What are some skinny people problems?

What are some skinny people problems?


You can see my heartbeat through my skin and it creeps people out


If you're a guy and skinny you're not respected as much because you're small. The laws of nature still apply and men only respect men they think could take them in a physical fight. We're all monkeys.


People are sensitive about making fat jokes, they don’t give a fuck about skinny jokes.


sometimes in roller coasters you don’t feel super secure in the harness or seat belt.


I fell out of my seat on a very tall and fast roller coaster at sea world because they strapped me and my mom in together and she isn’t a twig like me. Luckily I fell out on an ascent and made it back under the belt before we started going down again. Funny thing is, me and my mom are nearly the same weight but she’s just 5 inches shorter. I now refuse to go on any ride that has one seatbelt for two people.


When a cat sits on your lap their feet slip through the gap between your thighs. This often makes them sink their claws in to steady themselves.


Putting extra holes into belts


>Putting extra holes into belts Having to invest in a leather hole punch and awl to get clean belt holes.


I always just dealt with the off center hole from a drillbit. I'm finally getting fat now though.


We fit everywhere. As a construction worker it sucks


Lmao this. I'm always the guy to crawl into, under, over, oh just stick your entire arm in this confined space and get your skinny wrists through this hole and then grab the thing (the fucking thing!) I like being helpful but goddamn you get into some nasty spaces.


Speaking of, it sounds like you're perfectly qualified to unclog my toilet bare handed. How much do you charge?


Look at this pleb, doesn't even have a family poop knife.


Right!? Mines been through my family for generations, don't know what I'd do without it


"wtf you're so skinnyyy" yes, yes I am. How observant


I usually just respond something like. “Yep. 😐” And let the awkward silence consume them.


Once in HS my friends decided to nickname me "Anna", as in "anorexic". I didn't have anorexia, so they seemed to think it was funny and ok. After a few days I made up some bullshit about knowing a girl who died from it and said they were being disrespectful. They saw through my lie immediately. So I said "if I made that up, it should tell you how much I hate the nickname." They told me to get over it. So I said "ok fine. Call me Anna. But I'm calling you 'fat-arse' and you 'chunky thighs' is that ok?" They got the message then.




My response. “Thanks. The stress keeps me skinny” they usually leave me alone after


Leaning your head on my shoulder probably feels like leaning on a jagged rock... Reminder for you all to consume more calcium so your skeleton doesn't try to escape. This is a message brought to you buy /r/Neverbrokeabone.


One of my favorite things in the world is when my SO lays on top of me like a weighted blanket except after 5 minutes my ribs stab her too much and she has to get off.


Haha, this is like hugging my skinny mother. I want quality hugging time with her but oh, so bony. I will add here that her skinny person problem was finding gogo boots that fit to her thin calves when those were the style; she and my grandmother had to hunt the entire city but did finally find some elasticized ones!


You have to sit in the middle seat of the car during long trips.


Or in the trunk of a sportsback car. Been there, done that


I'd volunteer as a kid hoping we needed it. Riding in the trunk is some movie-kidnapping shit. Never got to do it properly was always the little brother in the middle instead...


I almost died in a trunk once after a night out partying. We had one solid goodguy DD who had a small car and this girl was like, "ride in the trunk with me and we'll fool around." Well, a fire extinguisher in the trunk went off somehow, and it did it's job, sucking all the air out of the confined space. I knew it was extinguisher by the taste, from when I used one as as kid and got some in my mouth. We started banging on the trunk screaming "we're dying," and the back seat passengers thought we we're joking. I took a last breath and went unconscious on top of the girl. The big guy in the passenger seat managed to clean lift my dead weight out of the trunk because they realized it went quiet. I landed in wet grass and started cough barfing slime. She was only half conscious, and after a few hours of supervision we were ok. Bad time. I not recommend this experience 0/10.


Bumping into anything hurts ten time worse, bone doesnt cushion at all.


I had a really skinny coworker once- he slipped and fell at work and people laughed… until he didn’t get up. Turns out this 22- year old guy straight up broke his hip on the floor!


This is the litmus test to know if you are old. If you fall and people laugh at you, you are young. If you fall and everyone around you gasps and acts concerned, you are old.


