What’s something you secretly judge people about?

What’s something you secretly judge people about?


What part of their life are they posting on social media.


My husband has a friend who has a psycho girlfriend that posts really personal shit online. Like, she sent her boyfriend some racy photos and he didn't "react like he should have" so she shared them online with a comment about how she thought the photos were sexy and he must not find her attractive anymore. I was embarrassed for her. She also likes to make up stories about him hitting her then update a few hours later that she's sorry and she lied and he didn't hit her. And these people are in their 30s with children and still acting like that.


He needs to gtfo of that situation, pronto.


Op mentioned children so its not that easy unfortunately.


That makes it more important he gets out. He needs to get the kids out of that situation


He did not hit her, he did not! Oh, hi Mark


Throws water bottle…


Especially when they post every tiny problem in a relationship on social media.


I have a friend from work who would post about how she loved her husband and step kids to bits, and how they had amazing time this week off... And then you’d see her at work and she’s debating divorce, thinking of a plan to sell her house and move back to out hometown 5 hours away, and she’ll miss the kids even if they do act like their bitch of a mother, and that’ll launch into a tirade about the kids’ mother being a lazy bitch who is just jealous husband married her younger self next, etc, .... It’s like the Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde of Facebook posts, this chick’s updates. So glad to be off FB.


People who use speaker phone for music or conversations in public places. I hate it


My roommate will sit and watch tv with me then lose interest and start watching videos on tik tok, while I'm sitting there trying to watch the show.. like girl fuck off please.


I HATE that! I can tolerate only so much noise at one time.


My roommate uses speaker at all times. We'll be watching TV and he will literally answer the phone and talk on speaker. One time had the audacity to say me and this other guy wouldn't stop talking and he couldn't hear his gf. Same with music too, he'll play some some music in the middle of whatever I'm watching. Annoying as all fuck.


My old roommate would use speaker to talk to her family at college so I joined the conversation the entire time, she constantly told me to "shut the fuck up" in front of her mom, so I said "then dont use speaker dumbass"


Seriously, if you don't want random people to join the conversation don't put things on speaker phone.


At that point you turn the TV volume up to assert dominance.


Lol, that's actually what I do.


This dude I worked with would always watch shows on full volume in the break room it was annoying. We had told him before it was annoying but he would just like assume we were kidding around for some reason. Finally one day my boss walked over, picked up his phone and turned it off. It was great.


> he would just like assume we were kidding around for some reason. He didn't. He just didn't give a fuck.


It’s so weird how some people don’t have a sense of shame. Most people would feel embarrassed knowing that they’re annoying the people around them. It’s like they just accept as fact that their own comfort/entertainment outweighs the feelings of everyone around them. How can you justify it?


People like to say, "Don't assume malice when stupidity will do." Oh yeah, Harold? Experience has taught those of us paying attention that at least half of that stupidity is fake and just malice in disguise.


There’s a guy at my office who watches videos at full volume in the stall. Very weird.


Restroom stall? That might be an attempt at courtesy if he's a loud pooper.


Just join in the conversation. They made it public. Or sing along with the music while sitting right next to them, and be off-time and off-key on purpose. Yes, I've done both and yes, both have hilarious results. Phone people are usually mad until you tell the person on the other end that he's on public transit and on speakerphone, then the other person usually gets pissed because they had a presumption of privacy.


There is also a little known variant of this - a fucking purse with a speaker to annoy others around you with your garbage playlists. That has to cost as much or more than AirPods. You specifically bought it to force your music into my ear holes. Fuck you lady.


How snobbish another person reacts to someone else's situation. I. E. When someone finds out information about another persons wage, job, family situation, living situation, etc etc etc, and making a comment on it.


God, I hate people like that. They should try working on their feet for 10 hours in a hot, greasy kitchen before criticizing someone for “flipping burgers.”


How they treat janitors/custodial staff and whether people leave more of a mess than they should because “it’s their job to clean up after me.”


When I was a Boy Scout they taught us to leave every campsite cleaner than before we arrived. We would do a sweep of the entire site when we left and pick up any garbage or whatever that didn't belong. I've adapted this to all situations in my life. Why not? Always make a place equal or better than when you arrived. There is no downside. Hotels, campsites, tables at the restaurant, whatever.


