What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?


About two years ago, I had severe bronchitis. Severe coughing and shortness of breath were the main symptoms. I couldn't talk without coughing. I couldn't lay down to sleep without coughing. It got so bad one night I was home alone and I couldnt breathe deeply anymore. I could only take a shallow breath. My roommate was out of town and I had no one to reach out to. I started getting panicky because I was afraid I wouldn't ever be able to breathe normally again and that I would die because I couldn't breathe or catch my breath


Bronchitis can kill people. You definitely should've called an ambulance preferably before you got to that state. Source: Am a fire EMT


ER nurse here, I confirm this


But did you make it? Talk about a cliffhanger...


No he died


The 2018 Hawaii missile threat. I was a senior in high school and we were getting ready to start our paddling race when we all got the notification. It was pure chaos. I remember that my parents were still at home and couldn’t reach me since the streets were packed. I thought I was gonna die alone in Ala Wai water.


I can’t even imagine. That was messed up.


My grandparents were there on vacation when that happened... they went to the bar when they got the alert for "one last drink." They're the best people.


and the thing is you were right to panic, because any sane normal person would, its the biggest most scariest alert you could realistically receive.


I got robbed at gunpoint when I was working alone one night at Subway when I was 16.


I got robbed while working at a subway too! By a coworker. Who used his own code to open the register and clear it out. It was very, very stupid.


I know someone who worked at subway, came back after hours and robbed them. They used the car they always drove ans parked where there were cameras. They also used their code. They did jail time for it.


Did they still make you pay them back for being short for the night?


When I was working closing shift at a convenience store I got robbed by a guy with a machete. It was oddly not super scary, it didn't really occur to me that he might actually hurt me. I guess I was just naive or not used to the idea that bad things might happen to me. I still didn't like being alone in the store after that though.


I also got robbed at subway, by an employee's boyfriend


Not me but a friend of mine was robbed right outside his house when he got home at night. Parked his car, stepped out, guy slashes him with a knife. Earned him a scar on his cheek but he was ok.


I was driving on the northern part of the ring road in Iceland. Buddies and I were seeing the whole country and it was bad weather in the middle of winter. Roads were closing behind us so we couldn’t turn back. We finally had a clear day ahead of us where we should have been able to drive and prevent being snowed in for a few days. We hit a stretch of road with no gas stations for many miles and we fill up on gas and go. Along the way the weather starts declining and eventually it gets to white out conditions. We couldn’t stop for fear of being snowed in. so we crawled along at 10 miles and hour. Closest I felt I ever came to dying on a road in the middle of nowhere in Iceland in a blizzard. great trip though 10/10 would go back


I had a friend from Iceland, he told me that the Icelandic weather doesn’t fuck about. It takes quite a few locals per year. A savage but an astonishingly beautiful country. Edit: a bit of the ol’ wording.


You don't fuck with winter.


Same thing with Minnesota, there's usually a few stories a year about someone getting caught out in the cold or wandering out drunk and dying (not to mention the homeless people who freeze to death that don'tget1 reported on). It gets as low as -31°F actual temperature. Edit: added relevant sentence


I stopped at a light in a questionable part of town and a strange lady hopped into the passenger seat of my car. She told me to drive her to the ATM and get her some money...I told her that I had forgotten my purse and could not do so (my purse was behind my seat and I was really hoping she wouldn't look around and catch my lie). She kept insisting that I give her money and I kept driving and telling her I couldn't... I'm pretty sure the $20 or so dollars I had in the bank would not have been enough anyway. Finally I saw a cop car stopped on the side of the road. I pulled up behind it and told her she could either get out then, or I'd start honking my horn to get the cops attention. She decided to leave. I was pretty shaken by that... I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't seen the cop and she was getting increasingly insistent and I know I would not have won a fight with her. Also... She took my bag of gummy worms.


What an effing monster. Taking your gummy worms like that .


I bet you lock all your doors when in sketchy areas now!


*Always* lock your doors.


Fortunately these days car doors lock themselves once you go above around 5-10mph


Never understood why people don’t lock their doors.


My previous car had locked its doors automatically and so had the car before that. I'm not exactly the most observant person about things that I don't find interesting (like vehicles) and didn't, until that moment, notice that they weren't locking in that car. They were fixed after that!


Something similar happened to my friend's dad. Guy got into his car, pointed a gun at him, told him to drive to an ATM, and pull out money. The dad was scared shitless, but seemingly, calmly agreed. He drove the car to a construction site nearby, hoping that the workers would be on duty that day. Fortunately, they were and the dad, driving a luxury car, looked so out of place that a bunch of the workers started watching him. The dad then told the guy, "You can either get out of my car or you can shoot me and have a dozen witnesses. Your choice, but you're not getting money from me." Guy with the gun got out of the car and ran off. The dad called off work that day and went home to spend time with his wife and kids. My friend said she had never seen him so freaked out before in her life and he made sure to tell them all that story so they would be able to do the same in that sort of situation.


What a fucking hero. I don't understand how you can be so ballsy with a gun to your head but I'm impressed. Same as to the lady above - bravo for standing up for yourself.


I'd be spending the ride convincing myself to crash the car. Someone who can coerce you to go where they want can coerce you into going to a second location. And you NEVER go to a second location. I'd rather convince them I'm crazy enough to kill the both of us rather than let them kill me.


My ex husband and I got into a fight one night. Later while we were on the way home he stopped talking and started speeding. He drove into a traffic pylon at 80 mph.


What was the result?


Oh Lord! These responses cracked me up! I needed that! We both survived with minor injuries and I immediately filed for divorce after I got out of the hospital. He ended up going to jail for 18 months.


Like, went to mail for being an idiot who was speeding and crashed? Because he sure should have, among many other things.


He was mixing prescription meds and drinking which was why we were fighting. He was charged with DUI, reckless driving, and damage to person and property.


Pretty sure they divorced


My dad almost did this once. I was like 14-15, my sister in the back with me at around 10, my mother in the passenger seat. I don't remember why but there is arguing. We were in a parking lot because we originally were going out for dinner. There's like a lightly fenced pond at the end of this parking lot. In his rage, he floored it towards the pond with us screaming. He stopped right before the end of the parking lot before we would go into the pond. I was crying. No idea what else was going on except for my mother and sister's screams of morbid fear. I for whatever reason called 911 on my new cell phone. My father and mother were angry with me and my dad threatened to accuse me of attacking him if I didn't hang up. I told them my location already, but in fear of this due to it happening before, plus the fear of losing my new phone I just got as a birthday gift, I said nevermind don't come and hung up. Well my dad was still driving around the parking lot when a cop stopped us (I must've told him the car too I honestly don't remember exactly) and questioned us saying something along the lines of checking my cell phone location? Sorry I'm kinda stoned so it's a bit tough to keep track. Anyway, in the end I was forced to claim I was acting out so I didn't receive punishment from my parents (my father is a narcissist and my mother is an enabler) and make things worse. I wonder if this is why cops have always been rude with me any other time since I've called for help with my dad to the point I don't call them anymore since they threatened to arrest me due to his stories he'd make.up to protect himself. Anyway Tl;Dr dad and mom were fighting, dad floored it towards a pond to make us think he was going to kill us


omg I’m so sorry. I have a story like that too. My dad was an alcoholic and had untreated bipolar disorder so he often got mad and when he got mad at one thing anyone in his sight was gonna get physically and verbally attacked. Growing up this made me scared of him and one time when I was 11 he physically attacked my sister for not giving him her computer. I opened my bedroom door just to see her hit my dad back and my dad stop in shock. No one has ever hit him back because if we did he would probably get madder. Well my sister left leaving just me. My dad started taking all of the stuff out of me and my sisters room (yes we shared one) and he just started throwing it out. He kept telling me to leave too even though I was 11. I ran to the bathroom and texted my sister on my cheap tiny phone what he was doing and she told me to call the cops. I was too scared to because I know if I called the cops things would’ve gotten muchhhh worse for me, or so I thought. Edit: my dad also owned multiple guns some even next to his bed so that made things even scarier.


