get yourself out safely as fast as you can. Hubris can mean the difference between life or death.


This happened to me last weekend around 3am when I left the bars. I was walking home and got to a section with very little lighting, and all of a sudden some dude jumped out of the bushes with a baseball bat instigating a fight. I tried to de-escalate the situation but he wanted none of that. I ended up running 2 miles to the nearest gas station and called the cops. 15 minutes later the same dude came into the gas station looking for me and then waited outside until I left. Cops rolled up, arrested him, and took me home! 🤙🏾


- your hands are much more fragile than you'd expect. - never expect your opponent to fight fairly even if you are. - real sh*t, you're not as strong as you think you are. - even if it was in self defense, they can still sue. *bonus* in a 1 on 1 and they have friends nearby, best bet they can and Will get in on things if their bud starts to lose.


You could die just because of a punch.


[You could kill your best friend with one punch](https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-37554011). I used to play wrestle with one of my mates when we were coming out of the pub. In hindsight, it was very, very stupid.


I did not expect that reaction from the family


I’m a teacher and I had a student, D, that was an absolute monster. Built like an NFL tight end. Really great guy, too. He went to the beach with friends after he graduated and was harassed by this drunk guy. After D got pushed by this guy (after hours of harassment around the city), he hit him once in the face and killed him. Didn’t mean to hurt him much, just wanted to be left alone. He feels awful to this day and he hasn’t really recovered mentally. The police didn’t charge him because the guy he killed has a history of violent behavior and witnesses were there to prove that he didn’t get physical first.


Posey, what did they lock you up for? I mean, what did you do? I already told you that sir. Well tell me again. I'm sure your friends over here would like to know too. This fella kept pushing me. I don't like to be pushed so I hit him. Killed a man with your bare hands because he shoved you? I only hit him once. Only him him once. And drove his jawbone right through his brain because he pushed him.


Any number of unpredictably horrific things can happen. Bottle glass severs an artery (saw this injury at the ER I work at). Paralysis from falling down on something from being pushed hard. Concussions and comas from hard enough punches. Permanent disfigurement and scarring. And no, not all scars look cool.


Been in a couple fights myself and watched a lot of street brawls growing up. 1. It is surprisingly easy to kill someone. A well place punch, no matter how weak the guy throwing it is, can cripple if not collapse a person of any stature. From what I've seen, the hardest opponent to fight is the fattest opponent because they have the most protection. 2. Outside of an arena, there is no such thing as a fair fight. Most of the fights I've seen have started out with a knee to the crotch or a punch to the nose. In my opinion, if your goal is the killing first blow, the throat is incredibly fragile. 3. I've only ever seen one martial art actually stand up in a street fight. Muay Thai. Because it's all about getting real close and hitting real hard. Hard knees and elbows beat fragile hands and feet any day, especially if you have semi-decent form.


> I've only ever seen one martial art actually stand up in a street fight. Muay Thai. Martial arts developed for war tend to work in the real world. Muay Thai was developed for farmers to fight off invaders. Krav Maga (real Krav Maga, not the shit you train at your local mini mall) is also a real good one because it was developed by Israelis to fight off neo nazis.


I trained in kenpo, did a lot a sparring, have been in too many real fights. Elbow and knee blocks are super effective against some people. Because nobody really wants to fight after they broke their hands on your elbow. I knew a guy who was trained in a couple types of martial arts - he won fights with those blocks, and because he was fast and skilled enough to punch to the upper arms of the other guy, making it so much harder for them to keep punching. But the best fighter I knew was good at judo, and was a bar brawler otherwise. He could take hits, delivered super hard punches, and all that was just so he could basically grapple and throw. It was usually the throw that ended a fight.


You’re not as good at it as you think you are


I just saw a video of two dudes fighting, and it was really just moving their arms at high velocity towards eachother


this makes me think of jojo ngl


i wish life was like jojo, where you can get punched by a log of an arm and just wait around for your bones to heal...


heal by breathing


I am. I know I'm shit.


Sometimes it’s the other way you don’t know you can fight into you need to


Avoid it if possible, if not keep your guard up


Physically fighting - one punch can kill…… verbal fights. You can never take back what you’ve said out loud


Fighting tires you out really quick. There's a reason professional fighters are so fit. I'm in ok shape but remember sparring with my friends and I was struggling to breathe in round too because I couldn't catch my breath


There's three things to this. The first is the adrenaline dump, the second is that fighting is pretty tiresome in general and the third is that people who aren't used to it tend to tense up every muscle at once and forget to breathe.


Fighting is exhausting, a 5 minute round feels like forever and you just wanna die and take a nap


Agreed. People underestimate that. As someone who takes physical fitness seriously, training on the punching bag is far more physically straining on me than weight training.