Leave No Trace - no, don’t just leave no trace, leave it better than you find it! Yes, that means picking up trash even if it’s yours, no, Bobby, your friend isn’t trash, put him down this instant


That's what my dad did at a burger joint, I straight up walked back into the the restaurant and threw his garbage into the trash


Thank you. I'm a janitor.


People that gossip to me about other people. I always wonder what they say about me behind my back.


One of my favorite office tricks is to gossip relentlessly, but to keep it at least 90% positive. People can and do find out that I’ve been going around, behind their backs, and spreading rumors about how great they are. Obviously it creates a nice work environment, but by being willing to gossip, people are more willing to tell me things that aren’t necessarily public yet.


Are you me? I don’t spread the gossip, but I love me some good chisme so everyone knows they’re safe to tell me drama.


I somehow became this person at my old workplace. People would tell me stuff asking for advice and I ended up with a reputation for not spreading gossip, so other people would tell me stuff too. I ended up feeling like a walking lockbox of people's private information.


I think this makes you Chaotic Neutral.


Pretty sure it's chaotic good


I’m not sure, I think there’s a solid argument for Chaotic Good if it’s mostly positive gossip.


I have learned if they gossip to you, they gossip about you, not worth the drama!


I had to learn that the hard way in my early 20s. It eventually came out that she was playing everyone against the middle, and our friend group disintegrated.


Recently a guy I knew would talk behind the backs of everyone and eventually we all started talking and realized he was talking to everyone about everyone and he disappeared


Did you…did you kill him?


Don't ask to many questions or you might be next!


ohhh this! Esp those who talk about the person as soon as they leave or go to the bathroom!


What they say about their kids in social media. I get that being a parent is hard and it’s okay to talk/vent/be real about that online, but sometimes people cross the line and talk about their kids as if they’re not real people, just because they’re not grown and don’t have a Facebook account. People should imagine what their kids would think of they were all grown up and reading your internet history. If you think they would be hurt by what you said, don’t post it.


To build on this, also people who post about others without their consent to share big news (i.e. announcing an engagement, pregnancy, or even a death). I knew someone who found out a grandparent had passed away suddenly from their cousin. The aunt happened to get called first and after telling the cousin, they immediately posted on Facebook. At least let most of the next of kin folks find out before they read your misspelled facebook post with 16 sad face emojis and a eulogy you wrote just for attention.


Parents who try to convince me to let their kid in a ride when they’re not big enough. Even when I tell them it’s for their own safety and the restraints aren’t designed for smaller people. It’s like they don’t care if their kid gets majorly hurt. Also parents who force their kids on rides they don’t want to get on. Traumatizing them and making them fear rides in general, but also not realizing that kids OFTEN try to climb out if rides they’re scared of, which is very dangerous!


I used to run pony rides at a zoo and oh my god the number of parents who tried to force their screaming crying toddler onto the pony just so they could get a picture. Your kid is terrified and does not want to be there, why would you want photographic evidence of your terrible parenting?


Oh my goodness, for a photo?! Why would you want a photo of your kid screaming/crying? Fortunately I work at a park that caters to smaller kids, and (toot toot) I’m very good at my job; my supervisors trust my judgement to make exceptions where safety isn’t an issue. I very often get small kids afraid to ride the Train (like a choo choo), and most of the time the kid is tired or frustrated. I always tell them “I can’t let them ride like this, but if you want to take a break, get some water and take a breath, come back to the exit and I won’t make you wait in line again once they feel better.” Works like a charm and I’m thankful that I’m able to give that option. I’ve worked other places where that isn’t a possibility.


This reminds me of the one time my sister and I went on that boat like ride that goes back end forth. Like a swing? Not sure what it’s called. my mom really wanted us both to ride it and my sister was terrified and when we got on she freaked out and being the tiny little child she was escaped and cowardly hid under the seats. I begged her to come out because that was way more dangerous. My mom just laughed when we told her. I’m still scared she could have fallen out or gotten hurt in another way. The person working the ride was not paying any attention and didn’t see that a whole child disappeared from her seat.


