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My best friend and I had been friends for probably 12 years at this point so we were super close and our families were super close...like would travel together for sports and things. Her parents were basically my parents. Her dad was this big big guy and was super tough. He was scary if you didn’t know him, but just a really big teddy bear at heart. We would usually spend the afternoons after school together since both sets of parents were working, so we ended up at her house this particular day. We walked in expecting no one to be home, but on her couch was her dad just sobbing uncontrollably. It took a while for him to catch his breath enough to tell us what happened. I guess someone walked into his work that day and shot a bunch of people and he lost like 3 of his closest friends. He was in shambles. My BFF just instantly started crying and jumped in her dad’s arms. It was one of the most wholesome, yet scary and awkward things I have ever been witness to. Just seeing her dad who I thought was Superman, breaking down and so vulnerable, and for such a fucked up reason, was so crazy.


I hope he's doing okay. That's horrifying.


Not me but my gf, she went over to her friend/neighbours house one day and it smelled absolutely god awful. She asked what that was and they said "oh that's grandma she is just sleeping over in the next room". 3 days later grandma is being carried out of the house in a body bag. Who knows how long she had been decomposing in there.


When I was 10 or 11 my best friend’s dad got angry, grabbed my friend by the arm, and dragged him across the living room. Snapped his arm. Family blamed it on some skating accident.


Did you lose touch with them after their family went to be winter caretakers for a hotel one season? Because I may have some bad news.


My friend lives in the basement and his parents are hoarders, so he has to walk through a tunnel of car parts, furniture, christmas decorations, moldy clothes, and dried dog shit just to go upstairs to use the bathroom. Theres a bathroom downstairs, but they didn't seem it important enough to fix for him. And when you come over, you can tell when they've tried to fill his mostly clean room with junk again and he's had to push it back out onto the piles.


I grew up like that. Tried so hard to keep a space for myself as (relatively) clean as I could, but you also don't learn a lot of good habits being raised like that. Cleanliness and hygiene really didn't take until I moved out for college


His mom was single and had a different boyfriend every other month. She would always walk around naked and have loud sex with her boyfriend while the door was open. It was awkward as fuck to play Halo with my friend knowing his mom is getting railed upstairs. We were like 8 by the way.


Those kids over the mic weren’t lying, I guess


Guessing your name is Mac and your friend's name is Charlie?


Did you FUCK my MOM SANTA???


A new kid moved a couple doors down. I befriended him, and he invited me round his house one day. He just went for a piss in the corner of his bedroom. He and his family were pretty messed up in hindsight.


My parents rented an apartment to a family who's son had mental issues (he went to a special school and never had a job or anything). He would piss in the corner of the room. When they moved out over ten years later, we had to borrow full face gas masks from my brothers job (diesel mechanic for heavy machinery) to remove the plywood flooring, or rather what was left of it; it was like a wet sponge and the smell from that room could wake the dead.


I had a friend in middle school who did the same thing. If he was playing video games he’d just stand up and piss in the corner of the room so he didn’t have to pause the game.


Pro gamer


Yeah... I had some friends who lived in my neighborhood.. They would wipe their asses on the shower curtain. So you’d go to use the bathroom and there were shit stains everywhere. As a kid I just thought they were gross.. But there was probably a lot more going on there.


Could you not smell right after you came in, or was it the first corner piss that day?


No door on the bathroom. Seems kinda tame compared to some of the others I've read here.


My friend had that as well, but he put up a "courtesy blanket" on the door frame so nobody saw you at least. It was connected right to the living room where we were playing Halo, so having mad shits 4 meters from the couch with only a blanket as sound deafening was super uncomfortable


This is like the 10th story that involves Halo in this thread WTF


Apparently kids were willing to overlook some shit in order to play Halo with someone.


My friends mom (raging alcoholic) was really drunk and pulled a shotgun on us not knowing who we were, due to being blackout drunk. This was at like 3 pm in the afternoon.


Technically it was my house, but my roommate had some friends over and they got really drunk. One of them decided to come into my room while I was sleeping and jump on top of my bed. He then proceeded to “ jokingly” pull out his .45 handgun and point directly into my face and yelled and asked why I wasn’t partying with them.


Hands would have been thrown as soon as that gun got put away.


I don’t how, but I grabbed that gun so fast and pushed it away from my face. It probably wasn’t a good idea to grab it, but at that point it fight or flight.




What makes this worse is that I am reminded of all the times this kinda of story ends fatally. Guess I can count on my lucky stars


Just watched a video yesterday of some people in their car, they're on FB live or something. There's two in front and one in the back, a girl and two guys. The girl reaches for a gun to show the camera that she's a badass or something and the dude side eyes her says something and puts his hand on the gun like "I don't trust you", she points the gun at him joking around and pulls the trigger. Shot in the head. Don't fuck around with guns.


I saw that! I saw it a few months ago though. The guy actually survived, from what I read. But that chick was such a freakin dumbass. Why do some people not have any working goddamn brain cells? Devyn Holmes. Here’s an interview after the fact. That bitch was a million kinds of shithead. https://youtu.be/jT1CuulU5H4


My friend had a dedicated poop room for his great dane. First and last time I went there.


Oh you just brought up a repressed memory from high school. I went to high school two towns south of where I grew up, and I made some new friends through sports almost immediately. The two girls I befriended invited me to this other girl's house that I hadn't really talked to much but she seemed nice so I went with them. After a little while of jumping on the trampoline and surfing MySpace, one of my new friends asks the girl to show me her "cat room." We went up to the bonus room above the garage, and in this room is like 10,000 cats and kittens of all ages colors and sizes. There is literal cat shit on the carpet walls and ceiling, there are cat trees everywhere, and just like..... millions of kittens. The girl whose house it was starts playing with the kittens, and hands one to me to play with. I just like, I don't even know what I did. The two girls who invited me were laughing hysterically, and I tried to make some type of excuse to get out of there and one of them was like, oh you havent met "sprinkles" or whatever yet, and the girl whose house it was went off in search of one specific cat and we were trapped in there another ten minutes while my new friends laughed maniacally. I guess they just like, kept breeding and the parents (who were kinda weird anyways) just did....nothing about it. I never went back over there, but I do remember the girl whose house it was telling a sad story of a kitten dying one time in class and getting a bunch of sympathy from everyone around her, and I was just thinking how there are probably hundreds of dead kittens in that room, being eaten by other kittens who dont know any better. It was seriously like thousands of kittens. The smell. Oh, the smell.