A guy stopped traffic and walked up to the window of the taxi I was in and pointed a gun at my head through the window. Then said "wrong taxi", and casually walked away. I hope he never found the right taxi.


Social rules are so weird. The guy is apparently either going to kill or kidnap someone (quite the social faux pas if there ever was one) but when he realizes his error he still feels compelled to give a verbal explanation. Like as a person with a gun and the will to commit crimes with it you dont really owe anyone anything because we already left that territory far behind us. To be fair it does earn you some cool points to be like a gentlemen gunman. But that kind of gets washed out by the prison time that he totally deserves. Although it was nice of him to give you an explanation. Like otherwise a random gunman threatens you and then just walks away. That would bother me on a deep level I feel and knowing "wrong taxi" probably would make me feel at least a little bit better.


Bare minimum, at least OP didn’t spend his time worried the guy was going to come back


That’s some Saprano’s shit


I was driving and a man was purposely riding his bike into incoming traffic and cars were hitting each other. . I had to go onto the curb to avoid hitting him and came inches from hitting pedestrians. I couldn’t drive for years. It was by far the scariest thing I have ever experienced.


nearly fell off a cliff when skiing (but got rescued)


That is another reason I am reluctant to go skiing. As an over thinker I always think worst case scenario


I am a skier and I have this tendency. I definitely usually stick on blue runs with the occasional black if I’m feeling VERY ambitious but it still takes a lot of gumption for me to to even consider those most days. Whenever I go down cat tracks, I still think “what if something happens and my skis end up pointing off the cat track and I can’t stop and fly off the side of the mountain into trees” even though that’s never happened in my entire life, but I guess that’s anxiety for you. Some people have no fear, I am definitely not one of those people. Would rather putter around the mountain thanks


Being in a locked bathroom while a fire drill was going off... I was in a Halo cast due to having a back surgery so I couldnt move my head or the middle of my body. I must've been like 5. Being almost paralyzed while that terrible alarm was blaring was terrifying, it felt like imminent doom was approaching and your left defenseless. Scarred me the rest of my childhood to even into high school.


Wow, that had to be terrifying. Why were you locked in a bathroom?


Someone broke into our storage shed. Stole barely anything, just a speaker and a handful of coins. But when we caught him in the act, he just slowly walked off and said “if you follow me I’ll shoot you.” It may not sound the scariest but when you don’t know if this person who invaded your home is bluffing about having a gun or not, it is horrifying


Do you know what happened to him?


No, not as of now. However I know the police have a full DNA profile since he was stupid enough to not wear gloves and leave his fingerprints everywhere. It was only about 2 weeks ago, so I have full confidence they’ll get him soon based on that


Was at a house party and we were in the basement. We were warned by the host of the party that her cousin James was there and that he wasn’t quite right mentally, but didn’t really specify how. Probably about an hour into the party we’re just standing around talking and dancing when out of nowhere James comes running through the basement from upstairs and jumped through a wooden door clear through to the other side like the fucking kool-aid man. Then the guy who was bartending/DJing cut the music, pulled a gun out from his waistband, held it up and said “party’s over, everyone”. I’ve never ran out of a house faster in my life. That was almost 20 years ago and to this day I still don’t know exactly what the fuck was going on.


I was 14 I think. Went on a swinging boat ride at the fair, the kind that pause upside down. The auto locking seatbelt bar didn't lock all the way down against me, so when it stopped upside down I started to slip out of my seat. It probably only lasted 10-15 seconds until we went down again but I was holding myself into that car for dear life. Pretty scary, but it didn't kill my love of roller coasters! Edit: All the replies show this sort of thing is disturbingly common... Kinda makes you wonder about the regulations and protocols at these temporary carnivals.


I had a shitty carnival ride stop with me and my husband suspended upside down in a little spaceship-looking pod thing for about 20 seconds. Just hanging there, upside down 70 feet into the air was the most scared I have ever been. Just a shitty lap belt between me and certain death was not fun. Now I have occasional nightmares about being on a wicker roller-coaster with nothing holding me in except will power.


You’re going to want to avoid the “Flight of the Hippogriff” at universal studios Orlando. It’s a family style roller coaster made to look like it’s made out of wicker.


I was at an amusement park with my older brother and we packed my shoes and poofed up my hair and I just made it through the height restrictions, I was a really slim kid and when the ride went upside down the first time I slid through the pull down harness as my shoulders didn't catch, my brother had to stretch his arm out to pin me down for the rest of the ride, luckily he was a bodybuilder then so strong enough to keep in place for the rest of the ride, when we got off we went to get slushies and agreed to never tell mum because I think the weekend before she had told us off for piggy back roller skating (we were very reckless thrill seekers growing up)


My mom took me on a coaster I only was allowed on because of my frizzed out hair. We were in the top of a hill and she pointed out my sister and dad way below in some go-karts so I leaned over to see them and almost fell out. My mom had to grab me by the neck and yank me back in the car.


There’s a reason for those height restrictions.


Yep 😬 I learnt my lesson!


Me and my friend when on one of those when we were 10. We weren’t strong enough to click the shoulder bars down and no one came to check us so we were held in with a seatbelt clip and the ride started. We just had to brace ourselves in place the whole time, basically locked off our legs against the front of the car and held ourselves in by pushing hard when it went upside down. It was absolutely terrifying. We were shouting for staff when we felt the ride start and knew we weren’t secure but no one stopped the ride or came to help us


I was about 12 and kayaking with my dad down a creek near our house. The water was flowing very fast because it had just rained. We were coming up on a corner and he yelled at me to stick my paddle in the water to turn. I couldn’t seem to move and crashed right into the bank of the creek. I latched onto a root of a tree while my kayak floated downstream. I stayed in the water for about 20 minutes screaming for help, hoping someone would hear me. No one did, so I looked around and saw another branch about 10 feet down where I could get onto the ground and climb up. I let go of the one I was on and in about 2 seconds I was to the one I wanted to get to. I then floated there for a bit and got the strength to climb onto solid ground. I climbed up and around a small hill to get to my dad who had somehow retrieved both kayak and paddle. We hugged, promised never to tell my mom, and rode the kayaks to our house.


Found out in a shitty way that corpses let out gas slowly, sometimes sounding like a groan It was at my father's funeral. I was 9. Fucking creepy.


Oh dear God no. How traumatic for you.


i had a car accident last sunday night. lost control and ended up in a culvert where i hit a tree head on. all air bags deployed. completely destroyed the front end of my sub compact suv. managed to get out and crawl up the ditch onto the narrow, dark, two lane country road where it was eerily quiet. all in all a terrifying experience. EDIT TO ADD: An award! Whaaa? Thanks so much to everyone for the advice and encouragement. Today I drove to another city to visit my elderly father and I did it! I remembered to breathe, to not worry about people thinking I was a slowpoke (I stayed in my lane and let them pass me), and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty good behind the wheel again. Not gonna lie... it was nerve wracking but it did help knowing others were sympathetic. :)


Man this sucks. I took my girlfriend to the movie theater to see Paranormal Activity 3. On our way back one of my tires went out, the car spun off the opposite side of the highway, rolled and landed in the middle of a cornfield. I hit my head and blacked out while it rolled (I have no memory of the car stopping). I just kind of woke up to my girlfriend screaming the most awful hurt scream and crying while we sat in the cornfield. We had a HiC fruit punch which spilled all over me. I noticed I was covered in red liquid and my initial thought was she is badly hurt or dieing and we are alone in the middle of the country in a cornfield. The car behind me didn’t stop. I glanced backwards while panicking and saw them break for a second and keep going. I calmed my girlfriend down and realized she was just really shaken up. Luckily another car stopped and called the police/ambulance. We both were okay but it messed me up pretty bad mentally. It took me a while to get over anxiety while driving. Just make sure you talk to loved ones if you need it. You aren’t the first one to have an accident and you won’t be the last. PTSD or anxiety in cars can be common after accidents. I know I may be reaching or assuming but just in case you are going through that struggle, it gets better OP. Hang in there.