Unless you're holding a baby


Aww poor guy


Hip bone and counters. Oh man... it makes my core hurt.


Accidentally hitting my bony elbow against my bony hip hurts like hell. Funny bone to the hip. Just horrible pain!


Bony shoulders that would be uncomfortable to lean on


One time I did a bro hug with someone I hadn't seen in years and I accidentally stabbed them with my shoulder


Did they survive?


Yeah lol. They were a bit surprised. So was I


Ah so it was just attempted murder then


I hate admitting this but before my partner started working out seriously he was very bony and it was always just slightly uncomfortable to rest my head on his shoulder or chest. Really made a huge difference in comfort when he bulked up with a bit of muscle. I never said anything to him either way though - we both tend to the scrawny side so I know how shitty remarks like that can make you feel. Edit: chill out y'all, I compliment him all the time on how amazing he looks and how much gainz he's made. What I *don't* do is compare how he looks now with how skinny he used to be, or tell him he's easier to cuddle now that he's bulked up. That would be mean and defeat the whole purpose of the compliment.


Gonna start doing some push ups today lol


Hard to keep my pants up, I have no butt.


I have to a wear belt regardless of the pants I'm wearing. I also struggle sitting for long periods of time because of my lack of glutes.


Wristwatches can be a pain; I have very skinny wrists so it was a bit of a search to find one where the watch face wasn't too big and overwhelming and the band was small enough. Similarly jewelry: bracelets tend to be too big fairly soon, and I usually only wear rings on my index finger because those that fit my ring fingers fairly quickly end up being in the children's section! No boobs to speak of, so no cleavage, meaning shirts \*always\* fit weird. I can't really wear dresses because there's about two sizes' difference between my top and my bottom, so either it fits my top but my hips won't fit (unless it's a super flared dress) or it fits my bottom but there's a ton of room around my boobs. I basically have to wear padded push-up brash just to make my clothes look halfway decent and my body sort of in proportions. (Buying bras is another mixed bag: small sizes often have small prices, but 9 times out of 10 I have to buy them online because my band size is so small. When I find a bra that fits well, I tend to buy it in several colours so I have a 'stash'.) And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the "men like women with some meat on their bones, not stick figures!!" Well, gee, thanks....


I unfortunately just can't wear one. My wrist is remarkably boney and everything I've ever tried has been uncomfortable. Plus it looks a bit ridiculous.


AGREE, also I’m super skinny and I’ve always hated the “real women have curves” comment, like fuck off.


Excuse me? REAL WOMEN are cackling sea witches with the forest in their hair, naked and wild in the moonlight, howling with laughter and dancing around the fire with animals and the night spirits Any body will do!


Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


Sit-ups. The way my spine rolls against a hard surface, I just can’t. I need to be on a carpet to do sit-ups.


Fuck that's a skinny thing, I have never not been skinny so I have always just been under the impression that sit-ups just hurt. That's why I always prefer crunches, they both work your core more and hurt less.


Omg yessss. When we had to do sit-ups in gym class in high school it was the absolute worst. I could do a fair bit with a cushion under me, but on the hard gym floor? No way.


The one problem that drives me nuts is that people assume skinny = fit. I work out and exercise / play sports a lot but when I tell people that they think I'm weird for working out when I'm already skinny.


Also otherway around. I'm skinny as hell but also super out of shape. Being skinny does not equal fit.


Same. When talking about wanting to get back into exercising one friend would always say, "But you're already fit!" and I'd have to be like.. No. I'm skinny. Skinny and fit are not the same thing. Did you hear me after walking up the stairs? I'm winded. That's not fit.


Are you me?? People just assume I can go on hikes and runs so they don't even ask me when planning! I like being outdoors, not dying outdoors.


Yes!! I have health problems too (some of which make me unhealthily low weight) and I absolutely cannot just go for a hike.


I started working out and going on runs so I could at least stay in shape. Every time I mentioned this to anyone they'd immediately be like, "why? You're already too skinny to be losing weight!" I don't bother explaining anything to them anymore.




It's the misconception that people work out to be skinny. Working out is a life choice, not a fad.