Even if you win, you'll probably get hurt.


Even if you win, youll likely need a lawyer, which means you lose. The dude getting paid wins.


Not to mention if you win without a scratch you need proof that it was self defense. So if there aren't cameras or witnesses, all they have to say is they were defending themselves even if they started the fight. Now its entirely possible no criminal charges are going to come your way in this scenario, but that doesn't excuse civil liability. Especially if you are on record saying that you did kick the shit out of them, but that you were defending yourself.


When they lose they often return with a gun


This. This is why I have always said to my friends if we get in a fight the night is over. We go home. We don’t go to another party or bar because who knows where that guy will end up


My brother was newly 21 and at a bar with his girlfriend at the time. Some guy was talking shit to her so my brother beat him up and went back to drinking. My brother then woke up in the emergency department with his jaw wired shut. Turns out the guy came back an hour later and hit him from behind with a lead pipe.


Professor plum with the lead pipe in the bar. Do I win?


Or they return in packs. They think they're brave and so proud but they act like cowards.


Or with friends


My friend studied martial arts. His advice was to always run away. If you can’t,then kick them in the balls and then run away.




I'm a karate blackbelt and let me tell you, I would run as fast as possible before going into a fight. I won't be an easy target as long as someone doesn't expect me to actually fight back with serious intend, but I'm not looking for it either. Winning means you get to come home to your family. Running and getting away means winning.




They can have my money, its not worth beeing in a fight for. But as a woman, sadly, there is slightly more that some people are after than money or your phone.


I used to work late shift in a sketchy part of town. Always carried a dollar store wallet with a bunch of dummy cards for being mugged. (Happened 3 times in 2 years) Someone says to give them my wallet (only once did I see a knife, the other two times just threatened to beat me, but not worth it either time) I do. Encounter ends.


I do judo and not to shit on your sport but one reason I never really liked taekwondo is because it’s mostly kicking witch can be a lot harder in a street fight unless your really skilled plus kicking someone in the head is a quick way to badly hurt someone and get a manslughter charge


Yeah Xu Xiaodong proved this by challenging various Chinese kung fu "masters" none of them lasted long against him.. unfortunately the Chinese government took offence to this and completely screwed him over.


Wasn't that the guy who challenged Tai chi masters? Tai chi is not Kung fu.


The two best martial arts to learn in order to survive a fight are boxing and wrestling. Master those and you're going to be a badass.


Dont. Street fights will often end in 1 of 3 ways. You win and go to jail, possibly for 10+ yrs depending how badly you beat the other dude You lose and go to the hospital severely injured or with brain damage You lose and die because the other neanderthal decided to curb stomp you 16 times while you were already KO'd


Fights on TV and in films only take a long time because that's more exciting. Fights in real life usually won't take longer than 5 seconds, maybe 10, until someone's knocked out. You can also get messed up for the rest of your life real fucking quick as well. If your opponent happens to have a knife and you don't, the films lied to you, you will get cut.


Tip for anyone that doubts a knife severity... just google knife attack injuries. You will never doubt it again.


My friends and I used to playfight knife fight. We'd use red marker pens instead of knives and wear white tshirts. You'd be surprised just how many times you'd be stabbed in a real knife fight. Like, easily 5 times in the first few seconds, probably all fatal.


That's actually a really smart way to demonstrate the concept.


There are specialty training "knives" where you can load/soak the sponge "blade" with ink or dye. I agree with your observation most of the "hits" I got with those practice knives I didn't even feel.


Yeah with adrenaline running you don't notice the deep cuts til it's too late. Most people who get stabbed say they thought it was just a punch til they saw the blood.


There’s also a “shock knife” where every time it touches you you get an electric shock.


That's actually a great teaching tool


Worked as a chef for a decade and a half. Accidentally cut myself pretty serious a few times. Don't want to see what someone trying to cut me would do.


I think I'm just fine using my imagination on this one


I don't think I will


That was grim but you are totally correct.


Aaah! Wtf! Why did I Google that? 😱


I use knives at work, you will get cut now and then.... and it sucks every time. We use PPE but accidents happen and getting accidentally cut hurts a lot.... bleeding sucks, the pain sucks the lesson is don't fuck around with knives.


Q. How do you grab a falling knife? A. You don't. Jump out of the way, pick it up, clean, and keep working.


Absolutely that's the intelligent choice, but sometimes instinct kicks in that something is falling... must catch!


