What's the worst houseguest experience you've had?

What's the worst houseguest experience you've had?


My roommate started seeing a guy who didn't have a car and lived in the town over (about a twenty minute drive). She would pick up him from his house and bring him to ours but she didn't always want to drive him home the next morning because she would have to work early. This quickly turned into him staying at our apartment full time, despite protests from my second roommate and I. After about two weeks, I noticed over $100 was missing from my wallet. He and I were the only two in our apartment all day. My wallet had been in my bedroom while I was watching TV in the living room. He'd been locked away in her room all day, but I also can't see down the hall that led to all of our bedrooms from there living room. So it was easy to figure out that he had snuck down the hall and gotten into my wallet. But she refused to believe me. I kept my bedroom door locked for a while and kept my valuables inside until i was able to get a camera set up. Then I left my door unlocked one day with a small amount of cash in my wallet in front of the camera to lure him. It worked like a charm and I got him on camera stealing from me again. Showing them the video got my roommate to believe me, but he still tried to deny it. He got dumped and kicked out but I lost about $150 that I never saw again.


I had a friend who needed a place to stay for a few days, so my parents let him stay at our house. He thought he could just stay longer without ever mentioning it or talking to my parents about it. He refused to find another place to live or try to make money, so he ended up staying with us for almost a month. He would trap people in conversations where he would just talk about himself for two hours straight. He complained about us not having the foods he wanted, would not stop talking about he was an incredible musician, and said his future plan was to go to LA despite having no job prospects, connections, a place to live, money, or any valid IDs. Within hours of him leaving he texted me about how he wanted to come over the next day. He is not allowed at our house anymore.


My former friend begged me to help her find a place where her special needs kiddos could stay in the same school/services where her husband wouldn't look for her after supposedly finding questionable material on his pc. I work with special needs populations including abuse victims so it made sense to come to me I gave her an older laptop I had for her use so she could turn in the house pcs. I bought her a new phone. I took them in myself which meant giving up my actual room for several weeks and sleeping on a futon. I also spent a lot of time babysitting so she could go talk to lawyers/providers. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick up the kids from school one day when she supposedly had court to extend the restraining order and bumped into dad and grandma. Eventually it came out that there was no restraining order, no court filings, no suspect files found. Mom had a new boyfriend and had told her husband she was divorcing him and her family wouldn't take her in.


Please tell me how this ended, dont leave me hanging


They moved back home. They later got divorced. She lost a lot of friends when they found out what she pulled


some family friends came over with their 30 yo son unannounced, took a nap on our sofa like Full on shoes off, made us turn off the tv bc it was too loud. then Venmo charged us for snacks they brought even though we didn’t ask for anything. I literally felt like i was the one who was visiting.


They CHARGED YOU FOR SNACKS THEY BROUGHT? Please tell me you didn't pay. holy hell.


If they really wanted to charge you for that then I’d charge for a day of AirBNB at your house


The clown that wouldn’t leave. It’s become family legend. My mother hired a clown for my brothers second or third birthday party. My mother made the mistake of offering her a cup of coffee after she was done performing and she seemed to take that as a cue to stay for awhile. Hours pass. The party guests are long gone and the clown is still there drinking the coffee chatting with my mother still in full makeup and outfit. She ended up staying the entire day until my mom got fed up and told her she had to go because she had to prepare dinner.


My dad's friend pissed in the corner of the guest room, and asked for money from everyone who happened to walk by him.


In that order?


No, simultaneously and with direct eye contact the entire time.




She stole all of my booze, pissed on my couch, tore up the flower bed to the side of my driveway, and destroyed my guest bathroom. This all happened after I'd fallen asleep, she was a guest of a tenant/room mate and that room mate was told either her friend wasn't allowed over ever again or she'd have to find a new place to live.


Had a roommate ask if the rest of us were okay with their high school friend crashing for a few days on their way through town to a festival. Gave us the dates and it was less than a handful of nights so we were all fine with it under the condition they didn’t get a key for the place, they left when we all went to work and they organized with the roommate when they were off work to come back. Great way to visit a city that you don’t live in for a few days, right? Turns out it wasn’t just the friend, it was the friend and her boyfriend and their other friend. And the roommate gave them a key and told them to just make it look like they were following the arrangement we’d all agreed on, they sold their festival tickets to buy acid and weed, didn’t tell us they were no longer going to the festival until the night after they were supposed to have been gone, and then we were told that our roommate said they could stay for as long as they wanted without pitching in because they were both actually homeless and jobless and trying to move to Vancouver. Everyone who *actually* lived there left for work, still unaware that our roommate had given them a key, and then came home to them having a party with a bunch of people over, none of whom lived there. They got the boot, and thankfully we had to renew our lease right away so we renewed it with one fewer name attached.


Lmao, broke/homeless and they want to move to fucking Vancouver. Gooooood luck with that.


Literally thought this was going to be about a dog.


Ya "pissed on my couch" got me


One of my best buddies from high school called me up and begged for me to come get him from a town about three hours away. The idea was he would stay with us for a couple weeks while he looked for work and then get his own place. Six months later I ended up renting him a room for one month and dropping him off with his junk and wishing him well. His father had warned me he would "drain me dry" and he wasn't kidding. All those months he was supposedly using my vehicle to look for work he was instead going out to a local bar. Every bottle in our liquor cabinet was drained down to the last finger.


Couple came for a weekend to my small apartment... surprised that they brought 3 dogs and an extra friend. The puppy took a dump on my floor in the night, which nobody got up to clean. another dog had a crate but managed to get a hold of a carpet outside of the crate, drag it in, and shred it. They also chewed up cardboard and wooden furniture. When they left, all the shredded stuff was just where it fell.


Some people should not be pet owners.


A former friend of ours called us and said that her house caught on fire, so naturally we offered a soft place to land while she was dealing with the fall out. So we went and picked her up, brought her home, and got her set up for the night. The next day, she grabbed what she could from her apartment and brought it over to our house. My wife washed all of her clothes, which by the way smelled the way you’d expect from being in a house fire. Unfortunately, that scent is REALLY hard to get out, so our house smelled of fire for a long time as my wife was washing the clothes multiple times. Eventually, we realized she was not trying at all to get her life back in order. She also wasn’t helping at all at our house, with getting her things together. She apparently just decided that she was going to apparently just stay with us and coast I guess? Ultimately she then started being really critical of anything we did, tried to start drama, and was generally unpleasant to be around. What finally broke the camels back was that I returned one day to find her and someone we had never met before smoking in our front porch. Not really a big deal, but it was odd that she didn’t let us know that she was inviting anyone into our house. The next day I went to take my Adderall that I had just filled and noticed that there were like 5 left from the prescription. Her and her friend helped themselves to my meds! After that she announced that she was going to stay somewhere that she was “welcome”, and that we could throw the clothes and items away that we had at our house because she didn’t want them any more because they smelled too much like smoke. The best came after she moved out, we read a story about the fire in the newspaper about the cause of the fire. She had caused it by smoking on the back deck of her apartment by carelessly not putting the cigarette out. We never really saw her again, she tried to make contact but we just noped out. She ended up moving in with some of our other friends, which we tried to warn them about, and ended up almost accidentally killing their dog due to carelessness before being kicked out by them. Yeah, she sucked.


Just FYI putting vinegar in the washing machine with any clothing or bedding will take basically any smell out of them. Including the smell of a house fire, I can vouch from personal experience.


My mom's cousin and her husband went for a short visit to our house. She was five months pregnant then. She and her husband didn't leave until the baby was two months old.


Them when leaving: It’s a pity we could only pay you a short visit. We’d have loved to stay a bit more, but Jimmy’s starting college tomorrow.


And to be honest we're leaving because this house is a shithole. there's dogshit in the fridge, we burned your mattress because it was cold. Oh yeah and we filled your washing machine with bricks to use as a drum machine.


Instead of asking where the toilet paper is, they let their kid wipe his ass with our guest towels.


Was there extra toilet paper in the bathroom, or were they too lazy to look?