That is terrible and I can't tell you how bad I feel you. Dog shit is gross there's no denying that but cat shit and piss is on another level.


I rented a trailer/mobile home once and the ONLY rule the landlord had in regards to pets was absolutely NO cats. If she found out you had a cat it was instant eviction. I asked why the aversion to cats, thinking it was an allergy or phobia, and she told me that it costs an average of $9,000 to have the trailer cleaned after someone has cats. SO many people don't scoop the litterbox enough. When the litterbox is dirty they go other places (understandably so) and it gets through the carpet into the wood.


just let your dog out!?!?!!? What is with these people


But then the Baha men come and start asking questions <<


I had a friend who lived on his own in high school and we partied there a lot. He had a revolving door of roommates to help with rent. One of these roommates was a pretty serious drug dealer. He was extremely paranoid and rarely spoke to us besides threats. He had ordered (threatened) that no one EVER go in his room and it was always locked. Well one day he got arrested and had lbs of drugs in the car. Off to jail. He had communicated through family again not to enter his room and eventually his family would come get his things. Weeks went by and a strange smell started coming from the locked room. This dude and his family were super scary so we didn’t want to fuck around and find out. But finally my friend was like wtf is this smell, maybe it’s trash and I can get it out of here without touching anything else. NOPE. It was a HUUUGE Boa constrictor no one knew about. I think it had died and that was the issue. He didn’t have it in any proper tank so it clearly wasn’t taken care of.


Dang, poor snake :(


Yeah its sad to see some animals get mistreated like that


Holy shit, i was expecting a body


Well, it was a body. Just happened to be the body of a snake


My friend's brother showed us his Michael Jackson's impression and dance. Their mom showed up, told him to stop or something like that and they got into a fight. He then started hitting her with full fists. I never left someone's house that fast. Scared the bejesus out of me. Good thing he lived close and I could just run home.


Pls tell me all of you were not yet 10 yrs old when this happened


Just last week... Nah I'm kidding haha. I was like 8 or something. But the kid hitting his mother was 13-14 if my memory serves me well.


My neighbor friend had a bucket in the corner of her room that she said was to relieve herself in when her parents locked her in. I was 7 and she was 9..we moved away shortly after and I didnt realize that this was not normal until several years later.. I hope she made it to adulthood okay.


Damn. I had a similar experience. Around 10 years old, I slept over a neighbor’s house and the parents would lock all the kid’s doors. I had to piss and my friend got all nervous about waking his parents. Pissed through the window screen.


There really are some crazies out there. Parents like those think nothing was wrong about locking children in to their rooms that they even allowed sleepovers and still locked the rooms as if everyone else does it.


I worked at an apartment complex. One of my jobs was to come in after someone moved out and do a maintenance assessment. It usually is pretty straightforward if they leave the apartment the way they got it. Normal wear and tear to check. The worst exception to this was an eviction. The living room was full of garbage intentionally. They had left their dog inside and didn't clean up after it. That was terrible but the worst part was the kids' room. I can guess the kids were between 3-6 based on how high up the walls the crayon marks reached. The walls were covered as much as a kid could. If they were the age it seemed like they were it would have taken a lot of uninhibited time to do. They must have drawn on the wall for months. The closet smelled like piss and the lock on the door faced out into the hallway. They had changed the knob around so they could lock their kids in their room. At that point, I assumed I was in an active crime scene and left to report it. I didn't get any follow-up since I had the main office report it but the tenets information was sent to the police and they saw the apartment in the condition I found it. All in all it was very disturbing just to see the aftermath of what was obviously neglect.


Thank god you handled it the way you did. Too many people would just assume someone else will deal with it, unfortunately! Well done.


My friend who was 15 or so told me his brother just got out of jail and that I have to meet him. Sold! So we went to his house and his brother made a joke within the first 10 minutes. My friend made a sarcastic fake laugh, so his brother lifted him to the ceiling and threw him through the kitchen table. While the kid was groaning and crying on the floor surrounded by broken table legs and shit his brother turned to me and said " you want a chocolate milk or something? Want me to make kool aid?" I just said "no I'm good, thank you" The same house, the kid brought me into his backyard shed and showed me cash stacked neatly under some garbage bags. Had to have been 100,000 or so. No lock on the shed. I found out later his father was the biggest cocaine dealer in town.


Last sentence makes the whole thing make sense. Lol


My friend grew up to be quite the piece of work too. Stabbed a guy in the face in high school and moved on to sell crack. I caught up with him during that time on facebook and he said he does it mostly so that he can beat up addicts who owe him money. The amazing part is that the wife/mom was an absolute sweetheart. Baked all day, volunteered for special ed programs in the area, spoiled all the neighborhood kids and was big into gardening. All the evil stayed on the male side.


My childhood friend’s mom had a nude titanic-style painting of herself hanging above the dining table


Ah, a conversation piece.


I dog sat for a woman that had a painting of herself, nude with a black cowboy hat, squatting withhands on knees and thighs spread. Was fucking disturbing hanging above her fireplace. She and her husband were very weird


I don’t know why but this feels like a Jan from The Office move


I was thinking Joan Calamezzo from Parks & Rec.


Didnt the woman who married the Sweetums guy do exactly that?


