People who have been vaccinated, what side effects, if any, have you had?

People who have been vaccinated, what side effects, if any, have you had?


My arm hurt for a day. Pfizer vaccine.


Got this too, also headache and slight nausea. Nothing too bad, though


Same here, the night I got it, my arm hurt, got a mild headache later in the evening, then felt a little bit feverish I guess? And that was it. Phizer too


Same, no other side effects.






I had a fever and headache but I got to sleep the whole day. The only day I woke up actually refreshed


SAME! I felt better after waking up than I had in months 😂


My symptoms of Long Covid have dramatically dissipated after the first Pfizer shot. Couldn't be happier about it.


That's what I'm hoping for. Got second shot on Friday.


Oh my god really? I wish I could go get vaccinated already. Won't be my turn until August probably. Ugh.


Really? What region of the world are you in? Many countries seem to have open eligibility these days.


In Australia, only those 40 and older can get vaccinated rn.


It was the same here in The Netherlands but starting today 39 year olds can get vaccinated as well, and pretty soon everyone over 30 can. It's really picking up speed here. Hang in there!


Yeah it's been like 10 days now and I felt better the day I got it, it's been kinda weird. I wasn't expecting it at all.


Where are you that you have to wait so long?


Pfizer series here. Both gave me the same side effects, but shot 2 sucked more. Migraine and body soreness for about 4 days. Injection site muscle soreness for about 4 days, but any skin contact near the site felt like I was being burned. Faded after about a week total. Poor sleep/ insomnia for a few days after both.


Would you say it's worth it?


Oh most definitely. Not only am I immunocompromised, I live with others that also are, one of which is undergoing treatment for cancer. None of us need covid, and we got all of us to be vaccinated before anyone caught it.


😎 pfizer gang


Just some soreness in the arm I got it in that lasted a day.


Same. I get the flu jab every year and it was no more sore than that, and passed after half a day.


Flu shots can make your arm sore sometimes




Oh mines lasted a few hour I just had too move it more


I say the whole day, but that's just because I think I overstretched it somewhere in the middle.


No feeling sore is very common so it's just needle that made it sore I think


Same, sore next day, nothing else.


Migraine the day after my second dose.


Headache for like half a day and my arm hurt for a bit for a few days. Nothing really interesting


I’ve been blacking out and waking up buying Microsoft stock.


I just started using Bing as my default search engine.


I use duck duck go now, and that's just after the first injection.


OMG. I thought having chills and vomiting was bad.


That’s it, I’m not taking it! Could do with anything else but this… this is the end.


I sold my playstation and switch and bought an xbox. For some reason I hate nintendo and sony now.


Do you use Microsoft Teams now?


I started frequently praying to our lord and savior Bill Gates.


Me too! And I have a weird rattling ringing sound whenever I walk past my speakers.


Fell asleep the night of my shot and woke up mid-interview for an exec position at Microsoft. Not sure if related to vaccine in any way,... really weird though...


Thank you for the laugh!


I had an urge to uninstall Linux


1st shot of Pfizer just tired and took a long nap 2nd shot after a day was tired for 2 days. Slept a lot and then fine.


Also had Pfizer, just a few days ago. Was tired that evening, arm ached for about 24 hours, that was it.


My first shot this is exactly how I felt, my second though I was completely fine.


I’ve only had one dose of the Pfizer; it seemed to make my bad allergies a bit worse for a few days, and that was it. My husband was tired for a day or so.


Had a really terrible nights sleep the day I got it. Fever, chills, colds sweats, aches, limbs would go numb for a short period of time... but the next day I had a bit of a headache and other than that I was fine. Definitely worth not needing to wear a mask again


Interesting about your limbs going numb. Half my face went numb right after (1st dose only), but none of the doctors will admit that it might be related to the vaccine.


My arm went numb after my first dose. My second dose was fine. No other side effects


Might and might not be related to vaccine. But I went paralysed to half my face years ago. I am fine now but I needed to learn face gestures again etc. Be VERY careful about that, rather keep a scarf on your neck for a few days and try not to get wind in ear (not sure how to say that in english).


I think it's just bound to be a side effect of the vaccine since people who gotten COVID reported to have numbness in their limbs as well.


If you got the Pfizer one it’s actually one of the known, albeit very rare, side effects.


This is listed as a side effect on the pamphlet they gave you at the vaccine facility.