Fuck that sounds terrifying. Hope you’re doing okay.


thanks, i managed somehow to walk away. very bruised, concussed. injured my sternum which is pretty painful. lucky, and grateful, to be alive.


Please take the concussion very seriously and follow everything your doc says to recover. They are no joke and can fuck your life up for a solid year or more.


thanks. i am being super careful to follow medical advice. seeing a physiotherapist next week too. appreciate your good advice.


I got stopped by the Cartel in Mexico. I live on the border and we decided to go eat some authentic tacos. My dad, my brother and his blonde girlfriend and I (12) were driving to our favorite taco place when this truck behind us started honking at us. Unfortunately there were 3 speed bumps in a row right in front of us. So the truck got impatient and pulled up in front of us. Then they stopped at the intersection which was right in front of us. Along with another truck that was behind them. And a van. Then, like insects, they all swarmed out of their vehicles with AK’s and body armor. They lined up pointing to both out car, and then down the street in the direction our car was facing. 2 guys started smacking the car with the butt of their guns and yelling at us to leave. Then they shot some warning shots at the ground in front of the car. My dad floored it backwards while my brother shoved his white girlfriend into the floor and I tried to become one with the seat. Almost died that day. At least thats what it felt like.


The cartels are not usually that generous


Cartels generally leave American tourists alone since they are paying customers. It's bad for business for them to discourage tourists from visiting and spending money. I'm going to assume that the op was traveling somewhere they shouldn't have been and was being warned to leave, hence why when they reversed course they were allowed to leave.


I don't understand what happened here. Why did they stop you? Wrong car?


Driving across the mountain at night during a snow storm. I could not see anything except for the red light of the car in front me. I know there is a cliff on my right side but I could not see the railing. And I was driving by myself.




I read a post from a guy who was in a real one. Many people died. He said how frustrated and angry he was with the other kids hiding with him who were making lots of noise and light with their phones. Edit: https://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-1538-5-things-you-learn-surviving-mass-shooting.html


We went on lock down over a rumor. There was a kid (I'll call him jack) who was suspended from school and put on house arrest for stabbing another kid. We found out later it was self defense but his reputation was already ruined. On the way to school some of the kids who knew where Jack lived saw a bunch of police cars out front of his house. When they got to school it was speculated that the police were looking for Jack, and if there were that many cars then it must be serious. Of course the logical conclusion was that he had stolen his dad's gun and was on his way to get revenge. The rumor spread and it made its way to the teachers who took it seriously. Students were told we were in lock down and there was a potential shooter. We were probably locked in our classroom for an hour with no word on what was happening. Well it turns out the police cars were not in front of Jack's house and were instead in front of another kids house a few doors down who had committed suicide. I have never seen people go from terrified to sad that quickly. Everywhere you looked people were breaking down and crying. The kid who had died was well liked and the added stress from thinking there was a shooter was a lot to handle. At this point first period was over and parents were lined up outside to collect their kids (they had heard there was an active shooter). Classes were canceled for the rest of the day, and students who didn't have a ride home all gathered in the gym or library to talk about the kid who had died and to grieve.


bloody hell


My university went into lockdown for an active shooter my junior year. I had just finished a project and was cleaning up when a classmate came in and shut the door behind him. This door automatically locked and usually stayed open during class hours especially when students needed the space to work, so immediately I knew it was odd. He told me our professor had called and told him to close the shop door and to tell everyone in the room to stay put. We got messages and announcements that this was occurring across a courtyard from the building we were in. It was one of the most terrifying moments I’ve experienced. Turns out it was a person in camouflage carrying a large tripod but of course in the moment we didn’t know that, and I’m deeply thankful it was a false alarm.


A local community college got put in lock down about 20 years ago when someone wearing camo pants parked their motorcycle and took off running across campus with what looked to witnesses like a rifle strapped to his back. Turns out he was a musician that was late to giving a demonstration of his didgeridoo to a music class. There was no gun.


Our campus went on lockdown because one of the ROTC forgot the orange cap on his parade rifle. The rifle was solid wood and quite obviously not real up close but from a distance, because it's painted black and rifle shaped, it could be mistaken for real especially without the cap. I'm sure someone got chewed out that day.


People attempted to carjack me in Milwaukee. They blocked the entrance to a restaurant I was eating at with a car, pulled up next to me in a second car like a bat outta hell, so close I wouldn’t have been able to open my driver side door. then 4 people ran out of their car to prevent me from leaving. I threw it into reverse and looked over to see my friend Rory was hanging onto my passenger side door, I slowed a second and screamed at him “RORY GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!” the carjackers jumped out of the way as I drove around the other side of the restaurant to a clear exit and then sped down 27th Ave going about 120mph, worried that they’d follow me.


Fuckin Rory


I'm so happy you made it out of that. What a bunch of low life scrubs. I also live in Milwaukee and right now this is insanely common, like happening daily. Car jackings are happening like crazy here. Channel 4 just mentioned it the other day. One time I came outside to a Tshirt wrapped around my windshield wipers after I was done shopping on the east side and I got in my car and drove away immediately out of fear (I looked around beforehand and realized no one was close enough to rush me if I got in and floored it.) It's a popular tactic for them to also put something on your car so you spend time messing with it and then they rush you and take your car. Edited for spelling


I worked for an armored car company. Barely made over $10 an hour and got to handle millions of dollars, and carry a sidearm for my job. I literally only had to qualify at the gun range to carry a weapon. That's it. I was putting about $150,000 in an ATM, when out the corner of my eye, I saw someone run around the corner at full speed towards me. Fight or flight is the real thing, I drew my weapon in a split second and almost shot him. He immediately hit the brakes and put his hands up. Come to find out, the ATM ate his card. He was inside the bank talking to the teller when she told him that I could probably return his card since I just opened up the ATM. He Bolted from the bank to catch me before I left. Scared the shit out of me.


Did he get his card back tho?


He did, actually. Something must have been going on with the machine because there were at least five cards in there.


It is not necessary that there was something wrong with the machine. A few years ago I just forgot to take my card from the machine. Got my money, went away, and just forgot it. I believe, the machine just swallows the card after a few minutes. I found out what I've done about 15 minutes later. The ATM was in the front of a branch of the bank, so they could open it right away for me. There were at least three for four other cards there. I believe, people just forget to take them, just like me.


Where I live, ATMs don't give out cash unless you take the card out, first. Never realized it would be different elsewhere! They eat the whole card and then you type in your details, how much cash you want, card gets spat out, you take card, cash dispenses. Super handy if you're out and drunk and not careful with your cards!


I had a pretty high fever once and i started to dream. I vaguely remembered having a choice of saving earth or destroying it and for some reason I destroyed it, woke up feeling so guilty I seriously contemplated jumping off the roof. Made me realize how crazy fevers can be


This story went from, “Oh, haha, that’s kinda silly, oh-“


Fever dreams are the worst. I honestly can't even put mine into words but they were a taste of hell I wouldn't wish on anyone.


