Graveyard shifters of Reddit: what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to while u were working?

Graveyard shifters of Reddit: what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to while u were working?


A long time ago, early in my career, I worked in a manufacturing facility, and occasionally was there in the graveyard shift. There was an "explosive fire" which we quickly brought under control. As frightening as a massive fire is in the daytime, try one in the middle of the night.


About 9-10 Pm at the hospital. I'm the only one in the wing because they laid off the employee who was doing the rooms and put someone in who's working new hours. I'm the only one who has a key to any rooms, as the janitor closet key is on a chain woth several keys. Security comes and accuses me of entering a room and not locking it, but I've never entered this room before in my life. They claim that "it was locked during our last round", although I haven't seen them all night. I insist I haven't entered it and explain everything I've done today. They tell me that I need to lock the doors when I'm done, not listening to me. I'm almost convinced someone else was in there, and I swear I could hear other footsteps around me. I hid in the miniature elevator for a little bit afraid someone may have broken in. No idea if anyone did, but I told my boss about it and asked if anyone had managed to slip passed me, but again, I was the only person there all day except the guards and the doctors who left around 3 or 4. I actually wrote a poem about bit, but decided to change the protagonist to someone who's schizophrenic who doesn't know what's real or fake, but it was on a private sub I'm no longer on. Thought it would make a good metal song. Really wish I'd kept it, as one of my friends is a musician. I thought I made it a .txt file called "the agitator", but it seems not. They may not have used the outside door to that wing, but the hospital is large, and the emergency room doors are always open. I could probably find my way there from those doors having worked there. Also, any time a baby was born, they'd play a noise on the loudspeaker of a lullaby (if you've ever heard Guten Abend Gute Nacht, it's that tune). Imagine doing your job alone at 10:30pm and that comes on while it's dark as fuck.


Not my story, but a co-worker's. Her sister was working a graveyard shift in the area, two AM-ish. As soon as she finished her shift, a van stopped her by the side of the road and took her. There was CCTV footage of the incident, but the sister still hasn't been found. ​ This happened around the time we were working and we passed that spot every day to and from work. There were also a lot of white vans around the area. Once, a van stopped next to me and my coworkers before it sped away. There was no traffic. There were three of us girls walking that stretch at two am.


I went to the upstairs floor to check to make sure I shut off all the lights before leaving and in the dark, I hear what sounds like children's nursery songs playing. I'm in an office building, that's not something I'd expect to hear. I say to myself "Well that's f*cked" and follow the noise. Turns out it was a phone in the conference room. No idea who would be calling the conference room phone and at that time of night, but the ringtone was just super creepy.