A coworker had a few people over for drinks after work. She had two kids, and mentioned she'd just gotten two kittens for those kids...who were 3 and 5. They ran around grabbing and dragging the kittens around, and later the coworker "put them away". She then complained about how the kids and the kittens were to much, and how she directly regretted taking the kittens in. I heard constant meowing and asked if they were ok, she says "oh shit I didn't feed them!" Now, we both worked at a breakfast restaurant, worked all day, and had been sitting for a few hours by this point in the evening. I followed her to the room she put them in and you couldn't see the floor, covered in clothes. And the smell as you can imagine was that of a full- room cat litter box. Poor things were locked in their own poop and pee, hungry, with the lights off. I asked if she would consider letting me take them, she agreed and I came early the next morning to take them both. I've had them for 7 years now.


I'm glad for the happy ending !


I was at a dirty, sad house party and this girl opened a filthy closet to reveal her poor cat who had just given birth. Drunk with the music blaring, this chick grabbed the newborn kittens and started passing them around roughly to everyone standing around. She even shoved one in her pocket to emphasize how tiny they were. It was beyond horrifying. I knew almost nobody there, but out of nowhere this really nice guy I knew in high school emerged from the crowd and was as angry as I was about it. He returned to that nasty house every day for weeks to take care of the mama and kittens. When they were still too young to leave their mom but at least several weeks old, he and I found new homes for the kittens and each took one home. Sadly, the girl wouldn’t let us take the mama cat. That’s how I got my first cat ever, Megadeath, and she was a sweetheart but had awful anxiety issues. She also never grew to be more than 8 pounds and looked like a permakitten. A few years later my dad almost killed her, but that little badass pulled through (after a month with a feeding tube inserted in her neck) and lived to be 14. She was a good girl and I miss her. Edit: pic here https://www.reddit.com/r/IllegallySmolCats/comments/nvnxcw/are_permakittens_allowed_this_is_megadeath_three/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Megadeath is a wonderful name for a perma kitten. I’m sure she knew you loved her.


Wondered why my friend always came to my house to play. One day we went to her house...all the rooms were trashed and the bathtub was filled with brown liquid. We kept playing at my house after that.


The stable and positive vibes you brought to her life in that time seem like they would be super impactful. Things like this could be the forks in the road that help break dark cycles. Good on you!!


Yeah, I remember she always asked for a snack when she came over because her parents didn’t always feed her. As a kid I only understood that her family had less than mine, not knowing that that doesn’t just mean less money. I actually heard from her a few years ago- it sounded like she was doing well!


I had a friend like that growing up. My sister was friends with her sister, too. They lived right down the street from us. We were severely neglected and used to ask for snacks until their parents had them tell us they weren't allowed to give us anything anymore. They said it was too expensive and I get that, but now that I'm older I look back and wonder how they could stand us being around as often as we were knowing that we were starving without ever thinking to report it or redirect us to somewhere else we could get food. Just whacky.


reading comments like this is why I vow to always provide snacks/food/dinner to my sons friends. This breaks my heart into a million pieces, my home will always be a safe space for kids. You never know someone’s situation. I’m so sorry.


My mom was like you. My best friend in high school didn't have much and her parents were abusive alcoholics. My mom packed a lunch for her every day and sent it with me to give to her. We had her over for dinner and sleep overs a lot. And my mom always gave me cash to treat her too when we were finally allowed off campus. She was basically a member of our family. She's doing well as an adult - she's a doctor now and just got married last year.


When I was about six or so sometimes I would go to my neighbor friends house for breakfast and I guess his dad was in a bad mood when he asked him to pass the ketchup. My friend didn't hear him or ignored him, either way when the dad reached over and grabbed the ketchup himself he smashed it over my friends head. Totally had that one buried until I read the topic. Yikes.


My friend was being a little bit annoying and his mom just turned around and slapped the bajesus out of him, hard enough that he fell on the floor and couldn't hear out of his ear for a minute. She then proceeded to blame him for making her do it and started gaslighting immediately (it wasn't that hard; you feel the wrong way for it to be bad enough to scream about; etc) and dragged me and my brother in to try to justify it. I had forgotten about that until just now from this prompt.


A Polaroid of his mom's boobs just chilling on a desk.


How were they?


I was 19 and babysitting the friend of a family friend's kids (7y boy and 5y girl) at the their house after their usual sitter quit unexpectedly. I was in college and it was 2005 so this $15 an hour gig seemed great for 3 hours a day for a few weeks. Day 1 was rough, but I brought some cookies and games to ease into it and have a peace offering. Day 2 is when all hell broke loose. The house was the epitome of "a mess" - junk everywhere, mud and dirt on most general surfaces, and a musky smell in every single room. The girl I was watching wanted a snack, so i went to the fridge to get something for her. The entire inside was brown and filthy - years of neglect. I rummaged through and went to the cabinet. It was still a mess, but I found some crackers or some generic snack. As I turned back to the living room to give her the crackers, I found the girl holding a piece of cake or something baked, it was beige, parts dense and shiny and covered in a foamy fluffy stringy substance. I gasped and asked what it was, she pointed to an ornate glass cake display behind a pile of paperwork and junk on the dining table. I looked and inside this container was a cake that was fuckedddd up. At least 2-3 weeks beyond being edible, it was partially dissolving, covered in white and green mold and sitting in a centimeter of some liquid that I assume was what it was melting into. I told her to spit it out and she reacted by shoving the whole thing into her mouth, sprinting to her bedroom and removing a piece of wood that covered the broken spot where an old AC window unit used to be. and....I shit you not...jumping out the first floor window and running down the back alley. I had to chase this 5 year old, mold-eating-demon down a back alley for probably 10-15 houses until I finally grabbed the hood of her jacket and she fell to the ground. By the time I got her home the boy was 6 houses the other direction throwing those popping toy things (from firework stands) at a mailtruck. I never returned. TLDR Mold cake and an escape hatch


Friend ask me to get us clean coffee mugs out the dishwasher. Besides the mugs the dishwasher contained two toilet brushes, just washed.






I’m going to choose to believe that they were being used for something other than the toilet, like brushing a giant’s teeth.


Maybe they were just bottle brushes for really, really big people?