Hard to float when I swim. EDIT: I used to weigh a bit more (think average rather than super thin) and grew up near lakes. I can still swim like a fish, I just can’t FLOAT. I could sink down and sit on the bottom if so desired.


I’ve lost ~80 pounds and the first time I went swimming again after losing most of the weight I was so confused by this. It had never occurred to me that I was more buoyant when I was heavier


My sister lost 60 pounds a couple years ago. She noticed the same thing when she went swimming! And she also noticed she got a tiny bit shorter


I had an aunt who lost over 100 lbs and I would swear she looked shorter, no numbers to confirm


I still can’t float 😭


People keep telling me to just relax. Relax all the way to the bottom of the pool!


When I was a lifeguard in high school, one of the boys who went through training with us was this super lean, muscular football player. Poor dude would sink like a rock. As part of the test we had to tread water for 2 minutes with a 10 lbs plastic brick that had to be kept above water and he struggled so much due to lack of buoyancy. However, he was also the only guard who was able to drag the guard flotation tube to the bottom of the 10 ft deep end. The rest of us could not. (Was one of the things we’d try to do during our “trainings”)


My boyfriend once made fun of me to my family in the pool saying "hannahatecats's the only person I've met that has bragged about how good she can float," at which point my mother threw up her feet singing about how she can float better than anyone. Now I'm realizing we are probably just fat and buoyant and he is fit 🤣


I can *barely* float, but it hurts after a while because I have to lean my head back so far to achieve the necessary buoyancy and I have to focus the entire time. Meanwhile I’ve got heavier family members that could easily fall asleep while floating. The jerks!


Boots never fitting in the legs


Stuart Weitzman has thin boots!! A little pricy but so worth it Edit: these are very expensive women’s boots


Shaving our concave underarms.


Wait, they’re not concave for everybody??? That’s an eye opener for ol’ skin and bones here.


People commenting on your body all the time because since you are skinny you can't be offended


I was getting fitted by a seamstress who measured my waist and said "oh that's disgusting"... I know she was being self conscious but I was so shocked at her choice of words. It was so unprofessional.


Someone called me disgustingly skinny in front of an entire party of our friends back in high school. I didn't even know how to react back then. I'm still thin, she's not lol. When I was trying on wedding dresses the attendant said "oh this one is nice, it gives you a shape". Hey now, rectangle is still a shape


THIS people act as if you’re skinny you’re not allowed to be self conscious.


Boxers always ride up, cause my hips are bigger than my waist


This is super annoying,but especially when people ask “why are you sagging your pants” when my pants are normal,it’s my underwear being almost at my belly button


Sinking in water. Fat is less dense than water, so not having any means you'll have a harder time keeping your head above the water when swimming


Not being able to sit on hard surfaces. I lost the padding on my butt and now a bike seat is hell.


Have you ever sat on someone's lap just to hear "DUDE YOUR ASS IS SO BONEY IT HURTS"?


my ex used to call me Knife Butt for this exact reason.


Knife Butt is the coolest superhero name


Once a friend slapped my butt and then was like, “oh is that a phone?” I told her no, it’s just my butt, and she was shook. The thing is she’s skinnier than me, but I’ve just always been known for having a boney butt lol.


I hate unwarranted butt grabs followed by "Dude you have no butt". It's just putting salt on the wound


It's better when they try to grab and they miss


"What the hell is in your back pockets?" Yeah, that's just my skinny ass.


"You'll be fat when you hit 20" "You'll be fat when you hit 23" "You'll be fat when you hit 30" "You'll be fat when you hit 35" "You'll be fat when you hit 40" "You'll be fat when you hit 45" Still waiting...


For me it was waiting to "fill in". 16, 20, 22, 25..31. Still haven't filled in.


Sitting on a harder surface (wooden chair or something), becomes uncomfortable much faster than people realize because there's less padding down there.


When I was younger my older sisters hated that I sat on their laps because my bones hurt them.


On the plus side, getting punched is a only a pyrrhic victory for the person who punched you.


The literal bane of my existence this week… I’m working in a different office than I normally do; whoever decided fully wooden office chairs are a good idea = terrible, terrible person. 😆


Wooden chairs in an office!? Thin or fat, that ain't gonna be comfortable in the slightest. It's not like you're just sitting down for a meal, you gotta sit on that shit for 8 hours a day... At least tell me you get a cushion.