They were overnight guests; there were definitely more rolls... they just didn't look around ¯\\\_o\_/¯


My ex-wife's friend had her car break down, and our apartment was right on a bus route to her job. She was supposed to stay over for a week while she got her car fixed. After 2 months and a lot of warning, we packed her bags for her and put them by the door.


How long did she crash on the porch?


My parents came over, and started snooping through my closet while I was making tea. They found some sextoys and proceeded to get mad at me for having them. In my own house. In my own bedroom. They wouldn't have found them if they would've behaved like normal people.


Hey! My dad did this to me. Asked to use my laptop to do his taxes while he was visiting. No issues there. Found some porn I had on the hard drive from the old laptop from about 10 years ago and proceeds to chew me out about it. Normal naughty nurses type stuff... buried in a labyrinth of "new folder" that to brute force hack, he'd need to open something like 12,000 folders. I doubt he did his taxes at all.


i don't erase my web history, if you use my laptop without my permission, get ready for it.


It's such a violation of privacy, it's disgusting.


My old roommate told me she had a friend who had fallen on rough times and needed a spot to crash for a while. No worries, I told her. Oooh, big worries. He was a professional beatboxer, but more that that he was a professional smoker. Like, I'm fine with weed generally, but this dude was on 12-15 blunts a day, and would roll one as soon as he rolled his tighty whitey clad ass off of our couch. So for like 4 months, as soon as I woke up, it was nothing but clouds of white owl and "BRRRRMMMCHKCHK-FRKAFRKACHCKABRRRRMMM." He didn't fall on rough times. He WAS a rough time.


My friend asked if her brother, who I'd never met, could crash on my couch for the night. Her boyfriend wouldn't let him stay with them. My roommate and I agreed, just for the night. Then the next night, he got in a fight with the person he was supposed to stay with, and had to crash on my couch again. Stuff like that kept happening. Then he just stopped trying to find somewhere else to stay and started taking our spare key, staying out til I went to bed, and then coming in and crashing on the couch. His phone was off so I could never reach him when he was out unless he was connected to wifi. He got a job at a tattoo parlor and would brag about how much money he made, but never contributed or saved the money to move out. He blew it all on weed. I seriously don't know how someone could spend that much on weed. He was there for almost two months before he lied and snuck in a girl he'd met in rehab who had felony arrest warrants out for her (I'd said I didn't want her in the apt, and I caught them sneaking out the next morning 5 minutes before my alarm was to go off). I got upset with him and said it was not okay to lie to me and hide things from me, he freaked out and made up a bunch of stuff that he told my roommate and my friend (his sister), said I called him a useless junkie etc. I've had a lot of friends struggle with addiction, I'd never ever say something like that. After having my roommate scream at me over the lies the guy told I was done. He wasn't allowed back. It was a good thing I made him leave. Turns out he was slipping back into old habits. The next person who let him stay with them got robbed. He's been in and out of jail. My friend asked if I could help put money on his commissary thing. I hope the guy eventually gets cleaned up, but it's not my mess.


> BRRRRMMMCHKCHK-FRKAFRKACHCKABRRRRMMM I've never seen beatboxing spelled out before and I never want to again. This is the pinnacle.


I read this and was like wtf did i miss? Read again and bam laugh ass off. Lol


My aunt came to visit for what was supposed to be a week or two and didn’t leave for almost a year when I was a kid. She redecorated my room and even put up pictures of herself. Now the running joke in my family is to randomly leave pictures of yourself around the house when we visit people.


Lmao that's so funny. Reminds me of a guy I used to work with who used to take pictures of himself and his family to IKEA. Over a long while he put them in the frames in all the displays. Nearly pissed myself when I went one day and spotted a pic of him on a beach somewhere in a bedroom display.


That is hysterical! It reminds me of instant ancestors. Many years ago, my mother and I ran across a bunch of old framed photos at a thrift store. My mother bought the whole box. We hung a few of them up in the house with the old photos still in them. We call them our instant ancestors.


Ahahaha instant ancestors are amazing. I hope you gave them crazy stories


"So what did he do?" "Uncle Clive? Stock photo model" "Oh yeah, I recognize him"


I have a cousin that had a long modeling career, and lives in a different state than I do. On my first day as a sales associate in a frame store, I found her in one of the stock photos for one of our frames. It was a fun surprise.


My uncle was supposed to fly on a trip, so he was going to stay for a couple days. Instead he went like fuck this shit and spent the whole summer with us lmao.


My dad had a cousin who did this exact same thing!!! Supposed to be a couple weeks or so, went on for a year. Hung her family pics in the hallway. And not even with a nail, but HUGE SCREWS. My dad was too nice to ask her to leave so it was up to my grandfather and I. She passive aggressively hung them up, I took them down and put them in her bed in the same passive aggressive fashion. She got so pissed that she finally moved out but wrote my dad hate filled threatening letters for a couple of years. She thought they were going to get married (literally said so in the letters). They were FIRST COUSINS! She was so nuts.


Your dad 100% played Les Cousins Dangereux with her...


Did he have Pop Pop in the attic?


>even put up pictures of herself. This is harious. It reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit where the cops acuse a black man of breaking into a home and putting up pictures of his own family (the joke is that it's really his house).


“I saw this before when I was a rookie, just sprinkle some crack on him and let’s get outta here.”


Wife's cousin stayed a couple days with us. After he left, I discovered he purchased about $60 worth of porn on directv.


My uncle and his wife came to stay for a while. They got my room and I slept on the couch for a few months (nbd when you're a kid I guess). What actually ticked me off is that when they finally left we found out that they'd seriously messed up my room. Everything reeked of cigarettes, there were ground up peanut shells in the carpet, cigarette burns on my mattress, etc... And we couldn't figure out why the room smelled like death until my we lifted up the bed and found mummified cat shit stuck up in the shag carpeting. They either had such bad hygiene that they didn't notice the smell or they knew and they just didn't care. \*edit: To everyone asking how we didn't notice the cigarette smell, my guess is that they only smoked in the room during the day when everyone was out (probably smoked out the window). My parents weren't smokers, we just figured the smell was coming from their bodies which we couldn't do anything about.


Ugh, I had ex friends crash in my spare room for a bit to get on their feet. Left the room absolutely narsty but the worst thing was finding a dried cat turd mashed in the carpet under a bookshelf. Thing is, it would've been physically impossible for the cat to get under the shelf to poop there, which means they found a mess from their animal and just put my bookshelf on top of it rather than clean it up.


Holy shit what is wrong with people?!


Plot twist: they were on meth


We were having a family bbq and this gong show of a woman 'joanie' shows up. Shes the alcoholic gf of a guy my dad and uncle worked with and were friends with. We already knew she had a knack for ruining a good time and being a party pooper so we decided to tell her we were all getting ready to leave and go to my grandparents. She says she needs to use the restroom so we wait and then pile into my moms van and drive down the street and circle back. We arrive back and my Uncle Kelly goes to use the restroom and immediately comes out and says what the fuck man. She had pooped everywhere, smeared it everywhere and then put her filthy panties in the sink and rolled out like it was nothing. We didnt see her for a few years and then ran into her at canada trust, and in the que at the bank, loudly apologized for shitting all over our restroom. We never saw her again.


My dad owned a business his whole life and was in the process of hiring new installers. One applicant came in from out of town and my dad, being the kind man he was, offered for him to stay in our home. When the morning came the man went to take a shower. My parents heard the water turn on and it stayed on for a really long time. After an hour and a half of running water, my mom made my dad go check on him. My dad went upstairs, picked the lock on the bathroom door, and found blood and a limp body on the floor next to the running shower. The man had overdosed, lost consciousness, hit his head on the shower side, and died. He was DEAD. Right there on the bathroom floor that I used for 10 years. One thing is for sure, he won’t be coming back to our house again.


moral of the story, always do drugs sitting down.


this one caught me off guard lol


Yeah, everything else in the thread was people being assholes, and suddenly we get a death.


I offered someone a ride home from class in college, was hoping to make a new friend. This guy proceeded to take his shoes off, and put his smelly socks on my leather dashboard, then critique my driving and tell me why manual transmissions are stupid. Murder would have been justified if he was a houseguest.