Pirate ships. While I can’t speak for that ride operator, a good general practice is to keep all attention on the ride. That said, they could have been looking at the other side the moment she disappeared. I always tell people if they’re nervous or if they’re accompanying a nervous rider, you can yell ‘EMERGENCY, please stop the ride!’ But unfortunately a less vigilant ride op may even not take it seriously. If you’re ever in a situation where the ride operator isn’t 100% operating safely, even if it’s a mistake, report them! They can be retrained or even audited randomly to make sure they’re doing their job. Our only job is to keep you safe, before anything else. If they missed your sister, it could have happened before or happen again to others.


I once was at a park with cousins and they talked the ride operator into letting me on a ride and I straight up almost fell off. Not in the fun way.


A judgemental carnie or a hero in disguise?!?


A very patient theme park ride op. Who loves their job.


How open they are to differing opinions. There are certain people who immediately jump to the defensive or shut down the whole discussion when they disagree with something, instead of having an actual conversation on it.


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Aristotle Edit: thanks for the award, kind stranger. Also, I guess Aristotle didn’t say this. Regardless of who did, I like the quote.


Reddit has to be the biggest collection of uneducated minds in human history


There is a difference between accepting differing opinions and discussing them. I've always felt that people are very much entitled to their own opinion, and if it differs from mine then so be it. There are however a number of opinions I've grown to realize I can't be bothered to even begin to try to change, so I'll refuse to engage in any sort of discussion on the matter. And some of those opinions I will judge you for having, but I won't make a fuss about it.


You must do an awful lot of judging on Reddit then.


How well they treat their pets.


If they're constantly flaunting on social media, especially relationships. I had to mute a guy because just about every day he's posting about his fiancé


I’ve also noticed people do this when they want to pretend the relationship is going super well. I hit a rocky point in my relationship about a year and a half in. We were having a really hard time communicating. I felt like I had to post online about how great my partner was because I was trying to convince myself too.


My ex used to do this with me. When I tried to explain I didn't like it she couldn't understand why I didn't want her putting every intimate thing about our relationship online. It was our relationship/train wreck but every time we did something together she had to let everyone know


I follow a girl who posts multiple times a day and only ever about her wedding plans. She's had to postpone it twice due to the pandemic so it's been like two years of her posting nothing but every little detail of what her wedding is going to be like. I don't even know her fiance's name because she never posts about him, just her dress fittings, possible menus, etc. I honestly wonder what she'll do after the wedding because she's been fixated on nothing else for a couple years.


How they treat servers, waitstaff or hotel clerks. Nothing irritates me more than grown ass adults who think service professionals are somehow beneath them or that the're somehow indentured servants.


I openly judge this. Like I'll say something if someone I'm with is rude to a service professional.


I called out my mom once. I was like, mom. Stop. This is why there is an ok boomer meme. She cried, and later brought the receptionists flowers. She was always borderline when I was growing up, but she has really changed for the better.


This isn’t isolated to boomers; one of my friends does this to waitstaff all the time. I’ve stopped going to restaurants with her. She’s 25.




I work front desk at a hotel and there are SO MANY ASSHOLES out there. I always tell my coworkers that I feel sorry for the assholes' partners (unless theyre an asshole, too)


How their kids behave and their parenting choices


If a kid's throwing a fit, it doesn't bother me too much, because it's hard to know the situation. Kid could normally be a good kid, but having a bad day, or the parents could be struggling that day. What gets me is the parents who just let their kids wander around and go up to strangers. My kids did soccer this year, and there was a family who'd often sit near us. The youngest was like 1.5-2 years old, and they'd let her wander away. She'd come over and try to drink out of my coffee mug, or just start walking out onto the field whole a game was going on. Also got to experience one of the aggressive sports dads. I assumed that was a thing of the past, but this dude was straight up yelling at his 5 year old son for crying about not wanting to play.


Oh yeah, this. I've had parents apologize for how their kid was screaming and throwing a fit. Kids don't always just fall asleep when they're tired. They act like little tyrants first. I just wave it off and say they don't always act the way we want them to.