My hope is also that they were bottle brushes... Fingers crossed OP just hasn't seen a bottle brush before


Went to a friends house after school to play some halo. Turned on the xbox heard some crunching and a fuck ton of cockroaches run for cover. I stood most of the time I was there.


It's nice the roaches gave you your turn to play the xbox.


If you ask me they were hacking. They had god mode on or something, they could survive a nuke.


While not fucked up, this reminded me of my childhood bestfriend house and how it made me fear centipedes and millipedes. Growing up I didn't mind bugs, at school we would catch grass hoppers and play with daddy long legs, I'd play with ants at home in a bottle terrarium thing. But I had a best friend who lived in a mansion basically, so when ever we'd do sleep overs or hang out it would always be at his house because my family was poor and there was really nothing to do. Well his giant house would always have the occasionally mili/centipede. I had never seen them before as my house just never had one that I noticed, so I didn't mind and thought they were weird worms. But my bestfriend hated them and he would always freak out and get his mom to take care of them which would cause me to freak out since I didn't know why he was so scared of them. Well one night a centipede fell on my head and ever since that day it gave me my fear of bugs.


Are you talking about the big ones or the little ones, because that detail makes this story change from that would suck to Fuck no real quick. I don't mind bugs, unless there crawling on me unexpectedly


North American household ones, so while I think they are big, compared to the shit you see in Asia they are probably baby sized.


My friend and his brother getting the shit beat out of them by their dad over a drink stain on a counter


In the middle of the night my friend's mom comes in to the bedroom, pulls my friend off the bottom bunk, and whoops the shit out of her with my friend screaming and crying asking what she did, the mom kept saying "you know what you did!!". Never stayed another night there.


> the mom kept saying "you know what you did!!". Every single time that was quoted to me as a kid, I honestly had no idea what I had supposedly done. Every time I actually found out what I had supposedly done (not often), I hadn't actually done it. I never once said that to any of my kids when they were growing up. WTF is up with people?


My dad would say that randomly to get me to admit to things.


My biological father would say this, even when I knew I did nothing wrong. He then would punish me for something my sisters or brother did. One time I asked him what I did to deserve getting beaten repeatedly and he said “You exist, that pisses me off”. Then he threw me across the room by my hair. EDIT: I did not expect all of these responses. Thank you for the awards. I’m do sorry to all of you who have had to deal with similar circumstances, may you all find peace in your hearts, minds and souls. ❤️


What the fucking fuck fuckity fuck? Your parent is nuts.


Yeah, he’s psychotic. He did a lot of crazy things to my mother, sisters, brothers and myself. He even nearly kidnapped us at one point; mom had to come rescue us. A lot of varying degrees of abuse. He’s not in my life anymore, thank goodness. My adopted dad, however, is wonderful. I love my mom, too.


My middle school best friend had me over for a sleepover once where she and her older brother mutually masterbated in front of me.


I was six when I was at a friend’s house for the first time. The friend was 7 and her sister was 8. They kept asking to see my vagina and spent the entire evening masturbating. I did not go back. They also didn’t have a working toilet so they used the front yard.


My good friend in high school’s parents were discussing putting in an alarm on their house once while I was over, but were balking at the price. I told them I would cable it for them, and they were stoked. The attic access was in the master bedroom closet, and when I went up, I found a BUNCH of pictures of my friend’s mom with a guy who was not her husband. I meant a BUNCH of pictures, and she was doin’ it all with this dude. My friend’s dad was permanently disabled and didn’t have great use of one side, so I’m guessing that’s why she thought that was a safe place to hide her stash. I never said anything to their family about it.


The dad showering with my friend at age 12…. They said “come in” so I thought they were brushing their teeth or something and he was scrubbing her….I ran out and the mom said they do it to save water and not be scared of it. Years later he got arrested for sending Dick pics to high school girls.


You know, on second thought, I think I'm gonna go back up to the dog shit stories.


That kind of shit just disgusts me


This dude's mom had some kinda 'top-half mannequin'... I showed up at his house unannounced as was the style at the time. His mom or dad or somebody was outside and told me to just go right down he was in the basement. So I guess, yeah, he should have been warned. He was in the basement in this backroom, making out with the fake head thing. It was all dressed up too with makeup and other crap on it. It was like, I wish I hadn't let out a noise of surprise and could have just left him cause dude really freaked out that I saw him and I felt so bad.


"Let's be honest, the healthiest relationship in this family is when Five was fucking that mannequin."


Dammnit Bobby


Neighbor/friend at the end of my street. He always smelled bad. Just unwashed and something else I couldn't figure out. We literally only hung out outside because of his odor. He was redoing parts of his trailer home, and somehow his mom fell and he asked me for help with her. No lie, the place had over 50 cats in it. All inbred. Some had crossed eyes and weird teeth. The kitchen table was like a massive litter box, shit 3 feet high. Giant piles of crap in every corner, and when I say giant, I mean like a foot high and some as wide as like 5 feet. Mom had fallen down and got some cuts, but they were filled with cat feces and litter. Don't ask me where the litter came from. He was redoing the house because it was easier than trying to clean the disaster. And flies, the air was thick with flies. I've been in some nasty houses but this by far takes the cake. I apologized and said I didn't really know how to help her, went home, called 911 and animal control. She was in the hospital for like a month, and they left them with 3 neutered cats.


My friend's house was a camp out in the woods because he's a homeless addict. The cops were looking for him because he was dating a minor. We went to his last know position to tell him to turn himself in. Eventually we found his camp, it was filled with the usual paraphernalia and heaps of garbage. It appeared he left in a rush and only took the necessities. The disturbing part was these large signs propped up around the area. The signs had all kinds of incredibly explicit things about intercourse on them and appeared to be written a girl. It really sent chills up my spine knowing the age of the girl that was with him. Eventually the cops did catch up with him, afaik nothing came of the situation as the girl refused to cooperate with the police. He's still out on the street doing his thing.