I would have slammed on the brakes to make him fold in half. Who the hell has a strong opinion on manual vs automatic transmissions? Also, keep your dirty ass feet off my leather dash. /edit. Looks like someone really nice gave me a Gold. Thank you, kind stranger. <3


My MIL “joked” about taking my newborn with her to her state & called me an inferior parent. 8 days post-birth. I told her I’d break her arm if she tried to leave the house with my baby. She cried because I “didn’t find her joke funny”


That's awful just awful. My MIL decided that it was not okay for me to shut the door to bedroom, after just being discharged from hospital after a day long labour that turned into an emergency section. This was at 10:30 PM. I just wanted to lay down, get some air on my incision and play with my newborn. I heard her crying in the hall, asked my husband to go see what was wrong. Apparently, I was not making her feel welcome enough. Told my husband it's me or her leaving, she was sent home the next day.


That would be the girl visiting my sister-in-law who decided it would be funny to repeatedly prank call 911. I got a very angry call from the local police station saying we either stopped or they'd be sending a squad car over. Apologised profusely to the officer and thanked him for calling us first. She was not invited back to her house, she was 17 and definitely old enough to know better.


Isn't abuse of 911 an actual crime?


In Florida the first false alarm call is not, but usually the second time is an explanation saying that they will get charged if this continues, unless it was explained the first time. Anything after you will probably get charged.


I remember my graduation party and a bunch of cops showed up, fairly weird for a backyard bbq and were like... who called the cops? Well, we rounded up all the youngins and the cops gave them a nice little spontaneous speech about when to and when not too call the cops, we cut the cake and the officers had a slice. Good times were had by all I suppose EDIT: what if the cops just pretended someone called the cops to get free cake


1000 iq play


Sister-in-law house sat when we were out of town. There were tons of disrespectful presents left for us - a cookie crumb trail of condom wrappers, which lead to an actual used condom - like WTF? But the worst was after cleaning all that up, which was just aggravating and stupid... there was a putrid smell I couldn't put my finger on. Until I finally opened a draw in the dresser in the guest room - she had left a takeout container in there, half an omelette that had gone rancid. I gotta hope she just had to go quick and forgot all that crap was there when she left. Either way we took our key back from her.


It's so interesting to see some peoples habits. Yikes.


> trail of condom wrappers Follow the yellow dick road


A friend I haven’t seen in a year or so called me last weekend wanting to catch up so he came over. I didn’t realize he was blackout drunk until he walked in and I didn’t realize how to diffuse the situation. It started with him taking a shit in my bathroom and instead of flushing it he just put both seats down. Went into my fridge to grab a craft IPA that I have been saving for a rainy day and drank it. Went outside and out of nowhere he starting saying the n-word? He’s never been racist as far as I know. At this point I told him to get the fuck out nicely or calm down but I also didn’t want him to crash his car home as he lives an hour away. He then said he’s going to go get cigarettes so I offered to drive him. As soon as we’re down the road he yells at me to pull over because he has to pee. Again calling me the n word for no apparent reason. I told him to just wait three minutes and he takes out his dick and puts it into his beer can and just pees everywhere and then throws it outside. By this time I’m livid and he grabs my arm to apologize but his hand was soaked in piss so he basically just wiped it all over me. I knew I was going to punch him in the face if I didn’t get to the Gasstation so once I got there I told him to go inside. When he went in I peeled out of there and called his gf saying she needed to pick him up from that Gasstation. I took a shower and an hour later his gf calls me and says he’s in the backseat of a cop car because he called 911 asking for cocaine. Needless to say that’s the last time I’ll be seeing him.


he called 911 asking for cocaine? wtf? how absolutely drunk do you have to be to do something so incredibly stupid? Edit: to save future commentators time; I know that the police have cocaine in their evidence room


housemate had people come over, order a pizza, decide they didn't want it and refuse to answer the door so they didn't have to pay - at 4am. Pizza guy could hear them through the door so kept knocking louder and louder. I eventually went to the door and opened it, then explained to the pizza guy what was going on (so that they didn't blacklist the property) and forced them to pay. As they were packing to leave the next day I noticed them trying to take some of my extra PS4 controllers by sneaking them into their bag. I'm normally an introvert but already being cranky from no sleep I lost my shit at that point. called them a disgusting thief and told them to gtfo.


Controllers are expensive fuck those hoes


Ya fuck those hoes even if they weren’t expensive tho. Come in my house and steal shit mfer


In a weird reversal, I stayed at my uncle's house for a week and brought my PS2, set it all up in his living room where I was crashing. Fuggin dog walked in and while I'm playing a game just chewed right through the controller cable, within 30 seconds from walking into the room. God I hated that dog that whole week.


What kind of psychopath changes their mind about pizza?


Also when you order food that late you have to commit


Plus.... why wouldn't you want to commit??


I just watched an episode of To Catch A Predator, and the dude brought a pizza and when he was confronted by Chris Hansen, he was like "Can I eat some pizza first?"


Oh gosh, I just watched this too. He's just sitting there nomming down on pizza while Chris Hansen is questioning him about trying to have sex with a child. In the end, he offers Hansen a slice.


He knows full well that's the last pizza he's gonna have for a while, so I get it.




I had a few friends over one night and had admittedly had way too much to drink. Apparently friends had invited their friends over during the craziness. Woke up to find medication missing. Brand new DVDs were gone. I wonder what else they took that I just never realized was gone. Not knowing is a really crappy feeling. It was 10 years ago so I don’t care anymore but it definitely was a wake up call. It’s weird knowing someone had free rein over your house, coulda been rifling through your drawers, putting things in their pockets here and there, and it’s your own fault.


All local pizza places near me only do prepay after midnight, to prevent the drunk's ordering without checking they have cash first.


I had surgery and was on bedrest for a week. I asked my cousin, who was living with me at the time, to keep an eye on me, as I was on heavy painkillers. I stayed on the couch and let her use my bedroom. When I recovered, I found used hair weave piled up on clean towels in the bathroom cabinet, a douche nozzle behind my nightstand, trash piled all the way up the wall in the kitchen, dirty dishes everywhere, a plate of rancid food in the microwave, ketchup and mustard smeared on the floors, and she had stolen a bunch of clothing and CDs, along with one of my iPhone chargers (she had a Windows phone) and she poked a hole in my $2500 sleep number bed. I kicked her ass out immediately. Edit - why I gave her the bed and took the couch: The couch was like two steps from the bathroom, and by giving her the bedroom I thought I was ensuring that she would have no reason not to do this one simple task because she would have to pass by the couch to go to the kitchen or the bathroom. Edit - explain douche nozzle: A douche is a feminine hygiene product that many women use to control vaginal odor. The bag contains the product, and the nozzle is inserted into the vagina. When you squeeze the bag the product is pushed out of the nozzle and it rinses the vagina. Edit: I have seen a handful of comments saying that you’re supposed to douche your butt. Are you using actual douches, or warm water enemas? Because douches typically contain vinegar and that’s unsafe for rectal use.


I don't understand how a family member of someone thinks what they're doing is fine. Have you had any contact with them since?


Nope. I ran into her in line at the grocery store last year. She spoke to me and I went to stand in another line.


> she poked a hole in my $2500 sleep number bed Why / how?


Who knows… when bums do bum shit I’m more concerned with getting them out of my life than getting an explanation.


“When bums do bum shit I’m more concerned with getting them out of my life than an explanation.” should be cross stitched on a pillow in every house.


Ran into a guy I used to call a friend and let him stay with me for awhile as he was down on his luck. I guess we'd ran out of toilet paper so he used a wash cloth and left it at the side of the toilet. Kicked him out and found out later he walked away with some of my CD's. Some mutual friends let him stay. Against my advice. They came home one day to find him passed out on the couch with his pants around his ankles. After they kicked him out they found out he'd racked up $900 in phone sex charges. Fuck you Nole. You always were and always will be a piece of shit.


Nole? That guy was doomed from the start.


He later turned his life around, and his name with it Now he's Elon


He went from Nole Skum to Elon Musk.


> They came home one day to find him passed out on the couch with his pants around his ankles. After they kicked him out they found out he'd racked up $900 in phone sex charges. Damn....dude was jerking off to a phone sex line. What year was this?