I also thought aggressive sports parents were a thing of the past until aggressive dad freaked out on his daughter during three year old "soccer". It deserves quotation marks because, yeah.


For real. Even worse when the parents think it's funny or cute. Was watching a little girl throw a huge fit at a store the other day and mom and grandma are both giggling about how "sassy" she was.


Urgh, I'm a wedding photographer. Nuff said.


I'm sorry for your loss.


As an older sister, I would ask my younger sister to stop being so sassy / XYZ-terrible-kid-behavior in public because it was clear she was being annoying and onlookers were judgmental. My mother would yell at ME* and tell me to leave her alone. Guess which one of us is now almost 30 and has never been in any kind of friend or romantic relationship that’s lasted longer than a couple months? Plus she’s always trying to show my significant other her boobs... my parents don’t get why I’ve gone no-contact with her and refuse to be present for family activities. Two Christmases ago, she threatened that she’d stole and broken my work laptop after trying to hump my boyfriend while also attempting to break my passenger car door off its hinges all because my mom told me I could take her old Christmas blanket home, but my sister wanted it and thought she deserved it more.


>after trying to hump my boyfriend Uh.... Take her back to the shop, something's wrong...


Spray bottle with water or a rolled up newspaper.


Some tranquillizer darts might be better in this case...


I’m sorry but how do your parents not get why you don’t want any contact with her after all these terrible things she’s done. What’s their excuse for it???


IDK, same excuse they had all those years ago for allowing her to be a child cunt too 🤷🏻‍♀️


My friends five year old goes around calling everyone a Penis. They think it's hilarious. I would be mortified if my kid did that.


They should definitely correct that behaviour, but I can't lie, that did and would give me a giggle.


That boy is a dick.


I was at a restaurant and like a 3 year old was running around the place yelling Fuck Trump and the parents were just laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world. No matter your thoughts on the matter thats extremely inappropriate behavior for a child and shouldn't be encouraged. Makes me question what else they let their kid get away with and how fucked up he's gonna be as a teenager and young adult bc of it.


Wow. Yeah, that's crazy. No 3 year old should be saying "fuck" period. Had a woman brag to me once that her toddler's favorite movie was the Chucky movies. Who would even let their kids watch that?! I feel like some people are trying to ruin their kids and it's just sad.


>No 3 year old should be saying "fuck" period. I don't sit here and make a big deal out of it when it happens because they hear it everywhere, but if I hear it from them I just tell my kids 'that's a grown up word' and they're like oh yeah.


They're called "sentence enhancers"


Well yeah. I mean, my toddler struggles with saying s's. So a "sock" is a "cock". I just correct him and we move on with our day. I'm not about to let him run around in public yelling "cock" tho. Lol.


My son mixes up d's and b's so when he's done talking to someone he screams die instead of bye


This is the cutest thing


We enjoy it.


My son had trouble with the "tr" sound for a long time. His Pre-K trip to the fire station was a lot of fun, he was really excited about the firefucks. Luckily his teachers knew what was up


My kid loved, *loved* popcorn as a toddler. Still does, but thank god that by the time she hit school, she quit calling it "cockporn". Imagine a 2-3 year old running around saying how much she wants cockporn, and try not to laugh because the second you do, *that* becomes the pronunciation forever.


My daughter also had trouble saying truck when she was three. And she had a favorite toy red truck. And anytime we went to the park she would go up to a friend and say “want fuck?”. Yeah she grew out of that.


I certainly agree that a toddler liking the Chucky movies is an indication of bad parenting, but a 3 year old swearing isn't a dead giveaway of bad parenting. Kids that age repeat whatever they hear. And a kid could hear a swear word any number of places that wouldn't mean the parent was a bad parent. And in my experience, when you tell a toddler to stop saying something, they just keep saying it. Usually louder.


Sort of similar: Whether they baby or discipline their pets. Yeah I wonder why your dog is such an asshole. It couldn't possibly be you, could it?


Omg yes. That is what I was going to choose. If your dog is a disaster and all over the place while out, I am secretly judging you. Unless I can tell they are actively trying to train their dogs to knock it off, then I sympathize.


For some reason I generally like people who wear less or no jewelry compared to those who wear a lot. Especially men. Some guy with a gold chain must have pissed me off as a kid because I've always been wary of them for as long as I can remember.


