Who's the most annoying person you know?

Who's the most annoying person you know?




You’re a middle kid too?


Was just about to say this lol


My younger brother.








I once met a man who referred to Tomato Ketchup as 'Tommy K'


Never met ‘em. Already annoyed as shit too.


My college friends and I have this friend who occasionally hang out with us. He is Indian (I am talking thick accent, lived whole life there etc). We always play along with this friend because he likes to talk about how poor he is but then goes to Mexico for holiday with his parents and insists he just "Indian poor" (even though Indian poor is far poorer than American poor). We all go to a university in the East Coast. Besides this guy talking about how poor he is because he can't dine out and has to save money to go to Paris, the worst offense this guy has is calling himself American even though he has only lived in America for nine months total. We wouldn't have a problem with this if it wasn't for him getting super offended whenever anyone calls him Indian and he insists that he is American. It's like he doesn't want to be associated with being Indian even though half our friends are from India as well.




Don’t want to put a real name on Reddit, but you know who you are...


Adam Sandler


My sister


Joey from work


Jimmy Kimmel. ESP when he smiles!


Of course I know him, he’s me!


Trump and elon musk


lol triggered


Reddit moment much?






OP. Always asking questions


My mum. She’s a toxic person and a narcissist and isn’t remotely aware of being either of those things.


Aw.. im sorry man : /


I’m Srry about what you have to go through, hope it gets better


My former roommate was so annoying and idiotic I made a sub just for him r/idiotroommatesis a friend but some of the shit he says and does is just...bizarre and sad


Fuckin' Gary.




My current boss. Nitpicking a-hole.


Mommy and Daddy


My coworker is extremely high maintenance and never stops talking. He is also quite incompetent at his job, how he's not been fired yet I don't know. However he calls out other coworkers when they make a mistake and keeps on asking if they have got their tasks done even though he's not in charge. Sometimes even my team leader has had to intervene and remind him that he's not in charge of anybody. I strongly suspect he is narcissistic and expects people to worship him - if you don't kiss his ass he definitely changes his attitude to you. He was nice to me when I started working at my current company, but once he revealed his true colours I just told him to do one and since then we barely interact. The worst thing is, this guy is in his mid 60s (only a few years younger than my grandparents) and has grown adult children. If it was somebody my own age or younger at least there's a chance they'd grow out of it, but it gets old when you're dealing with an immature person who is 40 years older than you.


Every 5th grader in my 4th 5th combo class. I was in 4th grade and most 5th graders would go to a back table and play flash games and never. get. caught. So when i try to do it they are like,” TeACheR hES plaYiNg GamS WheN hE isNT SuPpoSed To!!” God am i glad i dont go to that school


My older brother. He seems to think because he's older than me that he can just boss me around all the time.


An ex co-worker. She was a friendly woman who meant well but she was honestly what a migraine would be like if it was a person. She had this annoying squeaky accent and spoke very quietly. She loves to talk on and on and on and there was no way of getting her to be quiet. She loved to dish it out but couldn’t take it if someone criticised her. But worst of all, she would ask me the same questions over and over again, like she was never listening to me.


My history and english teacher


Friend, comes over to F8cking play my Xbox and my new computer, smashed my controller after he got pissed at fortnite, mind you, this was a few weeks ago, kicked out of the house when he got mad my brother was watching YouTube on it. I want to play outside and he bitched about wanting to play on my xbox while another friend was playing with me. He was a total cunt. So I put a dog shit in his room. ​ TL; DR: Friend comes over to hog my Xbox, got pissed at my brother for it and forcefully took controller from him, I then put a dog shit in his room.