1. Fights are NOT fun 2. You WILL get hit. 3. Both will be hurt. 4. No one wins.


A few things. * Always try to de-escalate things. That should be your go-to choice. Throwing hands/feet really should be when there's no other option left. Because... * Fights don't work like they do in movies and on TV. You're not getting into a 20 minute brawl with somebody. That fight'll be over in about 30 seconds, and that's being absurdly generous. Most real fights end in about 5-10. * Don't go for head shots. I know you probably saw how cool that knockout haymaker looked and want to do it yourself. Don't. Punching someone in the head will ring their bell, sure...but it'll also really mess up your hands. The skull is a great deal more resilient than you'd expect. * Do NOT lean back while fighting. You see it in street fights all the time. Guy will plant his feet and lean back to keep his head out of range. Congratulations, I can now hook and pull your foot, ruining your balance and potentially putting you on your back to get ground and pounded. * If you end up on the ground, do NOT try to grab for feet or ankles. You cover up your head and go fetal position, focusing on protecting vital organs. This isn't a movie, you're not going to do some amazing counter and regain your footing. If you're on the ground, you're in trouble, period. * Fighting more than one person at once is basically suicide. No matter how good you are, keeping an eye on two people at once is tough. If you absolutely HAVE to fight multiple people, put your back to a wall and force them to stay in front of you, making it as hard as possible for them to slip behind you. * There's no such thing as dirty fighting. If someone is coming at you with intent to harm, then groin shots are not 'playing dirty'. You have no idea how badly they intend to hurt you. Best to play it safe and make that as hard as possible for them. * Most importantly of all: if you think the person is high on drugs, get out of there. They'll walk right through anything you try and devastate you. There's no shame in running away.


Idk about the don’t aim for the head thing, that’s literally the fastest way to end a fight that’s happening wether you want it to or not. If the guy you’re fighting is aiming for the head and you’re just going for body shots, you’re gonna walk away from that fight in 10x worse shape than the other dude.


Depends where on the head you hit. Most people don't know where to aim (nose, jaw, temple, behind the ear) or how to throw a proper punch, so they'll be more likely to fuck up their hand. Someone who trains it enough to have muscle memory for it will probably be fine though


This guy fights


The best way to win is to avoid the person. The second best way is to just scare them off so they back down. Most of the time, it's just some moron trying to start drama, and they aren't serious about fighting you. For the few who are serious, 9/10 times they have no idea what they're doing, and your best targets to aim for are are the eyes, throat, and groin. If someone has a clear size advantage on you, it's better to dodge their attacks and get to their side rather than taking them head on. Also, you can tell whether someone's close enough to hit you by measuring the distance between their feet and waistline. If they're further than that, they can't reach you without stepping first. The same goes for you.


If you can't run away and are fighting for your life, remember that there are no "cheap shots"; no rules, no sportmanship. Go for the genitals, the eyes, the throat, the solarplexus, sides of the knees. Stamp on feet, pull hair, pull ears. Anything to neutralise the threat. On the flipside, if they overpower you and you end up on the ground, keep your legs tucked in to protect your core, put your arms over your head and don't stop screaming at the top of your lungs. If you are able, try to note any injuries that the attacker sustains in the fight. This can help identify them later.


This. Hit first. Hit somewhere that really hurts. Keep hitting until they’re incapable of chasing you. Leave fast.


It’s exhausting. It’s not like the movies. One minute into a real fight and you’re completely spent. Unless you’re a trained fighter, like an mma fighter, you’re gonna gas out very quickly. Also, even winning hurts.


fights are fucking dumb & almost always not worth it i’m an ex bouncer.


Unless you practise fighting, you're no where near as good at it as you think you are.


Correct. Corollary: don't initiate, and don't escalate: there's always someone better at combat than you, and you won't know if you've found them until its too late.


Even if you practice fighting, shit can go south quick. Good luck boxing someone after the just hit you in the head with a bottle and like 3 dudes jump you


Personal experience here, Running away from the situation is always better than fighting but if somehow you cannot run away hitting somebody in parts like below the rib cage, nose, genital parts, or trying to get them down on the ground and then try to run away is better.... If you really wanna beat somebody (not a personal advise) then always take the first punch coz most people dont expect to get hit first square on the face or the sensitive parts but still running away is better....


> always take the first punch it took me a second, but this means you're supposed to land the first punch


Ah. That does sound like better advice.


oh. Ooohh.


If you would like to know what it feels like to hit somebody in the head, punch a wall, but make sure there's a stud where you punch.


Can go from nothing( you fight then walk away)to death or life in prison . Depends on the area and who you fight


most often, those that know how to fight are confident, but reluctant to get into a fight.


In some movies, the hero gets the girl then punches his asshole boss or coworker in the face and everyone cheers. This is assault. Don't do that.


A sucker punch can get you a life sentence.