When I was young I had very bad fevers from the h1n1 virus, on the night I had 41° Celsius fever, I had probably the worst dream in my life. I had said in another comment that I had another dream where I had murdered my family but this one is way worse. The fate of the universe was on me, I had one big flat grey plate representing the fabric of space time, the size of football fields, and I had to hold it with one finger only, I had to balance it so that it didn’t fall apart, after a while my finger started to tire and I heard voices, a cacophony of billions of voices. It instilled so much pure fear and anxiety in me I almost threw up, but unfortunately I hadn’t woken up and it just continued for a while. Eventually I failed and I destroyed our universe. It took so long for it to fall apart, the voices got so loud I couldn’t hear anything anymore. Everything was white, and I was in hysterics because everything is gone, then I started seeing pipes like in the windows screensaver start to appear everywhere in this white space, slowly filling it up and pushing me into tight spaces between these pipes. After that the memories are fuzzy and blurry but I do remember seeing ONE red flower in the middle of all the pipes, like a still image of what was happening.


I had a weird dream like that once as a kid. Laid down for a nap, and in the dream I woke up from the very nap I was having, and I was angry. I started rampaging through the house, smashing holes in the walls, breaking stuff, smashing glasses, ripping stuff down, screaming all sorts of horrible things at my mom, throwing stuff at her, and after I was done, I came back upstairs, laid down for a nap and then I woke up for real. I was so startled and upset, thinking I had actually done this that I burst into tears and was scream-crying because I thought I ACTUALLY had done that. Mom comes upstairs and I just cried. Took her about 20 minutes to get me to tell her what was wrong and she told me it was just a nightmare.


Pistol in my face by a kid no more than 13 years old. I was sure that little fucking idiot was going to kill me.


same, but with a loaded rifle that did not fire since the bullet was jammed


I was swimming way way out in the ocean in St Croix. There was this huge drop off basically like an underwater cliff where if you looked down it was just a pitch black bottomless pit. Anyway that was creepy but not the scary part. Started swimming back to the beach and 4 barracuda swam by me. I just kind of floated underwater watching them pass by me trying to be still and not freak tf out. Oddly enough they had no interest in me at all. According to the movies I should have been dead meat


You're good, you are waay bigger than what they want to eat. Like, you'll eat a steak but if you wander past a cow, you're not likely to attack it.


For a year, I lived in the Arctic, studying to be an Arctic Nature Guide. There were more polar bears than people so that was quite a threat. Every time you went camping or anything, you'd have to carry a rifle. Anyway, I had 2 altercations with polar bears. The first one, we had all gone on a 8-day excursion and we stayed by the water, which you should never do. We had a garbage bin at the end of the camp. We had something called polar bear watch where we would take turns staying up 4 hours each watching for polar bears. On the FIRST NIGHT I had to do this, it was 2 am and I was standing on the edge of a cliff watching. I saw a bear jump straight into the water and start swimming towards our camp real fast. I woke everyone up, screaming at them. Then we all gathered, stood in a group in front of the bear and shot flare guns near him, with rifles in hand. He kept approaching then by the like 7th flare, he turned around and swam away. My second encounter was when we went on a 10-day excursion even further away. It took about 10 hours to reach our first camp destination. I was responsible for a group of about 8 people and it was my turn to stay up the WHOLE NIGHT looking out for them in case a bear joined us. So I stood outside in the snow, about -15 Celsius the whole night. Only, about 3 hours in, I see something moving in the distance. Getting the rifle ready, I keep an eye out. Everything is white because of the snow so it was really hard to spot whether it was a polar bear or not. I kept watching it and it was so dark (polar night). Eventually I realized it was actually a bear and I screamed for everyone to wake up. We did the same thing, gathered in a group and shot flares. Only it got even closer than the last one did and it was a skinnier polar bear which is a VERY bad sign. At some point, we shot a flare so close to it that it decided to turn around and run away. We slept on edge the whole night.


No ones probably gone from 0 to wide awake as fuck more than those poor bastards who got woken up by someone screaming that an emaciated polar bear is running directly at them


You are a fucking badass man


I spent 3 hours in a police station in Shanghai, China. I'd been out to dinner that night with a friend, he talked to me about another girl who was working at our company that he had a crush on, and I was ribbing him, telling him how he'd never have a chance, she was too beautiful. The man at the table next to us overheard us, got mad that a foreigner was "taking a Chinese woman" and called the police, and said my friend was bragging to me about being a pedophile. This alone was enough for the police to come, put us in their cars, and take us to the police station for hours. Before this, we hadn't had any interaction with this man at all, I'd even looked over and thought "oh, he's kinda cute" when we sat down, but we never interacted with him at all. He just decided he had a problem with us and caused 3 hours of drama at the police station for nothing. Nothing happened to him either, I don't even think he was reprimanded by the police.


I fell asleep on a bus and missed by stop by several ones...it was midnight, it was a place I didn't know and Im girl. Thankfully the driver of the bus pointed to the stop were I should wait for the other bus so I go back and it came really fast. I was really fortunate that day


I was in the mental hospital for attempting suicide. While I was sleeping a male patient came into my room, got on top of me and sexually assaulted me.


Omg I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope things are better now.


That's terrible. I hope the staff took you seriously and dealt with him.


That's awful, hope you are doing better now


Was stupidly free climbing a big rock in Sedona and lost traction and just started to slide down and couldn't stop myself. There was a small ledge with a cactus on it beneath the rock and then a drop of at least 100 feet. That cactus stopped me and likely saved my life.




Yeah but I'm alive


Fuck yeah


I nearly drowned. I was swimming way out in the ocean when a really bad storm came out of nowhere. I was a strong swimmer but it didn't matter. It felt like my lungs were on fire and being shredded with knives. There was so much sand in the water that I couldn't see; I figured out which way was up by being slammed into the seafloor and swimming in the opposite direction I was underwater long enough that I lost consciousness and my last thought was "I'm going to die now and nothing will ever hurt me again" When I came to, I was being dragged up the beach. I coughed and vomited up what felt like more than a litre of sand and seawater. Every time I blew my nose for weeks afterwards more sand would come out


Same thing happened to me when I was a kid- the part about the sea floor got me. I remember swimming toward the light, thinking it was sunlight. Wrong. It was sand. The absolute horror when I realised I had to swim the other way. I had the wits to push off from the bottom, but then making it to the top and timing it correctly so not as to get engulfed by any waves again. Fucking terrifying. I never even told anyone, just clambered to the beach and lay there on the sand for ages until I felt OK. Got up and walked home like nothing had happened. I knew if I told my parents they'd get angry at me so I stayed quiet. But, I stopped swimming at surf beaches after that.




Damn... I’m so sorry


Christ the lack of detail makes this even worse that must have been horrible


Me 17, on a rainy day with slippery tyres went through a corner too fast. Two friends in the car with me. Lost control, car swerved, we missed on-coming traffic by probably an inch. It happened in an instant. I regained control when the car was pointing in the driving direction again, by lifting from the brakes so we moved forward as if nothing happened. A week later going around the same corner an accident happend, head to head. I was second on the scene, and held a strangers hand as they are trapped under the steering wheel. Slipping in and out of consciousness, in total pain, while waiting for emergency services. I was asked to leave by the police when they learned I was not an eye witness to the actual accident. But I knew what happened, because I escape a crash like this just a week before. I never asked people what happened to the people in the other car and I do not know if the person I assisted made it. All I do remember is the total chaos in my memory of arriving at the scene, linked to my irresponsible behavior behind the wheel a week before.


I had filed a sexual harassment complaint at my work 2 years after it initially started (because I thought it had been reported by my coworker who had witnessed it). When I had to go in for a 3rd round of questioning my head boss asked me, "Why is it affecting you so badly?" and I had to break down and had to tell them about the abuse I went through as a child. It's not something I wanted to talk about but to have them ask that... I was put on the spot. They didn't do anything to the guy but told him to keep away from me (despite having so many complaints against him from not just me).