When I was a teenager, we all hung out at a friend's house whose parents were never home. There was dog shit everywhere. One turd was so old it turned white basically. One of our friends proceeded to put his cigarette butt out in it, and it sat there for probably a few more months.


Went to a girls apartment that I matched with on tinder and her dog was so filthy, there was shit and piss everywhere, flies on everything and trash just piled up on all the furniture. I texted my friend and asked him to call me and pretend to be my dad saying he needed immediate help. I changed his contact so she’d see “Dad”, but then yknow what happened next? My mom called saying she needed immediate help. I have never been so eager to go help my parents with some useless shit before.


A crocodile in the basement. Was a friend of a friend. Dood was rich, Italian and shady. He's like "bro want to see my crocodile?" I laughed thinking it was a joke. It wasn't.


I am increasingly concerned about how there are so many people just letting their dogs shit everywhere and not cleaning it up EDIT: just wanted to say that all of your replies only increase my worry. Thank you.


I used to be a flooring installer, so I’ve seen some wild shit in peoples homes. I’ll never forget this great big old town house though… the owner was making chili in a crock pot when we got there, told us if we needed the bathroom it was at the top of the steps and leaves. We noticed a horrific smell and realized it was the chili, he was using what smelled like rancid meat in it. Great, that’ll be pleasant all day. We start pulling back the carpet for the transition to the new dining room floor and the carpet crackles. Move my hand and it’s sticky. Turns out the carpet was saturated with ancient dog piss to the point it was gummy and the carpet backing was brittle. Go upstairs to wash my hands and there’s a stale shit smell. Look over into the room beside the bathroom and it’s totally empty… except for the floor which was covered in dog shit. Some of it so old it was white. Hands down the most horrific house we ever went into, I don’t even know why they bothered getting any new flooring.


And the chili? Made of dog turds too


The man making the chili? Dog turds. The house? Believe it or not, dog turds.


The number of stories in this thread about pets just shitting all over their houses is super alarming. I cannot imagine.


Dudes dad was going for a swim in their pool. One of his balls was hanging out from underneath his speedo.


Compared to the other replies this one actually seems kinda wholesome, among an ocean of abusive family and fucked up parents this just seems accidentally comical


Yeah Jesus Christ this was a breath of fresh air after the half dead dog


This was many years ago but I was invited to swim in a friends pool. She was someone I had just met through another friend of mine. The three of us are in her room changing into our swimsuits and I notice a bunch of used maxi pads laying open on her desk. I asked her what that was all about and she very nonchalantly answered "it's so my mom knows I'm not pregnant". We were maybe 12 at the time and later that day I found out she had a batshit insane religious mother.


I'm getting some Carrie vibes here.


Poor girl. Period blood smells disgusting, especially when it gets old. It must’ve really stunk in her room.


Fuck. That’s so sad.


When I was a kid I went to a friend's house. Really pretty kitty asleep on the couch. I went over and pet it. They had their cat stuffed after it died and had it proudly on display on their couch. Dead, stuffed cats don't feel really nice when you pet them. Yuck.


I work in ultrasound; not long ago a little old lady turned up from the ward with a cat curled up on her bed. It too was stuffed. So I guess at least you can take them with you if you go anywhere? And no, they do not feel nice.


i used to be the kid with the fucked up house :( my mom boarded dogs out of my childhood home for money, there was always piss and shit everywhere bc she took on more than she was capable of handling, always loud and i couldn’t go downstairs with out gagging from the smell and getting jumped on by all the dogs that were walking through everything. hated my life, couldn’t keep almost any friends, and i wanted to kill myself. she thought i was trying to “take away her happiness” by wanting a clean, quiet, calm home to live in. don’t have kids if you don’t care about them, folks.


You are not a dumbitchidiot, u/dumbitchidiot. Your momma was just dumb


Went to pick up some headphones my friend was selling to me. Walk into the living room and I noticed a lady sitting in a chair that's unresponsive. He's like oh that's my aunt she's high on heroine. I said hi but she didn't notice blink or anything. Got the headphones and left!


*turns on Curtis Mayfield radio* "LIFE IN THE GHEEEEETOOOOOOO"


Nothing crazy but my friend was a bit of a slob and his parents were hoarders. He had a full size trash can in his room and it was always full. His parent also had a "wing" of the home that was off limits which meant he would take anyone and everyone back there when the opportunity presented itself. This is where the hoarders part comes in. While the rest of the house had nothing more than a bit of clutter behind that door there was boxes, old newspaper, and various stuff everywhere. Also the hall that lead to their room had a narrow pathway carved out with dust built up several inches to the side of it. The most shocking thing was their bed. It was visually lopsided to one side. They were big people and apparently this was the side they were intimate. To finish things off they were apparently extremely active sexually, good for them I guess, because there were used spermicidal applicators everywhere. This was a lot to process as a 15 year old. I'm rethinking the "nothing crazy" comment earlier.


A friend had a cockroach stuck to his wall with clear packing tape and a sign next to it that said, “yes, this is a real cockroach”.


My neighbor had a little box of ceramic President statues with all the heads removed


Perhaps the heads were in his Futurama diorama.


Found a dog poop on my friend's carpet next to his bed. When I pointed it out, he elected not to pick it up but to leave it to be cleaned up later. Same sleepover, I went to use the restroom and the toilet had not been flushed by the previous person. It was just pee in there, but it had been in there so long that when I peed into the water, I broke through a solid thin layer of film created by the unflushed pee.


That made me suffer reading about the pee film lol


Dog poop everywhere. His dog would scratch at the backyard door to go pee, but would opt to shit in the house, and my friend would just pick it all up en masse at the end of the week.


Same. Except they didn’t pick it all up but once a month maybe? If that? Absolutely disgusting. That dog is mine now since his previous owners didn’t give even a single shit about him or his shit.