The way people treat animals. I'm an Indian I have seen my fair share of abuse of street dogs and other domestic animals. The way people care for their pets or in general any animal. If I have a pack of biscuits and I see a stray puppy that's looking at me, I'll always empty out the packet for it to eat. What I mean to say is, acts of compassion and kindness towards animals does tell a lot about the humanity of the person. Edit: I had no idea I could even get an upvote. I'm grateful to you all and truly humbled :)


Thank you for your kindness. I too, can't wrap my head around the cunts who hurt animals. I wish nothing but a slow death from cancer on animal abusers. Absolute wankers.


Not washing hands after using the toilet


Yup, when I see people in public bathrooms walk out without washing their hands I just wanna hop on the megaphone and announce that the dirty fuck in aisle 7 didn’t wash his hands so stay away


Not putting their shopping cart in the return. My first job was to collect carts and bag groceries. If I can put my cart away with 2 small children in tow, so can you!


In Europe you have to put a euro or a pound in the trolley to be able to take it. If you don’t put it back you don’t get your money back.


Aldi is the only store I've been to in the US that does that and it's only a quarter. You wouldn't believe how many people complain about putting that quarter in the cart, even when every car has a handful of change in the ashtray from McDonald's. Other people still leave them out in the parking lot anyway because .25 isn't enough to walk 100ft for.


I've come to realize that you can tell a LOT about a city's culture (attitude, entitlement, aggressiveness) by how many stray carts are in the parking lot of major grocery stores and super centers.


I live in a windy touristy small casino town. The townies put their carts away because we know about the wind. The tourists leave them wherever. We've had to explain to some of the tourists that real people actually live in our town.


My first proper job was stacking shelves at night, if you decide you don't want something put it back where you found it.


And if you've moved "too far" away from the product's spot and don't want to walk back, keep the product in your cart and give it to the cashier to put in the go-backs bin.


People who have to try and dominate every discussion or have to one-up every other person who contributes to the discussion.


People who are involved with MLMs I think they are untrustworthy or somewhat dumb.


“It’s such a great product! It cures this and that and everything !” “Then why isn’t it sold in stores, or paid for by insurance?” “...”


It also breaks my heart when people reach out to me and I only find that it’s to sell me something. I’m not the best at making friends so I’m really complimented at first and then incredibly hurt at the end. I block them every time.


How some parents let their kids crawl around on the floor of a restaurant. The floor is disgusting and this is also extremely dangerous. Also parents who let their 2 year old have three big cups of coke or sweet tea. That is an enormous amount of sugar and caffeine for a teeny child.


My husband's best friend and his wife feed their 5-year-old nothing but shit (and then post it all over Instagram), and we're past the point of trying not to judge them. My husband's mother is best friend's with the friend's mother, and we found out that the pediatrician has had a chat with them at least once a couple of years ago about what they feed him, because the kid was eating so much sodium, it was starting to cause health problems. I do try not to judge people on their parenting because you never know for sure what's going on in someone else's life, and I know I'm lucky that my kids aren't picky eaters, but I feel like what you do to set up your child's relationship with food in their early years can have such a big impact on the rest of their life. Don't get me wrong, my kids were definitely shoving cookies into their mouths at the speed of light at a birthday party yesterday, but they were also fighting over who got to finish the roasted cauliflower at dinner earlier in the week, so it balances out, I guess/hope.


People who can’t get another person’s name right in an email conversation. It’s literally right there in my signature, there’s no excuse for calling me by the wrong name. Also people who use a shortened version of my name or other nickname without asking if that’s ok. I really don’t like the shortened version of my name, and the version that I prefer is one extra syllable. It takes no extra effort to call my by my preferred name.


Drives me crazy. I can sign off with my first name *and* have it in my signature and people still reply ‘Hi [Surname]’. Fuck those guys. It’s not even a surname that could be mistaken for a first name like Craig or Gordon. It just looks a wee bit foreign so their brain stops working.


