What social issue have you recently discovered you've been on the wrong side of?

What social issue have you recently discovered you've been on the wrong side of?


Hmmmm. I used to place cops on pedestals, not so much now.


Until a few years ago, I had a difficult time believing in sexism in the workplace against women. (Current, not historically) Specifically in regards to pay or promotions. Mainly because I had never seen or experienced it. 3/5 of my bosses were usually women and women where actually held to a lower standard in work load both physical and mental. And yet, my pay and authority was the same as my female peers and I never knew anyone, or anyone that knew anyone who could give me a real life example of when they experienced unfair treatment because they were a woman. I even had an honest conversation with a 9/10 beautiful woman in an office workspace who admitted (although she never abused it or took for granted) that most of the time if she wanted something or someone to do something for her, all she had to do was ask. Male co-workers would walk several flights of stairs carrying boxes for her, buy her lunch, fix her computer, help with her work load, etc. In my little world. With the hundreds of women I had worked with, under, or in charge of I had never seen anything that resembled sexism in the workplace. (I'm speaking in a business sense, I knew some co-workers that had some very questionable opinions about women in general.) Moreso, I had my bosses boss tell me frankly but "off the record" that despite me being more qualified and would likely do better in the position, they had to promote her due to diversity requirements. That is until I saw a short documentary regarding the women's football world cup compared to men. Despite the money brought in being comparable, the pay to the players is something like 1/10th of the male players. (It's been a while, don't remember exact numbers.) It was basically clear as day and blew my mind. Up until that point I had always thought of the "glass ceiling" as an idea left over from out fathers generation. And yet, there it was. Clear as day and on a large scale. I still have not seen sexism against women in the workplace in my life or work. But at least now I can respect that it's still unfortunately kicking in some areas.