I’m fat in my stomach but not my butt and I feel that


People commenting on your weight all of the time. Easily cold Painful to lie in the bath High risk of pressure sores


The constant commenting is tough. Even the casual, “Oh, you can eat anything, you’re so skinny” moments just feel ick. I don’t think about what my body looks like while I peruse the menu, but a comment like that puts me in my head about it…and then I’m thinking about how I should even respond to a statement like that, and then I can’t decide what to order.


>People commenting on your weight all of the time. I can sort of relative to this, but my problem is more that people tend to not take me seriously because I'm both short and skinny, even tho I'm 28 people mistake me for being like 16-19 most of the times, and they aren't even joking or being "nice".


I was recently asked if I am a freshman at the nearby high school. I am 32. I was carrying my 1 year old at the time.


Yes! People feel like it’s okay to say the most ridiculous stuff to you.


Seriously, like, I'm not starving, I'm just not hungry, leave me alone Aunt Susan.


But when you do get a big plate they have to make comments about that too. You can’t win!


I never sit in a chair like a normal person. Always shifting from side to side because just planted there hurts! Now if you’re on a long flight… whoa mama my lack of buns are hollerin’.


I perch, like a bird or monkey, even in my 50's. I get a certain amount of teasing, especially because I also sort of crouch when outdoors when others are sitting. Mind you, people stop teasing and get jealous when they realize, at 50, I'm in good enough shape it doesn't hurt my knees.


Slav squat?


Heels to sky, western spy.


Heels on ground, comrade found.


I've never heard these two phrases but they are great. Thank you for this


Steel benches and wooden chairs be takin' our lives


This airplane seat don't want none unless you got buns, hun


Gotta put rocks in my pockets on windy days.


But that just makes my pants fall down. I can't win.


Cold all the time, give me a blanket pls


The very first time I tried to diet down to 10% body fat there were two things people did not prepare me for. One, being cold all the time, two , how much it hurt to walk barefoot.


My husband lost over 60 lbs a few years ago and was always complaining he was cold. My 100 lbs ass was like welcome to my world. It's cold and fuzzy socks are a must.


Oh is that why I wear slippers I thought they were just apart of me


When there's high winds and walking becomes hardcore resistance training.


When a large man sneezes near my umbrella I turn into Mary Poppins


I'm 5' 9", 125 pounds, and 26 inches around the waist. Finding pants and belts that fit is damn near IMPOSSIBLE.


the pain is real. 26" waist pants? then they are too short in the leg. Right leg length? 36" waist.


People eyeballing you while you eat or keeping mental tabs on your food intake. It’s unsettling.


And feeling like you always have to explain yourself to everyone.


Try sitting on a park bench with these skinny little bum cheeks.


"My weak nerd arms..."


"wow I can make a circle around your arm"


Nothing drives me crazier than someone grabbing my wrist. Why do people love to grab skinny wrists?


Oh my god it’s so fucking annoying


***That's when you make a circle around their neck***


That one really hit home


Aaaaand scoop!


Clothes don't fit as well as you think.


I'm also tall, so trying to find pants that fit is a nightmare.


Trying to find a 28" waist, 34" length is near impossible for me. So to get the length I want I have to get the larger waistband all crinkled up under a belt and the pants still fall down constantly because I've got no hips or ass for the belt to hold on to.




I swear clothing manufacturers think if you get taller you also get thicker. I am average height but my legs are as long as my 6 foot 4 husband's. Pants are a nightmare.


Its a pain to search for slim-cut dress shirts


My problem is the slim cut doesnt fit me well because my rib cage extends out more than average and is tight around my back. But then I am swimming around in a classic cut...in the arms especially


I bought some pants online for the first time recently. There was only one color available in my size, but they actually fit!


Nearly everyone can beat you in a fight because 9 times out of 10 they will just pick you up and body slam you e: and when you fuck another a skinny person it sounds like you're damaging a pair of skeletons in minecraft


I remember everyone wanting to arm wrestle me when I was younger because I was all bones and I could never win a single game.


everyone used to give me a chance to win and let their arm loose, but just at the end moment they slammed it the other way. I couldn't even slightly move their arm when they used their full strength.


this is why I only fight children!