My brother and I work at the same company. My family often refers to me by a shortened version of my name, but I prefer that *only* my family refer to me by that nickname, while everyone else refer to me by my full first name. Coworkers will often overhear my brother referring to me by that shorter name, and then I have to explain to them why he calls me that and that I prefer others use my proper name. I've actually noticed that since my brother has heard me correcting our coworkers on that, he's started addressing me by my full name while we're at work, which is honestly kind of weird when I hear him call me that, but I do appreciate the thoughtfulness of it.


How far they take their religion. I know people who are die hard Christians. They literally put everything on God and the devil. I remember one time they blamed Satan for their son catching a cold after he went out to play during a light rain. Another time they thanked God and didn't even express appreciation for the doctors and nurses that's been taking care of the father of the family for i think almost two months of intensive care. They don't believe in science, like at all...to the point that it's just stupid to even convince them about it. Their kid, who is like 9 this year, is honestly being poisoned by his parents. I know that religion is important and all, but to disregard even the existence and works of science? I used to be Christian myself who grew up in a Christian family, but thanks to stuff like this, I've grown to put myself away from religion and be an agnostic atheist. I still respect people's religion, but when they become pretty much too absorbed and start to disregard the advances of humanity itself, that's when my respect starts to wane


i’m not religious so maybe i’m speaking out of pocket but i’ve never understood why so many people look at religion and science as an either/or. like if god (or whatever higher power) is the one who creates and gives us everything, why can’t it be that they gave us the knowledge to understand things like science and medicine? why can’t it be that god provided you with being able to see that doctor who was given the knowledge and opportunities to help you?


If I go to use the bathroom in their house and it's crusty, dusty, and covered in hair and God knows what else.


I straight up don't allow people into my place unless I know for a fact that the critical areas are clean.


Yep - and if somebody shows up univited, I say something like "dude, I was just about to go to the bathroom - I'll be back in a minute" and quickly wipe over the toilet and basin with disinfectant wipes.


I once went to visit a friend who used to be my best friend in high school, and then went to use the toilet. The entire inside of his toilet was brown, and I was like: "Nope, I can hold it"


attitude and the way they treat other people.


What they judge people for




I’m judging you for your comment


I’m judging you for judging that persons comment!!


This is kind of meta but I spend a lot of time judging how judgmental someone likely is, and if they seem like a "safe person" or not.


Yooo I do this too. But then I can’t help feeling like maybe I’m the super judgmental one for doing this and other people are just chill? I will never know.


I've noticed that the thing that triggers my social anxiety is how judgmental other people are. As a result I cannot stand talking to judgmental people.


I have an acquaintance who posts things about herself In the third person via inspirational memes. For example ( one of ten a week): “ She weathered the storm and trudged through the lightening because the electricity of the pain only ignited her fuel to accomplish more” ( I made that up but you get the picture). I judge this. I think it’s fucking pathetic.


I massively judge anyone who posts lots of inspirational memes in general.


The background wallpaper in their phone.


Especially when it's a picture of *themselves*. Who puts a photo of themselves as the background photo on their phone. Weird!


I had a few group projects back in college with this guy who had straight up hentai wallpapers on his phone / laptop. Like I'm not gonna necessarily judge you for liking hentai but if you're out and proud about your love for 2D titties you're kind of asking for it


What the inside of their car looks like.


What they name their kids.


When they talk badly about people they were acting nice towards


I'm a little on the fence about this one. There are acquaintances of mine (not friends ofc) whom I definitely think it would be right to warn newer friends about - maybe, don't lend this person money, or don't move in with this person because my other friend had a nightmare living with them. But am I going to go full scorched earth and be unpleasant to them to their face? Probably not tbh. They'll still be in my orbit, and it'll be uncomfortable for everyone forever. Is that really so bad?


redditors seem to think that if youre civil towards someone you dont like, that makes you two-faced


I get accused of this often. Sorry? Should I be a bigger bitch because I don't like you? It's called the fucking high road and more people should be on it.


I only agree with this, if someone goes out of their way to be nice to someone, only to badmouth them afterwards. Like inviting someone you don't really have much to do with to your birthday party and as soon as they leave, you talk shit about them. Like, why?


I think most people secretly judge people on what food they eat. Not like "Meat is murder" more like if you saw someone putting ketchup on a banana most people would probably gag and then judge them.