What a shitty, insensitive question for the boss to ask!


Utterly inappropriate.




Being 19 at a house party in an unfamiliar rural town with mostly people I didn't know. Boyfriend and I were having an argument outside the house and two guys decided to come out and pick a fight. Dropped my boyfriend and started wailing into him, while I tried to pull them off him and scream for help. No one heard me over the sounds of the music, but a friend had noticed the guys follow us out and grabbed some others to come investigate. By the time they hot to us, I had ripped some hair out of one guys head and was balled up over my boyfriend's head and neck trying to protect them while he was unconcious. One guy was trying to pull me off while the other was still kicking my boyfriend. The party goers pulled the guys off and while I was in hysterics still screaming, they tended to my boyfriend. He woke up after a few minutes, and I wanted to call an ambulance and the police. The only problem was that there was no reception, and the house owners wouldn't give me their phone to use because they'd all been smoking pot and didn't want to get in trouble. I stayed up all night in a small room with my boyfriend watching him to make sure he didn't have a concussion or pass out again or worse. It was an awful night and I've never been more scared. Only took a few minutes but it felt like hours.


That’s horrifying


In the scheme of things, it's not the worst thing that could have happened. But for a 19yo me it was pretty confronting. When I got home the next day I didn't feel like I could tell anyone really about what happened, like I would get in trouble somehow. Took me about 5 years until I finally blurted it out and started talking about it, and by that point all those people were long gone from my life. Now I'm older though, I am impressed at my younger self for trying so hard to protect my boyfriend and not flee, and my quick thinking to protect his head and neck was a surprisingly good call for a hysterical, tipsy 19yo who's never been in a fight before


I was walking down a sidewalk, just about to cross a trolley track. My friend pulled me back, and the trolley drove on just a few feet ahead of me. Really saved my life. Taught me to keep my head up, and look both ways, no matter how sad or down I’m feeling that day.


Had a similar thing while I was driving. I was about take a turn so I looked right, left, right, and pulled out but my friend yells “STOP” and grabs my arm so I slam the brakes and a car goes barreling by from the left. Had to have been going 80+ in a 25. Definitely would’ve killed me had it hit. Genuinely saved my life and taught me an important lesson


I almost drowned at the lake when I was stuck under something (I don't remember what) . It's not to scary but when I got unstuck nobody noticed me almost dieing . I tried telling people but literally no one listened and my brother even said "No one cares" which kinda freaked me out more


Happened to me as well in a pool in a hotel. Strange feeling: you have just brushed with death and no-one seems to notice.


> my brother even said "No one cares" What an ass.


I was charged by a wild/feral male bison on Catalina Island. I'm a veteran wilderness backpacker - I've been face to face with countless bears and a few mountain lions, but never been as scared as being charged by a bison. I'm beyond lucky to still be alive.


Angry or scared herbivores are no joke, when a carnivore attacks you just have to convince it you aren’t worth the effort to kill and eat you but when an herbivore is trying to kill you there’s not stopping it because it legitimately wants you dead.


I sure thought this animal intended to kill me. This one was standing up on a small hill, with a female lying nearby. The trail took me close to their hill, and when I got within a certain distance, I had entered the no-go zone. He came charging down the hill at me, full speed - I can only assume that some leftover hunter/gatherer instinct took over because what I did(without thinking) seemed counterintuitive; I kind of ran up the hill he was coming down, but then quickly took an angle to his left. I kinda juked him and his weight, combined with his speed, carried him far enough away from me to where I was back outside of his no-go zone. He stared at me as I took the longest arc I could from the whole situation. Mildly interesting: Obviously bison are not native to Catalina Island, but there are about 200 of them that roam the island. The widely accepted story of how they arrived there is that a filmmaker brought them out there for a motion picture in the 1920s and just left them there.


An hour ago. Waiting for an Uber outside in Nashville. All of a sudden, shots fired. Like twenty shots total… everyone runs for cover (where there is little). It happened so quickly, it was hard to know what was happening. Scariest moment of my life, especially knowing that two minutes prior we were standing in a way more exposed location. We were fine, but… nothing on Twitter or the news. WTF.


Look at Nashville Scanner on Twitter. I’ve been following them for a while. Judging from the time you said it happened, there are at least 3 shootings that occurred within a few hours from then. Shootings happen pretty frequently around Nashville.


Holy fuck glad you’re okay!! Stay safe out there!


Probably when my dad had a seizure while driving up a very steep mountain highway with the cruise control set to 65. I had two options: jerk the wheel to the right and drive off a cliff and die, or jerk the wheel left and drive across a grassy median and two lanes of oncoming traffic to *hopefully stop the truck on the smaller hillside on the opposite side of the highway. There was no third option to keep the wheel steady because the truck was already wobbling out of control by the time I realized what was happening. I took my chances with the oncoming traffic and somehow missed everyone and hit the hill on the left side. The airbag hit me so hard it temporarily knocked me unconscious. It scared me shitless! I was 15 when it happened and I still have ptsd from it 16 years later. And THAT’S how we found out my dad has epilepsy…


An evil rooster chased me as a kid


Same. Grew up on a farm & one of my “jobs” was to collect eggs from the chickens. We had 2 roosters (both white), one who was chill, but the other had a very “FUCK YOU” kinda attitude & would chase little me the second he saw me. It was very traumatic, especially not being able to tell the 2 roosters apart…. So my dad spray painted a blue stripe on the evil rooster so I’d be able to tell the difference & haul ass outta there XD


Frequently when there is more than one rooster and one of them is an asshole, you have stew and one less rooster.


I chased (or stalked) a peacock as a kid. I was on vacation, visiting my uncle’s house in India. He had wild peacocks just chilling on his property. I wanted to grab a peacock feather and bring it back to the US so I can bring it to “show-and-tell.” I stalked one of the peacocks and waited for the perfect moment to lunge. The peacock knew I was there and just casually walked down a trail. It was almost as tall as I was and it seemed to be more annoyed at me than afraid; as if it was thinking “I’m gonna teach this little human shit a lesson.” At some point it inexplicably changed its gait. Suddenly I feel horrible sharpe pain in my legs. I looked down and saw huge red ants biting my legs. They bit so deep, it looked as though their heads were buried in my skin. I ran as fast as I could to a hose and washed dozens of angry ants off my legs. The peacock knew what it was doing. It intentionally lead me into an ant nest. Edit: I was 5 years old at the time.




We had one when i was little. We called it the Bad Rooster. We were terrified of it but my dad thought it was funny watching us run from it while it chased us.One week we went on vacation and my dad asked one of his friends to feed the animals while we were gone. He didn't know about the Bad Rooster. He was feeding the chickens when he was attacked. He looked down at his calf and saw two holes where he was spiked. He panicked because he thought he got bit by a rattle snake. That was until the rooster came after him again. He carried a stick everyday until we got back.


I had a similar experience with a dog which led to a fear of dogs for a couple of years. But I have an hilarious image of a demon rooster chasing people around


IDK where y’all are at, but here geese and roosters don’t play around.


Had an oil fire erupt explosively inside a woodstove, someone had thrown a pop bottle full of used motor oil in that was capped. It blew the damper clean open and was causing the chimney pipes to shake violently like something in a movie. I emptied a fire extinguisher into it and it worked for a bit but it reignited and stayed burning but at a considerably slower roll. Was terrifying to nearly have a building burn down on you.


I had really strong "call of the void" feeling when i was holding a double barrel shotgun. I basically wanted to shoot myself.