Thats when you use the arm spears to hold on and don't let go


People wanting to do this shit 👌 around your wrists


I have tiny hands and wrists, even now that I'm fat. I get this all the time.




My Dad did this and called them "chickadee legs"!


Friend of mine is very skinny and small. She basically can‘t find any clothes she likes because apparently women are not suppose to be that skinny and small and if so are bound to dress like pre-teens forever.


She should go to the american girl store and order clothes for large colonial dolls.


sometimes gap kids is just too flashy 🤷‍♀️


Shopping is the worst. There was one department store that had all the women’s suits outside the room with all the kid clothes, so I had to walk through rows of what I wished I could wear to get to the sparkly magenta section with unicorns and cringey slogans


People constantly telling me that I should eat more. If you’re not going to tell a fat person to eat less, dont tell skinny people to eat more.


Chill to the bone is not a metaphor for skinny people. I get cold so much faster because I have less body fat.


When you mention how you are out of shape and need to start getting back into regular exercise/running, and they just say but “you’re thin and in shape already!” Your body size is not indicative of how in shape you are, and it goes the other way too if you are above average in weight, just bc you weigh more than the average person also doesn’t mean you are out of shape.


Yup I’m def skinny fat and I’m sure girls much curvier than me could outrun me for miles


My appetite is low almost all the time. Except when in buffets.


I’ll often have coffee in the morning and suddenly I don’t have the urge to eat. But apparently the tasty speedy bean juice doesn’t count as a meal.


Tbf coffee is considered an appetite suppressant no matter what size you are. When I diet I usually have a coffee and a yogurt for breakfast and I'm good til lunch or longer.


People asking if you are anorexic. -_- EDIT: wow never gotten this many likes!


Or people just assuming it and talking behind your back.


Onetime a lady approached me in public with her young daughter, accusing me of being anorexic, and said, "you're a bad influence on my daughter." Even if I had anorexia, what an awful thing to say...and surely she's a worse influence on her daughter with that kind of behavior.


There is literally 0 reason to go up to anybody of any size and project your mental illness onto them, Jesus Christ. There are probably a lot of valid reasons why someone struggles with their body image, but the existence of somebody random in public is not one of them, and certainly not a reason to approach them about it.


Yeah, are anorexic people just supposed to not go out in public?


I was 8 when someone first asked, i have been insecure about my weight ever since.




By law in my country, i'm not allowed to give blood because i'm too light (<50kg). I'm O neg ...


Same for USA


My sleeves rolling down when I'm washing my hands.


Wait that's a skinny person problem? I thought everybody dealt with that! It is so annoying when that happens


I’m far from skinny and I have this problem all the time


Some women are openly hostile towards me. "Skinny bitch" is an extremely popular name that I get called from a whole host of women (friends and strangers alike). I can't talk about my insecurities about my body because I get openly mocked or outright dismissed. And I can never, ever discuss food with women who are insecure about their weight and I generally just try to avoid eating around women altogether. ​ I do understand that there are advantages to being my size. I don't take that for granted. But my body shape shouldn't bring nasty comments just like a larger person's body shouldn't. Edit: I woke up to a lot of notifications and was really confused because I completely forgot about this comment. Thanks for the awards dudes ✌🏼


I lost weight through diet and exercise over the course of nearly a year and never got to enjoy it because people that were used to me being heavier were suddenly “worried” about me and asking me if I’d been to the doctors🤔 The comments have mostly died down but I also can’t talk about any insecurities or how certain clothes don’t fit well (I have an odd body shape) because I’m told “but you’re thin”


Easier to kidnap Nobody wants me to sit on their lap Sitting on hard surfaces can be pretty painful. But on the upside all my coworkers give me their snacks when they go on a diet. I haven't had to buy work snacks in over a year now.


>Easier to kidnap "ill start with the boring stuff and end big with snacks!" - You, unbalanced


Is nobody going to mention how much your pelvic bones can hurt if you have sex with another skinny person?