I subconsciously judge people for a lot of things, but I'm working on not doing that, but what I will judge people for is how they treat their animals/children. If you aren't a nice person to something that cant stand up for itself consider yourself judged.


People who act like the "anti-hero" in their own story. It seems more people I see these days dont want to be the hero in their own lives but want to be the "complex dark villain with a tragic past and stone cold appearance, but have a heart of gold" it's like no. Dave with your 4 bedroom 2 story house that your parents helped buy after you graduated university, and you now live in with your 2 kids and loving wife, are not an anti-hero and posting things like, "I'm a calm man but mess with me and I will break your bones" does not make you cool or complex.


How they treat their coworkers


When the kids boss the parents around 😬


Volume of their voice


I have the sort of voice that people seem to like to dismiss or talk over, so I've learned that the only way to be heard is to simply be louder than anyone else who might feel that it's okay to interrupt me. If I'm in a group setting and speak at my normal volume, people will constantly talk over me or interrupt me. Ever since I figured out that being loud means that people won't talk over me, I've made a conscious effort to speak loudly. I don't care if it makes me seem rude so long as I'm able to actually be part of a conversation.


Brilliant. Being interrupted is so fucking infuriating




Oh man. I totally have one of those voices that carry. I have spent my entire life getting in trouble for being loud. I would like to blame it on being the 5th of 6 kids. If I wanted to be heard, I had to speak up.


How they post their life in social media. Like every frikn time.


The behavior of their dog. There are of course allowances for dogs that were adopted/rescued that weren’t trained for a period of their lives, and some dogs have reactive behavior that’s difficult to overcome even with diligent work. However, if the only reason your dog is a little shit is because you don’t care enough to train them right, I’m sitting here in judgment.


I agree with you and I have the worst dog, but I love her. We adopted her and she was severely abused by her previous owners. The vet thinks she’s mentally handicapped from the trauma and has permanent eye damage. 3 trainers have turned me away because they said she can’t be trained. She only weighs 12 lbs and I keep her away from most people. She’s fine with my family, but that’s about it. I make sure she never goes out in the back alone, I keep a close eye on her at all times and kennel her when people visit.


Personally I think you still qualify under this kind of thing. Your dog's behavior is problematic, you know it, and are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of other people and the dog. That's a far cry from taking her to PetSmart on a flexi lead and telling people she's friendly, or whatever. Stamp of approval from me. If a dog has special needs, I'd never judge anyone poorly for meeting them. Not meeting them is when I start judging.


I would never take her out in public other than to the vet and groomer. Our groomer is a trainer and can handle her. I take her on walks but I pick her up if little kids are outside or dogs without leashes. My next dog is going to be a good trained dog that can go places!


This reminds me: people who don’t keep a leash on their dog and their dog has crazy behavior! It’s illegal where I live to walk a dog without a leash I’m pretty sure, but I’m not going to call the police on a dog that hasn’t attacked anyone. I do not like when random dogs without a leash approach me though


But then the dog owner tells you the dogs okay so it’s automatically fine cause they said it, like magic.


I had a dog with stranger aggression. He didn't go looking for trouble so it usually wasn't a problem. But an unleashed dog running up on us was. Owners would always yell, "He's friendly!" like that makes an unleashed dog ok. About the time I'd yell back, "Mine's not!", my large dog would lung and snarl (never bit- just loud and dramatic). The look on the person's face as they panicked and ran to get their dog was always PRICELESS.


How often they complain


Complaints are sometimes a useful ice breaker - like lowest common denominator - but I realized this when I was teaching driver ed. If I had a student who was clammed up, and I was having trouble getting through to, I worked out two subjects that almost always worked: talking about food, and complaining about something (usually school, or the small town we lived in).


I think most people mainly complain to start a conversation rather than for the sake of actually complaining.


Oop, I do this at work... usually it's about a stupid situation or customer I have to deal with, and we all get a laugh because we all share the same pain. But it's actually because I find it hard to have things in common with these people, so don't know what else to talk about.


Bro this whole thread is just bitching about people


I judge people who judge people


Craving for attention. As an introvert, people who do that are very easy to notice and very annoying.