Well he stole *CDs* so i'm guessing 1996.


You're absolutely correct on the year. It was a fuckin good year regardless.


I was on my honeymoon with my husband and we let his dad stay at our house, but said he had to be out by the time we got back. We let him know when we were on our way home and expected him to be gone. We get back, he was gone but had not gotten his stuff out of the house. On top of that, he trashed the place like a group of teenagers, empty pizza boxes and trash laying around. He came back and stayed around for a bit and asked me if I was mad at him. Like of course I’m mad!! What do you expect?


"By, 'Are you mad at me?' I assume you mean to apologize for your behavior, so how about we try that again."


My brother in law stayed at our house while we were on our honeymoon. He had a girl over that he just met and they had sex in our bed and didn't change the sheets. They drank all of the alcohol in the house, including a special bottle of champagne that had been a wedding gift. I'm sorry about your FIL. What are some people thinking??


My now ex brother in law stayed at our house while I was in the hospital with pregnancy difficulties which ended in c section and a baby. Came home to a mess. Dishes and food Every where. And he ordered porn.


Never even got to spend any time in this apartment. I agreed to rent an apartment with my younger sister on her road to recovery from drug use, and we'd all thought she was doing well. I paid for the first month's rent and deposit, which is standard. She moved in a week early, because I was working night shift and the whole process started on a Monday. That weekend I got to move in, I found out my debit card was locked out because she stole it and attempted to withdraw money too many times. It didn't get any better after that, sadly.


Well, this one happened a few years ago? but the husband of my great aunt came to visit us, mind you he was like 80something years old,so he goes to the bathroom to do his bussiness, and he comes down, now he smells a little bit,but we all brush it aside then when he sits down and after a while gets back up to leave, you can see shit stains on the sofa. not only that but my mom then goes upstairs and finds the bathroom full of shit, not full on shit but a bunch of it was sprayed in the walls etc. to this day we havent spoken about it and that man passed away around a year ago.


> [...] to this day we havent spoken about it and that man passed away around a year ago. I think it is past time to talk about it. If it can't be funny now, it'll never be funny.


Oh this is a pretty good one. So I had a really old/good friend call me and tell me they needed a place to stay for maybe a few days or a week when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. I of course said yes. Then she told me her girlfriend was coming too. Ok, great. They show up, and when they get to my porch she tells me her girlfriend has strep throat. At first I think "ok, whatever". But then I stop and think "isnt that highly contagious?". But they are already here. So I just kind of start thinking to myself that Ill have to somehow keep them to my spare bedroom and sterilize the crap out of everything. But then Im just wondering why my friend didnt tell me in advance, or if they dont know how contagious it is. Like if my girlfriend had strep, Id go get a hotel and not subject my friend to that. After about a day, my friend tells me via text she has to leave. Which at first Im relieved, but then she asks if her girlfriend can just stay at my place. I dont know her, Ive never met her in my life. I tell her I have another couple that need to come stay with me (which was true) and that Im not comfortable housing someone I dont know who is sick. She says that is fine, but then when she comes to get her stuff she acts all pissed and says "well see you sometime, maybe". And I dont hear from her for a long long time after. Kinda fucked up she put me in that situation tbh.


Yeah see that's not a friend. That's a former friend masquerading as a friend.


My brother Todd is a drug addict and an alcoholic. Before mom and dad finally had enough and got a restraining order (they kept thinking that if they kept him at home he'd get sober) he would wander the streets and bring home homeless people who were also strung out in the middle of the night. One time it was this woman who used our bathroom, taking a shower and leaving an absolute mess, including her soiled thong on the bathroom floor. She also stole some stuff. We didn't know about her until the morning when she left my brother's room because despite being high as a kite she was quiet. And for once my brother, despite being high himself, remembered the alarm code. Which was unusual because he normally forgets it when he's high/drunk. Most of the time we'd catch him bringing home strange women and men to sleep in his room because the alarm would go off and wake us all up. Every time dad would throw them both out and change the garage door code for the night so he couldn't get back in. Another time one of my mom's now former friends came over in a rage, forcing her way in. She had been at urgent care and got tired of waiting. She had a bladder infection that was so bad she was bleeding. She left the bathroom a bloody mess and screamed at mom the entire time before finally leaving. Mom cut her out of her life after that.


In a rage? hey my pisshole is bleeding and I want to soil your bathroom.....let me in right now so i can leave a slimey trail from your porch


Cousin and her kid (18) came to stay on our apartment bc the kid needed a psychiatrist evaluation and treatment, the city they lived in didn’t have a facility for it but ours did, she said they’ll stay about 3 weeks, we said yeah, anything to help. They ended up staying for more than 4 months, didn’t put a single penny for groceries, took showers that lasted for ages, left the heat running, lights on en every room, just wasteful all around. In my family we don’t have dinner, just some tea and bread, but her and her kid NEEDED to have dinner, so she would sometimes take the food I had set up for lunch for the next day and give it to her kid, who btw had the appetite of a monster, so a lot of times I would rush in the morning to assemble the lunch packs and discover there was nothing left. If there wasn’t any food ready she would just take whatever she wanted from the fridge and prepare it, fancy steak we were saving for the weekend? Gone. She even gave the kid HALF of my sister’s birthday cheesecake BEFORE the party.


Hmmmm....Maybe the kid needed psychiatric evaluation due to poor parenting.


I think it was me, I went to a friend's house after a day drinking once, promptly fell asleep on their sofa. Woke up in the middle of the night drunk and disoriented, fell ass first into their glass coffee table, smashing it and then threw up all over their sofa. I have never felt so ashamed in my life. Tbf they were really good about it and I obviously paid to fix the table and have the sofa cleaned professionally. Tequila, it makes me unhappy :(


He cranked my dad's speakers up to the max and blew them (they were from the 70's so impossible to replace or repair). Then he clogged our toilet, grabbed a bunch of grandma's quilts to sop up the water. He then tried to stop the water by violently shacking the tank, cracking the bowl and dislodging it from its base. In a panic he tried to bolt from the house, his wet feet slipped on the wood floor and he crashed into a wall leaving a nice body sized impression. Thats how my brothers friends was barred from the house.


This reminds me of an ex friend of mine. Our toilet has clogged up and I had just finished mopping and cleaning up the shitty mess. He comes over and I’m like, “don’t use that toilet, it’s stuck and will overflow.” I go out to have a cigarette and my nephew runs to me and tells me my friend just flushed the toilet and water is overflowing again. I rush in too fast, slip and fall flat on my face. I ask him later why did he flush when I told him not too… he said “I wanted to check if you were serious.” Didn’t talk to him for weeks after that but never let him live it down either


How old was this guy? How do people like this even survive in the world...


He was 13 at the time.


Holy fuck that's an embarassing teenage memory that will haunt him to the grave


The old 3AM thoughts


Lol how did a 13yr old cause so much freaking damage?! JFC. Slipping on the floor was the perfect finishing touch 😂


13 year olds literally do not know that they have a body in this world (my friends brother has absolutely 0 spatial awareness)


You spend 10 years of your life weighing practically nothing then puberty starts and suddenly you can do real damage. There's going to be an adjustment period.


13 year olds can be 6'4 250 pound men from time to time.


I have a little 6ft 8" 14 year old, lol.


Haha. I pictured like a 50 or 60 year old guy doing all that stuff.


A high school buddy of mine called to ask if his late-teens daughter and her two friends could stay at our house for a night, as they were travelling around the world. Of course, and we even gave them our master bedroom, and master bath, so they could clean up, and spoil themselves. Not to brag, but we have a kick-ass setup...those two rooms are about 700 sq ft. Shortly after seeing their new digs, they announced that they were staying for six days....actually assuming we'd let them have our room the entire time. We said, "uhhhhh....no....one night of fun, then down to the basement"...(which is still pretty nice). They left the next morning when were out...didn't say thank you....took a bunch of snack food, and made us sound like horrible hosts to my buddy. The entitlement was laughable.