I've emotionally and mentally stable, surrounded by healthy relationships, happy nearly all the time, and I recognize when I'm down (I've only ever experienced healthy downs). I've had this call of the void a couple of times when holding a firearm. It's absolutely terrifying that my brain would make those connections. I've always been immediately repulsed at the thought, but even having the thought has been startling.


I think that might be a bit of a normal thing depending on how your brain processes things. A gun is death in the hands of anybody. Immediate death. You could kill anybody with this small weapon. There’s a lot of power and responsibilities in even holding one. And I think maybe our brains go straight to darkest thing to get us to understand in true, what we already know subconsciously. A gun ain’t to be fucked with or taken lightly.


I was a dumb kid and somehow stuck my hand into the inner-working of an elevator . I kept pushing on the door to get it to open like they usually do with pressure, but it kept closing. I managed to pull my hand out just inches before it smashed my fingers.


I fell from a watchtower during my army service and almost broke my back. fortunately it was raining and ground I fell on was "soft" otherwise I wouldn't be able to walk again, at least that's what the medic said


We were coming home from visiting family. Rural 2 lane paved road. My Mom and 3 kids were in the car, I was driving. I came around a blind curve, over a slight hill and...there was a little girl in the road! Standing smack in the center of our lane. I slammed on the brakes and, thank God, stopped in time. I got out and picked her up. She was about 2 years old, crying. We heard some people nearby frantically calling and realized they were looking for her. We drove her over to her house. She'd been playing in the yard and wandered off. If you have kids you know how easily this can happen...kids can move fast. I didn't judge. I am usually the type who sees a pothole and swerves just in time to hit it square on. I am thankful that, when it really counted, I reacted fast enough. My heart is racing just typing this out. It could have been tragic. IDK if I would have been able to mentally survive hitting a child with my car. She was so tiny... Years later, I fell through a window and slashed my arm, 48 stitches. That wasn't nearly as scary as a little girl in the road.


Lived in the city at the time. My laptop’s graphics card was dying and I needed to finish a large design project for my last semester in college. Immediately went to the store right before they closed and bought a new laptop as I needed one right away. On my way to hail a cab I was attacked by a homeless man with a knife demanding my new laptop and my wallet while slashing at me nonstop. Fought him off and got the knife away from him somehow without getting cut or stabbed. A cab driver noticed immediately and was screaming he’d get help and was calling the police on his radio and cel phone. Homeless guy is crazy strong and is trying to get me to the ground, we’re standing wrestling while he’s trying to grab the laptop box and I’m punching him anywhere and everywhere I can with all my strength without the madman flinching. He grabs ahold of my laptop box and he’s trying to pull it away from my hands, give him a huge front kick to the chest and I’ve winded him enough to get him to let go, which makes me stumble backwards and fall on my ass while getting a face full of laptop in a box. As I sit there bewildered from the hit to my face I see the homeless guy has his knife again and is running at me full charge. Half way to me a bunch of shots ring out and he drops like a sack of potatoes right in front of me, I was saved by the police. When they asked me why I didn’t just give him the laptop I told them I thought he would kill me no matter what I did so I was just defending myself. Turns out the guy was a known drug addict and they told me he was most likely high at the time, and that they were able to respond so quickly because he had already stabbed and robbed someone nearby. After being interviewed for a long time and my official statement was made, the cab driver took me back to my apartment free of charge. Spent the next 3 hours crying in my wife’s arms until we both fell asleep. Also, I finished the project and graduated.


Car accident, three barrels and landed on the roof. Was the passenger, my friend was unresponsive when I woke up, his arm half ripped as it was outside while we crashed.


I was in the middle of the crowd at the concert shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 (deadliest mass shooting in US history). Jason Aldean was performing and we thought it was fireworks until he was pulled off the stage. Everyone got down to the ground and eventually I couldn't take getting shot at anymore and sprinted out of the venue, leaving my friends behind. (If you know or Google, he was using an automatic so it was just round after round after round of gunshots, not knowing if/when one was going to hit me or my friends.) Called my parents hysterical to let them know I was okay and walked to MGM. They had triage set up in there, otherwise no one else there had any idea what had happened outside. Finally met up with one of my friends and thought we were safe. Then someone comes running through the casino saying there's an active shooter (there wasn't) so my friend and I darted and got split up again. I am freaking out trying to get a taxi/Uber back to my hotel because I'm thinking there are shooters everywhere now. One taxi kicks me out because I'm screaming to get to my hotel. Eventually I walk a couple blocks and am able to flag down a Lyft and get to my hotel. As I'm walking through the lobby, they announce they are shutting down the entrance to the hotel for safety so I sprint to the elevators to finally get to my room before they shut down elevators too. Spend all night not sleeping, unable to comprehend what had happened. Still triggered by gunshots.


Leaving Chinatown in Chicago drunk at 3AM after partying with my friends and walking toward the red line, slightly older male steps out behind a pillar with a gun 1 foot from my face telling me to give him all the cash in my wallet. I was borderline blacking out but remember laughing at the absurdity of what was happening and telling him I was "a broke college student and only had plastic so kick rocks". He pushed the barrel up to my jaw then turned and ran off... I stumbled up to the train and sat down and simply started bawling my eyes out while an elderly chinese woman rubbed my shoulder.


Bless that woman


I was crawling into an abandoned mine and bumped into some support timbers with my hand and knocked them over. I legitimately thought that I was going to die. Luckily they were not weight bearing, otherwise the story probably would have ended differently.


Being chased by a group of men on an empty street. I was 17.


What’s the story?


I was on a bus to a connection stop to get another home. It was still early but completely dark because it was winter. On the bus there was a group of guys who had clearly been drinking. There were between 5-8 of them I can’t remember exactly. They were yelling at this woman on the bus when I got on, the driver and other passengers were doing nothing to stop it. I am a lesbian, and in that moment I obviously stuck out as one, masculine clothes, short hair, no make up etc. immediately they turned attention to me started yelling out “f*ggot” and other obscenities. Again, no one did anything about this. When it was time to get off I rushed off of the bus and walked quickly away towards my bus stop. It was dark, the block was empty, I was alone. I soon heard footsteps behind me, it was the group of men. I sped up. The footsteps got harder and faster. When I turned around I could see some of them running. I ended up at a cross roads having wait for the red man to turn green. They soon caught up. I felt a hand grasp my shoulder. I turned and they were all there. I told them to fuck off but it just made them laugh. The signal changed and i ran across the road to my stop as I could see people there. When I looked back the men were laughing at me, filming me and taking photos. Earlier that year I had been sexually assaulted and traumatised which made this whole incident so much worse. I dont know why they chased me or filmed me, I was a child they were adults. It messed me up for a long time.


That's horrible. I hope you're doing better now.


As a kid I was attacked by an Ostrich. For context, I was living in the Middle East and during a school field trip, the Ostrich there hated me specifically for some reason. Wandered a little too close and it tried to yank me into the enclosure. I slipped out of its beak and ran back to my class. If a ended up in there, I probably wouldn't be alive. Don't fuck with Ostriches.


I was roofied. My drink was right next to me and I must have taken my eyes off of it for three, maybe five seconds at the most. I’m lucky, because the second I started to feel weird, I called my brother who happened to be working across the street and he came and got me so nothing ever happened to me. But it’s terrifying to think of what could have happened, who did it, and why.




Getting lost in a market/city centre in Egypt on vacation. My family got split up and we missed the hotel coach to our hotel. My auntie got locked in a shop with the owner and he wouldn’t let her go because he ‘wanted’ her. And the taxis refused to take us home unless we gave them a lot of money


This is all kinds of crazy.


Know those scenes in the movies where the main characters narrowly miss being hit by a huge truck, and you hear the blasting horn fading as the truck drives away? That happened to me with a group of fellow 16 yr old friends, all of whom were very concerned that we felt like way better drivers than our adult chaperone.


