Teachers of Reddit, what’s the most important thing for students to learn that isn’t on the curriculum?

Teachers of Reddit, what’s the most important thing for students to learn that isn’t on the curriculum?


Critical thinking and the 5 whys method


It the 5 why method what I think it is? (Ask why 5 times to get to root)


You are CORRECT!


Noice :)


The most important thing you can learn is that learning is not the acquisition of knowledge. It’s a life long process. A journey, not a destination. Find out what you’re curious about and go!


How to deal with people. The ability to navigate difficult social situations - disagreements, lazy team members, cultural differences - is one of the most valuable and important skills in life, but it's extremely hard to teach effectively. The best we can do is group work, but students hate it and it's not really a great simulation of working in teams in the real world since you can't fire kids who don't pull their weight.


Emotional regulation, social skills, and effective communication strategies.


I can’t say I’m a teacher, I was only a TA. The one thing I’ve always told my students was to question how their teacher/TA marks. Oftentimes it doesn’t even take that long to ask/discuss your marks. Don’t accept and move on. Learning happens when you know why the mistakes were made.


Even more than what's on the curriculum: Life skills & Responsibility And by this, I mean learning to operate within a system. Learning to deal with conflict, deal with things you like, even things you don't understand or feel are unfair. LEARNING TO DEAL WITH FAILURE. Taking responsibility for your own success. Time management, focus, planning. Respect for others you disagree with, and authority figures you might not like. The list goes on. School is by far the lowest stakes environment you'll ever have to find your own approach to these things, and that is the most important thing you'll learn, period.


I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.


As a former student which many of us can attest to, I would say financial planning, and, It’s not everyone’s path to end up in college. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take school seriously


Manners and social skills


Problem solving. Basic decency. Forgot supplies? Well, hopefully you're decent enough to other people that they'll gladly share. At any rate, don't lean on the teacher to provide you with solutions multiple times per hour.


2 modern life skills - 1. Financial management basics, and 2. Negotiation fundamentals


taxes and rent


i dont fucking care how many apples timmy has


And compounding interest. It can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.


How to make actual money.


Student here how the real life works and how to deal with it


Getting along with others. Took the year off because of COVID, and I'm working a couple of remote jobs via Zoom and Skype. It's shocking to me how many adults just can't keep from being jerks.


Taxes, insurance, investing, retirement, financial planning, how mortgages work, filling out forms, basic laws, social skills, self-regulation, living skills, ethics, group dynamics, car and house maintenance, family planning, independence, patience, critical thinking, hobbies.


When someone says something rude to you, don’t be rude back. Let them be, kill them with kindness, and tell an adult. Fighting fire with fire never only causes more problems.


You can be lazy, and you can be dumb. But if you're both -- you're fucked; or go become a teacher.


History, at my school they don’t teach history which I find disrespectful to the millions of soldiers that gave their lives so that that school could be built.


Soldier worship and war glorification should not be in curriculum. War is a last option when all else has failed.


Critical thinking to everything to search for the "truth"


Having backups. Whether it's a spare copy of your homework, a softcopy of your project or friends to help you out in a sticky situation, or simply evidence for when something untoward happens, like accidents and such, always have a backup ready.