There is no loss in dignity from backing down from a fight and/or diffusing the situation or escaping.


Diffusing a situation gives you an insane amount of street cred in a lot of places bc you decided that it’s better to not get police involved and let everyone continue with what theyre doing rather than getting into a fight and ruining everyone’s night bc they got the cops on them


If a guy has messed up ears, he can beat you in a fight. Other than that it's very hard to tell if someone is a trained fighter, so just don't fight people.


you will get sued if you win Edit: some people will pick a fight with the intension to sue


Take this from someone who has been in multiple fights, I've been stabed, and shot at. I also work for the mentor network and have seen the aftermath of what it does to people's brain after getting hit by a baseball bat. Humans are very fragile things if it can be avoided you should avoid it, you don't want to end up like the people I work with drooling on yourself and not remembering how to use a toilet


Man is john wick


Don't do it unless you have to. I was a bouncer once upon a time. I've been in a few scraps, but I've seen even more. Guys who wound up with their jaws wired shut for three months, or their arms in slings or casts. All over something stupid. It takes very little damage to have a permanent effect on your life. My high school girlfriend's brother can't close his right hand in the winter because of the damage he did punching someone in the dome back then. To this day, it's the only fight he's ever been in.


I've heard of open-hand strikes being recommended over closed-fist punches for that reason.


It's not like the movies. You can end someone's life with a punch. You will get punched yourself and you will at least loose a tooth or end up with a mad ear ache. Oh, nobody wins with a headbutt.


the injury is not worth it


Don’t go looking for a fight. Only fight if you have to defend yourself.


Unless there's a referee responsible for enforcing a known set of rules present, it's not a sport. Forget about any silly notion of honor. Your objective is to survive, not win a title.


They are probably much worse than they think they are


No matter how good you are, a simple unexpected coincidence can get you killed. For example, you slip on a pebble as you get into stance. You could stumble into a jaw breaking haymaker.


don't pick with someone who looks weak,they might beat the shit out of you If someone has a knife be scared and run as fast as you can and never expect a fair fight and you shouldn't go berserk


Generally fights last seconds not minutes. Get the first REAL punch in and you have the edge. Usually will only take 2 or 3. Best to be the hammer and not the nail yeah.


Far more important than kmowing how to fight is knowing how to read a room, read people, and know when to *fucking bounce* before a fight starts. That's the best way of keeping you and others safe - developing that sense of "oh this is a place I need to not be any more". The type of violent asshole who picks fights is going to be more experienced than you - because they're a *violent asshole who picks fights*.


Learn how to take a hit as well as learning how to hit. People injure themselves by not hitting properly. Power comes from the hips and lower body. and for the love of god dont hit limp-wristed. Also, just avoid fighting outside of a sparring gym or organized location. Fighting is extremely dangerous, especially when two untrained people are being goaded by a bunch of blood thirsty teenagers.


What I learned: - fights aren’t like in movies - they only take like 10 seconds - one punch can kill - in a knifefight both parties die - run away if you can


The best way to win a fight is to run. People are ducking crazy and not everyone will fight fair. All it takes is one bad blow to the head from falling or even a knife to the throat for your whole life to change.


The other guy probably doesn't know how to fight either.


But don't take the gamble


Some of the absolutely scariest, most skilled fighters I've met looks nothing like it. Although if the guy has cauliflower ears that's a pretty good warning sign.


I live in Poland and fighting gyms (boxing, MMA, muay Thai, kickboxing, bjj) are full of street thugs.


Thumbs out


Avoid it at any cost.


Gravity and concrete is enough to kill you


My firmer roommate told me once, that he avoids fights by all means, the reason is that if he gets into a fight his ultimate goal is to win, to hit opponent as hard as he possibly can, up to the point that he knows once he’s in, he might not be able to stop before causing serious injury or death. For me, never being in a fight in my life, this was and still is a very memorable advice, how should I act and how the other one(s) possibly could


Anyone who truly understands violence wants nothing to do with it. The amount of damage we humans can do to each other during even just a fist fight is disgusting. Don't fight unless you literally have no other choice.


Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face


Heres a tip, Do not punch with your knuckle out. For example, making a fist and sticking your Mid finger knuckle out to punch "harder" DO NOT use your HEAD to Headbutt someone, and DO NOT use the Tip of your elbow to strike.


I felt the knuckle thing when you wrote it out. Ouch. That punch is only good as a kid and you’re giving a back of the head punch.


It hurts


Fighting not cool like movies dude


There's no such thing as a fair fight. Also, if you ain't cheating you ain't trying.


You're gonna get hurt. A lot more than you expected and, probably, in dumb places you never even knew could hurt.