I had meth head parents, I've seen and been through a lot but Had an Australian magpie attack me as a kid, left a hole in my head. A scar that opens up whenever I bleach my head. Magpies are protected but these ones were so aggressive that the council ended up culling this particular group. I still panic every time I see a magpie in swooping season.


My daughter was born. I check on her multiple times a night and there's been a few times I didn't feel her breathing. Talk about terrifying.


Very common, since newborns breathe quite shallowly with those tiny lungs. I feel this though. My firstborn was in the NICU for 2.5 weeks because she was premature and her lungs just didn't want to start breathing yet. She had frequent episodes where her lungs would just... Stop. And the NICU nurses would pump in the O2 until she started again. They discharged her to us after she had gone 24 hours without an episode, but obviously that's not a whole lot of reassurance when it's your first kid and you have to try to hard to detect breath at night...


I was lucky. Our first daughter was born perfectly healthy. Aside from jaundice, but the uv lights in l&d took care of that. I remember at 4 months old I walked in and put my hand on my daughter back and she was cold, I didn't feel breathing for about 10 seconds and I almost lost it. I shook her non violently and thankfully she turned over and looked at me. Ill take 400,000,000 sleepless nights if thats what I have to do for this kid. Thats the exact moment my anxiety attacks started. She is going to be 6 in December, but I still check on her 2-10 times a night. She drives me crazy, but I can't take on the world without her. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours.


Wrong way driver on the parkway at night.. he swerved out of the way at the very last moment


It was christmas time years ago and I was going to Dollar Tree. While I was walking in the parking lot a woman in a chevy blazer who was texting and going a little to fast for a parking lot turned straight at me. I put both my hands on her hood and I bent my knees in at just the right time. If I did not do those to things I would have been hit really bad. As it was a woman who saw all this happen asked me if I was all right. It just shooked me up. Could have been a lot worse.


Almost drowning, in cold water. I went into hypothermia and could no longer move my arms and legs. I almost died that day, and I *believed and felt* that I was going to die that day. Thank you, friend at the time, for calling for help - very loudly. Thank you to the *one* person on shore who heard my friend's yell for help and actually jumped in, swam out, and helped me.


At first I wanted to pick the event where I was almost kidnapped when I was 8 during the yearly harvest festival of the small village I grew up. I only got rescued because one of our fire fighters went pissing behind the main tent and saw me getting dragged away. But this happened so long ago and I don't even remember half of it. Even tho it's a story I always get to hear when I'm over for a visit and run in one of the 6 guys who punched my almost kidnapper to a bloody pulp. And the fact that it only happened because my mother rejected his flirting attempts. (For whatever reason he must have been thinking that kidnapping me would help him with getting in my mothers pants...) Instead I pick one of the last things my grandmother said to me right after we finished having breakfast. After I did the dishes and made myself ready for work she said "Don't leave. I'm going to die today." Easily the most scary thing I've ever experienced. And I still hate the fact that she was right... EDIT: Guess I told both stories anyways now. Welp, here you go.


My mom once put all of us kids in a minivan during one of her..."episodes" and drove up to a cliffs edge. She said she was going to kill us all. There was a creek below so I was trying to unbuckle my little brother from his car seat while trying to find something to break the window with so we could escape. My sister was in the front seat begging her not to do it. It lasted like 10 minutes and finally she just got weirdly silent and backed away from the cliff and said "I'm sorry, I love you kids. I hope you know that." Another almost equally scary moment was a time I splashed my little brother in the face with pool water and he started to cough. She dragged me out of the pool and started filling up the bathtub and then grabbed me and held my face under water. A neighbor girl happened to be there playing with my sister. She grabbed the phone and screamed at my mom, "if you don't let him go, I'm calling the cops." I was in the army for 4 years with two deployments and I have never been as scared as I was when I was a kid. Legit, childhood trauma is worse than combat. At least in my case.


When I was a young child, there was a thunderstorm so violent it ripped the roof off of my house. I grew up in Joburg, South Africa where there were daily thunderstorms in summer. After the above incident, I developed a severe fear of thunderstorms. I would get anxiety attacks every time one occurred. I think it might even be on the level of PTSD. Strangely enough, I developed this weird ability to "sense" when a thunderstorm was approaching in my sleep. I would wake up a few minutes before every single storm. It was before the lightning, the thunder, or the rain even started so I wasn't woken up by anything. I lost this ability when I adopted a kitten that would sleep in my bed and helped me partially overcome my fear.


Shoot out at a tavern in a dangerous coloured community (RP) in Johannesburg where my cousin's ex (nasty fucker) was brandishing a gun. Drama involving him acting like a big shot and how he treated the women in our community (he was ethnically indian in a coloured neighbourhood) He shot 2 people. Got swarmed, ran away. I saw him pull the gun and fire the shots before me and most of the tavern bounced. He ran away to his rich boy house in a rich part of the city so the cops would actually come when he called. Shot himself in the leg. Plead self-defence. Luckily he was a shit shot and both people are alive and well but he still didn't spend a day in prison after his hospital visit. His younger brother was shot in the head and burned in his car a month later. I was on the block, heard the gunshots and came to the scene of the car burning a few minutes later, with my other dumbass friends trying to see what's going down. His cousins throat was slit ear to ear the same month at a field party, saw that body being carried away. Needless to say that family doesn't go there anymore. My whole time living in that community before my father dragged me to another country was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. 4 of my friends were killed in the same year. 2 for drugs, 1 because he was sleeping with the wrong dudes wife and the last one running from the cops. Luckily or unluckily people there are so fucked up on drugs now that they bare barely capable of that level of violence these days.


In one of the houses i used to live in, when i was 5 years old or so, my bedroom was next to the attic stairs, as a little kid they always scared me and i had to have my mom lock it every night. One night, I got into a fight with my older sister and when i went to bed my mom forgot to lock the attic door. I woke up probably around 2 A.M. to the attic door slightly ajar, (id say about a foot out). Then I heard heavy ragged breathing at the level of my head, and it came closer and closer to me ear. I was terrified, but i thought it was my sister so instead of putting my head under the covers i just pretended to be asleep and squeezed my eyes shut as hard as i could. When the voice was right next to my ear i felt a great weight on my chest and it made it hard to breathe and it hurt. and then all of a sudden the pressure stopped and I opened my eyes 5 or so minutes later and the attic door was closed. I didn't tell my sister though because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction that she scared me, so I didn't mention it to her. I also had frequent nightmares at that point in my life which made it rather traumatic to me. I only recently told my family about that and my mom said that a couple with cancer committed suicide in the attic after being told they only had a few months to live. My sister said she said she never did that and would never do such a thing. Since i was told about that I have been a little bit more superstitious than I'd like to admit. (sorry for the paragraph)


This sounds like textbook sleep paralysis.


I was thinking the exact same thing. Especially with the mention of recurring nightmares.