Sounds like your buddy raised a proper POS


Let my buddy live with me rent free after I got him a job. Was trying to help him off the floor. When my brother had a traumatic brain injury and I had a week to decide if my brother was going to live or die this is when my buddy started bitching that he had to smoke weed in the garage and not the house. Then he proceeded to go to work (where I also worked) and talk shit about me and my personal life to anyone who would listen. He did this while I was on medical leave to take care of my dying brother.




When i was a toddler, my grandfather slammed my head into the washer/dryer because I was in his way. Some of our relatives apparently tried to defend him. My parents went apeshit and left


My grandpa (on my father's side) was a similar pos. He would hit all his grandchildren with his walking stick, pinch them till the skin bled for sadistic fun. He was staying over temporarily at our apartment which was on the second floor. The day came for him to leave. He ordered my father to pack his stuff (ofc very rudely) and was waiting on the foyer with a smaller suitcase in hand. The taxi arrives and he hands the suitcase over to me and tells me to go load it in its trunk. Ok, I guess, no problem. But then he trips me and I go crashing down the stairs. I didn't get any serious injuries, but banged my head on a wall or stair and hurting all over. He walked past me laughing and told me to bring the suitcase down when I am able to stand up. When my parents found me at the bottom of the stairs they realized what had happened and threw his duffle bag and suitcase out through the balcony on the road and told him to get them himself. I am glad he passed away.


I was 23, just signed a lease for a duplex with my girlfriend. Got new furniture and a new computer then my brother shows up one with a broken foot and says he can't work so he stays with me while. He acts greatful and I had a spare bedroom that was using as an office. My new computer was in the room. He downloaded so much porn it crashed the hard drive. Had to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows. I put a parental block on the computer after that. He finally got a job and pretty much spent all his money on drugs. I would ask him to pitch in money for food/bills and would be totally delusional saying he gave $500 last week. I think I got $100 from him in the 6 months he was there. He got fucked up on pills and passes out and pissed himself on my brand new couch. Then tried to fight me when I yelled at him and said he had to pay for it to get cleaned. I told him to get out at that point then it was a nightmare. He would send threatening messages to me saying how he was going to kill me. Cops got called. Cops took some statements. Wrote down the text messages and didn't do crap at the time. 3 months later they arrest him and our mom calls me saying it's all my fault and I need to drop the charges. Needless to say I'm not real close with my family these days. Oh ya, I had a bed in the office that totally covered in piss after he stayed there. Also found a duffle bag full of porn in the room and a few dozen little baggies with coke residue in them.


"duffle bag full of porn". The fuck? This better be 1993.


Husband of friend came for Xmas since she was out of town. He brought the dog. Who had diarrhea. Dog humped our dog for hours til our dog was covered in s**t. Husband spouted racist crap and my kids laughed at him. Had to wash our dog in the kitchen after he left. Friend divorced now.


Omg what a mental image. Wtf is wrong with some people?


We had a house-sitter once who wanted to bring their own dog for the week. They assured us the dog was well behaved and housetrained. This was a pretty close friend, and their house is nice and clean so we believed them. Came home to find every rug in our house destroyed. The house smelled funky when we walked in, and I immediately found wet spots on our living room rug. Lifted it up and it had more stained areas than not. Same with the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and guestroom rugs. I'm guessing this dog didn't pee outside a single time it was there. This was someone we paid to watch our house. Edit: to answer some common questions. Their house was all hardwood and had a dog door. I guess the dog just let itself out? Or maybe it does pee inside and they clean it up? Maybe the dog was freaked out in a new place? I honestly have no idea. I didn’t confront them. We had a lot going on at that point in our lives, and just felt it was best to silently sever the relationship and learn an expensive lesson. We were planning a cross-state move and a wedding. All out small rugs went through the wash. The living room rug went right into the dumpster it was so bad. We tried to clean the bit office rug, but it ended up trashed too. We replaced the living room rug fairly cheaply. They tried to blame it on my dog and kind of acted like they hadn’t noticed. Which I do not for one second believe either part of. My dog has had two accidents since we got her six years ago. Once the first day, and once when she was recovering from anesthesia. She has a bladder of steel and weighs 15 pounds. This other dog was a solidly 75 pound lab mix. Based on the sizes of the stains, it was not the 15 pounder. Weirdly, there was no evidence of poop in the house. So I really don’t know what was going on. No, it does not appear that they made any attempt to clean up the mess. The rug downstairs was literally dripping wet. We paid via venmo before we got home. Yes, I’m a spineless wimp. No major justice boner to be found here.


>They assured us the dog was well behaved and *housetrained.* Which they apparently thought meant "trained to pee in the house."


I once dog sat for a friend and that is exactly how I describe that dog. We knew this dog was terrible at asking to go out and regularly peed on their carpet so we had a schedule. We let her out with our dog every 4 hours except at night when both dogs slept downstairs (which was all hard floors) for 8 hours. We used a toddler gate thing to block off access to the stairs and took up the rugs so there was only couches and dog beds down there. This worked for 3 straight days with no accidents until the last morning I woke up to find that this dog had broken down the gate and took the largest shit and piss I'd ever seen. I swear to God she had been saving it up. She was a little smaller than my dog and I'd never seen him lay a pile of logs like that. It's like she had been inadvertently trained to go on the carpet so by taking her outside we were going against what she'd been trained to do. She just wanted to give us one final parting gift. God I was so pissed. Edit to add: these were large dogs. Mine was 90lbs and the friends dog was around 75lbs. It was a lot of poop.


I had a similar incident with a paid sitter. Our dog walker - of 5 years - was squatting at our place every time we left town. These were 4-5 day trips once a month, at some point in year 3 she excitedly declares she can do "stayovers" for extra $25/day instead of twice a day visits for potty and feeding. I happily paid her that extra $$, like a fool. We never found out she'd been there all along, until.... When COVID hit and we went on lockdown, we were living in a high rise loft with increasing positive cases and shared ventilation. My husband got spooked, so we went to an airbnb out of town for the rest of lockdown. Turns out, she was staying at our loft the whole time. She had the front desk believing she was house-sitting. She had a key, they knew she was the dog walker, so it raised no eyebrows. I dropped by to check on things unannounced and she had flat out moved in. Clothes in closets, toiletries organized in drawers, pantry filled with her staples, the whole shebang.


This is wild! What did you say, what was the aftermath?


Immediately ended the relationship and sent her packing. Blacklisted from the building, locks changed. Nothing was stolen, it was the violation of the space and how long she was using us. I couldn't believe I had let her be alone with my dogs for that all that time. How could I have known, though? She was this cute little Mormon girl that let on like cookies were her downfall. She knew exactly when we were coming and going and the dogs loved her. The asskicker was finding Mormon literature about rules in marriage intentionally shoved deep under our bed like some magic talisman when we moved out. We're two men.


This is one of the craziest stories I have read in a long time. Thanks for sharing. Crazy when you think about how little you actually know people around you. No one could have expected such an outcome.


Aunt going through a divorce after she'd been cheating on her husband for years. She comes to stay at her sister's place, aka my mom, while "coping." This psycho bitch drank nearly every drop of liquor we had, left the fridge open and ruined a month's worth of groceries, fell down our stairs and left a massive dent in the wall, and to cap it off, got in her car while drunk (it was like 3am and we were all asleep), pulled out before we could stop her, hit my car, and sped off. My mom begged us to not call the police. Yeah no, I flipped on that drunk bitch immediately.