That's essentially what happened to me after getting the 2nd one.


If you're vaccinated you should still wear a mask, the virus is mutating. Stay safe bro.


So when do you stop wearing a mask?


When masks and vaccines have had time to do their job and cases drop.


So does the vaccine not stop the mutations?


There’s a couple of aspects to this. The first is that, while currently effective, there could be a mutation that would make it less effective. I believe that you would still have some measure of protection, but not as much as with the original strain. I believe that, as of right now, the vaccines seem to be effective against every strain we are aware of. However, the more prevalent the virus is, the higher the likelihood of a mutation happening. If we have thousands of new cases every day, that is a lot of virus circulating, all with a chance of mutation. But, if we bring that down to only a few hundred or lower, the chances of a mutation occurring drop considerably. So if we have a high enough percentage of the population who gains some measure of immunity by taking the vaccine, we lower the number of infections at any given time, which lowers the chance of a mutation. I would feel remiss here to not mention current CDC guidelines as well. The CDC has said that if you are fully vaccinated and waited an appropriate time, I think two weeks, after your final dose to build immunity, you are alright to not wear a mask. They are at this point very confident that vaccinated individuals have so little chance to spread the virus, that the mask will not do much. I will, however, continue to wear a mask, despite meeting the above criteria, for the comfort of others, and because it’s really not a big inconvenience at this point. The worst it does is nothing and at best it still provides some measure of protection from other diseases


Well, yes. You know, if everyone in the world just go vaccinated, the virus would cease to be. And when virus doesn't exist or exists in small numbers, there's less chance of it mutating.


That's not how vaccines or viruses work. It does not just cease to exist. You know whooping cough is still a thing. Mersa also became resistance to antibiotics. Mutations can happen at any time regardless of how much we spread it. It's here to stay. Just like influenza is


All the vaccine does is protect you against death, you can still contract the virus and pass it on to others. When everyone is vaccinated masks will no longer be required as it will then be like the flu, you can get it but it is very unlikely to kill you. There will still be some deaths, even the normal flu still kills a bunch of mainly elderly people every year.


The vaccine helps your body to fight and resist serious illness. Each time the virus replicates there is a chance of a mutation which will make it more effective. By increasing your immune response you help minimize the opportunities for the virus to mutate in a way which is advantageous for it. Likewise when you wear a mask you limit the chances of that mutation spreading to others and becoming a widespread problem. So get your shot. Wear your mask.


Maybe, but maybe to a lesser degree. There will be yearly COVID vaccines like the flu vaccine to help with the mutations, and the population will have slightly increased immunity. But if you take that start point with lots of cases it won't work. Cases need to be low and then the immunity of the population will be able to limit the spread.


First shot of Pfizer was nothing. Second shot felt like someone hit my one side of my body with a baseball bat. Only lasted less than 24 hours.




Same, I just had a little muscle pain but that's what all vaccines do


I didn’t even notice since I went to the gym right after. Muscles didn’t hurt any more than usual




Moderni boy here. 1st dose: Absolutely no symptoms 2nd dose: HELL. 101 Fever, Weak as hell, Headache, Extreme lower back pain, Chills, Waking up in cold sweats, dizziness. It was awful.


Same here. Felt a little tired after the first shot, nothing serious. Second shot immediately groggy, woke up feeling like I had a low grade fever, runny nose, body aches. Happy to be vaccinated, not happy with how I’m feeling today.


That's how my second Pfizer was. I get it that they are trying to get everyone vaccinated, but I wish I had been warned so I could have arranged a two-day cushion without work. Also wish I had stockpiled fruit juice and some clear-broth soups since I was in such bad shape I couldn't get to the stores. Still grateful and glad to be vaccinated, though.


We do this. We recommend our patients don’t schedule any appts for 2 days post second vaccine just in case. Recommend people who are working get the second dose prior to the weekend


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Oh, gotcha. That's totally fine then. Glad you're well. Enjoy future cramming!


Aside from not feeling 100% the next day, none.