Adrenaline-wise: Trying to separate two pathologically violent wiener dogs from a very lost porcupine that waddled onto the property, and they are so slow because they don’t need to be fast like non-sharp animals. No injuries thankfully, though I had to use my legs like hockey sticks to keep the dogs away until I could safely pick the little murderers up like handbags. X-Files-wise: Move into my first (petless) apartment an ironclad skeptic when the usual horror movie bullshit starts. The sliding closet doors are always open even though I strongly prefer to keep them closed, and I start experiencing weird bouts of false memories and/or sleepwalking. In one of these episodes I distinctly remember just standing in the closet doorway at night doing nothing while I stared into it. I also vividly remember the flash of the television illuminating the walls. I have no prior history of this behaviour, and rarely remember my dreams under normal circumstances. At night when my room was almost completely dark the shadow of my dresser opposite to the bed would always resemble a man in a cloak hunched over facing my laundry basket, towards a corner. And it was so distinct my ex even commented on it without prompting. Eventually we adopt a cat. One evening I get up from bed to pee and I see my cat sitting down the hallway in the just-caught-crotch-licking pose, except he clearly has the face of an overweight old man with prominent side-chops like Hugh Jackman. I chalked it up as sleepiness and tried my best to look away after my eyes failed to adjust. One time at the beginning of last summer we’re searching everywhere for one of our tall fans that can reach the bed. I knew I put it away in the closet nearest the entrance for safekeeping, but it’s just vanished from the apartment. Eventually my ex and I start to bicker because we’ve searched everything and he’s worried I threw it away without telling him. I go back to open the closet it should have been in, and like a magician’s trick it was right in front of us with the cord tangled aggressively and tautly around the entire thing in a way neither of us would have ever done to the wires. All we could say to each other all night after that was, “What the fuck?” The weird shit has mostly stopped after a year of living here, but there was other incidents as things slowly died down. There was a two week period my ex and I saw a grey blurry doppelgänger of our cat running around that absolutely couldn’t be him as he’d be on someone’s lap as it was seen. Then it stopped appearing to us just as we got used to it. I’m not sure what to believe personally, but I do know my ex hated it when I joked about moving into the walls to live the closet people.


Me and my Mother got violently attacked by my older brother out of thin air. It is the only time i have legit feared for my life. It was a surreal thought process realizing that shit, i might not survive this and I still have ptsd from it.


I was 16, hiking in New Zealand with my dad. We were walking out from a hut and had to cross a river to get to the next hut, unfortunately it had rained quite heavily the night before and was still drizzling so the river had risen a lot. We stared crossing at the widest slowest moving point we could find, the water was still moving really quickly though, we start crossing and about half way across we hit a really deep section, I'm struggling against the water and I see my dad get washed away, now not only am I'm I fighting the current to keep myself from getting washed away, I'm alone and I can't see my dad, I was freaking out but got hit with a (I assume a load of adrenaline) calmness, pulled myself together got out, dropped my pack sprinted down the rocks to find my dad, got him away from the water, luckily he was alright and walked to the hut. Although this was the most scared I've been it gave me a respect for the power of nature that I never had before and taught me I can rely on myself when I'm in a pinch. With that said the next year I almost stepped on a seal laying next to a rock and screamed like a little girl and ran away when it barked at me.


I was driving on a 4 lane highway in the rain. Pretty dark and there was just one other car on the road, a ways ahead of me one lane to the left. I signaled and intended to move two lanes to the left to pass on their left side. As I began to move over, they slammed on the brakes. I have no idea how the muscle memory worked, but I pulled off a maneuver I knew from a highway PSA despite never having done it before. I turned my wheel 90 degrees left and then 45 degrees past the center to avoid overcompensating while straightening out. I came within a few feet of that car and I barely avoided crashing into the concrete divider. When I looked in my rear view, I saw no headlights. This was on route to an online date at a bar. What scares me isn't that I almost died (well who knows, I had a seat belt on), it's that whoever was in that car tried to kill me and themselves despite not knowing me.


The time me & 3 friends all experienced a extreme temperature drop in my friends living room…we all looked at eachother instantly after it went really really cold out of nowhere. We checked all over the house for a open window and even the loft hatch incase it was letting a draft through but we found nothing Really weird and still can’t be explained to this day


8-10 me waking up to a shaky bunk bed ( I was top bunk ) at 2:00am to here your sister moans…as well their partners…


>as well their partners… I though you said parent and I was shook ngl.




Dear God. The mother in me died a little. I hope you are okay. I hope they got arrested. Hugs.


My bf and I along with 2 friends were hitchhiking in a mountain area in south Russia. The sun got already down, so it was very dark. We caught a car and asked the driver to give us a lift to nearest camp. He drove off the main road and we were driving for about 15 mins. It turned out the camp was closed, but the driver suggested to go check if they really are. My bf and the driver left the car. The amount of time they were absence was quite long. Suddenly the driver rashly got in the car, closed the door, turned to us and with a most scariest way said to us “He’s done. Who’s next?”. My heart leapt into my throat. I asked where is my bf and he said he’s gone. I freaked out, started to open the door and it was locked. That was the most terrifying moment of my life. I screamed and asked to open the f**king door. Somehow I managed to get out of the car, running to the camp and calling out my bf’s name. Suddenly I saw him walking casually towards me with a good news that they allowed us to stay at the camp. He was shocked to find me in that condition all crying and shaky. Turned out the driver was OBVIOUSLY joking and wanted to have some fun. The fear I experienced stuck in my chest for about 2 months, I couldn’t breathe properly and was very anxious. Not to mention that I traveled to over 25 countries by hitchhiking and in the most abandoned/weird/poor places like Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia, Middle East countries and never ever had any bad experience whatsoever! Funny that the most scary experience was in the country you were born in and in the region you spent most of your life.


Scariest thing that happened to me was after an argument with my ex boyfriend. I was in my early 20s, didn't know any better, living with him and my then 2 year old daughter in a small apartment. He was drunk and presumably high, we got into an argument and he slapped me hard in the face. He took my phone, threw it on the ground, stepped on it several times and said if I thought about calling the police on him think again. I was scared outta my mind and had no idea what to do. I wanted to leave but he took my car keys and hid them, then said if I wanted to leave I'd have to go out from the balcony, and we lived on the 2nd floor. I was boxed in with no way out or no way to contact help. He said if I screamed he'd hurt me again. He was mentally unstable at that point and I had no clue what he was capable of. I literally thought he was going to murder me. I just locked myself up in my room with my daughter and eventually fell asleep.


Actually yesterday.. I work alone and it was the end of the day. I was having a beer and puffing on my pipe when suddenly 4-5 cops just barge in and rush me with guns drawn. I was getting really pissed because they weren’t telling me why they came and they cuffed me in the hallway. After searching my work they released me and told me they were “clearing” the building in case there was another burglar hiding. They arrested one of our building guards and not a burglar…I’m still searching my work to make sure they didn’t plant some “evidence”


This sounds really fishy, on the behalf of the police. Afaik they need to have a warrant to be able to do everything you just said (break into your workplace unannounced, cuff you, dig through all of your work, etc.), and they made 0 effort to actually find out who you were. This sounds like its all still developing, but do you know anything about the original "burglar" in question?


The burglar was non existent. They had arrested one of our building guards for not having a ccw license I believe.


>Afaik they need to have a warrant to be able to do everything you just said (break into your workplace unannounced, cuff you, dig through all of your work, etc.) Nah, in every US state I know of if they have probable cause to believe a crime like burglary (pretty much always a felony) is in progress they have the right to enter the premises without a warrant. E.g. they can't enter your home for no reason, but they can bust the door down if they hear what sounds like one person assaulting another. Of course lying about probable cause in order to circumvent the 4th amendment is an entirely different thing. It's happened, but most cops are not quite this stupid, and will not invade random buildings unless someone calls a crime in.


I was waiting for the left turn light at an intersection when I saw a car running from about 12 police cars come barreling down the road I was on from the opposite direction. It drove between the opposing left lane and left turn lane and fired off an automatic rifle into the air to clear the intersection, passing a few feet away from me as it drove by. The police were apparently chasing some bank robbers.


Reading these reminded me of something. When I was maybe 8, my family was at a huge Halloween party. There were probably 200 people there in this old school house. I was running around outside withy friends and we somehow pissed off some older kids. They chased us and caught me while my friends ran away. The next thing I knew they all grabbed my arms and legs and lifted me up, then someone pulled out a knife and yanked up my shirt to expose my stomach. At that point I started screaming and somehow struggled free. I ran inside and told my parents but they didn't believe me.