My dad went to visit his brother once. The dog pooped on the floor. Brother yelled at his wife to clean it up, wife yelled at their son to clean it up, son yelled at his sister to clean it up, sister then yelled at my dads brother to clean it up, and then that was just the end of it. None of them were gonna clean it up. So my dad just kinda did it, feeling super weird about the whole thing…


My high school friend who ended up proving abuse often doesn’t break the cycle… one time I was there and her mom and step dad were in their funky smelling room and he ran out jumped on a chair crying and screaming and started slinging a noose around the beams above the staircase. He did this In front of us and their 5 year old son. Super sketchy couple. Looking back. Domestic violence calls went to their house often you could always hear their address come up on scanners etc.


2 friends shared apartment. They started a fight about who buys the most toiletpaper, it went so hardcore that both dtopped buying it completely. They remained good friends inside those walls, just stopped bringing out the toiletpaper issue. I hung around there alot and it came to the point they both only took a shit if they wanted to shower. Shit in the toilet, flush and then jump into the shower and clean themselves with water. The most fucked up thing i saw isnt poop, it is watching them completely just ignore the toiletpaper issue. This was more than 10 years ago and we are all still very good friends. How childish and lovely we can be...


What's crazy is you could JUST GET YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER. Keep it in your room or something. Why was this their only solution?


They are insane and known eachother since we were 10, we are now 39.


Not me but my boyfriend. He went this this dude’s house when they were in high school and in the middle of the living room they had the dude’s grandpa’s grand dragon klan robes on full display in a glass case.


One of my best friends dad was a recruiter. A couple years after we learned this we then got to see the police gun him down in front of us and his son.


A friend from middle school had parents who'd always get him dogs even though they didn't bother to take good care of em. My friend loved those dogs but the parents would always let them out somehow and they'd run away. One day I went to his house and he told me about how his current dog got hit by a car, and half its body was smashed and how bad he felt and all. I assumed the dog died and was disposed of, but he walked me to the backyard with a small plate of food for the dog. The parents had dug a shallow hole and threw the dog in there while it was still alive. I seen it withering while its lower half was being eaten by maggots. The next day he told me his dad had put it down himself; I don't like to imagine how.


Do you know whatever happened to that friend? Sounds like an abusive home to me. Poor kid probably got traumatized.


Annnddd that was probably the worst I’ve read.


Yeah, this beats the cockroach Xbox by a mile


But alzheimers grandma prisoner is up there..


Yeah I didn't read that one yet when I made my comment. Holy shit.


What the actual fuck.


Oh no. I wish I hadn't read that. I'm sorry you had to see it in person. That poor dog.


Please let's just keep it with cockroaches in xboxes.


When I was 13 I was at a neighbor friend's trailer (we lived in the same park) and as I was hanging out, my friend's older sister got into a fight with her mom, started yelling that no one ever believed her, and dropped the bomb that her deaf uncle (dad's brother, also living there) was molesting her at night. It's was goddamn most uncomfortable situation I'd ever been in at the time. I wanted to leave immediately but was halfway way through coloring in his older brother's REALLY shitty tattoo he let us give him


You guys were giving this guy a tattoo at 13?


Yea.. my friend's idiot brother who happened to be drunk, somehow thought because my buddy was a halfway decent artist, as far as drawing and what not, that he could give him a tattoo. So my buddy built a homemade tattoo gun and the motor went out shortly after he finished the outline so we literally had to color in his tattoo in by hand, pin prick by pinprick.. it covered his entire front shoulder. It was supposed to be a lion like from the crest of a medieval shield or something but it turned out to be a giant black fucking blob, which I assume got infected but I don't know because I never went back there again.


When I was about 15, I went to a friend’s house (call him “Doug”) and from there we met up with one of his friends at their house (call him “Tyler”) Down the hallway at Tyler’s house was a door with a deadbolt on the outside. Tyler: “You guys wanna see something hilarious?” Me: “Sure” Tyler unlocks the door, and we see a little old lady, probably in her mid-late 80’s, in the corner of a dark room surrounded by dirty dishes and half eaten bologna sandwiches. She looks up and says “who are you?” “What do you want?” Tyler then picks up one of the sandwiches and throws it at her, getting mustard and bologna all over this poor woman’s face. He then does the same with her drink. All the while he’s yelling at her “stupid b*tch,” etc. At that point she gets up, starts yelling “what the hell are you doing?” And cursing at him. He runs out the door, locks the dead bolt, and she starts banging on the door to let her out, and she was gonna kill him, etc. A minute or so passes, and he unlocks the door, and walks in. She is so visibly confused, and sweetly, calmly asking why she was wet and what was all over her. “It’s alright Grandma, just sit down and eat your food” To which she quietly sits back down, still soaking wet and covered in sandwich dressings. Tyler and Doug thought it was the funniest thing in the world and didn’t stop laughing for hours about it. I left and didn’t go back to either of their houses again. I still feel like a piece of sh*t for even being there to witness it.


ive been on reddit 11 years and this story may have upset me more than any other story ive ever read. im in disbelief at human cruelty right now


Haven't been on Reddit as long as that but yes this one is most definitely up there as one of the most upsetting.


Same here. My aunts and my mother are getting up there in years and one aunt is starting to become very forgetful. This story has me so bothered right now, I can’t even begin to describe my anger and simultaneous sadness. I think I’m done with Reddit for the day. Editing to add that I’m calling my mother and my aunts right now just to tell them how much I love them.


I'm going to pretend its fake just so I can continue on with my life....yeah this one hurt


This literally made me cry, poor lady. My grandma had Alzheimer's before she passed and it was hard to watch. We would go to the movies every other Friday and one day we get back from watching Madagascar, and we're at her place and she's asking when we're gonna head out to the movies. What I remember it was small stuff like that, but still heartbreaking. She never got to the point with me where she forgot who I was, but she would scream and cuss at my Mom a few times because she didn't remember who she was. I remember my mom just comming home sobbing after helping her do all her shopping and cleaning around the place only to get kicked out a few hours later out of nowhere. She was a super sweet lady though. It runs in our family and my Mom is now showing signs and I'm afraid one day she'll do the same and forget who I am :(. Such a sad disease, I can't imagine a sick fuck like that friend messing with someone with Alzheimer's.