After first shot: lymph node in armpit of the arm in which I received the shot was swollen and tender for a few days. After second shot: body and joints were very achy, like I had arthritis everywhere. Went away the very next day.


got vaccinated today. AstraZeneca a.k.a Covidshield in India Arm hurts like crazy. i can pinpoint where the syringe went in, i can feel the pain radiate from the point throughout my entire left arm. Very nauseated, shat 4 times since coming home, legs and lower back hurts and i think I'm running a fever This better be worth it


30-35 hours of: fever, chills, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and awful awful bone aches


I was that for a week on my first AstraZeneca Just a bit of bone ache and the usual flu “bum arm” on the second one though


Is this only the astrazeneca vaccine? Does Pfizer or moderna show such serious symptoms?


I got the Moderna vaccine. My girlfriend had the same symptoms and also got the Moderna. I can't speak for the symptoms of the other vaccines though.


My arm was sore for a few hours, and I was fine until the following day. I survived Covid last year, and my immune system remembered its old foe. Full blown headache, fever, chills, aches, and nausea. Crawled into bed and felt fine when I woke up for work eight hours later.


Ever since I got vaccinated , I could sorta control things with my mind. It was just little things, you know? Like I could make some things shake or I could make a marble fall off a counter, you know just, little things.


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Astra first shot - awful night with a lot of shaking and double sheets. Second shot just tomorrow - nothing


My arm hurt for a few hours then went back too normal but that happens every time I get a niddle in my arm


Just a widdle niddle


First shot (Pfizer) left my upper arm sore for a few days. Second shot gave me very mild cold/flu-like symptoms (fatigue, sore throat, sinus pressure) from about 24-36 hours post-shot. That was it for me.




At first when I read spasms I got really worried but then I read the rest of your post




Hey, at least you're now 5G enabled. Don't know about you but my reception's gotten so much better since I got the second shot.


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Had a fever and headache for 24 hours and my arm was stiff for a few days. The second shot the fever lasted half that time. Felt like death but id rather feel like death for a day than feel like death for weeks from covid so


Uh, just some dull pain in my muscle the day after.


I got Moderna, and I'm very lucky that I had minimal side effects both times. I got my first shot April 14 and my second shot May 13. I booked both appointments on April 1. Where I live, that means that finding appointments in my metro area was very difficult. So, I actually ended up driving about 7 hours round trip to get vaccinated both times. After each shot I was pretty tired for about a day, but it's hard to know if that was attributable to the vaccine or the driving that I did. After the second shot, I had a slightly runny nose for about 24 hours, and I was maybe slightly more tired than the first shot. Overall, I was lucky and I didn't really have a bad reaction to speak of.


No side effects at all.


Moderna. First dose my arm hurt, went to sleep, woke up and whole body ached. Went back to sleep for the whole day. Did the same thing the next day. Second dose, same thing except for one day only.


I found my 5G phone signal is now a full 5 bars at all times. It's bloody epic. Can't recommend it enough!


Got the first one Friday, sore arm and shoulder, that's it


Sore arm with both. Headache and lethargy for a few days after 2nd.


I got really tired from the second shot and slept for like 12 hours


I had Johnson and ran a fever with chills during the night. I was able to go to work the next day.


Mildly sore arms. Two shots of Pfizer. Get your shots people.


I’m alive. Does that count?


I haven't menstruated and about 14 hours after receiving it I felt horribly sick with a fever but it didn't last long.


Has intense body aches and cauzed my period to arrive much earlier


Moderna 1st dose: arm soreness delayed by half a day, minor headache and tired the next day. 2nd dose: worse arm soreness than the first shot that started almost immediately after the shot, tired half a day into the shot and the next day, general malaise- not sure if it would have progressed into a headache or more because I pretty much took Motrin twice after half a day and by the end of day two I was fine again except for some minor arm soreness.


Got the Pfizer, and for some odd reason ended up drinking a lot of beers that night. Don’t really remember the last few hours. Felt really sick the next day, probably the vaccine 😂


It tturned me into a girl, 11/10 would take again


Quarantine took my gender but the shot didn't even give it back to me! All I got was this microchip in my arm that got the local crow model drones following me around.


1st dose, a sore arm and a little tired. 2nd dose, felt like I had a bad flu for a day or two, plus a swollen lymph node under one arm that took about a week to go away. After that, feeling great for the last couple months.


Since I got my 2nd shot, my cell service has been remarkably faster. I think the boosted 5G chip is really working wonders!


I had 2 shots of Sinopharm, felt nothing


Really was your arm not sore


Not even that, it was so weird because sore arm is very common but I honestly felt nothing, after the first shot I suspected the guy didn't even give it to me because I didn't even feel the needle, I did feel it in the second shot but it didn't last after that.




