What dream (sleep) do you still remember to this day?

What dream (sleep) do you still remember to this day?


Arnold Schwarzenegger walking out of an ice-cream shop. He offers me an "ice cream island". It ends up being a literal island made of ice-cream, including water. I ate as much as I could. Which was more than I actually could.


Jawas would come to my house and steel my mum. For some reason that's the kind of dreams I had when I was little.


I flew a Boeing B-17 bomber at less than treetop level down the Pasadena (California) Freeway corridor. It refused to climb. Landed it on an offramp and came to a stop across from a Denny's restaurant. Got out and listened to the engines cool and watched it drip oil.


i had a recurring dream when i was a kid that i was at a yard sale and i opened a chest/drawer/whatever and a skeleton came out and chased me


Sort a left 4 dead situation in a forest but it wasn't scary cuz i felt like a badass


One where I had neglected to bury my mom and she was in my closet, and another where a very large, scary man was attacking me over and over and no one would help me.


Harry potter chased me through hogwarts trying to kill me cause he thought i was his enemy. i then threw out my kyogre to use hydro pump and critically strike him. I won that fight