Well, that's enough of the internet for me today.


Oh my god what This is absolutely terrible


This made me so angry. Gosh. I firmly believe in karma and IF they live that long, I’m sure it won’t be great. Ugh.


It made me angry as well. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and I couldn’t imagine doing that to her. I can only imagine what every day of that poor woman’s life was like living there. If it makes you feel any better, “Doug” has since gone to prison. I haven’t heard from Tyler since he got sent to an alternative school a few months after this took place. They were grade-A pieces of sh*t.


Thank you. My papa suffered a couple of strokes and couldn’t talk and one of the things the family decided was that we keep him at home until he passed away a couple years ago. Doug and Tyler would have come up missing if I had friends like that. Good on you for being a much better human than they could ever dream of being




A used tampon on a paper plate, halfway stuck under a couch. The rest of the place was equally trash, but that tampon lives rent free in my head now.


we were playing games, and I needed to take a piss so I asked my friend where their bathroom was. I thought heard him say go down the hall and turn left I guess he meant just make an immediate left because I went down the hall and turned left opened up the door and saw his 50-year-old parents going at it.


When I was like 10 I heard a loud, continous knocking on the wall from the neighboors apartment. After telling to my dad we went over and rang the bell. The neighboors kid opened the door and we saw the father laying face down on the floor. Turned out the dad found out his wife was cheating on him, got drunk and smashed his head against the wall many times. He fell into coma and after a few days the wife decided to turn off life support. They moved away shortly after that and I never heard of my little friend again. Hope he is doing good.


My friend’s house was always pretty grody (I always lived in a messy house too, so I didn’t judge her) and one day I woke up on her bedroom floor with maggots under my pillow. Also, a different friend’s mom had Mammy shit all over the kitchen and that’s fucked up for different reasons.


A friend of mine and his wife were having a struggle of wills over who was responsible for taking care of their dog. The dog stayed in their baby's room. The floor was literally covered in dog shit. It was insane (but so was the rest of their relationship..)


WTF... They can't even manage to make the dog poop outside, how are they gonna raise a kid???


When we were kids it was fall asleep first and you get it the worst. Buddy went to fart on another's head. Pants down. He shit.


We never took the first asleep rule that far.


Yeah, normally you just draw a penis on their face like a civilized person.


Idk if treatment counts but once the washer started leaking in the basement where we were hanging out and my friend panicked and went up to tell his dad (we were 15) and his dad started screaming at him, calling him a loser, a f****t, and threw towels at him screaming at him to clean it up and stop it leaking. He didn't know how and his dad continued to berate him and talk shit at him while showing him condescendingly how to... I guess fix a washer? Like he was supposed to know at 15 how to do that?


My friends mother getting arrested over and over again because she was addicted to crack. This was the late 80’s in public housing. Really sad because he was such a good kid, don’t know what happened to him or his mom.


My friend getting beaten with a belt because she left a candle lit.


Went to meet a friend of a friend and to pick up some of their belongings as they had moved out. Mind you this is the first time I was meeting this person. We walk in and he had 3 tvs and various computers setup in the living room, all with porn on them. Some had porn videos running and others had porn as screensavers. Apparently this was completely normal for this guy and my friend didn't tell me about it first. After we left, my friend just shrugged and said that's what he does.


So many stories, I'll just go with this one: First time at my ex-wife's parents' house. We had just started dating, and she was still living with them at the time. We went to their house for a quiet evening of dinner with the fam, and then a movie in her room. She was 21 at that point, and I was 29. We finished dinner, and I think it went very well. The parents liked me, I liked them. Everyone got along. Politics and religion remained outside the scope of conversation. We went upstairs to her room, and put on *Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*. About 30 minutes into it, her dad came upstairs to use the bathroom directly beside us. The house is a 7 bedroom, 3 full bath, 3 half bath, monstrosity, so I found it odd that he picked the most remote bathroom in the house, but I wrote it off to people just being weird. 10 minutes went by. I heard stomping from the stairs. Loud, angry stomping. My ex's mom stormed up the stairs, and began banging on the bathroom door, screaming "John (not his real name), I know you're in there masturbating!!! Open the fucking door!" I turned to my ex and gave her the *what the fuck is happening* look. She shrugged, but looked aghast, and like she knew exactly what was going on. So, Janet (not her name) kept banging on the door, and screaming. John kept screaming back "I'm taking a shit! Go away!" So, after what felt like eons of my life go by, but probably was just a minute or two, Janet stepped back, lowered her shoulder, and ran full speed into the door, smashing it down, destroying the door and the door frame. "I KNEW IT!", she yelled. John came running out of the bathroom, porn magazine in hand, while trying to get his shorts zipped up. So, of course, I married their daughter. And divorced her. I'm a moron. "This family is goddamned insane", is one of the biggest red flags you can ever see, and I got to see it early, and just like Janet, lowered my shoulder, and burst in full speed.


Thanks for the laugh, sorry about your marriage. Hope the next one works out for you.


This sounds like an American Pie clip. Holy crap.