Initial soreness and stiffness were expected, but then 8 days later I got this red knot with a small rash on my arm. It got sore and stiff again, and then it got itchy for a little bit. Not a regular itch, but like, a muscle itch??? I was definitely scratching the spot where it itched, but the relief that you'd typically feel from scratching was not there at all. So it's been a little weird and annoying, but if it means I can go out and live a normal life again without accidentally spreading a virus, heck yes. Worth it.


My arm hurt and I had mild symptoms similar to a cold, the next day it was gone. The soreness sucked but it sure beats covid.


Started get mad 5G coverage on my phone when I held it next to my vaccination spot. Seriously though, bit of a sore arm and I felt rather low the following day but back to normal now.


My arm hurt so badly that I couldn't move it, I was feverish and thought that I'd pass out. Lots of fatigue but being too uncomfortable to sleep, a headache, chills, the whole works. The worst was between 12 and 36 hours after I got the second vaccine. It's a trip, so just make a list of movies to watch and stockpile your fridge with comfort food that's really easy to make before you have your appointment.


Half-vaxxed. Got a little patch of hives. Was totally prepared to deal with it and get the second shot, but doctors warned me that next time could be fatal. But don’t be afraid to get vaccinated. I just happen to be a freak who’s allergic to everything.


Wait- this is why I wanted to read this thread. I got a patch of hives after my second dose of Pfizer. Didn’t feel sick or anything though. Did they appear near your injection site?


No physical symptoms. But once I got it I felt the pressing need to pressure everyone I know to get vaccinated too


My palms got sweaty, then my knees went weak. My arms then felt heavy. Next thing I know, I started to vomit on my sweater… wait never mind that last part it was Mom’s spaghetti.


i can only say for almost all of my family, i still don't and i'm also a little scared. they've had mild or very mild effects, therefore pain in the arm, some pain in the bones, mild low-grade fever.


I was nauseous the day after my second dose, but after taking it easy for a few days, I was fine.


Moderna. Sore arm both times, woozy in the head the day after the second shot. Went to bed and woke up fine.


Just a sore arm. Worse for the first dose than the second. Only lasted a day or so.


Got Pfizer, was really tired for 2 days and my arm hurt for a while but that’s it, others in my family also got Pfizer and just had slight chills, my dad got J&J and had no side effects


Took the pfizer shot. After the first dose, my left arm hurt for two days. After the second dose, my left arm hurt the first day, my left and right arm hurt the second day, and I had absolutely no energy - if I wasn't eating or using the bathroom I was sleeping. Just felt like crap.


Had 1st dose Pfizer last thursday, friday my arm was sore as hell, and saturday it hurt a little less but by sunday I was all good.


Tired and needed more sleep for a few days after Johnson & Johnson. I got vaccinated three weeks after getting Covid. Being tired for a few days sure beats being sick for two weeks, then having your lungs feel like crap for nine weeks. The only upside to having had Covid is that I haven't smelled a fart in ten weeks.


I felt weak and tired


A sore arm the day after, and feelings of superiority and invincibility ever since.


Really bad headache that lasted 2 days


Terrifying fever dreams


My dad got none. First dose of pfizer two days ago. Lets see how the second one goes. My mom best friend got only mild symptoms in the first dose but got terribly sick in the second one. Pfizer too. My grandma got Sinovac and she only had mild symptoms


Just a sore spot at the injection site and a bit of muscle soreness when I lifted my arm up for maybe the first 24 hours. Nothing else to report.


Had arm pain the day after both shots, a bit of fatigue and some heavy bruising after the first shot. The pharmacist was a bit stabby tbh Had Pfizer btw


Oh it was so horrible, I had the chills for two days....LoL


Haven't had shot 2 yet, which I've heard tends to be worse, but I didn't have anything serious in the days following my first one. At most I had a slight ache in my joints that would come and go, no more than a mild annoyance, and definitely not enough to restrict my movement in a meaningful way. To put it another way, I've been in more pain due to barometric pressure changes.


I had a rarer symptom, high blood pressure. My final review is that it was unpleasant.


Soreness, dizziness, sore throat, numb arm. Lasted for 18 hours then just I was fine just like that.