There’s this one kid in my class who’s the worst. I made friends with him when he first came, but then I realized he was a bad person and unfriended him. But he didn’t get the message and thinks we’re still friends. Anyway, last year he beat up kids before COVID. One of them was calling him names and stuff, but everyone else knew he was the kind of person to do it in a joking manner. And one kid who immigrated from China in first grade, and is one of the nicest people I know, got bullied for no reason. I remember we used to play zombie tag at recess and he made us have a bunch of rules and it wasn’t fun anymore. This year due to COVID, we have to eat lunch in my home room. And all of my classmates and I have to put up with him and his crap. Your supposed to no talk while your eating your food (after your done you can talk tho), and he completely ignores the rule and we have to tell him to stop talking. Mostly my class doesn’t follow the rules either but at least we put our masks on beforehand. He also likes to flex on how much money he has, the he’ll come back the next day no tell us he’s the most broke kid in the class and we’re al privileged bac use we’re all from America (he came from Europe). One time we all told him to try to make us laugh, as in the whole class banded together with a plan. He told us some jokes the weren’t funny, might I add, and when he was done and when we were all sitting in silence we started laughing. One of the jokes he said this: “I went to a stadium and everyone was silent and we just sat down and did this.” And proceeded to sit and say nothing. The whole class started laughing and clapping. He had his head down for the rest of lunch. I think we got good payback. Side story: after winter break last year he didn’t come back to school the first day back. another week passed and h still wasn’t there. Month passed, and we thought he died. He came back the last day of school and talked to no one. It was wired to me and he won’t tell us where he was those months.


My mother....


My coworker


This person from high school who hasn’t changed at all. He was one of those kids who would tell everyone to subscribe to certain youtubers as if you were uncultured and stupid if you didn’t. Also even in the last year he made a comment about how I must be dating someone just because that person was a guy and I was talking to him


My sister




A girl in my class seems to think that being obnoxiously loud and being funny are the same thing.


I'm 14 rn and in my school bus stop there is a person in my year group who annoys me everyday. He cant mind his own business and always butts into other peoples conversations and he always insults everyone and then acts the victim. He also says something rude to a random person but he doesnt say it directly to them but he does it loud enough to make them hear him. Once a man was walking right past him and then loudly said "damn, that guy was fat". The man looked pretty embarrassed and annoyed by him. Once he was sitting infront of me on the bus bus and told me to go back to my country and that I was found in a tire. I had a bad day then so I told him shut up, but then he told everyone how much of a bad person i am but no one believed him because everyone knows how much of an asshole he is. Fuck him


Stepdad as of late


My sister.