I went to a friend's house after school one day in 2005. I am a white British female and she was from Pakistan. We were both 10. When we arrived home, she immediately brought out the ironing board. I was about to ask her what she was doing when her mum came into the room with the biggest pile of clean laundry I've ever seen in my life to this day (I am now 26.) My friend had to iron the entire pile, even with a friend over. I had been fortunate at that time in my life to have not done many chores. Any small chores I did do, I didn't have to do the day I had a friend over. I was shocked that her mother expected her to do this while I was there. It took her about two hours, even with me helping to fold the clothes when she had ironed them. We talked quietly while doing so. She wasn't allowed to shut the door but did not want to be overheard. She explained that this was normal life for her. That she did practically every chore in the house aside from cooking, and her mother was teaching her that at the moment. This was because the parents were preparing her. To be a housewife and a bride. A CHILD bride. Her parents had been constantly dropping remarks lately about moving back to Pakistan. If they did so, they would marry her off. I remember her looking at me dead in the eye and telling me she would rather die. Fast forward three years. We had moved to the upper school and placed in different classes. I saw her around a little and would partner up with her in PE. But suddenly I stopped seeing her. And I confess that young me had other stuff going on in my life that I didn't stop to properly think. I only realised what might have happened about a month later and went to my PE teacher, to ask if she or any other teacher had heard from my friend. "Oh, her parents pulled her out of school overnight. They wanted to go back to Pakistan." I remember the look in my friend's eyes when she told me she would rather die than become a child bride. I have searched social media to no avail. I am 100% convinced that my friend is dead. RIP Harvinder. ​ Edit: Wow, thanks for all the likes/awards people. A couple of things that I'll clarify. \- Her name was definitely Harvinder \- I don't know whether she was Pakistani or Sikh or anything like that. She told me her mum had said "going back to Pakistan" but I don't know if that meant just the mum was returning or if the entire family had lived there previously. \- The reason I think she's dead is because I truly believe she would have rather killed herself rather than been a child bride.


One of my friends from Pakistan was in an arranged marriage when she was 17. He beat her and made her quit painting and it was so heart breaking. Her parents and brothers finally let her get a divorce and she is happily married now to an incredible man who supports her and they have a really cute family. She’s been with her second husband over a decade now and has perused her career dreams and beams sunshine when I see her. *happy tears*


I have a similar story with my mate Halima, she "went on a family holiday to Pakistan" and never came back to college


A big black trashbag filled to it's breaking point with old adult vhs tapes.


Unfortunately this was my own house. I lived with my mom at 19 but I was hardly ever home. I was always either at work, at a friend's or at a concert/bar or something. Reason being, my mom was a heroin addict and very rarely left her bedroom. I'd knock every day to see if she was still alive but never went in there. One day she didn't respond when I knocked so I went in her room and she was alive, just very high, but the BLOOD all over the walls freaked me right out. I didn't realize intervenious drug users squirted their blood everywhere, I thought someone got stabbed. It looked like a horror movie. I cleaned it up and tried to get her real help for the 20th time that year. It didn't work, but now, 10 years later she is 3 years clean and getting married next month (Just in case anyone was curious)


Glad that she is doing better! Hopefully you are doing okay as well.


My friend and his brother had a crazy meth head step dad. We were playing drums and he ran out telling us to stop at like 4pm because he was sleeping. He tried getting rough with hem but the younger brother jumped on his back and started choking him out while my friend beat his ass. Stomped his face and shit. I'd say we were about 12-14 years old.


There was a guy I used to mountain bike with, he is a truly brilliant dude designing and engineering all kinds of awesome projects, and super friendly too. However, his bathroom and toilet looked as if it had never once in his life been cleaned. I even searched my google photos library and found it for y'all: [https://imgur.com/a/GZwNYlc](https://imgur.com/a/GZwNYlc)


That picture should be condemned by the Board of Health.


What the fuck I've seen abandoned toilets in better condition, that shit is ALIVE and NASTY. Don't breathe after you flush that, in fact, don't flush it unless you want to be covered head to toe in a fine cholera mist. Wouldn't surprise me to see prions living there. EDIT: Prions aren't living things, just infectious proteins, and it is apparently highly unlikely they'd exist even in this cesspool.


Just don't *breathe*.


That's some real trainspotting stuff right there


Went to a friend of mines in high school who lived in a very horrible family situation. Went home with him one night after biking and smoking weed to play some games and his Mom is smoking crack (or meth idk) very clearly looking much older than her age with a fucking oxygen tank hooked up. He's screaming the stepdad is fucking weird and also screaming he slams the door to his room and I try to play it as cool as possible because he was a good friend. Really put shit into perspective, he legit disappeared, no one knows where he went in any of my circles. I know his Mom passed later in high school but that wasn't surprising. ​ Lifes weird


A pair of shitted pants hanging on an air dryer.


Wasn't my friend, but a friend of my dads when I was younger. He was an older man who lived out in the country in a big old farmhouse with his three cats. He never let the cats out, because the yard wasn't fenced and there were coyotes in the area. He also didn't have a litter box for them. He instead kept the cats upstairs and let them relieve themselves anywhere they wanted. I remember walking up the staircase and seeing countless little cat turds all over the carpet in the hall, I saw a cat enter a room through a door that was half open so I went over to go see the cat and the room was completely empty except for cat shit and piss all over the carpet. Out of curiosity I went and looked in the other upstairs rooms, all unfurnished and covered in dried excrement. I ended up going back downstairs saying that I got bored playing with the cats, but I just didn't want to be around all that crusty dried cat poop. Also, the staircase he had to get upstairs was a winding/spiral metal staircase and it was only held on by one bolt/mount at the top of the stairs, and you could see where the other mounts had broken off and been neglected repair. It wobbled aggressively when you tried to climb up, didn't feel very secure.


My friend lives in a very small house with his girlfriend and a f$ckload of cats; i've only been there once, mid-summer, there was cat poo near the front door, alongside with garbage, probably a few days old. I told him i was sweating for the temprature, just to open all the windows and the balcony door. Never visited him again.


The bedroom door was ajar, his mom and dad were fucking in missionary, loud moaning and everything. The guy didn’t even seem to think it’s unusual, he was totally desensitised.


Friends mom passed out on the couch with pills and other drug paraphernalia laid all over the coffee table. We were about ten years old. My friend didn’t even seemed a little bit surprised


That one Halloween party where my buddies creeper friend knocked down the door where I was sleeping then stabbed my other friend in the hand. I woke up and there was blood and Velveeta cheese everywhere


Cat piss smell so awful your eyes would water.


They can't smell it anymore so they don't notice it. My brother had the exact same problem and got annoyed when we mentioned it.


A friend of mine smoked cigarettes constantly. When he tried to stop, his sense of smell started coming back and he went “Whoa, I thought you were kidding that my place had a really strong cat piss smell!”