They peed in my fridge


Any elaboration? I’m intrigued


I reconnected with a friend who was moving back to town. There was a live outdoor music event going on that evening and invited her over before my friends and I went to the event. She asked if I could pick her up. Once she was at my house, we were all having a few drinks, she disappears. I find her in the kitchen, she literally has EVERYTHING out of my fridge and is cooking. When I say everything: I had just gone to the store and gotten fresh veggies, chicken breasts, ground beef.. I was stocked up for a week or two. I ask her what she's doing and she tells me that she's been a chef at some fancy restaurant for a while and wants to cook dinner for everyone. At this point.. WTF, but although I'm pissed the food is already being cooked so I might as well get a meal of it then deal with everything. Que a few moments later when she gashes her finger open with a knife. Blood everywhere, including all over the food on the stove. Once I get her finger wrapped up, she askes me (and I quote) "Do you have a sewing kit? I'll fix this right up". No is the obvious answer to that. I notice that she has gotten some blood on her dress and mention that to her. She asks me to take her home so she can change before we leave. Immediate "yes". As I'm driving her across town, she calls her mom and chews the poor woman out. Yelling at her to get a bucket of water and baking soda ready to soak the dress. We finally get to her house and she could sense what I was thinking. She asks if I'd wait for her to change and she'd only be a moment. The second she shuts the door to my truck, I pull off. She then jumps on my hood and starts screaming about 2 tall boy bud lights that she left at my house and that I'm a thief. I finally get her off the hood of the truck and simply tell her she's not invited, she destroyed ALL my food for over a week, and I never wanted to talk with her again. quick edit: The food she was cooking looked and smelled terrible. She was not a chef, she was not a good cook. I ended up cleaning up when I got home and whatever she was making was going to be uneatable, just a cross mix of chicken, beef, and every spice from my cupboard. Think 10 year kid unattended in the kitchen, "making dinner".


Oh my god she jumped onto your car?!? Wtf


That's why you let them walk in to house before speeding away! 😉


I lived in a two unit house, and we were the back unit that connected to a (shared) garage. Garage was used for nothing other than laundry and storage, and a previous tenant had left a mattress in it that no one ever bothered to move. One day I (then 20F) go into the garage, and nearly jump out of my skin upon seeing some man sleeping on the mattress. I freak out and flee back to my unit just in time for two of my male housemates to come home. They go to confront the guy and come back to tell me that he was friends with our other male housemate, and said housemate told him that he could crash in the garage as he was “in between leases for a few days” without bothering to inform the rest of us. Despite this dick move by my roommate, I offered to let the guy to sleep on my living room couch instead of some sketchy mattress in the crummy garage. A few days turned into a few weeks/months. I, the administrator of our utilities and rent payments, demanded that he chip in at this point. He agreed, but I was moving out soon because I finished a term early. The couch and WiFi router were mine and I was leaving them behind to pick up at the end of the year as a favor to my housemates. He shorted me a few hundred dollars (a large sum to a broke college kid) after I left. Another housemate ended up having to pay for this guest because I was about to go reclaim my couch and router if I didn’t get my money. A year later, the guest had the audacity to text me to ask if he could “take me out” the next time I came into town. Yuck.


A guest took a dozen eggs from my pantry and cooked it and served it to her kid *after* refusing to allow the kid to eat a dish I cooked for them. I think I had an older post about it somewhere here in reddit about it.


She...cooked a full dozen eggs for one kid?


Lil Gaston gonna get swoll


Nothing compared to the other stories, but a mutual friend came to my place, and brought his roughly used PS4 controllers so we all could play together. When he left, he left his shitty controllers and took my good ones. He is a lawyer now. Go figure eh?


My gf was pregnant and we were taking a little vacation. We let two friends who are brothers use our house while we were gone on the condition that they maintained the yard and garden. First they borrowed the truck which wasn’t a big deal but they immediately wrecked it, driving head-on into a garbage truck. Then our very best friend stopped by to borrow something and they told her to fuck off. They found some hidden cash (maybe $100) and stole it. They broke plates. We came home to find a pile of soaking wet towels and linens which had grown mold and they all had to be replaced. Believe it or not they did make an attempt to mow the lawn but somehow broke the lawnmower and then never fixed it or mowed or watered anything and many flowers were dead. I had been collecting exotic varieties of heliconia there on the Big Island of Hawaii and they were all dead. Some of those flowers were worth $80 or $100. So we come home from vacation and the boys have vanished without a trace and won’t ever - EVER answer our calls again. We are 5 months pregnant with no vehicle and a trashed house. I think the worst part was that we really did think of them as friends but then they ghosted us like that. Like we were disposable and our pregnancy and our lives didn’t matter.


What the fuck? I am so, so sorry. That’s terrible.


Press charges or take them to small claims court. This is bullshit. Your friendship with them is already in the toilet, might as well flush.


> take them to small claims court The insurance company will already be taking them to big boy court. See if you get get in on that case. That's assuming these assholes have any assets.


That’s terrible. If possible I’d press charges! I’m sure the police could find them.


And stealing the truck is a felony


This. OP said not a big deal about borrowing the truck...... but they didn't borrow it they stole it and went for a joy ride and ended up totalling it. Like if you borrow someone's vehicle without permission to me it'd only be "not a big deal" if they returned it unscathed with a full tank of gas.


This is kind of a houseguest/house watcher story? Does that count? I went on a week long trip up the east coast when I was younger with my bf at the time. Tuesday- Tuesday trip. I had my 'friend' staying with us because they fell on some hard times. It was around a month and everything was going great, so we decided to ask them to watch the house for the week as we had three dogs. We pretty much told them to take the car, do whatever, have some alone time, get a little vacation from the very tragic event that happened in their life and we would pay for their food as they did not have a job- but JUST TAKE CARE OF THE DOGS. I'm sure you can sadly see where this is going. Well, we decided to get home one day early and I'm not sure if it was a blessing or luck or just whatever. Got home, noticed the 330i I had purchased that month had side swiped a yellow pole of some sort. So, naturally I'm fuming, come up and open the door to 3 randos on the couch, all smoking, in my RENTED townhouse. The hardwood floor had random spots all over it, some covered in towels and there was now a baby/doggie gate up blocking all 3 dogs in the kitchen who were just almost screaming instead of barking at the excitement to see us. Immediately, I threw everyone out before even walking around farther in the house. Of course, the 'guest' used this opportunity to get out with the people while I was not paying attention and running around in a frenzy. She must of had a bag packed like she was going to leave just before we came back anyways. When I say the house was destroyed, I mean it was disgusting. We came to find out that all of the spots on the hardwood floor in the living room/entry area were dry/semi dry spots of dog pee that weren't cleaned up and caused the floors to ripple up. Under the towels through the house were wet dog pee that was just left to dry on it's own. I assume they were so angry with the dogs peeing in the house, that now the dogs were left and gated off in the kitchen for what looked like the entire weekend. Walking into the kitchen, the piles/puddles of dog poop and pee were ABUNDANT. I had two full size dobermans and those things ate like horses and shit like them too- the min pin, well you never even really noticed when she went to the bathroom, but still, not the point. The grout in the kitchen reeked of dog pee for months. There was so much of it that it flowed together in a huge pile, made a literal 6 ft long creek of dog piss where I guess the tile sloped, and leaked behind the stove and absorbed in the freaking drywall behind the stove. AND- the WORST part, one of the dobermans ended up with a UTI!!!! We noticed it because within the puddles of pee in the kitchen, there were pink puddles. I freaking cried for hours holding my dogs. The cosmetic list just kept growing. But, I wasn't angry about my belongings/townhouse but the utter \*neglect\* and disrespect for my animals that DEPEND on me/us/humans in general to take care of them!! It disgusted me to my core. I felt their personalities shift a bit around anyone who ever came over. It was heartbreaking. My dogs were literally sleeping in their own shit and piss the entire weekend, at minimum. It was clear they were not taken care of at all and I was never able to go on another trip without taking them because I was afraid they would be neglected and I would come home to them dead, no matter who watched them! I don't know if they ever ate or what. I can't honestly say they were ever let out! It was hands down the worst experience ever and one and only time I ever had a houseguest/someone watch my animals. She left some of her belongings and I threw every single thing she left away. It was never worth trying to get her to pay for anything because, well she didn't have a job and I probably would have blacked out from sheer anger if we ever crossed paths again. EDIT: didn’t expect this to get any comments really. I thought it would be lost in the feed. So this was actually my boyfriend at the times sister. She was my friend for years before we dated, but I was trying to not say that in case they ever found my Reddit. But oh well! He defended her. They both said it was due to her mental health. He on paper paid for the dogs so when I left I couldn’t take them. I did not have to be in a room with her until I moved out a year after this incident and had to call and have an off duty officer there, if that says anything. It was a mess. I still think about the dogs and worry about them 6 years later after leaving. They were amazing animals and I know they deserved so so so much better. I regret not fighting for them more but oh geez the whole situation was better for me to walk away from as a whole and just heal. It was a terrible and abusive relationship and I hated to leave them but- you know. I’m sure we’ve all been there before in some way or another. And yes for the record I do think she is a despicable excuse for a human.