It just seems to weird to me too, when someone goes out of the way for attention to the point that it’s disruptive to what else is going on in a room/space. I’m always thinking ‘there are more people in this world then you’


Men with unkept fingernails. If you intentionally have long nails that are manicured or styled that’s super chill. I’m talking about men who just do not cut their fingernails. It leads me to assumptions or st least questions about overall hygiene.


My bf has always obsessively cleaned his hands and nails, but also always looks like he just scratched a monkeys ass. He works automotive, it's just impossible to keep your hands looking good when you work in grease and grime all day, without damaging your hands by over-cleansing them.


Taking video/FaceTime calls walking around the grocery store. Generally any public speaker phone/broadcast of their private shit like conversations and music. What the fuck have we come to with the combo of disregard for others and the narcissism?


I saw someone in a grocery store with a full speaker set up in their cart, blasting their own music over the grocery store's music. Buy some fucking headphones, guy .


not cleaning up after themselves when eating at a casual restaurant. i work in a sandwich shop next to an ice cream place, and it’s incredible the number of times i’ve had to wipe down tables COVERED in sticky half-dried ice cream because the parent of that child decided “not my problem”


Spelling (EDIT: /grammar) . You don't know how to write 'anaerobic'? No worries mate, it's a rare word and who needs to use it anyway? But if you're unable to use their/they're/there properly, which you have literally seen being used correctly a thousand times, then I can't guarantee I will ever consider you a bright person. (this only applies to native English speakers, obviously).


Should OF instead of HAVE annoys me just as well


In the south, a lot of people say "whenever" instead of "when." It drives me a little batty. "So I grew up in Texas, but whenever I moved here I went back to school." Or, "Whenever I was a kid, I was a total class clown." I don't get why people say it. It's more syllables for less clarity.


At first I didn't understand the issue but whenever I read the examples it really hit home.


Or if people use ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ or the other way around. “Oh you’re faster then me.” Really annoying


"I can kill them faster then you" [RUN]


Same with to, two and too. Also lose and loose is starting to catch on with the stupid people... ughhh


“Weary” means tired, “wary” and “leery” mean cautious. And for the love of God, “mortified” means embarrassed, not terrified. I don’t know why it irrationally angers me so.


Peak/peek/pique. It bothers me so much when someone writes “take a peak” or “peek your interest”. Arghhhh.


Oh God, yes. I try not to be snobby, I really do, but it’s an instant knee-jerk reaction. It’s like the written equivalent of misophonia.


English is my second language, and it annoys me even more when native speakers spell badly.


And confusing woman and women. And sale and sell. I refuse to buy from someone who wants to sale something. Edited to fix an autocorrect


Alot. Mute point. I seen something. Many others. Would be better for everybody if I let it go. If I interviewed you for a job these are not deal breakers, but they don't help you if all other things are equal.


If they repeatedly cheat on their various S.O.s even when some are decent people.


For Me, The type of toilet paper kept in their house


Their driving


There's not a whole lot secret about it, as I do talk about it with friends but I really judge people who try to flaunt wealth / constantly talk about how much money they have / the things they've bought. It's a really ugly personality trait. And yes, this includes your action figures you're constantly posting on social media and bragging about your crypto / stock net worth.


When they curse at their children or pets. I curse a whole lot but never at children or animals. Edit: Kinda annoying I have to explain this but okay, play cursing in cutesy tones is not what I meant. Obviously I know they don’t know what those words mean. It’s the **at** part that shows where the curse is directed. You can curse *to* a pet and it’s fine. I tell my floof that she’s so fucking cute all the time. This is different. It’s nuts that I have to specify.


Meh, as long as my dog doesnt start repeating it, I don't see any issue. I tell her all about the dumb fucks at work or the asshole squirrels that dug up my flowers. Of course she's getting butt scratches and toys at the same time.


Agreed. I tell my girls (dogs) "I fucking love you" or "Don't be a dick". As long as you don't yell at or act aggressively towards them, they don't care what you say.


Alternative point though: My cat's a little fucker. Also he'd cuss at me if he could. In fact, I'm pretty sure he does.