My coworker, let's call him D for dickhead. Dickhead is a lazy sack of shit. I work in a pizza shop currently and this dumbass does everything in his power to be lazy. He will literally show us shitty memes just to get out of having to actually work. See, when I first started working there, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and considered what he told me, i.e. our manager is an asshole. After getting to know everyone, the only person who is worthy of being called one hundred percent an asshole, is him. He dislikes our manager because he actually makes him work and doesn't take kindly to him dicking around. So here's a couple things he does or has done that make me dread work on a daily basis: • He will steal deliveries. Sometimes, when there are multiple deliveries going in the same direction, we will send them all with one person. We all take turns on deliveries, but if this douchebag sees a delivery with multiple orders, he will try to deceive you and take them. I've adjusted to not letting him pull that bullshit, as did everyone else. • Dickhead never shuts up. He NEVER, shuts his fucking trap except when he's throwing a fit. He wants to talk about video games and streamers and shit that no one at the shop gives a shit about besides the store owner. We try to be nice and let him talk here and there, but there is a limit on kindness, especially to this lazy bastard. We have told him that we don't give a shit and don't care, and he will keep fucking talking until you interrupt him and say "I do not give a shit or know a damn thing about whatever you are talking about." He has zero concept of social ques, and I'm sure there is some kind of disorder associated with what he does, but it's no excuse for how lazy he is. • He loves to complain more than he loves talking about shit we don't care about. Every single phone call he answers ends in him calling them dumbasses when they hang up. Why? Because they called a Philly Cheese Steak Sub a "Cheese Steak Sub." SO FUCKING WHAT, DICKHEAD? If that's the WORST part of the phone call and you NEED to bitch, then that is pretty pathetic. He complains about having to do work at a JOB. He thinks he's entitled to leaving early, not doing anything, and bitching in our ears all fucking day. • Speaking of complaining, he is a manchild. He is 23 and living with his parents. Whatever, right? Wrong. He complains NONSTOP about how shit his family is. He hates them and they treat his sister so much better than him. Additionally, they supposedly take a large chunk of his money from work. Now, before you feel bad, all he talks about is buying shit like Overwatch skins and 50 dollar Pokemon GO watches and donating to streamers and shit. In fact, he apparently was told that if he didn't clean his room, he wouldn't go to Florida with his family for vacation. This is being told to a 23 year old. So, the theory we have going is that they take his money because he is fucking awful at using his own money for important shit. • He will always try to one up you. He has asked me what's bugging me and I mentioned that my mother was pulling some bullshit with choosing dogs over her family and he interrupted me to talk about how much worse his friend has it. I never said nor implied that it was a horrible world ending thing, I'm well aware that there is far worse out there. But gatekeeping my feelings towards some bullshit and trying to one up me for no fuckin' reason? Fuck. You. Also, he doesn't talk with you. He talks AT you. If you try to talk, I can GUARANTEE that he will interrupt you to bitch or one up what you're saying. • Dickhead, as you now know, hates actually working. He at one point sat in the back with the dishes and did nothing for a few minutes, then walked up to the front where I was finishing wiping pans and said "I've got this, you can go back there do the dishes." I told my manager what he did when I saw the pile of dishes he did none of and he made up a bunch of excuses for himself and ultimately got away with it. However, after he left, my manager came back to help and said (and I quote) "I'm sorry Dickhead's a lazyass." Additionally, he does a shit job at what he does. He barely wipes pans, washes dishes like shit, and "sweeps," which I quote because I would hardly call the shit job he does "sweeping." • You could've guessed this one, but he'll hide to go on his phone. We'll be making pizzas and shit while he stands behind a wall in his fucking phone watching Twitch streams. He apparently loves dishes because he can sit in the back watching shit and rarely get interrupted because we're making food upfront. He also was recently caught walking into the walk-in fridge just go on his phone. If it was for something important, that'd be a bit more understandable. But it never is. It is always Twitch streams. • He plays Pokemon GO constantly when he's out on deliveries. It's really, really annoying when we're busy and he comes back bragging about the shiny he caught. No one cares, and we're pissed because we're busting our asses while you play video games like the manchild you are. • This finally brings me to what made me yell at him yesterday. I am a soft spoken and often quiet dude. I don't like raising my voice. But he fucking snapped something in me yesterday. It began when everyone EXCEPT him was doing work. He was sitting there on his phone and I said "Yo dickhead, can you grab those spacers?" (Spacers are the things that cover the dough, and they need to be wiped off after using them.) He didn't even look up. Then my other coworker, who is also sick of D's shit walked by and said "Hey Dickhead, how's it feel knowing that we're all doing shit and you're doing nothing?" And Dickhead looked up. "Does it bother you?" He asked. "Yeah it kinda does." My coworker said. Dickhead shrugged his shoulders and looked back down at his phone. That's when our manager spoke up and said it bothers him, and that Dickhead needs to wipe the spacers. Dickhead STILL needed to be told again to do them after that, and he said "I don't know why you all have to get involved in my personal business." BRO YOU'RE THE ONE MAKING IT OUR BUSINESS! But that pissed me off, and later in the night I was wiping pans with him and he asked why I was pissed. I just said I was ready to go home. He started giving me lip, saying that our manager had been there since 6:30 AM. I ain't bitching to my manager, you asked me, not him. He said he had been there since 10 and I was there at 3. That's when I yelled. You're gonna ask me what's up and start getting all pissy 'cause I answered you? No. Fuck you. I literally yelled at him that if he has a problem with me answering his question that he can fuck off. I didn't waddle out and scream "I'm pissed," I was visibly annoyed but certainly not giving anyone attitude. Also that same night, I had to take a delivery to a regular who never tips and he started chirping about "F in chat bro, big F oof bro" so I said "Fuck off." I will not take that from him. Anyone else, I'll just say whatever. Him though? No. He doesn't deserve any respect or kindness from me. In conclusion, fuck that guy. I can't wait to quit almost entirely because I can stop pretending not to hate him. Fuck you, D. Me, my coworker and my manager all are sick of your shit and wish you could be fired. Unfortunately, the store owner and him are tight so that isn't going to happen.


T the first letter of the annoying guy since im not gonna reveal his name anyway he is dyslexic and cannot sit still in class so he tends to speak with his freind M can be annoying when i am trying to consentrate and outside during freetime is where i some times wanna Str\*\*gle him because he sometimes just makes weird noices to tease me and he always targets me in games where we have to run like tag because im slower than him and there were plenty of times where i grabbed him and told him to screw off and tag some one other than me


Biden, Harris and my coworker


My mom. There I said it.


Muscle Man no


The first person commenting my post