Maybe I'm just a mean person but I would have been ready to track her down and hand out an ass whooping at that point. I don't care about anything more in this world than my animals. And I tend to let people walk all over me but the thought of that happening to any of them gets my blood boiling.


I had a friend who needed help stay with me. He was going to pay rent while he looked for a place of his own. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. I had to kick him out after just over a month. I charged him less than half of the rent - and he was responsible for his own food. I would take care of utilities. Well, in that five week span, he had destroyed his room. Stained the carpet, scuff marks on the walls, cigarette burns (when he wasn't supposed to smoke inside). I found his shit everywhere. Like a pile of coins under the couch from porn shops. I didn't go into his room for the first four weeks but then this foul smell started coming from there. Oh my god. I wish I had a camera at the time to take a picture. I cleaned out three bags of just garbage. Coffee cups, cigarette butts, and just trash that was piled up on the floor. You couldn't' even see the carpet. The worst was the food. I had four packs of bread in the freezer which would have lasted me about three months. He ate TWO of them in a week. Just shoved bread into his mouth like potato chips. Just plain bread. It was gross. When I asked him to leave, I swore I would never let anyone stay with me for more than a few days.


Had a friend from college over for the weekend as he was visiting the area. On Sunday night when he was supposed to drive back to his place he had one too many drinks before leaving. This was in the middle of a brutally cold winter mind you and the roads in our area were already terrible to drive at the moment due to weather. So not wanting him to drive intoxicated I offered to let him crash for another night, I also pointed out the roads might be better in the am too. He thought about it and agreed. So after another round or two and a bowl we both headed off to our beds around 10:30. At 1am I wake up to my houses heat on full blast. Like drenched in sweat under my blankets hot. I get up to turn the temp down wondering what the hells going on and notice my front door just sitting open. Porch and hall light on as if advertising it to the world or anyone who may drive by. He’s gone and so is the rest of my beer/bud. Calls went straight to voicemail. Saw him once or twice after that and he acted as if nothing had happened. Maybe he blacked out and doesn’t remember? But regardless never again.


Friend came over and has a known foot odor problem. Ive known this friend for more than 20 years. Everytime he comes over, i tell him to take his boots off outside and leave them on the porch instead of taking them off inside and leaving them by the door. I just got a new deep freezer, the big chest kind with a flip up lid, and he took his boots off and put them in my brand new empty freezer. Apparently he did this because he saw a post on facebook about how foot odor is caused by bacteria and that if you freeze your shoes, it will kill all the bacteria thus eliminating your foot odor problem. I opened my freezer and nearly died from the smell Best part was, he took his boots out and for about 3 minutes, they didnt smell that bad anymore so he was ecstatic...but not for long As everyone knows, you pour a cold drink and within minutes you have condensation running down the side of your glass... Well his boots were super cold and after about 3 or 4 minutes water vapor started condensing alllllllll over his boots. They were SOAKING wet inside and out and stunk even worse. He ended up throwing them away that day


You don’t kill bacteria by freezing it Now if he had boiled his shoes...


A polio survivor I knew had a problem like that. He eventually soaked his feet in formaldehyde and got all new footwear at the same time. Instant and permanent fix of the issue, which was fortunate as he was considering having them removed entirely.


Had a college friend and her husband stay with us after my husband and I got married... like, literally the day after we got married. She asked when she got the invite if it would be ok to stay with us since it would be tough for them to come otherwise. I wanted her to be at the wedding and we had stayed with them a few times when we were visiting back East so felt like we kinda owed it to them. My husband had to work a couple days the week after anyways (new job at new company) so figured what the hell... They stayed with us for 3 days and it felt like a month. They complained about everything ... how expensive everything was (we live in CA, they live in rural PA), the traffic, how small our house was, the food. We let them borrow our car for day trips and they complained about how outdated it was. Went out to eat with them a couple times and treated the servers like shit. Expected us to pay for everything because they were our "guests". Straw that broke the camels back was when they had a 6am flight back to PA and didn't want to spend the $40 for an Uber ride to the airport. So they asked me if I wouldn't mind taking them to the airport at 3:30 in the morning. Said "fuck it" cuz I wanted them out and I knew I would never see them again after that. Lesson learned.


My parents hosted a guy from another state who played on the same sports team as my brother for a year (but the dude was the same age as me). He basically stayed in his room the whole time he wasn't at school or practice for the sport. And the door was always closed to the point where he wouldn't let anyone in to clean (even vacuuming) the entire year. An important point: this dude had allergies or something (we didn't have pets or even use scented candles that would cause allergies), to the point where he was always sniffing and then hawking loogies. My family thought he was using tissues for that while in his room. Nope. Giant fucking loogy pile among other...fluids all over the carpet and walls. The room had to be professionally cleaned after he left because of how gross it was. Early in the year he was over, a picture of myself and a friend was missing from my room. I thought the friend had taken it last time she was over because it was a cute picture of us. It was also found in a drawer in the room. Also covered in those same other fluids. It grosses me out to even think about it.


"Also covered in those same other fluids." I don't think those were allergies. Disgusting.


When our son was born, my mother-in-law came and stayed on our couch for two weeks to "help." In the two weeks she was there, she did NOTHING to help. Dishes? Laundry? Feedings? NOTHING. And our poor son had real trouble feeding those first few months. We couldn't get him to eat well, and it didn't help that my MIL was there the whole time, staring at us while the baby didn't eat. After two weeks, my father in law was going to join us, so my MIL baked a pie. FOR HIM. That's why I always said that if we had another one, I'd be on the doorstep with a shotgun until the baby was 6 months old. ​ Edit: As this has blown up some, I'll add a few things. When my MIL saw my wife for the first time after the baby, she said, "Wow, it looks like there's another baby in there." Also, my FIL wasn't there to meet his first grandchild because he had a "prior commitment." It was a Viet Nam veteran's reunion. I wasn't bothered that he wanted to go to that, because I know how important that group is to vets. But this is your only daughter and your first grandchild and you can't skip it one year? But then again, if he'd been as "helpful" as his wife was, it was better that he was away.


Oh hey this happened to me, too. Postpartum a couple days and baby in the NICU and I was cooking dinner for my MIL. ETA: my MIL is otherwise great, just kind of useless in this regard and not very proactive. She didn’t demand, but she also didn’t help much at all. It was a bad time — I felt like I never got to recover from a very traumatic birth and then I got hit with PPD and by the way I have other kids who need attention and food and stuff. It was really hard to advocate for what I needed because I was exhausted and both children and adults needed things RIGHT NOW.


I'm furious on your behalf. I've lived through that same kind of thoughtlessness. While my newborn was in the NICU, my mother called me to announce that my grandfather would be coming to visit (an hour drive) the following morning. After the visit, he'd be leaving my grandmother, who had dementia, with me for the day while he, "ran errands." Mind you, I was staying at a room in the hospital. I was pumping my milk round the clock. I was also in a terrible state of mind, as my baby was very premature, and not doing well. I told my mother to tell her parents NO and she refused, saying I needed to show respect. So I told her that I would simply NOT meet them. They could wait in the parking lot indefinitely. I love my grandparents very much, but I also love my daughter, and she needed me more.


I’m so proud of you for doing this. For knowing what your boundaries were and absolutely insisting they were respected. You were right in your position.


What the heck is up with people expecting new moms to do shit for others?? Even if you and your baby were perfectly health and not stressed, that would still be so inconsiderate!! My best friend's MIL wanted her to come stay at her house just a week after having her first baby via unplanned c section so she could spend time with grand baby. I get wanting to see your grandkid but my friend still couldn't get in and out of her own bed without pain or drive herself anywhere and she's expected to leave the comfort of her own home with a brand new baby to stay to stay hours away from her own support system with a MIL who never had relationship with her before the prgenancy?? People are bonkers.