I had full body aches and a sore, swollen arm for about a week. Same with my second vaccine but much, much more mild.


Before people read my account and get freaked out: Even with the slightly weird side effects I'd get a booster in a heartbeat if I needed one. I see it as, if my side effects were uncomfortable, imagine how awful covid would be. First shot of moderna: very sore arm, so sore I could hardly move it, no fatigue or fever. 3 days after the first shot the injection site itched like crazy and lasted about a week. It was very early in the distribution (December) and I couldn't find any other examples of it happening. I was thinking of forgoing the second shot, but decided to get it anyway in the other arm, and stay a little longer at the vaccination site just in case. Second shot: sore arm again like expected. About 12 hours afterwards felt suddenly fatigued, chilled, wore a sweater to bed and woke up dehydrated. Felt like shit the next day, then I was fine. No itching.




Sore arm for two days


I had the two Pfizer shots. I had no side effects aside from my arm being a little sore where I got the shot. I heard nothing but bad things about the second one so I was shocked that I felt nothing lol


Nothing really; just some pain in my arm that went away after a day; and extreme tiredness for the entire day after my vaccination :3


Hubbins and I had the Pfizer vaccine about a month ago. My first dose for me was just the normal arm soreness, second dose I felt all over body soreness. Kind of like when you have the flu. Husband felt the same arm soreness first dose, second dose he had body aches, low grade fever, and weakness for about 2 days. Overall not bad and very manageable.


None at all. I don't figure muscle soreness at the injection site to be a side effect. It's the natural reaction to having a bolus of fluid inflating a little bubble in a muscle. My wife experienced fatigue, as did I. These are the desirable direct effects of vaccination, being related to its purpose to elicit an immune response. Fatigue, fever, aches, etc are no more side effects than getting an erection is a "side effect" of Viagra. These are what we want to happen.


I got coronavirus over a year ago and never fully recovered. The vaccine took me out for about 3 days. I slept one day about 20 hours and had chills and sweats and body aches. The next day I stayed awake like normal but had no energy. The 3rd day I had a little more energy but its 100 degrees out here where I live anyways.


Nothing besides a very sore arm the day of. Don’t make the mistake I did by choosing your dominant hand/arm


I can hug my parents.


I got Pfizer. Arm was sore for a few hours immediately after. I felt really fatigued starting a day after the first shot, and I basically slept all day for 2 days straight before I felt recovered. No other symptoms along with the fatigue, I was just absolutely exhausted. After the second shot I had a few more migraines than usual (I already suffer from them) and I had to poop a bit more often than usual for a day or so (not diarrhea, just more frequency - like 4 times in one day).


tired for a day, tightness across the shoulders for dose 2


Moderna. Nothing after the first shot except a big lumpy sore arm. Second shot and I was sick for a day and a half. COULD NOT GET WARM! So frickin cold. All good after that.




First dose...nothing more than a sore arm a few hours later. Second dose...got my shot about 1:15 PM Friday afternoon. About 4:30 AM Saturday morning, I woke up shivering. I checked and I had a 102 degree fever. The whole day I stayed in bed because I had no energy and was having a hard time standing up for long periods of time. By midnight, however, I was fine.


My side effects were some minor arm pain, then a mild version of flu like symptoms (mostly just tired and felt sore) for a day. Then the overwhelming feeling of joy and basically invincibility of being able to get out of the house without fear of getting covid. Edit: to be clear I know that I am not immune to covid. That’s for sure how I felt though and it was a good feeling. Point being people often talk about the physical downsides of the vaccine but never the incredible mental health benefits, and the physical health benefits such as lack of stress/anxiety after getting the shot.


i felt weird, then again they *did* heat it in a spoon


You feel like absolute shit the next morning. Basically the worst part of a cold, except without the sniveling.


I got an inflammatory response for 12 hours, 12 hours after the second dose of moderna. Since then I’ve been comfortable in public, no longer wearing a mask.


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Microchips fell out of my arm and a large antenna came out of my head


My arm has Bill Gates on speed dial and I can go out to lunch now. seriously? Only a little arm soreness.


Increased 5G signal


My phone started working faster...


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None, however every now and then when I am trying to go to sleep I suddenly see "Microsoft needs to update do not shut off your computer"


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No Serious side effects whatsoever. I don't know what all the fuss is about


This is not me but my friend got a Swollen heart from the vaccine.


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