It's like riding a bicycle down railroad tracks.


i have to finish my food fast because once my stomach realizes it's getting full i can't eat anymore


No cold resistance


People touch you a lot! They do that measuring thing where they use their fingers to measure your wrists or use their hands to see if they fit around your waist. You randomly get picked up a lot and people constantly say “you’re so small/tiny” like you’re a baby.


Am a guy who was skinny. Some women weren't into skinny guys. I met my wife when I was really thin, and later she let me know she was a little on the fence about it. I am 5'10" and weighed 140 pounds when we met. I was biking everywhere and living off of rice and beans. After 14 years of better food and 10 years of weight lifting I'm 190, but I'm old and married and have no idea if women care. I still look skinny but am just dense I guess. I don't look like a skeleton anymore though. One thing I miss, when you're really skinny, your dong looks HUGE.


I'm literally 6'3 and 145 if you looked like a skeleton I guess I'm just dead


It may have been more about her than about you. My ex husband was very slim (128 pounds) and during the entire length of our relationship I never weighed less than him. It was really hard on my self esteem.


100% this. Skinny dudes are super cute but as a large lady, I’m always afraid to get involved with them because of my own insecurities.


Yes! I dated a v. attractive skinny guy when I was in my mid-20s. My weight fluctuated during our relationship, but at my highest, I was probably 50ish pounds heavier than him. I’d spend the night unexpectedly, and he’d offer me his clothes, and I always turned them down because he wore a medium t-shirt. I felt like if he saw me squeeze into that (I wore a L or sometimes XL in men’s t-shirts), it would be too much of a visual indication of our weight difference. I also hated sitting on his lap or putting too much of my weight on him, even though he’d ask me to. He never once indicated my weight or the difference between our sizes was an issue. He told me how beautiful I was and how attracted he was to me, but I was always in my head about it.


Twerking just doesn't work the same.


There's literally nothing to twerk, just the pelvis


Yea girl shake that pelvis


Pelvis Presley EDIT thanks for the awards guys


This probably seems obvious, but all the negative stigma that comes with being skinny. People automatically assuming you're prissy or a bitch or care too much about your looks. People disregarding your mental health, especially when it's body oriented. "What do you have to be upset about?" Or "you're not allowed to hate yourself because you're *skinny*" Having little to no support when it comes to taking care of your own health. "You don't need to eat healthy all the time you're already skinny." Saying things like "I really need to work out more" is always met with responses similar to "No you don't you're the skinniest one here." You're not allowed to be upset about your weight or your health if you're hanging out with people who are chunkier than you. Edit: errors


People hounding you for your “secret” and then going on and on about how they wish *they* could lose weight. My secret is that I have no appetite and I really don’t get why I need to listen to you body-shame yourself for twenty minutes straight. I promise you it doesn’t make me feel good about myself.


Eating is honestly such a chore, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to. So you’re telling me that several times a day I need to think about what I want to eat, acquire the things needed to make that thing, prepare the thing, consume the thing, and then clean everything up that was involved in the process? And do that every day until I die? Uhg! I have better things I could be doing with my time!


Always cold and it can be hard to find clothes that fit nicely sometimes. Also if, say, I hit my arm against something really hard, I can feel the pain in my bone lol


Our bodies seem to think if we aren't warm we are dying. I lose feeling in my fingers and toe so fast its ridiculous and its take forever to warm them back up. Always feel cold too.


When you're trying to gain weight and it's 10pm and you still need to consume another 1200 calories for the day but you're still full. ty for gold ily


"can I just give you some of my weight!?" Ugh


Hard seats. My bony butt gets uncomfortable *very* quickly on wooden benches or metal bleachers.


The comments "eat something" "omg your so skinny" "Just skin and bones huh" I've managed to get closer to average weight nowadays but am still pretty thin. Boney buns and mean (but perceived socially acceptable) comments were the worst.


Keeping the muscle you build up. I lose muscle weight very quickly if I take even a rest week from working out. When I was younger gaining weight was difficult.


Having to have your arms covered all the time even in mid summer because you don't like people to see how skin your arms are.


Used to be like this. Now I just pretend they don't exist and dab on the haters with my noodles


Wearing hoodies everywhere and putting up with the weather