It is SO refreshing to see there are still some people who have healthy boundaries and enforce them.


Damn, good for you.


Omg, my mum was (is) like that! When my youngest was born, my mum came over a couple of weeks after to help us out (I live abroad, originally from the UK and my parents still live there) Now, my mum has always been lazy. She’s the type of sit on the sofa, play on her tablet and go outside for a cigarette now and then. And she didn’t disappoint! I managed to barter her down from 4 weeks to 3 - as usually 2 days is my limit - and for those 3 weeks, she didn’t do any feeds, change a nappy or take him whilst I slept. I had mastitis and another pain in my ass which was my then 4 year old son - I was fucked! It would have been easier to do it on my own! As the boys have gotten older, nothings changed - her idea of interaction with her many grandchildren is poking them with a stick now and then to make sure they’re still responsive. My mum did, in all fairness, teach my eldest how to play candy crush.


This sounds like my Dad. His interaction with his grandkids is barking : “c’mere” and he gives up if they don’t come to him right away


Not my experience, but my mom's. One of my dads younger cousin moved into my parents newly wed house to stay with them until he finds some other arrangements for him. My dad's a pushover and mom's an introvert, he ended up making my parents move out of their bedroom to other room as he needed it for his studies. That POS uncle had his friends over every other weekend. Even though my older brother was born, he did not move out. And then my dad's younger brother died, which gave him another reason to stay with them. Dad was living a soulless life for a few months after that. Then after 4 years I was born, and boy oh boy the baby me was a crier. According to my brother, if my uncle was even within 10ft of me, I would cry. If I heard his voice, I would cry. Then he finally left the house, and has never been in our lives again. I guess I'm a blessing! EDIT: Idk why you guys assumed I'm a male. Clearing it out, I'm female! Thank you!


Surely this is a joke?? Your parents moved out of their bedroom 😭


It may sound as a joke, but that's the truth. My parents married young, both were 20yo. I have seen many people walk over my dad and a lot of his "friends" had duped him for money. My mom just wanted to be liked by her in-laws (still not a fan of her). My brother is somewhat same, he can't handle light jokes and takes them personally. I really think I'm adopted at this point, I am not like my folks.


Are you Marty Mcfly?


Naah!! I Wish!


The hatred of him was felt in the womb and you got the uneasy vibes from him when you were born. Epic.


My (now ex) bfs friend. Took over our bedroom- I came home from work to find him on our bed with his dirty socks on our pillows as he was on his computer. Would constantly sit in between my bf and I, would eat on the couch or in our bed and leave crumbs, if I attempted to talk to my bf he would immediately interrupt me to say something. If we went to go out for anything he would invite himself along and take shotgun (whether I was driving or bf was driving), would leave trash all over our car. The kicker though - bringing his girlfriend around who we found out later was a minor (he was 19, she was 15, not fucking cool). I sometimes think the best part of the break up was not dealing with him anymore.


Your ex’s friend appeared to have been extremely jealous of you.


Used to be friends with a dude named Dave. He was like a modern day hobo troubadour. He’d go home, do some odd jobs to save up enough money for a plane ticket and then spend as long as he could on the road playing music in the streets for pocket money and crashing on couches/camping in the woods until he was absolutely out of money at which point he’d find a way to get back home. He was literally able to see the world doing this. In reality though he’d usually just end up staying somewhere until he was no longer welcome. I met him through a few friends and every time he’d roll into town we’d hang out but I always made it clear that my couch was not one on which he could crash. Anyway, one time he showed up, I knew he had been in town for a couple of weeks. The weather was cold and rainy and he had nowhere to go so I told him he could stay but just for a couple of days. He ended up staying for like 2 weeks...making a mess, eating my food, and not contributing anything. At any rate, one night I let him know that this needed to be the last night And that he needed to make some phone calls or do whatever he needed to do to find somewhere else to stay. He was totally cool about it we stayed up almost all night having drinks and talking about where he was going to go next and I almost forgot about the fact that he has been a constant annoyance annoyance for the past two weeks. As I was going to bed he told me he would be gone in the morning when I got up. When I got up the next day he was gone… And so was all of my weed


Had a pool party. Dude got coked up, he was only one doing drugs, and asked to take a shower. When party was wrapping up we headed inside and water was leaking from my ceiling onto downstairs floor. Guy took a shower and clogged the drain and fell asleep in tub. Ruined my floor in upstairs bathroom, ceiling in kitchen. Before that he tackled a girl as he was stumbling trying to chase her out of hottub.


Coked up and fell asleep? Dude got burned for some garbage.


He shit in the laundry hamper.


TLDR: **they crawled around on the floor moaning and sexually assaulted our dog**. Story: We throw pretty mild parties. A good amount of drinking is involved, but it's still a family friendly event. One year, a friend brought a new boyfriend. Brand new. IIRC the party was one of the first times they had ever met each other in person. We never before had an issue with "friends of friends" invites and even met a few awesome new people that way, but, this guy earned the distinction of the only lifetime ban from our house that we've ever had to institute. Within the first half hour of the party, New Boyfriend disappears alone into a storage room. Like, he opened the door to a closet, went in by himself, and closed the door. That was weird to begin with, but only a couple people saw it happen at the time. After emerging, for the rest of the night, he was totally out of his fucking gourd on ecstasy or something else he brought with him. Things just progressively escalated with a number of incidents, but mostly "wasted guy" type behavior. No idea we were headed for "infamous dog rapist" territory. Toward the end, with the party quieting down and maybe a dozen people left hanging out, he seemed to have just passed out. He was laying alone in a room completely motionless. We had never had to ask anyone to leave before, and we were hoping that our friend would take care of him, but given that he wasn't bothering anyone anymore, we just breathed a sigh of relief and ignored him. Keep in mind, no one else was blackout/passout drunk, and this is a milquetoast party with people's parents and families around... So the remaining guests were all chilling playing a game, and suddenly this guy stirs. He literally crawls into the room on the floor, not even hands and knees but like fucking dragging himself, just moaning and yelling unintelligibly. The crowd is just watching in disbelief. Our dog is there, already weirded the fuck out by this guy earlier in the night, and now really distressed. Then he starts crawling toward the dog, and saying, "[Dog's name], do you want to FUCK me?" Not just once. Over and over, "[Dog's name], come on, FUCK ME. I want to FUCK YOU." And starting to try to pet her. In front of everyone at a god damn family party. It was one of the weirdest, most rage inducing, and most uncomfortable moments of my life. Of course that's when he got kicked out and earned a lifetime ban for reasons I never even fucking imagined. No longer talk to the friend who brought him, either.


Not me but my brother's partner requires that he go buy the ingredients for breakfast fresh every morning before he wakes up. As in if he wants bacon and eggs, my brother needs to go buy fresh bacon and eggs from the store before he wakes up, then come home and cook them (again, preferably before he wakes up).


Sounds like a good start to an abusive relationship


That's abusive, controlling behavior. Hope your brother is ok.


Came home from class in college to houseguests eating my food. Pretty much all of my food for the week was gone in one afternoon. They cooked up my pizza, tore through all my snacks, even helped themselves to the fruit. Nothing was off limits.


So my paternal aunt came to "visit" my father who was in hospital. She dropped off the bus with her husband, went to see him for an hour then crashed at our home for a week and never went to see him again. Both of them (she and her husband) won't do anything to help me or my mom. My mom had to take care of everything, prepare food for them then go visit my father, come back and cook again for them. Those bastards took over our living room and would spend all day watching television without interacting with others, leaving lights, fans on, doors open everywhere they go. Her husband used every item in bathroom and polluted everything, soap, razor, trimmer and even used my TOOTHBRUSH....not joking. After a week of free vacation, they demanded I drop them off at bus station. I was very sick myself at that time and we didn't owned a car, so I had to drop them off one by one at the station on my bike. I had 104 degree fahrenheit fever from stomach infection and that day was a hell for me. If I owned a car back then, I definitely would have to drop them off at their home 160 km away, for free.


I had a party once and someone stole my toilet paper rod. Like the spring loaded rod that holds the toilet paper in the bathroom fixture.